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Techno Dance Moves that Never Fail on the Dancefloor

Author : Skylar Schossberger
June 16, 2022

Let’s be real. When you find yourself in a warehouse party, whether you’re a seasoned raver or newbie to the scene, your body wants to move when you hear that four-on-the-floor techno pulse. Although techno dancing isn’t classically defined in the dance world, its found a niche among underground partygoers. The dance moves can be as free and experimental as the underground scene itself. There’s no judgement. Really, the only expectation is that you’re able to let go of what others think and truly feel the music move your body in fantastic ways. If you need help getting started, then here are some dance moves that never fail on the dancefloor. 

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How to Dance to Techno

Both the beauty and the curse of techno dancing is that there’s no “right” way to move to techno. It’s very personal. Contrast, for example, dancing to different genres. The way your body will move to a dub techno track at 120 BPMs may be quite different from the way it responds to a mind melting acid techno track at 135+ BPMs.

The best course of action is to learn the foundation for dancing to techno. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can add your own unique spin and begin free styling. Start by accustoming your body to the underlying rhythm. Sway your hips to the beat: “1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, etc.” Tap your feet: “Left, right, left, right, left, right, etc.” Once you feel confident that you’ve captured the rhythm, capture the textures of the track with your arms and your fingers. You can incorporate your entire body into the track, let the music take you to new heights. The key, at the end of the night, is to feel the track from start to finish. 


The March with a little bit of stomp

— Ryan (@Ryan18689138) May 5, 2020


Techno Dance Moves

As mentioned previously there is no right way to dance to techno. Get creative with your movements, dance is a powerful form of expression. Now there’s no official names for these dance moves but “Das Techno Team” has thought up some great creative names of actual dance moves you’ll typically find with techno parties.


The Italian Stomp

Here is a simple variation of basic feet stomping. You start with the sway of your hips and then you incorporate your feet. After you feel comfortable with this movement you can begin experimenting with patterns. Instead of going “left, right, etc.”, consider changing the pattern. Double it up, “left, left, right, left, right, right, etc.” Heck, triple it if you’re feeling fancy. 

@electronicbeats Not me polishing up my dance moves for the next rave. @technoteam #technodance #technotok #dance #technomusic ♬ original sound – electronicbeats


The Royal Brexit Drop

Now that you’ve got your feet underneath you it’s time to use those arms. Fist pumps, wrist flicks, snaky arms… go full Gumby mode. Your hips and your legs can jack to the rhythm and the rest of your body can feel out the other elements of the track.  

@technoteam @pana.crush antworten #TechnoTeam and #Techno #Basics 13 #fy #fürdich #parati #рек #perte #pourtoi #paravoce #おすすめ #lernenmittiktok #TechnoTok #Rave ♬ Trepidation by Stan Christ TechnoTeam Cut – Das Techno Team


Sidewalk Voguing 

No techno dance guide would be complete without mentioning “voguing.” Voguing or “vogue” is a kind of improvisational dance style influenced by the poses of models in fashion magazines. Whether angular and precise or slow and sensuous, this style of dance is about telling a story through movement. 

@technoteam #TechnoTeam with #Techno #Basics 3. 1.2 and the #Cross #Walk #Voguing #Hands #fy #fürdich #parati #рек #lernenmittiktok #TechnoTok #Rave #season ♬ Follow – Amelie Lens


5 Best Techno Dance Songs


Charlotte de Witte “Age of Love – The Age of Love” (Charlotte de Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano Remix) 

The original track “The Age of Love” by Age of Love is over 30 years old. It was popular in the nineties and continues to be a dance floor destroyer to this day. Charlotte de Witte and Enrico Sangiuliano‘s remix of the hit track is just as banging. The lyrics “come on, dance with me” beckon ravers to the dance floor to stomp to the heavy four-to-the-floor kick and lose themselves in the trance that is “The Age of Love.”

Charlotte de Witte · Age Of Love – The Age Of Love (Charlotte de Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano Remix)


Joey Beltram “Energy Flash” – R & S Records

“Energy Flash” was released in 1990 to critical acclaim. A definitive techno track during its time, the track sits nicely in any modern techno set as well (good music is timeless after all). Joey Beltram’s song is minimal, yet playful. The 909 percussive elements frame Beltram’s interlocking sonic patterns and lush string samples. This track is a dancer’s dream, his infamous whispered “ecstasy” rolls over your body and hypnotizes it to move from start to finish. 

R & S Records · Joey Beltram – Energy Flash

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F.U.S.E. “Substance Abuse” 

F.U.S.E., aka Richie Hawtin, is a classic nineties acid track that produces full body spastik action. You can’t help but rock out to the squelching 303. Turn the speakers up to max level, you’re in for a trip. 

Richie Hawtin · F.U.S.E.: Substance Abuse (1991) PLUS8013

Darude · Sandstorm (Radio Edit)

Da Hool “Meet Her At The Love Parade” (Original Mix) 

“Meet Her At The Love Parade” references the Love Parade, a former German electronic dance music festival and parade in Berlin. This song builds up quite nicely, like a good party. The percussive elements are simple and layer well. But, the best part is the melody. It’s introduced about a quarter into the song. Once you hear it, you’re hooked. Commence the head bobs and hip sways. 

soundnavigator · Da Hool – Meet her at the love parade (Original full mix – 1997)


Jeff Mills “The Bells” 

“The Bells” by Detroit legend Jeff Mills is a techno anthem. The glitchy kick and playful percussive elements create a euphoric feeling. Its infectious melody compels the body to do as it pleases. Your legs will stomp to the rhythm and the rest of you will react to every sonic element in the track.

vincentimes · Jeff mills – the bells

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A Raver’s Delight

Movement is sacred. It expresses emotion without words and propels us forward. Techno is special because it unites us to move together and dance. A raver’s delight is knowing that no matter where you’re from or who you are, we’re all equal on the dance floor. We all share the same dreams, the same fears, and crave love and happiness. If and when you find yourself dancing to techno, dance like no one’s watching. Freedom inspires others to move freely. 

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Welcome to Dance Techno Podcast, this is an open space for the best underground dance music, listen with us and enjoy the journey, be open for the experiences of Techno music. You will connect with us and the best Djs sets in the industry in every episode and just let the your music experience connect with your identity

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    DanceTechno 021 - Sam Brown

    San Brown is a Dj from Auckland, New Zealand. Summoned By The Valkyries. Tribal, hypnotic, heavy thumping 143 BPM bassline to send all witnesses to the gates of Valhalla.

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    You can listen to it in:

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  2. DanceTechno 020 - Joe Ryer

    DanceTechno 020 - Joe Ryer

    Joe Ryer is a DJ and producer based in the south of England. Drawing his influence from the London and Berlin underground scenes, he aims to
    deliver a powerful and dynamic blend of hypnotic/peak-time Techno.

    Joe seeks to be versatile as a performer and has enjoyed a modest start to his career in both House and Techno.
    He has hosted his own events at Shelter club LDN, and shared the stage with the likes of Paul Woolford, Omar S and Saytek.

    More Info:



    You can listen to it in:

    #dancetechno #dancetechnopodcast #techno #podcast #djset #hypnotic #JoeRyer

  3. DanceTechno 019 - Blackjack

    DanceTechno 019 - Blackjack

    André Milho, known in Portugal's DJ scene as BLACKJACK, entered the music world thanks to Rock. Still, in his teen years, he began to show interest in electronic music, going through several genres such as DnB, Hardcore, Trance, House and Techno.

    In 2018, he already considered House and Techno his favourite genres, and with encouragement from his friends, he bought his first pair of decks.

    Since then he hasn't stopped and has constantly searched for knowledge in the art of DJing and everything around it.

    He focuses on digging, into the techniques to use in his sets, and also pays special attention to the psychological aspect of the Dancefloor and its analysis, in an attempt to provide an unforgettable experience to those who step on it.

    More Info:





    You can listen to it in:

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  4. DanceTechno 018 - Justin Westmore

    DanceTechno 018 - Justin Westmore

    Based in Melbourne Australia. Justin Westmore has found himself most creative when mixing deep melodic tracks. With an enormous aspiration to share his music and have the opportunity to share with people the music, he loves most.

    Take a journey through intense melodies and deep tones with my latest techno mix.
    He experimented with a few new tracks I found and incorporated them with all-time favourites to create something that keeps the energy high and flowing.


    More Info:

    Instagram: @west.more


    You can listen to it in:

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  5. DanceTechno 017 - Deviant

    DanceTechno 017 - Deviant

    Deviant from Cologne Techno City from Germany. Underground, Mind-bending and Obscure best describe the mix. Love Layering vocals with dark and trippy tunes and creating a foggy sweaty atmosphere with fluid transitions from breaks to techno over industrial and back.

    He was heavily inspired by the likes of Helena Hauff or Function so he can’t leave out the occasional electro stomper. Long intros and outros are essential to me to tie everything together as one.


    More Info:




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  6. DanceTechno 016 - Anti-P.L.U.R

    DanceTechno 016 - Anti-P.L.U.R

    ‘The Last Techno Mix in Preston’ is mixed by Anti-P.L.U.R, a Techno, Drum & Bass and Psy Trance/ Goa producer from Melbourne, Australia.   This mix was the last time a Techno mix was recorded in the one-bedroom apartment in Preston during the height of Covid lockdowns, whilst anticipating the move that led to the series of mixes known as “Thommo Tek.” (Techno from Thomastown.) 

    The mix is full of thundering beats and hypnotic rhythms with a heavy acid techno undertone.  Some parts will lift you up, others will slam you down.  Definitely designed to be listened to at loud volumes and in dark rooms.  This is the Techno that drug trips can’t touch!


    More Info:






    You can listen to it in:

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Life at a rave: what kind of food is suitable for dancing

In various areas of human life - specialized food. Athletes eat high-energy date bars, opera singers drink a mixture of egg, cognac and honey before a performance to warm up the bundles, tourists carry stewed meat and crackers in their backpacks. But there are people that I don't think the food industry has taken care of properly yet, and that's the ravers.

This is not surprising: no one considers fans of many hours of vigil in industrial halls to loud music with lasers and protracted after-parties as a significant class of consumers, and even auto-correct in the phone corrects the word “techno” to “dark”. Well, it's time to add light, even despite the complexity of the topic. After all, daily dances are little associated with a pleasant appetite, and for experienced people, talking about food at parties can cause a smirk and an offer to treat them with chewing gum. It’s not customary to talk about food at raves.

Meanwhile, this story worries me a lot. About 10 years ago, my whole life revolved around techno: I was a DJ, went to Arma and Solyanka, played in the Zhest club and wrote reviews of world festivals on the 44100. com portal. Then for me, rave food could turn out to be no matter what kind of sandwich or a can of chips, soup at best. I did not think about the importance of proteins, vitamins and trace elements for a weakened body.

Now, after studying in California and several years in the kitchens of various projects, finding myself in an abandoned beer factory in Vienna with a schedule of 40 DJs or going to a techno brunch with friends, I literally cry from what they serve there. I think it's time to formulate the properties of the perfect rave food. Here they are:

In 2015, the Arma team held the Outline festival in Moscow with a no-kill food philosophy, and dozens of gastronomic projects picked up this theme. On the Outline site, you could only buy dishes without meat or fish in the composition. It seemed to me then very organic, because the rave culture with its dark aspects, dance euphoria, a sense of equality and the erasure of social status on the dance floor is incompatible with violence and cruelty. Forgive me, but when you know the structure of the universe, a sausage will not fall into your mouth, but a peach or a banana is easy. Maybe that's why there is a division: rock festivals like "Invasion" are based on medieval epic - there is a lot of meat and beer! And electronic music festivals prefer plant components.

It is impossible to find a built-in system of nutritional recommendations for ravers on the Web - doctors, if anything, advise drinking plenty of water. But there are interesting articles on nutrition during rehab. For example, the American Addiction Center Resource suggests that during recovery, give up sweets and carbonated foods, switch to fiber, whole grains and vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits - in general, a classic detox.

Sounds sensible, but there are moments: coarse fiber will be difficult to digest and can cause bloating, so during the Vilalobos set, I would recommend sending all foods rich in fiber before use in a blender. There are a number of foods with strong acidity: tomatoes, for example. They are not suitable, as they can irritate the oral mucosa. In general, everything that can irritate and scratch her should be excluded from food trucks at techno sites - no crackers, chips, sandwiches with aggressive sauces. Ideally, all textures should be delicate and silky, and energy compounds should be valuable.

When I was running a bar for the Moscow promo group PZDC, one New Year's Eve, my wife Anya Yudakova and I (here she is in Anastasia Ryabtsova's shooting at BURO.) boiled 10 liters of chestnut cream soup. And it’s great party food—you don’t even have to chew it! Boiled cereals are well suited: quinoa, amaranth, whole oatmeal and millet, boiled in water or coconut milk, and not cow's milk, because many people do not digest lactose.

By the way, the ideal food at a rave is ice cream! But not the kind that is sold in the store, but the craft one: it refreshes, saturates, and gives pleasure! It has a lot of liquid, which is clearly not enough for emaciated dancers, and natural sugars, such as agave syrup, provide energy. I tested this hypothesis: Richter manager Zhenya Shchur and I prepared six kilograms of two types of vegan ice cream for our friends at Mutabor - rhubarb and pink pitahaya sorbet and ice cream based on coconut milk and Japanese matcha tea. We did everything without sugar, eggs and harmful additives - only natural ingredients and vitamins in a digestible and tasty form! We arrived at the rave in the morning and treated the lathered dancers.

Respect for nature is a big theme of modern rave. Now all promo groups are holding their events more carefully and more consciously than the city authorities organize subbotniks in parks. In the same Mutabor, a separate waste collection system is used, food is given in biodegradable dishes. And this summer, the site decided to abandon avocados in dishes - the fruit has become so popular that they are now cutting down relic forests for planting it. Raver food definitely has a green message!

Another trait that has always accompanied electronic music and the aesthetics around it is the belief in the future. A rave is an experience that produces a non-trivial audiovisual experience. It will be great if the food is permeated with the idea of ​​novelty. Therefore, I feel that a soft bread sandwich or mushroom cream soup at a party is too boring, everyday neutral and does not provide any exceptional experience.

Frozen heads of Stoyn looked good — about five years ago, in Artplay, the guys made ice cream with liquid nitrogen, grinding fruits with it. They were prepared and served in puffs of steam. And when I was doing a cafe in the Rodnya techno club, somehow we brought multi-colored acid muffins to a hardcore party - this also rolled in. At a techno brunch that fell on Shrovetide week, I cooked green pancakes - I tinted the dough with spinach. The food at a rave should have the same wow factor as the music or clothes you wear to a party.

If you approach techno-nutrition with the principles described above, you will get a full-fledged, not forced food. It is suitable for everyone who loves not only to dance, but also to take care of themselves and the world around. I am sure that the matter that we let into ourselves is no less important than the broadcast content - music, video, communication with people. In this sense, a green smoothie with passion fruit is like an Aphex Twin record, and a sausage sandwich in a plastic package is like a song from the Dacha radio rotation that you don’t want to hear. I hope that this attitude towards food will be accepted by all the big festivals and rave venues. And I, if anything, will gladly help, because I myself still have to dance on them. And there is!

My first rave: how to go to a party and not screw up

If you haven’t been to any rave yet, and the words “Kyiv is the new Berlin” mean nothing to you, we tell you how to start hanging out and do everything right.

We talked to Roman Paramonov, who attended 16 raves - from Schema, Rhythm Buro and Plivka to LOW party and Strichka festival. Roman is 20 years old, he is a student of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy, he writes a term paper in sociology on the topic “The social origins of rave culture”.

Roman told how to properly prepare for the party, what to wear, how to dance, what music to listen to. And also about inner freedom and liberation from the routine that the dance floor gives.

First rave in a coma

I got to my first rave quite by accident, at the age of 16. We were celebrating a friend's birthday, and on the same evening one of the first "Schemes" was held. Someone from our company offered to see what was happening there, and we went. My friends were older than me and had already been to raves, but I went out of curiosity. I had no idea then that this would be the start of my big rave trip.

I certainly didn't look like a person who knows where he's going. I was wearing a black shirt with white dots, a black striped cardigan that fastened with one button and ended at the belt of my dark jeans, and I had Nike AirMax on my feet.

Then music without words was something incomprehensible to me. I did not feel the dynamics of the development of the tracks, I did not understand the plot. At my first party, I danced some kind of “cha-cha-cha” and did not understand at all how to move to this music. I looked at all this with the thought: “Well, what's so special about it?”, And after two hours I got completely bored and I just started poking back and forth. It was some kind of scam. Just a month later, I thought that there was still something in this, I decided to try again - and it worked for me. Since then, I have hardly missed parties.

How to get ready

There are things you should always think about in advance. First of all, look at the line-up of the event so that you can answer tricky questions during the face control. You may be asked, for example, who is playing tonight or how you knew there was a party going on here. As a rule, water and food cannot be brought in, so it’s better not to bother, but to look in advance where the nearest grocery store is, where you can eat during the party.

The most important thing to take to a rave is fucking sunglasses, because otherwise your eyes will start to hurt from special lighting effects. Also think about where to put your phone, apartment keys and money so that all this does not stop you from dancing. The ideal solution is a banana on the belt instead of a belt. Instead of a wallet, it is better to take a certain amount of cash and a bank card so as not to weigh down the banana. Usually I take UAH 300 and one card with me.

Also think about who you will go with. I've never seen people come to a party alone. During dances, people still disperse and dissolve in the music, finding their own rhythm. The company is needed in order to start together, find each other after, return together to the real world and go home.

The main thing is to come with the right attitude. To come and get stoned is not an option, there is no point in it, because you will not remember anything. The whole buzz of a sober rave is that you remember all the sensations. In order not to screw up, you need to free yourself from the reality that is here and now.

How to dress

Once upon a time I wore only black clothes to parties, but over time I realized that I wanted something more interesting and brighter, but sneakers have always been my hobby. I go to parties in air-soled sneakers, God bless Phil Knight0061 [co-founder of the Nike brand — BZ] .

There is no dress code at raves. In fact, almost complete darkness reigns around, and you see only the silhouettes of people who are dancing. When choosing clothes, first of all, you need to think about convenience.

If it's a T-shirt, it's one that doesn't stick to the body and doesn't have to be wringed out of sweat like a rag. If pants or shorts, then such that they do not fetter in movement. Sneakers can be air-soled, but the main thing is that the shoes are comfortable after a long walk and long dances.

Lately the trend is vintage 90s, people are trying to recreate the atmosphere of the underground raves of those years, so many people dress “old school”. Basically, vintage and rare items are bought at second-hand stores, although sometimes they can also be found among the popular mass market.

Comfort is very important, thanks to it you move away from the real world and immerse yourself in music and movement. For me, going out for a smoke break during a party is like returning to reality for a while.

How to dance and what to listen to

Rave is a story about individuality. You don't have to follow someone else's example. You need to find your movements, close your eyes and surrender to the dance - the body will do everything for you. Turn one of your fingers the other way or turn your foot in a different way, and you will already be different from the rest.

At one of the raves, I danced for 8 hours straight and never went outside. At another party, I danced with my eyes closed under the stage, and after a while I ended up at the very end of the hall. You move, people rub against each other. You can even accidentally hook someone, but you still won't be told anything.

Everyone feels and hears music differently. Recently, DJs have been adding body percussion to soundtracks. That is, live pops, clicks and crackles appear among synthetic sounds - this allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere even more and reminds you that the real world still exists. Music is a kind of drug. If you find your rhythm, then, like a surfer, you will get into the wave and start to “slide” awesome.

At all times different techno music played at raves. It used to be less technologically advanced, but today DJs have more cool modern equipment and programs for creating sound tracks, and the tracks are becoming more diverse.

My favorite DJs are Inga Mauer, Max Cooper, Yana Woodstock, Lil Louis, AUX 88 and Amelie Lens - they are all techno artists. Apple Music or Soundcloud will help you find the music you need. The first one has techno selections that are updated every week, and the second one, when you search for techno or rave, you can find cool young DJs or great mixes of famous artists.

Rave is music without words that "sings" about liberation. You are freed from everything that oppresses you: from problems, inequalities and discrimination. You are not divided into white, black, green or red, because no one cares who you are. You come and become part of a tribe where a DJ is a shaman.

Everyone dances in their own way, there is no common style. The main thing is to surrender to the music, the rest of the body itself will tell you.

What happens at the rave

Inside the rave, all people are one big company. There is no aggression, because everyone came to rest from the real world, routine and fuss. This is a community in which everyone knows each other in absentia. You can go up to any person and ask for water - at a get-together everyone always shares with each other.

You can easily meet a people's deputy here. Recently, I saw my teacher at a rave, who just the other day gave me lectures and seminars, and today we are on the same dance floor with him.

I remember how one girl stripped down to her shorts, climbed onto some kind of parapet and just danced. There was another dude we called "propeller arms", he was waving his arms very strongly, but it was so cool that I don't even know how to repeat it.

There are people at the rave who stimulate themselves with various substances. I think that music without drugs is enough to get into ecstasy. You need to go with the right attitude and understanding of what you want to get from the party. It comes with experience.

After a rave on the way home, I always keep listening to music on my headphones until I close my eyes in bed. This helps to avoid unnecessary noise in the head. After a rave, you always wake up fresh and renewed. Often there is a slight krepatura, but then you start the day with the clearest head possible.

About rave culture and main clubs

Rave culture has become a real discovery for Ukraine. After all the bloody events of the revolution and the beginning of the war, people wanted to forget at least for a while, to abstract from pain and oppression.

Each of us lives in a constant routine: study, work, stress and problems, which causes mental burnout. When you get to a rave, all the accumulated fatigue comes out of you in the dance. For me, this is an opportunity to be free. Some people find it at the gym or on a run, I found it on the dance floor.

There are enough good parties in Kyiv: Scheme, Rhythm Buro, Low party, Plivka, Osnova, Closer, parties at Otel’ and Mezzanine. I go for everything. The quality of parties in Kyiv has grown a lot in recent years. The organizers understand what the audience wants, create comfort and atmosphere.

In Berlin, raves have long migrated to clubs, but we continue to hang out in hangars, factories and under bridges.

Low party - more than just a hangout, techno pioneer DJs play there. A very atmospheric and worthwhile party that everyone should go to.

Rhythm Buro - these are parties that take place in secret places, the organizers keep the intrigue to the last and send the place of the party on the day of the event. Usually both foreign and our DJs play. One of the best hangouts in the country.

Scheme is the most popular Kiev rave. You should definitely get there, because there is always a complete separation.

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