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Cuban Pachanga - AKA Charanga, Pacheco

Cuban Pachanga - AKA Charanga, Pacheco - Cuban Latin dance
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                 The Pachanga music history or origin was a hybrid rhythm conceived of elements of both the Merengue and the Conga (Merenconga), which began its song hits in Colombia, Cuba in 1955 and arriving with some success in the U. S. around 1959. Originally confused as the Charanga it would later be identified as the 'La Pachanga.' Eduardo Davidson is given credit for creating the dance but others have claimed it to be a combination of the Pacheco style and Charanga, (Flutist Johnny Pacheco being Co-founder of the Fania Records Company and the group the Fania All-stars.) However his site states 1963 and as only introducing it.

   The Pachanga in its beginnings was fast and syncopated and only had seven variations but when mixed with the Cha-Cha (Pachanga-Cha)

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acquired hundreds more. The Pachanga and Charanga Dance are said to be primarily the same. Pachanga means 'Cuban dance' or 'Lively Party'. The most popular music for this dance is still the Charanga. The Pachanga dance replaced the Cha-Cha dance in its short lived popularity in the early 1960's and like the Bossa Nova never really caught on.

In this clip Dance Legend Eddie Torres teaches the Pachanga and a few variations.

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CD Compilations

Music Titles

n/a Charanga Pachanga [CD]
A Bailar Pachanga [MP3]
      La Pachanga [CD] Bronx Pachanga (Charlie Palmieri)
      Mister Pachanga: Leyendas/Legends [CD] Charanga
      Pa la Pachanga [CD] El Chivo

Sheet Music

Pachanga at the Caravana Club [CD] El Mundo Esta Al Reyes
      Pachanga Cha Cha Cha Anyone [CD] El Pachaguero
      Pachanga Mix [CD] Gozando La Pachanga
        La Pachanga (Son)
            Mas Pachanga (Ray Barretto)
            Pachanga [MP3]
            Pachanga Beat
            Pachanga N' Changa (Joe Quijano)
            Son de Pachanga (Johnny Pacheco)
            Tu No Estas En Nada
            Viva La Pachanga

Night Clubs



Caravana Club (Bronx, NY) 1962 - Apollo Theatre (NY) n/a
El Morrocco        
High Seas Club (Havana)        
Palladium (NY)        
Stork Club (NY)        
Waldorf Hotel (NY)            

Films / Movies


Ballets / Stage

1981 - La Pachanga n/a n/a
Dirty Dancing (mention only)        


            11/1960 - Dance Magazine

Other Related Dances of the time.

Cha Cha Guaracha Mambo Rumba
Charanga La Bimbi Merenconga Salsa
Conga Latin Merengue Son
Danzón Le Frisson Pachanga Cha  

Books, Magazine Articles on the dance...

Title Author Date Published Publisher
Ballroom Dance Magazine n/a 7/1961 n/a
Pachanga International Magazine n/a n/a n/a
$ Betty White Learn to Dance Set: Pachanga Betty White 1998 Conversa-Phone Inst
$ Jazz Dance: Story of American Vernacular Dance Stearns 1995 DeCapo Press

Musicians/ Bands etc




Anatobal's Latin All Stars. Peter Hurd Print - La Pachanga n/a n/a
Audrey Arno          
Charlie Palmieri          
Joe Loco          
J0e Quijano          
Johnny Pacheco          
Joe Sherman & His Pachanga Kings            
Mon Rivera & Orchestra            
Ray Barretto            
Rolando Orchestra            
Tito Puente            
Warren Covington            


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Aragon and Johnny Charanga Marencumbae  
caballo Clave Salsa    
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Pachanga Performance Class | Mayambo Dance Company

In 2021, the Chicago Salsa Congress is going virtual! We’re looking for some fun loving souls who want to join us and submit a performance. Is that you?

Join the amazing students of Mayambo in performing a fun and funky Pachanga piece!

If you want to be a participate in this unique performance class, check all of details below and  reserve your spot now. Availability is limited, so ACT FAST!!!


Del Dominguez, director of Mayambo, will be hosting this special performance class

Del’s Pachanga classes are rooted in understanding the footwork concepts and body movement. By breaking down everything in detail, you’ll not only feel confident on stage (or on camera), you’ll also love being able to show off your newfound skills!

Here’s your chance to perform a new, original choreography from the director of the Mayambo Dance Company!

Class Details

Check out the details for the Pachanga Performance Class!

  • Session Length
  • This is an 11-week long project, giving us plenty of time to refine movements and address all questions. The extended session will provide opportunity for plenty of repetition so that the students feel confident and ready to perform.
  • Starting Date
  • Class will begin on December 5th from 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. For the time being, classes will be virtual (via ZOOM) until it is safe to have students in person per city ordinance. If/when in person practicing is deemed safe, we will practice all CDC guidelines including social distancing, temperature checks, hand sanitizing and MASK WEARING! Virtual attendance will still be offered throughout for those who feel more comfortable staying home.
  • Exposure to basic Pachanga steps as well as an Intermediate level of Salsa On2 shines is preferred. 
  •  Class Capacity
  • For in studio practices we hope to  get everyone together for the last 2-3 weeks to run choreography as a group. 


Want to brush up on your Pachanga while you wait for class to begin? We got you!

Del has a special Pachanga Essentials Bootcamp on Salsa Dance Planet. You can take these classes at your convenience and speed while learning the essential steps that will make you feel more comfortable in the performance class!

  • Yes! You’ll also have access to a private Facebook page where you can view video uploads of class material by Del.
  • You’ll be able to collaborate with your fellow dancers to ask questions or even post videos to get feedback!

These are some of the experiences our students have had
Working with Del and Mayambo

If your goal is to improve your balance, leading/following skills, or your dancing in general, Del can be an amazing guide and companion on this journey, with an incredible eye and talent for identifying small or big things to improve…

Del’s focused attention to details, along with his creative solutions to fix old bad habits, while also introducing new effective ones, make him a great private instructor, one I highly recommend to anyone who is serious about improving their dancing.

Marius G.


For me, working with Del is a genuine exchange of the joy of dance. He focuses on getting you seriously prepared for your dance journey, always pushing you to reach for your full potential. He challenges his students to exercise fundamentals, ensuring their ongoing success in whatever physical medium they wish to pursue.

His teaching style reflects his character, caring about his students both as dancers and as people. He reminds you to never take yourself too seriously, and most importantly, he makes the whole learning process fun! It’s a pleasure to learn from Del ❤️

Michelle Z. - Student


Del once told me that I would give up on me before he gave up on me, and he was right! Del is so patient. I’m not the quickest learner or the best dancer, but he’s very attuned to the strengths and weaknesses of his students…he doesn’t rush his students. Because of that, my skills have improved.

He’s a very observant instructor. He’s an awesome dancer. And he’s very passionate about Salsa/Mambo. If you’re intimidated by the thought of privates, as I was, don’t be. He puts his students at ease. Every class is energy-filled and fun!

Nancy L.


Don’t hesitate to secure your spot!

We’re in a challenging time, but we can and WILL overcome. In the meantime, let’s have fun and celebrate the joys of life!

…Work with Del and be a part of this fun and funky dance challenge and participate in the next Chicago Salsa Congress!

Two-Payment Option

Flexible Payment Option!


  • Work With The Director of Mayambo!
  • Fun 11-week session
  • Participate in the next Chicago Salsa Congress!
  • Safety Protocols In Order (If in person classes happen)
  • Please note, you WILL NOT be automatically billed for the second payment. A second payment will be sent via invoice on week 6. Can also be paid via Venmo/Paypal.

Lock in your spot now!

Single Payment Option

Enjoy The Best Price!


  • Work With The Director of Mayambo!
  • Fun 11-week session
  • Participate in the next Chicago Salsa Congress!
  • Safety Protocols In Order (If in person classes happen)
  • Enjoy The Best Price!

Secure your place in class!

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There are certain periods of time throughout the day that are of particular importance.

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Indian dances - Mohiniattam

Indian dances - Mohiniattam
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  • Indian dances - Mohiniattam

Indian Dances - Mohiniattam

India, Kerala, Coconut Lagoon Hotel, June 2012

Mohiniattam is a dance full of charm. The dance is overtly erotic, with attractive movements, wide swaying steps and torso swaying from side to side. The eyes are heavily used for conspicuous coquetry. The dress for the dance is moderate and attractive - a strict white sari with gold or red edging. Gold jewelry on the neck, waist and wrists, bells on the ankles adorn the heavenly charming dancer.

Mohiniattam was originally intended to be performed by one woman dancer and the technical structure of the dance was quite consistent with this. Over time, the influence of Kathakali's body movements made it more dramatic and emotional.

The theme of Mohiniattam is the love and worship of the god - Vishnu or Krishna, which is felt by an invisible presence when the specific dreams and object of desire of the girl are conveyed through circular movements, a refined gait and exquisite expressions of the face and body.

The Mohiniattam dance contains five principal components, cholketta, varnam, jatisvaram, padam and tillana. Varnam combines pure and expressive dance, while padam tests the stage talent of an actor, tillana shows his technical prowess. The dance uses the classical vocal music of Karnataka.

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