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Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix brings back classic gameplay in Arcade Mode! Or try the brand new “Mix Mode”, designed specifically for the Nintendo Switch™!



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101 songs to choose from spanning 10 years, including previously unplayable tracks as well as the main theme "Catch the Wave" (music & lyrics by kz(livetune))!



    • Catch the Wave

    • Music & Lyrics by 


    This is the main theme of Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix,
    and the 10th anniversary commemorative song of Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA!
    Miku's voice connects the world to the future!
    • Alien Alien

    • Music & Lyrics by 


    On board a spaceship, Miku rides in from an unknown realm. .. to abduct you!?
    Love (and gravity) keeps you both together!
    Your very own alien is here to stay!
    • 39 Music!

    • Music & Lyrics by 


    Spread the spirit of Japan to the world through song!
    Let the emotions surround you and enter your heart!
    Change the channel to 39! C'mon, are you ready?
    • HIBANA

    • Music by 


      Lyrics by 

      DECO*27, Mes

    Escape the looming despair, and reach for the light of hope. ..
    A high-octane music video that packs a little extra oomph!
    • Teo

    • Music by 


       Lyrics by 


    A mesmerizing music video with a variety of lighting effects!
    Keep your eyes on the lively dance, dynamic camera, and radiant LED patterns throughout the performance!
    • ROKI

    • Music & Lyrics by 


    A digital rock song with a unique bass line and over 30 million views online!
    This catchy tune is loaded with internet culture references. Just listen as Rin and Len cheerfully talk over each other!
    Featuring the Blue Moon and Black Star modules!
    • Jigsaw puzzle

    • Music & Lyrics by 


    Released in 2018, this song by Mafumafu features a memorable guitar riff.
    The passionate vocals and vibrantly colored music video will send your heart on an unforgettable journey.
    An original music video by Devoid is available in the game!
    • Dreamin Chuchu

    • Music & Lyrics by 

      emon(Tes. )

    One of the songs released by the KARENT record label for Megurine Luka's 5th anniversary!
    This is an original music video by Mogelatte.
    • Ooedo Julianight

    • Music & Lyrics by 

      Mitchie M

    A song included on the Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary Album Re:Start, written by Mitchie M.
    The music represents styles from two different periods: the golden days of the Edo Ganroku Period, and the Heisei Period.
    The illustrations are by Ryugu Tsukasa, and the music video is by Not-116. They slipped in multiple cultural references about the Edo and Heisei periods, too!
    • JitterBug

    • Music & Lyrics by 

      Nanashi Hachiya

    An upbeat and rhythmic tune released during MEIKO's 15th anniversary. The harmony of the piano and other instruments will leave you invigorated and mystified.
    Keep an eye out for the intricate artwork and fantastical world created by Koronosuke Koron!

10 more new songs will be added!

If you own Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone on PlayStation®4:
A set of songs from Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix will be released as DLC for Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone in 2020! Stay tuned for more details.


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“Catch the Wave” Theme Song Module

Designed by LAM

T-Shirt Editor

T-Shirt Editor is a brand new feature included in Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix!
Using the Joy-Con™ and touch screen, you can create your very own module!

T-Shirt Creator

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T-Shirt Creator

T-Shirt Editor

  1. Use the pen tool to draw.
  2. Use the eraser tool to erase what you’ve drawn.
  3. Use the fill tool to fill in enclosed areas.
  4. Change the color of your pen and fill tool.
  5. Adjust pen and eraser size. Choose from 4 different sizes.

Color Creator

When you're done...

You can use your custom T-shirt design in your very own, one-of-a-kind music video!

hello how are you hatsune



For You




Hello, how are you? 💕 #hatsune miku #TikTok3周年 #Music

TikTok video from 清美🌙 (@kiyomisaito00): "Hello, how are you? 💕 #hatsune miku #TikTok3周年 #Music". original sound - Kiyomi Saito.


original sound - Kiyomi Saito - 清美🌙



I don't know how to dance 0_0 #hellohowareyou #hatsunemiku #foryou #dance #fyplyrics @johnnyxaneeees

696 Likes, 18 Comments. TikTok video from Hakashizu (@hakashizu): "I don't know how to dance 0_0 #hellohowareyou #hatsunemiku #foryou #dance #fyplyrics @johnnyxaneeees". Hello how are you.


Hello how are you - Hakashizu



Hello/How are you? : Hatsune Miku, FC on Expert /tags/#colorfulstage #colorfulstagefyp #colorfulstageprojectsekai #colorfulstagegameplay #colorfulstagehatsunemiku #rhythmgame #projectsekai #nightchordat2500 #25ji #vocaloid #hatsunemiku #fypシ #fyp

TikTok video from chio (@chioooo000): "Hello/How are you? : Hatsune Miku, FC on Expert /tags/#colorfulstage #colorfulstagefyp #colorfulstageprojectsekai #colorfulstagegameplay #colorfulstagehatsunemiku #rhythmgame #projectsekai #nightchordat2500 #25ji #vocaloid #hatsunemiku #fypシ #fyp". Hello/How are you? : Hatsune Miku | FC on Expert ! . Complete Silence 3 Minutes.


Complete Silence 3 Minutes - Michael Clendening


Len "Fan" Page

she #hatsunemiku #vocaloid

TikTok video from Len "Fan" Page (@kagaminelovemail): "she #hatsunemiku #vocaloid". Hello/How Are You by Hiehoe P ft. Hatsune Miku. Hello How Are You by Hoehoe P.


Hello How Are You by Hoehoe P - Len "Fan" Page



#미쿠 #하츠네미쿠 #hatsunemiku #projectsekai #hellohowareyou

626 Likes, 12 Comments. TikTok video from ANIMAGINATION (@animag12): "#미쿠 #하츠네미쿠 #hatsunemiku #projectsekai #hellohowareyou". ハロ/ハワユ (Cover).


ハロ/ハワユ (Cover) - YuiNijiki



Hello/How are you- Hatsune Miku (Remade it to show y'all the clap clap XD) @hoshi_chan_desu @ayadesu017 #pianocover #hatsunemiku

TikTok video from LightMusic (@music_waffles): "Hello/How are you- Hatsune Miku (Remade it to show y'all the clap clap XD) @hoshi_chan_desu @ayadesu017 #pianocover #hatsunemiku". original sound - LightMusic.


original sound - LightMusic



#Vocaloid #vocaloidSongoftheday #hatsunemiku

TikTok video from Maya (@bamtoucan): "#Vocaloid #vocaloidSongoftheday #hatsunemiku". Vocaloid song of the day 10/2/2022 hello/how are you by Nanou Ft. Hatsune Miku. original sound.


original sound - Maya



파맛 체리맛 눈맛 미쿠 3인전대 완성???#하츠네미쿠 #미쿠 #hatsunemiku #miku #projectsekai #프로세카 #hellohowareyou

12.1K Likes, 73 Comments. TikTok video from ANIMAGINATION (@animag12): "파맛 체리맛 눈맛 미쿠 3인전대 완성???#하츠네미쿠 #미쿠 #hatsunemiku #miku #projectsekai #프로세카 #hellohowareyou". hello/how are you.


hello/how are you - CIVILIAN

Olga Buzova - “50 shades of Buzova or boiled! A huge review with a bunch of evidence confirming Olga's far from angelic nature.

Hello everyone!

Not so long ago in the top IRecommend there was a laudatory review of Olga Buzova's concert . To be honest, such a high rating surprised me a lot and prompted me to express my opinion about this "singer". The review will be very long and informative, so get ready, be patient and have some cookies and tea.

I want to warn you right away, the review is based on my personal opinion! I just wanted to open the eyes of many naive people.

There was a time when I was completely indifferent to Olga and did not take her into account e. But after the start of her singing career, my opinion changed dramatically, and not for the better. I sincerely do not understand why you can sympathize with this woman. For outright plagiarism, hypocrisy, venality? Or for excessive pride? I will touch on all this in my review so as not to seem unfounded.

No matter how much I tried to ignore Buzova throughout the past year, it turned out badly, because, like , literally all the news was full of headlines about her person . There were articles laudatory, but sometimes there were those that formed my current opinion about her.

The first thing that immediately pushes Olga away is VOICE . Or rather, its complete absence. How can you listen to such a computer and processed sound? In Japan, there is a very popular virtual singer Hatsune Miku , which is completely computer generated. So, even it sounds more realistic and nicer than .

If the voice sounds so terribly weak with this very processing, then what is like without it?! The answer to this question can be found on YouTube, where, although a little, there is a video of real singing Buzova, from which the ears are folded into a tube.

Separately, it must be said about the music in Olga's songs. One word - uniformity. If you listen to several tracks in a row, then in general it may seem that this is one long song. Although, I have never done this, because I can hardly listen to even one record until the end of a. Boring, unrealistic, with a bunch of repetitions in the text, which are aimed at jamming in the brain, and nothing more.

With such horror, of course, you can’t count on live performance at concerts, so Buzova is saved here by the same magic wand that helps many Russian pop performers - FONORGAMMA.

In my opinion, no artist using this item in their performances has the right to be called a singer. Of course, there is a very good excuse - dancing. Like, since the "star" is dancing, then it is inconvenient for her to sing, her breath goes astray, etc. It seems like you can turn on plywood for this. So, this is complete nonsense! First of all, I always thought that if you are a singer, then you must first of all be able to sing. You dance well, but there is no voice - go to the dancers. Olga, unfortunately, does not know how to do either, but she manages to fit in here too. If we talk about dancing, then her movements are completely unprofessional . Dancing Buzova looks wooden and not plastic.

As for the performance of songs, then people who want to become real singers specially learn how to breathe correctly, which allows you to keep your voice. Even though you are jumping on the stage, even doing somersaults, it won't hurt to sing. The main thing is to breathe correctly. If Buzova wanted to, she would have done something like this for a long time, but she doesn’t need it, because people will lead anyway.

In Russia, there is another excuse: "Other stars sing to the veneer, why can't Olya?" . The answer question to such people is: "Why do you need to be equal to the bad? ". Why, since Olga is as wonderful as she says about herself, can she not be higher than this? Why not show how to do it? Why not try to improve?

After all, then she would really be head and shoulders above the rest, but no. Then why elevate her above other Russian performers and say that she is number one?

Another feature of the "singer" Buzova is a show, supposedly of a world level at her concerts. This is where it gets really funny! Our Russian audience is so yearned for quality performances that takes Olga's show for something incredible. I will say right away that I was not at her concert, but I saw a recording on the Internet on the official YouTube channel and, , as a person who has been to the performances of foreign performers, I can declare with full responsibility that Buzova, of course, does not pull up to truly world heights with a single voice , no scenery, no dancing, no costumes, nothing else.

If Olga Buzova does not have any outstanding talents, what then can hook the viewer, besides a computer voice and a catchy one-day song? Well, of course, PLAGIA by someone really important in the world of music! Apparently, Lady Gaga seemed the most suitable for this, because it was from this singer that she managed to borrow something three times! The first thing we got from this idea is impudent copying of the words of an American woman and an attempt to pass them off as her own.

Moreover, it cannot be said that Buzova simply liked the phrase, and she decided to use it. This was an obvious plagiarism with the replacement of the author's name with his own. As it turned out later, this was only the beginning.

The second - the most brazen, in my opinion, was copying two images of Lady Gaga at once in one day! Gaga appeared in one of them on the red carpet at the 2011 Grammy Awards.

I used the second one when I arrived in Athens in 2014.

Both releases made a lot of noise in the world media, which Buzova could not miss in her pursuit of fame. We can see the result of this at the MUZ TV 2017 award.

Moreover, Olga had the audacity to say about her image to the host of the event - Dmitry Nagiev: "I do everything first. " In my opinion, comments are superfluous.

The third case occurred quite recently, and it turned out to be the most innocent of the above, but the fact of borrowing, nevertheless, is obvious. I'm talking about Olga's video for the song Wi-Fi, namely for a specific pose from it, which is Lady Gaga's favorite.

In addition to the American pop diva, Buzova manages to copy other people. This applies, for example, to the image of Olga in the Hit Parade video. Designer Evgenia Ozma accused her of stealing .

And also the song Worth It by Fifth Harmony is indistinguishable from “It will be hot for us” , recorded by Buzova with Nastya Kudri. What can it say? Perhaps that Olga just wants to shamelessly ride on other people's laurels.

Smoothly review of the singing Buzova goes to Buzova as a person . In my opinion, there is no point in even talking about her excessive pride, because, as , she herself proves this over and over again and shows it in all kinds of interviews .

What is the recently released documentary "Girl of the Year" on her official YouTube channel! What for? You won't praise yourself - no one will praise you? If she just wanted to show her achievements for the year, then why this pretentious name?

We should also talk about Olga's LOOK. Yes, exactly in the image, no matter how hard she tried to prove the opposite. Below I will explain why I do not believe in her sincerity, but at first I wanted to touch the topic of divorce, which became a gold mine for Buzova.

Perhaps at first it was hard for her, she was worried, etc. , but at one fine moment either she herself or her PR people realized that money could be made from this, and good at that.

A poor abandoned girl who found the strength to survive her husband's infidelity and, moreover, to become popular. She poured her pain into 's songs, which resonated with listeners. What a beautiful story... That's just painfully fabulous . People love that kind of thing, especially women who can't do it themselves.

They see Olga as the embodiment of their dreams and are drawn to her . But for some reason, everyone immediately forgets that this is show business, moreover, Russian show business, in which such fairy tales do not happen. Everything is decided by money, and this very money is made on the naivety and faith of people.

So, Olga puts on the mask of a kind of stubborn angel who sincerely loves her fans and does not wish harm to anyone. But sometimes the real essence of Buzova takes over her gentle image and manifests itself in certain situations. What is the end of the program "Karaoke in the car" worth, where Buzova was indignant and cursed so that the earth shook.

The first incident I will mention happened quite recently, less than a month ago. A very interesting post appeared on Instagram of one of Olga's devoted fans, in which the girl writes about how she was lucky enough to get backstage at her favorite's concert. But her joyful dreams of meeting her idol turned into a harsh reality.

What do you say? Buzova literally talks about "her people" in every interview, while deliberately exposes herself as poor and defenseless so that her listeners feel like a real support. Good move, very correct manipulation. People like this feeling of care, and Olga knows that she needs to feed it from time to time, not letting the crowd come to their senses and take off their rose-colored glasses.

The second rather scandalous situation happened a little earlier. I think everyone remembers the terrible events that took place in 2017 in the St. Petersburg metro. A terrorist attack that shocked the whole country. It would seem, where to climb in such a difficult moment for many, but Olga's DISCONSCIOUSNESS knows no bounds.

As you know, St. Petersburg is Buzova's hometown. After what happened, she, of course, did not remain silent and wrote a post on her Instagram page about her feelings on this matter. But suddenly a comment suddenly appears under this very entry, and not from anyone, but from Olga's father.

The most interesting thing is that this comment was quickly deleted, perhaps at the request of Buzova herself, but it was too late, and many managed to notice him. What happens? Olga is in a hurry to publish a tearful post on the Internet in order to be in time while it is hot and topical, but at the same time she does not even call her relatives who live near the scene of the incident to make sure they are safe? A disgusting act!

The last thing I focus on - is a story associated with the L'Etoile store. I'm sure that if you want, at Buzova you can find a bunch more jambs , but I'm sorry to spend too much time on this, so I mention what I remember most of all in a year.

So, on the eve of the New Year 2018, the cosmetic company L’Etoile launched a dubious campaign in the largest cities of our country, the essence of which was that the sellers of this store were required to draw a certain number 9 on their faces0004 , thus counting down to the New Year. Actress Ksenia Alferova was the first to bring this strangeness to the public, she was shocked by such an attitude towards store employees.

This is not surprising. The inscription on the face, similar to the brand, for many workers was a real humiliation , but they had no choice. After the publication of Alferova's post on Instagram, heaps of angry comments rained down on L'Etoile from people outraged by the behavior of the store's administration. And then Olga appears. But not to support ordinary shop assistants.

On her page, all in the same social network , she posts a photo with an advertisement for L'Etoile, and the number of days until the New Year flaunts on her cheek. Moreover, she encourages her followers to take such photos to participate in the flash mob!

What do we see? There are two options: or Buzova again tried to get into the very hype , forcing her to talk about herself once again, or she just doesn't give a damn about the current situation and the attitude of store directors towards their own employees. Olga was paid for advertising , so there will be advertising. Good, bad, doesn't matter.

She will carry out propaganda among the fans, because the MAIN THING IS MONEY who will follow. But then what about her own words about her kindness and love for her fans? Another empty sound?

Separately, I would like to mention the image of the hardworking Olga , which is so promoted in the media and among her fans. Excuse me, but I don’t understand at all, what kind of diligence can we talk about? Nowadays, to record a hit one does not need either love for work or talent. We need money, and a lot of it. Buzova has them .

For them they will forge her voice, and shoot clips, and write texts, and promote correctly, this is not a problem . So if she doesn't do any of that, then what's the trouble? That she runs around all the shows and TV channels, trying to snatch a piece while she is at the peak of her popularity? But is just making the same money. Or did her work consist of sitting on the House - 2 from the age of 18?

Olga, says that she achieved everything herself with such a heroic look, as if she herself built all the houses on the television set by hand. But no, she did absolutely nothing there, except to play on camera . Does that count as hard work now?

At the end of the review, I would like to summarize all of the above. Why don't I love Olga Buzova? For her mediocrity, hypocrisy, constant lies and greed. I'm talking about intelligence in general. For some reason, it is believed that its ability to shove like a tank without dismantling the road is a plus for , but, as for me, rather the opposite. What is positive when a person brazenly pokes his head where he knows nothing?

Imagine that you are at work, doing your own business, which you are well versed in, and then someone completely outside flies in from the street, with a lot of money, but an absolute zero in this profession. He impudently climbs up to you, not understanding and not accepting the refusal, starts to carry some kind of delusional gag that everyone hawks, because this newcomer knows how to properly make eyes and give money to the right person. Is this a positive quality?

By the way, from the new songs the phrase - "Turn off the brain and turn on Buzov" is very memorable. Well, comments are superfluous here... Apparently, this is the only way to listen to her "creativity".

I hope that my review will help someone look at Olga Buzova from the other side. Do not allow yourself to hang noodles on your ears and impudently make money on you. Listen to good music

Twenty-one years of the 21st century in memes. Part 2: 2006-2010 / Habr

The first part of our retrospective of memes ended in 2005: on the eve of the classic Internet era of the late 2000s. Already there was a lot of marvelous and suitable - but the real explosion of the Runet meme culture began in 2006. The Internet became more and more mass and less and less "elitist", the audience grew at an unprecedented pace, and the network more and more penetrated into "real" life - which was increasingly called "offline".

▍ 2006: And the bear came

The loud greeting of the growing Runet to the outside world was the famous “Preved!”. It all happened at the end of February at the Leprosarium, which was then a closed section of the Dirty.ru website for special nonconformists and bastards. As usual with such an audience, along the way, Lepra was a forge of content. User Lobzz added a little touch to a primitivist painting by American musician and artist John Lurie called "Bear Surprise" that came to hand. Near the bear frightening a couple appeared the signature "Preved!" - and the runet broke.

While they were trying to put out the fire on Dirty.ru and punished “Preved!” a two-week ban - Medved broke into the open spaces of LiveJournal, which was then the main platform of the Russian-language blogosphere. After a short time, it became almost impossible to go on the Internet and not know “Hello, Medved!”. The meme broke out of the network: he appeared on the covers of magazines and newspaper articles, in TV shows and movies.

At the same time, this expression gave rise to a special slang, different from the “classic padonafskava” by voicing consonants instead of stunning, and other transitions of vowels. "Kagdila, krosavcheg?" - this is not Padonkafsky, but Medvedovsky. Only after 2009year "Preved, Medved" will cease to be relevant memes, remaining in the golden fund of Runet.

Medved was far from the only meme of 2006, although it was the most striking one. There were so many memes both in the English-language network and in RuNet that it is time to apply the expression that arose at the same time: It’s Over 9000! At the same time, the concept of “lulz” appeared on forchan, often in combination with a characteristic laughing smiley. Initially, it was usually used in the form of I Did It for the Lulz, combined with some kind of hard content - but "lulz" took on a life of its own, and for a long time meant any form of Internet fun and intoxication.

If the Runet was captured by Medved in 2006, then the English-language network was occupied by cats. More precisely, lolcats: pictures with cats and signatures of varying degrees of lulzness. One of the forms of lolcats was a meme about Longcat: photo-toads about a very elongated white cat, aiming at infinity and piercing the skies and galaxies. Everyone knows longcat is loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong.

The Pumpkin dance meme turned out to be no less stubborn: a successfully viral Halloween video with a man dressed as Jack the Pumpkin Lord dancing against the backdrop of graves. Initially, the man in the pumpkin mask danced to the music from Ghostbusters - but a set of screenshots, convenient for riveting memes, has become much more widespread than the video. Well, in RuNet, three frames were soon added with syllables of a word that was not particularly printed, but very suitable for “important negotiations”.

On the whole, 2006 was the year of the opening of the first mass social network for the world's Internet: Facebook. Strictly speaking, the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg appeared back in 2004 - but at first it was a closed network for Harvard students. Then it was opened to any US students with .edu mail, and since September 2006, Facebook has become available to all inhabitants of the planet aged 13 and over. The number of users has skyrocketed, and Facebook now has nearly three billion active users alone, in a world population of just under eight.

And it was in 2006 that Habr was born, then still called Habrahabr. Initially, it was a “small news feed” on IT topics, but rather quickly Habr turned into the most important and largest community of Russian-speaking IT specialists. However, a detailed history of Habr deserves a separate article.

In addition to Medved, for the purpose of unbridled photoshopping, they fell in love with the “witness from Fryazino”. Like Medved, he appeared on Lepre: its inhabitants were greatly admired by a stern-looking man in white sweatpants and a leather jacket, captured in a photograph of a wedding ceremony in Fryazino. He looked so out of place against the background of those around him that the “witness” was immediately cut out and began to be inserted into the most inappropriate cards and photographs.

As the bards and skalds of those distant days say, the “witness” even tried to get his photo removed from the Internet: memes reached the Fryazino locales. But, of course, the Internet was not going to let up, and the “witness from Fryazino” was noticed for more than a year in the most inappropriate places. Often already as an "Easter egg" for attentiveness for connoisseurs.

One of the most viral videos of the year in Runet was “cutting the door”, it is also “violent Slavik” and “interesting personality”. Actually, the recording was made by a police officer of St. Petersburg, who arrived at the call on the complaint of neighbors about the rampage of a certain Slavik. Since Slavik refused to open the door, being in a peculiar state of consciousness, the policemen had to open the door. After that, the aforementioned Slavik began violently and memetically to demand from the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs “to cut down the door back. ” The video was scattered across the network a little less than Medved and the witness from Fryazino, and the Runet slang was enriched with the words “cut down” and “cut out”.

Well, two memetic melodies became the musical accompaniment of the year. “Dragostea Din Tei” by the Moldovan group O-Zone was then heard from any iron all over the planet - and in Runet it was more often recognized by the phrase from the chorus “Numa Numa Ei”. Strictly speaking, in the original it is written as nu mă, nu mă iei, that is, "do not take me (with you)". Also, the song became famous in the Russian-language rehashing by Professor Lebedinsky as "I'm dancing drunk on the table."

At the same time, Ievan polkka, better known in RuNet as “yak tsup tsop”, began to enjoy narrower and, above all, Internet popularity. The classic Finnish “Eva’s polka”, which was danced on farms almost in the 18th century, was superimposed on frames from the anime Bleach!, in which the girlfriend of the protagonist Orihime spins a bow with a very positive look. Although Ievan polkka has quite meaningful lyrics in Finnish, in the video with the same “yak tsup tsop parvi karidola” untranslatable lines from the end of the song were used. Since then, "Eva's polka" has become one of the most recognizable Finnish melodies in the world - and a symbol of the country no worse than the sauna, the Moomins and the "perkele".

▍ 2007: puff puff, ya Cthulhu!

“Give me back my 2007!”

- this phrase fits the history of Runet even more than the nostalgia of the late millennials for the bygone zero. There has never been a year like this before, and there never will be again. Already a lot of the brightest and most significant phenomena in the life of the Russian-speaking segment of the network saw the light in the “golden 2007”.

It was in 2007 that Lurk was founded - then even better known under the full name Lurkomorye. The main encyclopedia of Runet memes and not only will soon become one of the most important resources of the Russian-language network, an alternative to Wikipedia with many detailed articles on any topic in its inimitable style. However, we have a separate article about this.

In April, the abysses of the Leprozorium erupted into the white world Upyachka. Initially, it was just a stubborn gif from xbost user with a dancing man and a thoughtful phrase: “Live chocho goof! Goofy bitch! Shchiachlo popyachts popyachts! I'm an idiot! Kill me, somebody!" Interestingly, initially the gif was part of the attempts of Lepra users to “fight” with Habr, but very quickly the discourse about the “goof” took on a life of its own.

Upyachka separated from Lepra into a separate site with a special community and slang, different from both padonkafskava and Medvedovsky. Around Upyachka, a lot of independent memes of varying degrees of suitability and stubbornness appeared, and Anatoly Wasserman, solemnly renamed Onotole, became one of the symbols of the movement. Puff-puff, in general, ololo, I'm a UFO driver. And shrimp at the same time.

In the same year, the Runet Quote Book, bash.org, took first place in the popular vote for the Runet Prize 2007. It appeared a few years earlier - but it won real popularity just in 2007. At that time, almost everyone sat on Bashorga, and the most popular quotes from the life of the network and not only society successfully replaced the format of classic jokes. In the same year, a webcomics section was attached to Bash, which greatly contributed to the popularization of this format in Runet.

In 2007, there was a rapid growth of the social network "Vkontakte". The brainchild of Pavel Durov, the Russian-language alternative to Facebook, was released back in 2006, but really “shot” a little later. From February to November, it grew from 100,000 to 3 million users. Since then, and to this day, the Runet has become impossible to imagine without VK, and LJ, which dominated at the end of the 2000s, has long become a restless platform for oldfags.

Along the way, the network was filled with mockery of the "emo" subculture, which had reached its peak of popularity. Teenagers of both sexes in black and pink (who said Slaanesh?) listened to indie rock and metalcore, wore slanting black bangs and expressed universal sorrow with their whole appearance. Naturally, the inhabitants of the then Internet, accustomed to mocking everything and the whole, could not approach this all differently than with megatons of ferocious banter, the aftershocks of which sometimes erupt even in the 2020s.

Memes about the extreme severity of Chelyabinsk have become a symbolic antipode of emo. As you know, Chelyabinsk emos are so severe that they wring out mobile phones from Moscow gopniks. Perhaps this is where Chuck Norris was born. However, there is a version that it was Chuck Norris who gave birth to Chelyabinsk. Well, and everything else.

An anime-style mascot girl, Twoch-chan, with characteristic red pigtails, has appeared on Twoch. Then it was very popular, and anime mascots were invented for anything. Even the Soviet Union has its own mascot, USSR-chan.

And then they also made a game about them, "Endless Summer". Symbolically, what was originally planned as an ironic dating sim about memes turned into an existential drama about the meaning of life and all that.

Along the way, on Forchan, from a fragment of the anime Azumanga Daioh, the concept of waifu arose: an anime girl who likes someone (usually a hickey anime guy) so much that he quite seriously considers her his wife. Our magical, so to speak, information age.

In the same place, the “rule 34” was finally formed and even had, mm, the official website: the most famous of one of the editions of the “rules of the Internet”. It says: if something exists, there is porn or hentai about it. With no exceptions. So it goes.

And back in 2007, in LiveJournal and on the newly created Lurk, the prophet Yarovrat with his emergence, the ball of Sviborg, Technoviking became famous. Back in 2007, Cthulhu reached the peak of popularity in Runet. And many many others. If you write at least briefly about the main thing, then you need a separate article. Fortunately, there are mirrors of the unyielding Lurk, where you can still read about it in detail to this day.

And back in 2007, a rather successful seventh "Windows" was released, which is actively used in some places to this day. And the first iPhone was also released in 2007.

It was a marvelous year.

▍ 2008: Rickrolling? No, no, no, David Blaine!

On the web, this year was remembered for the rickrolling epidemic. So they called another fun of Anonymous from Forchan: throwing hyperlinks to Rick Astley's music video "Never Gonna Give You Up" under the guise of any other for any reason. Or inserting a fragment of the same clip into any video. Rickrolling has spread like wildfire across the web, with everyone from high school students to high-profile corporate managers doing it.

Along the way, just in 2008, Anonymous turned from a community of lulz fans on imageboards into something more serious: the movement acquired a political meaning and began to actively participate in various protest movements, such as Occupy Wall Street in 2011. Simultaneously with this came the emergence of the universally recognizable and main symbol of Anonymous: the Guy Fawkes mask. The image of a radical from the early 17th century who was about to blow up the king and parliament was refracted in the comic book and film V for Vendetta, and it was from there that the recognizable design came. The mask turned out to be convenient not only symbolically, but also practically: for hiding the face of a protester.

A notable movie meme of the year was the image of the Joker from The Dark Knight performed by Heath Ledger, coupled with his catch-phrase "Why so serious?", "Why are you so serious?". To this day, many consider Ledger's Joker to be the best of all - and the phrase about seriousness turned out to be very close to the then Internet culture.

Another recognizable symbol that appeared in 2008 and is fairly associated with Anonymous is the trollface. It's funny that the original meaning of the drawing by student Carlos Ramirez was to criticize trolling as a phenomenon - but fans of Internet trolling immediately appropriated it as a symbol and self-representation.

At the same time, a face pattern somewhat similar in style to the trollface appeared on Forchan, but expressing strictly the opposite emotions in their sharply negative spectrum. It was the famous Ffruustration, also known as FFFUUU.

Trollface and Ffruustration together spawned a vogue for what would later be called Rage Comics, but it won't take shape as a mainstream phenomenon until next year.

Caramelldansen and "New Year from Glass Wool" became the musical memes of the year in Runet. The first turned out to be another successful combination of anime and music: the track of the Swedish pop group in 2001 and the heroines of the visual novel Popotan dancing in a characteristic style. The meme was born, like many others, on Forchan - but experienced an initial explosion of popularity in Japan at the end of 2007. From the Japanese network, he escaped into the world, and already in 2008, YouTube was filled to the brim with endless variations of Caramelldansen with anime characters and real people. And the dance has become one of the main symbols of the anime culture of the late 2000s.

"New Year from Glass Wool" was born as a spherical product in a vacuum of provincial television at the turn of the nineties and zero. It is unlikely that four guys from Orenburg could have imagined that their self-made New Year's greetings for local TV, recorded in 2001, would become famous all over the Russian Internet and beyond a few years later - but that's exactly what happened. Actually, it was not the dvachers and not the lepers who noticed him, but the Shit Parade program on MTV. But the clip “went” to the Internet audience to the point that in my feeds, even with 2022, some congratulated them.

Not a musical video meme, but scattered all over the Russian Internet, was the videos of the American illusionist David Blaine about “special street magic” miraculously translated into Russian by Andrey Bocharov. Especially the first of them, which gave rise to a lot of viral phrases like "feet in my mouth" and "no-no-no, David Blaine. "

In the same year, Pallas's cat became viral in Runet: rare, round-fluffy steppe cats with a characteristic sad-ferocious look. Alas, manuls have not gone through that path of adaptation to humans over countless generations of selection that ordinary domestic cats, and keeping them as pets is highly discouraged for health. The owner's health is predominant. But the inhabitants of the Internet liked the manula very much and became a recognizable meme. Including in the form of photographs of a manul with a ferocious expression of the muzzle, and the caption "stroke the cat, bitch!".

▍ 2009: Mr. Trololo and Demotivators

In 2009, the Internet was flooded with a sea of ​​demotivators. Initially, they were parodies of motivators: the popular practice of American offices to hang pictures in colored frames on the walls with accompanying quotes of an uplifting and motivating nature.

Since it often looked false at best, and sometimes frankly cringish (as they would say ten years later), motivators began to be parodied by demotivators: pictures in black frames with signatures of a gloomy, sarcastic and demotivating nature. Fashion swept the net in 2009year, and demotivators at the turn of the zero and tenth were almost everywhere, on any topic and from any position. He combined from perhaps an evil and cynical attitude, pessimism and sarcasm. However, if some demotivators expressed general hopelessness, then others tried to convey not the worst thoughts to the audience through negativity and criticism.

In the same year, under the influence of trollface and fffuuu, a lot of easy-to-create webcomics and sketches on the knee memes with faces began to appear. They expressed a wide variety of emotions, were easily understood even by a person far from two with a forchan and a lepro with a goof, and therefore gained worldwide popularity under the unifying concept of Rage Comics. Now they are generally out of fashion, and other faces are in use for riveting memes - but it was Rage Comics that laid the foundation for modern memes about doomers and boomers, a Nordic man with a beard and soyjack, thousands of them.

It is unlikely that the Soviet singer Eduard Khil, recording in 1976 the vocalization “I am very glad, because I am finally returning home ...”, could imagine the degree of sudden popularity decades later - but that is exactly what happened. In 2009, Internet trolling was on everyone's lips, and some vocalization sounds were very similar to "trololo". Video footage from the 70s went viral around the world. The Soviet singer, half-forgotten by the end of the 2000s, suddenly became a world-class star, known as “Mr. Trololo”, and in Smolensk the school where he once studied was renamed after him.

Another song that became famous in 2009, mainly in the Russian-language network, was "Magic Rabbit" performed by the Belarusian schoolboy Yuri Demidovich. The song for the qualifying round for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest combined text with inserts in pseudo-Latin with a peculiar manner of performance. A children's song about a magic rabbit that "misses his mother, studies Latin, draws a zero with chalk" was perceived by the audience as something "for the glory of the soton to summon demons from the abyss of hell", and went viral in the most unexpected way for authors and performers. Fuel was added to the fire by the fact that simultaneously with the performance in the Moscow region, a very rare tornado for these places passed with human losses. A huge number of gags were made based on the song, and even a game about a huge infernal rabbit.

Along the way, in 2009, a virtual singer from Japan, Vocaloid Hatsune Miku, became viral in Runet. By that time, she had already gained immense popularity in Japan and the English-language network. Well, from all the speakers sounded a peppy and extremely sticky Turkish motive "Aram Zam Zam", for which, after a certain number of auditions, many wanted to take on heavy objects.

▍ 2010: sad Keanu and Polandball

2010 was the year of the emergence of a number of important and iconic Internet phenomena.

It was then that Instagram was born, now even in Russia in some regions it is ahead of VK in popularity, not to mention Facebook and Odnoklassniki. It was then that World of Tanks came out: a “niche product” from a team of enthusiasts, which unexpectedly gained wild popularity with a multi-million audience, and turned Wargaming from a small company of Belarusian game developers into a powerful international company.

Twitter has undergone a rebranding, received a recognizable bird symbol and gained worldwide popularity. In subsequent years, its huge audience, unexpectedly for many, will turn out to be an international political factor: a new wave of protest movements in different countries will use it so widely and actively for information and self-organization that even the concept of “Twitter revolutions” will arise.

A new format of memes for describing and discussing history has appeared on the Russian-German imageboard "krauts" from the jokes about the Poles that unite Russians and Germans: countryballs. The first ball-country, of course, was Poland. At first, she looked like an object of jokes, an unfortunate character who even had national colors mixed up: on the Polish flag, red is lower than white, on Polandball it's the other way around. The original Polandball was forced to work as a plumber, like a stereotypical Polish immigrant of the zeros in Western Europe, he “couldn’t go into space”, was armed with a vantus and constantly uttered the main Polish curse: “kurwa!”

Over time, country balls appeared in all countries of the world, with their own traditions and internal memes. And Polandball began to appear often with hussar wings, symbolizing the militancy and severity of the Commonwealth. True, the mixed colors are usually preserved anyway: this is the tradition.

In Runet, the character of the children's book by Lyudmila Petrushevskaya, Pyotr Piglet, has suddenly become popular. The idea that a piglet on a red tractor leaves the Russian Federation for the purpose of emigration was thought up on Dvacha a few years earlier - but in 2010, a clip was riveted on Lepre with a song about how Peter Piglet, mm, leaves the Russian Federation, illegally borrowing for this is not a very good tractor. Since then, and to this day, a pig on a red tractor has become a symbol of the new Russian emigration, used by both its participants and sympathizers, and their ill-wishers. And the red tractor was also lit up as an Easter egg in the new “Good night, kids.”

The main meme-pictures of 2010 were sad Keanu Reeves, eating a pie on a bench, talking about the impossibility of just (substituting the right one) Boromir from The Lord of the Rings, and astronaut Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, explaining to cowboy Woody that something is just everywhere and everywhere.

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