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Alcohol problems and cancer: what killed Dirty Dancing star Patrick Swayze

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in Dirty Dancing. In the late 90s, luck turned away from the artist: after a couple of box office films, his popularity faded.

August 18, 2019 10:0011 227

Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze needed no special training when he was offered the role of Johnny in the cult film of the late 80s - he studied at two ballet schools and saw himself as a Broadway star, not Hollywood. But a serious injury, received as a teenager, made Patrick forget about his career as a dancer and retrain as an actor.

"Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost" made the artist in demand in the world of show business. However, the euphoria was short-lived: Patrick Swayze failed to repeat the success of films that are still talked about as a phenomenon of mass culture. Even a faithful wife did not save the actor from despair - Patrick's family life was overshadowed by depression, binges and nervous breakdowns. nine0005

The artist's main trouble was not alcohol addiction, but a late-discovered oncological disease. He died 10 years ago, leaving fans with a lot of questions. Today Patrick Swayze could have turned 67. On the actor's birthday, let's remember his journey from worldwide recognition to a tragic ending.


Patrick Swayze's acting career began with a role in Skatetown

Patrick Wayne Swayze was born in Houston, Texas. He grew up in a large family with two sisters and two brothers, so he realized early on a simple truth: if you want to succeed, try your best. The love of dancing helped the teenager stand out from the crowd. His mother owned her own ballet school and was not opposed to her son doing choreography. Patrick's classmates had a different opinion on this matter, teasing him for his "girlish" hobbies. nine0005

A talented child was an excellent student and won sports competitions, but due to his gentle nature he could not stand up for himself. As a result, his mother gave him to the martial arts section, which significantly increased the authority of the teenager on the street. In addition, Patrick played football and starred in episodes of TV series.

“I remember five boys beat up Patrick. He went to the trainer and agreed to fight them in turn in the gym. In the end, he defeated them all, ”said Swayze’s mother.

Patrick Swayze played in the film "North and South"

He graduated from two ballet schools and went to conquer New York. The musical "Brilliantine" on Broadway made the talented young man a local star, but his dreams of professional dancing were not destined to come true: a long-standing knee injury made itself felt. The audience did not suspect what wild pain Swayze endured during performances, not refusing to go on stage for fear of being forgotten by the public. Soon, Patrick needed an urgent operation on his leg, after which the surgeon regretfully announced that he would have to put an end to his career. nine0005

The artist was in despair, believing that he could do nothing but dance. Once again, the young man was supported by his mother, reminding him that as a child he was invited to play in the series. After listening to the advice of a parent, Swayze began taking acting lessons. His debut film work was the role in Skatetown, and the first major success of American critics was his participation in Francis Ford Coppola's film The Outcasts.

This was followed by the pictures "Red Dawn" and "North and South", but Patrick Swayze became a cult figure in Hollywood thanks to the film, which allowed him to return to his favorite thing - dancing. nine0005


Who would have thought that a low-budget drama about two dancers from different social classes would become one of the highest-grossing films at the box office? A big role was played not only by the successful choice of actors - the duet of Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray won the hearts of the audience - but also by the brilliant idea of ​​the screenwriter and producer Eleanor Bergsteen. She wrote a story about herself: the youngest daughter of a doctor often went to the Catskills camp, where she secretly participated in dirty dancing competitions. Friends called her Baby, and Bergsteen later gave this nickname to the main character of the film. nine0005

Elinor made changes to the script for seven whole years - the directors refused to film the story with erotic overtones. However, in 1987, the producer got her way. The soundtrack to the film received an Oscar, and Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray were nominated for a Golden Globe. By the way, if on the screen the poor dancer Johnny Castle and the girl from the wealthy Baby family sympathized with each other, the actors had a hard time behind the scenes: hostility arose between them, and Patrick believed that the ending of the picture should be changed. nine0005

“I always felt that Johnny should end up with dancer Penny, because they are from the same circle, and such a union is more realistic than Johnny and Baby,” Swayze assured.

On the screen, the actors played passion, but in real life they hated each other

The creators of the tape did not fail: the audience was delighted not only with the multifaceted history of the main characters and bright musical numbers, but also with the deep ideas that Eleanor Bergsteen tried to put into the script . So, the final phrase “No one will push Baby into a corner” hints at the struggle of women for equality. It is also symbolic that at the end of the picture, Jennifer's character manages to perform a difficult dance element, support, which she had previously failed to do because of the fear of trusting her partner. nine0005

After the success of Dirty Dancing, directors literally begged Patrick Swayze to play in their projects. Every year a film was released with the participation of the artist: "Steel Dawn", "Road House". The next breakthrough for the actor was the role in "Ghost" with Demi Moore. The highest-grossing film of 1990 received five Oscar nominations.

The romantic story "Ghost" cemented the actor's success in Hollywood

"Patrick had to work hard to be taken seriously in Hollywood. There was something very rough about him, but at the same time - a beautiful, gentle, sensual manner of playing, ”Moore said about a colleague in the documentary“ I am Patrick Swayze ”. nine0005

It was participation in "Ghost" that secured Swayze's star status. In 1991, Patrick's filmography was replenished with the film "Point Break", where his partner was Keanu Reeves. After this tape, Patrick Swayze's popularity gradually began to decline, although he continued to be offered work in the cinema. For many fans, the artist remained Johnny Castle, and in 2004 he was paid a record fee of five million dollars for the episodic role in Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights, although he received only 200 thousand for the first part of the story. nine0005


"Point Break" became one of the last successful films by Patrick Swayze

Workaholic and perfectionist, the actor, nevertheless, managed to combine career and family. Patrick's only love was Lisa Niemi, who studied with him at the same ballet school. She not only became the wife, but also the muse of the artist. With Lisa in mind, Swayze wrote the song She's Like The Wind, which was eventually used in Dirty Dancing.

Unfortunately, the couple never had children: after a miscarriage at 19The 90th Liza was diagnosed with infertility. This did not change Patrick's reverent attitude towards his wife, on the contrary, he assured his beloved that they were a team and would cope with any adversity. Together, the couple created a family idyll - they bred horses on their own ranch.

In the late 1990s, life away from strangers took on a special meaning: Patrick suffered from the failure of several films at the box office and began to drink. Under the influence of alcohol, the actor became uncontrollable - he cursed, shot at tires. Alcohol addiction almost destroyed the artist's marriage, but the couple were able to overcome the crisis when Swayze agreed to undergo rehabilitation at the clinic. nine0005

“There is no perfect relationship, you just don't give up. And of course there are bad times. But I would be with Patrick a million more times if I could,” shared Lisa.

Patrick Swayze's marriage lasted 34 years

It seemed that after the victory over addiction, everything should have worked out. But the spouses were waiting for new tests. At the age of 55, the actor was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Despite the deterioration of health, he continued to act in film and wrote memoirs, trying to leave a mark. The efforts of doctors were in vain: in January 2009th artist suffered pneumonia, and in the spring metastases were found in his liver. Patrick fought the disease to the last, but on September 14, 2009, he died in Los Angeles.

“I thought that during the 22 months of my husband's illness, I had time to get used to the idea that I would lose him. But when I really reached this point, I realized: it’s not the same at all, ”admitted Lisa Niemi.

After the death of Patrick Swayze, Kirstie Ellie told about the affair with him

The couple had been together for 34 years, and after Patrick left, Lisa fell into a deep depression. For several years, she did not think that she could again find happiness in her personal life, fearing to betray her deceased lover. But in 2014, the actor's widow got married a second time. nine0005

Lisa still fondly remembers her first marriage, calling Patrick Swayze the love of her life. At the same time, Niemi does not believe the rumors that appeared after the death of the artist. So, Swayze's colleague in the film "North and South" Kirstie Alley claimed that she had a secret affair with a married actor. But Patrick's widow is sure: in their strong family there was no place for treason.

Almost 10 years have passed since the artist's death, but friends and fans are still watching Swayze's films with pleasure. This year, on the birthday of the stars on American channels, they broadcast not only "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost", but also a new documentary film "I am Patrick Swayze". nine0005

From Irish Central, Woman Magazine, EW, Telegraph.

Photo: Getty Images, Legion-Media

Text author: Alexandra Vlasova

Film hits. What did the heroes of "Dirty Dancing" dance to? | Culture

The film takes place in 1963, when President Kennedy has not yet been assassinated, and the Beatles have not had time to conquer the American charts. Therefore, the lion's share of the soundtrack is made up of authentic American music of that era - like "Be my baby" by THE RONETTES, "Do you love me" by THE CONTOURS or "Wipeout" by THE SURFARIS. nine0005

However, there are two songs in the film that are clearly out of the fabric of the era and directly send us back to 1987, when Dirty Dancing was filmed. The first is "Hungry Eyes" ("Hungry Eyes") and the second is "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" ("It was the best time of my life"), which became the leitmotif of the whole picture .

I must say that the last song could not have been included in the film. Initially, director Emil Ardolino wanted the characters to dance to some Lionel Richie song in the finale. But the film's choreographer and his assistant (the same Miranda Garrison who played the role of Vivien, Swayze's partner) insisted that "The Time of My Life" was better for dancing. nine0005

The song was composed by John Denicola and Donald Markowitz with lyrics by Frank Prewitt. In addition, Prewitt was the first to record "The Time of My Life" - in a duet with Rachel Capelli. Because of the limited budget, the final scene of Dirty Dancing was filmed first, the actors had to dance to this particular demo.

But why "had to"? Patrick Swayze has always considered Prewitt and Capelli's "unvarnished" version to be the best. However, to the deep regret of the actor and singer, she never entered the final version of the film. nine0005

Frank Prewitt:
“The scene was 7 minutes long and the song was the same length. So we started the track with a chorus to set the right mood before moving on to the verse."

At first the director wanted Donna Summer to sing "The Time of My Life" with Joe Esposito, but they refused. Then he turned to the already mentioned Bill Medley from the famous THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS, but he did not show any enthusiasm either. At first, the singer refused to record the song, arguing that his wife was giving birth and he wanted to be with her. However, the director showed patience and, after the birth of his daughter, again turned to Medley. In the end, he agreed - according to him, first of all, out of respect for Jennifer Warnes, who was supposed to perform the female part in "The Time of My Life". nine0113

The result exceeded all expectations. The low-budget film has become a classic of American cinema. And the film music "The Time of My Life" received all the major awards - "Oscar", "Golden Globe" and "Grammy". Well, and the first place on the Billboard charts, of course ...

Interestingly, 4 years before that, Jennifer Warnes had already received exactly the same bunch of awards for the song "Up Where We Belong", performed with Joe Cocker for k-f " Officer and gentleman. nine0005