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Apex Legends skydive emotes have been around for a while now but with so many in the game, it's unlikely you've collected them all. If you're looking for the full list of skydive emotes in Apex Legends – or you want to know what they are and how to use them in the first place – we can help. They won't help you get kills in the battle royale but they do exude style as you fly down into the arena, so without further ado, here's everything you need to know about Apex Legends skydive emotes.

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Skydiving emotes were first introduced in Season 2 with the Battle Pass, which can be purchased for 950 Apex Coins. This sadly makes the Apex Legends skydive emotes an item that may lead you to shelling out money for the Pass and then grinding your way up the tiers before you can gain access to them, but if that’s the route you want to take to get some of these fun emotes then we won’t judge!

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Skydiving emotes are automatically equipped once you’ve unlocked them. Once that’s done, head into the game, choose your Legend and get ready to show off your sick moves.

Depending on what platform you’re playing Apex Legends on, as well as your button inputs, how to do the skydive emotes may differ from person to person. If you haven’t mapped your controls any differently from when you first started the game, press X/A/M1 to perform your Skydive emote and show everyone just what you can do with a mix of gravity and jets.


Salute - Bangalore flips over in the air and gives a soldier’s salute.

Target Practice  - A drone flies around and Bangalore shoots it out of the sky with her pistol.

Controlled Demolition - Two rockets appear and Bangalore rides them with one for each foot.


Stoic Stance - Bloodhound somersaults and crosses their arms.

Nevermore - Bloodhound goes upside down and a circle of ravens flies around their head.

Crossed Swords - They equip two machetes and perform some tricks in the air.


Feel the Power - Caustic somersaults and lifts his arms up at the elbow and jeers menacingly.

Know Powered – He equips one of his gas traps and rides it.

Chemtrails – He wields two rods and releases poison gas from each of them.


Danger Zone – Crypto's drone flies around while he uses his jacket as a wingsuit.

Hack and Slash – He equips a blade and slashes at the sky.

Kickin' It – Crypto lobs a grenade in the air and kicks it on the volley like Rooney.


Stage Dive – Whips the cannon off his back and uses it as a guitar.


Front Row Seat - Gibraltar twirls in the air before crossing his legs in a ‘sitting’ position.

Surf's Up - Gibraltar rides down on his shield as though it is a surfboard, doing some real slick moves as he does so.

Good Vibes - Turns around and plays a Ukulele while dancing.


Game Time - Throws her Black Hole panel into the air and bounces her gravitational manipulator off it.

Black Swan Dive - Stands on her Black Hole panel and pirouettes like a ballerina while falling.


Peace Out - Lifeline flips in the air and uses both hands to throw out the peace sign.

Windmill - Lifeline flips over and twirls her legs rapidly in the air, just like a windmill.

Vibing - Sits on her health drone and throws the peace sign while leaning back.

Bringin' The Beat Down - Horizon's Black Hole panel swoops in front of her, so she can play the drums on that and her health drone.


Side Saddle - Loba whips her staff through the air before riding it through the sky.

Run the World - She twirls her staff and stands menacingly looking behind her.


Curtain Call - Mirage flips in the air and raises his arms as if giving a standing ovation. He also blows a kiss.

It Takes Two - In a scene that we’re sure comes right out of fanfiction, Mirage calls in a clone of his and rides him like a horse. We promise it’s innocent.

Private Dancer - Mirage summons another clone and ballroom dances with him.


Full Circle - Unlike most of the other Skydive emotes, Octane runs so fast that he flips over. Almost as if he’s a hamster in a hamster wheel.

Influencer - Uses a selfie stick to take selfies as he falls in different positions.

Without a Paddle - Takes off his robotic leg and sits on his bounce pad, using his leg as an oar to paddle.


Hello Friends - Pathfinder continues to be wholesome and gives a little wave to everyone as he flips over in the air.

I Can Fly! - Pathfinder descends to the ground while flapping his arms. He is rudely interrupted by Bloodhound’s raven, Artur.

The Kneeslapper - Reacts to something evidently hilarious by slapping his knee and chuckling.

Raven Rampage - Three of Bloodhound's ravens fly in and send Pathfinder into a tizzy.

Swing and a Miss - Another of Bloodhound's ravens (what does Bloodhound have against Pathfinder?!) attacks Pathfinder and bowls him over.


Spray and Sway - Rampart equips her minigun and shoots wildly.

Recoil Control - She sits on her minigun like a pogostick and bounces through the air.

Catching a Current - She throws out her shield and rides it like a surfboard.


Dodging Death - He goes into his shadow form and swoops through the air.

Exhumed - He uses his death totem to turn himself into a death box, before opening the lid and exiting again.


Grace Fell - Wattson flips over, tucking her arms in on the landing and then pushing them out to perform a swan dive.

Tesla-Copter - Wattson uses her electric Pylon to descend for a few moments before flipping back around.

Spread the Wealth - She sits down and opens a box to throw shiny loot out into the air.

Best Buds - Wattson throws one of the Nessy plushies into the air and catches it, then kisses it.


Flip the Rift - Instead of flipping over just once, Wraith continues to flip over and over again, tucking her arms and legs in until she’s like a ball. She finishes with both her legs and arms pointed downwards.

Think Fast - Wraith darts through the air quickly in a zig-zag fashion.

Spiralling Void - She leaps into the air and equips one of her void portals.

Perpetual Motion - Wraith places two portals and dives through them repeatedly, creating a loop.

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How to Equip Skydive Emotes in Apex Legends

Skydiving is an essential strategy in Apex Legends. Depending on where you land, you can be in a more favorable position than your foes. The battle for supremacy can even start mid-air, as teams play chicken while vying for the hot spot.

However, default skydives can get boring after a while. That is why Respawn introduced skydive emotes in Season 2, allowing players to customize their experience from the very start of the match. New players might be wondering how to equip these rewarding emotes.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about getting and equipping skydive emotes in Apex Legends.

How to Equip Skydive Emotes in Apex Legends?

Skydive emotes are peculiar amongst legend-oriented cosmetics. Unlike other customization options, such as badges, trackers, and quips, you won’t find the skydive emote slot in your pre-game customization screen. This has led a few players to speculate on how to equip these items once they obtain them.

We’ll go over brief instructions for each type of device you can currently play Apex Legends on.

How to Equip Skydive Emotes on PC?

Skydive emotes will be equipped to the legend you’ve unlocked it on as soon as you obtain one. You don’t have to go through the process of customizing your legend before the game starts. All you have to do is enter a new match, and the skydive emote option will immediately become available if you’ve unlocked it for the legend.

If you have unlocked multiple emotes for a legend, you can cycle through them in a match once the previous emote ends.

How to Equip Skydive Emotes on PS4?

Just as in the PC version, there’s no need to go into the legend menu and equip a skydive emote. As soon as you unlock one, it becomes attached to the appropriate legend. You can begin using it in the next match.

The game will equip all the skydive emotes you own to all legends, even if a legend has multiple emotes available to them. You can cycle through them in-game.

How to Equip Skydive Emotes on Xbox?

Similar to the other console, the Xbox version’s legend customization menu doesn’t feature a skydive emote selection. Your unlocked skydive emotes are automatically added to appropriate legends and made available for use. You can flair up your skydives in the next match you play.

Since most legends nowadays have multiple skydive emotes, the game will also equip them and allow you to cycle through the available options.

How to Get Apex Legends Skydive Emotes?

At the beginning of Season 2, Respawn introduced skydive emotes for all legends that were available for play at the time. The emotes were packaged into the season’s battle pass, spread out between the 100 battle pass levels.

A player needed to purchase the Season 2 battle pass and complete it almost entirely to get all the emotes (the final emote was a reward for achieving battle pass level 95).

In later seasons, the developers introduced more skydive emotes. These were either tied to purchasing and progressing through a season battle pass, or to special events scattered across the years. You can find the currently available skydive emotes by scrolling through the list of battle pass rewards (by opening the “Season Hub” menu on the top left).

Skydive emotes released during events can be purchased for 1,000 Apex Coins (the premium currency) or 800 Crafting Metal, or bundled with other items from the same event collection. If you’re buying a bundle, you only get a chance to unlock the skydive emote, as there’s a bunch of other cosmetic items that can be in the same slot.

Each new event can bring a new skydive emote for your favorite legend, so watch out for new events and store deals. Once an event passes, these cosmetics won’t be available for purchase anymore.

How to Use Apex Legends Skydive Emotes?

Once you’ve unlocked a skydive emote for a legend, it will be equipped automatically and ready to use. To use the skydive emote in-game, press the jump button while skydiving. The jump button defaults to “Space” on the keyboard and “A” for controllers. You can also change these settings in your “Settings” menu. The skydive emote command is locked to the “jump” command, so you can’t change one without altering the other.

If you have multiple skydive emotes for a legend, you can choose which one to play by holding the emote button and selecting the emote from the radial menu that pops up. Alternatively, if you’ve finished a skydive emote, you can cycle to the next one you’ve unlocked (ordered by acquisition date).

You can use skydive emotes whenever you’re skydiving, which can happen in a few scenarios:

  • At the match start, all players will skydive from the dropship. This lengthy skydive cut scene can sometimes allow you to play a skydive emote more than once, depending on how far you’re dropping.
  • Scaling a jump tower (the zip line connected to a red balloon).  When you reach the top, you’ll begin skydiving to the ground.
  • On the World’s Edge map, geysers around the map act like jump towers (with a slightly shorter ascension time). These geysers are scattered throughout the map (there are also jump towers on the map as well), but the most prominent one is in the POI (point of interest) named “Geyser.”

Map updates can sometimes add other features that allow players to skydive. The game will also display a prompt to use the skydive emote near the screen’s bottom center.

Additional FAQ

How Do I Activate Skydive Emote in Apex?

You can activate the skydive emote while skydiving by pressing the “Jump” button. For the keyboard + mouse configuration, this is the “Space” button, while most controllers use the “A” button instead.

Does Bloodhound Have a Skydive Emote?

Bloodhound currently has three skydive emotes:

• Stoic Stance: Bloodhound flips in the air and nods to the player. This emote was available as a part of the Season 2 battle pass.

• Nevermore: Bloodhound spins in the air upside down as an unkindness of raven’s circle around him. The emote was available as a part of the “System Override” event item collection.

• Crossed Swords: Bloodhound activates his headlights (similar to using his ultimate ability), pulls out two swords, and does aerial acrobatics. This item was available in the “Fight Night” event item collection.

Some events in future battle pass rewards may introduce new skydive emotes (or allow you to purchase older ones), so watch out for store updates and new ranked seasons!

How Do You Skydive in Apex Legends?

All players will skydive from the starting drop ship to their drop location when the match begins. This extra time allows you to make an initial strategy and scout out your opponents’ positions. Now is the time to use skydive emotes.

Alternatively, use the jump towers (balloons connected via vertical zip lines to the ground), geysers (on World’s Edge), or other map features. For example, the “Mirage Voyage” feature had vents that launched players into a skydive. When using a jump tower, you’ll only skydive if you reach the top of the zip line.

Your legend will display the skydiving trail while performing a skydive.

How Do You Equip Trails in Apex?

Skydive trails will appear behind the player during a skydive. Custom skydive trails were introduced with the first ranked league (during Season 2) for the top-ranked players (Diamond and Apex Predator). The tradition of handing out skydive trails for top players continued for later seasons. In Season 4, the Master rank was introduced, surpassing Diamond (and making Diamond no longer eligible for dive trail rewards). In Season 8, dive trails were reintroduced to Diamond players. The dive trail color depends on the rank achieved.

To equip a dive trail, follow these steps:

1. Open the “Loadout” tab on the top of the main menu.

2. Select “Game Customization” on the bottom.

3. Click on the “Skydive Trails” tab.

4. Right-click on the trail you want to equip (controller players need to use the “RT” or “fire” button).

Skydive to Victory With Emotes

Now you know how to obtain and equip skydive emotes in Apex Legends. You can use these brief animations to pass some time while dropping longer distances on the map. Just remember to keep an eye out for nearby opponents rather than focusing on the pretty animations!

What is your favorite skydive emote in Apex Legends? Let us know in the comments section below.

Apex Legends Skydive Emote Guide: How to Show Your Lineup for the Coolest



(Image credit: EA)

As you and your team descend into the battle below, the Apex Legends parachute emotes are one of the best things you can do you can do. They don't change the game in any way, but sometimes just diving straight into Apex Legends fighting can get a little old, can't it? Luckily, with some of these emotions, you can shake up the status quo. The only question is how to get Apex Legends skydiving emotes and how to use them? We are here to help you put the puzzle together. nine0005

How to get Apex Legends Skydive Emotes

Skydiving Emotes were first introduced in Season 2 with the Battle Pass, which can be purchased for 950 Apex Coins. This unfortunately causes the Apex Legends item to skydive which can result in you revealing Pass money and then progressing up the stairs before you can access it, but if you want to use that path to get some of these fun emotions, then we won't judge! nine0005

We are currently in Season 3 and Skydiving emotes are still part of the Battle Pass. At the moment, we're not sure if any new ones will be part of Apex Legends Season 4, but given that they've been featured in previous Battle Passes, we'd be surprised if they weren't included again in the upcoming season.

How to use Apex Legends Skydive Emotes

(Image credit: EA)

Skydiving Emotes are automatically set as soon as you unlock them. Once that's done, head into the game, choose a legend, and get ready to show off your sick moves. .

Depending on which platform you're playing Apex Legends on, as well as your input buttons, the order in which you perform Skydiving Emotes may differ from person to person. If you didn't display your controls differently than when you first started the game, press X / A / M1 to perform an emote in Skydive and show everyone what you can do by combining gravity and jets..

Apex Legends Skydive Character Emote


Salute - Bangalore rolls over in the air and gives a soldier's salute.


Stoic stance - Bangalore somersault and cross arms.


Feel the power - Caustic rolls and raises his arms at the elbow and mocks menacingly.


Crypto does not currently have Skydive emotes, but we are confident that this will change once Season 4 arrives. nine0005


Front row seat - Gibraltar spins in the air and then crosses his legs in a "sitting" position.

Catch the wave - Gibraltar rides his shield like it's a surfboard and he makes really smooth moves. hands to throw out the peace sign..

windmill - The lifeline flips and quickly twists its legs in the air like a windmill.


Curtain - Mirage flies into the air and raises his hands as if in a standing ovation. He also blows a kiss.

She takes two - In a scene that we're pretty sure is from fanfiction, Mirage summons his clone and rides him like a horse. We promise it's innocent.


Full Circle - Unlike most other Skydive emotes, Octane runs so fast that he flips over. It's like he's a hamster on a hamster wheel.


Hello friends - Pathfinder continues to be useful and gives a little wave to everyone as it flips in the air.

I can fly! - Pathfinder descends to the ground, clapping its hands. He is rudely interrupted by Bloodhound's raven Arthur.


Grace Fell - Watson rolls over, putting his hands on the landing and then pushing them out to make a swan jump.

Tesla Copter - Watson uses his electric pylon to descend for a few moments before returning back.


Flip the Rift - Instead of only flipping once, Wraith keeps flipping over and over, flexing her arms and legs until she's like a ball. She finishes with her legs and arms pointing down. nine0005

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