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The question is always: Why line dances? The answer is very simple, at a private event there are folks of all ages & class. The one thing most folks know is things like the chicken dance & the electric slide. It gets folks up on the dance floor most folks don’t want to be the first on the dance floor. These songs get large groups of folks on the floor all at once. We hear from folks & other dj’s how they don’t play these songs & they know their guests. If that is true then cool but as we all know that is not a 100% of the time. If your in a club then the mix will keep the crowd alive but in a private event you never know who your guests are going to be. It is always best to have these songs on stand by just in case.

Why just in case? In a word Family! If the Mother of the Bride wants one of these played it is always good to remember the Bride may say it is ok even after the fact she was dead set against the idea. Keep the family happy. O.k. the following is most common activity songs played at weddings & events. You might call them cheesy but they do work.

Song list from:!OpenPage

1 Cha-Cha Slide DJ Casper 2000 Popular
2 Cupid Shuffle Cupid 2007 Popular
3 Electric Slide Marcia Griffiths 1990 Popular
4 You Shook Me All Night Long AC/DC 1980 Rock
5 YMCA Village People 1975 Disco
6 Love Shack B-52’s 1989 Popular
7 Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison 1967 Rock
8 Macarena Los Del Rio 1995 Popular
9 Cotton Eye Joe Rednex 1994 Country
10 Celebration Kool & The Gang 1980 Disco
11 We Are Family Sister Sledge 1979 Popular
12 Shout Isley Brothers 1959 Oldies
13 Dancing Queen ABBA 1976 Disco
14 Hokey Pokey Brave Cambo 1997 Other
15 Shout! Otis Day and the Knights 1967 Oldies
16 Teach Me How To Dougie Cali Swag District 2010 Popular
17 Boot Scootin’ Boogie Brooks & Dunn 1992 Country
18 Rock Your Body Justin Timberlake 2003 Popular
19 I Will Survive Gloria Gaynor 1979 Disco
20 Mony Mony Billy Idol 1987 Popular
21 Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of…) Lou Bega 1999 Alternative
22 Chicken Dance Various 1977 Other
23 Tootsee Roll 69 Boyz 1994 Popular
24 Jailhouse Rock Elvis Presley 1957 Oldies
25 C’mon ‘N Ride It (The Train) Quad City DJ’s 1996 Popular
26 Achy Breaky Heart Billy Ray Cyrus 1992 Country
27 All Shook Up Elvis Presley 1957 Country
28 Last Dance Donna Summer 1978 Disco
29 Twist And Shout Isley Brothers 1962 Oldies
30 Its Raining Men Weather Girls 1990 Funk
31 Who Let The Dogs Out? Baha Men 2000 Popular
32 Walk Like An Egyptian Bangles 1987 Rock
33 1 2 Step Ciara Feat. Missy Elliott 2004 R&B
34 Copperhead Road Steve Earle 1988 Popular
35 Beer Barrel Polka Bobby Vinton 1991 Polka
36 The Loco-Motion Grand Funk Railroad 1974 Oldies
37 Soul Man Blues Brothers 1979 Rock
38 Pennsylvania Polka Frank Yankovic 1944 Polka
39 Wild Thing Troggs 1966 Oldies
40 Hot Hot Hot!!! Cure 1987 Alternative
41 Hava Nagila Me First & Gimme Gimmes 2004 Polka
42 The Stroll Diamonds 1958 Oldies
43 Wild Wild West Will Smith Feat. Dru Hill & Kool Mo Dee 1999 Popular
44 Mashed Potato Time Dee Dee Sharp 1962 Oldies
45 The Ketchup Song (Hey Hah) Las Ketchup 2002 Popular
46 (If You’re Not In It For Love) I’m Outta Here! Shania Twain 1995 Country
47 Cool Jerk Capitols 1966 Oldies
48 Alley Cat Steel Train 2003 Oldies
49 Bus Stop Hollies 1966 Oldies

CopperKnob - Zydeco Lady - Chris Hookie (USA)

Position: Start off in single file lines, all facing LOD


1-2Left foot touch forward, side

3&4Left foot cross behind right foot, right foot step to the side, left foot step to the side and slightly forward


5-6Right foot touch forward, side

7&8Right foot cross behind left foot, left foot step to the side, right foot step to the side and slightly forward


9Left foot step forward (start ½ turn left)

10Right foot step forward (finish ½ turn left (facing RLOD))

11&12Left foot step back, right foot step back, right foot step forward


13Right foot step forward (start ½ turn right)

14Left foot step forward (finish ½ turn right (facing LOD))

15&16Right foot step back, left foot step back, left foot step forward


17Left foot step forward and make a ¼ turn right

18Right foot cross behind left foot

19&20Make a ¾-three step turn left (left foot lead (facing RLOD))


21Right foot step forward and make a ¼ turn left

22Left foot cross behind right foot

23&24Make a ¾-three step turn right (right foot lead (facing LOD))


25Left foot step back

26Right foot step back

27&28Left foot step back, right foot step back, right foot step forward


29Right foot step forward

30Left foot slide up and behind right foot

31&32Shuffle forward right foot lead


33Left foot step forward

34Right foot slide up and behind left foot

35&36Shuffle forward left foot lead


37Right foot step forward

38½ pivot turn left (weight on left foot)

39&40¾ three step turn (right foot lead)


90,000 musicians from Louisiana: I want to dance and drink to our music - March 10, 2012



March 10, 2012, 15:12



Musicians Jeffrey Brussar and Christina Balfa (Louisiana) came to St. Petersburg for the Festival of Traditional American Music. From their compositions in the style, respectively, zydeco and cajun, the legs themselves start dancing, but in Russia this music is known, alas, very little. Fontanka FM decided to fill this gap a little and asked the musicians about their roots, work, whether it is possible to have sex with their music and what they think about Obama, Putin and rallies.

- The first question, of course, will be about your impressions of your stay in St. Petersburg, about architecture...

Geoffrey Broussard: - Great place, I like it here.

- Tell me, when you were going to go to Russia, were you warned about how to behave here, about some dangers?

JB: - We were told to be careful, but that's what they always say wherever you go.

Christina Balfa: - The only thing we were warned about was that they drink a lot of vodka here. And we were already convinced of this yesterday. I must say that you have cool vodka, pure, I feel great today in the morning.

- What kind of Traditional Music Festival is this? Is this an action that floats all over the planet?

KB: - The Library of Congress, the US Embassy in Russia organize this festival as part of a cultural exchange. A variety of American musicians are brought here. The main goal is to show different traditional American music.

Denis Sadovsky

- How would you characterize the style in which you perform? In Russia, American music is perceived as blues, country and maybe rock and roll ...

- JB: - The music I play is Creole music. It's about different situations in life, starting from the days of slavery... Sometimes it's sad music, influenced by the blues, of course.

- Is it more urban or country music?

K.B.: - It's rather rural music. The place where Geoffrey and I live met immigrants from various countries in the 17th century. Some of them knew how to play the accordion. In particular, these are immigrants from France. Our parents spoke French - it was dominant in Louisiana until 1930 - 1940s. After that, Americanization began, the authorities wanted people to forget French, at least stop communicating in it. But we continue to speak it, such a Creole variety of French, and in general, more than one million people in Louisiana speak this language.

- You are talking about France, but it sounds more like something Scottish or Irish… part of France, Brittany.

- Tell me, is what you record played on radio stations?

K.B.: - No, you will find it on the Internet, social networks and YouTube more likely.

- Does your activity bring you any money?

KB: - With it we earn our living in this way. Something on the sale of records, but mostly, of course, concerts.

Balfa toujours - Kingpin Special


- What events and moods do you think your music suits best?

J.B. - I would say that it would be difficult to sit still, listening to our music, people usually start dancing.

- I want to dance to your music. Are there people who want to use drugs with your music?

JB: - You say that this is happy music. In fact, not always, sometimes it touches deep, maybe even tragic strings. Drinking is a big part of our culture. So, probably, under it you want to - yes, drink.

- Let's ask about the main thing - is it possible to have sex with such music?

KB: - I've never been asked that question. We have many different compositions, we need to experiment and check, maybe some are better suited for this purpose, some are worse.

- Let's talk a little about politics. In order to write music, do you need to retire and hide from everything bad that is in our world? There is a war in Iraq, there is the election of President Obama, political life is in full swing around. Or, on the contrary, does it all inspire you?

KB: - For me it's a combination of both. Any artist, artist, performer - he has some kind of responsibility, so we are aware of everything that is happening in the world, but we also need moments of solitude, of course.

- If Obama wins, will your compositions become more major or more minor?

KB: - I'm an Obama fan. We even wrote a song for the election, you can find it on YouTube, and there the leitmotif is the phrase “Yes, we can” in French “Oui, un peut”.

- As for Russian politics... We understand that you may not know much about it, but still: what do you think about Mr. Putin?

KB: - We know that there are also elections in Russia now, we felt somewhat uncomfortable knowing that we would get here at that time. We know that passions are raging in Russia in connection with the elections.

- You probably know that protests have been regularly held in Russia in recent months. It is very interesting, what impression from it remains at the person from outside.

J.B. - It's nothing special for me. The same thing happens to us quite often. Another thing is that the central TV channels do not cover this in any way, you can learn about this only from alternative media, and primarily from the Internet.

Jeffery Broussard - Joe Pitre


- Recently, Gallup released a ranking of the happiest countries, in which Russia is in 140th place, and the United States is in 138th. It turns out that we are, in every sense of the word, neighbors in misfortune. What impression do people in Russia make on you?

K.B.: - We arrived not so long ago. All the people with whom we communicate, who accompany us, they are very kind, friendly, kind to us. But if we talk about people on the street… In Louisiana, when someone walks towards you down the street, you make some kind of eye contact with him, we smile at each other. And here people walk with impenetrable faces, but this is probably not only in St. Petersburg, this is a problem in all big cities.

Alexander Tsypin, Maria Elkina, ""



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