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A Dance Tune to Cry to | “The Only Heartbreaker” by Mitski – Impact 89FM

Taylor Truszkowski, Writer/Volunteer
November 30, 2021

To excite fans for her upcoming album Laurel Hell, set to release February 2022,  Mitski paired her new single “The Only Heartbreaker” with her previous single “Working for the Knife.” This duo works well to give fans a hint at what themes Mitski will use to tug at our heartstrings this time around.

Through contrasts and complements, the two songs bounce off each other to tell a story of dissatisfaction and self-blame. 

“The Only Heartbreaker” has an uncharacteristically upbeat sound not typically associated with Mitski. It has that sort of techno-pop element that makes you want to toss your hair around in a sweaty ‘80s nightclub. It is almost a dance song if it were not for the melancholic lyrics. 

Her self-blame is explained with the first few lines:

If you would just make one mistake /

What a relief that would be /

But I think for as long as we’re together /

I’ll be the only heartbreaker.

Mitski lets us know that she has no one to blame but herself for her crumbling relationship. This idea is further expressed by the imagery in her music video, which depicts her dancing in a forest where every plant she touches dies. 

While “The Only Heartbreaker” places the blame on Mitski for her failed relationship, “Working for the Knife” blames Mitski for her dissatisfaction in other areas of her life.

In “Working for the Knife,” Mitski expresses regret, singing:

I used to think I’d be done by twenty /

Now at 29, the road ahead appears the same.”

She goes on to sing:

I always thought the choice was mine /

And I was right but I just chose wrong.

These lyrics express dissatisfaction with her current state and regret that she has not been able to change her situation. Like in “The Only Heartbreaker,” she puts the blame on herself, saying that she was the one who made the wrong decision and no one else did that for her. 

The connection in the theme of the two singles signals the pairing of them was to deliberately send a message. Mitski’s message to us is that she screwed up in multiple areas of her life. Yet with this problem, she presents a solution.

There’s a reason she crafted “The Only Heartbreaker” to be a dance tune instead of her usual steady indie rock. It tells us that in Mitski’s situation, the best thing to do is accept your faults and submit to whatever comes next, the way our bodies submit to wild sounds on a dance floor.

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Andrews Sisters – Heartbreaker / (Every Time They Play The) Sabre Dance (1948, Shellac)

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Written-By – Frank Capano, Max C. Freedman, Morty Berk

Written-By – Frank Capano, Max C. Freedman, Morty Berk

B(Every Time They Play The) Sabre Dance

Written-By – Allan Roberts, Aram Khatchaturian, Lester Lee (2)

Written-By – Allan Roberts, Aram Khatchaturian, Lester Lee (2)

  • Manufactured By – Decca Records, Inc.
  • Accompanied By [With] – The Harmonica Gentlemen

Label variant: "with" not capitalized:
Vocal with

The Billboard Music Popularity Charts Honor Roll Of Hits 24 April 1948 for week ending 16 April 1948

Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.
Marca Registrada
Manufactured by Decca Records, Inc., New York, U.S.A.

• Licensed by mfr. U.S. Pat.s no. 1637548, RE16588, 1895178 (Other Pats-Pend.) Only for Non-commercial use on phonographs in homes • Mfr. and original purchaser agree this record shall not be resold nor used for any other purpose • See detailed notice on envelope •

  • Matrix / Runout (Label, side A): L 4828
  • Matrix / Runout (Label, side B): L 4827
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout, side A, stamped, variant 1): WL4828T26A 3
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout, side B, stamped, variant 1): WL4827T17A 3
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout, side A, stamped, variant 2): WL4828T117A ⑤
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout, side B, stamped, variant 2): WL4827T116A ⑤

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Heartbreaker / (Every Time They Play The) Sabre Dance (Shellac, 10", 78 RPM)Decca24427Canada1948

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(Every Time They Play The) Sabre Dance / Heartbreaker (Shellac, 10", 78 RPM)DeccaY6157 Australia1948

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Heartbreaker / (Every Time They Play The) Sabre Dance (Shellac, 10", 78 RPM)Decca24427US1948

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    "Heartbreaker": "dirty dancing" of love

    The sex symbols of French cinema come together in the new romantic comedy Heartbreaker.

    The film's protagonist, Alex Lippi (Romain Durie), is a professional heartthrob. Seducing women is his job. His clients are parents, friends and relatives of girls who, in their opinion, are dating "bad" guys. Alex's task is to subtly and accurately show the woman that her chosen one does not suit her at all. His sister Melanie and her husband Mark help him create comfortable working conditions. Everything goes like clockwork, but one day Alex gets a really difficult order: he has to upset the ideal union of the rich Frenchwoman Juliette Van Der Beek (Vanessa Paradis) and the English millionaire Jonathan Elcott 10 days before their wedding.

    "Heartbreaker" is the debut of director Pascal Chaumel in a big movie, and, I must admit, very successful. This is how he quickly managed to attract two recognized sex symbols of France, Romain Duris and Vanessa Paradis, to the main roles in his moderately original film. Both of them have, to put it mildly, a specific appearance, but this does not prevent them from film to film from portraying hero-lovers, who go crazy all around.

    The secret of Vanessa's popularity is not a secret at all - after lassoing Johnny Depp and subsequently giving birth to two children, the Frenchwoman gained worldwide fame. Romain Durie was not lucky to find a Hollywood star as his wife, but roles in romantic comedies like The Spanish Flu and Pretty Women, and then in complex dramas like My Heart Stopped Beating and Molière brought him great fame in his homeland. In "Heartbreaker" Dury and Paradis (sounds more than poetic), oddly enough, made up a very harmonious duet: a restrained blonde "nibbler" and a passionate owner of black curls do not compete in acting skills, but perfectly complement each other.

    Pascal Chaumel's painting is a beautiful and innocent example of such a win-win genre as "romantic comedy". Light and unobtrusive French humor and the eye-pleasing landscapes of sunny Monaco refresh no worse than the sea breeze, and the wonderful soundtrack, seasoned with the legendary song “Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing, creates more than a romantic mood. By the way, fans of the aforementioned masterpiece with Patrick Swayze "Heartbreaker" will especially like it - Romain Durie and Vanessa Paradis more than talentedly perform one of the most famous dances in the history of cinema.

    According to the protagonist's professional theory, there are three types of women in love: happy, unhappy, and unhappy, but afraid to admit it to themselves. The latter are his work. Breaking up couples seems more than inhumane, but in fact, Alex Lippi saves women from unhappy love, which can last for years and even decades, if the shortcomings of this union are not pointed out in time. It’s a pity that you won’t find such professionals in real life: how much less often the ladies would wring their hands and shed tears if they knew before the wedding that there were other, more worthy contenders for their hearts in the world. But, alas, people have to manage on their own - to search on their own, make mistakes, be disappointed and again look for true love.

    Anna GogolAugust 3, 2010

    Laysan Utyasheva's son is growing up as a heartthrob, and her daughter will dance

    • News

    Laysan Utyasheva told how their children grow up with Pavel Volya and who is interested in Robert Volya's children.

    August 12, 201517 722

    Laysan Utyasheva

    Instagram (an extremist organization banned in Russia) Laysan Utyasheva

    Laysan Utyasheva and Pavel Volya are raising two children, two-year-old Robert and three-month-old Sofia. Spouses do not advertise their personal lives, do not show their heirs, and quite rarely share news about the family. However, the former gymnast sometimes makes an exception and talks about how the kids grow up, what they are interested in and who they might become in the future. In addition, the host of the Dancing project is happy to reveal the secrets of beauty and health. For example, how not to gain extra pounds during pregnancy, and then quickly get in shape.

    When a family is preparing for the birth of a second child, the question of childish jealousy invariably arises. Fortunately, Lasan and Pavel managed to avoid this. They told their son in advance that a baby would be born soon.

    “Robik is wrapped in such love: grandparents, aunts, uncles, the entire Comedy Club team adore him, they often come to visit us. Therefore, the feeling of jealousy is not familiar to him. On the contrary, as a senior, he tries to help, ”Utyasheva rejoices.

    Laysan Utyasheva and Pavel Volya are not averse to fooling around

    "Instagram" (an extremist organization banned in Russia) Laysan Utyasheva

    The boy, despite his age, already knows a lot: he knows all colors, counts to five. Utyasheva is convinced that the whole point is that she and her husband have been talking since three months, showing cards with numbers and colors. “Pasha and I intuitively somehow developed a methodology,” she shares. “Now he shows Sofiyka himself, tries to teach her.”

    Robert's favorite hobby is cars. He can accurately determine the make of a car, and in the evenings, together with his father, they study car magazines. So Laysan does not exclude that his son may start producing cars when he grows up.

    In addition, Robert is interested in the opposite sex. He already knows how to flirt with girls. He especially likes brunettes with big breasts: he winks at them and sends air kisses.

    Laysan Utyasheva intends to take Robert with her to the shooting of "Dances". “Why should he sit at home or in the kindergarten? A child needs society,” she shares with the Woman’s Day website. The TV presenter will leave Sophia with her grandmother and Pavel's parents.

    Laysan does not show children, but posts photos from walks with them

    "Instagram" (an extremist organization banned in Russia) Laysan Utyasheva

    Interestingly, Utyasheva only allows her son to eat what she or her grandmother cooked. Even in a restaurant, she takes food for Robert with her: steamed zucchini, fruit, chicken, fish or rabbit.

    As for her daughter, Utyasheva believes that "God himself ordered her to dance." She calls her daughter the mascot of the Dancing project, because Laysan realized that she was expecting a baby, just during the filming. “The filming had just begun, and I felt somehow wrong. My hands were sweating more than usual, I wanted either yogurt or meat, I was constantly thirsty. It turned out she was pregnant, ”the presenter recalls.

    Utyasheva notes that the first and second pregnancies proceeded differently: “I painted pictures with Robert, read serious literature: Maugham, Roerich, Bulgakov, Blok, Chekhov. And then it got glossy. I got hooked on the series: Grey's Anatomy, Game of Thrones, Leonardo da Vinci. I wanted strawberries, beautiful cafes, music.”

    The athlete gained only 10-12 kilograms with Sophia. “I have my own technique, tested on Robert. In principle, nothing new: the main thing is that you can’t be led by your desires.

    Learn more