How to dance in watch dogs 2

10 Things You Had NO Idea You Could Do In Watch Dogs 2

There’s something special about wandering through a world filled with smartphone-wielding hipsters, high-tech government agencies, and clueless AI, isn’t there? Set within a fictionalized version of San Francisco, Watch Dogs 2 allows some players to live out their dreams of being a trendy hipster wearing sunglasses and donning a flat-brimmed baseball cap. Marcus Holloway, a hacker working for the infamous DedSec, manages to land himself in all manner of trouble through a variety of single-player and cooperative multiplayer missions in last year’s release from Ubisoft. Many gamers are just along for the joyride.

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With all the side missions, knick-knacks to locate, and emergent gameplay, it's safe to say, anyone who casually played through the game missed out. There are so many incredible things to do and, here, we're going to highlight just a few!

Updated by Gabrielle Huston on October 25, 2022: Still enjoying Watch Dogs 2? You might want to check you haven't missed something awesome that you could have been doing! We've spruced up this article for your reading pleasure.

10/10 Exfiltrate A Vehicle Without Actually Driving

As you progress through Watch Dogs 2, you’ll slowly unlock new perks to take advantage of. One such perk allows the player to take control of vehicles using their hacking abilities. Using the forward, back, and left/right commands, you can literally drive your target without ever sitting in the front seat. This ability is best paired with a stealth mission, where your noticed presence means failure.

First off, get into a position where you can see your target. To accomplish this task, either use a camera or scamper up to a vantage point overhead. You may either take direct control of the vehicle – should you be close enough – or send your drone in as a proxy. Either way, you can take control of a high-end vehicle, drive it out of the enemy compound, and take control of it yourself for later use. If you utilize the drone method, be wary of enemy spotters!

Once you’ve managed to score the ‘Social Engineering’ perk, you can hack into people’s phones and cause a distraction. Of course, to create this momentary distraction, you’ll need to match your ‘hack lines’, be it from the player character, a drone, or perhaps even a camera feed. Yes, it will take some stars aligning to make use of the feature, but it’s worth the trouble sometimes.

Thankfully, your engineered distraction supersedes any alert level, so if a nearby guard spotted you, you can send a distraction in their direction and cause some confusion. Take advantage of timing, though, as a bit of strategy is required. Furthermore, be aware that you cannot send a distraction once the guard’s official status has gone yellow or red. If you’re quick, though, you can prevent alerting an entire enemy compound. Just be wary of the dangers around you!

8/10 Custom Party Playlists

The sign of any good open-world game is the ability to create your own custom playlists and bump your favorite tunes in-game. Watch Dogs 2 manages to pack this feature in, but many players completely forgot it existed!

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First off, open your in-game smartphone, then make your way to the storefront. Download the ‘Media Player’ application, which is where you can access all your music via the SongSneak application. From here, you’ll notice each song added is from the in-game radio. You can select your favorite tunes and load them into a single playlist from thereon in. Once you have an excellent selection, pick a genre, or play them all together for easy listening. You can even enjoy the new music during missions or general gameplay, like running around the city.

7/10 Use Your Quadcopter To Reach New Heights

Thanks to Reddit user RaidenIsDead, we learned how using the quadcopter to soar to new heights is a possibility in-game. It’s certainly something we would have missed on our own.

Once you’ve acquired the quadcopter – and perhaps have a little experience piloting the small drone – you can use the machine as an additional foothold when leaping from great heights. In his gameplay footage, RaidenIsDead uses the quadcopter to jump from a steam vent to a higher ledge by stepping onto the drone and then working his way up to the final ledge.

This little trick relies on the game’s parkour animation, which is automatic, to enable Marcus the opportunity to climb the quadcopter. It may take a few tries to get right, but the result is very cool. We like to think the designers had something like this in mind for the little drone copter.

6/10 Secrets, Ubisoft?

You’ve got to hand it to Ubisoft; they certainly know how to market their games. While those games may be lacking in some cases, the community always knows about a big release well before launch day. This time around, however, the studio managed to stuff a little secret game trailer into Watch Dogs 2. Few players have discovered the secret, though.

To find the trailer, first head towards Stanford University and locate the side mission entitled ‘Ubistolen.' You’ll notice a few pseudo-Ubisoft developers complaining about someone leaking their Assassin’s Creed game trailers early. Continue along the path until you reach the top of the Ubisoft offices, then hack their servers to reveal a secret game trailer. It looks a bit like No Man’s Sky. In reality, it was a project called Pioneer, which was eventually canceled.

5/10 Roaming IEDs

Okay, so by now you already know you can control a vehicle using nothing but your drone. Did you know you could pack the very same van with explosives and then drive it into a compound? First off, steal a large vehicle, preferably a delivery van, and toss a few explosive devices into the very back – literally anywhere.

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Once done, switch to the drone and take control of your new mega-bomb. Drive it straight into a group of enemies, promptly switch back to Marcus, and light the fuse. Once you’ve hit the trigger, the van should explode in a mess of fiery brilliance. You’ll want to be a safe distance from the explosion, of course; otherwise, the blast may injure you too. This little trick is best used on large groups, but have a blast blowing up solo enemies or vehicles, too!

4/10 Climbing To New Heights

The developers of Watch Dogs 2 planted invisible walls to prevent the player from scaling the Golden Gate Bridge. Thanks to a little trick (read: glitch) with the smartphone, you can climb to the highest point for an incredible view of the city.

First, you’ll want to get in position. Plant Marcus near one of the bridge’s large support cables. Using the in-game phone’s selfie option, enter the camera mode and slowly walk the entire length of the cable until you’ve reached the top. At the top, you’ll need to hold the corresponding buttons to enable automatic scaling animations so that Marcus will leap between the bridge’s struts. And voila, you’re at the top!

3/10 Power-up Your Smartphone

As the most prominent hacker in the game world, Marcus has his trusty smartphone always in hand. Of course, a smartphone is nothing but a communication device without the right applications and programs available. Watch Dogs 2 allows you to power up your phone by downloading items from the in-game app store.

First and foremost, grab the Nudle Maps app, which enables a map on your HUD. Next, download Driver SF, which is similar to the real-world Uber app, except you’re the driver. You can pick up and ferry passengers for a little extra cash. Finally, grab SongSneak from the app store. It’s an in-game version of Shazam, which as you may know, recognizes music playing on the radio. There are other apps available on the store, but these three have proven most useful to players.

2/10 Virtual Theft Auto

Once you’ve progressed far enough into the game, you’ll receive the ability to hack an NPC-controlled vehicle while they’re still driving it. This ability does remove the opportunity to hack the original driver, though, so think carefully, as you cannot switch back and forth between the two.

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Personally, hacking a moving vehicle is far more enticing than the sole driver and his bank account. If you’re quick enough, you can take control of the car, truck, or what have you and cause a bit of chaos. If used right, you may even be able to take out a few enemies using the runaway vehicle, then leave the scene of the crime without tipping anyone off. Of course, the driver will be utterly confused, but he’s an NPC, so who cares!

1/10 Ruin Someone’s Day By Planting Digital Evidence

Say you happen across a random criminal on the street. Someone who is truly horrendous, like they steal money from the elderly and use it to gamble in high-stakes poker games. What are you to do? In Watch Dogs 2, the answer to that question is to plant incriminating evidence on their digital devices using your hacking abilities. This is hands-down the most entertaining feature of the game.

Once you acquire the ability to hack digital devices sneakily, you can forge evidence and flag someone in the police database. Shortly after, a squad car will pull up alongside the individual and arrest them once and for all. More often than not, the responding police officers will taser the person into submission. Wow, the police sure do have a fast response time!

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Watch Dogs 2 - ScoutX locations list and rewards for taking selfies near San Francisco attractions

Instead of traditional collectibles, you'll be running around Watch Dogs 2 ScoutX locations and taking selfies with the many attractions of San Francisco - to famous landmarks, cultural artworks to unique individuals that populate the city.

[4K] Watch Dogs 2 PS4 Pro Gameplay - First Look/Analysis

How ScoutX selfies work in Watch Dogs 2

How it works is simple - when you're near an attraction, your phone will buzz to say it's close by. Take out the phone, and perform a selfie in its general direction, and the ScoutX location will appear in the upper left corner when you have it in shot.

If you see the ScoutX details in the corner, snap away.

Attractions can be landmarks or people, and the only real difficulty is when it comes to the latter. There's a chance they won't be there when you arrive (the game will tell you as such if that's the case), in which case return later. The vast majority will appear in the day time, but a small number (which we mention below) will appear at night.

ScoutX rewards in Watch Dogs 2

Every ScoutX snap gives you an additional 8,000 Followers, making it an easy top up if you're in the right area. Also, at various landmarks you'll unlock a new selfie pose for future snaps:

  • Smiley - 3 landmarks
  • Surfs up! - 10 landmarks
  • Dayum! - 15 landmarks
  • Smooth Operator - 20 landmarks
  • Hey, girl! - 30 landmarks
  • WTF - 40 landmarks
  • Waterworks - 50 landmarks

Also, if you're looking to get the 'Got the Shutterbug' Trophy, you need to visit 25 ScoutX locations. If you're looking to do this quickly, we recommend visiting Japantown, the Painted Ladies district and Pier 39 (where you can also see Coit Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance), as each one has a handful each, then getting any others you find on your travels as you do other activities (the Key Data locations tend to put you near quite a few landmarks, for example).

Want more tips? Our Watch Dogs 2 walkthrough and guide provides an overview of everything you can do in the open-world game, from all finding all Key Data locations, unique vehicles and finding hidden gnomes and gnome outfit, through to tips on races, ScoutX, Driver SF and multiplayer. We also have walkthroughs on Trophy and Achievement specific side-quests Ubistolen, $911 and Shadows as well as how to get more Followers and how to make money.

Watch Dogs 2 ScoutX locations list

Here's a list of every ScoutX location in alphabetical order, saying whether they're landmarks or people, with tips of where to position yourself.

ScoutX AttractionLocation
AlcatrazLandmark - Prison building on Alcatraz island
Alcatraz GuidePerson - In front of the prison, near the flag, Alcatraz
Alive MannequinPerson - South Union Square, San Francisco
Ballet PhotoshootsPerson - South of Fort Point and the Golden Gate Bridge, on a concrete battery that you can climb
Battery GodfreyLandmark - On Baker Beach - south and off the beaten path from the Golden Gate bridge - in north west San Francisco
Battery SpencerLandmark - In Kirby Cove, photograph the restricted area south of the Motocross Races event, Marin
Body Paint GirlPerson - On street west of Painted Ladies district, south west San Francisco
BushmanPerson - Just outside Pier 39 in north San Francisco
California AberrationLandmark - Artwork above where 'The Tenderloin' text is on the map, San Francisco
Chinatown GateLandmark - Gate at the south of the Chinatown district, San Francisco
Clarion AlleyLandmark - The alley next to the DedSec Hackerbase by Mission Dolores Park, south San Francisco
Coit TowerLandmark - Coit Tower, north San Francisco can be snapped from a distance
Communities not CondosLandmark - Artwork one block north of Nudle Park in south west San Francisco
Crab ManPerson - On street on the road between the Ferry Building and Pier 39 in north San Francisco
Crazy PreacherPerson - Outside Christ the Light in central Oakland
Danski's GraffitiLandmark - Artwork, on street west of Painted Ladies district, south west San Francisco
Donut GuyPerson - On street west of Painted Ladies district, south west San Francisco
Drag Queen DoormanPerson - Outside a bar in Castro Theatre district, south San Francisco
Erhu PlayerPerson - On a street corner in western Chinatown, San Francisco
Famous Fishnet LegsLandmark - On street west of Painted Ladies district, south west San Francisco
Ferry ArchLandmark - On the pier between Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39 in north San Francisco
Flash MobPerson - At night, crowd in the park opposite Oakland Superior Court, Oakland
Garden of Peace and LoveLandmark - Garden in the middle of a block west of the Painted Ladies district, south west San Francisco
Golden Gate BridgeLandmark - Large, red famous bridge between north San Francisco and Marin - can be snapped from afar
Guadalupe in WoodlandLandmark - Artwork in north Woodland, west Oakland
Kawaii DancerPerson - In the middle of the Japantown district, San Francisco
Lombard StreetLandmark - Famous hairpin turn-filled road in the middle of San Francisco
Living StatuePerson - just outside Pier 39 in north San Francisco
Love in CastroLandmark - Artwork in Castro Theatre district, south San Francisco
Masked MusicianPerson - Centre of Jack London Square next to the planetary statue, Oakland
Murphy WindmillLandmark - West Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
New Dawn TempleLandmark - Building in west Silicon Valley
Nudle 360 MapperPerson - Walking through the hills between San Francisco and Silicon Valley, south west of San Bruno Mountain
Nudle LightbulbLandmark - Inside Nudle campus in Silicon Valley
Painted LadiesLandmark - Houses in Painted Ladies district, south west San Francisco
Palace of Fine ArtsLandmark - Building in north west San Francisco - take from across the road
Peace PagodaLandmark - In the middle of the Japantown district, San Francisco
Pier 39 SealionsLandmark - At the end of Pier 39 in north San Francisco
Point Bonita LighthouseLandmark - On the coast in the far west of Marin
Rabbit BusinessLandmark - Artwork in West of South Park, south San Francisco
Recycle Your EmailsLandmark - Artwork in North west of South Park, south San Francisco
Rock Piling ArtistPerson - On the coast of Sausalito, Marin
Sea Lion MuralLandmark - Artwork just west of Pier 39 in north San Francisco
Shoe GardenLandmark - Landmark - Inside park in Painted Ladies district, south west San Francisco
Stanford TowerLandmark - It's the huge tower in centre of Stanford University, Silicon Valley
Sutro TowerLandmark - Between San Fransisco and Silicon Valley
The Castro TheatreLandmark - Castro Theatre, south San Francisco
The CrabLandmark - Outside Pier 39 in north San Francisco
The ParrotsLandmark - Artwork on building south east of Coit Tower in San Francisco
Tidis BuildingLandmark - Building complex on north coast of Silicon Valley
Tree HousesLandmark - North Morin - note it's a restricted area!
Ubisoft San FranciscoLandmark - Building east of South Park in south west San Francisco
Ukiyo-eLandmark - Artwork on side of building in Japantown district, San Francisco
Vista PointLandmark - Platform on hill in west Marin
Wedding Professional PicturesPerson - Front of the Palace of Fine Arts, north west San Francisco
ZombiesPerson - At night, in the graveyard within Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

L2 | GES-2

Dance club for deaf and hard of hearing participants from 16 years old.

How do you say "dance" in sign language? Two hands, folded in the configuration of dactylem L, unfold and spin around their axis, as if dancing. "L2" is the designation of this gesture, invented by the curators of "GES-2".

The program continues and develops the experience of the intensive cycle of classes "L2V", which took place in the House of Culture in the summer of 2022. The circle is dedicated to the gradual and deep understanding of dance and theatrical art and consists of five parts. Each of them is inspired by one of the dance traditions of the 20th century, represented by famous choreographers, dancers, ideologists and teachers. For all their differences, these practices share a lack of attachment to musical material: instead, dance artists developed other types of listening, studying non-standard scores, their bodies and the space around them. nine0005 Animation: Natalia Romanova

In the first module of the program, the circle participants will learn the tools of bodily improvisation and self-expression. In the second part, they will work with choreographic scores: they will learn how to move according to ready-made instructions and come up with their own. During the third and fourth - we will study the anatomy and theory of dance, and also try to reveal ourselves in it. The fifth block will be an immersion in dance theater and work with choreographic narratives.

Modules will introduce participants to both the tools and the theoretical basis of a particular area. By carefully examining them one by one, we will learn to analyze and discuss the forms of modern dance, and by completing the tasks, we will understand how to create a performance and prepare it for public display. Circle members will have the opportunity to demonstrate this skill in practice: demonstrations of individual and collective works will complete each chapter of "L2". nine0005

You can sign up for the circle by calling +7 (963) 996 3687 (Telegram).

A separate chat in Telegram will be created for the circle members to communicate and publish important information.


Polina Zotova
Curator of children's and family programs at GES-2.

Vlad Kolesnikov
Curator of accessibility and inclusion programs at GES-2.

Program author and co-curator

Vera Shchelkina

Dance artist, somatic practitioner, teacher, curator of the inclusive project "Normal Dances". Berlin student Somatische Akademie . Main artworks: Co-Touch ( CO-TOUCH ), My (Ex)body , Imposter Lab, Discomfort Lab, Smrtъ Lab .


Anna Kozonina

Contemporary dance researcher and critic, teacher, curator. Published articles in Art Magazine, currently writing for European Springback Magazine . He teaches at school Part Academy . Author of the book Strange Dances. Theories and stories around dance performance in Russia" (2021). Leads the telegram channel "Strange Dances". Lives in Helsinki.

Chapter 1. Improvisation and self-expression through the body: how to dance emotions and thoughts?

When: 29 Oct - 17 Dec 2022, 11:30-14:00

Exploring dance as a way to reflect our inner world.

The first chapter of the circle suggests looking at the body as an instrument for expressing feelings, thoughts and subconscious aspirations. We learn about the dance trends of the late 19th and 20th centuries, which studied the body as the main figure in theatrical production and explored ways to express the hidden and invisible through gesture and plastic expression. We will start each lesson with a free search for tools of self-expression, and then get acquainted with the basics of various dance techniques that in their own way answer the question: "How can the body be an instrument of expression?". nine0005

Within the framework of this block, we will consider the “plastic dance” system developed by the dancer Isadora Duncan, the rhythmics of the composer and teacher Emile Jacques-Dalcroze, the technique of the choreographer Martha Graham, the basics of the Japanese butoh dance direction and the practice of “authentic movement” - deep listening to your body and expressions of the inner world happening in silence with closed eyes.


Dina Weimer
Choreographer, dancer, teacher of "musical movement" and dance Isadora Duncan, head of the School of Dance Dance-o-Dora, artistic director of dance theater Dance-o-Dora . She received her choreographic education at the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, and also studied with Russian and foreign specialists (USA, UK, Germany, the Netherlands). In her work, she tries to combine the classical principles of Isadora Duncan's dance and modern choreographic trends.

Anna Garafeeva
Choreographer, dancer, teacher of authentic movement. Three times nominated for the Golden Mask National Theater Award. She worked for 15 years in the troupe of the theater "School of Dramatic Art" by Anatoly Vasiliev. She graduated from butoh dancing at the "Do Dance" company (2001-2008) under the direction of Mina Tanaka (Japan). Works on the border between dance, theater and poetry. nine0005

Yulia Chekmasova
Director, choreographer. Teacher of modern dance and stage movement. Since 2012, he has been creating theatrical, dance and performance projects at the intersection of different types of art. She collaborated with the Polytechnic Museum, the ZIL Cultural Center, the Garage Museum, the State Center for Contemporary Art ROSIZO and others. Since 2018, he has been a guest director and choreographer of the Theater of Mimicry and Gesture.

Tatyana Chizhikova
Dancer, choreographer and contemporary dance teacher. Member of the SOTA educational program. Challenge Winner [8:tension] festival ImPulsTanz 2019 in Vienna with the performance "From time to time" (2019), winner of the Golden Mask National Theater Award 2020. Participated in the V-A-C project “Space Expansion. From the center".

Safe Dance Lab | GES-2

Theory and practice of street dances for everyone.

Safe Dance Lab is a dance class for beginners developed in collaboration with the production company Battle Project . During 10 meetings, participants will get acquainted with five choreographic styles: krump, popping, hip-hop, breaking and locking. The organizers and teachers sought to create a comfortable and safe space where dance becomes a way to explore their own internal states and feelings, during which the participant will find an opportunity to escape from pressing problems and express themselves.

The program will end with a lecture by dancer Denis Bubnov on the history of street styles, after which everyone will be able to support the teachers at a dance jam, an organic and spontaneous format of the event where music is constantly played, the audience gathers in circles and takes turns dancing in the center to share their knowledge and skill. nine0005

* We invite participants from 16 years old. Classes consist of lecture and practical parts and will be held twice a week for two hours.



Where: Gallery
When: 16, 18, 14: 00–16: 00


Kramp (KrUMP) is a variety of street dance, which originated in the southern neighborhoods of Los Angeles in the 1990s and is characterized by free, expressive, exaggerated and very energetic movements. During its inception, dancers sought to escape from a life of crime and "express raw emotions in a powerful but non-violent way." However, over time, krump has become a separate subculture with its own pronounced philosophy, music and slang. nine0005


Lena Shibalova
Dancing since 2012, krump since 2013. Operates under the alias One Shot . He has been teaching for over four years. She gave master classes in Germany, Latvia, Estonia, England, Japan and other countries.


Where: Gallery
When: 23, 24, 14: 00–16: 00


Papping ( Popping ) - dance style that grows from earlier forms called boogaloo (boogaloo) and originated in California. The peculiarity of the style lies in the process of muscle contraction, which creates the effect of a sharp flinch in the body of the dancer - pop (from English pop - "clap") or hit (from English hit - "hit"). The movement is carried out continuously in the rhythm of the music in combination with various movements and postures.


Ruslan Petrov
Works under the pseudonym Twist . Dancing experience - 15 years, teaching - 7. Participant in the show "Dancing" on TNT. nine0031


Where: Gallery
When: November 30, Dec 2, 14: 00–16: 00


Hip-hop-one of the most “free” street styles , which became popular due to the development of the musical genre of the same name. The dance incorporated the techniques of breakdancing, locking, popping. The basis of the movements is the groove - a rhythmic sensation that makes the body move to the beat of the music.


Egor Sokolov
Works under the pseudonym EGO . Founder of Studio P.L.U.R. DC. Choreographer of the show "Dancing" on TNT (seasons 2-4). Resident of the dance center "PRODANCES". Teaching experience - 17 years. Breaking This style requires great strength, stretching and body control, because a significant part of the dance takes place in the stalls - on the floor. nine0005


Slav Dimov
Works under the pseudonym Bolgarin. He started his dancing career in 2002 in Bulgaria. Breaking teacher at Leader Sport and Tauras-Fitness fitness centers, dance schools Right Dance and Effort . Participated in performances and theatrical productions. He gave master classes in Russia and Europe.


Where: Galleries
When: 14, 16 Dec, 14:00–16:00


Locking (from English lock - “lock”) is a combination of fast movements and fading in improvisational positions for a short time, after which the dance continues at the same speed. This style is based on quick and sharp hand gestures and more relaxed movements of the hips and legs.


Vladimir Gudym
Works under the pseudonym Vovan Gudym. Choreographer of the "Dances" project and curator of the "New Dances" project on TNT. Movement leader Locking4life Russia and project team ID Crew. Competition Winner Juste Debout 2017 .

Lecture on the history of street styles from Denis Bubnov

Where: Gallery
When: 21 Dec, 14: 00–16: 30


The program will end with a lecture by Denis Bubnov’s history on street styles, where participants will be able to reinforce their knowledge about already studied choreographic directions with new facts. nine0005


Denis Bubnov
Dancer (experience - 17 years), teacher, musician. As part of his master classes, he regularly lectures on the history of hip-hop culture. She is the author of theoretical and practical educational online materials for dancers.

Dance Jam

Where: Galleries
When: 21 Dec, 17:30–19:30

and take turns going to the center to show their knowledge and skills or just share their dance.

Learn more