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Hi Cindy

Ep.227 @lilys455 Follow to see the dance at the bus interchange #hicindy #dramaseries #sgtiktok #couple #funny

958 Likes, 14 Comments. TikTok video from Hi Cindy (@hicindy): "Ep.227 @lilys455 Follow to see the dance at the bus interchange #hicindy #dramaseries #sgtiktok #couple #funny". Follow for More. original sound - user818798560312.


original sound - user818798560312 - lilys455


𝕊𝕚â𝕟 (𝕊𝕙𝕒𝕣𝕟)

reuploading this because she didn't get the attention she deserves 🤣 #fyp #dancingbusstoplady

TikTok video from 𝕊𝕚â𝕟 (𝕊𝕙𝕒𝕣𝕟) (@its_pronounced_sharn): "reuploading this because she didn't get the attention she deserves 🤣 #fyp #dancingbusstoplady". original sound.


original sound - 𝕊𝕚â𝕟 (𝕊𝕙𝕒𝕣𝕟)


iconic tv

#fyp #tiktokviral #comedy #like #follo #explorepage #myidoles

65 Likes, 5 Comments. TikTok video from iconic tv (@tvthrowbackss): "#fyp #tiktokviral #comedy #like #follo #explorepage #myidoles". Why does this lady dancing at a bus stop go with every song🤣🤣🤣. Beggin'.


Beggin' - Måneskin


Honey Koh 木瓜

dancing at bus stop

191 Likes, 16 Comments. TikTok video from Honey Koh 木瓜 (@honeykoh_88): "dancing at bus stop". 原聲 - 一條大帥哥.


原聲 - 一條大帥哥



tq to all the cars waiting at the traffic light for attending our concert 👍🏻🤠 | dc: @tracy. oj @heyiannn #tiktoksg #busstop #fyp #dancechallenge

TikTok video from liVia (@leeviahhh): "tq to all the cars waiting at the traffic light for attending our concert 👍🏻🤠 | dc: @tracy.oj ✨ @heyiannn #tiktoksg #busstop #fyp #dancechallenge". Woman.


Woman - Doja Cat



#fyp #foryourpage #tagyourfriends #dance #shecouldvebeen18 #lady #funny #busstop

TikTok video from @2.22 (@2.22aamm): "#fyp #foryourpage #tagyourfriends #dance #shecouldvebeen18 #lady#funny#busstop". @ your friend that would do this🤣. original sound.


original sound - @2.22


iconic tv

#fyp #foryou #tiktokindia #viral #explorepage #comedy #uk #1mincomedy

TikTok video from iconic tv (@tvthrowbackss): "#fyp #foryou #tiktokindia #viral #explorepage #comedy #uk #1mincomedy". Why does this lady dancing at the bus stop go with every song🤣🤣🤣. Luxury.


Luxury - Azealia Banks


Helena Aleluya

#duet with @ashleyvlaz3434 the way she danced 💀💀💀

244 Likes, 5 Comments. TikTok video from Helena Aleluya (@crislandiajose): "#duet with @ashleyvlaz3434 the way she danced 💀💀💀". original sound.


original sound - user08959021315



#GenshinImpact saw klee dancing to. The bus while on the mrt. #sg #tiktoksg #fyp #tiktok #walkerken

TikTok video from 𝖂𝖆𝖑𝖐𝖊𝖗𝖐𝖊𝖓🚶🏞️ (@walkerkensg): "#GenshinImpact saw klee dancing to. The bus while on the mrt. #sg #tiktoksg #fyp #tiktok #walkerken". オリジナル楽曲 - マイクラ_パロってる.


オリジナル楽曲 - マイクラ_パロってる - パロってる_Parotter🇯🇵



#fyp #fails #louthacademy

TikTok video from Louthacademyofficall (@louthacademyofficall): "#fyp #fails #louthacademy". Pov. Year 7 girls attempting to do ticktock dances at the bus stop. original sound.


original sound - Louthacademyofficall

Man waiting at bus stop suddenly breaks out dance routine no one can ignore

We know it sucks to miss the bus because it means waiting for the next one.


Unsplash - Sandy Ravaloniaina

It can be very stressful while waiting for your ride. The waiting time seems too long than it usually is. In fact, a study showed that most people waiting for their bus perceive their waiting time to be 50% longer than it is.

An assistant professor at Georgia Tech said that we feel insecure during these situations.


Unsplash - Johen Redman

Kari Watkins studied how people wait for their buses at bus stops. She discovered that those who were not doing anything while waiting felt like they waited for too long than they should be. Aside from that, not knowing the exact time (when the bus will arrive) and feeling anxious are the other two reasons for this perception of time.

This is why we see people keeping themselves busy at bus stops – like this man.


YouTube Screenshot - Rumble Viral

He was alone and waiting at the bus stop, but he sure wasn’t bored. Instead of waiting anxiously at the bus stop, he did something to entertain himself (and others who saw him, too).

He danced his heart out like no one was watching!


YouTube Screenshot - Rumble Viral

Of course, somebody saw him and found it amusing. They filmed this guy’s energetic dance at the bus stop and shared it on the internet. (Bless them.)

At first, you’d think it’s just one of those wiggling dances we do while waiting.


YouTube Screenshot - Rumble Viral

We mean that kind of dancing in which we put and shift our weight from left to right, jiggling a little. But no. He had other things in mind; maybe that type of dance was too dull for him.

He suddenly started moving to one end of the wall, spinning and leaping.


YouTube Screenshot - Rumble Viral

You would get that feeling that he was not joking about this. He busted some moves and was so graceful at it. The way he moved would make you want to dance yourself!

A man walked by, and he didn’t even care!


YouTube Screenshot - Rumble Viral

He continued to dance his merry way while waiting for his bus to arrive. He twirled, hopped, and even gave us the classic “scoop” move. We can say this man is our spirit animal!

This man had the right attitude towards his bus stop waiting time.


YouTube Screenshot - Rumble Viral

While this is all amusing and worthy to go viral, he did what he could to let himself forget he had some minutes to wait.

Doing something and keeping yourself busy can help our perception of time.


Unsplash - Jun Huang

The adage “time flies when you’re having fun” is true. When you are doing something – reading a book, listening to music, or dancing – it would give you the impression that your waiting time is relatively shorter than those who just stood and waited.

But there’s one thing that researchers found to be more effective –


Unsplash - Shalvi Raj

Knowing the exact time when the bus or train arrives. This is why mobile apps indicating bus stops are helpful, especially to estimate your travel time to catch the next bus or train. That means you will arrive a few minutes early with less time for waiting.

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Kazakh woman dancing incendiary at the bus stop (video)

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Opinions What? Where? How much? Ukraine faces Election 2022


Opinions What? Where? How much? Ukraine faces Election 2022

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Residents of Karaganda filmed a woman who, being at a bus stop waiting for a bus, was fieryly performing elements of a Latin American dance, reports Tengrinews .


A middle-aged woman in sunglasses performed Latin American dance moves with such enthusiasm that she involuntarily attracted the attention of people standing nearby.

A lady was dancing at the Miners' Palace of Culture stop.

"This video was taken in the morning at about 9:30 am. It was filmed by my husband. He noticed a woman who was wearing headphones and dancing without paying attention to anyone. He was amused, and he sent the video to me. And I I've already decided to add music to the video. I'm glad that such positive people live in our city. It's great," Altynai Nurmanbayeva said.

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Publication from Altynai Nurmanbaev (@golden_moon_134mia)

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Clip Niletto at the bus stop delighted fans - Cultguide

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Singer Niletto (Danil Prytkov) recorded a video for the song “Someone like you" on a street in the center of Moscow. The simplicity and honesty of the video appreciated it fans.

In the video, Niletto is breaking dancing in the rain. The musician does this is in front of the eyes of passers-by and passengers waiting for transport, who, with curiosity, watching the young man.

The fans were delighted with the video. Many noted that the clip turned out to be very honest and sincere. But most of all netizens were amazed that a video without a budget and debauchery caused so many positive emotions.

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