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The complete career guide to be an Exotic Dancer or Stripper: salary, job growth, employers, best schools, and education you may need to get started.

Why We Love It

Exotic dancers may work in strip clubs, they may perform at private events like bachelor or bachelorette parties, or they may do both. They perform on stage, dancing and performing acrobatic tricks on a pole, or they may also perform lap dances with individual customers in secluded areas.

What is an Exotic Dancer or Stripper?

The following job responsibilities are common for individuals in exotic dancer or stripper roles:

  • Earn tips by performing dance and acrobatic routines on stage at a strip club
  • Earn money by providing individual lap dances for established fees, or earn money by performing strip teases at private parties
  • Mingle with customers and engage in conversations to encourage private sessions and repeat visits
  • Put together costumes, hairstyles, and makeup that are attractive and provocative

A Day in the Life

Exotic dancers may work in strip clubs, or they may perform at private parties. Some earn money through both types of engagements. For both roles, exotic dancers perform dance routines, acrobatics on a pole, and other types of entertainment. Some exotic dancers remove all of their clothing during performances, and others are required by law to keep certain pieces of clothing on. However, most strip tease sessions end with the exotic dancer wearing as few clothes as legally possible.

Most exotic dancers are self-employed. They are generally not employed by the clubs they work at and actually pay a fee to rent the stage and space used at strip clubs. Because of this, they do not earn an hourly rate and are dependent on the money they make from dances and tips to earn a living. While exotic dancers make some tips from dances performed on stage, they generally earn most of their money from private lap dance sessions. These are charged for by the song or by a specific time period.

Different states have different rules around what exotic dancers are and aren’t allowed to do. In some states, private lap dances are prohibited. Some states allow full nudity, some allow topless dancing only, and some require dancers to wear tops and bottoms. Some states prohibit touching between dancers and customers, where others allow minimal touching. Because of this, the day to day responsibilities can vary greatly based on where an exotic dancer works, as well as his/her own personal guidelines.

Typical Work Schedule

Because most exotic dancers are independent contractors and work for themselves, they can work as much or as little as they want. They can also set their own hours, though most tend to work evenings and weekends because those are the times when they can make the most money.

Typical Employers

Most exotic dancers work for themselves and simply rent space and stage time at strip clubs. However, some exotic dancers may work for the clubs they dance at, and some may work for exotic dancer services that provide strippers for private events like bachelor or bachelorette parties.

How To Become an Exotic Dancer or Stripper

No formal higher education is required to become an exotic dancer. In fact, many exotic dancers choose the occupation as a way to earn great money while in college pursuing a degree. The primary requirement for most exotic dancing roles is that you’re of legal age to work as an exotic dancer in your area. Each state has its own laws and regulations over age restrictions, as well as clothing requirements and other laws—so make sure to educate yourself on the legalities of the role before auditioning.

Becoming an exotic dancer is usually a matter of auditioning successfully. Some clubs will have amateur nights where they allow multiple aspiring exotic dancers to audition, and some will allow you to walk in on any night, get up on stage, and start dancing to prove you have the skills required. Physique may or may not be important—different clientele want to see different things—but stage presence and talent are critical. Whether you’re being hired by the club or just renting the space, clubs want exotic dancers who can draw crowds and will get rid of those that don’t have the right talents to appeal to audiences.

Succeeding as an exotic dancer that works for private parties is usually a matter of advertising your services at the club to receive invitations to work at events, or marketing your services in other ways. Some exotic dancers maintain websites and business cards, and others market services through a paid third-party provider that refers clients to the exotic dancer when appropriate. Some marketing and business skills can be helpful in this line of work since you’ll be accountable for generating all of your own income.

Exotic Dancer or Stripper Salary Data

We’ve provided you the following to learn more about this career. The salary and growth data on this page comes from recently published Bureau of Labor Statistics data while the recommendations and editorial content are based on our research.

National Anual Salary

Low Range


High Range

National Hourly Wage

Low Range


High Range

How do Exotic Dancer or Stripper salaries stack up to other jobs across the country? Based on the latest jobs data nationwide, Exotic Dancer or Stripper's can make an average annual salary of ---, or $18 per hour. This makes it an Above Average Salary. On the lower end, they can make --- or $9 per hour, perhaps when just starting out or based on the state you live in.

Salary Rankings And Facts

Highest Education Among Exotic Dancer or Strippers

  • 0.5%   Doctorate
  • 4.3%   Masters
  • 17%   Bachelors
  • 10.6%   Associates
  • 29%   College
  • 26.7%   High School
  • 11.9%   Less than High School

Job Growth Projections and Forecast

2014 Total Jobs

2024 Est. Jobs

Job Growth Rate
4. 6%

Est. New Jobs

How does Exotic Dancer or Stripper job growth stack up to other jobs across the country? By 2024, there will be a change of 600 jobs for a total of 13,600 people employed in the career nationwide. This is a 4.6% change in growth over the next ten years, giving the career a growth rate nationwide of Below Average.

Growth Rankings And Facts

What Companies Employ The Most Exotic Dancer or Strippers

Industry Current Jobs New Jobs Needed % Increase
Self-employed workers 2,000 100 0%
Drinking places (alcoholic beverages) 1,700 --- ---
Other schools and instruction; private 900 200 0%

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Become an Exotic Dance - MVP Hospitality Group

How To Become An Exotic Dancer

Do you have a strong work ethic? Do you have the grace, style, confidence, and moves to thrill an audience? If this sounds like you, we can make you a successful and high-earning stripper, regardless of experience.

You don't have to be a professional dancer to be a great stripper -- but, you have to have knockout confidence and a willingness to learn. Strippers need to be able to dance -- so if you want a gig in this industry, you'll need at least a couple of basic stage moves. YouTube hosts hundreds of videos, especially if you do a "beginning pole dance move" search. Watch some other girls perform to get an idea of what a good routine looks like is a good idea. Eye contact, a smile, and body awareness will go much further than back-breaking moves.
No formal higher education is required to become an exotic dancer. Many exotic dancers choose the occupation to earn great money while in college pursuing a degree. If you've never danced before, we'll quickly introduce you to the role so you can decide if it's for you. Just send us a message; we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Our management team works with you so you can achieve your highest earning potential. 

We do this in a few ways:

  • Full support and coaching through the role, including attire, hair and makeup advice
  • Professional management that works to keep drama at bay 
  • Sales training, so you learn how to increase your nightly earnings.
  • Help with goal setting – because we know entertainers are here for a good time, not a long time!

If you’re envisioning yourself on our stage, the first step is to apply. You don’t have to be a professional dancer to make it, but you do need knockout confidence and a willingness to learn. Ultimately, we’re looking for a great attitude, a bit of talent, and a commitment to going above and beyond for guests. At all of our gentlemen’s clubs, we provide training for all our entertainers, so even if you’re new to exotic dancing, you can be confident in your future career.

Stripping is a sales job

You're selling your time and attention. You can't just show up expecting to make bank. Competition is fierce. The job is based partly on looks, but some girls look like supermodels that leave the club in the red. It takes more than pole-dance classes and locker-room selfies to become a stripper. Stripping -- and the hustle of selling your time and company -- is a competitive sales job. 

  • Become a good talker: For many, this is the most challenging part of the job. You will hear a lot of the same questions. A simple, "Have you been here before?" or "What did you do today?" can go a long way. A stripper's hustle is akin to speed dating: You're trying to gather information and get to know a total stranger in a short amount of time. Some folks want to talk, others want to listen to you speak, and many people will be happy to open up once you establish a rapport.
  • Practice good health habits: Don't drink too much and avoid hard drugs. It's not sustainable. Doing so means losing money, hurting yourself, getting into arguments, or being at a terrible disadvantage.
  • Get in shape: You don't have to have a perfect body, but it's a good idea to start toning up. You'll feel more confident on stage, too, and confidence is essential. With that said, dancing is taxing, especially in a pair of super high heels. Getting in shape will help you prepare for the physical demands of the job. 
  • No glitter: Glitter gets everywhere and is challenging for clients to maintain discretion when covered in it. Clients may not book a dance with you because of it
  • Resources: Check out these sites: and

Earning potential of working as an exotic dancer

Easily the most common question we hear about working at our gentlemen's clubs is, "How much money do strippers make?" Because we're among the top-rated strip clubs, we're one of the highest-paying gentlemen's clubs.
The better salesperson you are, the better chance you might have at making better money. Private dances will earn you more money than tips from stage performances. Our dancers can earn as much as $6,000 for a single day of work, while our other staff enjoys competitive wages that far outpace the competition.

How to audition to be an exotic dancer

​At our clubs, we don’t hold auditions. You will have you schedule an interview by applying online at your chosen location. We don’t accept walk-in interviews. Please have patience,  we get several hundred applicants each week, so you may have to wait a few days to hear back. Once you apply, our hiring manager will reach out to set up an interview. You will need to have a valid photo ID to be interviewed, so be sure to bring it. You’ll then meet with a manager where they’ll get to know you, go over what they are looking for, and answer any questions you may have to make sure it’s an excellent fit for both you and them. 

Ready to become a stripper?

If you have a positive attitude, outgoing personality, like a bit of fun and don't mind the saucier side of life, then we want to hear from you! We offer full time and part-time positions and outstanding working conditions – we value our team and believe in our people. Have the jitters…? Contact us! We're happy to answer any questions you may have!

Wicked Whims - Strip Clubs - Let's Dance - The Sims 4 - Articles

Article Author : Turbo
Translated Author : Petr541
Requires the Get to Work extension.

Start a new strip club business! Set the stage, hire seductive dancers, turn on the music and watch the money flow!

Creators involved

Thanks to these amazing creators who helped bring this feature to life with 23 new custom animations for Pole Dancing, Spot Dancing and Lap Dancing. I really hope that you appreciate their work and support their efforts.

Lupobianco Animations - Patreon , LoversLab
Azmodan22 Animations - Patreon , LoversLab
ooOLaLa World Animations - Patreon , LoversLab
Mike24 Animations - Patreon , LoversLab
Zorak Animations - Patreon , LoversLab
wild_guy Animations - Patreon , LoversLab
Anarcis Animations - Patreon , LoversLab
Thanks to Noir and Dark Sims for helping me create the Dancing Pole object.
Noir and Dark Sims - Patreon ,
Blog And thanks to Nolan-Sims for designing the strip club icon.
Nolan-Sims - Tumblr, Twitter

Starting a business
Create a brand new strip club business. Similar to retail stores, restaurants, and veterinary clinics, set aside a lot for your strip club business and build it from the ground up. Just take out your phone and buy a club!

Strip clubs are not a type of venue, you need to use your phone or computer to purchase them.

Build a strip club
Business strip clubs have no requirements, you can build it however you want, but some objects are required for certain functions. Consider locating conventional strip clubs such as the Drinks Bar, Dancing Poles/Seats and Dancing and Viewing Seats, and Additional Seats in private lap dance venues.

You can build your club however you want, but the Dancing Pole and Dancing Spot objects require extra attention. Once you decide where you want your dancers to dance and place the Dancing Pole or Dancing Roller there, keep the comfort of your customers in mind as well. Each customer is looking for a place to take a seat as soon as they start watching the dancers, so be sure to place several seats around each dance pole and dance area.

It is not necessary for each hired dancer to purchase a Dancing Pole or Dancing Spot, as they will be busy with other tasks such as Bartending and Charming.

Tip: If you've built a stage for your dancers, it's a good idea to isolate it in such a way that clients don't climb on it instead of looking for a place. If the club is built in a way that makes it difficult to find a suitable spot to watch the dancers, this can lead to customers being placed in undesirable locations.

Strip club management
All management functions are controlled from a special club management category on your phone. Including designing employee clothing, working after hours, and viewing financial reports. You can even hire yourself as a dancer in your own club.

Your club is set by default to open at 19:00 (19:00) and close at 4:00 (04:00), as these are the busiest hours for strip clubs. You can set the opening hours by using your phone and clicking "Manage Opening Hours" in the "Striptease Club" category. You can open your club at any time by choosing the same opening and closing hours.

Employment of dancers has no restrictions, except that they can no longer have a job. You are allowed to hire up to 6 dancers (unless they are distributed via cheats) and assign them to any tasks you want during business hours. If you want to work in your own club, then the "Employ Yourself as a Dancer" option will do so if you have an available job and your Sim is not working somewhere else.

Hint: the menu with available recruitable sims can be expanded to display more options with the command "ww.set_stripclub_employee_pool_size < amount >". And you can increase the number of dancers you can hire to 12 using the command "ww. set_dancers_employee_limit < amount >".

When hiring a dancer, pay attention to their skills. Dancers with a good charisma skill will do better in charming clients. Dancers with a high mixology skill will be able to offer the best drinks that increase profits. And dancers with high fitness skill, one of the nudity skills and dancing will be better in "Stage Dance".

All hired dancers define your club type based on their gender and preferences, allowing you to create a regular club, a gay club, or a mixed club. This affects which customers will visit your place. Carefully selecting your employees will prevent certain clients from appearing.

Dancers hired at your club will perform one of three main tasks: Stage Dancing, Bartending, or Charming Clients. Each task can be assigned manually, or you can let the dancers decide for themselves depending on the current situation in the club. Micromanaging or helping yourself will increase the performance of your club, but dancers are fully capable of doing everything themselves.

To assign a task, click on the Dancer employee and select the "Assign Task" option in the Strip Club category. When playing as a dancer, simply start a specific task to automatically jump to it.

Stage Dancing and Viewing
Dancers with the Stage Dancing task will search for a nearby or designated Dancing Pole or Dancing Spot. Each dance program is randomly generated and can be changed at any time by clicking on a dancer. Stage dancers are one of the main reasons clients visit the club, so make sure you always have at least one on stage.

Every dancer on stage attracts the attention of customers who are willing to pay to see some impressive moves. Dance performance is the main factor that determines the amount of customer attention and the amount of advice a dancer receives. The main elements that contribute to a dance performance are dance skills, relationships with certain clients, and currently playing music. If a dancer is performing poorly, you will most likely notice uncontrollable yawns.

The better the skills and relationships with clients, the higher the performance, which directly affects how often and how often dancers receive advice. The more advice the dancer receives, the less clothes on the body.

Good performance is nothing when it doesn't last long enough Dancer, fitness, striptease and dance skills are a major factor in their duration. Each dance routine aims to last as long as possible, so once the dancer is done, they need a few minutes to rest. This obviously doesn't stop them from talking to customers and offering lap dances.

Tip: Dancing Spot Marker is used as an alternative to the dancing pole. It offers a brand new set of dances that do not include the pole dance. Dancers dancing on the Dancing Spot marker are free to move their bodies as they wish. In addition, Dancing Spot Marker comes with an invisible swatch that is hidden in live mode but still clickable. Try it!

Dancing pillars created by Azmodan22, Noir and MJ95 are supported by default.
Pole or seat dancing is available outside of strip clubs and allows you to develop the striptease skill.

Bartender and drinks
Bartending dancers will focus on making and serving drinks. The sale of drinks is the most lucrative source of income for the club, so it is imperative that someone look after the bar.

The process is quite simple, the customer enters the club, orders a drink, finishes it... and leaves the empty glass behind. Wait a few hours and your entire club will be filled with empty glasses. To deal with this chaos, consider hiring a janitor. Leaving empty glasses around not only takes up space, it also makes everyone quite uncomfortable.

Although the bartending dancers are involved in the sale of drinks, the management of prices and supplies of the bar remains with the owner.

Every drink you make consumes the bar supplies needed to keep it running. Drinks cannot be sold when your club runs out of stock. It is advisable to order bar supplies in advance so that they can arrive the next day. Plus, fewer bar supplies means fewer drinks to make. Customers who cannot order what they want will be very unhappy with it.

You can order supplies by clicking on any panel to access the Order Supplies menu at the strip club. The items purchased are made up of the total number of items ordered, which will be delivered the next day around noon. The cost of deliveries depends on the base price of drinks ordered by customers. Selling expensive drinks requires buying expensive goods.

Selling drinks at a base price and buying consumables to replenish the bar is not the most profitable loop. As the owner, you must adjust the price markup of drinks so that every drink sold is profitable. While selling drinks at 100% markup sounds great, it will fail very quickly when customers are left with drinks they don't want.

High mark-ups and low bar costs make customers less likely to buy drinks. The scarcity of consumables means fewer drinks, and the increased price makes them less attractive to buy. When you can't sell a customer's favorite drinks, cut the markup to make other drinks an attractive proposition... at least until bar supplies arrive.

You can adjust the markup by clicking on any panel to access the Strip Club's Markup menu. Don't get frustrated with setting the markup as high as you want. If someone does not complain, what harm.

Strip clubs have a special feature that increases the number of drinks Sims can order from 4 to 39, including drinks made by Icemunmun . And if you use the real names of drinks from Basemental, it's completely compatible.

Charm and Dancing
Charm challenge dancers focus on finding clients who are interested in socializing or lap dancing. Lap dancing is the biggest source of income for dancers and the most popular role in the club. In most situations, an outgoing client will look for an available dancer and ask them to dance.

Lap dances are performed in manually assigned places. Appointment of lap dance seats is required for clients to request a private dance. Any seating chair, sofa, armchair or chair in a club can be designated as a lap dance seat.

Simply build a separate room, place a seat in it and click on it to designate a lap dance seat. Any client wishing to dance will use the designated areas to receive a lap dance. Please note that all seats designated as lap dance venues are used exclusively for lap dancing, so sitting or napping is not permitted.

When clients do not want to ask for a lap dance, the dancer must take the initiative. After greeting the client, 6 new charming social interactions become available. Using a charming interaction works like a romance without actually creating a romantic connection between the dancer and the client. Instead, Charming increases the level of Charm, which affects how much the customer likes the dancer and the club itself. The higher the charm, the higher the tip.

Charming clients influence every aspect of the club. High charm with a dancer not only increases the tips they receive. When a customer orders a drink, they are more willing to pay a higher price. And when a dancer fails to charm a client, he may not want to return to the club.

During the lap dance, the same rules apply as for the stage dance. The better the skills and relationship with the client, the higher the performance, which directly affects how much the dancer earns, in addition to the usual pay.

Technical Details

All Strip Club settings are found in the Nude Settings -> Strip Club Settings menu.

Dress Up After Dance setup is quite simple, after each dance the dancers dress up in their career if they are partially nude.

The "Personal Lap Dance Cheat" setting unlocks the ability to request a lap dance at any time as a club owner.

The Static Clients Count option allows you to override the number of clients that show up in your club on a regular basis. By default, the club is considered the most active from 7pm to 3am, but changing this setting will force customers to show up every hour. To disable this cheat, change the number back to 0 (zero).

The Dancer Profit Percentage parameter allows you to change the revenue share for each individual tip the dancer receives. After a client throws money at a dancer or a dancer gets paid for a lap dance, a portion of that profit goes directly to the club. If you don't want dancers to share their profits with the club, change this setting to 0%.

The Dancer Earning Multiplier allows you to change how much the dancer earns from tips and lap dance. Changing the value to "200" will double the profit, while changing the value to "50" will increase half the profit.

The Bar Multiplier setting allows you to change how much the bar earns from selling drinks. Changing the value to "200" will double the profit, while changing the value to "50" will increase half the profit.

The "Native Undressing Behavior" setting focuses on how dancers undress while dancing. By default, dancers follow special rules that prevent them from taking off their gloves, shoes, and socks while dancing. When this setting is enabled, dancers will follow the rules you set in Nude Settings -> Clothing Settings.

The option "Auto assign dancers' tasks" allows you to disable the ability of dancers to automatically change their tasks. When a dancer performs a task that is not needed in the current situation, they will change it automatically unless this setting is disabled.

Focused interactions with dancing objects, if disabled, will unlock all interactions that will be available on dancing poles, dancing spot markers, and circle dance seats. By default, this setting limits interactivity with these objects to dance-related actions.

Client Visit Limits, if disabled, allows all Sims in the world to visit the club regardless of their current relationship status. By default, Sims in established relationships are less likely to visit the strip club.


Why is the lot set to General?

To ensure maximum compatibility with the game, WickedWhim's custom business lots are specifically set to "Universal". Everything should work fine.

I don't want my dancers to tend the bar. Can I hire a bartender?

No, for maximum flexibility, dancers can also care for the bar, as some clubs around the world do just that. All you have to do to have a dedicated bartender is hire a dancer to do just that task.

Assign a bartender task to a dancer, he will remember it every time he works and change into something that looks like a bartender. Performed.

Would you like to take the place of an employee dancer for the bartender? Just use the ww.set_dancers_employee_limit cheat command to increase the number of dancers you can hire.

Technical limitations

It was originally intended to use the Business Management window/tab to manage the strip club, but its extremely limited implementation prevented this. Then the alternative was to completely get rid of it and make all business operations manageable from the phone.

The strip club is managed using the phone, but the "Business Management" window/tab appears with a warning not to use it, as a complete blockage was causing errors in the game. The way you own a business in the game does not provide any other solutions.

Music & DJs [Future]

Music is one of the most important aspects of dance, every move seems less impressive if it doesn't match the rhythm of your favorite song. Every dancer should have their favorite genre of music, which is directly related to the music the DJ is playing.

The dancers will come with their favorite genre of music, and when it is played by a DJ, the performance of the dance is greatly increased. Playing the wrong music, or no music at all, hinders the performance, which subsequently reduces the amount of advice the dancers receive.

Since DJs only come with a few types of music they can play, the plan is to increase that number and allow them to play all the music the game has to offer. This is necessary if you decide to replace the DJ with a stereo system and control it manually.

In addition, dancers should be able to make friends with the DJ and share their tips to improve their dance performance. Friendly DJs will play the right music for the dancers on stage and will work really hard to make sure they look good while dancing.

Impact, Events and Security [Future]

The current implementation of the strip club function is a baseline experience that aims to provide a club management environment. Starting a strip club is minor, except for the possible loss of money. Dancer employees still require the emotional response and job satisfaction features that can impact your business performance if you neglect your staff.

Running a business can be pretty boring, so adding random events and events should add more variety. Anxious and needy customers, emotional and confused dancers, random accidents, potential quarrels and fights, and other events that require the player's involvement. Each day of running a club will be unique in some way.

When a problem arrives, the best thing to do is to let security deal with it. The bouncer who manages the entrance and charges extra for entry, as well as the security guard who kicks the butt of troubled customers. Anyone who breaks the rules of the club will be met by security and the pavement in front of the club.

Lack of impact makes everyone in the club feel empty. To fill this void, a lasting result is required from visiting the club for the first time, from excessive drinking, from lap dancing or from interacting with charming dancers. Relationship modifiers, individual moods, and reputation changes will come into play after you spend time in the club.

Significant Career [Future]

The main focus of creating a Strip Club is to manage it. The purpose of this function is to create a club, hire dancers and respond to what is happening. Where it is possible to hire a playable sim as a dancer, dancer gameplay is not the most fun experience.

Creating a meaningful gaming career is a challenge in its own right, which is about presenting interesting missions, variety of options, and reasonably fun gameplay. The fact is that the job of a dancer is not very interesting, so turning it into a main function requires much more attention and planning.

When playing as a dancer, you will perform typical tasks that the owner orders you to perform. You are free to do whatever you want as any dancer, but club work is up to you. Perhaps the introduction of more tasks for dancers, but not the exact purpose of the strip club.

Customization [Future]

Managing a club that never gets better can get tedious, so introducing specialized perks that make things easier and better will change that. The higher the tip, the easier it is to satisfy customers, the lower the cost of bar supplies, the less cleaning or accidents. There are many things that can make running your club easier.

The identity of your club should depend not only on the outside, but also on the rules that prevail inside. Defining the rules of your business will allow you to change its atmosphere and character. Maybe you want to require an entry fee, maybe you expect every customer to pay for at least one drink, maybe you have a very strict "do not touch" policy, or you don't want the dancers to talk to anyone and just offer dancing. Being able to manage your business is very important.

From personal experience: to work as a stripper in a club and on the road

In the section "On Personal Experience" we talk about unusual professions, outstanding hobbies and experiences that not everyone dares to repeat.

27-year-old Andrei was a coach in a sports club, Pasha is an accountant with two higher educations. But for the past five years, both have been working as strippers.

They did not hesitate to tell us about the backstage of the only male striptease club in Kyiv, private orders, whims of clients and even about intimate services.

About the beginning of his career

Andrey: I worked as a trainer in the gym, I was engaged in boxing. Somehow a girl came up to me, complimented my figure and invited me to dance in the “Little Red Riding Hood”, once there was such a club at Artyom. I agreed.

In general, strippers are mostly athletes who make money on training, proteins and personal care.

Pasha: And I worked in a bank for five years. Then he quit his job and started looking for a job where he didn't have to work. Found a job for a stripper, but they didn't hire me at first. After a couple of weeks they changed their minds because they didn't have enough dancers. I remember I came in a T-shirt, some jeans. And I was immediately, right in this, pushed onto the stage. I had never danced in my life, had no idea what to do. Somehow performed.

About relations with relatives

Pasha: I have had a regular girlfriend for four years now. She is annoyed by my work, but I had to put up with it. Mom would probably be upset if she found out what I do.

I live with my grandmother. She doesn't know either.

Andrey: The girl is not happy, but she got used to it. And to business partners with whom we have a small chain of eateries, I do not tell about my second job.

About working in clubs

Andrey: Now there is only one male striptease club in Kyiv. They treat dancers there like cannon fodder, they pay little - 400 hryvnia per night, plus half of what they earn on private parties.

Private dance costs 300 hryvnia, but if the client is expensively dressed, they can take a thousand from her.

The stripper will not be told about this and will be paid only 150 hryvnias. Then you yourself ask how much she paid, and you go nuts. They cheat all the time.

Pasha: Tipping is best hidden. Because you have to give half to the club. Once a guest gave a hundred dollars to everyone who was on stage, and to the waiters too. The owner immediately drove everyone to the back room, left each with 25 bucks, took the rest for himself.

About the night norm

Andriy: Each stripper must fulfill the norm for a crazy menu for several thousand hryvnias per night. You need to persuade a girl to buy alcohol, order a private party or “fire a stripper” - this is when she rents you for half an hour or more, and you sit only at her table or go somewhere with her. Often just to talk.

Usually they talk about unrequited feelings, that she lives with her husband, but fell in love with another.

And during privates, they most often say that they do everything to spite their husband, who either cheated, beats, or pays no attention. These are ready for anything, they themselves ask for sex.

Pasha: Somehow the club was almost empty. At one table, a completely extinguished woman, at the second - a very scary one. And Crazy needs to be done. My friend and I hung around them all night. I had to pull it out twice for a solo album - this is when you dance with a girl on stage. Only after that, at half past five in the morning, one matured to privat. She ordered me first, then a friend.

About intimacy

Andrey: In general, intimacy is prohibited. For this, a fine or dismissal, you can’t exchange phones either. But all privates take place in a separate room, and who knows what might happen there. Admins check the beginners - they can look into the room during the dance. And those who have been in the club for a long time are almost not controlled.

Pasha: Girls are hard to fight off. You start dancing, and she is already climbing where she doesn’t need to. Or she asks. I don't say no often. And I myself offer, especially now that we are working for ourselves. For Andrei, this is a taboo, but for me it’s ok.

For sex, the price is the same as for an hour of massage in the salon — 600 UAH/hour.

I can take even less if the girl pleases me. Or more if she's rich.

I am looking for clients on dating sites, I am registered on seven. Mambo brings in the most money, only poverty on Topface, and on Badoo too. I can sit like this all day long, chat in parallel with 10-15 girls.

Recently, a 72-year-old grandmother wrote on Mambo. Wanted to book all night for 600 bucks.

Sent her photos in underwear. But I hesitated.

And somehow he worked part-time, looking for girls for a very rich and busy friend. He simply told me the time and place where to bring the girl, and I went to the brothels, chose, threw off photos to him. He got his hundred dollars for it.

I know three brothels in Arena City, there are also 6 and 9 on Khreshchatyk. The center is full of them. Average prices are one hundred dollars per hour.

Client preferences

Andrey: We worked at the club for a year, then we got tired of plowing for a penny. Now we have two or three trips a week. Each costs at least 1,500 hryvnia, and the dance itself lasts seven minutes. On New Year's Eve there were eight orders a night, but I only managed five.

Pasha: On New Year's Eve, Santa Claus generally rested. Eight cops were ordered. This is the most popular image, for all occasions.

Andrey: Everyone wants toughness, but romance is dead. The gentleman's room is not very popular. It is mainly taken by ladies after forty. But there are few such clients.

About stupid situations

Andrey: Once I was driving to the exit in a police suit, with a dummy machine gun. Real police stopped me. I started explaining to them that I was a stripper. I had to unbutton my pants and show my underwear.

Pasha: Sometimes you come and the client has no music. Or they turn on M1 for you. And so you start dancing to some “Brains”, in the middle of the number the song breaks off with an advertisement for “Wedmedic Bo” pills, and you stand with a gun.

Andrey: Somehow we were ordered to Vasilkov - my son-in-law decided to surprise his mother-in-law. We arrive, and this is a typical rural club, the DJ is such an old guy who turns the tape recorder on and off. We dance - and the mother-in-law is in shock, she started to run away, we catch up with her, she tries to drag her to the dance, she breaks out.

Pasha: Once I managed to perform in the roadside cafe "Desant". This is such a tent two by two meters, in which they played chanson, and all the guests were 50 years old. They felt ridiculous.

About competition

Andrei: No one posts videos of their performances on the Internet so that competitors don't steal ideas. Although they can peep somewhere in the club. We have been robbed several times already.

Pasha: Same story with costumes. True, I have almost none, I don't care. But Andrew takes it seriously. He already has seven suits - a fireman, a policeman, a pirate, a gentleman, something else. All are made to order.

Andrew: Most often, the guys don't have costumes, but whatever. They will buy a second-hand traffic cop's uniform, and that's it.

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