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Fusion Dance Co. — Hype Dance Studio

Lil Fusion

Kindergarten -1st Grade - Introduction to Fusion Dance Company!

Lil Fusion dancers are introduced to the wonderful world of dance! Various performance opportunities and a variety of weekly classes begin to shape the well-rounded dancer and conf ident performer. This builds good self-esteem, understanding of teamwork, attention to detail, self-awareness, and the beginning stages of time management and accountability. On top of all's FUN and HEALTHY! Dancers will learn routines to upbeat, positive music that keeps them moving and active!

2 Weekly Classes: 1 Hour Jazz/ Hip Hop + 1 Hour Ballet/ Tap required. Acro classes available with early registration.

Performances: Holiday Show, HYPErbole, Local events.

Commitment: August - June/ No Audition. Lil Fusion dancers may register early to secure their spot on this team. There is a 2-week trial period in the beginning of Fall Session.

Mini Fusion

1st Grade - 3rd/4th Grade

Mini Fusion focuses on building the well-rounded dancer, and introduces the competition environment. Dancers will learn all styles of dance and compete choreographed routines with the company. This young group of dancers will be exposed to all genres of dance with accelerated training, so they may build the foundation of the proper technique and skill set. Mini Fusion also focuses on building good self-esteem, understanding of teamwork, attention to detail, self-awareness, and the beginning stages of time management and accountability. Dancers will learn routines that keep them active and loving what they do!

Weekly Classes:
Jazz technique, Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Rehearsal. Additional classes available include Acro, Lyrical/Contemporary, Turns & Tricks.

Performances: Holiday show, HYPErbole, Local events, NBA Sacramento Kings Halftime performance.

Competitions: 2 required competitions, invitation to attend additional conventions with the company year round.

Routines: Dancers will learn and compete 2-4 group dances per season. Solos, duos, trios, small groups are based on invitation and approval.

FDC Commitment: August 2022 - June 2023. Nationals Summer 2023.

Requirements: Placement audition on 6/7 required. Dancers must attend 4-Day Fusion Boot Camp August 8 -11 (all 4 days, no exceptions). Must attend Ballet Master Classes Aug. 6.

Fusion Dance Company

4th/5th Grade & Up

FDC - Fusion Dance Co.

FDC members are dancers who desire an accelerated training program in various styles of dance with quality training for competitive dance. Dancers will focus on weekly training, choreography, performance opportunities, and convention/competition events throughout the season. Dancers must be in 4th of 5th grade to be considered for company. Company members are expected to have good attendance, work ethic, attitude, and dedication to their training.

Jazz/Contemporary Requirements: Jazz Technique, Ballet, Jazz/contemporary rehearsal.

Hip Hop Requirements: Hip Hop skills training and rehearsal.

Tap Requirements: Tap Technique, Tap rehearsal.

Extra: Production rehearsals, Acro training, Master classes w/ guest teachers.

Performances: Holiday Show, HYPErbole, Local events, Sacramento Kings Halftime.

Competitions: 3 required conventions/competitions.

FDC Commitment: August 2022 - June 2023. Nationals Summer 2023.

Requirements: Placement audition on 6/7 required. Dancers must attend 4-Day Fusion Boot Camp August 8 -11 (all 4 days, no exceptions). Must attend Ballet Master Classes Aug. 6.

FUSION Pro - A Pre-Professional Company

FPro is an intense training program for dancers who desire a path toward a professional career in dance. These selected members will focus on multiple conventions throughout the season, intense weekly classes, outside guest teachers, personal goal-setting, choreography courses, and more to enhance their training. This is a serious commitment by the dancer and family. Dancers must possess advanced technical skill, show serious work ethic, and be a positive team member to be considered. FPro is for dancers approx. 12 years old and up. FPro dancers will be sent a letter of inquiry the week following auditions with an invitation to meet regarding the season.

Jazz/Contemporary Requirements: Jazz Tech, Ballet, Adv. Jazz Progressions, Contemporary and Jazz rehearsal.

Hip Hop Requirements: Hip Hop rehearsal.

Tap Requirements: Tap Tech, Tap rehearsal.

Extra: Weekly pilates, production rehearsals, video projects, monthly goal planning, choreography courses, attend all master classes with guest teachers.

Performances: Sacramento Kings Games, Holiday Show, HYPErbole, Local Events.

Competition: 4-5 competitions throughout the season.

FPRO Commitment: August 2022 - June 2023. Nationals Summer 2023.

Requirements: Placement audition on 6/7 required. Dancers must attend 4-Day Fusion Boot Camp August 8 -11 (all 4 days, no exceptions). Must attend Ballet Master Classes Aug. 6.

Overview Schedule of Events & Performances:

June 7: Auditions (all dancers must attend auditions to be considered for company in the 2022-2023 season).

August 6: Ballet Master Classes with Judy Rice.

August 8-11: Mandatory Fusion Boot Camp (for all Minis, FDC, FPro)

August 22: Fall Classes Begin

December 17: HYPE Holiday Dance Review 2022

January 9: Spring Classes Begin

May 26-27: HYPErbole 2023 Dance Recital

Summer 2023: Nationals

Requirement for all Fusion Members

  • Fusion Dance Company runs the whole school year Aug.

    2022 - June 2023. The company will attend Nationals Summer of 2023, dates TBD.
  • Team work and a positive attitude is a must. Fusion members must be encouraging and supportive of each other and always contribute to a positive team environment. We are one company of dancers no matter our differences.

  • Dancers must have excellent attendance in all required classes. Dancers may not miss rehearsals, scheduled competitions, conventions, and performances.

  • Fusion is an accelerated training program for dancers that want to progress and master their dance technique and skills. All Fusion dancers must be committed to working hard and being dedicated to their craft!

Penn Hype Dance Crew

DancePerforming ArtsArtsUndergraduateGraduateSAC


Penn Hype Dance Crew is a SAC-sponsored, co-ed, hip hop fusion student dance team at the University of Pennsylvania that creatively and uniquely explores various styles of traditional and modern dance. Established in 2005, Hype is comprised of members from various backgrounds, and aims to bridge cultural divides through the fusion of diverse dance styles. Each year, Hype participates in various types of performances, collaborative events with other organizations, and instructional workshops both on campus and in the community. Additionally, Hype presents a full-company show during the spring semester.

To receive information about our upcoming auditions fill out the interest form on our website: 


Hi! Can graduate students join?

- Anonymous

Yes! We're open to everyone in the area. We've had graduate students and Drexel students on the team!

- Voraya Vorapanyasakul

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Hi! When will final audition decisions be emailed? Thanks!

- Anonymous

Emails were sent out very early this morning. If you have not received anything, please email [email protected].

- Lucy Sumner

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Hello! For the audition videos, it seems that Michael's video is not mirrored (the video sides do not match what he is saying for his left and right). Should we just follow the video as we see it and ignore the verbal "left" and "right" instructions? Thank you!

- Anonymous

An updated video has been provided in the google folder! Let us know if there are any further issues.

- Lucy Sumner

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Hi! Are there auditions–is there any type of experience required?

- Anonymous

Yes, we are holding auditions! All the information is on our Facebook event: https://www. No prior dance experience is necessary. We have both trained and untrained dancers on our team.

- Lucy Sumner

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Basic Info

23 Registered (20 - 50 Members)

Currently Accepting Members

Audition Required

Both Semesters


How to Get Involved

To receive information about our upcoming auditions fill out the interest form on our website:

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Hype - a new dimension in the world of hip-hop




| Street dance

Hip-hop (Hip-Hop)

Hype - a new dimension in the world of hip-hop

Hip-hop is a developed subculture that includes numerous dance styles. New Style, popping, r'n'b - all these styles are united by one concept. A few years ago, a new dance direction appeared, bordering on the technique of new style, and therefore part of hip-hop - hype dance. nine0004

What is HYIP?

Hype is one of the offshoots of hip-hop. The new style is characterized by spectacular dynamism and ease of development. This factor allowed the dance direction, after its appearance in France, to spread throughout Europe within a few years. At the moment, hype is used more widely in show business and is a great alternative to r'n'b.

Dance Melody

Hype is a pretty balanced dance. There are no sharp bursts in it, as a rule, it is performed to medium-tempo music. If you give an example of the most common musical accompaniment for hype, it would be tribal house music. The hype moves are pretty easy to do. If a dancer has ever been trained in hip-hop, he will be able to master a new style in a few months. Judging by the rapid development of the dance, it will retain its popularity and remain relevant in a few years. nine0004

Where is the hype dancing?

Nightclubs are the best place to perform hype. The attention-grabbing dance style, unusual technique, and refined movements will make it possible to arrange a real show on the dance floor of any club. In addition, hype dance looks good in mass performance. Now dance groups are beginning to appear, performing in this particular style.

If you want to master some kind of dance direction, but you don't want to devote several years of your life to it, try learning hype dance. nine0004

Hype, hype dance, hip-hop

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    Student brigades caught the hype at the regional dance festival

    On February 16, the XIII Open regional dance festival of student brigades took place within the walls of South Ural State University. More than 300 fighters in 20 teams showed their skills in two categories: "Street Dance" and "Variety Dance".

    The annual dance festival was held on the eve of the Day of Russian Student Groups. In their performances, the participants talked about the symbiosis of detachment activities and modern fashion "RSO "BOOM" - Style. Work. HYIP. ”, the guys also revealed the topic of labor in the history of the movement. nine0004

    The commander of the Chelyabinsk regional branch of the MOOO "RSO" - Yuri Evgenievich Boldyrev made a welcoming speech :

    “We are absolutely happy that the festival is traditionally held on the eve of the Day of the North Ossetia, a very significant holiday for all fighters of student teams. I would like to note that the theme of the “RSO “BOOM” is Style. Work. Hype." - this is a very good idea, it is fully consistent with the spirit of the Day of Russian student teams. Most importantly, I wish all the participants to get an incredible boost of energy on stage, and the audience to get emotions from what they see.” nine0004

    Places in the nomination "Street dance" were distributed as follows: 1st place was taken by SPO "Vitya" (SUSU), 2nd place was taken by SPO "Light it up!" (SUSU), 3rd place was shared between SPO "Danko" (ChelGU) and the SUSU Student Team ServiceTeam (SServO Avalon and SServO "Shtil").

    According to the results of the assessment of the competent jury, the winners in the nomination "Variety Dance": 1st place was taken by the team of student groups CHIPS USURSUPS YarosTeam (SOP "Lokomotiv", SOP "Maneuvr", SPO "Vector"), 2nd place was taken by SPO "Apelsin" (SUSU ) and the 3rd place was taken by the headquarters of SO SUSMU. nine0004

    The YarosTeam team (SOP Lokomotiv, SOP Manevr, SPO Vector) won the Audience Choice Award based on voting results. Also, the guys from the CHIPS-URGUPS student teams received a prize for the best challenge video on the Tik Tok social network.
    Before entering the assembly hall, everyone could take photos in the photo zones and take part in interactive activities. The DJ, Karolina Atabadze, also performed at the event. The girl held a program from a musical selection to energize the participants. At the end of the festival, representatives of the exclusive modern dance group Soda of the club "Our Place" performed with the number "Give and Accept". nine0004

    “The festival became a bright event, and on February 17, on the Day of Russian Student Teams, representatives of the headquarters of student labor teams meet with the rector of SUSU, Alexander Leonidovich Shestakov, which indicates full support for the activities of the SHSTO in all its manifestations. I wish more and more people join your movement! Good luck to you, guys! ”Vyacheslav Burmatov , Vice-Rector for Extracurricular Activities and Youth Policy shares.

    Learn more