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He goin crazy (h/t monkey.lovable/ig) #dancingmonkey #funny #shoutoutot

565.4K Likes, 10.4K Comments. TikTok video from Overtime (@overtime): "He goin crazy (h/t monkey.lovable/ig) #dancingmonkey #funny #shoutoutot". Get it. Sweetener by Ariana Grande.


Sweetener by Ariana Grande - 🫡



#CapCut #anime #panda #ROMWEGetGraphic #superman #PonderWithZion #monkey #monkeh #dancing

TikTok video from cryptonicssss (@cryptonicssss): "#CapCut #anime #panda #ROMWEGetGraphic #superman #PonderWithZion #monkey #monkeh #dancing". Tried making a joke remix. Why does this actually go hard. original sound.


original sound - cryptonicssss



#fyp #foryou #foryoupage #dance #funny #funnyvideo #monkey

8.8K Likes, 249 Comments. TikTok video from HeyThere! (@whoo7his): "#fyp #foryou #foryoupage #dance #funny #funnyvideo #monkey". This is too funny😂. original sound.


original sound - Uploads of Fun



The monkey dance #fyfyfyfyfyfyfyfyfyfyfyfyfyfyfyfyfyfyfy #fypシ #yeetermeater #blowup #vrail #monkeydance @luck. master

263 Likes, 5 Comments. TikTok video from Luck (@luckmaster10): "The monkey dance #fyfyfyfyfyfyfyfyfyfyfyfyfyfyfyfyfyfyfy #fypシ #yeetermeater #blowup #vrail #monkeydance @luck.master". MONKEY DOES THE SEXY DANCE . Monki (Doesn't Wear Any Pants).


Monki (Doesn't Wear Any Pants) - Sposato



Friday vibes ? 🙈🤣 #dancer #dancing #dance #monkey #personality #skill #graceful #oneofakind #spidermonkey #funny #silly #animallover #goodvibes #friday #fun #woohoo #fyp

1.7M Likes, 35.6K Comments. TikTok video from Keke (@kekethespidermonkey): "Friday vibes ? 🙈🤣 #dancer #dancing #dance #monkey #personality #skill #graceful #oneofakind #spidermonkey #funny #silly #animallover #goodvibes #friday #fun #woohoo #fyp". Talkin' Bout (feat. Saweetie).


Talkin' Bout (feat. Saweetie) - Loui



monke #monke #shrekxxdonkey #meme #shuffle #no #balls #dance #dancing #monkey #man #lol

2.2K Likes, 88 Comments. TikTok video from shrekxxdonkey (@shrekxxdonkey): "monke #monke #shrekxxdonkey #meme #shuffle #no #balls #dance #dancing #monkey #man #lol". original sound.


original sound - shrekxxdonkey

WhEn I sEe U sM!|€ :)

when your trying to be superman#funny #funnyvideos #funnymonkey #sinless #laugh

TikTok video from WhEn I sEe U sM!|€ :) (@can. eh.da): "when your trying to be superman#funny #funnyvideos #funnymonkey #sinless #laugh". original sound.


original sound - WhEn I sEe U sM!|€ :)



Monkeys Dancing 1 - Green Screen #greenscreen #foryourpage #showuswhatyougot #monkeydance

TikTok video from gatassocial (@gatassocial): "Monkeys Dancing 1 - Green Screen #greenscreen #foryourpage #showuswhatyougot #monkeydance". original sound.


original sound - gatassocial



Monke can dance #monkey #dance #fyp #fyppp #viral #lovemonke #follow #content

815 Likes, 21 Comments. TikTok video from Monke (@monke_can_dance_): "Monke can dance #monkey #dance #fyp #fyppp #viral #lovemonke #follow #content". original sound.


original sound - Monke

How To Superman (Superman Pole Tutorial) – Fit2FlauntStore

So, you want to know how to superman?

Great! If you’re here, it means you’ve practiced your beginner pole tricks and you’re ready to move onto something a little more intermediate.  

Keep this in mind…

Remember when you first did your pole sit and it hurt the inside of your legs?  

Well, you’ll feel the same with the superman pole trick

Don’t worry — it’ll only hurt for a little bit 😉 

You’re strong and you can do this. We believe in you!

The superman pole dancing trick is extremely fun and versatile! 

In this article, we’ll be breaking down one of the easiest ways to transition into the superman, but there are SO many ways you can do this!

If you want an in-depth look into the superman, make sure to check out the Fit2Flaunt app.   

Plus, you’ll get to learn tons of other glamorous tricks too!🔥 

Nail Your Superman — Step-By-Step Tutorial 

Start by getting into your jasmine

This is BY FAR the easiest way to get into your superman pole trick.

By doing it this way, you will get the pole EXACTLY where it needs to be to minimize the pole rubbing on your legs.  

And eventually, the more you practice, the less and less it will hurt! 

If you haven’t done the jasmine yet, here’s how to do it

  1. Place the inside of your knee onto the pole and imagine you’re squishing a lemon with your leg. If your knee isn’t used to this, you might get a pole kiss or two 😘 They’ll fade in no time.
  2. Stay balanced. With your top hand, you’ll be pulling the pole toward you. With your bottom hand, use a pistol grip (finger down) to push the pole away. 
  3. Then, lift your bottom leg from the ground. 

    Psst…  The best place for the pole to contact your bottom leg is the crease between your thigh and pelvis.   


Now you’re in your jasmine😍

Transitioning from Jasmine to Superman

This is the fun part!  

Moving from one pole dancing move to another can seem hard at first, but we already know you’re going to do amazing.

  1. When you feel comfortable, open your top hand and push away from the pole. Practice this a few times until you’re a natural.
  2. Lower your bottom leg (this step is CRUCIAL to minimizing pain!)
  3. Bring your top knee toward your face as close as you can, releasing the grip your upper thigh has on the pole. 
  4. Twist your hips so the front of your body begins to face the floor. As you turn more, you can grip onto the pole with your top hand again.
  5. Arch that back and smile😄! You’re in the superman!

The transition can be nerve-wracking at first.  

Trust us, we know — we’ve all been there! 

But the more you practice, the more seamless it will look 🔥

Tips For How to Superman

Tip 1 💕  

Do not bring your hips up until you’ve pushed away with your top hand and lowered your bottom leg.

This will cause the insides of your legs to burn as your skin rubs on the pole, and no one likes painful legs 🤕 

Tip 2 💕  

Just like when you’re in your pole sit, you want to twist your hips at an angle.

This will give you extra grip so you won’t slip 💅🏾

Tip 3 💕   

Feel like you’re slipping too much? 😬

Make sure your skin is in contact with the pole.  Wash off any lotion.  And ensure that you’re using extra grip on your legs and hands if you need it.

Tip 4 💕 

Practice along on the Fit2Flaunt app 💖

Get tons of amazing transitions into your superman, and discover why thousands love this pole dancing app!

For a step by step tutorial of how to do the superman - watch the video below. 



Did you get it? Share it with the Flaunter Fam!

Send us a picture or tag Fit2Flaunt on Insta so we can cheer you on😍


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Shelly Murdock

Shelly Murdock is an exotic Dancer turned Entrepreneur. She is the founder of Fit2Flaunt and Exotic Workout Studio. She has been empowering women through pole dancing.

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Zhanna Ukraintseva - choreographer of Super Janne Dance School, and Superman's girlfriend

The girl with the super prefix - perhaps, this sentence can fit almost everything about Zhanna Ukraintseva - about Super Zhanna, the choreographer of Super Janne Dance School, and Superman's girlfriend. We meet Zhanna in her super-studio, and she immediately begins to prepare for shooting - she moves the mirrors in the hall to create a super atmosphere. “This studio is not so underground,” Zhanna says. “Why does it have to be underground?” I ask. “Well, we are used to seeing dance schools with somewhat marginal interiors. And for me, cleanliness, freshness, a civilized passage from the street to the hall are important. To make everyone feel comfortable."
I turn on the recorder and ask Zhanna the first question.

Your school is called Superman's Girlfriends…
Yes, but actually there are two names, - Zhanna immediately corrects me, - Super Janne Dance School and Superman's Girlfriends. Super Jane is a nickname that I once got, and therefore we did not puzzle over the name of the school for a long time. Girlfriends are one of the components of my school. The Super Janne Dance School includes different directions, individual classes, classes with children, productions of wedding and private dances. Superman's girlfriends are a team or a ballet, they perform their performances at events, compete in competitions, appear in clips and photo shoots, participate in backup dances with stars.
Superman's girlfriends are girlfriends who support a man or save the world with him?
More like both. For me, Superman's Girlfriends is something that embodies my ideology in understanding what a woman should be. They are like superwomen - kind, beautiful, elegant, beautifully built, able to present different images and generally be different depending on the situation, have a strong spirit and wisdom. Eat healthy food and do not have bad habits. Although in fact I don’t support the desire for some kind of super-perfection, that is, “the desire for the ideal” for me is rather the improvement of my features and the correct presentation of my appearance, and not the desire for parameters that someone called ideal - why is this? Superman's girlfriend in a difficult situation can simply say to herself: I am a superwoman, I will succeed. And go ahead.
Who do you think could be Superman's Girlfriend? Any? And can anyone be taught to dance?
Yes, I think everyone can. Then it all depends on the desire of the person - whether he likes to do it or not. For some, it is simply enough to observe the culture from the outside, to feed on this energy.

But Girlfriends must make some effort, right? They don't just dance, look after themselves and so on?
Of course. Beginners know the base of movements, the score. Superman's girlfriends know me. We become close in energy, connected spiritually. In general, real girlfriends.

You often do photo shoots in different looks, whether you're a cheerleader or a hip-hoper. What images would you like to embody?
The aesthetics of French erotica is very close to me. I like bright feminine expressions. I like the images of female silhouettes in intimate red light, I like the sensual and passionate expressiveness of body parts: hips, lips, hands, shoulders. It's all coming to me from Paris. Perhaps we will do a similar photo shoot by February 14th.
You did an internship in Paris. Do you have a favorite place there?
Yes, there is. This is the Juz De Bou school. I go there periodically. The last time I came to the school, it was being renovated and there was not a single person in the building. Nobody at all. I walked through the halls, through the dressing rooms; I walked around the school and realized how much this place gave me; remembered what happened within those walls. I met many top dancers there. There I learned a lot, I saw a lot of how people can work in general.

Is the teaching style different from our dance school?

Yes, different. At least the fact that we have lessons for an hour, and they have one and a half. Then, in our system, in most cases, everything relies on bundles (going from one element to another). And in Europe, the emphasis is on improvisation, on buildup. More independent work.

Do you think it's enough just to feel good about your body to move beautifully? And can all emotions be given vent in dance?
There are two types of people in dancing. The first ones are horyas. They clearly build their dance, solid logic. And there are people who just listen and beat the music. But I think that in any case there should be both. And the most important thing is energy. It is energy that distinguishes a simple dancer from a talented one.

Is there a stereotype that there are fewer male dancers than dancers? How many male dancers do you know?
I know all the male dancers in this city,” Zhanna makes an even gesture with her hand, “a joke. However, I do know a lot of people. We grew up together, and professionally too, we competed at the same competitions, and in general we crossed paths in many places. Now it's great to watch each other. The only thing is that men have less choice in terms of dance directions, but this does not bother them. And, of course, there are fewer men everywhere, starting from school - there are always more girls in the classes.
Such a question: if a male dancer starts a relationship with a female dancer, does this somehow affect their work? If they don’t dance in pairs, of course, there is another case.
I think that it would be easier for young people if girls understood that, for example, at a certain time he has to go to training or just work out alone. For some, it’s generally better to leave all the dances in the hall and not discuss “how do you like this track”, “how do you like this style”. Everything depends on the person himself.

It is believed that shoes are a key detail in the image of a man. For you personally, what is your favorite men's shoes?
Of course, I prefer sneakers. But recently I thought about what style I like in men in general, and came to the conclusion that it all depends on the mood. When it's a brutal street style, when it's America's style of the forties, and when it's a rock star style with gothic elements.

Do you prefer designer clothes or can you get dressed in the mass market?
And so, and so.

Do you have a favorite item? Well, let's say, with which you have some story connected or which just cheers you up?
IPhone cheers me up!

Well, the iPhone cheers everyone up. Maybe a hat? I see you love hats.
Yes, there is such a thing. It's a black brim hat. Once we performed at a sporting event, after which there was supposed to be an after-party. I didn’t have time to get ready for the party at all - literally twenty minutes. By the end of the day, the makeup was dripping, the hair was completely disheveled. I didn’t know what to do, and in the end I just put on this hat, under which neither makeup nor hair was visible.

And finally, where did your nickname Super Zhanna come from?

Some time ago, about 5 years ago, Matvey (Chase from AVG) and I rode bikes at night. And I said to him: “Matvey, if we need to stop, let’s not shout to each other“ Hey there, I want to drink, ”but let’s give each other some nicknames for cool racers.” And here he was the Racer MO, and I shouted to him "Raceper MO, we need to make a stop!", and he called me Super Jane. Well, that's all.

And so Super Jane went through life.

Interview: Anna Deiko

Photo: Kristina Vlasova

Coordinator: Daria Melnikova

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Superman Returns / “Superman Returns” / Articles / Newslab.Ru

Directed by Bryan Singer
Cast: Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth, Kevin Spacey, James Marsden, Frank Langella, Parker Posey

Duration - 150 minutes

He flew away, but promised to return. Dear, dear Carls... I mean, ugh, Superman. Although something tells me that when he last whistled into space at the end of the fourth, extremely stupid part, which happened, let me remind you, exactly 19 years ago, it is unlikely that the audience was standing at the windowsill, waving handkerchiefs after him in a collective attack of tenderness. And yet, here he is, back - after 19 years, 8 of which were spent in fruitless attempts to launch a project for a new Superman movie. He stands all so proud of himself, and the red cloak flutters beautifully behind his back. And what we should do with him is not very clear.

“Why the world needs Superman” – an article under this heading closer to the second half of the film is trying to write the main character, reporter Lois Lane, who has just won the Pulitzer Prize for an article about why the world does not need Superman. Having typed the title, she sits in front of the monitor for a long time, looking at the blinking cursor and not knowing what to write - and it seems that the same story happened to the authors of this film. No matter how much they crucified in an interview about how dear the myth of Superman is to them, they failed to find a convincing answer to the question posed by Lois Lane. Moreover, it did not even occur to them that the question should sound differently - not why, but does the world need Superman at all? And the speech in this context is not so much about the hero as such, but about the film about Superman in the light of those 19years that have passed since his last appearance on the big screen - and those 30 that have been since his last triumph there (for it makes sense to take seriously only the very first part of Superman, released in 1976). Times have changed, cinema has changed, and Superman would have to fly into the new millennium in some very special way. He, however, artlessly stomped the way he was, and not even thirty years ago, but then, back in 1938, when he was just painted.

Of course, Superman was and remains the very first superhero on the planet, and we remember this - but over the past few years, his legacy has been fairly battered by all sorts of post-modernists. Moreover, it cannot be said that they used Superman tricks for no reason - when Neo in the finale of The Matrix soared into the sky like a bird, or when Sing in Kung Fu Showdown, having overcome a layer of clouds, hung in the air in the rays of the bright sun and I suddenly saw the Buddha, it was perfectly clear where it all came from and why. But when in Superman Returns we are suddenly asked to admire all the same rides with the greatest possible seriousness, there is a feeling of some awkwardness. Superman, of course, is not at all to blame for this state of affairs, but Messrs. Singer, Harris and Dougherty, who are responsible for the script of "Return", could take a moment to think about it. The seriousness of intonation in the film adaptation of comics successfully rolled before - in Batman Begins, for example, or in the same X-Men, whose first two parts were directed by Singer. In The Return, this seriousness, complete with the devout righteousness of Superman himself and the nostalgic tone of the comics, becomes dangerously close to pathological boredom. This is especially noticeable in the epilogue of the film, which resembles many works of Stephen King - it would seem that all the main action has already ended, but for some reason the end does not come and does not come.

At the same time, Singer is still a professional of the highest level, and one cannot completely write off Superman Returns from the accounts. Singer knows how to create an impressive visual spectacle on the big screen, so "Return" simply shines with the very widescreen, panoramic action that the third "X-Men" and the third "Mission Impossible" sorely lacked. There really is something to see here, and it will not be boring - at least until the aforementioned epilogue begins. A real big movie in every sense of the word, firmly standing somewhere in the middle between "Batman Begins" on the positive pole and "Spider-Man" on the negative. That's just from Singer wanted something more than just a good big movie. However, in the case of X-Men, he really sold out only in the second part.

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