How to do the dental floss dance

How do you do the floss dance, who is The Backpack Kid and why is he suing Fortnite?

IT was one of the biggest crazes of the past 12 months - with everyone from sports stars, actors, presenters and Fortnite gamers getting in on the act.

Dubbed the new dab, the move got kids and teens dancing all over the world.

How do you do the floss dance move?

To do the floss dance move, you swing your hips in the opposite direction to your arms - which are in two fists.

After swinging your arms to one side, keeping them straight, you then move one arm behind your back, and bring it back out in front.

Your hips are swinging from side-to-side with each beat.

You then swing your arms out to the other side and repeat the same moves.

Start slowly, and then increase your speed as you get more confident.

Et voila! Parents, you're officially "down with the kids".

Don't worry if you struggle at first. It's harder than it looks, and requires A LOT of coordination.

Who is The Backpack Kid and why is he suing Fortnite?

The floss dance was invented by Insta-famous dancer The Backpack Kid, aka 16-year-old Russell Horning, who has 2 million followers.

He posted a video of himself doing the dance move on August 18, 2016, and it soon racked up tens of thousands of views.

School kid Russell, from the States, is known for his free-flowing dance moves and deadpan expression.

Several YouTubers followed suit with similar videos.

Then on May 20, 2017, The Backpack Kid stole the show on Saturday Night Live, as he did the dance to a live performance of Katy Perry's song Swish Swish.

He even wore his signature rucksack on stage.

In December 2018, Russell announced that he was suing Fortnite publisher Epic Games for using his moves in-game without permission.

A representative for the company said: "We do not comment on ongoing litigation."

Why are some calling for it to be banned?

The craze, which hit new heights in Britain after Tottenham ace Dele Alli celebrated his 22nd birthday with a hilarious attempt at the dance, has led a school in Devon to ban the move.

While Kate Garraway and Charlotte Hawkins embraced their "embarrassing mum" sides on Good Morning Britain, it seems Ilfracombe Junior School is keen to ensure other mums don't follow suit.

The move, which has strong associations with the ultra-popular video game Fortnite, has been accused of being used to "surround and intimidate children" in the playground.

Headteacher Catherine Cox sent out a letter to bemused parents saying: “Fortnite is about the mass killing of other human beings and being rewarded by a dance of celebration if you are successful. One of these dances is called the Nazi dance!"

However, the ban has infuriated parents who took to social media to vent their anger, with one raging: “My daughter is eight. She doesn’t even know what Fortnite is. I find this ludicrous my child now feels this way about a dance.”



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Do you think YOUR child could do it?

We'd love to see your kid attempting the dance - so why not teach them the moves?

Please send in your videos to myvideo@thesun., using "Floss Dance" as the email subject.

If we like your video, we shall feature it in a video montage on our site... so get practising!

dental floss dance at church



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TikTok video from Parkway Dentistry (@parkwaydentistry_): "If you think this is fun! Try being a patient here!! #parkwaydentistry #drpiomodi #brantforddentists #oralhealth #flossdance". The Floss Dance. original sound.


original sound - Parkway Dentistry



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79 Likes, 11 Comments. TikTok video from laura377377 (@laura37737789): "#fyp #dentalhygiene #student #clinic #funny #churchbells @snarkymarky #dance #trend #comedy". Church Bells by Carrie Underwood.


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Flossin' (feat. Big Moe) - Mike Jones



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Believe Me - Navos



two girls after a slow dance #lds #ldschurch #mormon #latterdaysaint #churchofjesuschristoflatterdaysaints

130 Likes, 8 Comments. TikTok video from DeliaL (@doing2much): "two girls after a slow dance #lds #ldschurch #mormon #latterdaysaint #churchofjesuschristoflatterdaysaints". he even what color my toothbrush is! . original sound.


original sound - Claire

Dental floss made the world floss


Hey, are you dancing the floss? The same floss dance that literally conquered the whole world? Not? Then rather look for a training video on the Internet. There are a great many of them!

When Russell Horning posted a video of his dance move on Instagram, in just a matter of days, he went from a typical American teenager from Lawrenceville, Georgia, to a guy who will be recognized by the face all over the world.

The dance went viral and interested Katy Perry herself, who invited the creative 15-year-old to perform with her on Saturday Night Live. At the end of the speech, the number of subscribers to his account reached 585 thousand people. Later, he also starred in the music video for Swish Swish.

After such a resounding success, Russell came up with the nickname Backpack Kid (a boy with a backpack) and began to dance his Floss dance exclusively with a backpack on his shoulders, believing that it would look much funnier that way.

Today, Russell has over 2 million followers on his Instagram@thebackpackkid, including stars like Rihanna and DJ Diplo, and his dancing draws crowds of fans.

Russell Horning's Floss Dance Master Class


Russell has already managed to try himself as an actor and star in several videos and commercials. He also has his own website where you can buy t-shirts and sweatshirts. Russell is into hip-hop music and plans to keep making people laugh with his social media videos.

Where did the name "Floss" come from?

The dance got such an unusual name because of its resemblance to the movements that we perform when we clean the interdental space with dental floss. The author of the dance is not against this option, but he himself prefers to call his creation "Russell's Dance".

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    how to use and types of dental floss

    Daily dental care - cleaning procedures familiar to everyone from childhood with a toothbrush and toothpaste. They must be carried out at least twice a day in order to get rid of plaque, prevent the development of caries, periodontitis, gingivitis and other dental problems. But besides toothpaste and toothbrush, an important component of oral care is the use of dental floss, or floss.

    Why you need flossing

    Flossing is essential: without it, it is very difficult to clean hard-to-reach areas of the teeth and interdental spaces. A toothbrush, no matter how elastic, long bristles it may have, will not be able to penetrate narrow gaps and remove plaque. Meanwhile, the gaps account for almost half of the surface of the teeth, and a bacterial film is formed there in exactly the same way, plaque accumulates, which is a nutrient medium for the vital activity of bacteria that cause caries. Interestingly, those who started using dental floss not since childhood, but already in adulthood, note that they have longer fresh breath, a feeling of cleanliness after brushing their teeth, they are less likely to have to go to a hygienist for professional cleaning [1] .

    Most people have a problem of lack of space, when the teeth are on top of each other, and it is not possible to clean the interdental spaces with only a toothbrush. Therefore, you need to use additional hygiene products, this is just a floss.

    Yu. I. Selyutina, practicing pediatric dentist, winner of the competition of Russian pediatric dentists [2]

    Since interdental cleanliness is so important, dentists have developed dental floss that is the most cost-effective and most reliable means of cleaning hard-to-reach places in the oral cavity. If you regularly floss your teeth, you can significantly reduce the risk of caries.

    Dental floss classification

    There are no problems with the choice of floss today: manufacturers produce them for different groups of people and from different materials. Dental flosses differ:

    • According to the shape and section of the floss. There are round and flat. Round ones are wider and more voluminous, so they are well suited for those who have wide gaps between their teeth. If the teeth are located tightly, then it is better to choose flat flosses - they easily go even into the narrowest gap.

    • According to the presence of wax. The smooth waxed floss glides and easily penetrates the interdental spaces. It is recommended to be used by those who are just learning how to use dental floss, children, the elderly, people with increased gum bleeding. Floss without wax coating has a somewhat rough surface - it will take skill and effort to get it between the teeth. But on the other hand, she collects plaque well with her villi.

    • According to the material of manufacture. Dental floss is made from natural silk and synthetic fibers such as polyamide, nylon and Teflon. Natural materials are easily torn, but due to their initially rough surface, they actively collect plaque. Synthetic floss is difficult to break, but is smoother, glides on easily, is a little more difficult for beginners to floss, and requires a bit more effort to clean. Teflon is more expensive than nylon, and this can also affect the choice of floss to use.

    • According to the active substance of the impregnation. Some threads can be impregnated with compounds with certain properties: chlorhexidine for a disinfectant effect, menthol for breath freshening, fluorides to strengthen tooth enamel.

    • You can also choose threads according to additional parameters , such as shape - bulk or tape; by destination - for children, adults, for orthodontic constructions; by fiber density and thickness; along the length of the thread in the spool [3] .

    There are also flossers - ready-to-use disposable designs, consisting of a kind of two-pronged fork, the teeth of which are located in the same plane with the handle at a distance of about 4-5 cm. Dental floss is stretched between them. This is a good option when you need to clean the interdental spaces, and flossing is difficult - on the road, in a cafe, during short coffee breaks, etc. When using them, you need to monitor the condition of the floss and take a new flosser when the floss of the previous one is noticeable divided into fibers [1] .

    How to floss your teeth: effective cleaning technique

    Properly selected floss is safe, requires a minimum of time to master its use. It cleans the interdental spaces simply and effectively by matching the distance between the teeth, other features of the structure of the dentition, including the presence of orthodontic structures.

    How to floss your teeth

    • Before use, remove about 35-40 cm of floss from the spool and cut it off.

    • Wrap one end around the index fingers of both hands so that there is approximately 10 cm of loose thread between them. Wrap most of the floss around one of your fingers.

    • Pull on the floss and with gentle pushing movements, slowly insert it between the teeth. No need to "cut" or enter sharply, twitchy: this increases the risk of damage to the gums.

    • When the floss is between the teeth, lower it as close to the gum as possible and lead it up to the sharp edge of the tooth, again as if pushing it, only from the gum.

    • Lower the floss again to the gumline and repeat the “wiping” movements several times.

    • After cleaning one interdental space, remove the floss.

    • Wrap the used area around the finger where the short free end of the floss was. There should again be about 10 cm of a clean cut between the fingers.

    • Floss between adjacent teeth and repeat with all, thus cleaning each interdental space in turn [2] .

    List of sources:
    1. Lutskaya IK, Terekhova TN Individual oral hygiene in children // Modern dentistry.

      Learn more