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7 TikTok Dance Moves You Can Learn At Home

TikTok is filled with short, fun dance routines that you can watch for endless hours (trust me, I've done it), share with friends, and learn at home with STEEZY.

But, let's face it.

If you don't have a dance background, the short, hard to follow tutorials on TikTok can be a frustrating roadblock to joining in on the fun.

Here are simple, easy ways you can learn the 7 most popular moves on TikTok.

1. The CitiRokk

The CitiRokk is that one SUPER POPULAR TikTok dance move where you rock your body from side to side and cross your arms in front of your chest.

Watch this video with the move’s creator, CitiBoyRio, to see how the move took over TikTok!


While the CitiRokk was popularized on TikTok by the Renegade dance routine, CitiBoyRio just dropped a new routine of his own!

Learn the CitiRokk Shuffle routine just in time before it goes viral. 😎

Hit this link to learn both the CitiRokk and the CitiRokk shuffle step-by-step on STEEZY Studio.

2. The Woah

Just WATCHING people hit the Woah gets me excited.

It's simple, hype, and easy to apply to any song with a dope bass beat.

If you've been lurking on TikTok for any time at all, you've probably already seen it yourself and understand how it's supposed to look.

How you create the reverb motion, where to position your arms, and when to move your body to hit the beat on time is all you need to learn. 👇

3. The Swagg Bouncee

Do your hips naturally sway from side to side when a good song comes on?

Think of the Swagg Bouncee as your natural hip-sway's cooler, trendier sibling.

Lil Rich Swagg, who created the Swagg Bouncee, says to “Stay on your tippy toes to get a full range of motion,” in his STEEZY Studio class.

By committing to the move and making it bigger, you'll look more confident!

4. The Kangsta Wok

In the video below, this TikTok dance move's creator, Zaya Sosho, explains how he based the Kangsta Wok on a "dip" move he saw during a cypher.

When you do the Kangsta Wok, make sure not to over- or under-exert your energy.

Attack each level drop with a little intensity to make the move look extra hype, but don't go so hard that your body tenses up!

You want to make it look effortlessly cool. 😎

Still not totally sure how to make that happen?

Don't worry... Zaya Sosho will teach you in the tutorial below!

Use this guide to help to you practice too!

5. The Smeeze

This move first entered the dance scene in 2009, but at the time, it was mainly used during battles and parties.

When TikTok arrived in 2018, the move's creator, Chonkie, knew this was the perfect platform to bring the Smeeze to the next level.

With hashtags like #SMEEZEEVERYWHERE, and dance crews like the Jabbawockeez picking it up, the Smeeze quickly became a TikTok favorite.

You can learn more about it from Chonkie himself in this video!

While millions of people are, in fact, Smeezin' everywhere, the move can be a little tricky due to the alternating movements of the arms and legs.

Use this step-by-step tutorial to get the timing jussssst right!

6. The Bust Down

As far as TikTok dance moves go, the Bust Down is definitely on the sexier end of the spectrum.

Characterized by a scoop/thrust motion of the hips, the move is great for raunchy club jams like "Thotiana" by Blueface – the song that popularized the move!

If adding a lil sexy swagger to your movement feels like climbing Mt. Everest, know that practice and repetition will be your best friend!

STEEZY's tutorial breaks the move down simply and efficiently, so you can learn it in just 9 minutes and repeat sections LITERALLY AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT.

Trust us, you'll have swag down to a science.👨‍🔬

7. The Cosby Walk

Yes, when executed the right way, the simple act of marching can become a dope dance move!

Watch our video with Rated R, creator of the Cosby Walk, to see exactly what we mean:

As you're learning this move, make sure you're placing your feet firmly on the floor and evenly distributing your weight!

If your bottom half is weak and wobbly, you'll look more bambi than bad@$$.

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As much as we love watching the mesmerizing 15-second dance tutorials that already live on TikTok. ..

It's LIFE-CHANGING to have legit dancers break moves down and make them easy to learn.

Now, you have everything you need to master the hottest dance moves and join fun challenges on TikTok.

Start learning now for free!

How Black Women Are Finding A Home In Street Dance

Photo: Kien Quan/Redbull.

“Waack! Waack! Waack!” The sound of a 1970s club dance reverberates from the main floor of Boston’s House of Blues. Freestyle dancers from around the region are getting ready to compete in Red Bull’s annual Dance Your Style competition. Minutes away from the night's anticipated kick-off, swarming contenders dripping in kaleidoscopic colors, donning everything from hair spikes to capes, split like the Red Sea and the baddest begin to strut fiercely. In honor of the fallen ballroom hero and Soul Train icon, Tony Proctor, a symphony of voguing and death drops commences. A testament to Proctor’s legacy and impact, this agile sport is being dominated by young Black and brown men of all orientations.  


But women are taking up new space, despite the old racism and sexism inherent to entertainment sectors. Dances like popping and locking, waacking and juking, are rooted in Black life and are possessed of tethers that can be traced all the way back to African folklore, yet are more easily recognized in the origins of hip-hop, which include breakdancing. “Hip-hop made all the parts of me make sense. It brought it all together inside and provided me with a third or fourth language,” Haitian-Canadian freestyler and one of tonight’s exciting participants, Lady Beast, tells Unbothered.  

For 16 years Lady Beast battled nationally and beyond, “repping Haiti, Canada, Boston, and Black women worldwide.” Seven of those years she spent teaching local youth the art of popping, pro bono. She also opened for global acts like Jay-Z, Ciara, Roxanne Shanté, and Lil Wayne. She is among the multitude of women that prove there is no shortage of talented Black girls in street dance. Still, Lady Beast has had to bear the brunt of biases unique to people like her. “I don't think enough of us are expressing how much it can hurt to be a Black woman in these spaces. Just think of the mental abuse that was put upon us at an early age and how we were made to feel we didn’t have a voice,” Lady Beast laments, illustrating a history of erasure even in the very industries and movements where Black women have played requisite roles.  


Photo: Kien Quan/Redbull.

Despite the tired obstacles, Lady Beast, 39, has an impressive career as a performer to show for it. When she isn’t facing off in competitions like Red Bull’s Dance Your Style, she’s thriving in digital art and acting in flicks like The Way Way Back and I Feel Pretty currently streaming on Amazon Prime and Hulu. Inspired by the next generation of Black female dancers, she reminds fans everywhere that freestyling goes beyond sport and entertainment:

“We work hard for this. It's a toll on the body, but we still keep going. This is a very sensitive thing, it's precious and we protect it. We're not anybody's puppet. We appreciate people coming tonight and we're doing this under our consent. But for those who don't know, this is a feeling. This is our thing.”

Sometimes we do need to gate-keep. How do we protect our culture [and street dance]? Keep our feet in it? We as a people are changing as far as demographics and generations, so more of us are in many ways reclaiming this space.

lady ice

Jamaican dancer and choreographer, Lady Ice is a crowd favorite who made a name for herself on the floor marrying her dancehall roots and hip-hop culture of the late 90s and early 2000s. She’s two-stepped across Boston and the festival circuit, and has choreographed for both local and mainstream artists. Like Lady Beast, Ice is a brilliant and necessary full-circle moment, in that she too is repping Black women of immigrant descent. “Sometimes we do need to gate-keep. How do we protect our culture? Keep our feet in it? We as a people are changing as far as demographics and generations, so more of us are in many ways reclaiming this space,” she says, discussing a style and genre first pioneered by Afro-Caribbean genius. 


Hip-hop and all its surrounding politics take root in the South Bronx, then one of the poorest and dilapidated immigrant neighborhoods in the country. But this song and dance has reached even the upper echelons of society and most remote parts of the planet, influencing communities of all narratives, from Compton to London to Japan. Enter 20-year-old Beasty, a successor to women like Lady Beast and Lady Ice.  

Photo: Kien Quan/Redbull.

Born Tomoe Carr, of Antiguan and Japanese heritage, Beasty started her training in Japan at Next Generation Dance Studio under the tutelage of her father. Coming from a family where each member is an experienced dancer in their own right, Beasty takes after her dad and anchors herself in hip-hop. As a “mixed Black girl,” and like the Caribbean women before her, Beasty credits the genre for holding space for her intersectional identity. “Hip-hop has helped me inform myself and others so much,” she professes.  

When Beasty isn’t busy intimidating her freestyle competitors, she’s teaching children and beginners of various ages in hip-hop and house. Famous for her passion and originality in popping, locking, and waacking, Beasty is actively teaching in the Tri-State area while she travels to battle. 

“I'm doing this for the youngins, you feel me?” Beasty says in a tone beyond her years. “I want the next generation to understand where girls like me come from and that we have the right to be here. Social media proves it’s a great way to get people to start dancing, but I want us to get deeper and take it from the digital screens to the streets again.”

About the inexpressible in the language of dance

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On June 25, an evening of modern choreography took place on the stage of the Boris Eifman Dance Academy Theater, where the premiere was presented - "The Inexpressible Cube" by Igor Kirov.
Igor is a choreographer and teacher from North Macedonia, teaches at the art academies of Munich, Belgrade and Tokyo, collaborates with dance companies around the world - the State Theater of Klagenfurt (Austria), the National Opera of Bordeaux (France), the Orlando Ballet (USA) and others. Igor Kirov is the founder of the Kirov Dance Company and one of the co-founders of the BALKAN DANCE PROJECT project, which unites dance figures from the Balkan Peninsula.

When creating the production, the choreographer was inspired by the psychological thriller Cube by Canadian director Vincenzo Natali. According to the story, strangers, waking up in a labyrinth with many rooms, are forced to look for a way out, faced with unexpected and dangerous traps. Who are they and how did they get there? These questions are asked by Igor Kirov, carrying a huge plexiglass box onto the stage, inside which seven dancers are looking for themselves to the music of the Balanescu Quartet and trying to answer eternal questions. "Unspeakable" - because no one can hear them, even if they scream. Therefore, they write questions on the transparent walls of the cube. Absolutely different from each other, with different backgrounds, in this closed space, the characters try, if not to shout to the outside world, then at least to trust and start communicating with each other, within their own country, and, perhaps, to hear and understand each other. And also a performance that we fence ourselves off and erect indestructible grave walls for ourselves.

Igor Kirov also acted as set designer and costume designer. All costumes are black, but each with its own design, which at the same time emphasizes the unity and individuality of a person.

Also that evening, the audience could see the work of choreographer Valeria Kasparova - "The Black Garden", a documentary project based on the memories of children who witnessed the first war in Nagorno-Karabakh in the 90s. Karabakh in Turkic means "black garden". The production is a revival of a dance performance (the premiere took place in 2021). Now it has a different composition, and the action has acquired a new sound. This is the second performance in the repertoire of the Kannon Dance Theater of Contemporary Dance, a team that was created by Natalia and Vadim Kasparov in 1997 year.

"Black Garden" is filled with spiritual and folk Armenian music and compositions by Oleg Gudachev. At the beginning of the performance, the dancers freeze in prayer and cling to each other, with their solidarity as if forming a many-sided deity. And on the screen in the depths of the stage, a tree flourishes magnificently - a metaphor for both growth and knowledge. But soon the sounds of the duduk and the singing of birds will be replaced by deafening explosions of bombs and shooting, and instead of a tree there will be a semblance of a nuclear explosion. And the children, who were playing in the yard only yesterday, are forced to carry the wounded and hide in horror from the bombing of military aircraft. The garden is considered an earthly copy of paradise, a symbol of soul and harmony. Black color - mourning and sorrow. Is it possible to continue living if your soul is burned out and your garden no longer blooms - including literally - because it is no more? Like your home, and childhood, and a normal life canceled by the war?
Through the prism of children's perception, the play explores the nature of cruelty and the origins of violence and aggression in relation to someone who is not like everyone else.

In September 2020, the members of the Black Garden met for the first time in full force at a rehearsal. And the next day, the war began again in Karabakh.

Text: Natalya Starodubtseva

Photos by Evgeny Matvienko

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Why dream 😴 Dance in a dream - 9 each0 dream books! If you see a Dance in a dream, what does it mean?

Below you can find out for free the interpretation of the “Dance” symbol from 23 online dream books. If you did not find the desired interpretation on this page, use the search form in all the dream books of our site. You can also order a personal interpretation of sleep by an expert.

ABC of dream interpretation

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Dance - symbolizes the prelude of love, social or sexual activity.

Ballet dance - indicates a romantic relationship, a creative upsurge.

To dance with someone - to find support in someone or something.

Dancing alone - fun, pleasure, success.

Watching the dancers - quick changes.

American dream book

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Dance - sexual aspirations and the integrity of the soul.

English dream book

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Dance is a very good dream. It means that well-deserved glory and honor will come to you, all your dreams will come true. Good luck will accompany you in love: you will win the heart of a loved one.

Idiomatic dream book

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“You will dance with me!” - threat: to violence, organized trouble; "dance with fate" - a period of life depending on the nature of the dance and its performance; “spin with someone in a dance” - association: “turn someone’s head”; "dancing until you drop" - frenzied activity.

The newest dream book

In a dream, why is the Dance dreaming?

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Quick dance - part with your sexual partner.

Psychoanalytic dream book

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Dancing is a creation of love. Courtship. Desire to win, substitution of sexual need. The unification of space and time, the act of creation and creation

Family dream book

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Cheerful dancing children in your dream portend a happy family life, simple work and interesting leisure.

A dream about dancing old men predicts brilliant business prospects.

If you yourself danced in a dream - the long-awaited luck is already at the doorstep.

Modern dream book

Find out what it means if you dream of a Dance?

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For family people, seeing dancing cheerful children in a dream is a prediction that they will be pleased with cute, obedient, smart children, and their house will be warm and comfortable. For young people, such a dream promises a carefree life and a lot of joy.

If you dream that elderly people are dancing, your business will go uphill.

Dancing yourself in a dream is a harbinger of unexpected good luck.

Dream Interpretation 2012

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Dance is a reflection of joy in general. The need for joy (also the ability or desire to rejoice).

Dream Interpretation of the XXI century

What did the Dance dream about in a dream?

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To dance in a dream means that flexibility will help you in business, to waltz - to live in the moment, momentary experiences.

Dancing a slow dance with someone in a dream is a sign that you will enter into a difficult relationship with this person, dancing a fast dance - to the upcoming chores.

If a woman dreams that her partner is turning her around, this means that she is in danger of suffering because of her forgetfulness or distraction.

Dancing in a dream for a girl or a guy means joy, and for a man - ruin.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn

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Dance - the interpretation of this sign depends on the type of dance.

What kind of dance is this, free or classical? - perhaps this is a symbol of spontaneous movements or the slow current of life.

If it is a highly structured dance, such as ballet, take care to keep the necessary form and structure as you move quickly through life.

The dance can also express ultimate joy as the dance of life. It is believed that the dance contains sexual sensuality.

Dream book for a bitch

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Dancing is fun, pleasure.

Dancing yourself - good luck, a good position in the service.

To see people dancing - promising things, simple earthly joys.

Dancing children - successful and happy marriage, wonderful children, profitable work.

David Loff's dream book

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Dancing gives a person a powerful psychological and spiritual release. In many primitive cultures, dance is considered sacred and, at the same time, is considered a good way to relax and unwind. For more than thirty centuries, ritual dances in front of religious idols have been considered a symbol of praise and reverence for the divine principle. As a rule, such dances were performed in order to win over the gods and receive their blessing. In today's culture, dancing is more of a form of entertainment and is perceived by us as a distant echo of the ritual of flirting between the sexes. By dancing, in a peculiar way, we express our hope for a happy relationship in the future. In this regard, for many dances acquire a sexual connotation.

Do you dance alone in your sleep? - this may indicate that dancing has a deeper meaning for you. From some people you can hear the expression “I dance as best I can”, used in a figurative sense and demonstrating the speaker’s attitude to the world around him, and here options are possible when you just dance alone or perform a solo dance in front of an audience.

If you dance with partners - this may indicate that you feel uncomfortable in society, it is important to consider what kind of dance you are dancing and how you are dressed.

Do you "fit in" with the atmosphere of the dance? - another possible interpretation of the dance with partners is a reflection of the diversity of your acquaintances and connections. This is especially true when you are considering a romantic relationship with one of your dance partners.

Others dance for you - this reflects your attitude towards these people, especially if the dance contains elements of flirting and overtly sexual overtones. One of two things: either you feel passion for this person, or vice versa. Such dreams can amaze the sleeper with their frankness and openness.

If you are dancing by yourself, determine if the dance moves look natural when you are alone, or do you waltz as if your partner is spinning with you? Perhaps you feel that others do not recognize your authority or do not fulfill their obligations in their relationship with you.

If dance and music are not compatible, or if you are dancing without music, you may be questioning the correctness of some aspects of your life or relationships. When others dance for you, figure out: is the dance sexy, or is it more like a performance, is it ceremonial? Why?

Dream Interpretation of Kopalinsky

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Dancing yourself is fun; to see someone else's dance is an evil divination.

Dream Interpretation of Love Relationships

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In dancing, a person reaches a state close to ecstasy. The Indian god Shiva is depicted dancing, witches and fairies whirl in the dance. In a dream, a person through dance conveys the fullness of vital energy, feelings, erotic fantasies and love frenzy.

In ancient cults, dance played a very important role - a joint rapid movement caused a feeling that the whole body was filled with vital forces, and the more acute such spiritual states, the stronger the feeling that an endless stream of energy was flowing from the entire surrounding world.

Miller's dream book

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Dancing a jig in a dream portends fun and a lot of pleasure in the near future.

To see your beloved dancing a jig in a dream portends very encouraging circumstances to your work partner.

To see ballerinas dancing a jig on the stage means that you are in for entertainment that is not distinguished by high taste.

Chinese dream book

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If you see people singing and dancing, there will soon be a squabble.

Dream Interpretation of a Modern Woman

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Dancing in a dream is a sign of long-awaited good luck.

If you dream of dancing elderly people, you will have bright business prospects.

To see cheerful dancing children in a dream - to a happy marriage, to the emergence of a loving friendly family.

For young people, dancing in a dream portends simple work and interesting entertainment.

Dream Interpretation of Fedorovskaya

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Dancing in a dream - to illness.

In a dream you saw one of your relatives or acquaintances dancing - the disease threatens one of your loved ones.

If you dreamed that you were invited to a dance - beware of visits, you can get very sick.

If you dreamed that you were invited (you invited someone) to a white dance - soon your beloved (lover) will fall ill.

Freud's dream book

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Dance is a symbol of sexual intercourse. In such dreams, the setting and characters are important.

A beautiful dance that gives pleasure to you and your partner - symbolizes a good sexual tone and harmonious sex.

If you have lost the rhythm of the dance - you have problems in the field of sex, you rarely get full pleasure or satisfaction from sexual intercourse.

If you lead your partner in the dance - and in sexual relations you usually take the initiative and also show ingenuity.

Passivity in dancing, a tendency to be led - speaks of your addiction to sex with elements of masochism, and if you resist, then this indicates your desire to change your life.

Group dance, like lambada or letka-enki, symbolizes your desire to have group sex.

If you dance alone, not paying attention to partners, you are satisfied with self-satisfaction.

Ukrainian dream book

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To dance, have fun - cry.

Dance - quarrel; dance in a dream - evil, failure.

Universal dream book

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Worse than standing at the wall and waiting for someone to invite you to dance can only be an invitation to dance and getting rejected! Do you stand "nailed" to the wall for fear of rejection?

Are you at a dance party in your dream? Is it an old-fashioned dance party where couples dance the foxtrot or the waltz? Or is it more like a dance party, fast and fiery?

If in a dream a dance suggests a couple, the dream speaks of your desire to find a like-minded person at work or a partner in love.

If in a dream you prefer to dance alone, it symbolizes your personal freedom.

If you dance with a partner, do you move in harmony? Or clumsy and embarrassed, which means you shouldn't be paired with this person?

Are you dancing in your sleep? If you sit and watch, then you feel that people are enjoying life, but you are not. How do you feel about what you are doing?

If you are dancing in a dream, it means that a period of liberation and joy has come in your life. You may be enjoying recent success. You do not feel the floor under your feet and are completely free?

Dancing is a great way to break the ice in a relationship. Also, dance can bring a person closer in essence to a stranger. Perhaps such a dream suggests that in real life you subconsciously want to experience new experiences, go beyond the boundaries of the familiar.

Online dream book

Meaning of sleep: Dance according to the dream book?

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Your dance, according to the dream book, warns that success is possible only if you agree to compromises.

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