How to dirty dance alone

How to Dirty Dance - Howcast

When you’re trying to seal the deal on the dance floor, knowing how to really get down can make all the difference.


  • Step 1: Find a partner Find a partner you can practice with. If you can’t find someone you’re sexually attracted to, just grab anyone.
  • Step 2: Loosen up To learn to dirty dance you’ll need to loosen up. Wiggle around a bit. Get those limbs loose and limber.
  • TIP: Commit to looking silly. Remember, no one’s watching at this point and no one cares.
  • Step 3: Learn to grind your hips The 'dirty' part of dirty dancing is all in the grinding of the hips. Practice on your own. Grind to the front, front, side, side, front, front, side, side. Now that’s dirty!
  • Step 4: Learn a basic step Learn a basic rhythmic step on your own. Step right, then bring the left foot together with the right. Then do the opposite -- step left and bring the right foot together. Now a little faster. Step right, together, left, together, right, together, left, together. Good.
  • Step 5: Learn the basic hold Learn the basic dirty dancing hold. The man grips his partner so his right hip is glued to her right hip, with his right leg between her legs and her right leg between his legs. As for the upper body, the woman should have her hands around the man’s neck, while the man has his hands on the woman’s hips and/or rear end.
  • TIP: The upper body can vary, but the lower body should always return to the basic grind.
  • Step 6: Learn a basic dip A basic dirty dancing dip requires the man to slightly turn his partner to the right. While supporting her back, he lets her arch backward as she bends her supporting leg and raises her other leg as high as she can. She then drops her head back.
  • TIP: As you dip, kiss your partner seductively. Pay particular attention to the neck, shoulders, hands, and the upper part of the chest.
  • Step 7: Learn to spin The basic spin simply requires the man to turn the woman by her waist, as she follows his lead through one, two, or even three turns.
  • Step 8: Both face front From time to time, face front. The man turns his partner so she is facing out, with his body pressed against her back. The woman can either have her hands at her sides, or wrap her arms around the man’s neck. The man’s hands are on the front of her thighs and hips. Yes, very dirty indeed.
  • Step 9: Turn on some sexy music Now it’s time to put these basic moves together. Turn on some sexy music.
  • Step 10: Get into a sexy frame of mind Get into a sexy frame of mind. Sure, maybe you have the sex appeal of a used stamp. But right now you need to think of yourself as the sexiest person on earth. Feel it. Believe it.
  • Step 11: Let yourself go Now put it all together, and let yourself go. Step together, step together. Spin. Step together, step together. Dip. Step together, step together. Grind, grind, grind, grind. Dip. Now that’s dirty dancing!
  • FACT: The choreographer of the hit '80s film Dirty Dancing also choreographed the 2006 blockbuster High School Musical.

You Will Need

  • A sexy outfit
  • Sexy music
  • A sexy partner
  • Sexy self-confidence (real or imagined)
  • Tight clothing

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    Dancing alone. What will help reflection in self-isolation

    15:43 March 30, 2020


    15:43 March 30, 2020

    Russia is in self-isolation, smoothly flowing into holidays and back. No one has proven that in a state of loneliness people want to watch, read and listen to things about this very loneliness, and in quarantine - about this very quarantine, but our section "Cultural Code", as you know, is not about leisure, but about understanding reality. Therefore, here are a few works that will help you understand everything that is happening around.

    The Platform, Halder Gastelu-Urrutia

    The most important film of the month, and here is our proof. The protagonist of the new Spanish hit finds himself in a vertical prison - in self-isolation, that is, - on which every day a platform with food descends from above, stopping at each floor. Thus, who lives higher - eats to the full, who at the bottom - gets bits. The whole process is a pretty accurate metaphor for the current economic situation in the world, and the rest of the story is an interesting reflection on what we should do in this situation. A separate charm of the "Platform" lies in the fact that this film was released on Netflix - almost the main beneficiary of the coronavirus crisis. The company's shares are rising against the backdrop of a general collapse, the streaming giant is breaking records in terms of traffic. In general, everything worked out.

    Quote: "You have a good heart. It means you don't have long to live."

    Read also:


    SanEpidObzor. DP looked at the problem of coronavirus from the point of view of art history

    "Love in the Time of Cholera", Gabriel García Márquez

    Fermin Daza and Florentino Ariza, lovers of difficult fate, are on a cruise on a ship owned by Ariza. To avoid unnecessary stops and customs checks, they hung a flag to indicate that the ship had a contagious disease and quarantine. The problem is that under this flag they are not allowed to return home, which means that the couple is doomed to an endless journey on a quasi-leprous ghost ship. If you are now living not alone, but with a loved one, you can consider that you are on the same ship on the same unsettling romantic journey.

    Quote: "The symptoms of love and the plague are the same."


    Dancing With Myself, Billy Idol

    A song written by Billy Idol for his band Generation X (name!), which turned into a solo after the band broke up. If the current generation Z, as it is commonly called, had even a rough idea of ​​who these people are, the track could become an absolute virus somewhere on Tik Tok. Still, a hymn to lonely songs "in the hair dryer" in front of a mirror, hot dances while washing dishes and other madness of loneliness. All that is what we are doing these days.

    Quote: "Oh, this is dancing with myself, Oh, this is dancing with myself. I have nothing to lose and nothing to prove to anyone when I dance with myself."

    "Personal Values", Rene Magritte

    We all now look at the objects around us in a new way. Some things become more valuable (toilet paper?), others (like a razor) seem to be no longer so necessary. Magritte's painting is about this. Here, the comb is larger than the bed, and the match is not much inferior in size to the closet. From the point of view of the image, this is the "ancient Egyptian principle", that is, what is in the foreground, what takes up space is more valuable. From the point of view of the current circumstances - a metaphor for space. Reason to think about what really matters.

    Buckwheat pudding

    Have you been waiting for jokes about buckwheat? No jokes, if you bought it in all the surrounding grocery stores - please use it for its intended purpose, that is, in the meal. To feel some kind of celebration, we offer a festive recipe - buckwheat pudding.

    Ingredients: buckwheat - 50 g, chicken egg - 1 pc., butter - 1 tsp, granulated sugar - 1.5 tbsp. l, salt - 1 pinch, vanillin (vanilla sugar) - to taste.

    Recipe. Boil buckwheat in salted water so that a crumbly porridge is obtained (in a ratio of 1: 1, over low heat), add butter, granulated sugar and vanilla for flavor, separate the yolk from the protein and add it (yolk) to buckwheat porridge. Whisk everything thoroughly. Separately, beat the egg white and mix it into the same porridge. Lubricate the baking dish with a piece of butter. Put the buckwheat mass into the form. Send everything to the oven and bake for 20-25 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees. Enjoy your meal.

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    SanEpidObzor. "DP" looked at the problem of coronavirus from the point of view of art history

    commented on the rupture of the Belousovo-Leningrad gas pipeline near St. Petersburg

    Woman in the dance of loneliness.

    Where does it come from?

    What to do if you feel lonely?

    In fact, the feeling of loneliness for a woman is a BASIC feeling that should not frighten or unbalance. Female loneliness is like a DANCE, so beautiful and attractive, in which She is EVERYTHING AS IS.

    Woman was created by MAGNET, no matter how trivial it may sound. In its original form, it can be alone, but it does not exist, because it is a force so attractive that it is impossible to resist.

    A man needs such a woman HERE.

    And now let's look at why women still REMAIN alone and why they DREAM so frantically to meet a man, but do not meet?

    Where do the feet of female loneliness grow from?

    You have already heard from me about the Woman's Value System, consisting of 17 elements, subtly intertwined. So the basis (layer) of this System is the RIGHT TO BE!

    Without this right, a woman DOES NOT EXIST, no matter how strange it may sound.

    The right to be is the right given to us by the Source, which creates us and brings us down to earth to gain a certain experience. It cannot be explained in words, it can only be felt. YOU ARE OR YOU ARE NOT.

    There are no almost invisible or ALMOST pregnant. It also does not happen almost in the right to be. Either yes or no.

    It is this right that makes a woman a Woman. It is from this feeling that she dances her dance of LIFE.

    A woman WITHOUT THE RIGHT TO BE is doomed to be ALONE or to build a relationship with a man who treats her like an empty place (sometimes this is a thinly veiled interaction that a woman does not understand in whose paws she has fallen). It is easy to “blind” such a woman for herself. Such women allow themselves to offend. And they themselves often offend themselves (calling themselves various kinds of words in the internal dialogue).

    Such a woman CANNOT "dance", she feels her loneliness like a curse. She strives to throw off this BURDEN. However, few people talk about the need to restore and regain the right to be! Birthright!

    But we were all born and raised in different families. Some were more fortunate, some less so.

    So the Right to be DISAPPEARS when we forget that we are part of the whole, lose contact with it, stop feeling the connection with our Spirit. In the material world, this can manifest itself as the words bitterly spoken by the mother that “it would be better if you didn’t exist at all!”, “Why did I just give birth to you? It would be better if I had an abortion!”

    How to live after this?! No way. And it turns out HALF-PEOPLE (forgive me for this word, but it fits here best of all), half-invisible.

    They also WANT TO LOVE and be loved, and they also gravitate towards simple female happiness that promises a family and children. As a woman, I understand them very much. I myself went for a long time without the right to be! Yes, yes, you heard right. I was on the other side of those I am talking about now.

    Learn more