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The Main Dancing Princess

Azalea is mad for dancing. It colors how she thinks about herself and helps her understand the world, as we see in this thought she has soon after her mother's death:

But Azalea did know one thing: she was a fast learner. When she fumbled through a dance step it was only a moment before she caught the rhythm and glided back into the motions. If Mother could smooth things over, then she could too. (4.33)

She's thinking about how to smooth things over with her sisters here—which has pretty much nothing to do with dancing—and yet dance is how she makes sense of the problem and finds the confidence to trust herself to be able to fix it.

Being able to dance well symbolizes everything that Azalea likes about herself. She's so excited for her first Yuletide ball that she tells Fairweller (her partner for the opening dance): "I hope you're good at dancing […] Or this ball will be completely ruined" (2. 9). Yup—Azalea cares a whole heck of a lot about dancing and places a lot of pride in her skills. No pressure or anything, though, Fairweller.

Azalea isn't just vain though, and her sisters are truly in awe of how good she is on the dance floor. Bramble tells Keeper before he dances the Entwine with Azalea, "Good luck […] Azalea's never been caught. You can try, though" (23.140). And while Azalea's literally never been caught while dancing the Entwine before, we can also see that she's pretty much unmatched in her ability to bust a move. To Azalea, dancing is a skill she's proud of, as well as a big part of her identity.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

The rest of her sisters are learning to dance, though they're not quite as good as Azalea yet. Dancing is a big deal in their lives right after their mom's death because they're forbidden to do it out of respect for the dead, but dancing also reminds them of their mom and makes them feel closer to her.

As Clover tells the King one time, the girls feel like they can't stop dancing, because it reminds them of their mother. She says:

"But it does help […] Mother would—would dance at night, too. In the ballroom—and—and you were there, and you danced the Entwine, and—you caught her, and she kissed you. On the nose […] I think it was the sweetest thing I've ever seen." (12.65)

The way Clover's talking about dancing here, it symbolizes both the love her mother and father shared, and the emotional bond between the girls and their mother. Dancing is a symbol for coming together in this context (whereas sometimes with Azalea, it's a symbol of how she stands out).

So given the option, of course the girls want to dance. It reminds them of their mother, and of happier times in their family, and it lets them escape the dreariness of mourning temporarily. Dancing thus symbolizes joy, escape, and rebellion. In the immortal words of Lady Gaga, just dance.

Audience Review: "Entwine" by Jiemin Yang

Carl Flink's Black Label Movement "How to Touch When Touch is Gone" ;Photo Courtesy of the Company

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Jiemin Yang

Performance Date:
July 19-20, 2019

Freeform Review:

Jiemin Yang’s Entwine made its Brooklyn premiere on July 19th and 20th, 2019 at The Mark O’Donnell Theater at the Actors Fund Arts Center in New York City. It was presented in First Look, hosted by Brooklyn Ballet.

Entwine is a seven-minute duet, danced brilliantly by Angie Lu and Iren Kamyshev. This serene, sweeping piece was standout because of Angie and Iren’s connection to each other. This was achieved both by choreographic structure and their personal performance quality. Whether dancing in close proximity or in opposite corners of the stage, their energy, focus and intent matched each other constantly.

Also contributing to Entwine’s peaceful, yet driving, quality is the original score, composed by Long Island based musician James Acampora. The score, which has three distinct “sections,” correlates with the shifts in choreographic structure and lighting onstage. These notable shifts reflect the close collaboration between Jiemin and James. 

Angie and Iren begin the dance in separate corners, under spotlights - Angie dancing downstage right, Iren on a diagonal from her partner dancing upstage left. Angie wears a white short-sleeve top and red loose pants, while Iren wears a red short-sleeve top and white loose pants. This red and white color scheme represents the purity and intensity of their relationship.

Angie is also dancing with a pure, white fan in her downstage right corner. She is the first to move under her spotlight – her stance is large and bold, yet I feel her emit a certain respect, or awe, to the fan she dances with. This is because Entwine was inspired by Lisa See’s novel titled The Snow Flower and the Secrete Fan. The story tells of two laotongs, or sworn sisters bonded for eternity, who exchange messages through writing the secret nu shu, or women’s language on fans in 19th Century China. 

Angie, after about a minute of dancing, sets the fan down in her downstage corner, and she and Iren walk towards one another. They begin to walk around each other in a circle, echoing the curve of the white fan. Angie and Iren arrive close together, and begin a fluid duet with more physical contact. Their movement is rich with lunges, intertwining arms (which look like intricate knots), and supple arm waves that remind me of a bird flying, or the wave of an ocean.

When Angie and Iren arrive together, I notice a shift in the music – when the dancers were separate, the music had a warm and spritely mood. It shifted to a slower, driving tempo. The dancers’ movement becomes more angular, though they still incorporate the occasional arm wave. They descend to the floor and resume their supple quality. Angie and Iren are center stage during their duet, and dance without the fan. I wondered if this separation from the fan indicated a glimpse into the other parts of their life; into responsibilities as women in their time. Their transitions are seamless - they roll, they swing their legs, they turn their heads sharply, and they swirl with ease.

Angie and Iren separate again to downstage right and upstage left corners. Iren picks up the fan. She walks with it upstage, quite slowly, while Angie dances rapidly in the opposite corner. Iren and Angie arrive together once more and resume their duet, this time with the fan. I notice the third section of the music, and the stage lighting becomes warm like the red of their costumes. The music, lighting and costumes indicate intensity. Angie and Iren’s partnering also becomes more vigorous. 

This rapid swell of energy settles, resolving in silence. The two are holding the white fan open, and upside down. Angie and Iren are standing on opposite sides of the fan in deep lunges, with their arms holding the fan stretched. It is a very balanced image. They are in such angular positions, while the fan maintains its curved shape. Angie and Iren then stand up, standing very close together. They put their heads together as they stand  holding the fan. The lights fade to black. I was left with the impression that I witnessed something very personal, and very complete.


Kristen Hedberg


Photo Credit:
Kyunguk Kim

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Simple dance moves for a girl in a club. How to learn to dance in a club - tips and video lessons

How to dance in a club for a girl?

On the dance floors of trendy clubs, young people move as they please, without following strict rules. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, as well as get great pleasure from dancing, then you need to learn the basics of club dancing. Our article will tell you how to dance in a club for a girl. nine0003

Preparing for dance classes

  • If you are new to dancing, you can learn how to move to music in specialized dance schools. Dancing classes will not only brighten up your everyday life and help you make new acquaintances, but will also bring your body into shape. Teachers will teach you how to move beautifully and sexually, help you become more relaxed and self-confident;
  • Club dances for girls include RNB, GO-GO, hip-hop, funk, jazz. Almost all choreographic studios have trial classes. Sign up for areas of interest and decide which style you would like to learn in order to apply dance skills in clubs. In addition, many dance schools organize open days. Coming to the studio on such a day, you will be able to participate in all dance lessons absolutely free of charge; nine0018
  • In order to learn how to dance to club music, two weeks of training for two hours a day will be enough. Of course, you will not become a professional in such a short time, but you will acquire plasticity and a sense of rhythm;
  • For those who do not want to spend money and time training in dance studios, there are many video tutorials on the Internet. This method is absolutely free and available to everyone. Moreover, you can choose a teacher to your taste by viewing the lessons you need. It is necessary to train at home in front of a mirror, controlling your every movement; nine0018
  • In addition to studying at home or in choreographic schools, visit clubs and practice dancing there. The main rule is to be relaxed and not shy. In addition to you, there are dozens of dancing people around who were able to overcome their shyness. When moving to the music in a nightclub, do not think about how to dance correctly: listen to music, connect emotions and enjoy this process;
  • While dancing, listen to the music and feel the rhythm. Improvise more and try to differ in your movements from those around you; nine0018
  • To keep your body toned and you look beautiful on the dance floor, go to the gym or spend time exercising and stretching. Go to the pool periodically, and also set aside an hour a day for regular walking.

Learning to dance

  1. Before enrolling in a dance studio or starting self-study, evaluate your plasticity. Stand in front of a mirror and begin to move your hips, leaving your arms, shoulders, and legs still. If during such an exercise all parts of the body are involved in the movement, then you will have to work on yourself and devote more time to training. nine0018
  2. When exercising, pay attention to every part of your body. The beauty of the dance depends on the amplitude of movements: a small amplitude gives femininity, tenderness, elegance and lightness to the dance, and a large one gives looseness, courage, energy and expression.
  3. In addition to instructional videos, you can find music videos from popular artists. Turn on your favorite music channel and try to follow the dancer's movements.
  4. It's best to try dancing to different music. So you can determine for yourself which style you do best, and develop skills in this area. Change the pace and movements, improvise and show imagination. Remember that dance is first and foremost the art of expressing yourself. nine0018
  5. Go to a nightclub and watch people dance. Note for yourself which movements can be borrowed, and which in no case should be repeated.
  6. Dancing in the club, tune in to the music and your mood. The main thing in the dance is to completely relax and get away from problems. Don't worry about what you might be looking at. And if they are watching, then you are doing well.
  7. Try to keep your movements plastic and graceful.
  8. Dancing in nightclubs is, first of all, recreation. Enjoy the process and don't forget to smile. nine0018

About dance styles for girls you can find in our article

The easiest way to relax after everyday work, relieve stress and distract from problems is dancing. However, many avoid it because they do not know how to dance. But do not be afraid, because it is very easy to learn this even at home. The main thing in club dances is to feel the rhythm and move beautifully to it. First, practice at home, and when you are confident, feel free to go to the dance floor. nine0003

We present you a training video lesson on club dancing for girls. It is suitable for everyone, regardless of fitness level and age. The main thing here is the desire to learn to dance.
This lesson will help you to master the basic movements of club dances on your own. The choreographer will show the simplest dance elements. You
will learn how to move beautifully and gracefully to club music. With a little practice, you will be able to feel free
on any dance floor and will boldly improvise to the music in the club. nine0003

So put aside all doubts and make up your mind. Learn club dancing for girls at home. Most importantly, relax and be yourself. Turn on the video lesson, music and dance to your heart's content. You will definitely get a boost of energy and
positive emotions. Good luck!

  • A very good and detailed video-lesson of Go-Go dance for beginners - just a godsend for all girls who want to learn how to move beautifully to modern music. Today you will learn the connection in ......
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  • How to dance in a club for a couple? This question is often asked by girls and guys who want to look natural, but interesting and attractive on the dance floor. It is for you that we have prepared demos......
  • You have a nice club dress and you are going to a disco with your girlfriends, but you still feel insecure on the dance floor? Then be sure to watch the instructional video of club dancing......
  • Go-go is a dance direction that has become popular recently. This dance is characterized by energetic, incendiary and sexual movements. Go-go classes will help you relax, escape from everyday problems and get a charge......
  • We invite you to plunge into the fascinating world of dance again. Among modern styles, hip-hop occupies a special place. This is an incendiary dance with energetic and rhythmic movements. Completing it will give you a huge ......
  • The ability to move beautifully and feel the music is indispensable at club parties. Therefore, before heading to the dance floor, we advise you to take a Go-Go dance lesson. This is a modern trend that has become very popular......
  • If you cannot attend an oriental dance school, then this course gives you the opportunity to watch online and practice belly dancing on your own at home. Thanks to the professional video course, you will be able to master......
  • Sonya dance is a dance style developed by a bright, beautiful, incendiary girl and successful choreographer Sonya Gevorkyan. It combines several dance styles: Go-Go, RNB and Jazz Funk. ......
  • Belly dance has an ancient history and is not only a popular style, but also an effective technique for acquiring feminine forms and improving health. This is an amazing combination of dance composition and......


Despite the large number of clubs and dance floors, the question of dance technique is becoming increasingly popular. This trend has developed due to the emergence of new directions and, accordingly, an increase in the quality of dance among the regulars of entertainment establishments. And if boys are rescued by tectonics and break, then higher requirements are imposed on girls. Dancing confidently and freely will help a few simple rules and training (both at home and in). nine0003

Move in front of the mirror, see what you can do better. Determine if you are plastic. Move only the pelvis, do not use the rest of the body: shoulders, legs, arms. If at the same time your whole body is dancing, you need to work on yourself. Feel each part of the body separately. Change the amplitude of movements, low - will give you tenderness, grace, high - energy, more space. This affects not only the beauty of the dance, but also helps to navigate the site, where there are many / few people. nine0005 Look at the tutorials, of which there are many in a variety of areas. They will explain which part of the body, how to move, demonstrate a variety of movements in detail.
Watch modern dance videos. From them draw a lot of new fashionable movements, various dance techniques.
Form in your head combinations of steps, hip rotations, think about what you can do with your hands.
Dance at home to music at different tempos.

Now let's figure out how to join the atmosphere of club dance. nine0005 Carefully inspect the dancers. First, you will understand that most people dance in the same manner, which is not difficult. Secondly, mark for yourself the movements that you liked. Use them in your dance. Third, highlight the dance style that is clearly frustrating. Never repeat it.
If you are here just to relax, please dress in comfortable clothes and shoes beforehand. If there are other goals, consider the capabilities of your outfit.
Tune in to the dance, determine the rhythm of the music. Dance with increasing activity of dance movements so that fatigue does not overtake you immediately. nine0005 Relax. This is the most important point. Only by feeling free will the dance come naturally. Do not limit yourself, move as you feel comfortable, gradually increase the complexity of the combination of movements.

Related video

Pay attention

How can a pick-up artist not want to pick up such a girl in a club? Pickup courses are no longer needed here, only pressure and masculine charm. There are not always drunk girls in clubs. Most people go there just to relax. Drinking a couple of cocktails in a club never hurt anyone. It is very easy to get acquainted with a drunk girl in a club, especially if you yourself are under a slight degree. nine0003

Useful advice

At almost every party, disco or crazy drunk party in the club, many girls get drunk and lose control of their actions. Drunk naked girls - for sure, many of those who often visit clubs could watch how girls, performing on stage in some competitions, without too much modesty, are always ready to bare their breasts or show that there are no panties under their skirt.


  • How to dance a girl in a club
  • how to dance in the club video

The girl is an air creature. Their movements are plastic and beautiful, and they dance, as a rule, gracefully and attractively. Ease in dancing is natural for girls, but sometimes they need help to learn it. How to dance a girl in a club and what movements are in fashion now? Welcome to our helpful tips!

Now there are dance floors and clubs in almost every village, and the question of the correct dance technique is very relevant. It used to be possible just to twitch, shifting from foot to foot, but now the quality of the dance among the regulars of club venues has increased significantly. This is not surprising, because quite a few directions have appeared and a lot of room for developing their own style, which many have rushed to take advantage of. Guys, of course, it's easier - break and tectonics seem to be made for them. Girls traditionally receive more demands, they are expected to be more graceful and plastic. Simple rules and a simple home workout will teach you how to dance freely and beautifully, delighting the visitors in the club with your confidence. nine0003


At home, see how plastic you are and what you do better. To do this, stand in front of a mirror and try to move only your hips, leaving your shoulders, arms and legs motionless. If it doesn’t work out and at the same time the whole body is dancing, then you will have to work on yourself. Listen to your body, feel each part of it separately. The beauty of the dance is influenced by the amplitude of movements: high and sweeping will give you energy and expression, low - grace and tenderness. nine0003

Now there are a lot of videos on the Internet on different dance styles. Girls who do this professionally will share how to move, explain which parts of the body are involved in this and demonstrate various tricks in detail. You can watch one of the videos below.

You can learn how to dance and pick up fashionable movements by watching various tricks and tricks in video clips.

Scroll your favorite combinations of pelvic rotations and steps in your head. Think about how you can move your arms. Try it right away, do you like your look? Dance at home to different music, change its tempo and try it. Feel free to improvise. nine0003

Getting into the club dance atmosphere

Do a little reconnaissance: come to the club and sit at the bar and watch the dancing girls. As you can see, most of the girls dance without any complex movements, and their manner is about the same. Highlight what you like and take these movements to your arsenal. Note that from the outside it looks clearly unsuccessful and, accordingly, do not use such a manner in your dance.

Consider the possibilities of your clothes and shoes, it is unlikely that a tectonist will succeed in heels. Dress comfortably so that your clothes do not restrict your body. nine0003

Entering the dance floor, do not immediately rush to dance actively, waving everything you can. Smoothly adjust to the rhythm of the music, tune in internally. Start the movements lightly and gradually increase their activity.

And finally, the most important thing - relax and don't be nervous. Dancing will be natural only when you feel free. Believe me, those who dance around don't care, they are resting and they don't care about you. Therefore, move as you feel comfortable, without pinching or limiting yourself. Gradually increase the complexity of the combinations and you will succeed. nine0003

There are many modern dance styles, but before you copy the movements that you like from this or that video clip, you should work on your plasticity and grace. To do this, it is not necessary to attend choreography classes, it is enough to devote a little time to studying at home.

How to learn to dance at home?

Before starting training, evaluate your abilities objectively. To do this, turn on the music, stand in front of the mirror and dance. Try to make different movements: raise your arms, move your hips, shoulders. If something turns out badly, then you need to work. nine0003

During this "spontaneous" dance, try to feel your body as a whole and each part of it separately. Feel separately the arm, leg, waist, the whole body.

Remember, more sweeping movements convey energy, but if you make them smoother, you can convey all your tenderness and calmness.

In the process of learning to dance, the main thing is practice. Therefore, do not limit yourself to going to the club. If at first you feel shy about dancing, be an observer. Look at how other girls dance, divide these movements into beautiful and unsuccessful. When you get home, try to repeat what you liked best. Practice and bring these movements to perfection. nine0003

How to dance freely in a club?

If you think you've done enough at home, it's time to hit the dance floor. We will give you some tips that will help you quickly get comfortable and conquer everyone with your sense of smell.

The main thing to remember is that dance is lightness and positive emotions, so you shouldn't complicate it, just enjoy the moment, and mastery will come with time.

Cord entanglement: no need to be afraid | Motherhood

Every mother-to-be has heard: "Don't hang up your clothes, the baby will get tangled in the umbilical cord." And if the doctor detects an entanglement of the umbilical cord on an ultrasound scan, the pregnant woman is frightened in earnest. After all, this is horror - a child in a noose! In fact, the entanglement is not as scary as it is commonly believed. nine0169

Photo - photo bank Lori

The umbilical cord as it is

Let's start with the theory. The umbilical cord (umbilical canal) is the "tube" that connects the baby with the mother until he is born. It consists of three vessels and connective tissue. One umbilical vein is responsible for delivering oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood to the baby from the placenta. And the other two “take away” blood with fetal metabolic products.

The thickness of the cord may vary slightly. It depends on how much so-called Wharton's jelly is in it - a special jelly-like substance that protects blood vessels from squeezing. A thickness of one and a half to two centimeters is considered normal. It is these dimensions that indicate a sufficient amount of Wharton's jelly, and this ensures good blood flow.

The length of the umbilical cord is also not the same. Traditionally, there are three sizes:

  • short - 40 - 55 cm
  • normal - 56 - 70 cm
  • long - over 70 cm

All of these options are considered normal. Only an umbilical cord that is too short is dangerous for a child , since it can prevent him from moving along the birth canal. Fortunately, an absolutely short umbilical cord (shorter than 40 cm) is not so common, in 12-13% of cases. Often this is discovered during childbirth, sometimes you have to resort to an emergency caesarean section, but not always. There is a possibility that the baby will be born naturally. nine0003

The umbilical cord is strong enough to withstand heavy loads. During pregnancy, it can stretch, shrink, twist without any harm to the baby.

Why does entanglement occur? At short stages of pregnancy, when there is still a lot of space for “baby fitness”, they swim, and somersault, and “dance”. And the result of these "exercises" can be entanglement of the umbilical cord . And this happens very often, just then many kids themselves unravel the tied knots. So, if your child is still small, then the diagnosis of cord entanglement should not scare you. Most likely, the baby will solve the issue himself and free himself from the fetters. However, he and his condition will now be monitored with special attention.

What are the twists?

Cord entanglements are different:

  • single
  • multiple (two to four times)
  • insulated (around one part of the body: legs, arms, necks)
  • combined (around several parts of the body at the same time)

What is the danger of entanglement with the umbilical cord?

Although you should not immediately panic if you have been informed of umbilical cord entanglement, this condition cannot be considered completely safe. Each case is individual.

Entanglement with a long umbilical cord, even multiple, as a rule, does not affect the well-being of the child. nine0003

But a normal or short umbilical cord can squeeze it so hard that it leads to a lack of oxygen. In this case, the baby feels discomfort and tries to free himself, begins to actively move in order to unravel. Often this works out.

However, there are cases when the entanglement leads to obstruction of the blood flow in the umbilical cord. This can lead to serious hypoxia and requires the mandatory intervention of doctors.

When entanglement is detected

Ultrasound showed cord entanglement? Most likely, you will be assigned additional examinations:

  • ultrasound

Ultrasound examinations may be carried out more often than usual (in difficult situations even up to several times a week). After all, it is with the help of ultrasound that specialists can assess the general condition of the baby, the dynamics of its growth, the condition of the placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic fluid, and draw conclusions about how the fetus feels and to what extent it is affected by the entanglement of the umbilical cord. nine0003

  • Doppler

This study helps to identify the characteristics of blood flow in the placenta, umbilical cord and arteries of the baby's brain. If violations are found, then this is a reason for prescribing treatment.

CTG is prescribed from the 33rd week of pregnancy. Previously, the study is not informative due to the fact that the cardiovascular system of the fetus is still immature. A rather long (within 40 - 60 minutes) procedure allows you to assess the nature of the fetal heartbeat and the frequency of its movements. This is done using a special device with a sensor, which is attached to the belly of the expectant mother. If the baby is entwined with the umbilical cord, then during his movements, a decrease in the heart rate is recorded. The more pronounced this sign, the more serious the trouble. Based on the results of CTG, obstetricians-gynecologists draw conclusions about the condition of the child and, if necessary, prescribe treatment. nine0003

What to do if the umbilical cord is entangled?

What can be done in case of a confirmed umbilical cord entanglement?

If cord entanglement does not affect the condition of the baby, then no treatment is prescribed. If the fetus suffers, then treatment is mandatory.

The condition of a child with moderate disorders is corrected with vitamins and nutrients. Thus, the decrease in the volume of blood entering the fetus is compensated, and it receives a sufficient amount of substances necessary for normal growth and development. You may also need drugs that help improve such an indicator as blood flow. Most often, these measures are enough to normalize the condition of the baby. nine0003

Be vigilant!

If the doctor found an entanglement of the umbilical cord on ultrasound, then the expectant mother should carefully listen to herself, because it is you who can catch the first signals for help that the child gives.

What to look for? To the movements of a child.

Surely you have already roughly understood, or rather, felt the daily rhythm of your baby: he is your “lark” or “owlet”, active or not too much. So, keep in mind that if the baby suffers from hypoxia, then his usual rhythm goes astray, and the nature of the movements also changes. nine0003

If the blood flow decreases slightly, then the movements slow down, become more rare, the baby, as it were, saves strength.

In acute hypoxia, the situation is opposite: the baby moves actively, literally rushes about, and can even roll over. After all, he suddenly and seriously lacks oxygen. His condition in this case is similar to panic, and sudden movements are, firstly, an attempt to get rid of the fetters that caused hypoxia, and secondly, distress signals, a plea for help. nine0003

If suddenly the baby fails to free himself, then the second phase of acute hypoxia begins. An attentive mother will be disturbed by a sharp cessation of the baby's movements after increased activity. This happens because his strength was exhausted during the preceding lull in the struggle.

If you notice that the child suddenly calms down after a period of unusual activity, immediately contact the doctors, and not at the district antenatal clinic, but best of all at the maternity hospital.

Childbirth with cord entanglement

Many people think that cord entanglement is a direct indication for a caesarean section. However, this is not at all the case. Even in the case of multiple entanglement, most often natural childbirth does not pose a danger to the child. Just during such childbirth, long-term monitoring of the baby's heartbeat is mandatory. If it becomes clear that acute hypoxia has occurred, then there are two options for the development of events:

  1. In case of serious deviations in the baby's well-being in the first stage of labor (the cervix has just begun to open and the birth is still far away), a decision is made to perform an emergency caesarean section.
  2. If acute hypoxia has made itself felt during the second stage of labor (the baby's head has already sunk to the pelvic floor and the moment of birth is close), an episiotomy (perineal dissection) is performed.

    Learn more