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When you are in-game, typing "/dance" to make your character dance.


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List of Dance references[]


Hero Dance reference
Abathur Worm Dance
Alarak From Fatboy Slim – "Weapon of Choice"
Alexstrasza (Normal) Based on Electric Slide
Alexstrasza (Dragonqueen) Dragon's dance from Shrek Karaoke Party
Ana Egyptian Saidi Belly Dancing
Anduin "Hand Clap" (animation and reference itself done by Matt Parker.[1])
Anub'arak Gene Kelly's dance from "Singing in the Rain"
Artanis Vincent Vega's twist dance from "Pulp Fiction"
Arthas Unknown
Auriel Traditional Chinese ribbon dance
Azmodan Unknown
Blaze Chris Farley's Dance from Chippendales Audition
Brightwing Unknown
Cassia Unknown
Chen Barrel Walking
Cho'gall Funny Kid Wop Dance from vine
Chromie Rocky Horror Time Warp Dance
D. Va (Pilot) Unknown
D.Va (Mech) Unknown
Deathwing Unknown
Deckard Unknown
Dehaka Drake's dance from "Hotline Bling"
Diablo Unknown
E.T.C. Metal/hard rock headbanging
Falstad Unknown
Fenix Unknown
Garrosh Metal/hard rock headbanging
Gazlowe Monkey Dance from Johnny Bravo
Genji Dance from Vanilla Ice – "Ninja Rap"
Greymane (Human form) 8 Shape sword spinning
Greymane (Worgen form) Unknown
Gul'dan MC Hammer – "U Can't Touch This"
Hanzo Soran Bushi Japanese dance
Illidan Ray Lewis' dance
Imperius Limbo dance
Jaina Crystal Maiden ultimate cast from Dota 2
Jaina (Dreadlord Skin) Side Spin move in Pole Dancing
Johanna Dance from New Kids On the Block – "You Got It"
Junkrat Backpack dance from "Swish Swish"
Kael'thas Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Jump On It dance)
Kel'Thuzad Scar's moves to Coconut Song from "King Lion"
Kerrigan Mia Wallace's twist dance from "Pulp Fiction"
Kerrigan (Cheerleader skin) Dance from TWICE – "Cheer Up"
Kharazim Van Damme's dance from "Kickboxer"
Leoric Dance from Micheal Jackson – "Thriller"
Li Li Unknown
Li-Ming Dance from KARA – "Mister"
Lt. Morales Sprinkler dance move
Lt. Morales (Paramedic Skin) Unknown
Lunara Baton Twirling
Lúcio Shuffle
Maiev Hula Hoop Dance
Malfurion Dance from Man Without Hats – "Safety Dance"
Mal'Ganis Dwayne Johnson's Pec Pop
Malthael Jim Carey's head bobbing to Haddaway – "What is Love"
Medivh Jamal Anderson's Dirty Bird dance
Mephisto Egyptian hand fusion dance
Misha Arm Waving from LMFAO – "Party Rock Anthem"
Muradin Unknown
Murky Unknown
Nazeebo Traditional Congolese Dance
Nova Dance from Ariana Grande – "Problem" by Mandy Jiroux
Orphea Unknown
Probius Kirby's victory dance
Qhira Arcade dancing
Ragnaros Tina's dance from Bobs Burgers
Ragnaros (Lil'Ragnaros skin) Hand raising from rock/metal concert
Raynor Techno Viking dance
Rehgar (Orc Form) Unknown
Rehgar (Wolf Form) Snoopy's Happy Dance
Rexxar Shuffle (Running Man) dance from LMFAO – "Party Rock Anthem"
Samuro Unknown
Sgt. Hammer Unknown
Sonya Jian Sword Dancing
Stitches Unknown
Stukov Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet
Sylvanas Dance from "Beetlejuice" – "Shake Senora"
Tassadar Daft Bodies dance moves
The Butcher Unknown
The Lost Vikings Dance from "Three Amigos!"
Thrall The Haka Maori Dance
Tracer Flashdance from Micheal Sembello – "Maniac"
Tracer (Slip'n'Stream Skin) Dance from IU – YOU&I
Tychus Snoop Dogg's dance from "Drop It Like It's Hot
Tychus (Odin) Robot Dancing
Tychus (Infested Tychus skin) Bernie's Dance
Tychus (Power Drench skin) Muscle flexing
Tyrael Unknown
Tyrande Beyonce's dance from "Single Ladies"
Uther Cossack Traditional Dance
Valeera Double Sword Dancing
Valla Unknown
Valla (Deputy Skin) Country Line Dancing
Varian John Travolta's dance from Bee Gees – "You Should Be Dancing"
Whitemane Britney Spears' dance from "I'm Slave 4 U"
Xul Dance from Silly Symphonies – "The Skeleton Dance"
Yrel Dance from Cibo Matto – "Birthday Cake"
Zagara Unknown
Zarya Dab Dance
Zeratul Breakdance Windmill and Flare moves
Zul'jin Axe Gang's dance from "Kung Fu Hustle"


Vehicle Dance reference
Triglav Protector Unknown
Dragon Knight Unknown
Garden Terror Dance from Micheal Jackson – "Thriller"


  1. ↑ Matt Parker on Twitter

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10 Insanely Seductive Dances to Learn before You Die ...

10 Insanely Seductive Dances to Learn before You Die ...

music • ★★★★★

By Holly

The more items you add to your bucket list, the better. They'll help you live a fulfilling life that you can be proud of. Since we all love to listen to music, but might be too shy to get up and dance in front of strangers, there are some dances you should learn before you die. As soon as you master the moves, you'll stop being so scared of getting up on the dance floor.

1 Salsa Dancing

What's sexier than salsa dancing? Even if you never learn how to move like they do on Dancing With the Stars, you're capable of learning a few steps that you can show off to all of your friends. Of course, you're going to need a partner if you're going to salsa, which means that you need to chat up a cutie and ask him to practice with you. It could make for a memorable date!

2 Belly Dancing

If you want to learn some new moves that don't require a partner, you can learn to belly dance. Hip lifts and shimmies are two basic moves that shouldn't take you too long to master. Just make sure you stand in front of a mirror while wearing a crop top, so you can make sure that you're moving correctly.

3 Ballroom Dancing

When your wedding day arrives, you'll want to ballroom dance with your new husband or wife. That's why you should start learning the moves now, so you're prepared for your big day before it arrives. Luckily, this dance isn't all that sexual, so if you don't have a partner to practice with, you can try it with a friend or family member.

4 Common Party Dancing

There are a bunch of party dances that you should learn, such as the Electric Slide, the Macarena, the Hokey Pokey, the Cotton Eyed Joe, and the Cupid Shuffle. Even the worst dancers are able to memorize these dance moves and pull them off, so you've got nothing to lose. These songs will be played at every wedding you'll ever attend, so you might as well learn them all.

5 Grinding

Most people consider grinding to be distasteful. Unfortunately, it's something that you'll see at every club you go to. If you want to get close with a cutie on the dance floor, then it can help to know how to grind. This tutorial is extra special, because it shows you how to grind in a way that isn't all that raunchy.

6 Hula Dancing

You don't have to visit Hawaii in order to show off your hula skills. Strap into an adorable skirt and get ready to learn some simple steps. If you're not used to moving your arms and legs at the same time, this dance will be a great way to enhance your dancing skills.

7 Dancing in General

Most parties have music and a dance floor. If you're scared of making a fool of yourself, then you should practice your dance moves ahead of time. If you follow the steps in this video, you'll not only learn some smooth new moves, but you'll also get a great workout.

8 Rumba Dancing

A Latin dance style that's known as ballroom's "dance of love", it's a super sexy dance that requires a new kind of closeness and chemistry between partners. You won't be able to resist each other when you learn to Rumba together.

9 Tango Dancing

It seems all the movies have a Tango as a romantic dance, and it's not hard to figure out why. It's a form of closeness between the dancers that you can't fake. It's sultry, and when choreographed correctly, can tell such a sensual love story you'll be sweating when you're done!

10 Samba Dancing

Put great chemistry together and you'll get a Samba dance that's hot hot hot! Your romance will be on fire when you two learn to Samba, and when the music ends, the lights go out and the chemistry keeps on going between y'all!

Right now, you might not have any impressive moves. But if you practice, you can look just as amazing on the dance floor as any one of your friends. Do you consider yourself to be an amazing dancer, or are you too clumsy?

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Carefully hot: what you need to prepare for if you decide to take up dancing for adults 18+

1. Will have to update the wardrobe

All these dances involve many muscle groups. For example, if you spin on the pole in pole-dance, the muscles of the arms will become stronger and more prominent, especially the biceps. It will not be a discovery that when doing twerk, you pump up the gluteal muscles. So do not be surprised that a narrow T-shirt will squeeze your shoulders, and jeans will fit your ass too much.

Well, if you do strip plastic or go-go dance, you will find a perfectly formed chiseled figure and, most likely, finally lose a few pounds - you will have to buy things in a smaller size. Therefore, be sure to prepare for a change in your wardrobe.

2. I would like to put a pylon at home ...

It does not matter whose initiative it will be: yours or your husband / boyfriend. Someone will definitely decide that this accessory is simply necessary for the bedroom. If you yourself do not want to demonstrate your talents and skills, then your chosen one will certainly want to see what his woman is doing in the dance class. Pilon - pleasure, of course, is not cheap. But, believe me, this purchase will pay for itself, if not financially, then emotionally - for sure.

3. … which may fall

Pole stability can be a problem. So if you don’t want to get into an awkward situation at the most inopportune moment, then it’s better not to skimp on buying this special equipment and buy one that is more expensive and of better quality. And, of course, it is wiser to entrust its installation to a professional, who will surely screw the pylon as expected.

4. Husband will come home earlier

If your chosen one finds out that his life partner is engaged in such "dirty" dances, especially strip plastic, for which even a pole is not needed, he will certainly want you to demonstrate your skills. In the evening in the nearest pub with friends, he would rather prefer an evening in the company of a beautiful wife, and even one who dances seductively only for him. And then be prepared for the fact that the husband will turn on and be more passionate than ever.

5. Parents will not approve

If your life partner is happy like a boy, watching twists and passionate movements, then your parents most likely will not understand your new hobby. You can tell your mom about the pros of your dancing or not cover this topic at all to avoid reproachful looks and inappropriate comments.

6. Erotic lingerie and platform shoes will appear in your closet

Most likely, sooner or later you will want to buy beautiful erotic lingerie and shoes on a huge platform with an unimaginably long hairpin. Not for everyday wear, of course. There is nothing reprehensible in this: it is simply necessary to have several beautiful sets of linen in the closet, at least for yourself. Well, now also for dancing.

Shopping ideas from the portal "I Buy":

7. You can't stand on high heels

By the way, about studs. Out of habit, you will be terribly uncomfortable on them. And in the worst case scenario, you can not even stand on them and fall. Then your erotic dance will turn into a comic show. Yes, and you will be embarrassed. To prevent this from happening, you can start training in ordinary shoes with a heel that is comfortable for you. And then, having gained the necessary experience, quickly buy the highest studs that you can find in the store!

8. Risk of dance injury

When doing any kind of dance, the joints suffer a lot. When pole dancing, the knees are at risk, especially during landings and abrupt dismounts. Hands that are subjected to severe stress can also be damaged, especially the wrists. But, as they say, fear is great. You should not, only after learning about possible injuries, run away from the dance class. Professional dancers and instructors will help you avoid unpleasant moments and get the most out of your new hobby.

9. Prepare to bruise

Bruises and abrasions are another professional injury for half-dencers. On the armpits, on the shoulders, on the calves, on the hips - everywhere. This prospect should not scare you either. Bruises will disappear quickly, and the drive from training or the ecstasy from a finally successful new element will cheer you up for a long time. If you absolutely want to avoid such injuries, go-go, strip plastic or twerk is better. These dances are no worse, but the risk of injury in them is much less.

10. Become more relaxed and love your reflection in the mirror too much

It is quite obvious that practicing various "adult" dances will make you more relaxed. But, more importantly, you will become more confident in yourself. Not only in dance classes or in the bedroom in front of her husband, but in general in life. A few weeks after training, you will see that the figure has become slimmer, the shoulders straightened, the eyes burn brighter, the complexion has improved, and in heels and in a short skirt you feel confident, not embarrassed by your figure. You will want to admire your reflection more often, which will only become more attractive from week to week.

But do not think that, having felt such a surge of energy and passion, you can now leave the house in your obscenely high heels and in a depravedly short skirt. This outfit is absolutely exclusive - only for dancing!

Don't be afraid to try your hand at something new. Don't be put off by these minor issues that can be easily fixed. Just enjoy your hobby and the results it will bring!

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Simple tips from real athletes: how to get in shape

how pole dancing differs from striptease and why it conquered women 35+


When I started doing role dance and told my mother about it, she puzzled me with the question: “Well, why do you need to learn to dance striptease?”. I couldn’t even find an answer right away, but now I can say with confidence that these classes have little in common, if anything at all. So, what is pole dancing and why is it becoming more and more popular among women of all ages?

I have been to clubs and what local dancers demonstrated there can hardly be called high art. The skill of most of them leaves much to be desired - a few twists on the pole at the most, mainly the emphasis on undressing. If we are talking about pol dance, I will immediately emphasize that we are talking about a combination of the most difficult elements of gymnastics that require serious0111 physical training . And yes, this is NOT a striptease, and such associations depress me.

Mysterious role dance is gaining momentum - more and more girls, girls and mature ladies are mastering this kind of fitness . In many cities, studios are opening where you can put your figure in order in a short time. But not everything is as simple as it seems. I have been pole dancing for six months and I can draw some conclusions.

Types of classes and for whom they are

Lessons can be individual and group, you can walk from about 6 years of age. Usually coaches divide groups into adults and children. There are many teenagers and women among the visitors of the clubs who strive to work on themselves and improve their forms. Less often in the training room you can see men.

Separately, it is necessary to highlight the direction of Exotic pole dance, when the emphasis is on dance , while classical pole dance provides more interaction with the pole.

Duration of the workout

The duration of my workout was 1 hour and 20 minutes, and during this time I did more than in the gym in 2 hours. You get so tired that you can barely drag your feet on the way out, but the feeling of pride after successfully performing some kind of trick is incomparable. And the figure is improving right before our eyes.

What are we going to do?

Do not believe it - you will not have to dance in the classical sense of the word, especially at the beginning of the educational process. The emphasis in all workouts is on strengthening the muscles - literally every centimeter of the body is involved. A warm-up that includes cardio, plank and other exhausting exercises, painful stretching, mastering new shapes and repeating the “learned material”. It's not just difficult - it's very difficult, but it's worth it - adrenaline and self-esteem are guaranteed to you.

There is a risk of injury

The first month I walked around covered in bruises, and this is not an exaggeration at all. Until the body gets used to hard work and mechanical damage, it will react. Over time, there were fewer abrasions, but even then - one inaccurate movement, a sharp turn - and a bruise is guaranteed.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes, they are, and people with high blood pressure, problems with the spine and joints should first consult a doctor to understand if it is possible to subject the body to more stress. It is also a controversial point whether women over 50 should do Pole dance - this is not recommended, since bones become more fragile with age and the risk of injury, in particular fractures, increases.

What to wear?

I came to the first lesson in a closed T-shirt and sports trousers (I was ashamed of the extra pounds), ignoring the coach's warning to come in short shorts. And, of course, she could not do much - for work, the skin must be in contact with the pylon, which any fabric will only interfere with. So a special gymnastics suit is required - a top and mini-shorts. Yes, no one will especially look at your cellulite - believe me, not everyone who practices pole dance has an ideal figure.

Frequency of classes

For a faster and more effective result in the form of weight loss and development of skills, classes are optimal three times a week. I went twice and that was enough for me. By the way, no other sports direction gave such a rapid weight loss - the muscles are pumped, and in six months my parameters have decreased by two sizes.

Learn more