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Beginner Tips Every Just Dance 2022 Player Needs

By Michael Abayomi


Make your time with Just Dance 2022 even more enjoyable with these handy beginner tips and tidbits of information.

The game that promises to keep everyone dancing makes a return once again with Just Dance 2022, the latest installment of the ever-popular dance rhythm video game series by Ubisoft. The series continues to prove successful for the company, even besting some of its recent Triple-A titles.

A lot of that success can be attributed to the games' broad appeal and relatively low learning curve, meaning that just about anyone with a passing interest in music or dancing can give it a shot. Not much has changed since 2021, so veteran players should have no trouble navigating its menus and loading up any of the newly added songs. But for anyone planning to try out the game for the first time, or after a long break from the series, here are a few things worth keeping in mind.

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Updated January 20, 2022, by Michael Abayomi: Just Dance 2022 continues to provide entertainment and exercise for fans young and old. We've updated this list to include two additional entries that should help both new and returning players get a hang of those trickier dance routines even faster.

7/7 Available Platforms

One of the first things anyone looking to get into Just Dance 2022 should know is on what platforms the game is available. Like most years, the latest installment of Just Dance is available to play on just about every modern console and gaming service. These include the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia. Wii owners have been left out though as support for the Nintendo Wii was dropped with last year's release of Just Dance 2021.

Each platform offers its own unique advantages, like portability on the Nintendo Switch for example, and the ability to take the game with you anywhere you go. The game is still not available on PC for whatever reason though, unless you're willing to settle for Just Dance Now instead, their cloud-based subscription service that works with smartphones and an internet browser, and offers a vast library of past Just Dance hits for players to dance to.

6/7 The Song List

Players of Just Dance 2022 should definitely take the time to familiarize themselves with the list of songs that come with the game. After all, a new Just Dance game is just as good as the songs on its playlist. Thankfully, Just Dance 2022 comes packed with quite a few bangers. These include recent hits like Save Your Tears (Remix) by The Weeknd & Ariana Grande, and Levitating by Dua Lipa, to older classics like Buttons by The Pussycat Dolls and Rock Your Body by Justin Timberlake. There are 46 songs in total, including 5 regional exclusives.

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And for those players craving even more songs, they'll be pleased to find out that the game comes with a one-month free trial of Just Dance Unlimited (another one of their subscription services) that includes over 700 songs from past games and elsewhere. If you've happened to listen to pop radio or the Top 40 charts anytime within the past two decades, then chances are you should recognize quite a few of them. The best part is that the game offers a nice mix of songs and genres - from rock to pop and even South African house music - ensuring that all types of music lovers will find songs to immediately gravitate towards.

5/7 The Different Editions

Aside from being available across multiple platforms, Just Dance 2022 also has two different editions for players to choose from. There is the standard edition which costs $49.99 at launch and comes with 40+ songs, as well as the one-month free trial of Just Dance Unlimited mentioned above. Then there is the deluxe edition which retails for $59.99 at launch.

The main difference between both versions, aside from sporting slightly different cover art, is that the deluxe edition comes with four months of Just Dance Unlimited. That is the one-month free trial from the standard edition, as well as an additional three months subscription valued at $9. 99. There are additional renewal options for Just Dance Unlimited at $3.99 for one month and $24.99 for a full year. It is worth noting that an internet connection will be required to use the service, since the songs are streamed over the internet, as opposed to played from a disc or hard drive like the ones that come with the base game.

4/7 The Controller Options

Just Dance 2022 is a rhythm game and as such, the game is played primarily through motion controls. This means that PlayStation players would want to have a PlayStation Camera handy, while Nintendo Switch players will need to use their left or right joy-cons. Players on the former can take advantage of the peripheral's more accurate, full-body tracking.

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Xbox Series S and X players on the other hand might have to fish out their old Kinect sensor bars to join in on the fun, because not only does the game not offer support for traditional controllers, it also doesn't allow them to use any other type of camera. Thankfully, all versions can also be played with a compatible smartphone, using the Just Dance Controller app available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Though it is worth noting that Nintendo Switch users will still require a joy-con to get past the game's start screen, even if they intend to use their smartphones to play during the actual songs and dance routines.

3/7 The Different Modes

Just Dance 2022 has no shortage of game modes available for players to choose from, which can be quite daunting for newbies. The good news though is that it gives an option to dive right in with a randomized playlist in the Quickplay Mode. For anyone looking to explore the other available options, the game has quite a few.

There is the Co-op Mode, where up to six players can play together locally, using supported peripherals and smartphones. Then there is the World Dance Floor, where you can play with other players around the world in a tournament-styled competition. Sweat Mode is geared towards fitness buffs, and it lets you start your own routine and track the calories burnt along the way. And then there is the Kids Mode, which, as the name suggests, is geared towards children with family-friendly songs and simpler routines.

2/7 Song Difficulty

As was the case with previous entries in the series, Just Dance 2022 has a number of songs for players to choose from. But not all of those songs are created equally. Parents will be pleased to know that younger players have a kid-friendly playlist of songs with simplified dance routines that shouldn't cause them too much frustration.

But for everyone else, they might want to be mindful of their chosen song's difficulty, which can be seen on the song selection screen. There are alternative dance routines for some of the songs that turn them into full-blown workouts, so it is best to avoid them until you are ready to break a sweat. Those looking for an even greater challenge can also unlock an extreme mode on certain songs once they've racked up enough points, which can effectively turn a previously-mastered song into a gauntlet of skill and endurance.

1/7 Practice Makes Perfect

The key to mastery in Just Dance 2022 comes with taking the time to learn the various dance routines. The good news is that most of them have repeating movements that are generally easy to follow. But knowing when to expect them can be quite tricky the first time around.

This is where practice comes in, as you'll grow more familiar with the ebb and flow of each song and its routine the more times you go over them. There is no shortcut to putting in that practice, unfortunately, at least if you intend to stop flailing about awkwardly each time you miss another move which you should have seen coming a mile away. Acquiring the skills needed to dance to each song like one of the pros is relatively straightforward, you'll just need to put in the time and effort.

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Beginner Tips For Just Dance 2022

By Tristan Jurkovich

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Ubisoft's Just Dance 2022 is a whole lot of fun, but what are some tips players should keep in mind?

Just Dance 2022 is not a typical game from Ubisoft that can be mastered. There is no campaign to venture, or bosses to defeat. Just Dance 2022 is instead packed full of dances to help gamers have fun alone or with friends. It is one of the essential modern game series for parties.

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Just Dance 2022 is fun for all ages but it can also be an intense workout. The main focus of the tips is to help get players situated before the dancing even begins. There are also a few things players should be aware of before checking out the game.

6/6 Limber Up And Get That Water Ready

It’s important to stretch before exercising be it if someone is going to player Just Dance 2022 or go hiking in the woods. Make sure to stretch afterward with a cooldown too. It may not sound like a “cool” thing to do, but don’t discount the warmup or cooldown. Doing so will lessen the chance of getting injured while working out.

It’s also a good idea to have plenty of water nearby along with a towel. Finally, make sure to clear space. Get all furniture out of the way and the higher the ceiling the better. If the player can help it, also make sure to dance on some sort of rug, yoga mat, or better yet, carpet. It can be quite easy to slip on a smooth surface like wood paneling or tile while dancing.

5/6 Don’t Just Follow The Controller’s Moves

Just Dance 2022 is only following one part of the body no matter if gamers are playing on the Switch with Joy-Cons or on an Xbox with full motion controls. That would be the right hand. It might be tempting to just follow the right controller’s prompts to get the best score but doing so will rob players of what this series is all about: having fun.

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Get into the entire dance routine. Let that body sweat. Doing so will create an actual full workout. It may not gather many points in the game, but your body will certainly rack up the points. That’s the best high score a player can obtain: a ripped body.

4/6 How Multiplayer Works

Six people can team up in co-op gameplay. This multiplayer setup works even if a song is situated around a single dancer. When duos, trios, or quarters are involved, things get a little trickier.

There is also the World Dance Floor, an online versus mode. Players who jump in will compete with others in three randomly chosen consecutive songs. Points will be given out during the match and whoever dances the best, wins. It’s as simple as that. It would have been nice to see more customization with this mode, but it is interesting, to say the least.

3/6 Just Dance Unlimited Tips

The game only has about 40 songs on the disc/card, but there is also Just Dance Unlimited. This service collects over 700 songs from past entries in the series. There are various subscription methods players can buy online from days to months to years.

The prices are reasonable too. The nicest part is that Just Dance 2022 comes with a month-long trial. Since there are so many songs with the service, scrolling through them all to find a potential favorite could take forever since there is loading involved. That’s why it’s suggested to look up the databases on a phone or computer instead. There is also a search tab in the game.

2/6 Options To Be Aware Of

There aren’t that many options in Just Dance 2022. It would have been nice to see a way to turn off the vending machine's prompts. Players can skip past them but they, along with some other pop-ups, can ruin the flow of a good workout. There are three options in the game players should be aware of.

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First, turn on the Activate Beat Vibrations. This matters in the Switch version the most since the Joy-Cons have that HD Rumble feature. The vibrations can help players keep the beat while dancing. It’s another way to get into the groove just like the lyrics. However, if players don’t want the lyrics on screen, or the dance prompts, they can both be turned off. Turning off the pictographs can create a more challenging experience if players are looking for that.

1/6 Record Your Dance

This is a life hack that works for all entries in the series. If players have access to a game capture unit then they should record their dances. Then, on a computer, edit down the song so that it starts and stops without any filler. People can then play these recordings and work out however they want. For example, stick the songs onto a USB device and then play them on a PS4.

This eliminates any equipment involved as well as those pesky menus. There is no longer a score involved or in-game reward incentives but getting a solid workout will be reward enough for most. The choreography and background graphics are great in Just Dance 2022, but some intros and exits are a little long. It’s another thing that can hamper a good sweat. Do not use this method for parties though. This is strictly a tip for solo play.

Just Dance 2022 was released on November 4, 2021 and is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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How to buy games for Nintendo Switch from Russia — Nintendo on DTF

Changing the region in eShop and replenishing the balance with payment cards.


The instruction was prepared by the Nizhny Khairul discord community

After the suspension of the Russian eShop, many began to ask questions about how to change the region in order to gain access to their purchases. We understand.


  • Preparation
  • Change of region
  • Balance replenishment


You will not be able to change your region if you have auto-renewal enabled on your Nintendo Switch Online subscription. However, now it cannot be disabled by standard methods and you will have to contact the Russian support service.

  • We go to the portal, select "Contacts" at the bottom.
  • In the drop-down fields, select your region and country, indicate the last two points, as in the picture:

We will be given a standard instruction, but it does not work now.

  • Scroll down, click the "Contact technical support" button.
  • In the field "Description of the problem" write:

Good afternoon!

Please turn off auto-renewal for my Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Console serial number: [found on a sticker on the bottom of the console, or in the settings]

eMail associated with the account: [it's simple here]

Registration date of birth: [can be found by logging to profile settings on nintendo. ru]

  • Fill in the rest of the fields. Be sure to include an email address for feedback.
  • Click "Continue".

If for some reason you cannot use the site, you can still write to the email: [email protected].

Support responds within a week and they may ask for more information.

If everything is successful, then you will see the coveted response from the support service:

If you have a family subscription, then the administrator of the group must write to the support service. The next steps are the same for all members of a family subscription.

Change region

If auto-renewal is disabled, you can proceed directly to changing the region.

  • Go to and log in to your account.
  • Go to the "User information" item.
  • Click the "Edit" button in the "Profile" section.
  • Change the “Country/Region” to a country that is convenient for us (South Africa, Poland and EU countries definitely have a working eShop).
  • Click "Save Changes".

After we change the region, we will need to sign in to Nintendo Switch again before we can use the eShop again.

When you change the region, gold points do not burn out, they remain in the Russian region. Vouchers are transferred to a new region and can be used to pay.

Top-up balance

Previously, it was possible to pay with Russian cards in the eShop of European countries. But since now Russian Visa, Master Card and JCB cards are not accepted abroad, you will have to look for workarounds.

Important! If funds remain on the US/Japan account, the region will not be changed back to Europe/Russia. Use prepaid cards only if you are sure that you will not change the region.

Otherwise, set up a separate account for overseas purchases or be prepared to request a balance reset via support.

To begin with, I recommend that you read this article.

How to buy online and pay for online services after the departure of Visa and Mastercard - thesis Editorial articles

There are two major payment systems left in Russia: Mir and UnionPay.

At the moment, the only way to top up the balance of other regions is to buy prepaid cards. There are a couple of shops where you can buy them. is a proven store selling game merchandise all over the world. Maps of South Africa, Poland, USA, EU, Britain, Japan, Canada, South Korea and Hong Kong are available in it. You can pay with UnionPay (does not work for everyone) and cryptocurrency. is another famous store. Its disadvantage is that the product is not always in stock. It has EU and UK cards, and you can pay with cryptocurrency.

If you have changed your region to European, you can activate Russian codes for games and an online subscription. However, recharge codes will not work due to a currency mismatch.

We do not recommend buying keys for games and recharge cards from unknown intermediaries and sites such as Avito, eBay and G2A, as there is a high risk of buying stolen keys and account ban. Be careful and only buy keys from reputable stores.

Join our community on Discord where you can discuss how to buy and more with other members of our subsite.

Links to other currently relevant guides are collected by the editors in one material.

DTF guides for buying games, goods and subscriptions from Russia - updated material Editorial articles

Collected in one material all our manuals for Russian users.

How to play for two with Nintendo Switch ▷ ➡️ Creative Stop ▷ ➡️



7 Read Min

How to play for two with Nintendo Switch Are you thinking of buying Nintendo Switch , Nintendo Hybrid Console, for being able to power play your two favorite games, such as Smash5 or Mario Kart. Right? Keep reading because I am going to tell you things that can be very helpful for you.

If you're planning on hosting evenings at home to show all your friends the qualities of the new Nintendo console, perhaps by getting them into a wild dance at Just Dance, I can tell you that I understand you very well. The Nintendo Switch is an exciting console precisely because of the many local multiplayer options it offers compared to the competition. However, they are more focused on online multiplayer and, above all, they are not portable.

However, before you buy, if you want to understand how the 2-player game works to start multiplayer as soon as I take it home, I have good news for you

Spend a few minutes on this article. I promise to explain the details about How to play two on Nintendo Switch. And also to help you fully appreciate some of the most important features of this hybrid console. Are you ready then? Great, I just want to wish you happy reading and fun!


  • 1 How to play for two with Nintendo Switch. Important information
  • 2 How to play for two with Nintendo Switch in a local area.
    • 2.1 Local multiplayer requirements
    • 2.2 How to play for two with Switch Joy-Con
    • 2.3 How to play with two controllers on Nintendo Switch
  • 3 How to play for two with Nintendo Switch Online
    • Requirements online mode
      • 3.1.1 Subscription plans
    • 3.2 How to play multiplayer online

How to play for two with Nintendo Switch. Important Information

There are a few prerequisites I need to make before telling you about the different two player game modes provided by Nintendo Switch .

First of all, you should know that although the console provides online game modes and functions, play with two people from one console, It is not necessary to have an Internet connection ni to subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online service.

In other words, when you buy a Switch and a game you want to play with a friend, you already have everything you need to play it. multiplayer mode local!

Now that I've laid out the requirements for online and offline multiplayer for you, I can finally talk to you about useful methods in How to Play Nintendo Switch for Two . Just feel comfortable with Joy-Con in your hand!

How to play for two with Nintendo Switch in the local area.

In addition to what I told you about local play, it's also important to point out the difference between Local multiplayer for up to four players and Wireless local multiplayer .

The first is multiplayer in the most classic sense of the word. A single console is used by exchanging two Joy-Cons, one per player. With four Joy-Cons, you can add two more players.

The second, however, requires one Nintendo Switch per player and allows a maximum of eight players at a time. I want to clarify that even this mode does not require an internet connection because it uses the ad hoc Wi-Fi network created by the consoles.

Local multiplayer requirements

Now let's move on to the practical side and see how to play local multiplayer on the switch. First of all, this may seem obvious, but I think it needs to be clarified that local multiplayer, although Nintendo provides it for their new console, it is not always available in all games.

As you already know, there are games that support it, others like Fortnite that they recognize online multiplayer others play alone.

From what I just said, if you want to play two on the Switch, the first thing you should do is consult for 's game mode information at the time of purchase to make sure you have local multiplayer.

How to play 2-player with Switch Joy-Con

Have you checked that the game you have chosen is fully compatible with local multiplayer? Great, because that's really all you need. Not sure how the second player will work without a controller? You have no reason to, because the beauty of the Nintendo Switch is that it already has two built-in controllers.

You got it right: split the two Joy-Cons from the side of the console by pressing the small button Round back and slide them up so that two controllers are immediately available to play in two!

How to play with two controllers on Nintendo Switch

The next step is to sync your Nintendo Switch controllers so that the console recognizes them. To get started, Joy-Con Lanyards Attach these to your Joy-Con, trying to match the positives and negatives of both.

Once this is done, continue by selecting from the console menu the icon with the Joy-Con and then pressing Change the way the command/order is held . At this point, you must assign Joy-Cons to each player by pressing the back L keys and R for two seconds.

Once both players have followed this, press button A to confirm and return to the main menu.

Congratulations, you have successfully connected two controls to play Nintendo Switch for two! It remains only to launch the game of your choice and select local multiplayer mode . Remember that each game has its own way of launching this mode, so be careful to find it.

How to play with two people with Nintendo Switch Online

Now that you know all the details about how to play with two (or more) people in Nintendo Switch local mode, you are probably curious to understand how multiplayer works switch mode .

Nintendo Switch's online multiplayer mode lets you play with friends from afar. You don't have to share a local network, as the famous Fortnite shows. This way of playing with friends also seems very interesting, doesn't it? So if you're also a fan of online gaming or just want to know more about this Nintendo Switch game mode, then you've come to the right place. Now I will tell you about the requirements and how to play online.

Online Mode Requirements

The first thing I recommend you check in order to play online with Switch is the support of the game you are going to use for this type of multiplayer game. You can also check the compatible game list of through the dedicated page on the official Nintendo website.

To make this very easy, you will also need to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online , a service created by Nintendo specifically for playing online. I would also like to clarify that the subscription also guarantees the ability to download a selection of the catalog for free first games Nintendo (NES) , Guardar game progress on cloud y recibir exclusive offers in Nintendo games and accessories.

Subscription plans

To continue activating your subscription, you can choose between different plans. 30 days at €3.99, 90 days at €7.99 and 365 days at €19.99. It's all? No, because Nintendo also offers a family group subscription that allows with one year subscription at a price of 34.99 euros to play online with up to eight accounts of the same group.

Once you have selected a subscription type for your subscription, if you have not already done so, proceed to create a Nintendo Account. This is a user profile associated with Switch, through which you can access online multiplayer and the Nintendo Store and Store.

Don't have an account yet and don't know how to create one? No problem: if you want, you can follow my guide on how to create a Switch user and you'll be ready to play online with your new account in no time.

Now that you have an account and have chosen which subscription to subscribe to, you can purchase a subscription from the official Nintendo website or by going to an online store or physical retailer. Alternatively connected to Nintendo and Store directly from Switch by selecting the corresponding main menu icon console and from the yellow item list on the left, scroll down to item Nintendo Switch online and press the button.

Now you can press button Logging Options Select a plan to subscribe to, and when you're ready, click the Proceed to Purchase button to confirm. I take this opportunity to inform you that if you have the subscription activation code , you must scroll down the registration menu to the button Activate code and continue to enter the code.

Learn more