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Updated On December 18, 2022

Crystianna Summers is an American dancer best known for her appearances on the dance competition reality show ‘Bring It!’. Crystianna Summers was crowned homecoming queen.

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  • 2 Personal Life
  • 3 Body Measurements
  • 4 Professional Life
  • 5 Social Media
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Early Life and Childhood

Crystianna Summers was born on 20th June 2002, in Jackson, Mississippi, USA. She turns 20 years old as of 2022 and her sun sign is Gemini. She was born to her father, Chris, and mother, Valisa Summers.

In 2015, while she was in high school, her dad passed away due to severe wounds after getting shot numerous times at a gas station. She was 13 years old then. That year, she also earned the title of the 8th-grade Homecoming Queen.

She has a brother and a sister. Currently, she lives with her mother whom she is very close.

Her aunt is Rittany Summers who inspired her to dance and also appeared with her in ‘Bring It!’ as the head co-captain of her time. Further, she recently graduated high school on May 19, 2020.

Caption: Crystianna Summers on her childhood picture (Source: Instagram)

Personal Life

Referring to her personal life, Crystianna is single at the moment. She hasn’t revealed her dating affairs till now. She is a just down-to-earth, sweet girl, who is engaged more in her career.

However, she is enjoying her single life to the fullest. The young personality might also be waiting for the right person to come into his life for a lifelong romance and love. As for the future, we hope she gets the loving and handsome boyfriend that she deserves.

Similarly, being young, she has kept herself away from the negative way that passes in between her professional life. She has maintained a good profile and didn’t let her personal or professional life get harmed.

Body Measurements

She has an amazing personality. She is quite tall, although the exact figure is not revealed. Likewise, She has a fit body weighing 44 kilos. She has a pair of dark brown eyes and black hair. Other than this, there is no information regarding her other body measurements.

Caption: Crystianna Summers posing for a photo. Source: Instagram

Professional Life

Crystianna began her professional dancing career in 2014 when she participated in Lifetime’s dance reality television series ‘Bring It!’ She initially became a part of the dance group ‘Dancing Dolls’ and later served as their captain.

She was the youngest member to participate in the show and gave stunning performances throughout her tenure. Being a quiet yet fierce dancer, Summers earned the title “Silent Killa” on the series.

She performed alongside her aunt Rittany Summers, head co-captain of the team, as well as other talented dancers, including Kayla Jones, Dianna Williams, Sunjai Williams, and Camryn Harris.

In 2017, she left ‘Dancing Dolls’ for a brief period in order to pursue cheerleading. She later joined ‘Divas of Olive Branch’ before eventually making a comeback to ‘Dancing Dolls.’ She also runs a self-titled channel on YouTube which she launched on July 29, 2016.

Some of the most popular YouTube videos are ‘August 1, 2016’, ‘Faith and Dajia??❤’, ‘Its the smurfs We going to do a water challenge?????’, ‘Remember?☺????????’, ‘bored w/sis? #stealhermanchallenge’, and many more.

Summers shares a great bond with her ‘Bring It!’ co-star Camryn Harris. She is also best friends with her fellow dancer Makalah Whisenton. The trio, Summers, Camryn, and Makalah often collaborate to create dance videos for YouTube.

Caption: Crystianna Summers while dancing. Source: Instagram

Social Media

She is active on social media and has gathered a decent number of followers. Her ‘@crystianna.s’ Instagram account has earned over 788K followers. Crystianna is also active on Twitter with more than 29. 1K followers.

Her Facebook page has gained over 4K followers. Similarly, her self-titled YouTube channel has amassed over 26.6K subscribers.

Net Worth

Now, talking about her earnings and income, she is sure to earn a certain amount of money through her profession. Her dancing, as well as social media career, might lead her to earn a good amount for herself. However, she has a net worth of around $1 million – $5 million.

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Crystianna Summers - Bio, Facts, Family Life, Achievements

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Birthday: June 20, 2002 (Gemini)

Born In: Jackson, Mississippi

Crystianna Summers is an American dancer who appeared as a contestant on the dance competition show ‘Bring It!’ in 2014. During her tenure at the show, she was a member, and later the captain, of the dance group ‘Dancing Dolls. ’ Her fierce performances and quiet nature earned her the title of “Silent Killa.” Today, Summers is regarded as one of the best young dancers in the country. Besides being a dancer, she is a talented cheerleader as well. Her impeccable and unique dancing skills have earned her a lot of admirers on social media. Summers, who runs a self-titled YouTube channel, has thousands of fans on the social platform. She is also followed by around 800k people on Instagram. Behind the curtains, Summers is a sister of two. She is very close to her mother and her aunt Rittany. She is also good friends with her 'Bring It!' co-star Camryn Harris.

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Crystianna Summers began her professional dancing career in 2014 when she participated in Lifetime’s dance reality television series 'Bring It!' She initially became a part of the dance group ‘Dancing Dolls’ and later served as their captain. She was the youngest member to participate in the show and gave stunning performances throughout her tenure. Being a quiet yet fierce dancer, Summers earned the title "Silent Killa" on the series. She performed alongside her aunt Rittany Summers, head co-captain of the team, as well as other talented dancers, including Kayla Jones, Dianna Williams, Sunjai Williams and Camryn Harris.

In 2017, Crystianna Summers left ‘Dancing Dolls’ for a brief period in order to pursue cheerleading. She later joined ‘Divas of Olive Branch’ before eventually making a comeback to ‘Dancing Dolls.’

Crystianna also runs a self-titled channel on YouTube which she launched on July 29, 2016. With around 20k subscribers and more than 1 million views, the channel features her dance videos and other vlogs. Some of the most popular videos on the channel are 'August 1, 2016', 'Faith and Dajia' and 'Its the smurfs We going to do a water challenge.’ Each of these is a must-watch for all dance lovers!

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Family & Personal Life

Crystianna Summers was born on June 20, 2002 in Jackson, Mississippi, USA to Chris and Valisa Summers. In 2015, while she was in high school, her dad passed away due to severe wounds after getting shot numerous times at a gas station. That year, she also earned the title of the 8th-grade Homecoming Queen.

Crystianna is one of the three children of her parents. She has a brother and a sister. Currently, she lives with her mother whom she is very close to. Her aunt is Rittany Summers who inspired her to dance and also appeared with her in 'Bring It!' as the head co-captain of her time.

Summers shares a great bond with her 'Bring It!' co-star Camryn Harris. She is also best friends with her fellow dancer Makalah Whisenton. The trio, Summers, Camryn and Makalah often collaborate to create dance videos for YouTube.

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Misunderstanding with a partner, lack of prospects and a financial issue.

The couple Kristina Astakhova - Alexey Rogonov was remembered by everyone for their brightness and creative approach to programs. Each of them was a mini-performance with unique music - as opposed to the classics that athletes often choose for competitions.

For a long time, the "crystals" - as the fans called the couple - failed to get on the podium: they were the fourth number of the Russian national team, following the top couples from the Moser group. The Olympic season turned out to be a breakthrough for Christina and Alexei: they twice became bronze medalists of the Grand Prix stages and, as the first substitutes, went to the Olympics in Pyeongchang and the World Championship in Milan, replacing Ksenia Stolbova - Fedor Klimov. nine0003

However, immediately at the end of the season, when several strong couples ended their careers, 21-year-old Kristina Astakhova also unexpectedly left the sport. The partner and the coach tried to dissuade her, but the skater's decision was final. Aleksey Rogonov announced that the “crystals” no longer existed, while the former partner remained silent for a long time. "Match TV" met with Christina during her tour with an ice show in St. Petersburg and found out the reasons for her early departure from the sport.

Russian figure skaters Kristina Astakhova and Alexei Rogonov at the World Championships in Shanghai. / Photo: © Getty Images

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  • why Kristina was the initiator of the breakup of the couple, but did not announce her decision herself
  • is it necessary to spar between pairs in the same coaching group
  • how the famous Doll program was created
  • how Christina ended up in the ice shows of Ilya Averbukh
  • why top lads earn less than singles
  • who, according to Astakhova, will become the leader in Russian pair skating

“Wait your turn? This prospect did not inspire me.

— Christina, what is your favorite moment in your career?

- Definitely the Olympic Games. Artur Valerievich (Dmitriev. - "Match TV") always told me: "The Olympics is something special, incomparable with any other competitions." He already knows! We, skaters, are always worried before the starts. But when I arrived in Pyeongchang, I realized that it was a different feeling.

Although our couple did not win a medal, the very fact of participating in the Olympic Games means a lot to me. Moreover, it was an unexpected surprise. After all, Alexei and I planned to spend the second half of that season at other tournaments, calmly preparing for them. Then there was a doping scandal, Ksenia and Fedor (Stolbova and Klimov. - "Match TV") did not receive an invitation to the Games. I found out that I was going to the Olympics when I was at home with a cold. On the one hand, there was a feeling of “wow, cool!”, And on the other, it was scary, because of the responsibility. It was a shock, a burst of energy that I will remember for the rest of my life. nine0003

— Why did you leave the sport after the Olympic season?

- Firstly, I did not see any prospects. Sport is still a waste of health and time, constant concentration, nerves ... you have to give a lot, and in return - no certainty. I reasoned: now I am preparing for the new season, and for what? To get to the Olympics in 2022. That is, I immediately take into account the four-year Olympic cycle. How old is Alexei Rogonov? Would he have had the strength and health to skate at the highest level all this time? Well, we would skate for a couple of seasons, and during this time new young couples will grow up and take the lead. nine0003

Secondly, I would not continue skating with Lesha. We didn’t communicate well with him, sometimes we didn’t talk and, accordingly, didn’t enjoy joint training. Perhaps with another partner I would have continued my career. But in the spring of 2018, this was not the case - a free, trained greenhouse. Therefore, without thinking twice, I finished.

Kristina Astakhova and Alexei Rogonov / Photo: © RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pesnya

— Of course, no one can predict the balance of power for several years ahead. But what about the World and European Championships, also prestigious tournaments? Pair skating is still not the most fierce competition: after Pyeongchang, several leading pairs left at once, and this increased your chances for medals with Alexei. nine0003

- It's not a fact that we would win. Look how strong the Chinese are! And even if you stand on a pedestal, you want to do it at the expense of superiority, and not because strong rivals have left. That is, I seemed to have waited, stood in line. This prospect did not inspire me.

- At what point did you finally decide to end your career and informed all team members about this?

— The idea was born right after the Olympics. After the World Cup, the whole team went on vacation: we were like squeezed lemons, we didn’t really want to plan anything for the future. Before leaving for the trip, I warned my partner and coaches that I was most likely finishing. I thought maybe on vacation my thoughts would somehow change, my enthusiasm would wake up. But no. Upon returning to Moscow, I finally decided everything and told my colleagues that I would not be in the next season. nine0003

- The fact that the couple ceases to exist was announced by Alexei Rogonov in the summer of 2018. Why didn't you yourself say goodbye to the fans? Still, you were the initiator of the collapse.

- In our couple, Alexey always spoke in public more often, gave interviews and comments. I thought - since Lesha announced my departure, that's enough. In social networks, I am a passive user, I have few subscribers. Moreover, I knew that I was offended for leaving the sport, which is also why I did not voice the details. I thought everyone would calm down. nine0003

- However, recently you and Alexei returned to this topic by correspondence in social networks.

- During these almost two years after our separation, Alexei sometimes touched on this topic in various interviews, some things were unpleasant to read. So much time has passed, why not let go of the past? After all, we would still hardly have continued to ride together.

Honestly, I don't want to remember all the reasons now. In any case, they played a role in the aggregate. It seems to me that everything worked out well for our former team. Aleksey rides in a prestigious show with Alina Ustimkina, they earn and are realized. I also arranged my life. Sometimes I come to Artur Valeryevich, we communicate normally. Time to calm down! nine0003

Photo: © Marina Chernyshova-Melnik

— How did your parents and other people around you react to your decision to leave the sport?

- For my mother, the main thing is always that I be happy. Since I made such a choice, she understood and accepted it. Most importantly, my mother knew: I was leaving to enter a new stage of life and grow.

Of course, many of my friends were perplexed and talked about my age. But almost two years have passed, and I am not drawn back to the sport. I like my life at the moment! In the show, I also perform complex elements, lifts. But I don’t have to chase technology and strive to surpass someone, I can try myself in different roles. I don’t regret anything, which means I left on time and right. The very fact that I have been to the Olympic Games is already beautiful. After all, only a few take gold. nine0003

“When you are small, you are not afraid of anything. On the contrary, everything is so exciting, cool.”

— When and how did your history in figure skating begin?

- My parents are biathletes, they put me on skis at the age of three. I stood there, but quickly realized that it was not for me. A year later, she told her mother: “I want to ride like rollerblading, only in winter!” By that time, I had already mastered summer videos. Mom took me to the skating rink, to Ekaterina Yurievna Volkova - she became my first coach in singles. nine0003

— Why did you switch to pair skating?

- When I was nine, Sergei Vladimirovich Dobroskokov came to work at Khrustalny, where I studied. He had free greenhouse students, and my coach suggested that I try myself in this form. I went to a couple of trainings, I liked it, and I stayed there.

- Were you not afraid to fly over ice on your partner's outstretched arm, to land from ejections?

- You know, when you are small, you are not particularly afraid of something. On the contrary, everything is so exciting, cool. Already at the age of nine, I began to try lifts, and at the age of 10-11 I learned the triple salchow throw. It is now that you offer me to study the ultra-si element, I would agree only for the sake of a big goal. And then there was no fear of getting hurt, interest overcame the risk. nine0003

- You skated with Sergey Dobroskokov for several years, and when you created a pair with Alexei Rogonov, you switched to another coach. Why?

- It so happened that both me and Lesha initially had different coaches (Rogonov skated in the group of Natalia Pavlova. - "Match TV"). The two of us decided that we would not choose among them so as not to offend anyone. Therefore, they went to Artur Dmitriev, a neutral person. It turned out for the best: each of our trio started working in a new team from scratch, and we all adjusted to each other. nine0003

Kristina Astakhova and Alexei Rogonov / Photo: © RIA Novosti / Alexander Vilf

- You also studied choreography with Alexei Zheleznyakov, who today works with famous single skaters in the group of Eteri Tutberidze.

- Alexey conducted jazz with us, put the body and upper arms. He worked at Khrustalny not only with Eteri Georgievna, but also with Sergey Vladimirovich (Dobroskokov. - Match TV), taught me with previous partners. When I moved to Dmitriev, Zheleznyakov remained my choreographer in the hall, and Sergey Komolov became the ice choreographer. nine0003

- You and Alexey had a big difference in age - 9 years. Is this a plus or a minus?

- More important is how you approach the matter, what is in your heart. The goal to which you are going together must be common. Look at today's figure skating: those who are not even 16 years old win. In pairs, young people also prop up. When Alexei and I skated, Volosozhar-Trankov and Stolbova-Klimov were in the lead, then Tarasova-Morozov. They were all adults, and now every season young people break in. nine0003

- Your duet had no rivals in Artur Dmitriev's group. At the same time, in the group of Nina Moser, all the leaders of pair skating in Russia at that time trained at once. Does the sport need such constant sparring or were your conditions preferable?

- I won't go into detail about the system of work in the Moser group, but as far as I know, each of her duets trained separately. I think sparring on the same rink is useful when you start your journey in the sport. You see how your rivals ride, you want to do better, your character grows. And when you reach a higher level, you want an individual approach and full dedication from all sides - a coach, a choreographer. Still, the main sparring for figure skaters takes place at competitions. nine0003

- Perhaps the most famous program in your couple's repertoire is "Doll". Tell her story.

- This is the idea of ​​choreographer Sergei Komolov, he suggested the song "Shatter Me" ("Break me to pieces", performer - American violinist Lindsey Stirling. - "Match TV"). In the video for this song, the doll sings and plays the violin while in a glass ball. Sergey built the following plot: I am a doll, Lesha is a master who created a doll and fell in love with her. The master tries to revive his creation, gives his heart to the doll, and by the end of the dance I really come to life. nine0003

I remember that for a long time I could not comprehend a new role, Seryozha even once said: “Christina, I don’t see a doll in you.” Margarita Bugaeva, an acting teacher, worked with us for a long time, she gave me a “doll” look. Margarita, by the way, works with many children from Khrustalny.

There is a scene in the program for about 10 seconds, when Lesha and I practically stand still, do not make elements, but show a choreographic sketch. At that moment, the audience always started to clap for us, to goosebumps! I remember that already after the season in which we showed "The Doll", I came to additional classes in OFP (general physical training. - "Match TV"), and the kids who trained there said: "Oh, doll!" They didn't know my name, but they recognized me in this image. It was nice. nine0003

- You also had a wonderful program "Eugene Onegin", which you did not manage to show at the competitions. Why refused?

- For the sake of this production, we went to Petersburg to watch the musical, studied with Vera Sveshnikova, who plays the role of Tatyana. It was a very interesting time, we put our soul into the theme of Onegin. But after performing at test skates in Sochi, experts from the federation advised our coaches to change the arrangement. They doubted that the program would be accepted by foreign judges and the public. Still, the story of Onegin is Russian, there is Russian vocals. As a result, our choreographer proposed a new production to the music from the film "Paganini: The Devil's Fiddler". We did this very quickly, and the program was also worthy. nine0003

“If you are not in the top positions in the world pair skating, you won’t earn much”

— Is your main partner in ice shows today Andrey Deputat?

- Yes, we often ride together. There's an interesting backstory here. You probably know that last summer Andrei and Katya (Bobrova. - "Match TV") opened a figure skating school for kids in the Moscow region. I was just looking for a job, I called Katya and offered my participation. She replied that she would discuss with Andrey according to the schedule. Soon he himself called back and said: “You will always have time to work as a coach. Maybe, as long as we have the strength, let's ride in the show? Andrey has been performing with Averbukh for a long time, and he wanted to find a permanent partner, a boyfriend. We made our debut at the play "Romeo and Juliet", played the older Montagues. I really liked it, and since then I have been in the "ice family" of Ilya Averbukh. nine0003

Open video

- So young, and already the parents of the main character (the role of Romeo was played by 40-year-old Maxim Marinin. - "Match TV")?

- Still, the soloists in the performance should be Olympic champions. In any case, I am glad that I started my career in the show and continue it in new roles. Now is the period of New Year's children's fairy tales, let's see what's next.

Photo: © Marina Chernyshova-Melnik

— What else do you do besides participation in the show?

- I work as an ice choreographer for Sergei Vladimirovich Dobroskokov, I put on programs for his small pairs and single skaters. Of course, it’s easier for me to work with greenhouses - I’m used to this kind. Sometimes I hold training camps and one-time master classes. I am not in a hurry to take the position of a coach on a permanent basis, I will always succeed. I want to try myself in different areas. nine0003

— Do you follow competitions in your discipline?

- Being an athlete, I have never done this, but now I look. Firstly, Sergey Vladimirovich brings Dasha and Denis to the starts (pair Pavlyuchenko - Khodykin. - "Match TV"), and I want to watch their development. Secondly, pair skating does not stand still: new features, combinations, transitions between elements appear.

- Your former coach Artur Dmitriev said in a recent interview that there is no clear leader among Russian sports couples. Do you agree? nine0003

- He's probably right. Everything is too unpredictable. Look at Sasha Boikova and Dima Kozlovsky: they, like a new force, have been showing the highest technique for the second season. At the same time, Zhenya Tarasova and Volodya Morozov are adults and move as one. Young couples, I think, lack such rolling. It only builds up over the years. Alexey and I, being in sports, always tried to do something new, unusual in programs, to surprise the viewer.

Let's see who will win the main tournaments. It seems to me that young couples are able to gain points with complex elements. nine0003

- You mentioned the financial issue as one of the reasons for leaving the sport. Why is pair skating not particularly in demand among advertisers? Well-known brands enter into long-term contracts even with non-top single skaters.

- It seems to me that a lot depends on how you are promoted by the people who work with you. Media athletes have agents who develop their popularity. The skater has the opportunity to earn money - a salary in the national team, prize money for medals, tackles, short-term participation in shows in the off-season. Even in pairs and dances, you can ride for two regions: each partner for a different one, and then the regional surcharges are doubled. nine0003

In general, if you are not in the leading positions in world pair skating, you won’t earn much. That is why many people leave.

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Personal amusement park and mansion for dolls: how do stars pamper their children? | Stars

For children, nothing is a pity - this is about celebrities who do not deny anything to their heirs.

Kylie Jenner

Spending Kylie Jenner is out of the ordinary. Her 4-year-old daughter Stormy rides in a Lamborghini children's electric car, stylized as Louis Vuitton - and this is still only a small expense for a successful mom. How do you like a life-size doll house and a luxury children's wardrobe? But they can not be compared with a personal amusement park, which Kylie built for Stormy's 2nd birthday. There were rides, a swimming pool, personalized t-shirts and souvenirs for all guests. The entrance to the park was made in the form of a girl's face. I wonder if the baby understood the scale of her mother's generosity?

“So happy that I can create these magical emotions for my child,”

— wrote Jenner in social networks. Or were the emotions for you, Kylie?

Cardi B

The rapper loves to flaunt her wealth. nine0169 Cardi B frankly admits that she dresses her children in all the most expensive for the sake of status. Look at the 4-year-old Kulcher Chiari , and it's immediately clear - this is the daughter of a superstar.

“The bottom line is that kids go out too. Children visit restaurants, cool places, celebrity children appear on the red carpet. If I looked like a cool, luxurious bitch, and my child looked like a so-so, then you would criticize the whole thing. I'm not mad that daddy gave the baby a Birkin bag. Now she will match her mother,

- explains Cardi B .

By the way, one-year-old Wave was also not deprived. Since birth, his mother has been carrying him in a Dior stroller.


But the 10-year-old daughter of Beyoncé was even more lucky. The star mother not only pampers her with money, but also helps with her career from the cradle. Blue Ivy has already performed on the big stage and even received an important award - the Soul Train Awards for the soundtrack to the movie The Lion King . The aspiring singer took part in the recording of the song and video of Brown Skin Girl. The successful future of Blue Ivy is already secured.

By the way, recently a girl almost bought diamond earrings at an auction for $80 thousand . Blue Ivy was ready to pay this amount without consulting her parents. Now imagine how much Beyoncé and Jay-Z give her pocket money?

Christina Aguilera

All the best for children! This was the motto of Christina Aguilera before her first child Max . Therefore, she invested about $35,000 in advance in the children's room, which she furnished with designer furniture, expensive toys, and even game consoles "for growth."

In 2014 Christina gave birth to a daughter Summer . The baby already in the first days of her life received her “minute of fame” when her mother starred with her for the publication People. Aguilera, like all star mothers, dresses Summer in all the most expensive and arranges grandiose children's parties. nine0003

Will Smith

The actor has two talented children who are involved in music - daughter Willow and son Jayden . Will Smith made a big contribution to their career. So brother and sister can boast not only a musical repertoire, but also a small filmography. For example, in 2006, Will, along with Jayden, starred in the movie The Pursuit of Happyness . And in 2007, his daughter also made her film debut: Willow starred in the film "I am a legend" . Smith Sr. admits that he himself has always worked with parents, so now he wants to follow their example and work with his children. The entertainment industry is their family calling.

“Working with my son, I fulfill my parental duty. You see, we do interviews with him, I can teach my son some things when we travel together,”

explains Will.

Will Smith

Willow Smith

Jaden Smith


The well-being of her daughter Lourdes Leon Madonna took care in advance. The singer was unable to influence the career of Lourdes , the success of which is still very doubtful. But the daughter was never deprived of money: on her 16th birthday, she received an apartment in New York from her mother. Madonna is rumored to have spent $100,000 on her wardrobe. True, while Lourdes is known only as the daughter of a superstar, and her own major achievements are still far away.

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