How to be a good lyrical dancer

1000 Years Lyrical Dance Tutorial & Routine

Learn a beginners lyrical dance with Hannah in this step by step tutorial to 1000 years (one thousand years) by Christina Perri. Some of you may recognise this song from the Twilight: Breaking Dawn movie. The lyrics are beautiful and perfect for a lyrical dance piece so she choreographed a new lyrical dance to this song. In one video Hannah shows you the full routine to music in one video, in another video she breaks down the individual steps with counts and lyrics to guide and walk through the  dance routine step by step to help you learn the routine from the comfort of your own home.

The piece includes different dance movements that include turns on demi-pointe, gentle walks, flowing arm movements, floor work, a small backbend and more. Practice your flow and musicality with guidance from Hannah from Stardust Dance Academy, Cambridge.

Learn a new Lyrical Dance in these videos!

  1. Lyrical Dance Choreography Routine to "One Thousand Years" (1000 years) - https://youtu. be/-83TSwoRdjY
  2. Lyrical Dance Tutorial and step-by-step walkthrough to "One Thousand Years" (1000 years) -

Routine Description:

Watch a demonstration of Hannah's Lyrical dance choreography routine to 1000 Years song by Christina Perri. Easy lyrical dance choreography online to learn at home for beginners & experienced dancers.

Tutorial Description:

Learn a beginner lyrical dance with me in this step by step tutorial. This lyrical dance routine has floor work, turns, and extensions. Practice your extentions and musicality too!

Difficulty / Level

This lyrical dance routine was designed to be adaptable for beginners and intermediate skilled dancers. Hannah advises of variations in the tutorial video to challenge any more intermediate dancers learning the routine to push themselves further.

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Transcript of 1000 Years Lyrical Dance Choreography Video:

Welcome back to the channel everyone! If you've not been here before, I'm Hannah from Stardust Dance Academy, Cambridge. I'm going to show you my beginner's lyrical choreography to Christina Perri's song (1000 years) a thousand years if you enjoy it and you want to learn this dance i've made a separate video which i've linked down below where i break down the steps, step by step for you. I hope you enjoy! [1000 years by Christina Perri music begins...]
[Song Starts - Lyrics]
Heart beats fast Colors and promises.
How to be brave?
How can I love when I'm afraid to fall?
But watching you stand alone.
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow.
One step closer.
I have died every day waiting for you.
Darling, don't be afraid
I have loved you for a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more
[End of Song - Lyrics]
Thanks so much for watching everybody! I really hope you enjoyed that dance. If you want to learn the choreography i've made that separate video for you which i've linked down below in the comments and if you've got any other ideas of songs that you would like me to choreograph to drop me a message or drop a comment below you can connect with me on Instagram over @stardustdanceacademy and there are loads of other videos on this channel by me and some of the other Stardust teachers which i really hope you'll check out hope see you soon

Transcript of 1000 Years Lyrical Dance Tutorial Video:

Welcome back to the channel everybody, It's Hannah from Stardust Dance Academy, Cambridge. Thanks for joining me for this (dance) tutorial. I'm going to break down the dance step by step for you so you can follow (and dance) along. Then when you're ready you can check out the link below, which is to the music video which accompanies this (lyrical) dance (1000 Years by Christina Perri). I have loved making this video for you and I really hope you enjoy learning my dance. Let's get started.
[Tutorial Starts]
We're gonna start with our feet together, arms by our side. We start by holding our head in a dropped position, we're going to hold this position and then on the "and a" before count one our feet again aboard, change out and good then your hand is going to come out and you've got a little ripple like a burst out of your heart so it goes and or one good and then your other hand too and you're going to look at your fingers bring this hand into your heart then you're going to spin up on your toes 3. So, upon Demi pointes, good another little step forward and and this time you're going to completely relapse. So drop your head, drop your arms right forwards, good from the top 678 and 01234 and five good. You're going to bring this arm up six and then the other ones 7. And then we're going to turn lift your back heel and then push. Good for your front leg is strict and the back foot is up on Demi Point lovely. We're then going to rise up onto Demi points and our arms are going to go round the back of our head so we go up and step good pool and look at the hand. Same on the other side. Pole look at your hand and then you're going to take another step and do a windmill to finish down on one knee. Lovely, so let's recap that from the beginning, feet together 678 and 01. 234 and 567 per shaped an up an for an step threat. Nice windmill over and damn good. You're then gonna roll your front shoulder, roll it back and turn to look at your audience. Lovely, we're then going to stretch our leg rich and I want you to look up to the ceiling. Nice big stretch and make sure your foot is stretched. Get and this is on the lyrics, afraid to and then on the lyric fall, we're going to fall down. So you sit down, hands, touch the floor, head goes down. Great. we're then going to roll, so stretch those feet, roll step onto your back foot and then take another step with your front foot. Good job from here. We're going to do a half a turn which is instigated with our back shoulder, so you're going to roll half a turn to face the other side. We're then going to step. You can either do this on a flat foot, or you can take it upon to Demi-pointe. We're going to circle the arms back and we're going to lift up into a parallel ratiré a step up and drop. Good, then we're going to reach your front hand forwards, and then it's our elbow that's going to instigate our turn this time. So we're going to have a nice strong elbow and it's going to turn around and then reach. Good nice work everyone. Let's see if we can add it all together from the beginning before I do the next little bit with you. So, feet together had relaxed hold 678 and 01. 234 and 567 per shaped and one and two pull. 34 Windmill, 5-6 head and shoulder. 7 reach 8 falling. What role to Step 3 for back shoulder roll ripple up and drop front arm elbow turn rich good so. After that turn, when you reach, you're going to bring your front hand into your heart and really stretch that back on beautiful. From here we're going to do a lovely swing, so again, you're going to bend your knees, relax forward, swing an up an rich and again so you're here. Relax the head, swing on, then reach that front arm. Good win then going to pull their arms slowly in and we're going to take 2 steps starting with our right foot going round in a circle with the lovely stretched feet. So we go, walk, walk so we finish facing the back. We're then going to take a lovely turn up on our toes and our hands are going to go up the side of our body as we turn. You can either do one or two or three however many times you want to do. If you love turning over as many as you can, so we've just done our two walks. Walk, walk. We're going to step on our right foot and arms go up. Our body good, and then we're going to step out of it, and as we do that, we slowly open and push down with our arms. Good nice everyone. From here we're going to do a big step back, and we're going to switch off front foot back into our best with a nice stretched foot. Don't worry how high it goes, just give it your best shot. We're going to make this a hop, so as we swish, swish pop, we're going to hop on that underneath foot, stretching our arms into a gorgeous first arabesque. So see your leg forward and again, so we've just done that turn and we go step up. Good, and then we're going to turn arms in Jazz first turn up on your toes and then slide. Beautiful so we finish facing our corner. We're then going to do a little back ripple backwards so if you've got a really flexible back you can go for a nice backbend. If not you can just circle those arms, keep that foot stretched so we go circle here good. You're then going to step straight up onto Demi Point and we're going to stretch those arms and see if you can stay up on Demi point for a moment. So we're going to go stretch. And then out good. And then you're going to keep this arm up and we're going to do a pirouette, so we're going to turn towards our back foot and we're going to lift it up. And this arms going around our head. So we're here we're going to go up and step out of it. Good nice job everyone. Let's see if we can do it from the beginning. All of that together. We've not got too much more to do, so we hold head dropped 678 and one. Tip 3 four and five. 6-7 per Shake going up and full. Pull back, but windmill over and down shoulder roll. Stretch and drop. Roll it round two steps to come up up back shoulder roll body ripple up and four front arm stretch Elbow turn rich. Swing it forward. Swing up two walks one. Two here comes your turns up as many as you want. Remember an open. Here's our big step hop step hop step. Turn slide and back going up and turn rich awesome. Good job. So we're here. Remember if you want to rewind and go over any bits at any point if you can. If not, we're going to carry on 'cause I've nearly finished here. We're going to slide. Make sure you're stretching those totes. Get tucked the foot behind and nice and slow. This arm is going to float up good and then you're going to rise up and turn. And then the arm Palm is now facing you and it floats down. This side step in front we turned out here. This time it just goes up and down and then I want you to look forwards as you turn and then you're going to take two walks with gorgeous stretch feet. Or if you can fit four walks in, go for walks. But I've not got space so do as many books as you can to the back two or four and then it goes straight into the second verse, which if you want to repeat this choreography you can. Or if you want to make up your own, you can do that too. So let's try the whole thing from the beginning, one last time with counts and me talking you through it and then remember when you're ready to do it with music. That music video is in the comments below for you. So feet together hold nice and still 678 hour one cheap turned 3 drop forwards an release up. Uh, push lift that back heel up on demi-pointe up and drop going back three. For Windmill 5-6 shoulder 7-8 dropping what role tip up 3/4. Shoulder 5-6 and 7/8 elbow. To turn 1. Reach to swing three. An for two walks. Walk, walk and turn arms up your body step step slowly bring it down ready step up. Step turn slide. Reach an up turn pohled and slowly up turn down. Remembers turn out your legs up. Down, keep looking forward as you rise up two steps, walk, walk. Good! well done everyone.
[Tutorial Ends]
Thanks for dancing with me everybody. I really hope you've enjoyed it. Don't forget to check out the music video so You Can Dance that Lyrical choreography as many times as you like with the music. If you enjoyed it, please drop me a comment below. You can also connect with me over on Instagram at Stardust Dance Academy. If you've got any little videos of you doing this lyrical choreography, I would love it if you shared it with me. Thanks again for joining me and I hope to see you back here soon. Bye everyone!

August 7, 2022

What is Lyrical Dance and Why Is It Becoming So Popular?

Lyrical dance may be one of the newcomers to the range of dances being learned around the country. But it has quickly become popular for everyone from kids learning their first dance to adults looking to expand their dancing skills. But what is lyrical dance and what makes it so popular?

What is lyrical dance?

Lyrical dance is a combination of ballet and jazz dance that often uses music with lyrics to inspire the movements of the dancer. Choreographers use the lyrics from the song to inspire the dance and the result is a style that focuses on strong emotion as well as a more individual approach than some dance styles. It is also a very precise dance with the dancer’s movements portraying the emotion and story of the song.

Lots of different types of music are used for lyrical dance. These include pop, rock and blues as well as hip-hop and music from around the world. Minimalist music such as the creations of Philip Glass has been used by lyrical dancers as well as the work of Steve Reich. More recently, music from Africa has become a part of the dance style, with the sounds from places such as Soweto being used.

Differences from ballet and jazz

Ballet has been around a lot longer than lyrical dancing and started back in the 15th century. It became a type of concert dance using music and a choreographer to become the classic dance we associate today with productions such as the Nutcracker. It is a dance often done by trained professionals at the highest levels with top orchestras and using famous composer’s music. But children as young as two can start to learn it.

Jazz dance came alongside jazz music and is a fun and energetic dance style. There are lots of quick turns and daring leaps with plenty of fancy moves involved. These dancers have grace and balance but also the fluid movements that lyrical dance has inherited. It is a popular dance to learn for adults but also for kids who learn a range of associated skills from it.

Why it lyrical dance popular?

Lyrical dance combines both of these older styles of dance and some experience with them can help you learn this style – although this isn’t compulsory to take lyrical dance lessons. It has been made famous by productions such as those of Cirque du Soleil and the emotional content of it appeals to many people.

It is a great dance style to learn kids because they can easily relate to that emotional content. It is less physically demanding than jazz dance or ballet with the concentration being more on individual style than exact dance moves and this makes it accessible for people of all ages and dance abilities.

Lyrical dancing is also evolving and changing as the dancers and choreographers learn and develop their styles. This means that there is plenty of room for self-expression in the style and there is something that will appeal to almost everyone in it.

How to become a dancer who does not interfere with anything?

Who is a dancer? A person who moves his arms and legs to the beat of music or his own internal rhythm is the simplest definition. From the point of view of art, the body is the same instrument as the cello or violin. This instrument expresses emotions, feelings and moods. Dancing is no less an art than wielding a brush. The harmonious unity of the mind, soul and body is important here.

Someone thinks that the ability to dance is an innate talent sent from above. This is not always the case, everyone can become a dancer. Anyone who loves music, who enjoys moving to it, is in fact already a dancer, in the broadest sense of the word. However, to become a truly professional dancer, you need aspiration, desire and perseverance.

As a rule, the title of a professional is given to someone who has studied several years in a dance class. Behind him are more than a dozen performances on stage, knowledge of the names of all dance movements and a pack of costumes on hangers.

When it comes to street dancing style, the academic school will not help here. A professional on the street is the one who dances the best in the area. Many people ask: how to become a street dancer? Only one way: watch and repeat. Watch how they do, what they do, what kind of music. Repeat at home in front of the mirror, over and over, until the result is satisfactory. The style of street dancing has long been on the stage, and you can learn it in studios with teachers. Of course, even when working in the studio, you cannot do without repetitions at home. You need to constantly hone your movements.

Success in the art of dancing directly depends on the goals set. Some want to dance professionally in the styles of Hip-Hop or Go-Go, others strive for a professional career in ballroom dancing, and others have long dreamed of participating in dance theater productions. People who from the very beginning wonder how to become a professional dancer often become the leading choreographers and art directors of their own dance studios.

Where to get knowledge to achieve your goals? We have already talked about the method of observation and self-study, as well as classes in dance circles. Another way to learn is to participate in master classes by visiting specialists and dance competitions. Any professional activity, including dancing, requires the intervention of experienced teachers. Dance competitions will help you get the necessary criticisms and tips to improve your technique. Naturally, one must be prepared for disappointments. But not a single remark should stop a true dancer on the way to his goal.

When a person thinks about how to become a good dancer, he thinks about how to acquire technique and finesse of movement, while forgetting about personal qualities. But they are no less important than the baggage of knowledge and experience gained. A lot is decided by the energy and charisma of the author of the issue. Does he have a talent, or does he mechanically repeat the learned movements? Is he lethargic or does his temperament make him get up from his chair and give a standing ovation? It is personal qualities that sound the very final chord that affects success.

Along the way, in the world of dance, physical abilities are improved, as well as spiritual traits of a person's character. Success in this field can boost self-confidence.

When deciding what events to go to and how to become a dancer, the main thing to remember is that you should like the dance style. The body should literally "tear to dance" with the sounds of salsa or flamenco. Dance revives energy and mood. After all, it is not without reason that there is an opinion that dance is life.

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ᐅ How to become a dancer? | How do they become dancers?

Many people dream of working as a professional dancer, imagining fame, popularity and the brilliance of spotlights. But how to become a dancer, what is needed for this? Let's find out!

To begin with, it is worth understanding that this is, first of all, hard work, and only a few are given to break onto the stage.

The profession of a dancer requires good physical shape and long training sessions.

  • How to become a dancer?
  • How do you become a dancer from scratch?
  • Schools for becoming dancers
  • How to become a dancer without education?
  • How to become a good and successful dancer?

How to become a dancer?

Anyone can become a dancer. This does not require special education, somewhere to study, and all that is needed is to experience the pleasure of dancing. But that's if it's a hobby. Amateur and professional dancing, pleasure and work as a dancer are very different concepts.

I dream of becoming a professional dancer. How do they become dancers in general, what do you need to know and be able to do, how to start?

Unfortunately, and maybe fortunately, not all become successful dancers. To do this, you need not only to love to dance, but also to have a confident and strong desire to improve, overcoming difficulties.

In order to reach the top in the profession, it is not so much external data that is important, but attitude to business and diligence. With these qualities, you can become a good dancer, whose performances are pleasant to watch the audience.

How do you become a dancer from scratch?

In order to become a dancer from scratch, you need to be sure that this particular job will become the work of a lifetime. Such a creative profession requires complete dedication and the ability to express vivid emotions.

In addition, you need to prepare physically and develop endurance. After all, rehearsals last many hours and take place almost every day.

Before you start mastering the profession, you need to decide on the style.

There are a huge number of them, and it is important to choose the most suitable one for yourself. When choosing, it is worth considering personal preferences and your level of physical fitness. For confidence, you can rehearse in front of a mirror.

Schools for becoming dancers

You can become a dancer after receiving a special education. To do this, you need to enter an art college or university. They are accepted here on the basis of nine and 11 classes, depending on the direction.

To enroll in a group, you need to pass a creative competition, for which you should prepare well. You also need to be ready to provide the results of the exam in Russian and literature. The exact list of subjects required for admission can be clarified at the educational institution.

Training to be a dancer in an educational institution is not yet a guarantee that you can become one.

Getting a professional education on the basis of a college or university will not yet give you the opportunity to become a dancer, but it is an opportunity to acquire all the necessary knowledge and skills.

Experienced teachers will help you develop your talent and fully reveal your creative potential. They will point out mistakes and help correct them. But a lot depends on the student. Therefore, the educational institution itself will not make you a dancer, it will only give you an opportunity.

For example, while studying, students have the opportunity to participate in many competitions and festivals, which will help them test their strength and even get a job offer.

How to become a dancer without education?

Many people become dancers without special education. For this profession, attitude and talent are much more important. If a person truly loves to dance and develops his abilities, then he will be able to achieve considerable success. It is important to understand that a couple of hours of training three times a week is not enough to become a professional dancer. You have to work hard and hone your skills.

For beginner dancers, it is not so much the technique of performance that is important, but the development of endurance and the ability to express their emotions through body language. The presence of charisma and a bright personality distinguishes a good dancer from the rest. You need to be ready for constant hard training and strictly follow the regimen.

You can learn to dance professionally if you have good skills on your own. But it is better to seek help from professionals. To do this, there are many circles, courses and dance schools. There, in a fairly short time, you can master a certain dance style. Regular classes with a dance teacher will help develop physical endurance, learn basic dance moves, and develop talent in yourself.

Members of clubs and dance schools often get the opportunity to participate in competitions and perform at concerts. This has a positive effect on emotional mood, increases confidence and gives you the opportunity to express yourself. Achievements in competitions will be a great addition to the portfolio of a novice dancer.

How to become a good and successful dancer?

In order to succeed and shine on stage, you will have to make a lot of effort. The most important qualities of a good dancer are charisma, perseverance and hard work.

The main thing is to choose this profession consciously and remember that behind the beauty and brilliance of dancers' performances there are constant training and heavy workloads.

And as mentioned above, one cannot become a dancer overnight, without proper preparation. You need to play sports and follow the necessary regimen. Only thanks to this, professional dancers cope with difficult numbers and exhausting rehearsals.

It is important to choose the most appropriate dance style for you. You can master it perfectly by completing training as a dancer in a professional educational institution.

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