How to dance in ohio stream

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This inspiring documentary charts the challenges and triumphs of a group of teens and young adults living on the autism spectrum.more

This inspiring documentary charts the challenges and triumphs of ...More

Starring: Jessica SullivanCaroline McKenzieMarideth Bridges

Director: Alexandra Shiva


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  • hd

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This inspiring documentary charts the challenges and triumphs of a group of teens and young adults living on the autism spectrum.

Starring: Jessica SullivanCaroline McKenzieMarideth Bridges

Director: Alexandra Shiva


  • 5.1

  • hd


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About this Movie

How to Dance in Ohio

This inspiring documentary charts the challenges and triumphs of a group of teens and young adults living on the autism spectrum.

Starring: Jessica SullivanCaroline McKenzieMarideth Bridges

Director: Alexandra Shiva


  • 5.1

  • hd

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Watch How to Dance in Ohio

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7. 71 h 28 min2015ALL

[HBO] HD. This inspiring documentary charts the challenges and triumphs of a group of teens and young adults living on the autism spectrum.

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Alexandra Shiva, Jason Blum, Bari Pearlman
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Top reviews from the United States

Maureen WalshReviewed in the United States on May 11, 2019

5. 0 out of 5 stars

Wonderful movie, gives great insight into what it's like to be a young adult on the spectrum

Verified purchase

Really enjoyed watching these young people navigate social cues. As the parent of a teen on the spectrum, it taught me a lot about the challenges he faces growing into a young man. Highly recommend.

BillReviewed in the United States on May 19, 2018

5.0 out of 5 stars

Inspiring group of people

Verified purchase

Interesting, inspiring and uplifting. What a great program Ohio has for people with different abilities beyond school age. It would be great to see this in other states.

AMBReviewed in the United States on October 27, 2019

3.0 out of 5 stars

Tyranny of heteronormativity

Verified purchase

Terrifying movie about forcing autistic teens to perform gender norms for their therapists' perverse pleasure.

One person found this helpful

T. UrwinReviewed in the United States on September 7, 2017

5.0 out of 5 stars

Enjoyed Immensely

Verified purchase

Very educational and heart warming for me and my family. We watched it twice!

AceReviewed in the United States on January 8, 2017

5.0 out of 5 stars

Five Stars

Verified purchase

Everyone should watch. a glimpse through a non typical person's eyes

JoleneReviewed in the United States on April 6, 2017

5.0 out of 5 stars

Five Stars

Verified purchase

Great movie

Melissa Anne SpenceReviewed in the United States on December 18, 2016

5. 0 out of 5 stars

Five Stars

Verified purchase

Beyond inspirational

DavidReviewed in the United States on December 31, 2016

5.0 out of 5 stars

Five Stars

Verified purchase


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Lord of the virtual world: each of us is a bit of a blogger, but not everyone knows about it | Teacher's newspaper

Today, June 14, the world community celebrates International Blogger Day, which appeared on the calendar of dates and events in 2004.

A holiday is an excellent opportunity to talk about what it was created for, who are the representatives of the profession or community to whom this or that date is addressed. Often this is how people get acquainted with new or rare specialties, until recently unknown to anyone. nine0003

Just over three decades ago, blogging was unknown as a phenomenon that would soon take over the World Wide Web, although the first steps towards the top had already been taken. Today, many Internet users have favorite bloggers who make life brighter and richer.

They talk about the latest events, advise where to go on vacation, how to cure a dog, teach them to dance, knit, fry cutlets, share unique beauty recipes, suggest what to read, how to quickly get rid of wrinkles, reduce the waist and make the most stylish hairstyle. nine0003

A real blogger who is really able and ready to become an expert, friend, adviser is a piece of goods. Therefore, the occasion to congratulate friends and mentors on the world holiday - Blogger's Day - cannot be missed.

The history of the birth of blogging

Let's try to sort out the facts of the appearance of one of the most massive phenomena in the world in order to understand where to look for the origins of this fascinating profession, and why it appeared precisely at the turn of two centuries. Rob Palmer, the namesake of the famous British singer, is considered the ancestor of the blogging tree. However, disputes about authorship and pioneering have not subsided for years. In addition to Palmer, other surnames also surfaced, although all the facts that it was he and no one else are obvious. nine0003

In a word, once an ordinary employee of a communications company, Rob Palmer, who was born in an ordinary British family, where his mother was a teacher, and his father dreamed that his son would become an engineer, created an online magazine (later it was called a blog) for the company. The virtual edition consisted of ordinary professional texts that could help colleagues in their work. It was 1993.

Later, when the Briton gets on his feet, he will call himself a digital nomad and set off on a free voyage. Now Palmer has at least 25 companies, each of which brings a solid income. Now the former freelancer is called the No. 1 copywriter in the world, and the largest businessmen are queuing for advice from him. nine0003

However, Justin Hall, an American journalist who became famous in his student years, is considered the first blogger. When the young man was in college, he began to keep a diary page "Justin's Links from the Underground" on the Internet. In it, Hall talked about various events, sometimes of a completely harmless nature, shared everything he could - quotes, thoughts, plans, ideas. Thus, in 1994, the prototype of what is now called a “blog” was formed.

Curious facts. The bloggers' dictionary includes terms that have become widely used. For example, "Runet". This is the name of sites whose main content is written in Russian. Or "public". So in the abbreviated version they call the "public page". What is "stream", now every teenager knows - this is a live broadcast on YouTube and other platforms. nine0003

How the term “blog” appeared

“Wow, the name!” the skeptic chuckles. But the fact of the matter is that the word “blog” did not exist either in dictionaries or on paper at the time of the creation of online diaries and online magazines, it appeared later. Meanwhile, everyone knew: whatever you call a ship, that's how it will sail. There were options, but none of them were to my liking.

The "Captain" who came up with the name was Jorn Barger, an Ohio native who took up programming in earnest as a primary school student. His personal website Robot Wisdom, which he opened as an adult, he called "one of the most popular online diaries." RW collected news from around the world, covering literally everything from cooking and sports to literature and science. nine0003

One fine day, preparing another information, Jorn Barger seriously thought about what to call Robot Wisdom and other information magazines, in the mass appearance of which no one doubted. Weblog, Barger thought, and set the chick free. Pretty soon, the first syllable disappeared, and the second became a neologism that took root among the conquerors of the Internet. The year on the calendar was 1997.

Curious facts. The very first website in Russia http://www. was created on April 7, 1994. Now there are tens of thousands of websites in the country, and the number of bloggers, according to data for 2018, is about 17-18 thousand people. nine0003

First steps on the World Wide Web

It is not an easy task to say which steps were the first and which were the next. As soon as the genie was let out of the bottle, he acquired followers. Innovators emerged who came up with the first blogging platform (Open Diary). Her debut took place in 1998.

Bloggers got the opportunity not only to keep online diaries, but also to equip their own blogs on a common platform that has become a huge “communal apartment”. Internet neighbors rushed to comment on the publication. At first they were of a very correct nature, but time made adjustments here too. nine0003

The next year, 1999, became no less significant for bloggers - three new platforms with unlimited possibilities appeared at once - Xanga, LiveJournal, Blogger. The first of them soon disappeared into oblivion, the second lives to this day, the third became the foundation of the Google search engine.

The history of blogging was gaining momentum, the speed was incredible. New designations have appeared in the dictionaries of the Internet community: WordPress, Vlogging, YouTube. WordPress, created in 2003, has Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little to thank. For the world's first video blog, created in 2005, by the traveler and inventor Adam Contras. nine0003

The world's first video, made available to millions of users, captured the moment Contras moved into the hotel. "What's so special about this?", the modern teenager who became a blogger when he was not even ten years old will think.

Now any child who owns a gadget will be able to film a more amusing episode. But for those times, the video with the cat, who, together with the owner, settled in a hotel where four-legged entry was strictly forbidden, made a splash.

And, finally, YouTube video hosting, whose biography began in February 2005. Even now, on the way to its adulthood, it remains incredibly popular, being the second service in the world in terms of the number of visitors. nine0003

Curious facts. According to Merriam-Webster, an online dictionary company, "blog" became the most popular term in 2004, with user search queries in the tens of millions. At that time, it was difficult to compete with such figures.


It's time to answer the question why it was at the turn of two great centuries that the phenomenon that became one of the most massive in the world was born, and to talk about representatives of the now popular profession. No one doubts that this is a profession - many universities in the world have faculties where you can get the profession of a blogger. nine0003

According to analysts, in the 90s of the last century, an extraordinary situation arose when humanity began to need new communication routes. The knowledge accumulated over decades required an immediate “exhaust”, sometimes frankness, which not everyone could decide on in a real format. Blogs have become such an outlet for millions of people on the planet.

It is estimated that more than three billion people in the world use the Internet today. Nearly three-quarters of them blog or read posts. Every inhabitant of the planet who has a gadget and access to the Internet has the right and opportunity to become a part of the endless ocean. nine0003

On the International Blogger's Day, I would like to wish all representatives of the global community good luck, success, new discoveries and achievements, and at the same time remind those whom they have tamed. I want to talk about the ecology of the Internet space. In blogging, it is necessary, as well as in everything that surrounds us. After all, it is no coincidence that bloggers are called the rulers of the virtual world. This is not only an honor, but also a very responsible one.

Message Lord of the virtual world: each of us is a bit of a blogger, but not everyone knows about it appeared first on Teacher's newspaper. nine0003

Telegram channel Notes from the Valley

me Subscribe Telegram channel analytics - tool updates, market news.

77 posts found

And here are the fines in California brought up for not wearing masks.

Our San Mateo county hasn't received anything like that yet. But most of them are already wearing masks.

So far in 17 locations, but the list includes both individual cities and entire counties. nine0070

Under the guise of dealing with the consequences of COVID-19, Trump today suspended the following visas until the end of the year:
* h2B and, accordingly, h5 -- high skilled workers
* h3B -- seasonal workers
* L1 -- executives who work for large corporations
* J1 -- scholars and professors

My type of visa E-2 (investors and their workers) has not yet been touched.

Web page:
Proclamation Suspending Entry of Aliens Who Present a Risk to the U.S. Labor Market Following the Coronavirus Outbreak | The White House
The 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)) has significantly disrupted Americans' livelihoods. Since March 2020, United States businesses and their workers hav

Protests continue


Word of the week - Curfew

Things have been moving at the fastest pace in the last couple of days. The protests escalated into looting and pogroms. The police fail to take control of the situation, despite the fact that in every city where pogroms take place, dozens of people who participated in robberies are arrested every day. Yesterday we had a curfew in San Francisco and Alameda. Today, the rest of Silicon Valley has joined them. Grocery stores, pharmacies, delivery services are closed everywhere. But this does not prevent the robbers from “fighting for freedom and in particular freeing stores from goods,” as the local press writes. nine0003

San Francisco County
Alameda County
-- Alameda
-- Fremont
-- Hayward
-- Oakland
-- San Leandro
Contra costa County
-- Antioch
-- Danville
-- Lafayette
-- Moraga
-- Pleasant Hill
-- Creek 140070 San Mateo County
Santa Clara County
-- Palo Alto
-- Santa Clara
-- San Jose
Solano County
-- Valejio
Sonoma County
-- Santa Rosa

A rather amusing description of the homeless in our county's curfew exceptions:

Individuals experiencing homelessness and without access to a viable shelter. nine0186
People experiencing homelessness.

This week will be hot in the Valley.

News: /article/Clothes-Electronics-Sports-cars-Looters-wreak-15312322.php -7-cities/

San Mateo County Order: tomorrow-protect-residents nine0003

Web page:
San Francisco, San Jose, Walnut Creek, Danville, Pleasant Hill, city of Santa Clara under curfew Sunday night amid George Floyd protests
San Francisco, San Jose, Walnut Creek and other Bay Area cities haveimposed curfews Sunday night as protests have intensified. Oakland officials have so far decided not to do so.


An acquaintance from Redwood City shared a video today. The video shows how they prepare for the protests and board up all the shops along El Camino Street in Redwood City. The Ferrari showroom has already taken out all its cars. nine0003

Video by Kirill Ivanov

Video/GIF, 13 sec,

Video/GIF, 32 sec, IMG_0441.mp4

Fatal Force - 1.004 PEOPLE WERE SHOT and KILLELED BYPEN No politics, just the facts and figures of cops killed in a great interactive infographic from The Washington Post. California is the leader in the number of people killed. nine0003

Web page:
Fatal Force: 2019 police shootings database
Since 2015, The Post has created a database cataloging every fatal shooting nationwide by a police officer in the line of duty.

In just an hour, I collected about a hundred videos from the proletarian Tik Tok video service on 40 rebellious US cities.

All collected videos in Google Doc:

Out of curiosity:

Minneapolis. The very moment of detention is what started it all —

Minneapolis. Protesters Burn Police Station in Minneapolis -

Minneapolis. There's also an Apple Store in Minneapolis and robberies. Round 1 -

Minneapolis. Round 2 —

Minneapolis. Not all stores in Minneapolis are as lucky as Apple -

Minneapolis. The most unlucky store in Minneapolis was Target —

Minneapolis. Protesters increasingly destroy police cars in Minneapolis -

Minneapolis. In total, 2,500 National Guard soldiers and a curfew were introduced into Minneapolis. Curfews have also been introduced in 20 cities in Minnesota - https://vm.

Washington DC. Clashes right outside the White House -

Los Angeles. Police officers in LA shoot to disperse the crowd. There, after all this, a curfew was also introduced -

Los Angeles. Beverly Hills storming the Gucci store -

New York. New York cops run into the crowd -

East Liverpool. Small Ohio Town Police Chief Tries to Talk to Protesters -

Denver. Proto-barricades in Denver

Seattle. Still peaceful crowd march in Seattle -

Atlanta. The people against the National Guard in Atlanta -

Portland. Storming the Apple Store in Portland. Strong shop windows at Apple -

Las Vegas -

Philadelphia. Philadelphia Needs Human Hero Batman —

Salt Lake City. Until recently, the mega-quiet and super calm city of Salt Lake City -

Columbus. Looting in Columbus Ohio -

Bay Area
Oakland. Protesters steal a car from the showroom on the sly —

Auckland. Police on construction equipment -

San Jose. The police literally drove into the crowd -

San Francisco --

San Francisco. Protests near City Hall —

Web page:
US riots George Floyd
Riots Tags #fyp #fypage #foryourpage #justiceforgeorgefloyd #cantbreath #protest #blm #blacklivesmatter #blackvoiceheard #nojusticenopeace #georgefloyd #sayhisname #riot George Floyd https://vm. White House, Washington DC https://vm.tikt...


US riots
In the early 10s, protesters in Arab countries used Facebook and Twitter to coordinate the Arab Spring. Today, protesting Americans use Tik Tok for the same purpose. The stupid video social network has rapidly evolved into a tool for distributing videos of clashes with the police. Here on the video is not a challenge, but our peaceful protest. Here's the next one, how we run away from the police instead of flash mob dances. Here is a video of how we rob a store, and then how the police for some reason shoot us with rubber bullets and gas them. nine0003

Just yesterday afternoon, all the media were happy about the flight of American astronauts on an American rocket from American soil (the US anthem should play here), and in the evening mass reports about the introduction of the National Guard and curfews began to pour down. It all started 3 days ago when police officers in Minneapolis strangled a black suspect during their arrest. And the long-standing theme of white police violence against black suspects flared up with renewed vigor. Black lives matter - that's what blacks say. All lives matter - this is how the police answer. nine0003

In our Bay Area three locations have been flared: SF, Oakland and San Jose. In Auckland, initially peaceful protests turned into looting and pogroms. As a result, hundreds of detainees. There are also hundreds of detainees in the Federation Council, plus an indefinite curfew. In San Jose, "only" dozens of detainees and so far without a curfew.


Yesterday was exactly 70 days of quarantine in Bay Area. Today is a national holiday in the United States - Memorial Day. In connection with these two facts, people tired of being locked up went to the beach today. nine0070 Everyone left.

Pictured below is Ocean Beach in San Francisco. May 25, 2020.

The Federation Council repeated the NY experiment and opened a "park with cells". Each cell is 6 feet (1.8 m) in diameter. Of course, I would also sign them. To make it look like a sea battle.
- Where are you?
- I'm on C8
- Past referral&utm_campaign=socialflow nine0003

Web page:
'Human parking spots' descend on SF's Dolores Park to keep people apart
Dolores Park got a polka-dot makeover on Wednesday morning courtesy of the San Francisco...

Parades in the south of the Valley are now just like that. %3famp

Web page: nine0070 About 200 Goats Escape, Roam the Streets of East San Jose
A tribe of goats went wild Tuesday evening in a neighborhood in east San Jose.

And now, looking at all this bubbling and boiling stream of thoughts, views and comments, sitting here in Belmont in the middle of Silicon Valley, I want to say that they are all right. And Yuri Dud showing that there is no ceiling in the Valley and you can grow both as hired workers with a salary of hundreds of thousands of dollars and as a startup attracting millions of investments. And Nikolai Davydov, who says that you don’t need to seek advice, you need to take and file an MVP, and there will be investments. And Victoria Borodina showing the middle class of workers in the Valley. And Eva Moss who shows that not everything is so rosy and that there is a dark side of the Valley. And Alexey Savchenko, who is trying to come up with a sound formula for making a decision to move to a technology hub. And even Pavel Durov describing all the horrors of the United States and in particular Bay Eria. All these are flat but truthful projections of a very large and voluminous thing called Silicon Valley. And they are all right. nine0003

Film by Yuri Dud —

Report by Tahir Mamedov —

Interview with Nikolay Davydov in Forbes — https://www.

Post by Eva Moss —

“Answer” by Victoria Borodina —

Alexey Savchenko’s stream about technology hubs —

Post Pavel Durov —

Web page:
How the IT capital of the world works / Russian Silicon Valley (English subs)
You can buy Philips TVs with Ambilight 50PUS7303/ 55PUS7303/ 65PUS7303 using the BUDVTEME15 promo code in Eldorado: Heroes of the release: ... nine0003

Silicon Valley

A couple of weeks ago, the notorious Yuri Dud released a 3-hour film about Silicon Valley. And the film raised a considerable wave of hype in the Russian-speaking Internet. Some criticized the film for being one-sided, others for sexism, others defended it in every possible way, others expressed their opinion, and so on. It is doubly interesting to follow all this movement around the film sitting here in the center of Silicon Valley itself. Below are some reviews, comments and thoughts on the topic of the film that interested me and which I want to share. nine0003

For example, few people noticed that the film in Dudya is exactly the same as another film shot by Tahir Mammadov. Tair lives in LA and Dud came to him with an interview a year ago. After that, Tair's YouTube channel came to life and he briskly began to shoot videos to maintain interest. In particular, he also filmed his weekend report about how Silicon Valley lives. A year later, the same guests, the same angles, the same messages and the same locations as Tair appeared in the film by Yuri Dudya. In places, the rollers are like two peas in a pod. In an interview with Forbes magazine, one of the heroes of both films, Nikolai Davydov, says that Yura asked him for contacts with whom to contact. Perhaps, from fresh memory, Nikolai indicated those with whom he communicated in the Taira film, and Dud's team did not call anyone else much. Dont clear. The very interview of Nikolai in Forbes also turned out to be interesting, albeit short. In it, for example, he mentions that after the film, Dudya was bombarded with a thousand messages from Russian-speaking startups with questions, requests and suggestions. He also shares tips on what to do if your hands are itching to launch a startup. nine0003

The topic raised by Yura Dudem also caught on many people who wished to speak out about the one-sidedness of the film, showing a continuous “successful success”. So, the CEO of the startup Sugaring Factory, Eva Moss, wrote a rather emotional post on her Facebook about the dark side of startups in local realities. It famously and loudly enumerates what Yuri did not mention: the lobby of the Indians, divorces after moving to the Valley, the prohibitive high cost of Bay Area and the same colossal workload from job hunting, and much more. The post turned out to be long, noisy, bright and very emotional. It can be seen that Eva more than raked as a startup and she has something to share. nine0003

After the film, Dudya burst into commenting on many people. So Victoria Borodina, a blogger (huh? sha?) from Silicon Valley, hot on the trail of her video "answer" - Silicon Valley for the ordinary. The answer turned out to be weak, although Victoria's channel is very good. For several years she has been filming a series of interviews with local guys already working in the Valley and perfectly reveals in them many aspects of life and especially work “here”. I recommend her channel if you want to delve into a specific topic of working in Silicon Valley: recruiting, working as a programmer, product manager, kua, and so on. nine0003

Out of the whole stream of responses to Chamberlain, Alexey Savchenko's stream was very interesting to me. Widely known in narrow circles as a game maid of a license manager from Epic Games. Aleksey, although he lives in London, perfectly described from all sides the very essence of moving to technology hubs like Silicon Valley. Just a rare ray of common sense in all this stream of consciousness. The rest of Alexey's streams are also great, but most often they are focused on the topic of game development.

Even Pavel Durov, the founder of VKontakte and Telegram, could not pass by fertile ground for hype and spoke about Dud's film. Pavel, in his post, criticized Silicon Valley from all sides. nine0003

Impact of COVID-19

Nick Wroblewski made an interesting little presentation-compilation on the global consequences of quarantines around the world. It is clear that everything has fallen and stopped everywhere. But it is interesting to see what, where and how exactly. For example, today weekly gasoline consumption in the US has dropped to 1993 levels. Air pollution in China and Italy has already passed. And the people began to thump 2 times more than usual.
Hello, Brave New World. g72c_1d_7

Web page:
COVID-19 Impact Charts
COVID-19 Global Impact Charts compiled by @lukew Image: Penn Today illustration source

More quarantine for everyone
Meanwhile, we have extended and tightened quarantine in the Valley Counties. We will stay at home for another month. Plus, you can no longer move further from home than 5 miles (~ 8 km). Plus, they limited the list of businesses that can be open. Plus, all national and city parks, playgrounds are now closed and they promise to limit access to beaches. Not really, however, it is clear how these 5-mile restrictions will be controlled. There were not enough policemen even in peacetime. There will probably be some patrols, but hardly massive ones. nine0003

All in all, California is gearing up for the peak of the pandemic in April. About the peak of the pandemic San Meteo County

Learn more