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Who We're Looking For

Dancewear Solutions is currently scouting dancers for our 2022-2023 season!

We look for talented young men and women, ages 2-16, who share our passion for dance, measure within our product sample sizes, plus pack a little sparkle power!

All dancers are paid for their time.

Openings For Young Men and Women

CATALOG dancers may appear in any of our catalogs or websites based on age, skill level, fit and sample size. Appearance of age must match physical size.

  • Preschool dancers that look and fit XXSC/XSC
  • Kinder dancers that look and fit XSC/SC
  • Mid-Kid dancers that look and fit IC/MC
  • Tween dancers that look and fit MC/LC
  • Teen dancers that look and fit LC/XSA
  • Teen/Young Adult dancers that look and fit XSA/SA

FIT or SURVEY dancers partner with our Design & Marketing teams to check fit, movement and visual appearance. Products range from class, performance or shoes. Dancers fitting XXSC - MA and most shoe sizes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to submit on the application?
A: Review sections below carefully for further instruction on measuring and image requirements before submitting your application. If you fear an error was made after you submitted your application, that is okay. We will follow-up via email for more information if necessary.
Q: How will I know if my dancer is selected?
A: Due to the large number of talented applicants and our ongoing production schedule, we will contact dancers we wish to call back as needed. New dancers rotate into the roster as our season progresses. No phone calls please.
Q: When and where do photo shoots, survey or fit sessions take place?
A: Sessions are booked during normal business hours Monday - Friday at our Dancewear Solutions Campus in St. Louis, MO. Our production schedule runs year-long.
Q: Is travel required?
A. Yes. If your dancer is booked and you live outside the St. Louis area we will coordinate travel or lodging accommodations for you. We are currently casting dancers that live within a drivable distance to St. Louis. We will expand that search again when the future allows.
Q: Will my child be compensated?
A: Yes. All of our dancers are paid for their time, plus they receive a discount at
Q: What if my child no longer takes dance class?
A: Due to the nature of our business we look for students who share our passion for dance, gymnastics, acro or dance team and encourage them to maintain their training.
Q: What is a catalog dancer vs. fit or survey dancer?
CATALOG dancers may appear in any of our catalogs or websites based on age, dance genre and fit. Appearance of age must match physical size. Sizes XXSC - SA.
FIT or SURVEY dancers partner with our Design & Marketing teams to check fit, movement and visual appearance. Sizes XXSC - MA and all shoe sizes.
Q: What happens after I complete the application?
Dancer profiles will be presented to our Dancewear Solutions teams for future shoot or fit opportunities. Our representatives will reach out as needed for fittings, availability or bookings. Our production schedule runs year-long as we produce assets for Dancewear Solutions, gymnastics, dance team, survey, fit, web and social needs. We accept applications all year long and welcome new opportunities to meet your dancer in the future.


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Model Search

Dansco is proud to have worked with hundreds of dancers over the years, some of whom have gone on to professional dance, modeling, and cheerleading careers! Models are needed for our upcoming photo shoots, the results of which will appear in our national catalog, website, print advertisements and social media.

This is a great opportunity for area dancers (male and female) between the ages of 5 and 20 who have strong technique and a great personality. Due to the small size range of samples produced for our photo shoots, dancers must fit in xsc, sc, mc, lc or sa sized leotards. This is a selective process, not all applicants will be chosen.

We are looking for dancers who meet the following criteria:

  • Excellent dancer with the ability to pose in the proper position and follow directions given to the by the poser and photographer.
  • Photogenic person who is energetic and outgoing.
  • Person who fits the costume properly

We accept applications year-round and also hold an annual open casting call. Completed applications should be submitted (either mailed or at an open call) along with two recent photos of the dancer, one face shot and one full body shot (dance attire preferred). These do not need to be professionally done, however we would suggest that in at least one photo the model should be smiling. We do not return photos, so please do not use ones that are needed back. We suggest applying once a year so that we have current measurement information.


  •  If applying by mail, a Dansco representative will contact you if we are interested in setting up an audition.
  •  Auditions and photo shoots are held at our Attleboro, MA location and are scheduled during the business week. Please keep in mind that Dansco does not compensate for travel expenses.
  •  Open Call information will be posed on our website and to our Facebook page (@danscocostumes)
  •  Dancers should arrive at auditions and open calls in leotard and tights, with hair in a ponytail. Male dancers should arrive in proper dance attire.
  •  Dancers should arrive at auditions and open calls with three dance poses/moves prepared that highlight your dance passion and personality.
  •  During auditions and open calls models will be measured for size category, a headshot and bodyshot will be taken, and you will be evaluated on technique and personality.
  •  This process does not provide immediate feedback. Due to the large amount of talented entries, we will only contact dancers if they are selected for a photo shoot. If selected, it could take several months before you are contacted depending upon our shooting schedule.

If you have further questions about the audition/open call process please email [email protected] - no phone calls please.
Download a Model Application Form

School of Models Diamond Communication

  • It happened quite spontaneously, I saw a post that there would be a master class and decided that such knowledge would not be superfluous) I was very surprised that I was noticed at all and appreciated so much, it was for me a complete surprise. On the course, I learned to present myself, my emotions, to more accurately convey my mood, feelings into the lens. I learned to see my good sides and not so) Yeah, again, I did not expect from myself. For me it was like a game: to show that I can. I feel very comfortable in front of the camera and I get a complete buzz from this, so I don’t really pinch myself on the set. The secret of such courage is very simple: no need to be afraid that you will look unattractive, perhaps ugly, no need to be afraid that you will be judged, laughed at something in your appearance or poses. It's the same role! And you need to get used to this role. nine0005


  • Olechka goes to school, used to be professionally engaged in thin, gymnastics, now she is engaged in dancing, goes to an English language school, loves music, acted in films. The idea to send her to modeling school came after she was invited to appear in a children's fashion magazine. She started going to modeling school and started to change. I have become more confident in myself, which is very important at this age. Professional teachers taught her not just how to walk the catwalk, but how to keep her posture, not just photo posing, but how to feel the camera and hear the photographer, but that's not all. Learn to love yourself and take good care of yourself. Definitely, studying at school has only benefited, and I really hope that she will not stop there, but will improve and develop in the modeling business. nine0007 To those parents who are afraid to give their child to the modeling business, I want to say that this is absurdity and prejudice. It doesn’t matter if the child will do it professionally in the future, or it’s only for self-development, in any case it’s only good.


  • Yesterday we learned how to walk the catwalk under the guidance of the brilliant Vyacheslav Yazovsky, a teacher at the Diamond Communication model school. Now phrases constantly sound in my head: “walk like people”, “why are your hands at risk”, “there should be no tuning in the lower back”, “hips forward and flew”, “don't let my favorite track down”

    Practicing while walking to the subway, I hope passers-by will appreciate my rapid step, direct gaze and diaphragmatic breathing

    Elizaveta Prudovskaya

  • The podium walk and the final defile were a breeze. By the way, our teacher Vyachcheslav (School of Diamond Communication models) is a model tutor, a teacher of defile and the theory of photo posing, as well as a choreographer-balletmaster. He told me how to breathe correctly, work with emotions and eyes, how to be dynamic to any music and many, many secrets of professional models))) Even for me, who has considerable experience in defile, it was interesting to listen to! And how many jokes were)))
    I am very glad to meet such a creative, inspiring person!

    Irina Jackman

  • I never had an idea about how fashion shows are built and how to walk. He opened the super-model in each, straightened his shoulders and we stretched like sprouts up.
    We got rid of the clamps in the body, achieved harmony in the soul and every girl got a royal look. We learned to breathe correctly, it is amazing how important this is in our lives! nine0007 He told us, "Pearls, you must carry yourself with dignity, be calm and relaxed. "
    Who is he, this magician magician and sorcerer? Vecheslav Yazovskikh is a world-class model who staged defiles and dances, a teacher at the Dimond Communication model school
    I am grateful to the universe for this chance to become part of the fashion world and receive guidance from true professionals in their field.

    Valeria Ivanova

  • Just a bomb Master Class!!! This is getting out of your comfort zone. I had a couple of times the desire to escape from there and thoughts slipped that in general, why do I need all this, it would be better to sit at home. This is how I overcome myself and move on. Today I took a huge step forward, mainly thanks to Vyacheslav. He is just incredible!!!! So it's charging. Thank you for organizing such an event and providing the opportunity to visit it. nine0005

    Julia Sotnikova

  • Today was a really productive day. Super master class, at the end of which each girl saw the result. It was incredibly informative, many thanks to all the teachers, especially Slava, with whom it is simply impossible not to fall in love. The atmosphere was friendly, warm, but at the same time working. Today I saw a professional approach to modeling. Thank you very much

    Maria Shkunova

  • Good evening!!
    Today I was at the master class.
    Of course, I was not prepared for what was there and was not ready! I'll be honest!
    Firstly, today I realized that I'm completely lazy! After a 3-hour session, my back / neck / tailbone ached, and in general, it seems, EVERYTHING! This gave me the mood to move - I was completely lazy and I feel that my whole body is frozen without movement, there is not enough sport chtoli .. (I hope the mood will not be lost !!)
    Secondly, BREATHING, it turns out I can’t breathe, what a horror! How did it happen? And what the hell? But it turns out that's how everything is ..
    Thirdly, the whole atmosphere made me happy. Girls, especially teachers, we all created this healthy atmosphere together and we want more such moments that were not created on purpose.
    Thank you all, it was great!!

    Olga Andreeva

  • The feeling is amazing)) there are a lot of emotions, it's impossible to convey everything, well done guys. Thank you for a wonderful master class!

    Marina Stepanova

  • Many thanks to the Diamond school for the wonderful months of the 1st Course. It was a great pastime, we learned a lot of new things and built a clear understanding of the modeling business and how to behave correctly. Although I already studied at another unsuccessful school, but it was a long time ago, and I can say with accuracy that Diamond school is one of the best schools in St. Petersburg. nine0007 I will also thank the curator of the modeling agency wonderful Ekaterina Snezhkova,
    chic Vyacheslav Yazovskikh - fashion show teacher, beloved photographer Daria Kosinova,
    Dear Arina Pavlikova - stylist-image maker,
    Fyodor Smolyaninov - acting,
    cool Lilia Tarasova - fitness teacher nutritionists and a good team that went through this productive journey and was with me all the time.

    Maria Pestova

  • Thank you so much!!! Feelings can not be expressed in words, everything was very cool. I tried myself for the first time, got such an experience, thank you all for the amazing master class

    Diamond school, thank you for the wonderful teaching, the teachers are just gold, thanks to them we have become brilliant like, but this is only the beginning

    Alexandra Ranzhurova

10 Qualities of Smart Dancers

Being a smart dancer you improve your choreography and performance much better and help your dance partner develop. Let's take a look at what the concept of "smart dancer" includes.


Good orientation in space is the understanding that you are dancing in a 3-dimensional world. Smart dancers are aware of the directions of their movements and how they interact with the surrounding space. This means that you know not to stand close to other dancers, how to use your space, how to move being in different places of the hall - behind, in front, on the right, on the left. You understand exactly which dance combinations will take you from one point to another without going beyond the boundaries of the allotted space. You need to understand how not to run into other dancers and not get in their way. Orientation in space helps everyone. nine0005

Stay focused

Smart dancers know how to stay focused even on tough days. Smart dancers can stay focused despite frustration and exhaustion. They are ready for anything at any moment. If the choreographer needs you because someone can't play the part, you have to be ready to perform. You must be able to push the chaos aside and focus on the space and time allotted. Smart dancers know how to overcome stress in order to get things done. nine0005

Understanding the dance pattern

Smart dancers know how important it is to understand patterns and combinations in choreography. The faster you pick up a pattern that you understand, the easier it will be for you to understand and remember the movements. Once your brain has absorbed the template once, your body can easily implement the movement on automatism. Understanding the pattern helps with speed, coordination and repetition. It also helps you communicate and explain the movement to the rest of the dancers.

Understanding music theory

Smart dancers learn music theory. They understand the difference between rhythm, tempo, melody and timing. They understand different time signatures and how it will affect their dancing. They know how to use numbers and letters to indicate different accents and movements (eg: 1-e-&-a, 2, 3-e-&-a, 4). The ability to read music helps the dancer to understand and feel what emotions the composer put into his work. The more you understand the music and can hear rhythms within rhythms, the more details will appear in your dance. nine0005

Some musical rules

  • Rhythm is a sequence of sounds of the same and different lengths organized by meter.
  • Meter is the alternation of strong and weak beats at a certain tempo.
  • The tempo is the pulse rate of the metric beats.

Pay attention to details

An intelligent dancer has the ability to notice details that are not told to him. A smart dancer knows where to look and how to remember all the observations at once. For example, in order to raise the arms, head, arms, body, legs, foot at a pace in any necessary directions and not lose details, this is a high level of skill. Smart dancers are always watching in order to digest information and commit it to memory. nine0005

Think one step ahead

The ability to anticipate is an extremely useful tool for dancers. For example, in a ballet class, if you want to spend your arabesque a little longer, you must anticipate the acceleration of the transition of the next step in order to dance into the music. Thinking ahead is especially helpful when preparing for auditions and rehearsals. You never know what will happen and all you can do is prepare as much as possible and think ahead. nine0005

Make connections

Smart dancers know how to make connections. This may include connections with students in the classroom for cross-training, rehearsals, and other activities. Smart dancers are always learning and keep an open mind about training their bodies. Smart dancers also know that the dance world is small and they know how interact with different people to stay successful.

Self-Knowledge: Knowing Your Body and Emotions

Understanding your body and psycho-emotional state is not always easy, but smart dancers know themselves and their weaknesses. They know which muscle has an imbalance or structural changes and they know how to fix it as much as possible. Understanding how to take care of yourself is very important. Understanding how to avoid injury and how to take care of yourself if you already injured will quickly bring you back to dancing.

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