How much do nyc ballet dancers make

How much money does a New York City ballet dancer make?

The average estimated annual salary, including base and bonus, at New York City Ballet is $86,980, or $41 per hour, while the estimated median salary is $102,185, or $49 per hour.

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How much do dancers make on Broadway?

Professional dancers in the U.S. earn an average of $24.50 per hour . Salaries vary depending on the dancer's company, location and experience. Dancers in New York City earn an average of $64,256 per year .

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Do NYC ballet apprentices get paid?

The Apprentice Program is jointly administered by SAB and NYCB, with apprentices maintaining access to the School's resources and support while earning the equivalent of a first-year corps member salary prorated according to the number of performances assigned.

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What does a principal dancer at New York City Ballet make?

Corps de Ballet dancer: $325 - $1,500 per week. Principal Dancer: $53,000 - $150,000+ a year for the top companies.

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Do ballerinas make a lot of money?

A ballet dancer makes anywhere between $14,500 and $256,500 in a year. This range represents the highest and lowest earners. Most ballet dancers' salaries fall between $14,500 and $36,500. The average salary is about $1,326 per week.

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Who is the richest ballerina?

Sylvie Guillem – $850,000 + per year

Sylvie Guillem is the highest paid female ballet dancer in the world today, at 48 years old. She hasn't slowed down in later years; continuing an enormously successful career, Sylvie is selling out theatres all over, and has been since the mid-80's.

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What is the highest paying ballet company?

The NYCB is one of the highest paying ballet companies in the United States.

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What is a prima ballerina salary?

Though famous prima ballerinas like Nina Ananiashvili can make $30,000 in one performance, your ordinary, non-prima ballet dancer (who still isn't all that ordinary) makes roughly the same hourly rate as a kid flipping burgers over the summer.

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How much does a ballerina weigh?

This “look” is said to have the ability to create perfect, balletic lines and expressive movements on stage. The average height of an American ballerina is about 5 foot 2 inches to 5 foot 8 inches. In correspondence to height, weight would ideally range from 85 to 130 lbs.

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Can you audition for NYC ballet?

Please note that New York City Ballet does not hold open auditions or company classes for prospective dancers. If you are interested in auditions for summer intensives and pre-professional programs at the School of American Ballet, please visit their website for more information.

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What is the best ballet company in the world?

Top 10 Best Ballet Companies In The World

  • Paris Opera Ballet – The most prestigious ballet company.
  • American Ballet Theatre – Best ballet company in America.
  • The Royal Ballet.
  • The Australian Ballet.
  • National Ballet of Canada.
  • Bolshoi Ballet.
  • Joffrey Ballet.
  • Cuban National Ballet (Ballet Nacional de Cuba)

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How does a person become a dancer in the City ballet?

Dancers interested in becoming an Apprentice or Trainee must attend the company's three-week Summer Intensive program. During the Intensive, the directors have the opportunity to observe a dancer's work ethic, how quickly they pick up choreography and how they look performing on stage after a short rehearsal period.

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How much do Disney dancers get paid?

Salary Details for a Dancer at Disney Parks

The estimated base pay is $92,242 per year. The estimated additional pay is $15,168 per year. Additional pay could include cash bonus, commission, tips, and profit sharing.

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Who is the highest paid actor on Broadway?

Right now the highest-paid performer on Broadway is Richard Chamberlain, who is playing Captain von Trapp in 'The Sound of Music. ” The actor, production sources say, pulls down about $50,000 a week. That figure is a combination of a guaranteed base salary, plus a percentage of the gross box-office receipts.

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How do dancers make a living?

Commercial dancers: As the name implies, commercial dancers earn their living dancing in commercial projects. This includes tours, music videos, movies, industrials, cruise ships, musicals, and, yes, actual commercials. Commercial dancers are freelancers and work on a project-by-project basis.

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How much do Nutcracker ballerinas make?

Soloist at the ABT earn between $50,000 and $100,000, Copeland told ESPN in 2014, adding that she was at the top of that range. Once she was promoted to principal, her salary would have increased as well.

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How much do Rockettes make?

Typically, each Rockette receives a paycheck of between $1,400 and $1,500 each week. Because these famous dancers only perform seasonally, this only amounts to between $36,400 to $39,000 per year. The Rockettes do receive their benefits year-round, though.

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What do ballet dancers do when they retire?

Some dancers go on to teach or coach, and some to choreograph, though the latter path is often even less stable, predictable or lucrative than being a dancer. Some go into ballet-adjacent work, like dance photography.

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Is being a ballerina a job?

Being a ballerina is a very physically demanding career, with most performers only staying at their physical peak for a few years and usually retiring before turning 35.

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How hard is it to be a ballerina?

Most ballet dancers are completely shot by their mid-20s, and many will suffer lifelong disabilities from the effort. Pound for pound, ballerinas are some of the most intense athletes out there. Not only are they tremendously strong, but they have to do it while looking like little stick figures blowing in the wind.

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What is the word for a male ballerina?

What are male dancers called if female dancers are called ballerinas? A male dancer is called a danseur or a principal dancer, if he is ranked highly in a professional company.

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How much do ballet dancers make in Russia?

Even in the main theatres of the country, the initial rate is 12,000 rubles. Only thanks to surcharges for performances, awards and part-time artists manage to lead a more or less average standard of living.

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How Much Do Ballet Dancers Make

Ballet is a beautiful art performed by amazing dancers. Ballet dancers are well trained, and because of their unmatched skills, they are compensated fairly. 

A ballet dancer makes anywhere between $14,500 and $256,500 in a year. This range represents the highest and lowest earners. Most ballet dancers' salaries fall between $14,500 and $36,500. The average salary is about $1,326 per week. 

Many ballet dancers work their whole life to be a part of a prestigious company. Below, there is a breakdown of a ballet dancer's salary at each career stage and how to making money as a ballet dancer.

A Ballet Dancer's Salary

Ballet dancers are known for their hard work, dedication, and grit, but not necessarily their income. Many of the performing arts get a bad reputation for the low-income positions that employ many people within the industry. It takes a lot of time and experience to see your investment in training and practice pay off.

Salaries vary widely by region and company. If a ballet dancer is not a part of a company, their likelihood of getting paid drastically decreases. 

Here are some fast facts about ballet dancers' salaries:

  • Average yearly salary is $68,949 
  • Average yearly salary falls into the 75th percentile
  • An average salary accounts for both the highest and lowest incomes
  • About 35% of ballet dancers fall into the 25th percentile, roughly $30,000
  • Only 17% of all ballet dancing positions are paid between $58,500 and $80,500

The major takeaways from these facts are that most ballet dancers make about $30,000. Do not expect to make more than $30,000 with your first dancing gig. Earning a higher, consistent wage can be difficult, especially if your performances are freelance.

Salary is dependent on multiple factors, such as:

  • Experience
  • Skill level
  • Location or region
  • Dance company

(Source: Zip Recruiter)

Do Ballet Dancers Make A Livable Wage?

Ballet dancers that fall into the 25th percentile of salary ranges earn about $14 an hour, which is not a livable wage. In some regions of the country, averages are much higher, but if you take into account the cost of living in those regions, the increase is not substantial.

Below is a table showing ballet dancer salary averages from locations across the United States based on data from August 2020. The table goes on to highlight prestigious companies found in these regions as well. 

The following charge details how salaries differ in various regions of the US:



Average Salary

Companies in the Area


Indianapolis, IN


  • Cleveland Ballet
  • Cincinnati Ballet
  • Dayton Ballet

Chicago, IL


  • Joffrey Ballet
  • Chicago Ballet
  • Oklahoma Ballet

Minneapolis, MN


  • Minnesota Ballet
  • Milwaukee Ballet
  • Madison Ballet
  • James Sewell Ballet


New York, NY


  • American Ballet Theatre
  • Dance Theatre of Harlem
  • New York City Ballet
  • Ballet Hispánico

Boston, MA


  • Boston Ballet
  • New Jersey Ballet
  • Amherst Ballet Theatre Company

Washington, DC.


  • National Ballet of Washington, DC.
  • Charlotte Ballet
  • Carolina Ballet
  • The Washington Ballet


Seattle, WA


  • Paradosi Ballet Company
  • Pacific Northwest Ballet

Portland, OR


  • Oregon Ballet Theatre
  • Ballet Fantastique

San Francisco, CA


  • San Francisco Ballet
  • Nevada Ballet Theatre
  • Sacramento Ballet
  • Ballet San Jose
  • Bay Pointe Ballet


Dallas, TX


  • Texas Ballet Theater
  • Kansas City Ballet

Phoenix, AZ


  • Ballet Arizona
  • Ballet West
  • Colorado Ballet

Los Angeles, CA


  • Los Angeles Ballet
  • Anaheim Ballet




  • Atlanta Ballet
  • Atlanta Festival Ballet
  • Savannah Ballet Theatre 

New Orleans, LA


  • Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet
  • Alabama Ballet



  • Houston Ballet
  • Bay Area Houston Ballet and Theatre

(Source: Companies of the US)

Again, these salaries are an average of a large range of values. While there are many companies across the United States, as shown above, ballet has a strong presence in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Depending on a company's needs, you may find better luck internationally.

Other world-renowned ballet companies are:

  • Ballet Black, England
  • The Royal Ballet, England
  • Bolshoi Ballet, Russia
  • Cairo Opera Ballet Company, Egypt
  • K-Ballet, Japan
  • Tokyo Ballet, Japan
  • Hong Kong Ballet, China
  • Israel Ballet, Israel

(Source: World Ballets)

Within these regions, there are different types of ballet companies, such as:

  • Musical theater 
  • Modern dance
  • Classical
  • Neoclassical
  • Chamber ballet
  • Non-profit

The type of company largely determines the dance style that is favored in performances. Within a company, there can be jazz, hip hop, ballet, and other ensembles. A company is not limited to ballet. However, many companies are famous for their ballet performances. For instance, the Moscow Ballet is widely known for their performance of The Nutcracker.


How to Become a Professional Ballet Dancer

Most ballet dancers start fairly young when they begin their training. Most people say it is necessary to begin at a very early age to make it as a dancer, but that is a misconception.

Here are the five steps to becoming a ballet dancer:

  1. Train, train, train. 
  2. Pursue education and earn a degree in dance or fine arts. 
  3. Practice, and practice some more.
  4. Perform freelance shows to build your reputation.
  5. Try out for a company of your choosing.

Both training and practice allow you to gain experience and skill, two highly desired traits for ballet dancers. 

The companies and schools that hire ballet dancer look for the following traits:

  • Highly skilled and talented – Whether raw talent or from extensive training, dancers without real talent don't get hired.
  • Supportive and encouraging – Companies are another family, and you must be able to play nice.
  • Commitment – Practicing for hours on one dance requires dedication.
  • Artistry – Dance requires a creative and thoughtful mind.

A degree is useful after you retire from dancing, as well. Many dancers go on to be choreographers, so an understanding of dance and movement is helpful. Additionally, there is the option to teach, where again a college degree will be essential

Although a consistent paycheck comes with being hired by a company or school, many ballet dancers are self-employed. (Source: Labor Statistics)

Famous Ballet Dancers and Their Incomes

Some ballet dancers are considered outliers on the pay scales, and knowing a little more about their incomes and the companies they work for may be helpful. These outliers include famous ballet dancers making over six figures a year.

By Gilda N. Squire Gildasquire

Misty Copeland

  • First Black principal dancer in American Ballet Theatre 
  • Earns over $100,000 a year
  • Started dancing at 13

(Source: Misty: Prima Ballerina)

By Anastasiya Fedorenko

Nina Ananiashvili

  • $30,000 per performance
  • Prima ballerina
  • Training originally in figure skating
  • Studied at Moscow Choreographic Institute
  • Principal dancer in American Ballet Theatre and Houston Ballet

Sylvie Guillem

  • Highest paid female ballet dancer
  • Estimates around $850,000 per year
  • 48 years old
  • French-trained
  • Career skyrocketed in the 1980s
The Thomas Jerome Newton Project

Benjamin Millepied

  • French-trained, as well
  • Started at 8 years old
  • Danced for companies internationally
  • Net worth is around $900,000
Photograph: Peter Johns/The Guardian

Rudolf Nureyev

  • Passed away in 1993
  • Russian dancer
  • Jack of all trades in performance art
  • Estate valued at over $7 million
Keystone/ZUMA Press/age fotostock

Mikhail Baryshnikov

  • Latvian dancer
  • Began as a freelancer
  • Joined New York City Ballet
  • Transitioned to acting
  • Estimated at over $45 million in combined earnings and worth

(Source: Richest Ballet Dancers)

These famous dancers earn much more than the average ballet dancer, but it an inspiring set of numbers to strive toward during your dancing career.  


Ballet dancers are compensated quite well when they are a part of a premiere ballet company. Freelance ballet dancers make a decent wage, but it can be hard to get by depending on how steady the work is. 

On average most ballet dancers make between $14,500 and $36,500 a year. A ballet dancer's salary increases if they work in multiple companies or have additional gigs. Major talents in ballet make, on average, six figures or more in a year. 

Draw and get rich - how much do street artists earn in Kazakhstan: October 09, 2019, 08:54

Fresh incarnation of the Joker in Almaty, Banksy's caricature of the British Parliament, a message on boxes with bombs and "bombing" New York subways - all these topics unites a capacious word - street art. The correspondent of delved into the history of the socially relevant and ambiguous culture of street art.

Graffiti and murals step by step take over the walls of city objects, pushing out the gray canvases of buildings. Now much attention is paid to this direction of art - festivals are held, akimats and commercial organizations order drawings, and for passers-by it is a fashionable photo zone. A modern street artist in Kazakhstan can afford to do what he loves and at the same time earn enough money, graffiti artist Semyon Crime shares the secrets of making money.

"I myself worked for a year in the office as a designer. And when I came to the guys, it was a job "for interest", plus I sit in a theme store where I know about each product, what I myself use. And at the same time I fulfill orders "I'm not a super high-ranking artist and I get 200,000 a month. At best, 400,000. Quite enough to live on," says the graffiti artist.

Artists at work, photo from Dmitry's personal archive DMN

Dmitry DMN, the founder of the Repas workshop, is convinced that graffiti and street art is a gigantic industry, where industrial plants for the production of specialized material and small private companies act as customers.

Brief tour

However, such commercial demand did not appear immediately. Let's delve into the history and walk through the main milestones of street art.

It is not known for certain when the first drawing on the wall was depicted. Presumably since the advent of Homo sapiens. Then creativity was manifested in the form of rock paintings. Later, already in a civilized society (in Ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt), people began to express their thoughts by writing on the walls. These were advertising messages, declarations of love, expression of political thoughts.

The iconic pattern that gave impetus to the development of free art was the message on the boxes of bombs. During the Second World War, the mysterious inscription Kilroy was here ("Here was Kilroy", translated from English, presumably, the inscription appeared at the beginning of the 20th century) became so viral that the "mysterious" message spread by American soldiers seriously interested the intelligence of the Reich and Hitler personally, who considered this image as a cipher or as information about some secret agent of the enemy.

Kilroy was here, photo from wikiwand

"At that moment, a breakthrough was made in combining text and characters. Initially, the artists wrote only their names. It was like marking the territory. One of the first who did this was Taki 183.", - says Semyon Crime.

First wave

And if earlier "bombing" (from the term Bombing - quick drawing under extreme conditions) emphasized the vandalistic mood, then since the 80s, street art in the New York subway has been included in the "Art and Design" program.

Illustrations at the entrance to the New York subway, photo from

"In order to understand bombing and what it is, you need to try it at least once. When you get into a forbidden area like the subway, there are guards around, some kind of locks, cameras, and you get wild adrenaline from all this..." - says Semyon.

It is worth noting that this kind of art in some cases is fraught with consequences for the extreme artist. Nevertheless, "bombing" a departing carriage of a train or painting the walls of a subway tunnel is risky and life-threatening.

OBEY, Banksy and the new wave of street art

In 1989 and 2008, artist Shepard Fairey puts up posters of French wrestler André "The Giant" Roussimoff signed Obey and Barack Obama signed Hope. Both works are recognized as cult. During this period of time, the work of a certain artist under the pseudonym Banksy is gaining popularity in London.

The acute social overtones and anonymity have attracted public attention around the world. Now the name Banksy is a brand under which many artists are trying to snatch a piece of glory. In order to understand the scale of the cult of an extraordinary artist, we note that his cartoon of a meeting of the British Parliament (Devolved Parliament), which depicts exclusively chimpanzees, was bought for $ 12 million at Sotheby's.

"Devolved Parliament" painting, photo from Sothebys Twitter account

Street art in Kazakhstan

"Tsoi is alive", "Asema, I love you", "Andrey from 8 "b" is a fool" and other similar inscriptions in our country were found everywhere in the days of the Soviet Union. In the 90s, with the popularity of hip-hop music, the first graffiti appeared. A decade later, spray-paintings are in high demand.

For the guys from the creative studio Repas, creativity and commerce go hand in hand. Both public and private organizations apply for their interior and exterior decoration services. The amount of orders varies from zero to several million tenge. The cost of the project is many factors: the selection of a sketch, the dimensions of the canvas, the features of the drawing and the consumables used, and so on. Artists recall a case when they were paid 12 million tenge for their work.

Artists of the creative studio Repas, photo from the personal archive of Dmitry DMN

"Of course, there is censorship and certain wishes. If the order is from the akimat, then these are necessarily recognizable attributes of the city: apples, ornaments, a TV tower and more. In general, orders are very different. From workshops to dentistry," Semyon Crime opens the veil of the industry .

Creation of "Joker", photo from Dmitry's personal archive DMN

Passion for painting on the walls from a teenage protest movement turned into a full-fledged commercial activity, where there is still a place for free art. Residents of Kazakhstan, for the most part, welcome the new murals and drawings on the walls of the city. And this means that street art has tightly merged into the everyday layer of life, and it is not in vain that artists spray paint on concrete canvases.

The average salary on Wall Street has reached a maximum in a decade - RBC

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The average annual salary of a worker in the securities market in New York has reached a ten-year high. Over the year, it grew by 13%, to $422.5 thousand, according to the New York State Financial Inspector. Average bonus increased by 17% to $184.2 thousand

Photo: Natalya Seliverstova / RIA Novosti

The average annual salary of workers in the New York securities market (including bonuses) increased by 13% in 2017, to $422.5 thousand, the maximum in a decade, follows from the report (. pdf) of New York State Comptroller Thomas Dinapoli. The average bonus in the sector for the reporting period increased by 17%, to $184.2 thousand. The share of bonuses in the structure of wages on Wall Street was 40%, said Dinapoli.

The average salary on Wall Street was the highest compared to other areas. In 2017, it accounted for 21% of total New York City private sector wages, although the industry's contribution to total employment in the city does not exceed 5%. Almost a quarter (24%) of securities market specialists earned more than $250,000 in a year, while only 2.5% of those employed in other areas of the New York economy were able to receive a similar income.

"Wall Street has ended every year since the end of the recession in 2009, and rewards last year were the highest since the start of the financial crisis," Dinapoli said in a statement. “The momentum from last year’s earnings growth continued into 2018, and the sector is poised to come to a positive end.”

Wall Street salaries rise in tandem with the market: Wall Street broker-dealer pre-tax profits up 42% in 2017 to $24.5 billion 7 billion. Pre-tax profits from broker-dealer operations of companies that are members of the New York Stock Exchange have traditionally been considered a barometer of the profitability of the securities market.

From 2010 to 2017, the number of people employed on Wall Street increased by 10. 6 thousand, to 176.9 thousand, but the figure has not yet returned to pre-crisis levels. A third of workers in the New York securities market are immigrants, the report says. The sector's share of New York City's tax mix was 7% in fiscal year 2017.

On September 17, the Society of Professional Economists of Great Britain released the salary statistics. According to him (.pdf), the average salary of economists, taking into account bonuses, as well as shares received as a reward in the financial services sector, has increased by 2.6% since the beginning of the year, to £ 201 thousand ($ 258 thousand). The average salary of economists in consulting increased by 8.6%, to £127 thousand, in the public sector - decreased by 11%, to £94 thousand

The average bonus of economists engaged in financial services in 2018 was £100 thousand, in consulting - £62 thousand; in other areas of the private sector - £ 19 thousand, in the public sector - £ 6 thousand. The average salary of female economists in all sectors was half that of men - £ 42 thousand against £ 90 thousand, the report says.

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