Best how to dance videos

Best Dance Workout Videos on YouTube


By Chelsea Candelario

Published Dec 23, 2020

Additional reporting by

Sarah Stiefvater

You’ve tried yoga videos and a ton of HIIT workouts, but now you’re looking to switch things up. Dance workout videos are a fantastic way to work some much-needed cardio into your day, while also learning new moves to impress your family and friends. Whether you’re looking for a Zumba routine or the entire choreography to J.Lo’s Super Bowl routine, we’ve got you covered. And the best part? They’re all completely free on YouTube.

1. Dance #likenina

The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev teams up with Reebok and Les Mills for this 40-minute dance workout. Les Mills, which partners with fitness clubs around the world, is known for its extensive list of virtual fitness classes. From hip-hop to EDM, the group teaches you some of Dobrev’s favorite dance moves. (And did we mention she completely crushes the routine?)

2. Caleb Marshall ‘don’t Start Now’ Dance Workout

You’ve been putting your favorite pop song on repeat, so why not add some choreography to complete your at-home performance? Caleb Marshall, the mastermind behind YouTube channel The Fitness Marshall, is here to help. From Lizzo to Dua Lipa, add a group of the videos to your workout playlist and bust a move.

3. 305 Fitness Disney Cardio

We’ve raved about 305 Fitness’s awesome dance classes (which you can find in New York City, Washington D.C. and Boston). But if you don’t live near a studio (or prefer to dance alone), catch a daily live stream where it feels like the instructor is right in your home. And the classes aren’t only for adults. Disney Cardio is a workout for the whole family (yesss, another idea to keep your kids entertained).

4. Live Love Party ‘senorita’ Dance Fitness

Raise your hand if you love Zumba. (Same.) Live Love Party is bringing the Latin fitness craze to your living room, and they’ll keep you moving from the minute you press play. And if this video’s 22 million views are any indication, the Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello duet deserves some calorie-burning moves.

5. Just Dance Workout

OK, hear us out. This video game taught us some awesome moves. (And honestly? We always woke up with aching muscles the morning after playing.) So why not spend 40 minutes reliving one of our favorites (no Wii remote required)?

6. Mike Peele Hip-hop Fit Dance Workout

Ready to learn some hip-hop moves? Choreographer Mike Peele has you covered. And if you want to learn some popular choreography, Peele provides dance tutorials for hits from Drake, Ciara and more.

7. Leliah Isaac Belly Dance Workout

If you’re looking to focus on your core, Leilah Isaac’s videos let you work on your abs and burn calories with a fun belly dance class. Let Isaac teach you how to move your hips in less than 20 minutes. (You can even channel your inner Shakira with her fun tutorials.)

8. Afrifitness African Cardio Dance Workout

Rachael Okesola blends HIIT, resistance training and African dance to create full-body workouts accompanied by upbeat African music. Whether you’re on leg day or looking to tone your butt, Okesola’s videos can point you in the right direction.

9. Fitseveneleven Dance Workout

If you need a little extra motivation, Tanju is the teacher for you. In this 30-minute routine (that, truthfully, feels like five), Tanju will get your butt off the couch and sweating to the beat of a bunch of different genres of music. Most fun way to exercise ever? Yep, pretty much.

10. J.lo Super Bowl Challenge Tutorial

Online Dance Classes features a new YouTube dance tutorial every week, so make sure you’re subscribed. Whether you want to learn the Savage dance or J.Lo’s entire Super Bowl routine, this channel is here to make your TikTok dreams come true (and help you keep up with all of those damn Gen-Zers in your family).

11. Madfit 15 Min Dance Party Workout

MadFit features at-home workouts, gym workouts and pretty much anything else you need for a good sweat sesh. We're particularly fond of her quick (and oh so fun) dance workouts, which are super easy to follow and are set to the musical stylings of The Pussycat Dolls, Rihanna and others. Want more? Founder and instructor Maddie Lymburner even has her own line of cookbooks. Pretty impressive.

12. Fitness Dance With Rahul Bollywood Dance Workout

If you're familiar with Bollywood movies, you know that the music and dance numbers are absolutely contagious. This channel, Fitness Dance with Rahul, seeks to promote Indian culture through the dance fitness workout routines and easy-to-learn choreography. According to Rahul, "As long as you move to the beat of the music, you’re participating in the exercise."

13. Lazy Dancer Tips Ballet Fitness Cardio

Led by Lazy Dancer founder Alessia Lugoboni, this ballet cardio routine will work every muscle in your body and it will get your heart pumping without any jumping, making it an awesome option for those of us with knee problems (or downstairs neighbors).

14. Jamie Kinkeade Christmas Hiit Dance

If you're the type of person who loves Christmas music regardless of the season, bookmark this festive dance HIIT workout immediately. For 30 minutes you'll dance along to Mariah Carey, Kelly Clarkson and even the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Merry toning.

15. Dance Fun Fitness Latin Dance Workout

Beginners be warned: This 30-minute workout is a bit fast-paced the first time you try it, but honestly, the music is so good and the instructor is so charming that you'll want to do it again and again until you can keep up.

16. Fit Body By Ashley 30-minute Dancehall Inspired Workout

Fit Body by Ashley is an online weight loss coach who has tons of fun workout videos that will almost make you forget you're exercising. Ashley's energy and smile are totally contagious—we dare you not to enjoy yourself while toning your entire body.

17. Pamela Reif 15 Min Oldies Dance Workout

OK, we're going to mention up front that the "oldies," the title of this video is referring to are from the '80s and '90s (so. ..not so old for some of us). But still, this 15-minute dance workout will have you reminiscing hard about that Cher phase you went through.

18. Kyra Pro 'grease' Dance Workout

Can you quote the entire Grease movie from memory? Can you remember identifying as such a Sandy (or even a Rizzo)? This workout is for you. Dance along to "Summer Love," "You're the One That I Want" and all the other songs you undoubtedly know every single word of.

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The 10 best you have to watch

The rise of MTV in the 1980s made the music video perhaps the most powerful promotional device in the pop music armoury. It also became a platform for daring choreography, introducing new dance styles that would reverberate through wider pop culture.

Here, we revisit nine videos with iconic dance routines that changed the way people move.

1. Michael Jackson – Thriller (1983)

Michael Jackson was already a global star by the time Thriller dropped. But this video, which premiered in December 1983, took the King of Pop to a whole new level, inaugurating what was arguably MTV’s golden era. The work of filmmaker John Landis – who had previously directed American Werewolf In London – and choreographed by Michael Peters, the video enlisted dancers such as Ola Ray, Marcea Lane and Kim Blank in a 13-minute zombie classic.

2. Run-DMC – It’s Like That (1983/1998)

From the late 1970s to the mid-80s, breakdancing and New York hip-hop were intrinsically linked. Just ahead of the release of urban dance films such as Beat Street and Electric Boogaloo, Run-DMC debuted their debut single It’s Like That in 1983. In 1997, DJ Jason Nevins remixed it and the re-work ended up becoming the group's biggest hit and one of the best-selling singles in history. In the video, the battle between male and female breakers brought that ‘80s dance style back into fashion.

3. New Kids On The Block – You Got It (The Right Stuff) (1988)

New Kids On The Block was the first groups within the modern boy band formula, and the music industry rushed to sign up more bands that followed with the same dynamic. The recipe was simple: four or five handsome boys, each one representing a cliché, with catchy melodies and standardised, innocuous lyrics about love and – preferably – great dancers. By this point, high quality choreography was essential for the visuals of a pop hit. By the way: what the hell is Jordan Knight doing here with a Bauhaus T-shirt?

4. Madonna – Vogue (1990)

Madonna was at the peak of her career when she released this single. The title doesn't refer to the iconic fashion magazine but to voguing, the dance style that emerged in the New York during 1980s and brought the trans community, African-Americans and Latinos together. The story is perfectly reflected in Jennie Livingston's iconic documentary Paris Is Burning, which also premiered in 1990. The video for Vogue, recorded in black and white by David Fincher, went even further in its glamourised reconceptualisation of voguing, by wrapping it in a 1920s art deco influenced aesthetic. Karole Armitage was in charge of the choreography, and the dancers were some of the best New York voguing stars. Strike a pose!

5. Fatboy Slim – Praise You (1999)

Around the turn of the millennium, the era of spectacular, big budget videos was coming to an end, and MTV began to take a chance on guerrilla products like Jackass. In fact, one of its creators, Spike Jonze – supported by Roman Coppola – created this Fatboy Slim video. Norman Cook himself did not appear, aside from a brief cameo with the walk-on actors/extras. Instead, the stars were the The Torrance Community Dance Group and Spike Jonze himself, who gathered around a ghetto blaster on the pavement outside a theatre in Los Angeles, dancing amongst pedestrians who remained blissfully unaware they were being filmed by hidden cameras. Their style evoked the classic breakdance but adopted the formula of a phenomenon that would later become a trend: the flash mob.

6. Beyoncé – Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (2008)

The sumptuous, big budget video to 2003's Crazy In Love marked the spectacular entrance Beyoncé Knowles – a former member of Destiny's Child who would become one of the world's most famed solo artists. But her most iconic video was a far simpler affair. Its director was, again, Jake Nava. Here, though, Beyoncé opts for a much more minimalist aesthetic. Filmed in black and white, with simple but sophisticated lighting, Beyoncé is joined by dancers Ebony Williams and Ashley Everett, with choreography designed by Frank Gatson and JaQuel Knight. The routine is inspired by the J-Setting – a '70s dance by the majorettes of Mississippi's Jackson University that was later taken to the clubs by members of the African-American gay subculture. Other major influences include the Bob Fosses film Mexican Breakfast and classic musicals such as A Chorus Line and All That Jazz.

7. Radiohead – Lotus Flower (2011)

Did Google kill the video star? Come 2011, MTV were focusing on reality programming, and GIFs and memes had supplanted music videos as a driving force in youth culture. Not even the biggest-budget music video could compete with a clip of a cat falling down a toilet. Radiohead, you might thing, were introverted intellectuals – too serious to pander to viral culture. But then you saw the video to Lotus Flower – a clip directed by Garth Jennings and choreographed by Wayne McGregor, in which Thom Yorke donned a Charlie Chaplin bowler hat and boogied away without a hint of insecurity. Of course, #thomdance trended on Twitter.

8. The Black Keys – Lonely Boy (2011)

The Black Keys originally shot a conventional video for this, with a script and over 40 actors. They didn’t like the result at all – but they were captivated by how one of the extras danced. Enter Derrick T Tuggle – a musician and actor who also worked as a security guard. Put him in a motel in Alabama, let him loose – job done. Pharrell Williams extended Derrick’s 15 minutes of viral fame, selecting him among the dancers for Happy.

9. PSY – Gangnman Style (2012)

Where is the dividing line between vulgarity and brilliance? What transforms a simple, tacky thing into a massive phenomenon capable of uniting people from all corners of the world? You could ask this question of Los Del Rio's Macarena, or Whigfield’s Saturday Night, or of dozens of other guilty pleasures that demonstrate our irresistible attraction towards the absurd. But there is something surprisingly overwhelming in this South Korean success story, which was danced by David Cameron, Barack Obama and Ban Ki-Moon – among many, many others.

10. Janelle Monáe ft Grimes – PYNK

Ahead of her fourth album Dirty Computer, Janelle Monáe went viral with her single PYNK, which features previous collaborator Grimes. Directed by Dutch filmmaker Emma Westenburg, the video features an all-female crew of dancers joyfully performing syncronised moves in a diner, a bedroom and on the beach. In the video’s most iconic scene, the crew perform in suggestive pink pants, while American actress Tessa Thompson appears from underneath Monáe’s legs. As a celebration of self-love, sexuality and pussy power, it’s no wonder that PYNK video captured the hearts of so many people in 2018.

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Best Video Lessons for Online Dance Learning (2022) • OnDistance

Have you always dreamed of learning how to dance but didn't find the time or opportunity? Fortunately, now you can learn everything without leaving your home and at any convenient time - including learning to dance! In one article, we have collected for you the best resources, applications, sites and video lessons for online dance training. Here you will find dance lessons from experienced teachers and famous dancers. Remotely learn dances such as zumba, shuffle, bachata, classical dance, strip palastika, hip-hop, oriental dances.

YouTube channels for teaching dancing online

1. Online dance lessons with show ballet “Cultural Revolution”

  • Founded in 2015
  • Views: 55 010 431
  • Subscribers: 601 000

Christina Kristina Kristina Kristina show-ballet "Cultural Revolution", a young, but already very successful team. In their video lessons, the guys generously share their dance experience.

On Kristina Matskevich's channel you will learn how to dance beautifully, you will have a wonderful stretch and develop a sense of rhythm. There are already many different dance lessons here, and every Friday a new form with an online lesson appears on the channel.

Learning the Dance "KAZKA-CRYING". Dance link. Modern dance .


  • Founded in 2015
  • Views: 308 052
  • Subscribers: 3 290

The creators claim that they "educate stars", no more, no less.

You can check the statement by watching demonstration performances of students and teachers of the studio. It also hosts videos of master classes and seminars on modern dance, reviews of dance stories about the studio, reports from performances, concerts, parties, shows, as well as interesting moments from rehearsals and lessons.

Choreography for children ONLINE | Summer Five Minutes #10 | EXPROMT

3. Model357

  • Founded in 2007
  • Views: 33 886 165
  • Subscribers: 101 000

The school is over 15 years old, and it has firmly established itself in the dance world as an absolute leader, a flagship of dance fashion and a pioneer of the latest trends.

Model-357 is a complex of two premium branches. The teachers of the school demonstrate stellar skill, professionalism and the highest qualifications. The Model-357 has a huge selection of dance and fitness areas. The masters of the school in their videos on youtube teach the most fashionable dance techniques and techniques.

Online lessons - Shuffle Shuffle - Lesson N1 (Alexander Ivanov)

4. IMAGINE dance

  • Founded in 2018
  • Views: 594 620
  • Subscribers: 23 400
  • online channel dancing number 1 in Russia. Fresh video dance lessons for beginners are regularly published here. Thanks to these online lessons, you can learn to dance at home, at any convenient time.

    Bachata for beginners. Basic movements | Educational video dance lessons at home.

    5. Dance School ONLINE

    • Founded in 2016
    • Views: 1 051 094
    • Subscribers: 14 400

    Here you will find many video lessons in CONTEMPORARY-JAZZ dance technique. In addition, this channel has a lot of useful information from the world of choreography. This channel will certainly appeal to teachers and leaders of dance groups. Video lessons will be useful both for performers who decide to try themselves in new dance directions, and for beginner dancers.

    LEARN DANCE ONLINE. Modern jazz dance #29.

    6. Develop dances - Dance Zumba

    • was founded in 2017.
    • Views: 19 342 062
    • Subscribers: 80 800
    Zumba for beginners

    7. The floor Larry

    • was found : 765 662
    • Subscribers: 6 460

    "Etazh Larry" channel of an unusual dance studio in Minsk.

    Hip Hop Choreo | Video lesson x @etazhlarry

    8. Evolvers Dance School

    • Founded in 2013
    • Views: 1,115,320
    • Subscribers: 7,600
    Jazz Funk Tutorial by Liliya. Evolvers Dance School

    English YouTobe channels for training dance

    9. Online Dance Casses

  • Founded in 2006
  • Views: 9 889 944
  • Subscribers: 136 000
  • Founded in 2009
  • Views: 819434,953
  • Followers: 4,480,000
DUA LIPA — Break My Heart | Dance Tutorial with Kyle Hanagami

11. LJ Dance

  • Founded 2010
  • Views: 86,448,280
  • Subscribers: 666,000
DOJA CAT — BOSS B*TCH Dance Tutorial | CHOREOGRAPHY by MIJU | LJ DANCE | 안무 춤 배우기


  • Founded in 2013.
  • Views: 62 272 250
  • Subscribers: 689 000
Learn tenes 6 satisfying dance w/ tenistan edpao (Impress Youth! STEEZY.CO

13. 1million Dance Studio

  • Founded in 2015.
  • Views: 6 605 572 631
  • Subscribers: 24 100 000
  • Views: 225,296,918
  • Subscribers: 1,780,000
  • [Choreography] Beyoncé, Shatta Wale, Major Lazer - ALREADY | MYLEE Dance


    • Founded in 2012
    • Views: 176,815,976
    • Subscribers: 3,080,000
    SAVAGE — Megan Thee Stallion & Beyonce Dance TUTORIAL | Matt Steffanina

    16. Samantha Caudle

    • founded in 2009.
    • Views: 5 014 331
    • Subscribers: 55 900
    "Body" Full Dance

    17. Chop Daily

    . How to Dance the Top 5 Afro Dance Moves of 2020 (Legwork, Moonwalk, Network) | Chop Daily

    Online dance schools


    Dream Team dance school in Kiev

    19. Ladies Dance

    20. Style Dance

    21. Online dance platform Dar

    22. Video dance lessons online 30.08 Dance lessons online

    English-language online dance schools

    24. Sydney Dance Company

    Cool site of choreographer Kylie Minogue - Soledad Bonachelo. This is a full-fledged virtual dance school, where, in addition to the maestro, top choreographers and dance teachers in Australia teach.

    You can choose any lessons in all areas of dance and create your own class schedule. A weekly subscription with full access will cost $28, a monthly subscription will cost $122.

    25. Online dance school STEEZY

    STEEZY is one of the most famous online projects for teaching street dance. On the project website you can choose video lessons of breakdancing, locking, waking, high heels, crump, dancehall and other styles. Some of the most significant and famous choreographers of our time teach at STEEZY: Boogie Frantick, Jojo Diggs (Jabawockeez), Jade Soul, Sherwin Salonga. With a $20/month subscription, you can join live lessons or choose one of the 600 pre-recorded lessons on the platform.

    26. DANCE PLUG

    DANCE PLUG is one of the most popular dance learning websites. There is no bias in any particular dance direction. Here you can find video lessons of ballet, bellydance, and even acting skills. The subscription price will depend on the direction you choose and the number of classes per week. On average, this is about $29 per month.


    The LEARN TO DANCE service is suitable for beginner dancers and those who want to learn a new dance style from scratch. Not a very large number of directions are presented on this service, but they are all original. For example, here you can take online lessons in Argentine tango, Irish folk dance, breakdance, bellydance and even American country. To get access to all these classes, you need to subscribe. But there is also a large section with free lessons.


    Online Dance Academy

    Mobile app for learning dance

    29. STEEZY app - Learn How To Dance

    STEEZY app from famous dance studio for Android devices or smart TVs. With this program, you can easily learn to dance in a place convenient for you and at a convenient time.

    The application has 800 dance courses, which are updated every week with new styles and new teaching methods. There are courses for both beginners and experts, in dozens of different dance styles.

    Here you can learn from real professionals - the leading teachers of the world-class dance school. All of them regularly participate in international competitions, tour around the world or star in music videos of stars.

    Each lesson is a step-by-step instructional video to help you learn the moves and master the basic dance techniques. All videos are shot in STEEZY's unique digital studio using special technology, which allows you to watch the teacher's movement from different angles. You can save the activities you like and repeat them as many times as you want. Or you can take one of the ready-made programs to master the style of your choice.

    You can choose to pay a monthly subscription for $20/month or an unlimited package for $99.99/year.

    2020-12-23 iOS Sizzle 30s 1920×1080 v2

    30. Advanced Arabic Dance Course 2

    In this application, you can take an advanced Arabic dance course. Video lessons can be saved and watched even without the Internet. This is the second version of the application with an updated interface that has become more convenient and better. The developers promise that you will master the basics of Arabic dance in a week of regular classes. This course is suitable for all ages and all levels of dance skills.

    31. How to breakdance

    Have you always dreamed of learning how to breakdance? Then this application is just a godsend for you. Here you will find the complete choreography of breakdancing lessons, and in time you will be able to become a real breakdance dancer.

    How To Dance The Breakdance is a comprehensive guide to teach you the basic breakdance techniques step by step in simple and structured lessons.

    32. Learn to dance with Everdance: Short dance lessons

    Everdance is a handy application for learning choreography. It is designed to connect those who teach dance and those who want to learn how to dance. All dance styles are represented here: hip-hop, belly dance, ballet, pop and many others.

    With this application you can learn to dance without leaving your home. Lessons are short videos from professional dancers and instructors. Talented choreographers post their lessons in a variety of styles: hip hop, house, jazz funk, krump, twerk, vogue, waacking and many more.

    After registering, you will be able to save videos in your profile to your own dance manual, upload videos of your workouts and share your progress with other dancers.
    The application has a special offer for dance studios to organize dance classes online or live. In addition, you will be able to attract new students to online learning.

    EVERDANCE - Dance Training in a NEW WAY

    33. Salsa Go - Learn How to Dance

    With this app, you can learn how to dance salsa on the go.
    A specialized curriculum has been developed for Salsa Go to teach the basics of salsa. Gradually, you will be able to move on to more advanced dance elements.

    By installing this application, you will have access to the best instructors in the world of salsa dancing. Here you can also listen to podcasts that discuss various dance topics. The application also publishes news about festivals, promotions and announcements of dance events taking place around the world.

    34. Pocket Bachata

    Pocket Bachata is a handy app with video tutorials to teach beginner dancers from bachata masters with flawless technique.

    Your trainer will be Fernando Flores, an eminent bachata teacher with ten years of experience. All training is divided into 3 stages according to difficulty levels. For ease of search, videos can be sorted into categories: training, mastering and downloading.

    Pocket Bachata - Promo Video

    35. OpenDance Academy

    Once you purchase the OpenDance Academy app, you get lifetime access to all content. Here are hundreds of video lessons from the best choreographers in the world. Among them: Evgeny Greshilov, Kira Noire, Marion Crampe, Dmitry Politov, Olga Trifonova, Natasha Van and many others.
    New lessons and teachers are added all the time. In your profile, you can create your own playlists and watch them even offline.

    What style do you like to dance in?

    How useful is the article?

    Click on a star to rate!

    Average rating / 5. Number of ratings:

    No ratings yet. Rate first.

    The best dance videos - kizomba, video lessons for beginners.

    • home
    • Kizomba
    • Video

    Kizomba is a new direction of modern dance culture, a new direction for Russia since the dance itself originated in Angola in the 80s of the twentieth century under the influence of French Creole music and African folk rhythms. And in Europe, it has spread widely in the twenty-first century. And now it is winning the hearts and minds of today's youth. Everyone wants to learn how to dance kizomba, everyone wants to shine at parties, to be fashionable, modern, to be “in the stream”. But not everyone has the opportunity to go to a dance school or hire a teacher for private lessons. And you really want to impress your partner and friends! That's when 9 comes to the rescue0311 kizomba video . You can study online or download the video from the Internet. The main thing you need to know is that kizomba is a pair dance in all respects, and without the desire of a partner to engage with you, nothing will work. But when consent is received, it will not be difficult to learn the first steps and movements of kizomba, and very soon the two of you will begin to enjoy the dance. And there is not far from success in the club! Dare! You will succeed!


    Kizomba video - beautiful dance

    Kizomba video: dance in Paris

    Kizomba video: Kizomba technique

    You always wanted to learn how to dance tango or merengue, but understood that for this you need to spend money, dance school a lot of money, time and effort, and all this is just a lot and does not happen. We have a solution to this problem and it's called kizomba video. Kizomba is a club light version of Argentine tango, semba, but flavored with Creole romance and African sensibility. And this dance is now at the peak of popularity. Born in Angola thirty years ago, he has already conquered the continents, became widely known in Europe, gained numerous admirers there and reached our country. Kizomba schools open, themed parties are held, and when learning kizomba, you and your partner will be in the center of attention. You just need to find it on the Internet kizomba dance video , move the table and chair away, turn on the video, and you will not notice how this dance will captivate and lead you, telling a wonderful story of love and life, youth and beauty. This is a real social dance, it is a pair dance, based on absolute trust in each other. This dance will teach you to love even deeper and brighter.

    Video lessons of kizomba

    If you don't get everything right at the kizomba lessons at the dance school, don't despair and don't quit. Maybe not you, but your partner is confused about steps and rhythm and wants to quit this difficult, as it seems to him, training.

    For these cases, experienced trainers of our dance school have developed special lessons. There you will be taught to listen to music and pay attention to the rhythm. The partner will be taught to lead the partner, and she will be taught to trust the partner and follow him in the dance. If you can understand how to do this, then, for sure, your personal life will also become much more harmonious, because mutual trust is the basis of love. In fact, kizomba is a fairly simple dance and you will quickly catch up. Kizomba video lessons will help you even if you are busy and missed a few classes at school. You can do this all the time on your own. Video lessons will give you the opportunity to truly fall in love with this dance, to reveal yourself completely in it, to be happy in love and in dance.

    Learn more