How much does it cost for dance lessons

2022 Dance Lessons Cost (with Local Prices) //

Average cost for Private Dance Lessons ranges from

$50 - $85 /hr

The average cost for dance lessons is $60 per hour. Hiring a dance instructor to teach you to play the dance, you will likely spend between $50 and $85 on each lesson. The price of dance lessons can vary greatly by region (and even by zip code). View our local dance instructors or get free estimates from teachers near you.

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Millions of people ask for cost estimates every year. We track the estimates they get from local teachers, then we share those prices with you.

Whether you need to brush up your dance skills or start from scratch, lessons will cost you about $60 an hour and higher, depending on the skill of the instructor and type of dance classes. Many parents encourage their kids to start early with ballet or hip hop, while other adults take it up as a gentler form of exercise after experiencing health difficulties.

Dance lessons will cost you about $60 an hour.

Individual Lessons

The prices for private dance lessons are usually based on the creation of a custom lesson plan, location, length of lesson, and the dance teacher’s years of teaching experience and awards. Lessons can last from half an hour to a full hour, and are priced accordingly. A sampling of prices is:

  • Arthur Murray Dance School Of Tacoma | from $65/hour
  • Omni Dance Studio, Houston, TX | $75/55 minutes, with reduced rates for recurring classes
  • 1st Dance Studio, St. Petersburg, FL | $85/45 minutes
  • Dance Unlimited, Los Angeles, CA | $40/hour
Lesson Length Average Cost
30 minutes $35
45 minutes $45
60 minutes $60

Lessons from Highly Accomplished Teachers

The cost of private dance classes is directly related to the accomplishments of the teacher, for example, Mile High Dance Center in Englewood, CO, has eight instructors and say “Our instructors range from Juilliard graduates, to professional NFL Cheerleaders, high school pom team coaches, Joffrey Ballet Company members and so much more!” Their prices begin at $45/month for 30 minutes a week.

The Center for Performing Arts Dance Studio, Methuen, MA, says, “All of the CPAM teachers have one or more than one of the following: college degrees in dance or theatre, professional touring experience, and/or dance teaching certifications.” Pricing begins at $36/month for 30 minutes a week.

Packages and Special Offers

You can usually score a greater price if you pay upfront for asset number of sessions. For instance, A Step Above Dance Academy in Aurora, IL, offers private lessons at $40/30 minutes if you buy a nine-week package. Gotta Dance in Chelmsford, MA charges $25/30-minute session for nonmembers, but that price is reduced if you are an annual member and if you have a family discount.

Standalone Specialties

Perhaps you have a particular event in mind and you’d rather find a private dance teacher who specializes in helping you dance properly for it.

Omni Dance Studio in Houston, TX, offers a special wedding package of “five or ten private lessons with a customized choreography specifically for you with the song you have chosen. ” Five lessons cost $399 and ten cost $650, split into two payments. They recommend starting the classes three to six months in advance of the date.

1st Dance Studio in St. Petersburg, FL, puts on dance parties regularly—such as Argentine Tango Milonga night, DJ Dance Mix night, and Open Dance night—so you can put your newfound dance skills into practice. The cost of some of these is included in the monthly membership fee.


Most dance teachers have dance certification or degrees in dance. They have danced in dance troupes, performed on stage, and are members of various dance organizations. An online search is probably the quickest and easiest way to narrow down your choice of dance teacher.


Most dance classes are given in a studio. Some of the cheaper classes don’t have one, so they rent a space in one once you book your lessons and add that onto the cost of your class.

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Dance Class Rates: How Much Should You Charge As A Studio Owner?

It’s a common question for dance studio owners: how much do dance classes cost? Or more importantly, how much should you charge to remain competitive yet profitable? The answer can make or break you as a business. If you get your dance class rates right, you’ll have happy customers and enough revenue to pay your bills on time. On the other hand, getting it wrong could put your studio in jeopardy.

At Studio Director, we empower studio owners to run their day-to-day operations seamlessly and with ease. Because of that, we have an expert take on how studios across the country determine dance class rates successfully. From average rates across the U.S. to factors to consider, here’s what you should know.

How Much Do Dance Classes Cost?

Everyday Health found that, on average, large group dance classes can cost students between $40 and $160 per month for one dance class per week. But, as you already know, this will vary greatly from studio to studio due to several different factors.

First, geographical location has an impact on the average cost of products and services. Dance classes in New York City are bound to be much more expensive than they are in a small town in Wisconsin. This principle applies to nearly everything, as the cost of living is drastically different in each location.

Because of this, it’s important to look at your local community and the average rates it will support. Find dance class rates for all of your close competitors. Look at the average. Look at the outliers. Depending on your studio’s approach, you may charge slightly more for premium lessons or you may decide to offer more affordable classes for larger groups of students. 

Likewise, the types of classes you offer will have an impact on your average dance class rates. For example, ballet classes for toddlers are usually cheaper due to the length of the class. At that age, most children can only tolerate a 30-minute class. It will make the price look a lot different than a 60-minute ballet class for teenagers with several years of experience.

At this point, get a general idea of how much you could charge before plugging into your current expenses.

How to Calculate Your Monthly Dance Studio Costs

Before you start finalizing dance class fees for your studio, it’s essential to know your numbers. You must have a clear view of all the costs related to running your dance studio.

Start by adding up every expense, including:

  • Monthly mortgage or rent of your studio
  • Utilities such as water, electric, heating, and air conditioning
  • Staff salaries
  • Marketing activities and materials
  • Professional subscriptions and dues
  • Software fees
  • Janitorial expenses, such as a cleaning crew, cleaning supplies, and toilet paper
  • Office supplies, such as pens and paper
  • Maintenance and upkeep

In short, you can’t determine the amount of money you need to bring in until you know what you’re spending. You should always be able to stay afloat despite the inevitable ups and downs of registration numbers.

Once you have that number, it’s time to start finalizing fees for each different type of class.

The reasons a student may choose to take a private class could be:

  • They need specialized attention to break down the material
  • Embarrassment over their technique
  • The student desires to learn at a faster pace, and learn their strengths and weaknesses quicker as well
  • The student doesn’t want to socialize with other people

Because of the fact, one-on-one instruction is so constricting (i.e. the dance instructor can’t earn from other students during this time), private classes are typically more expensive per class than other class types. As such, it’s not unreasonable to charge between $85 and $95 per private class.

Where to Start With Different Dance Class Fees 

Consider the various types of classes you currently offer and those that you want to offer. Differences in class size, age ranges, and length of classes will all have an impact on dance class rates.

Here are the most common types of classes and the value they provide.

Large group classes

Large group classes usually consist of a dozen or so dancers to one teacher. If you have more than this, it’s generally a good idea to bring in a second instructor. However, this will depend on the age and skill level of your dancers. These large group classes are most popular with students because they’re a cost-effective way to learn how to dance.

As noted, large weekly group dance classes rates range from $40 and $160 per month for students. Some dance studios also charge a registration fee. We’ll dive deeper into the topic of registration fees later in this post.

Semi-private classes

For those looking for a group setting that is a bit smaller, semi-private classes are a great option. Because there are only a few students, the teacher will be able to closely monitor technique and form for more personalized instruction.

It’s not abnormal for a small group class of three students to cost around $50 per lesson per student.

Private lessons

Students who want to perfect their technique may prefer private dance lessons. This allows for one-on-one specialized coaching to focus on their strengths and weaknesses.

As expected, these classes are more expensive than other class types because the teacher is limited in how much they can make during that time slot. This one also varies depending on the teacher’s skill—expect students to pay at least $50 for a one-hour lesson, if not substantially more.

Additional Factors for Calculating Dance Class Rates

Beyond your dance class rates and average dance class rates in your community, there are other fees or payment structures to factor in.

Registration fees

Registration fees aren’t unusual for new students, but waiving them can be a selling tactic. For example, your studio can run occasional specials that allow sign-ups without a registration fee during certain dates.

This provides saving opportunities to entice students, but still gives you a profit boost outside of these promotional windows. Much like other dance class fees, studios vary on this price tag. While some are as low as $25 per family, others may charge $100 or more. 

Cancellation or no-show fees

There are always cases when a student will have to cancel or reschedule their class. It’s important to provide some level of flexibility. From unexpected illness to family vacations, life happens!

However, some studios implement fees for last minute cancellations or no-shows to make up for the loss of income. While this is certainly normal at many studios, it’s important to keep your cancellation fee within reason to avoid losing students.

Dance packages

Dance packages are a great way to encourage sign-ups and gain a predictable stream of revenue. Instead of paying per class, your students have the option to pay up front for a certain number of classes. This fee usually amounts to a lower cost per class than paying for just one class at a time.

Some studios prefer to only offer these types of dance packages, while others prefer a la carte options. To determine what would work best for your studio, consider conducting a survey or poll with your current students.

Maximize Your Revenue With Dance Studio Software

Once you have this information gathered, you’ll have a good idea of what rates you should charge in your community for the types of classes you offer.

Even with the perfect dance class rates structure, though, it’s important to save where you can. One tool that can help you decrease expenses and boost productivity across your business is dance studio software.

From online registration to credit card processing, Studio Director is your go-to partner for streamlining your administrative tasks. Plus, revenue reporting makes it easy to maintain a bird’s eye view of your finances, so you know when your rates are too low or when there are opportunities to raise them successfully.    

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Dance school for children and adults Moscow

Why us?

Single subscription

for all classes, to any choreographer and to all 3 MARTE studios.

Lesson duration

1 hour 30 minutes for all lessons.


at the lessons of classical choreography, dances for children, folk dances.

Near metro station

only 3 minutes walk.

Affordable price

lowest prices for morning and afternoon classes.

Events and News


  • Variety dance - Loneliness

  • Lady dance / Ekaterina Lebedeva

  • Gleb Gutsalyuk / Latina solo Tue and Fri 12:30

  • Classical choreography for children 8-10 years old, choreographer Nadezhda Nechaeva

  • Latina solo with Valeria Bronnikova Mon and Fri 20:00-22:00

  • Latina Lady with Katerina Volkova

  • Reggaeton / Sun 16:00 and Thu 20:30

  • Dances for children from 3 years old.

  • Alina / Hip-hop 20:30-22:00

  • Folk dance children aged 8-12 choreographer Lyubov Marchukova

  • Video lesson Ballet for adults. Choreographer Galiya Sagdeeva

  • Folk dances with Tatyana Korzhova

  • Barre-fitness intensive classes with Victoria Kostina

Each new day resembles the previous one, don't know how to relax after a hard day's work and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? How about diving into the world of dance?

Today, dance schools delight with a wide variety of directions, among which there are dances for children and adults. They will not only add bright colors to your life, but will also help with the development of flexibility, coordination of movements, and a sense of rhythm.

You will definitely be able to find the time, because dance classes for adults are held in the morning, afternoon and evening and on weekends in the dance studio, providing a comfortable and safe environment for each client. Embark on an exciting dance journey and forget about boredom!

Where can I sign up for dance classes in Moscow?

If you decide to diversify your life and spin in the bright rhythm of dancing with professional choreographers and coaches, then this is our dance studio in Moscow "MARTE". The school provides a wide range of areas for children and adults:

  • contemporary dance;
  • hip-hop for children and adults;
  • ballet for children and adults;
  • jazz funk;
  • ballroom dancing;
  • Latin American dances;
  • contemporary;
  • strip dance;
  • flamenco;
  • tarible and others.

This list can be continued, because the MARTE school allows everyone to find a direction to their liking. Dance classes in Moscow are held in 2 branches of the dance studio in the center of Moscow, Baumanskaya and Mendeleevskaya, as well as in video lessons. Professional comfortable 6 halls with shock-absorbing floors, equipped with everything you need to enjoy dancing. Shower and hair dryer required.

A PROFESSIONAL TEAM works in the MARTE dance studio - choreographers Champions of Russia, Europe and the World in modern and sports dance, graduates of GITIS, RSUPC, the Academy of Choreography of St. dance learning process.

Dance classes in Moscow are held in well-equipped dance studios. You can purchase a subscription or pay for a one-time lesson to get acquainted with a new direction and teacher. To immerse yourself in a bright and unforgettable dance atmosphere, you should sign up for personal training. An individual approach to the student guarantees maximum results.

Dance Lessons: Video Dance Lessons


Individual dance lessons — DanceStudioDanceStudio

Andrey Sharapov, businessman

infuriated. But over time, I realized that it was mine! I don’t understand at all why this didn’t happen before and why they don’t teach this in schools? This is the most important thing, the foundation, the base! Now I feel much better than a few years ago when I came here. It’s funny for me to listen to my peers that “vooo ... the years are not the same ...”. I not only feel differently, I move differently, I have become completely different. And light up the club for me now a couple of trifles)

Aleksey Voitsekhovich, businessman

One day I came to dance classes and can't imagine myself without them anymore. Self-control and ease of movement in the dance was transferred to my whole life and in this I found myself new! I thank my instructors for changing my whole opinion about myself and club life from the first lesson. I became one of those rare club goers who come there to dance and have fun! I often leave for a long time and rarely practice, and I am amazed that the acquired technique does not disappear anywhere, I don’t have to start everything from scratch, the body remembers everything. This is great!

I'm always in a hurry to go to class and let the whole world wait.

Viktor Okhotsky, programmer

It turns out that dance can be “understood”, it turns out that you can learn it, even if you are a programmer and generally far from creativity. I didn’t think that dance is the same “program” with the same “code”, having figured out which, you can read and generate any content. A structure is formed in the head, you understand how it works, you can act on your own, you don’t need to cram anything.

I can easily copy people on the dance floor! "Dance Hacker") This is a new, unexpected entertainment in my life.

Nadezhda Pugacheva, programmer

I started dancing in order to get some movement. I'm a DJ and I decided that it would not be superfluous for me. At the first lesson, my mind turned upside down! I realized how much I do not use my body, how accessible complex, cool movements can be - I re-realized a lot! Having heard music in a new way, I began to understand it much better: when you dance to music, and not just listen to it, perception changes. I have been practicing for a long time and I am fascinated by what is happening to me: free movement, and emancipation, and confidence have come to me. I feel the strength to dance to any music - it's very cool ... My only regret is that I didn't get here earlier!

Daria Pashutina, stylist

Attending group classes twice a week for six months, bombarding teachers with questions during and after class, responsibly practicing movements almost daily, I was sure that I was developing at a rapid pace. At some point, I decided to try a private lesson. Oh, if they told me right away: “Go to individual lessons.” Now I know that this is the ideal format for me. Having good dancing skills, I quickly outgrew the group; I need fresh information, I want to develop without wasting time. I quickly felt the difference: in a private lesson I get as much information as I can absorb, and I am amazed at how much can be achieved in just one lesson.

Elena Bespalova, entrepreneur

This is a completely unique opportunity to learn everything you need from scratch and dance any improvisation in almost any modern style.

The most valuable thing in the individual learning process is the careful development of the technique and plasticity of movements, aimed at their error-free execution under the careful supervision of choreographers working with tremendous dedication, whose attention is directed only to you. Under the musical accompaniment of the highest quality, an hour and a half of classes fly by in one breath. For me, this is immersion in the creative atmosphere of personal space, which contributes to self-disclosure, self-knowledge and improvement of one's abilities, self-esteem and harmonization of life in general.

lessons, classes, training in dance studios

The portal contains information on where you can sign up for club dance classes in St. Petersburg: addresses and telephone numbers of dance schools and dance studios, prices for the most popular directions , student reviews. For greater convenience in using the portal and searching for a dance school, we suggest using a convenient filter by districts and metro stations. Visual tables will help you compare the cost of classes and trainings in different dance studios in the city, choosing the best option for the price.

Club dancing is a modern and energetic trend that violently combines includes many dance styles. They contain locks and movements from locking, house-specific jumps, swings and necks from hip-hop, elements of jazz and funk, waking plasticity. And complement all this Latin American and Eastern rhythms, rotations and vibrations. Of course, it is not necessary to be present all the elements in the dance combination at once. Everyone is looking for the perfect a way of self-expression.

Club dance classes are the ideal solution for fans contemporary music

Popular entertainment venues offer music for fans variety of trends and styles. Some people prefer rhythmic house someone will be more happy to hear RnB, others like independent and free street movements.

However, they all have one thing in common - they are not bound by strict canons and standards of club dances. They give real energy and bright emotions expressed in movement. The popularity of the direction has led to the fact that club dance includes styles such as funk, street jazz, RnB dance, strip plastic, hip-hop and go-go.

The history of dancing in the club begins in the last century. Then big dances at the disco were popular, learning disco movements took minds of youth. The style quickly won the hearts of party-goers with its carefree and simplicity, it did not require specific training, it was enough rhythmically move to the music. Gradually, other styles adjoined disco. Today training club dancing includes the study of a large number of various styles, among where everyone can find the perfect option to their liking.

What do club dance lessons offer?

Learning to dance to club music is not as difficult as it seems on first glance. An experienced teacher creates a bright and relaxed environment in the classroom, as a result of which even the most modest and shy student with joyfully begins to dance to his favorite tunes. Having mastered the basic movements, the dancer is guaranteed to attract admiring glances in the club, showing off his skills and abilities.

The club dance lesson is also useful for the figure. Regular exercise will help get rid of extra pounds and tighten muscles. Taking dance lessons for club, the student notices an improvement in posture and coordination, gait and leg shape, movements become more confident. Like any sports load, club dances help relieve physical and emotional stress, take a break from everyday life.

During classes, teachers give basic links and elements, teach them combine with each other and music. Thus, time after time, the student discovers for himself more and more movements that he can use in building a dance and creating an individual style.

Club dance training in St. Petersburg

Today dance schools offer such directions of club dances, like RnB dance, hip-hop, girls favorite go-go style and the like. On our portal, visitors will be able to choose the one that fully meets their wishes dance school. Structured tables and information on the school page allows you to find out the phone number and address of the institution, find out the cost of a one-time lesson club dancing, get to know testimonials from current or former students of the school.

personal belly dance lessons for beginners, waltz and latin courses for children, how much does it cost to learn Argentinean dance

YouDo performers offer private lessons for beginners and experienced dancers in Moscow. Teachers will select individual dance training programs for you, which will allow you to work out individual elements of movements or start learning from scratch.

The offered services are one of the most effective ways to achieve high results in dance business. Most often, YouDo performers turn to the help in the following cases:

  • urgently need to prepare a dance program for the celebration, choose an image
  • there is a desire to improve the level of skills, but there is no opportunity to study in a group

What benefits will you get from cooperation with YouDo performers dancing at home or at the address specified in the application.

With the chosen professional, you can agree on the duration of an individual dance lesson and the start time of the lessons. Thanks to special training, teachers will clearly explain the basic movements and complex combinations when teaching belly dance and other popular styles.

YouDo dancers offer the following personal courses for dancers:

  • Indian, Argentinean dance courses
  • waltz and other classical dance courses

YouDo dancers prices

for dancing, for example, tango or twerk, leave a request on the YouDo website or in the mobile application. Specialists will advise you on the choice of musical accompaniment, image for the event.

The price for the work of a professional depends on the duration of the course, the complexity of the preparation of the dancer. In online mode, you will find out how much an hour of work of a teacher at home costs, and how much time it will take to perfect the movements of the dance you like.

Elena Druzhnova | Hesta Charista | Dance training

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​#dance for beginners #learn to dance from scratch #dance for beginner adults #dance for adults #dance from scratch

Dancing in Moscow — free dance lessons for beginners.

Dance lessons in Moscow for beginners — the first lesson in our studio is always free! Come and try, look at the school and teachers, and if you like everything, join our friendly community.

Here you can attend free (open) dance lessons in the following areas:

All of these directions belong to the Latin dance style. Previously, it was possible to admire only at world concerts or directly at carnivals in Latin America, but now this opportunity has become more accessible.


Many have long realized that these movements can cause passion, a storm of emotions and win hearts. In addition, Latin American dances develop grace, help to gain a graceful posture, strengthen your muscles and bring tone to an impeccable look.

Open dance lessons in Moscow

Have you been dreaming of grace and plasticity for a long time? It is Latin American dances that help to easily acquire these qualities. As a result of constant training, you will be able to enjoy the refinement of the outlines of your body. The ability to please yourself and others with your opportunities will increase your popularity among friends and relatives. You will begin to notice the loving glances of the opposite sex on you. You will be able to gain confidence in yourself and get enough of all the delights of life.

Sign up for a free lesson - come and try it!

Dancing in Moscow is a great opportunity to plunge into the mysterious world of Latino, to experience all the charms offered by their culture, music and dance shows. After you comprehend this art, you will be able to reveal infinity and desirability in yourself, and complexes and insecurity will disappear from your life forever.

We hold free dances in Moscow so that you have the opportunity to get closer to this science, to know all its advantages and to be able to determine for yourself further actions.

Dancing for beginners - free of charge!

Before you take up Latin American dancing, you should decide and choose where your classes will take place - at home on your own or in a professional school. Naturally, the choice of the second option is much more effective, since the teacher-choreographer will help to deal with all the subtleties of the performance, and the classes will be held in a comfortable, cozy and friendly environment, thanks to which the desire to practice will be reinforced by an atmosphere of cheerfulness and emotional calm. The teacher will not allow you to waste your energy in vain, and lose your enthusiasm ahead of time. Latin American dances are suitable for absolutely all people - age, weight, position have nothing to do with it. Everyone will be able to express themselves in this endeavor. Dancing for beginners is an excellent chance to become more beautiful and graceful, gain confidence and enjoy every moment of life, which will be rich and vibrant.

Corporate dance training

One of the most important assets of any company is its employees. At the same time, it is the most fragile asset, which means it requires due attention. Over time, the company's specialists improve their professional skills and abilities, but, often, sedentary, inactive work leads to overstrain, stress accumulation, decreased efficiency and concentration. This interferes with work and leads to a drop in labor efficiency.
The Salsa Plus dance studio team offers a non-standard and effective way to solve this issue - corporate dance training. This method of showing attention and encouraging their employees is becoming increasingly popular among company leaders. It is easy to calculate the obvious advantages of such activity:

+ Joint creative activities improve the microclimate in the team, help to unite it. This is a great team building option.
+ Change of activities in the middle of the working day increases the ability to work and improves mood.
+ Dance movement therapy prevents the development of diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle, relieves stress and fatigue.
+ Dancing promotes liberation, develops plasticity and coordination, relieves complexes.
+ Attention from the side of the company additionally motivates employees and increases their return to the work process.

Thus, corporate dance classes are not only an image component of the company, it is also an additional way to increase the efficiency of employees.

Corporate dance lessons

In addition to dance lessons aimed at rallying and improving the team, you can also order a dance performance / show number that your employees will perform at a corporate holiday. In addition, we can prepare them for a themed dance evening. Of course, the process of learning a dance number also has all the benefits of team building.

The process of dance training that we offer is accessible to everyone, regardless of age and physical fitness, it does not require any special clothing and does not require significant space (2 sq. m per person will be enough).

Salsa Plus offers several different types of dancing, both in pairs and solo. Choose what suits your team the most. Read more about each direction below.

Classes can take place at a convenient time for your employees - it can be a lunch break, working hours or hours after the end of the working day, or maybe weekends. You can conduct corporate lessons both in your office or hall (if there is enough space), and in our dance halls in the center of St. Petersburg. Payment is made by bank transfer.

We have developed a special designer of training packages (we send it on request) so that we can meet your wishes as accurately as possible. You can choose the necessary parameters and vary the components based on your needs and budget.

Dance styles for corporate classes

  • Salsa. Cheerful and dynamic dance, today, perhaps, the most popular among Latin American styles. It can be given in pairs or solo (for example, if you have an exclusively female team).
  • Bachata. A more romantic and calm pair dance, quite simple and quick to learn. Especially suitable for those who want tangible dance achievements in a short time.
  • Kizomba. Angolan couple dance, reminiscent of a "slow dance", is characterized by a close position of partners. Allow colleagues to trust each other more.
  • Latin mix. A set of classes from various Latin American dances. It can be given both in pairs and solo. Ideal if the composition of the group is not fixed or the participants go "when they can", i.e. not always. Classes in this program are designed for a general level and cover "a little of everything." The degree of physical activity can also be varied.
Team Salsa Plus

In conclusion, let's add a few words about Salsa Plus and why you should entrust us with such a responsible task. Being a team of professionals with a clear, well-considered system of work, we combine it with creative and non-standard approaches to teaching dance and dance in general.

Our teachers are charismatic and responsible, have a rich dance background and impressive teaching experience, incl. and in the corporate sector.
"Salsa Plus" is one of the most famous and leading companies in the field of teaching, organizing leisure activities and promoting Latin American dances in St. Petersburg. For more than 10 years, our instructors and dancers have conducted hundreds of dance lessons, master classes, animations, performed with their show numbers at various levels of corporate events and city events; For several years in a row, the Salsa Plus team prepared a program for the Latin American stage at the festive events dedicated to the City Day.

We know what Latin American dances are and how to teach them to a particular audience. We will be happy to see you among our dancing and satisfied customers.

Pair dance lessons in Moscow

Total dance experience - 34 years. Teaching experience - 21 years.
Organizer of the All-Russian Bachata Festivals (Bachata’s Nights), Russian Bachata Forum,
Official representative of the international competition Bachata Stars International in Russia and organizer of Bachata Stars Russia.
Organizer of X World Final Bachata Stars International, which was first held in Russia in 2020.
Founder of UBA, Universal Bachata Association Permanent participant and instructor of international and Russian festivals, master classes, competitions, parties, Hot Winter in Siberia, CUBAN LIFE, Moscow Salsa & Kizomba Festival, Bachata made in Cadiz (Spain), Be Fit and Sensual (Spain), Timbachata (Spain) and others.
Official Certified Teacher Bachata Sensual by Korke y Judith Level 1 & 2.
Alexander is the leader of the first Moscow Team Sensual Bachata in Russia, which is part of the World Sensual Bachata Team under the direction of Korke & Judith show program of the festival "Bachata made Cadiz", in the homeland of bachata sensual.

The most demanded Bachata Sensual style teacher in Russia, the geography of his trips with master classes around the country is extremely wide: Smolensk, Nizhny Novgorod, Ufa, Brest (Belarus), Krasnoyarsk, Voronezh, Ryazan, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Izhevsk, Irkutsk, Kaliningrad , Chelyabinsk, Penza, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg., Kirov, Perm, Samara, Sevastopol, Volgograd, Sochi, This is not a complete list of cities visited by Alexander. (total - more than 50). Alexander also taught and teaches at European festivals.
A teacher who has his own dance and teaching style that is very recognizable on the dance floor and has vast experience in dancing and teaching. Choreographer of mass events, fashion shows, fashion shows.
Alexander's students successfully dance and win at Russian and international competitions and bachata battles, perform at concerts and parties. Trained more than 150 teachers in different cities of Russia on bachata sensual.

dance classes | Official website of the City of Pensacola, FL

Dance classes are offered in various disciplines for youth and adults. We offer ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, hip hop, lyric, modern, Irish, belly dance, line dance, acrobatics and more.

We also offer various fitness and supplementary courses such as tai chi, yoga, chair aerobics, zumba and martial arts.

Gull Point Resource Center is open! Dance your way!
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Dance Schedules Available

Download Fall 2020 Dance Season Schedule PDF and Class Schedule 2 PDF.

Session 1 Registration Dates: October 5-16, 2020 (ONLINE ONLY)

Class Dates: October 19-December 18, 2020 (Thanksgiving Break: November 23-27)

Schedule orientation

Tuesday, October 6, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm: Tracey Hotopp

Wednesday, October 7, 4:00 pm. - 6:00 pm: Morgan Scalfani

Thursday, October 8, 4:00 pm. — 6:00 pm: Anna Scalfani

Online Orientation (dates to be confirmed): Sherri Star, Karol Hindle

Session 2 Registration Dates: December 7-18, 2020 (ONLINE ONLY)

Class Dates: January 5- February 26, 2021 (Winter break: December 21, 2020 - January 4, 2021)

Online registration

If you need help using our online registration system, please call 850-436-5670 Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to the morning. until 17:00 Please do not create a new account if you are already registered, as this may result in your account being blocked.


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Southlake Dance Studio | Private dance lessons, group lessons

Looking for dance lessons in the Dallas and Fort Worth area?

Look no further!

Whether you want to learn ballroom or Latin American dance, hip-hop, modern or even trendy, our team of dance art professionals will do it all!

Salsa, Tango, Hustle, Swing, Waltz, Rumba, Whip and Nae Nae… you name it… we will teach it!

In our dance studio Southlake we offer private dance lessons, 9 group classes0261 and create unique experiences at our events. You will be dancing with confidence in no time!

You don't need a partner or any previous dance experience!

Our friendly and knowledgeable dance instructors hold several teaching certifications including the National Dance Council of America, the Imperial Society of Dance Teachers, DVIDA and Roll Call Wheelchair Dance.

We serve all of Dallas/Fort Worth including Southlake, Grapevine, Irving, Arlington and welcome dance students from everywhere!

CALL OR TEXT US : 817.251.1444

Ask about our introductory specials!
About Our Dance Studio

Dance With Me Southlake is our first ballroom dance studio in Texas. DWM Southlake, opened in January 2016, is the best place to dance, stay healthy, meet friendly people and learn new skills!

The entire Dance With Me family is dedicated to your success at every level. Dance With Me Studios is the perfect combination of rigorous programs and fun teachers to create an inspiring environment where you gain confidence and grow on .

Dance With Me Instructors strive to develop a personalized experience where you will accompany you through every step at your own pace. Experience the magic of ballroom dancing and its unparalleled ability to enrich your life.

dance classes - Brooklyn Park

Our dance classes focus on fun, friendship and footwork.

Brooklyn Park Dance

The goal of our program is to teach the basics of dance in a welcoming environment for all ability levels. Self-respect is more important than perfection.

Our class offerings include

  • Tap, ballet, jazz with a touch of lyrics and hip hop
  • Lyrical production
  • Pointe
  • Boys Only Tap & Hip Hop
  • Dad and daughter
  • Adult classes


  • Little dancers: preschool to 2nd grade
  • Intermediate Dancers: Grades 3 to 9
  • Senior dancers: 10-12 grades
  • Adults: 18 years and over
  • Specialized classes

Sign up for dance classes

Sign up for dance classes

Why Brooklyn Park Dance?

Because everyone likes to dance!

Age of Inability

Since fun and friendship are two of our primary goals, dancers in our program do not audition for class placement. Our dancers are enrolled based on their current class. This practice allows friends to be in class together, and new dancers can feel welcome at any time.

Dance life balance

Do you have a child who wants to be a dancer, but also a hockey player, ninja, gymnast, softball player, actor, musician or mathematician? Limited class times and only one solo weekend a year means there's still plenty of room on the schedule for all of their other interests.

Full concert

Learning to dance is a wonderful experience, but ask a lot of dancers what they like the most, and that's brilliant costumes! We are working hard to put together a themed concert full of beautifully rehearsed dances. Our costumes are age appropriate and affordable, and our show is well staged. It's a fun weekend where our dancers are in the spotlight and get the applause they've worked so hard for.

Program structure and registration

Our classes usually take place once a week from September to April. Classes are 35 to 45 minutes long, depending on age. Please see the Get Up and Go brochure for a complete list of classes and tuition fees. Register online or call 763-493-8333.

Beginner Ballroom Dancing

Want to learn the basics of ballroom dancing in grades 4-5? Learn to dance real steps in sync with your partner to fun and familiar music. Couples dance with their partner while singles spin with each other. Classes are offered quarterly. Teens and adults of all ages are welcome!

Visit Konstantin's dance classes or call instructor Dina Konstantin at 612-240-8329

private dance lessons and classes

Dance is one of the most popular performing arts. and amazing choreography. Various forms of dance bring tears, surprise and joy to us.

An interesting way to feel comfortable in your body and connect with others, dance can benefit anyone who wants to learn. Whether you want to learn ballet, ballroom dancing, tap, jazz, swing, modern, country or hip hop, private lessons can help you get started with the times. Keep reading to find out how dancing can help you.

Benefits of dancing

Dancing is an incredibly beneficial practice not only professionally but also personally. Dance training can open up many career opportunities in the performing arts and entertainment industry. Whether you dream of pirouettes on stage as a ballerina in a professional dance troupe, working as a dancer in the music or music video business, or dancing with guests as a host or hostess on a cruise ship, professional dance lessons can help. there.

Dance classes are also incredibly helpful for other artists and entertainers. Whether you're in the acting business, working in a band, or dreaming of making it big in musical theatre, a dance experience will come in handy. The dance will make your body more comfortable and coordinated and help you feel comfortable using the stage in the performance.

Dancing is also very useful. This is a workout that focuses on the three main aspects of fitness: flexibility, strength, and endurance. This all-in-one workout is suitable for everyone; it's a fun way to get healthy and stay fit.

The best way to learn to dance and what you will practice in your lessons

It's easy to find free dance lessons, lessons and instructional videos online, but the best way to learn to dance is with a private tutor. With a private tutor, you will spend time on lessons designed around your interests, learning needs, and dance goals, rather than wasting time on one-size-fits-all lessons. You will learn new choreography and quickly overcome individual challenges as you receive immediate feedback.

No two private lessons are the same. For example, dance lessons for children differ from dance lessons for adults in teaching methods and content. In private lessons, you will stay motivated and interested by working at your own pace and level.

Sample Beginner Dance Curriculum

If you don't have formal dance experience, the Beginner Lessons are for you. You'll learn the basics of body care and preparation, as well as beginner techniques for your chosen dance style. In beginner classes, your teacher may cover the following topics:

  • Warm-up and stretching
  • Learning different dance styles
  • Listen to music and find the rhythm
  • Basic dance moves and choreography
Sample Intermediate Dance Curriculum

If you have already completed formal dance training with a professional and are comfortable with introductory choreography in your area of ​​dance, then you will be most comfortable with intermediate lessons. You will build on your existing knowledge and skills, constantly challenging ourselves to move on to more complex and technically demanding choreography. Your teacher may choose to cover the following topics:

  • Dance training and injury prevention
  • Focus on your favorite dance style
  • Learn more about complex steps and procedures
  • Expressive movement practice
Sample Advanced Dance Curriculum

If you are an experienced ballerina, want to diversify your abilities by learning another form of dance, or hope to perfect your individual hip-hop style, the advanced lessons are for you. In the advanced classes you will have the opportunity to work with an experienced dance professional to hone your talent and expand your physical abilities. The subjects taught in advanced dance depend a lot on the student's individual goals and interests, but your teacher may cover the following:

  • Advanced choreography
  • Performing Arts Marketing
  • Audition coaching
  • Preparing for a performance
How to find a dance teacher near you

If you're ready to start dancing with an experienced professional, you'll need a teacher. Luckily, TakeLessons makes it easy to find a private dance tutor. With a quick search, you'll have pages of qualified dance teachers with vast teaching experience to choose from - regardless of the type of dance you're most interested in. Before choosing a teacher, we recommend looking at several profiles, reading reviews left by other students, and finding a dance teacher who specializes in your preferred dance style.

Dance lessons are priced based on individual teacher rates, but most instructors charge based on the length of the lessons. With so many teachers to choose from, you won't have a problem finding one that fits your budget and schedule. In addition, you will find that your investment in private lessons pays off quickly as you quickly learn new skills and improve your ability to move after the very first lesson!

Dance Lessons - Dance Lessons - Studio

Together we can achieve more.


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dance lessons - knot

dance lessons on knot

Find the best dance lessons in your area.

  • Receptionists
  • Wedding photographers
  • Videographers
  • Transport
  • Travel experts
  • Houses for vacation and villa
  • Acts on diversity
  • Wedding designers
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    030003 9129 9129 9129 Searching for dance near me - Supplements in dancing studios.

    about dance classes at Groupon:

    ★★★★ 2019-03-07

    “I liked SkillSuccess because I had questions about how to do things and quickly found videos that helped me. The speaker was from Australia or New Zealand, but his presentation was interesting and easy to understand. I wanted to get skills that would be useful in my career, but SkillSuccess didn't have that kind of content. I recommend SkillSuccess to learn something you have always wanted to learn or explore different areas…” - Cecile P.

    ★★★★★ 08/27/2018

    “The staff at this place (Coral Gables) made friends with two of my friends and I feel welcome and comfortable from the moment we arrive. I had a great time during my first lesson although I felt like I had two left feet because my instructor was so attractive and laid back. She made me feel at ease enough to quickly grab the dance steps. Talking to my friends after we left, I found that their experiences mirrored mine. Our subsequent visits have been just as enjoyable, which is why I wholeheartedly recommend this dance studio! - Michael D.

    ★★★★ 2019-03-07

    “I liked SkillSuccess because I had questions about how to do things and quickly found videos that helped me. The speaker was from Australia or New Zealand, but his presentation was interesting and easy to understand. I wanted to get skills that would be useful in my career, but SkillSuccess didn't have that kind of content. I recommend SkillSuccess to learn something you have always wanted to learn or explore different areas…” - Cecile P.

    ★★★★★ 03/02/2019

    “Using a $25 Groupon offer, I signed up for a group class that was later cancelled. Not only did I get credited for the normal full price ($59) of the course, but they gave me an extra $20 credit. Since then, I've taken some of their group classes and really enjoyed them. I would like to be closer and could use their lessons on weekdays, but unfortunately, due to the distance, I can only attend them on weekends. . - Cynthia S.

    ★★★★★ 18-10-18

    “That was a lot of fun! Sasi is so talented and she will teach you how to dance like a video vixen! Whether you danced before or not. She is very patient (I asked a lot of questions) and will keep going until I get it, the cool energy was positive and friendly. She also offers private lessons if you want to do one on one classes. I wish I had bought 4 classes! definitely worth it and can't wait to come back again.. "- Chalita P.

    ★★★★★ 09/02/2018

    “The staff and instructors were great! I never took dance classes growing up and as an adult it was fun to try out the modern dance that was offered to me. The fall in class changed weekly with people of all skill levels, so I never felt like I was in an advanced class. The instructors were great, taking the time to answer any questions and replicate any moves until we got it..” – Janelle M.

    ★★★★★ 2019-02-07

    “This local place is a great and friendly place that teaches the basics of salsa and bachata if you prefer one or both. After salsa classes, there is usually a ritual where everyone gathers in a circle and you can dance and dance.

    Learn more