How to connect dancing water speakers

Water Dancing Speakers Refill - iFixit Repair Guide

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Time Required

15 - 20 minutes



  • Water plug & water 6 steps



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This guide will show you how to refill the dancing water speakers through the bottom water plug. These water speakers have a tendency to leak through the bottom water plug. This guide will show you step-by-step how to take the speakers apart so you can replace the water plug with super glue. The reason why we replace it with super glue is the glue works to seal the hole a lot more effectively and it's a simple process.

  • Phillips #0 Screwdriver

    4,95 €


  • E6000 Adhesive Glue

    3,95 €


    No parts specified.

      • You will need to have a clean work space, water dancing speakers, super glue, mineral water, and Phillips screw driver ready.

      • Unplug the USB cable powering your speakers before you continue.


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      • Once the four screws are taken out you will need to slide the bottom piece from the water canister.

      • When the two are separated set the water canister bottom facing up.


      • On the bottom of the water canister you will see a hole where the water was inserted. There will be a black plug covering the hole.

      • Using your screw driver you can pry the plug out.

      • Once the plug is taken out you can refill the speakers. Only refill the speakers with one inch of water.


    2. Edit

      • When the glue is dry slide speaker back on to water canister.

      • Once they are put together place back panel on and insert the four screws.

      • repeat steps 2 through 6 on second speaker.


    Almost done!

    Your water dancing speakers are now ready for use. Thank you for using this guide.


    Your water dancing speakers are now ready for use. Thank you for using this guide.

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    SHARPER IMAGE 207681 Lighted Dancing Water Speaker User Guide

    1 SHARPER IMAGE® 207681 Lighted Dancing Water Speaker User Guide

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    SHARPER IMAGE® 207681 Lighted Dancing Water Speaker User Guide

    Thank you for purchasing the Sharper Image Lighted Dancing Water Speakers.

    Please take a moment to read this guide and store it for future reference.

    • 2.1-Ch Bluetooth speaker system
    • Wireless range 30 ft.
    • Sleek, futuristic design
    • Hypnotic spinning water motion
    • Multicolored LED lights (Red/Yellow/Blue/Green)
    • Durable, clear acrylic with non-toxic liquid contents
    • Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices
    • Compatible with non-Bluetooth devices via 3.5mm line-in jack
    • Includes 3.5mm audio cable

    Satellite Speaker
    Satellite Speaker



    1. Place the unit on a flat, stable surface.
    2. Connect the satellite speakers to the base (subwoofer).
    3. Connect the AC adapter to the power jack on the base (subwoofer).
    4. Plug the AC adapter into an AC outlet.
    5. Turn ON the device.
    6. Turn ON the Bluetooth function of your phone or tablet.
    7. Pair your mobile device with the Lighted Dancing Water Speakers (“SI AUDIO”).
      NOTE: You may use the included 3.5mm audio cable to connect your non-Bluetooth device (CD player, laptop, video game console, TV, etc.) to the Audio In jack on the back of the subwoofer.


    • Ensure that air can circulate freely through the ventilation holes on this unit.
    • Allow at least 2” to 4” clearance around this unit.
    • Never expose this unit to direct sunlight, naked flames or excessive heat.
    • Never place this unit on other electrical equipment.
    • Keep away from this unit during a lightning storm.
    • Never remove the casing of this unit. There are no user-serviceable parts.
    • Keep this unit away from water, moisture and liquid-filled objects.
    • Do not immerse in water or any other liquid.
    • Do not operate this unit if the cords appear frayed or damaged. Contact Sharper Image
    • Customer Service immediately.

    Bluetooth 5.0
    Wireless Frequency 2.4Ghz
    Supply Voltage DC 5V 3A
    Rated Power (subwoofer) 5W
    Rated Power (satellite) 3W x 2
    Frequency Response Range 60Hz to 18KHz
    Bass Unit 220mm*325.5mm
    Treble Unit Φ 90mm*268mm
    Operating Temperature Φ °C to 40°C
    Storage Temperature -15° C to 60° C
    Storage Humidity 20% to 90% RH
    Dimensions (subwoofer) 8.7” L x 8.7” W x 12.8” H
    Dimensions (satellite) 3.5” L x 3.5” W x 10.6” H


    Sharper Image branded items purchased from include a 1-year limited replacement warranty. If you have any questions not covered in this guide, please call our Customer Service department at 1 (877) 210-3449. Customer Service agents are available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET.

    The SHARPER IMAGE® name and logo are registered trademarks.
    ©Sharper Image. All Rights Reserved.

    Documents / Resources

    SHARPER IMAGE 207681 Lighted Dancing Water Speaker [pdf] User Guide
    207681, Lighted Dancing Water Speaker
    • The Sharper Image - Official Site @
    Posted inSharper ImageTags: 207681, Lighted Dancing Water Speaker, sharper image

    BeFree Sound BFS-33X 2.1 Channel Dancing Water Bluetooth Wireless Multimedia LED Sound System User Manual

    BeFree Sound BFS-33X 2.1 Channel Dancing Water Bluetooth Wireless Multimedia LED Sound System


    Please take a moment to make sure everything listed below is included in your package

    1. 2. 1 CHANNEL 9 SOUND SYSTEM0016
    2. ADAPTER 5 V DC 2 A
    3. Cable 3.5 mm
    Connection of the rear speaker

    Work Dynamics

    Power supply to be able to use a 2.1-channel multimedia audio system DANCING WATER BLUETOOM you will need the supplied
    power cord and plug it into a power outlet. Do not disassemble, incinerate or heat the device. Do not leave the device in a place exposed to direct sunlight or in a car with the windows closed. Do not connect the device to a power source other than that specified here or on the label as this may result in fire or electric shock.
    SOUND SYSTEM ON/OFF Simply press the button to turn on the speakers. Water will slosh inside the device when it lights up, after which an alarm will sound.
    To turn off the speakers, simply press the O button. Water will spray inside the unit when the LEDs turn off.


    Before you can stream music, your Bluetooth® enabled device must be paired with your sound system. To pair a Bluetooth® enabled device with the sound system:

    1. Turn on the speakers.
    2. Make sure Bluetooth® is enabled on your device. Turn it on if it's not.
    3. Use your device to find nearby Bluetooth® devices. (This feature is usually found in the Bluetooth settings menu; see your device's user manual for more information.)
    4. Select "BF $ 33X" from the list of available devices on your phone.
    5. After successful pairing, the sound system will play a sound to alert the user that the music is ready to be streamed.

    If the pairing process fails, turn off the speakers and repeat the process. For a faster and hassle-free pairing, we recommend keeping your device within 3 feet of your speakers while pairing.


    When the speakers are connected to a Bluetooth® device. You can stream music from your device wirelessly to your speakers. For convenience, you can control music directly from
    main speaker with the following buttons:

    You can connect non-Bluetooth® devices using a 3. 5 mm AUX cable.

    1. Use the supplied AUX cable to connect the device's headphone jack or line output to the auxiliary input located on the back of the main speaker.
    2. An audible signal will indicate that the AUX mode is now enabled.
    3. Set the device volume to 80% of maximum and start playback from your device. If the music does not play automatically even after pressing the "Start" button on your device, try pressing )
      should start playing. button on the main unit and music
    4. The front panel of the main unit can be used in "AUX mode" to start/pause streaming or adjust the volume.

    This guide lists common problems and their solutions. Please read this guide before requesting service. If you need further assistance, please contact Befree Technical Support. The device cannot connect to the speaker via Bluetooth: turn the speakers off and on again. Try pairing again. Make sure no other device is connected to the speaker at the same time as it will not pair with two devices at the same time. If you are constantly unable to connect a Bluetooth® device to your speaker, make sure that any other Bluetooth® device in the vicinity that was previously connected to the speaker has Bluefooth® turned off. you have paired your device with your speaker before, and if you can't connect to your device, try disconnecting9speaker from your device using Bluetooth® mode on your device. (Please refer to your device's manual on how to unpair devices)
    Bluetooth® may be disabled on your device. Turn on Bluetooth® on your device and try pairing again. Your device may be outside the effective speaker connection range. Get closer to the speakers. Range may be adversely affected by environmental conditions. The device is connected, but there is no sound. Disconnect all cables from the AUX input connector from
    speaker back.
    Your device may be outside the effective playback range of the speakers. Get closer to the speakers. Range may be adversely affected by environmental conditions. Make sure the sound is actually playing on your device and not paused. The volume on your device or speaker may be too low.


    Note: The product is constantly being improved. We reserve the right to change product and specifications without prior notice. FOR WARRANTY INFORMATION AND FEEDBACK, PLEASE VISIT www.BEFRESOUND.COM Support & Warranty (323) 306-3885

    FCC Statement

    NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures:

    • Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
    • Increase the distance between the equipment and the receiver.
    • Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.
    • Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.

    Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user's authority to operate the equipment. This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

    Documents / Resources

    BeFree Sound BFS-33X 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Wireless Multimedia LED Sound System with Dancing Water [pdf] User Manual
    AWD-17F, AWD17F, 2ADZI-AWD,2ADZFS-17F,17 -33X 2.1CH Dancing Water Bluetooth Wireless Multimedia LED Sound System BFS-33X 2.1CH Dancing Water Bluetooth Wireless Multimedia LED Sound System
    Posted in BeFree Sound , BFS-33X 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Wireless Multimedia LED Sound System with Dancing Water

    Dancing Water Speakers

    If you like to listen to music and dream to it, then the unique water light speakers will definitely come in handy. Thanks to them, music can be heard and seen! They have a special transparent flask built in, inside which water mini-fountains play to the rhythms of the melody being played.

    "Dancing Water" - a novelty in the world of music

    Unusual speakers with the enchanting name "Dancing Water" are:

    • speaker system;
    • light music;
    • illuminated water show.

    To the beat of the music, water is splashed out from four identical nozzles under pressure and illuminated, as a result of which the user has the opportunity to observe the magnificence of the play of small fountains. Speakers "Dancing Water" - a novelty in the market of acoustic systems. They were awarded for original design. Therefore, they can be purchased as a gift to a beloved friend, brother, husband. Such columns will become an attribute of every party held at home. They will be able to provoke, pacify and cause real delight at the right time!

    What can the dancing speakers be used for?

    Do you urgently need to cheer up your friends and family? Or maybe to yourself? It is enough to buy speakers with water light music and connect them to the player! Speaker connectors are compatible with laptops, smartphones, TVs, iPhones, MP3 players, iPads, tablets and other modern technology. Thanks to the original "WATER DANCING" speaker system, a festive mood is provided to everyone who is within sight of the dancing fountains!

    Dancing Water speakers with universal USB output will be a good addition to your regular music listening. After all, four real water fountains are mounted in them, they play the rhythm of the melody, become higher, then lower, then brighter, then quieter.

    How do trendy speakers work?

    The principle of operation of the fountain is as follows. At the very bottom of the device are four pumps, their upper part is transparent. In accordance with the intensity of the music, liquid is injected vertically upwards under controlled pressure. In parallel, the water jet is illuminated by LEDs of different colors. All this is made possible thanks to the built-in electronic microcircuit, which controls the force of water injection and manages it.

    Despite the fact that the "WATER DANCING" speakers are focused on visual effect rather than functionality, they can still be called convenient and practical to use. The system can be connected to any available equipment: from TV to smartphone, tablet and personal computer. All you need is a USB cable.