How to dirty dance with your girlfriend

How to Dirty Dance - Howcast

When you’re trying to seal the deal on the dance floor, knowing how to really get down can make all the difference.


  • Step 1: Find a partner Find a partner you can practice with. If you can’t find someone you’re sexually attracted to, just grab anyone.
  • Step 2: Loosen up To learn to dirty dance you’ll need to loosen up. Wiggle around a bit. Get those limbs loose and limber.
  • TIP: Commit to looking silly. Remember, no one’s watching at this point and no one cares.
  • Step 3: Learn to grind your hips The 'dirty' part of dirty dancing is all in the grinding of the hips. Practice on your own. Grind to the front, front, side, side, front, front, side, side. Now that’s dirty!
  • Step 4: Learn a basic step Learn a basic rhythmic step on your own. Step right, then bring the left foot together with the right. Then do the opposite -- step left and bring the right foot together. Now a little faster. Step right, together, left, together, right, together, left, together. Good.
  • Step 5: Learn the basic hold Learn the basic dirty dancing hold. The man grips his partner so his right hip is glued to her right hip, with his right leg between her legs and her right leg between his legs. As for the upper body, the woman should have her hands around the man’s neck, while the man has his hands on the woman’s hips and/or rear end.
  • TIP: The upper body can vary, but the lower body should always return to the basic grind.
  • Step 6: Learn a basic dip A basic dirty dancing dip requires the man to slightly turn his partner to the right. While supporting her back, he lets her arch backward as she bends her supporting leg and raises her other leg as high as she can. She then drops her head back.
  • TIP: As you dip, kiss your partner seductively. Pay particular attention to the neck, shoulders, hands, and the upper part of the chest.
  • Step 7: Learn to spin The basic spin simply requires the man to turn the woman by her waist, as she follows his lead through one, two, or even three turns.
  • Step 8: Both face front From time to time, face front. The man turns his partner so she is facing out, with his body pressed against her back. The woman can either have her hands at her sides, or wrap her arms around the man’s neck. The man’s hands are on the front of her thighs and hips. Yes, very dirty indeed.
  • Step 9: Turn on some sexy music Now it’s time to put these basic moves together. Turn on some sexy music.
  • Step 10: Get into a sexy frame of mind Get into a sexy frame of mind. Sure, maybe you have the sex appeal of a used stamp. But right now you need to think of yourself as the sexiest person on earth. Feel it. Believe it.
  • Step 11: Let yourself go Now put it all together, and let yourself go. Step together, step together. Spin. Step together, step together. Dip. Step together, step together. Grind, grind, grind, grind. Dip. Now that’s dirty dancing!
  • FACT: The choreographer of the hit '80s film Dirty Dancing also choreographed the 2006 blockbuster High School Musical.

You Will Need

  • A sexy outfit
  • Sexy music
  • A sexy partner
  • Sexy self-confidence (real or imagined)
  • Tight clothing

    Dirty dancing can help you get him in the mood! Try these easy tips

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    “When Marimba Rhythms start to play
    Dance with me, make me sway
    Like a lazy ocean hug the shore
    Hold me close, sway me more.”

    This iconic song Sway from Dean Martin can tempt people to sing, sway and dance right away. Each line of the song will make you want to get up close and sensual with him. That is what happens when a good song plays, and you indulge in sultry dance moves to woo and seduce your man. Dance; my love has the magic to turn anyone on.

    How to dance sexually when you are a beginner?

    Table of Contents

    Dance is beautiful; dance is magic. Do not feel nervous or scared just because you have never danced before. Once you know how to sway, you will fall in love with it. This is the first step before you begin to dance for the man. Here are some tips that will help you in making the right seductive dancing moves.

      • Start exercising or just walking to get your body into a flexible model. Any stiffness will impair your progress and moves
      • Watch what you are wearing. Spruce up your wardrobe and stock Western wear that makes you feel sexier, bolder and a badass babe
      • Read interesting articles on dirty dancing moves and get to know tricks to master the art
      • Get over inhibitions if you want to drive your man crazy in bed. The only way to strip for your man is by freeing the mind from all sorts of apprehensions
      • Heard about lap dance moves? If not, then search on the Internet and try to use the tips when the night is young, and your man is ready for the show
      • Try sending seductive photos, messages, and videos as the evening sets in. This is to build an atmosphere before the actual act is staged
      • Most importantly, buy the right lingerie that will add drama to the dance performance. The traditional trick is to reveal some and leave some for the imagination. You too should make the most of it

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    Eight seductive dance moves to get him in the mood

    Calculated dance moves give you a chance to touch, tease and tickle your man. And no; you don’t have to be a pro in dancing, all you may need is some tips which you can get from so many videos online.

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    Try catching up with the legendary film ‘Dirty Dancing’ to get some serious inspiration. Then there is Abba’s Dancing Queen number that will make you feel like a diva ready to cast a spell. This is just the beginning. Look upon the Internet, and you will have a whole new world of songs to get on with dirty dancing moves.

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    1. Shake that booty like dance diva Shakira

    Shakira is one singer who manages to shake millions of men around the globe. Her signature dance moves using her hips can set many mouths agape. You don’t have to be a pro like her! Just move your hips in a curvy manner with your hands above your head. This movement is sure to set the pulse racing.

    2. Dance, strip, and sex

    Put on a coat with a white shirt and pants. Don’t forget to wear that sexy lingerie inside. Play a hot song, dance slowly, removing one layer of clothing with each move. Pull him on the dance floor and ask him to help you undress. This one is fun, and you really will have a blast once in bed together.

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    3. Dancing on the bed and under the sheet

    Pull up a chair and let your man be the audience. Play a mash-up of sultry songs and dance on the couch like you are making love to yourself. Let your man long for you as you flaunt your cleavage and bare legs in front of him. Here is where you take dirty dancing to a new level.

    4. Chair, you and him – the perfect combination

    Ask him to sit on the chair while music plays in the background. Slowly unbutton his shirt as you dance to the number. Tease him, bite him and kiss him while feeling his bare chest. Occasionally sit on him and get him close to you. This will set the dance floor on fire literally. Try this one for sure.

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    5. Slow crawl on the floor

    Wear a low-neck nightgown, stand on the floor on all fours and crawl slowly towards your man. While he waits on the bed, you move slowly with seductive looks and sensual moves. This one needs no practice, and you can get started right away.


    Couple dance and loads of mush

    Don’t spend thousands on a candlelight evening. Create the ambience at home by ordering wine, food and good music. Dress up in that little black dress and ask your man to dress up too. As you enjoy a glass of wine in his arms on soulful music, try touching him in places where he would clench his fist in excitement. You might skip the meal for a little mischief under the sheets.

    7. Dancing in the bathroom

    This is one of the best places to get started for a seductive dirty dancing session. Imagine music being played as the two of you get under the shower, kiss, fondle and dance like two crazy souls. With the two of you naked, get in tune with the song and get touchy-feely.

    8. Learn a dance form to sway like a pro

    This one might take time, but the outcome is going to leave your man surprised. Learn salsa, hip-hop or jazz or any other Western dance form. Perfect each move and throw a surprise dance performance for your man. Select a song that will make you look a sex siren and drive your man crazy. Chances are he might dream of you even in the office.

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    How to meet a girl in Tver dancing salsa

    Komsomolskaya Pravda

    Society Latin American rhythms

    You dance salsa and your soul rests

    It so happened that I became absolutely free. After work, he came to an empty dark apartment. Dine alone, then surf the Internet. Sadly. Photos of strangers on the network do not save and lines of text on a flickering screen do not replace live communication. Even if you fish out an interesting girl from the World Wide Web with whom you spent dozens of hours online, when you meet her in reality, illusions are most often broken with a ringing sound.

    On the other hand, freedom is good, lots of free time. But where should he go? So I decided to sign up for dancing. Not to learn how to dance, but to meet new people.

    I asked an acquaintance, a professional dancer, to recommend a dance school. Yes, such that it is not expensive and of high quality.

    - I heard that there are such offices where men are taught for free. Like, there is a deficit, if only they would come, - I openly declare.

    - It was a year or even two years ago, - Sergey (the dancer) grins. - Now everyone dances for money, it's fashionable. There are no dance schools in Tver. Sergei advised one where I dance salsa. And the dance is interesting and you can meet the girls. Of course, I'm not Richard Gere from the movie "Let's Dance", but I went to salsa (in the film, a workaholic lawyer, tired of the routine, accidentally notices a pretty dance teacher, and decides to start taking lessons from her to get to know the girl better). Classes started at 8 pm. I arrived almost an hour before. He sat down on a bench at the door of the hall and waited. Two pretty girls came up. - Are you into salsa? the pretty blonde instructor asked. - Wonderful! Here are the new people, a great start. While chatting with the girls, the rest of the guys came up. The age is very different from 20 to 50, but mostly young people. 8 people came. Everyone greets and smiles.

    We entered the hall - a spacious room with a high ceiling. One wall is mirrored. We changed and lined up.

    - Wow! Boys and girls equally!

    The gorgeous blonde instructor's eyes sparkled with glee. - Where else would you like to see it? The dance itself is difficult to describe in words. It must be felt. The hot Latin rhythm did not fit well with my constrained northern anatomy. The shoulders did not want to move, the legs were like wooden ones. - It's okay, soon you'll rock like that, everyone will be envious, - instructor Nina encourages. I look, the others are also coping somehow, but they are moving, there is enthusiasm on their faces.

    After a few classes, I realized that dancing is more of a dating club than a school learning event. I'm sure at least half go there for this very purpose. In the eyes of people search, interest. Those who do not want or do not know how to go to clubs and parties came here. And he is drawn to people. A skinny stooped boy with glasses, a gray inconspicuous girl, a voluminous lady of Balzac age. At least half of the group, consciously or not, came for acquaintances. The second half - well, probably just to dance.

    I wasn't good at dancing, so I waved my hand and started looking at people.

    And then she came to the third lesson. A short blonde with a perky smile - Nastya. Came with a friend for company. She danced as badly as I did, and we were given our own mentor.

    - Side step! - the instructor commanded, - now the Cuban step, look at me and repeat.

    And Nastya and I repeated and laughed together at how naughty legs were tangled. Then we were paired up.

    An excellent opportunity to make acquaintances

    - The partner's hand is between the partner's shoulder blades, - the instructor was broadcasting, - the partner's hand is on the partner's shoulder. It was damn nice to stand like this and hug her, in fact a stranger. The music began to play, we repeated the learned steps, stepped on each other's feet, and laughed, laughed, laughed.

    After class, I caught up with Nastya, she was walking towards the center.

    - Let's talk, - I immediately said.

    - Come on, - the girl unexpectedly agreed and smiled. – just about what?

    - Eeeee..., - there were no further preparations for the dialogue. I had to say that there is. - Do you have 40 minutes free? Let's go to the center, I want to buy a striped sweater, you will appreciate how it looks. I think the female rating will be the best.

    - Wow. Here is the proposal. I have never been told such a thing, - on the face of the girl is amazement. We talked about life along the way. She is a doctor, loves exotic teas.

    In the store, Nastya was the first to pick up the sweater and look at the label.

    - Yes, it's 100% synthetic. Look, it's the same as wrapping yourself in a plastic mock-up, you'd better not take it, it will be uncomfortable for you.

    With this phrase, she captivated me immediately and irrevocably. I have never looked at the world from such a position.

    The sweater was left hanging on a hanger in the store, and I went to see Nastya off.

    The next weekend we went to the cinema. And then yoga. And I realized that this is my man. Now we are fine. I gave up salsa, but she still walks. Hopefully just dance.

    Psychologist's comment

    Practical psychologist, director of the psychological center Oksana Tsvetkova:

    - Dancing is a very interesting and meaningful matter. Of course, if you engage in them enthusiastically, constantly, then on the basis of common interests, friendly, and then closer relations can develop. But if a person goes there just to get acquainted, this is another matter. He will give himself away, his desire will be written on his face. The non-verbal system shows true intentions. Movements will be more constrained, uncertain.

    It's just fun

    By the way

    What is the best dance to do to meet your soul mate

    The so-called “social dances”, in other words, pair dances, bring everyone together best. In addition to the fact that two partners participate in them, during the course of the dance action, the partners change, moreover, the change of partners is obligatory and etiquette implies an initiative in choosing a partner. Social dances include: tango, bachata, waltz, kizomba, lindy hop, merengue, reggaeton, rumba, rueda, salsa, samba, Irish set dances, swing, hustle.

    -I can definitely say that getting to know us is as easy as shelling pears - this is an indispensable condition for dancing, - Nina Shevchenko, salsa instructor, confirms. - In Tver there are my students who met in my classes and have been dating for a year. And in general, there are a lot of love stories in salsa. And if you remember who met and fled, in general, dozens.

    Help "KP" Salsa (Spanish salsa - "sauce") is a musical genre popular mainly in Latin America and among people from it. Salsa includes many styles and variations. In a narrower sense, the term refers to a style developed in the 1960s and 70s by Cuban and Puerto Rican immigrants in New York.

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    Dirty Dancing: dance to the rhythm of the heart Jennifer Grey, which tells about the rapprochement of two young people from different social strata on the basis of passion for social dancing.

    This is how sparingly and uncomplicatedly Wikipedia describes the film, after which the name of Patrick Swayze became the catalyst for red cheeks and stupid giggles among young ladies. Watched it in the late 80s and early 90's only in the circle of close friends and friends, hiding from their parents as far as possible. Now times have changed, but the goosebumps from Dirty Dancing continue to tickle your back.

    Baby and Johnny are in the center of the audience's attention. Baby is a girl from a wealthy family of a doctor who personifies the American dream. Johnny is just Johnny. A free dancer who earns a living by entertaining the public.

    What is Dirty Dancing?

    "Dirty" dances in the film are dances performed at a service staff party in a small American boarding house where the main character is resting. There, Baby is faced with the other side of her own life: people who plow until they pass out during the day, and in the evening splash out emotions in dances. Half-naked, tart, very intimate. There she meets Johnny, who will become her partner, first in dancing, and then in life.

    “Yes, I am afraid of everything, I am afraid that I will leave this room and not feel what I feel now. Dance with Me.

    — Here?

    - Yes.

    In fact, classic dirty dancing is shown in only one scene - just at the very party in the boarding house. They are not tied to any of the styles, although they have much in common with Latin American genres. They were performed spontaneously, many movements were invented directly in front of the camera.

    Everything that starts after the party - training and performance - is a Cuban mambo with a splash of salsa and other Latin American revelations.

    Mambo in Dirty Dancing

    Mambo is a Latin American dance brought to the New World by African American black slaves.

    Learn more