How old is bruno from dancing with the stars

How Old Is Bruno Tonioli? Who Is Jason Schanne, the Partner of The Strictly Judge?

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Bruno Tonioli’s Age Is How Old?

Who Is Jason Schanne, the Partner of The Strictly Judge?

Where Is He From?

What Does He Make from Strictly?

What Are Bruno Tonioli’s Earnings and Net Worth?

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Bruno Tonioli is an Italian choreographer, ballroom and Latin dancer, and TV personality. His Italian name is [bruno tonjli]. He has served as a judge for both the American version of Dancing with the Stars on ABC TV in the US and the British dance competition Strictly Come Dancing. dance, a British talent competition, and Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann, an American version, both featured Tonioli as a co-creator and guest.

Bruno Tonioli’s Age Is How Old?

Bruno Tonioli, who is currently 66 years old, was born on November 25, 1955.

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Who Is Jason Schanne, the Partner of The Strictly Judge?

Since the year 2000, Bruno has been a long-term partner of Jason Schanne. The pair exchanged vows in 2012 after the 14th season of Dancing With the Stars, on which Bruno serves as a judge. There isn’t much information available because they are both highly secretive about their relationship.

Where Is He From?

Bruno was born in the northeast Italian city of Ferrara, but he first relocated to London in 1975. He speaks Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French fluently in addition to his other five languages.

What Does He Make from Strictly?

Since the inaugural episode of Strictly Come Dancing in 2004, Bruno has served as a judge. He reportedly received £250,000 for his two-month appearance on the show in 2017. In addition, he serves as a judge on the American version of the program, where he reportedly receives an additional £880,000 per season.

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What Are Bruno Tonioli’s Earnings and Net Worth?

Bruno Tonioli, an Italian dancer, choreographer, novelist, and television personality has a $9 million net worth. Tonioli, a well-known choreographer, and former professional dancer has created shows for a variety of acts, including Tina Turner, Duran Duran, and the Rolling Stones. He was a judge on the British dance competition “Strictly Come Dancing” from 2004 to 2020, and he has been a judge on the ABC reality program “Dancing with the Stars” since 2005. DanceX from the BBC in 2007 and its American adaptation, “Dance War:

Bruno vs. Carrie Ann” were both co-created by Bruno. He appeared in the music videos for Bonnie Tyler’s “Take Me Back” and Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing” in 1983. He has also made appearances in the television series “Oscar” (1985), “The Bill” (2001), “Fuller House” (2016), and “Horrible Histories,” as well as the movies “Absolute Beginners” (1986), “What a Girl Wants” (2003), and “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie” (2016) (2021). In 2012, Tonioli released the autobiography “Bruno: My Story.”

Individual Life

Bruno is out as gay and stated as much in a 2005 interview with the “It was terrifying, he said while describing his upbringing in a small Catholic town in Mirror. In the village, I actually WAS the only gay person. The worst thing that could have been said about me in Italy at the time was that I was called “the queenie guy” and “the queer.” Added he, “The attractive girls would dance around me since I was always a really good dancer. A group of boys developed jealousy about this one night. Then they pressed me up against a wall while yelling “You poofter!” and chased me out of the club with a broken bottle. I eventually talked myself out of it using creativity and wit, but I was quite fortunate.” Tonioli has an excellent command of Italian, French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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Honorable Mentions

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For “Dancing with the Stars,” Tonioli received Primetime Emmy nominations in 2006 and 2007 for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program. He has been nominated for a 2007 Teen Choice Award for Choice TV: Personality thanks to the program.


In West Hollywood, California, Bruno spent $2.825 million on a 2,359-square-foot house. The house has a pool, deck, and fire pit and is only a short drive from the CBS studios, where “Dancing With the Stars” is filmed.

Bruno Tonioli - Dancer, Personality

Bruno Tonioli - Dancer, Personality

Birth Date: November 25, 1955

Age: 66 years old

Birth Place: Ferrara, Italy

Dancing With the Stars


Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann




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Bruno Tonioli
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Valery Nikolaev about criticism at Dancing with the Stars, the birth of his son and the wedding of his daughter with Koreshkov

  • Interview

  • News stole Nikolaev from his family. About the wife's discontent, pain at rehearsals and a long-standing conflict with Averbukh - in a personal interview.

    February 1 202280 710

    Valery Nikolaev

    Two generations of the Nikolaevs greeted the StarHit handset at once - in fact, Valery, with whom we agreed to talk about Dancing with the Stars, and ... Nikita Valerievich, who clearly wanted to participate in conversation. That is the name of the 7-month-old son of the actor, whose birth he mentioned on the air of the last issue of the TV project.

    For Valery and his beautiful wife, gymnast Elmira Zemskova, the addition to the family has become very long-awaited - they have long dreamed of an heir. It is difficult not to note how Nikolaev has changed in recent years: the artist has long since given up bad habits, went in for sports and looks much younger than his years. In "Dances" on the TV channel "Russia" he is determined - he devotes all his time to rehearsals and intends to reach the final.

    Valery, I read here that you, it turns out, are professional dancers, and even worked as a choreographer. Do other members know that you have such an ace up your sleeve?

    Step, yes, indeed, I dance, nothing has been forgotten, all the combinations are in my feet. But I don't see it as a bonus. You know, any show or movie has a desired picture. And here is the choice of an artist who knows how to ride a horse, fight and throw knives, and one who needs to learn. Who will be taken?

    In the show "Dancing with the Stars" the actor performs in tandem with Alexandra Akimova

    At the same time, you say that classes exhaust you greatly. What is especially difficult? And what, maybe, automatically turns out thanks to the choreographic past?

    Periodically, of course, I remember combinations that were once worked out. We rehearse 10 titles in 8 weeks - we work as the best enterprise in the world. But only dancing - it hurts every second. Because support, because it's hard and dangerous. It is necessary to prepare a serious reserve - the partner weighs 50 kilograms, which means that I have to press 80 so that she feels comfortable. The gym helps - I did it every day, and I continue. By the way, I get especially tired there and always go to a rehearsal after a workout. On Sunday I go out on the parquet, no matter how tired I am, but still cheerful.

    Probably lost weight already under such loads.

    As for the weight, it has not changed: you lose water, of course, but the muscles, on the contrary, become denser.

    Partner, Alexandra Akimova, have you already taught you a lot?

    Patience in general. The fact that you just need to calmly repeat the movements until you succeed.

    The artist intends to reach the finals in the project

    Did you have to sacrifice something for the sake of participating in the project, to restructure your life somehow?

    We practice 5-7 hours a day. Plus, the round trip takes another hour. The schedule, of course, has changed, I spend much less time with my family. Plus postponed shooting, but thank God. They were invited to some ordinary ordinary series in Kyiv, but what kind of idiot would go to Ukraine now ... It's scary when you think about it. There will be a war, again young guys will go to die for nothing. Yes, already gone, dying every day, how long has this been going on. It is impossible not to think about it, after all, life does not consist of dances alone.

    You mentioned on the last program that you became a father. And the Internet was immediately full of headlines in the spirit of "hiding the birth of a son for seven months."

    Who did I hide from? Why do I have to shout about it right and left? Yes, I have social networks, but personal life is personal for that ... What publishing house do you work for?

    Hearst Shkulev Media.

    Can I enter your building from the street?

    No, security won't let you in without a pass.

    So I have a personal pass for a very limited number of people. Journalists sometimes climb without asking, but I don't let them in.

    Valery and Elmira had their first child in June

    Anyway, tell us when the joyful event happened, and in general, how did you spend this “secret” period in your new status?

    Our son Nikita was born on June 13th. Therefore, the thirteenth season of Dancing with the Stars is a happy one for me. At first, my wife and I, of course, were around the clock next to the child - we all went to the dacha together and enjoyed life there from June to November. The eldest daughter Dasha came to visit, met her brother. And then the project was born.

    Daria has followed in your footsteps, and many criticize her for the fact that, they say, her father and mother help in the profession.

    She followed in her footsteps, it was useless to talk to her. And I am still convinced that, if you take Irina Apeksimova and me, then Dasha is more talented than both of us. They praise their daughter deservedly, I think she has a great future. She played amazingly in "Dandies", there is her vocals, which are undeniably beautiful. And Dasha moves like a professional ballerina, because she spent six years in this area. Then she chose the theater and moved to another school, where she studied for the last 10-11th grades. And she did the right thing. And as far as aid is concerned, what kind of parents don't patronize their children?

    In March, Nikolaev's daughter Daria Avratinskaya is getting married to Egor Koreshkov

    Dasha, like her star parents, became an actress

    At social events, Daria has repeatedly appeared hand in hand with actor Egor Koreshkov. How did you accept your daughter's chosen one, and is there a wedding coming up in your family?

    They are getting married on March 21, so you can congratulate the guys. I liked Yegor. But, of course, I was worried, because he is a successful person. At this age, 35 years old, he is already producing and filming a lot. Yes, and in life a normal person is deprived of this star disease. I see that he loves Dasha very much, treats her reverently and tenderly, tries to protect her from some unnecessary waste of time, everyday life - and most importantly, he has the opportunity for this.

    How does your wife react to the fact that you are constantly away from home? Coping alone with a baby?

    Yes, she reacts badly, the family suffers. I communicate very little with the child, I don’t have time to walk with him. Elmira caught a little cold, and for two days no one went out with her son. He also has a schedule - just like an astronaut. But you have to work. My wife is on a well-deserved pension - she is an aerial gymnast, she spent 20 years at a height under the dome, that's why I'm so gray-haired.

    Watching the show, rooting for you?

    Yes, but unfortunately only on the record. Says the right things as they are. Like, "there were blots, but in principle it was like a dance. " Her opinion matters to me.

    Dmitry Kharatyan missed one of the episodes due to illness

    Marina Zudina and Maxim Petrov are considered one of the favorites of the show

    You have such a cast in the project. Have you known everyone before? In whom do you feel strong competition?

    We worked with Masha Mironova, Marina Zudina and Dima Kharatyan more than once, the rest are news to me. I don’t see competitors in anyone, I’m not in the competition. The only thing I compete with is my own weakness.

    I read opinions on the Internet: many people think that you were underestimated in the first programs. Do you agree?

    Yes, and they did the right thing, that they underestimated, you can’t immediately put “tens”. Here is Dana White, President of the UFC, said the right thing: a clear victory is a knockout. With my partner, every number should be a knockout! Constructive criticism of the judges, where it is indicated what to fix, I am always happy, but one where, they say, “you don’t feel the music subtly enough” . .. This is not criticism, this is some kind of personal opinion of Vladimir Varnava (jury member of Dancing with the Stars) about me. But we don't know each other well enough for him to know how I feel about music. I didn’t see how he dances at all, what he is like as an artist. The words of Yegor Druzhinin and Kolya Tsiskaridze are, of course, more significant for me.

    The jury of the project, according to the audience, is not always objective

    You haven't appeared on the screens for some time. Now we are back in the cinema. Are you satisfied with your employment?

    I filmed every year, but the quality of these serials leaves much to be desired. Now I am gradually implementing my plans. On March 6th I finish the project, I hope we will reach the final. And on March 23, the picture is already beginning, which we must complete before the end of April. Then I start shooting myself - April-May. Plus in the summer one more movie in the schedule.

    As for the theatre, would you like to return there?

    Just the other day I was talking with one of the leaders of the best, in my opinion, Moscow theater: they agreed that I would show what I want in the second half of April - a solo performance, where I act as both an artist and a director. If you like it, then at first I will go to one-time shows, and then we'll see.

    The artist has many plans both in the cinema and in the theater

    For a long time you played the play “The Night of Her Revelations” with Arzamasova, but then Lifanov was brought into it. Why was there a replacement?

    It so happened, Lisa married Ilya, and I had a conflict with him after the Ice Age. We phoned, but Averbukh was flying away at that moment to some kind of competition. Then we agreed to meet, but somehow there was no time. He's busy now, and so am I. But this does not cancel the scheduled meeting, in fact, it is easy to sort out the whole matter there. So I'm sure there won't be any problems. Yes, and Igor Lifanov is a wonderful artist, let him play. I'm not offended, I've already played enough in general.

    Photo: PhotoXPress, press service of the Russia TV channel, Andrey Kalmykov, Legion-Media, AGN Moscow

    Text author: Olga Pletenyova

    How much do participants in the Dancing with the Stars contest receive?


    We saw more familiar faces, from reality TV stars to actors and professional athletes. compete on Dancing With the Stars than we can follow. Bye DWTS can help boost their careers, it turns out the pay to appear on the show could allow some of our favorite stars to take their turn on the show.

    Here's how much DWTS participants are paid, plus the net worth of each judge.

    what is Charles Barkley's fortune

    Kim Kardashian about Dancing With the Stars | ABC

    How much do members earn?

    Immediately, participants are paid $125,000 just to register to compete. DWTS . The longer celebrities stay on the show, the more they get paid. So, in addition to trying to win the season, the members have an incentive to stay here to get a big paycheck every week.

    Gawker reported that celebrities featured in episodes 3 and 4 earn another $10,000 on top of their initial $125,000. Asks for more pay each week, raising between $20,000 and $30,000 for the next episodes. By the time they get to the last two episodes, they will have earned another $50,000.

    How much do professional dancers earn?

    Until it was discovered how much the participants earn for appearing on DWTS the amount earned by professional dancers is kept secret. However, it is clearly impressive. When Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd returned for the following season, an insider revealed their reasoning: The pay was too good to turn down.

    A source told People, “Having a baby isn't cheap and being on the show gives them a lot more financial freedom. Max had a fear that being a father would consume his whole life, but since [his son] Shai arrived, he and Peta realized that they could handle the show and become parents.0005

    The pros' contracts are reported to be "renegotiated every season" and "salary [increases] depending on life expectancy and other factors", so we can understand why they wanted to stay.

    How much does the winner earn?

    Surprisingly, the winner does not receive any extra money for bringing home the Mirrorball trophy. The three finalists who made it to the last two episodes are each paid the same amount, totaling $345,000 per season.

    How much do hosts earn?

    No wonder Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews continue to host DWTS . According to HubPages, Bergeron earns $150,000 per episode. Meanwhile, Andrews has a $2 million annual salary (including her DWTS income and her career as a sportscaster).

    See this post on Instagram

    Our judges are looking forward to the Mirrorball Trophy - but which pair will be champions? We'll find out in TWO DAYS! #DWTS # Finals

    A post shared by Dancing With the Stars (@dancingabc) on November 19, 2017 at 10:36 AM PST

    How much do judges make?

    It is not known how much judges Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli are scoring at DWTS. But in 2014 they were rumored to be making $1.2 million per season.

    What college did Terry Bradshaw attend?

    Len Goodman net worth is $12 million.

    As a professional dancer and ballroom dance coach, Goodman has achieved great success throughout his career. He has been DWTS judge since 2005 and doesn't seem to be leaving the show anytime soon. And now he's reportedly worth $12 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Goodman is also a judge on BBC One Dancing with the Stars , providing professional dancers with an even higher income.

    Net worth of Carrie Ann Inaba is 9million dollars.

    Fan-favorite Judge Inaba has an impressive net worth. During her career as a dancer, choreographer, actress, singer and TV presenter, she managed to earn $ 9 million. She gained attention by playing "Flying Girl" in a comedy sketch show. In vibrant color , and has since seemed to be everywhere in Hollywood.

    Learn more