How to dance like the jabbawockeez

7 TikTok Dance Moves You Can Learn At Home

TikTok is filled with short, fun dance routines that you can watch for endless hours (trust me, I've done it), share with friends, and learn at home with STEEZY.

But, let's face it.

If you don't have a dance background, the short, hard to follow tutorials on TikTok can be a frustrating roadblock to joining in on the fun.

Here are simple, easy ways you can learn the 7 most popular moves on TikTok.

1. The CitiRokk

The CitiRokk is that one SUPER POPULAR TikTok dance move where you rock your body from side to side and cross your arms in front of your chest.

Watch this video with the move’s creator, CitiBoyRio, to see how the move took over TikTok!


While the CitiRokk was popularized on TikTok by the Renegade dance routine, CitiBoyRio just dropped a new routine of his own!

Learn the CitiRokk Shuffle routine just in time before it goes viral. 😎

Hit this link to learn both the CitiRokk and the CitiRokk shuffle step-by-step on STEEZY Studio.

2. The Woah

Just WATCHING people hit the Woah gets me excited.

It's simple, hype, and easy to apply to any song with a dope bass beat.

If you've been lurking on TikTok for any time at all, you've probably already seen it yourself and understand how it's supposed to look.

How you create the reverb motion, where to position your arms, and when to move your body to hit the beat on time is all you need to learn. 👇

3. The Swagg Bouncee

Do your hips naturally sway from side to side when a good song comes on?

Think of the Swagg Bouncee as your natural hip-sway's cooler, trendier sibling.

Lil Rich Swagg, who created the Swagg Bouncee, says to “Stay on your tippy toes to get a full range of motion,” in his STEEZY Studio class.

By committing to the move and making it bigger, you'll look more confident!

4. The Kangsta Wok

In the video below, this TikTok dance move's creator, Zaya Sosho, explains how he based the Kangsta Wok on a "dip" move he saw during a cypher.

When you do the Kangsta Wok, make sure not to over- or under-exert your energy.

Attack each level drop with a little intensity to make the move look extra hype, but don't go so hard that your body tenses up!

You want to make it look effortlessly cool. 😎

Still not totally sure how to make that happen?

Don't worry... Zaya Sosho will teach you in the tutorial below!

Use this guide to help to you practice too!

5. The Smeeze

This move first entered the dance scene in 2009, but at the time, it was mainly used during battles and parties.

When TikTok arrived in 2018, the move's creator, Chonkie, knew this was the perfect platform to bring the Smeeze to the next level.

With hashtags like #SMEEZEEVERYWHERE, and dance crews like the Jabbawockeez picking it up, the Smeeze quickly became a TikTok favorite.

You can learn more about it from Chonkie himself in this video!

While millions of people are, in fact, Smeezin' everywhere, the move can be a little tricky due to the alternating movements of the arms and legs.

Use this step-by-step tutorial to get the timing jussssst right!

6. The Bust Down

As far as TikTok dance moves go, the Bust Down is definitely on the sexier end of the spectrum.

Characterized by a scoop/thrust motion of the hips, the move is great for raunchy club jams like "Thotiana" by Blueface – the song that popularized the move!

If adding a lil sexy swagger to your movement feels like climbing Mt. Everest, know that practice and repetition will be your best friend!

STEEZY's tutorial breaks the move down simply and efficiently, so you can learn it in just 9 minutes and repeat sections LITERALLY AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT.

Trust us, you'll have swag down to a science.👨‍🔬

7. The Cosby Walk

Yes, when executed the right way, the simple act of marching can become a dope dance move!

Watch our video with Rated R, creator of the Cosby Walk, to see exactly what we mean:

As you're learning this move, make sure you're placing your feet firmly on the floor and evenly distributing your weight!

If your bottom half is weak and wobbly, you'll look more bambi than bad@$$.

Related article: Why Staying Light On Your Feet Is Actually Bad Advice

As much as we love watching the mesmerizing 15-second dance tutorials that already live on TikTok. ..

It's LIFE-CHANGING to have legit dancers break moves down and make them easy to learn.

Now, you have everything you need to master the hottest dance moves and join fun challenges on TikTok.

Start learning now for free!

Who Are The Jabbawockeez?

Last Updated on October 3, 2022

Las Vegas is full of amazing shows. They really how to put on a show from the grand theaters to lighting and cutting-edge technology, the shows are a top Las Vegas attraction. Some you can take the whole family to, and others that are best saved for the adults. If you are taking the family to Las Vegas, there is one show that you should definitely put on your list- The Jabbawockeez.

The Jabbawockeez is an action-packed, family-friendly show that has been entertaining Las Vegas for more than a decade. The Jabbawockeez are a dance group that has created a genuinely collaborative dance enterprise that has brought them huge success with their signature white masks and freestyle dance.  

They have an interesting history and a new show in Las Vegas that is not to be missed. Let’s take a look at who the Jabbawockeez are and what you need to know before enjoying this incredible show. 

About the Jabbawockeez

The Jabbawockeez first gained traction after appearing on America’s Got Talent in 2006. Shortly after, in 2008, they won the first season of Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC). 

They soon became the most famous ABDC group to come out of the show for their notable dance pieces, but also in part because of their recognizable mask and glove motif. The masking of individual identities puts the attention on their sharp, unified moves. 

The Jabbawockeez featured some insane choreography, perfect synchronization, and a unique style of dance features.The group derived their name from a poem called Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll, in which Jabberwocky is a dragon. Today, they bring the incredible energy of their various urban styles as a collective unit to any stage they grace.  

The Jabbawockeez have essentially transformed how America views dance crews, and they continue to be arguably the most well-loved innovative dance crew. 

Awards & Accolades 

Not only are they well-loved, but they have a few awards to show for their hard work as well. After winning America’s Best Dance Crew in 2008, the Jabbawockeez were voted Favorite Reality TV Star in the Asian Excellence Awards. 

Later, in 2012, they were awarded the Living Legend of Hip Hop Award by Hip Hop International and were the first hip hop dance crew ever to be given the award. The next year, the Jabbawockeez were awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Set It Off Competition. 

Over the years, they were nominated for others, such as the Steamy Awards in 2014 and a few for their Vegas shows as well. Well decorated and a continued fan favorite, the members of the Jabbawockeez continue to shine. 

Jabbawockeez Members

Speaking of the Jabbawockeez members, who are under the masks anyways? Well, there have been many Jabbawockeez members over the years; however, the founding dance group members were dancers Kevin Brewer (“KB”) and Joe Larot (“Punkee”). Soon added were Rynan Paguio (“Kid Rainen”) and Jeff Nguyen (“Phi”). 

These four became the original members that appeared on America’s Best Dance Crew. They are now the owners of Jabbawockeez. 

As they have aged, the original four have mostly produced and directed the show, only performing occasionally. The added additional members and those who perform now are a new generation that is mostly mentees of the four founding members. 

However, the fun of it all is the masks, so you never quite know who might be under there. 

Current Jabbawockeez Production

Though the Jabbawockeez began performing in Las Vegas back in 2010, their most recent production is called Timeless. It is being hosted at the Jabbawockeez theater at the MGM Grand Las Vegas. Timeless is a high-tech production with cutting-edge choreography and pulse-pounding music in true Jabbawockeez style.  

The premise behind the Timeless production is to take you through the dance scenes across America over time so that everyone watching, no matter who they are, has a piece of the show they can relate to.  

The Jabbawockeez Las Vegas show has been voted the Best All Ages Show and the Best Family Show in Las Vegas for three years in a row, so their new set is not to be missed by anyone. The dance crew performs every day except Tuesday at 7 pm and 9:30 pm. 

Jabbawockeez Tickets

Luckily, the Jabbawockeez show is affordable for many different budgets, with ticket prices starting at $19.99 for limited view seats. 

Going up from there, there are four different ticket categories with different prices. Category D is the next level up from the limited view seats and costs $49.99, while Category C is $72.99. 

The top two tiers of seats are Category B and A, coming in at $82.99 and $110, respectively. There is also an $8.95 service fee. However, children 3 and under can be admitted as a lap seat. 

Buy Jabbawockeez tickets here online or at the David Copperfield Box Office daily between 3 and 10 pm. Want to meet the amazing dancers? You can get meet and greet tickets through the box office, though they do cost extra.  

Which Jabbawockeez member dies?

Unfortunately, Jabbawockeez member, Gary Kendall, died in 2007 from meningitis.

What ethnicity are the Jabbawockeez?

The Jabbawockeez are a mix of different ethnicities, with members identifying as Asian American, African American, Hispanic, and Caucasian.

How many Jabbawockeez are there?

There are currently 20 active Jabbawockeez dance crew members, not including the original four members, Kevin Brewer, Joe Larot, Rynan Paguio, and Jeff Nguyen. 

Are any of the Jabbawockeez female?

Ariah “Little Babywockee” Tsukada Aka was named an honorary Jabbawockeez member after being a fan since the age of three. She has now performed with the dance crew in several events.

See the Jabbawockeez in Las Vegas

Whether you are with family or on a couple’s trip to Las Vegas, it is a blast to see America’s best dance crew in person. This is a dance troupe unlike any other that takes the stage with confidence and puts on a great show anyone can relate to. Get your tickets and see the Jabbawockeez’s new show, Timeless, next time you are in Las Vegas. 

Check it out

The world has always followed outstanding people, recognized or rejected their talents, but if we know many celebrities by sight, we cannot say the same about this team. The fact is that they carefully hide their faces under white masks, which have become a symbol of the JabbaWockeez dance team.

Why do they hide their faces behind masks? Not because they are afraid of something, but so that the viewer does not look at the dancer himself, but at the dance. Plasticity, elegance and incredible beauty of movements fascinate, each performance of the team gathers thousands, millions of spectators. Their videos on the Internet are very popular, and the number of views is growing every day. But who are they, the people behind the masks?

The team consists of eleven members, all American men. But the Spanish, Filipino, African and even Korean blood flowing in the veins of the band members allows them to stand out from the crowd of ordinary dancing Americans.

The path to fame is thorny and difficult, but for dancers it is also dangerous, because in order to be admired by your dances, you must do what others have never even dreamed of. Injuries, dislocations, fractures - all this can happen at every training session, at any performance. And the consequences of these injuries can affect not only the dance career, but also the quality of life in general.

The JabbaWockeeZ is a dance group formed in 2003 in San Diego, California. The team has appeared on popular reality shows such as America's Got Talent (NBC) and America's Best Dance crew (MTV). At the last one, the guys got the main prize — $100,000. After that, JabbaWockeeZ received a tour contract as America's Best Dance Crew.

JabbaWockeeZ features a simple white kabuki mask, gloves, and a stunning synchronized dance performance. And the intricate, it would seem, the name of the group comes from the poem "Jabberwocky" (Jabberwocky), from Lewis Carroll's book "Through the Looking Glass".

Team members:

- Jeff Nguyen "Phi"

- Rynan Paguio "Kid Rainen"

- Ben Chung "B-Tek"

- Kevin Brewer "KB"

- Philboy Tayag "Swagger03"

- Chris Gatdula "Cristyles"

- Joe "Emajoenation/Punkee" Larot


Phil "Strawberry" Tyag, Kevin "C.B" Brewer and Joe "Expressive" Larot began performing as a trio called Three Masks”, and it was at this time that the idea with white masks and gloves first arose. The guys decided that the audience at the concerts should see the plasticity and beauty of the dance, and not the dancer himself, so both faces and costumes were given minimal importance. And exactly at 19In the 60s, the Three Masks team became incredibly popular.

In 2003, on the basis of the idea of ​​"Three Masks", the group "Jabbawockeez" was founded, whose name in translation into Russian sounds like "Jarmaglot". This team was supposed to continue the work of the "Masks", impressing the audience with futuristic amazing dances. The group got its name thanks to Joe Larote's passion for the books of Lewis Carroll. In one of them, namely in “The Adventures of Alice”, an incredibly beautiful poem about the Jumbler sounds, which is a bit like the ravings of a madman, so the dances of “Jabbawockeez” were supposed to amaze the audience with their unreality and otherness.

White masks and gloves have been adopted as the group's symbol. The selection of the team lasted almost a year, the first members were Ryan and Chris, Gary found them in San Diego. Further, with the help of castings and various competitions, the remaining participants were selected, and in 2004 the final line-up of 11 participants was formed.

However, it is interesting that the first dance of the team was demonstrated in 2005, a whole year before that the guys trained and learned to feel each other. Hip-hop dance was shown in California, but the big success did not come to the guys right away. Only in 2006, the group began to gain popularity, and already in 2007 the team was invited to participate in the TV show "America's Talents". However, soon the team dropped out, which was due not only to the youth and inexperience of the participants, but also to the illness of one of the founders of the team. Gary Kendell was dying.

He died on December 14, 2007 from complications from pneumonia and meningitis, shortly before his death, the team was supposed to participate in the casting of the first season of America's Best Dance Team. This event was a strong blow for the group, and for a long time they could not decide whether to continue dancing or not. And they decided to try to pass the casting, and, if something works out, continue to dance.

JabbaWockeez wins:

After winning the first season of the national American competition among the best dance groups, Jabbawockeez gained incredible popularity and became in demand in the world of show business. After that, they took part in other parts of this competition with pleasure, and were also invited to all existing competitions of dance groups. Incredible futuristic dances, meticulous rehearsals and perfect execution took their toll: Jabbawockeez became more and more popular.

Their performances attracted large audiences, they were invited to a charity concert, which included all the winners of the last five seasons of the "America's Best Dance Ensemble", all proceeds were transferred to the amputee charity.

The victory in the national competition brought them $100,000, which allowed the team to develop their choreography and invite the best dance professionals. Jabbawockeez appear in Pepsi ads, for which they receive good money, some of which goes back to charities.

After the film "Step Up 2" the band's popularity goes beyond the American public, now the whole world knows about them. Videos with their dances and performances in various arenas fill youtube, and the number of views is growing rapidly, reaching millions. Several members of the team launch their own clothing line for dancing people, their style is being taught in dance schools.

This is followed by the rapid development of the acting career of the dance group, they star in films about dance, which are gaining worldwide popularity. However, they do not forget about the stage, and take part in various concerts and performances.

February 15, 2009 Jabbawockeez perform at the NBA All-Star competition, Shaquille O'Neal himself dances with them, this video can be found on many video services. One of the most successful performances falls on February 15, 2009, when the team was invited to perform at the University of Florida, they had to dance in front of an audience of 35,000.

This is followed by numerous tours around the world, one of the most successful was in Australia from August 28 to August 30, 2009. The band has performed in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as well as on several Australian TV channels.

The group is happy to collaborate with young groups, several members start working as choreographers, but the dance career of the group does not stop there and continues to this day.

The white mask and gloves have become symbols of the team, they accompany them everywhere. Where there are Jabbawockeez there will be fun and beautiful dancing!


Jabbawockeez, Luxor Las Vegas, America's Best Dance Crew, Jabbawockeez Season 1 Hip hop, group dance, miscellaneous, fictional Character, dance png

Jabbawockeez, Luxor Las Vegas, America's Best Dance Crew, Jabbawockeez Season 1 Hip hop, group dance, miscellaneous, fictional Character, dance png


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