How much do male strip dancers make

How Much Money Do Male Strippers Make?

It seems to be the first question all beginners ask experienced male strippers, “how much money do male strippers make?”.

Well it’s actually a good question. You never accept a job offer during an interview without knowing how much your going to be paid, do you?

It’s a complex question, and how much you can earn is a direct result of your location, skill and experience. Having said that, I will do my best to break it down and give you a very good idea of what you can potentially make.
First up, to understand how much money male strippers make – we have to look at the different areas of stripping. Not all male strippers make the same money, and this is because many do slightly different types of jobs. Let me elaborate for you below.

How much money do male strippers make?

Male strippers doing private booking can earn anywhere between $200 USD – $800 USD per night, with most bookings only being on the weekend. Usually 1 night, the Saturday night, is the most common night where most of the money is earnt.

In the strip club

Good male strippers know the importance of selling private lap dances over anything. If you can master the art of selling private lap dances then you will walk away in one night with a large enough profit to last the entire week.

Lets say you have an OK night in a busy male strip club.

You have about 4 stage solo spots scheduled for the night (make sure you have a different costume every time!).

Now during those solo’s you made about $30 in $1 bills.

In between your stage solo’s you were able to walk around the strip club and sell 15 lap dances in the open club space for $5 each.

Of those 15 dances you sold, 10 of those girls bought another lap dance from you in the private room for $50.

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4 x $30 = $120
15 x $5 = $75
10 x $50 = $500

Total earning’s for the night = $695

That’s pretty dam good for 1 nights work! For most people, that’s enough money to easily last the week.

If you have a good body, and your ok with this type of work, I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to get involved in this industry, It’s incredibly useful to have a second source of income that pays you cash in hand. I’ve seen male strippers loose their day job, yet not have to worry about money, all because they still had stripping. It has allowed them to pay the bills, put food on the table and even pay off student loans.

Doing private booking (strip-g-grams)

In the industry where you visit peoples houses/hotel rooms to do private shows for bachelorette and birthday parties (or any occasion really), the amount of money you can make is a result of how many pre-bookings you get.

I explain all the different techniques you can apply to book out your work calendar 2 months in advance in my online course male stripping 101.

How much you earn will also be determined by what services you can offer. The more variety you can offer in show types and costumes the more bookings you will get.

For instance, If all you have is a policeman and fireman costume, and you only offer G-string shows (non nude – only strip down to G-string), you will only get about 30% of all possible bookings. Thats a huge margin to miss out on, purely because you can’t offer what the client is looking for.

Your pay rate will also change in every country, for that reason it’s almost impossible for me to give you an idea of how much you can make. However, having performed all over the world, I can give you an idea of what strippers make in 3 different countries.

So let’s break down how much you can make as a stripper doing private bookings in: Australia, England and UK.

In England male strippers make about 100 – 120 pounds for a full monty (full nude) strip show (15mins), In Australia you will be paid $200 for a full monty show and in the USA you will only make about $50 – $100 for a 15minute show full monty show.

Now your probably wondering why the US is paid at such a lower rate, well there is good reason for this. You need to take into account the fact that male strippers in the United States get paid generally in tips also, hence why the base rate of pay is smaller. If you’re a great entertainer, you can expect to make anywhere from $50 – $100 extra in tips.

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In the US they also have 30min booking and 1 hour bookings. The longer the booking, the more potential you can make in tips. All male strippers in the US should have a good variety of tipping games to play on the night, so your never caught out just walking around looking bored and asking for money.

Now given all the above information, a successful male stripper will be able to book his weekend out with at least 6-8 jobs distributed over Friday and Saturday night.

Now if you’re in Australia for instance (my home) and you have 8 bookings, thats a total of $1,600 cash in hand for a weekend of work! Not bad at all!

Male revue shows

In this line of stripping work, your going to be paid the least amount of money (there are a few exceptions to this and I will elaborate later).

The reason behind the low pay is because your restricted to only doing the 1 show on the night (the male revue show). A male revue is a full theatre style ‘bells and whistles’ stage show. The sort of show that women purchase tickets for, and usually require pre-booking.

It’s a show that has a tight group of guys that always work together and perform as backup dancers in each others routines.

Generally, these shows will want you there the whole night. You are required to give at least 4-5 hours of your time getting there before the show to get ready and also hanging around after to sign pictures with the audience and take photos.

This makes it particularly hard to get any other private bookings on the side, as the show will be during the ‘peak hours’ of your night every weekend.

Pay for a male revue show will defiantly vary from show to show, so you’re going to have to ask them directly how much they pay. But as a good rough estimate, it will be about the same price as 2 private bookings in your country.

Male revue shows typically work on an invoice basis, not cash in hand. So if your looking to hide your hard earned money from the tax department, I wouldn’t recommend this option.

Now the exceptions to this, would be if you joined an internationally acclaimed male revue show such as Thunder From Down Under, Chippendales or Sixpaxxx. These shows consist of touring teams that have show schedules booked out for the whole year all over the world. You will be doing about 4 – 5 shows a week depending on your schedule and getting paid well for each show (not to mention all the places you will see).

The only downside to this is competition is high to get accepted into one of these shows, making it an unrealistic option for beginners with no experience.

There we go! Thats a rough idea of what you can expect to earn in the 3 different disciplines of male stripping. I hope you have learnt something and have now gained a wider knowledge of this exciting industry.

If you have any, and I mean ANY questions, don’t be afraid to message me on social media via the platforms below, or leave a comment! Good luck!

Tommy is an internationally recognised male entertainer, with experience performing in country’s all over the world. His online courses in male stripping have helped men become better male strippers and have become a recognised qualification by many agency’s and shows around the globe.


11 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Male Stripper

Magic Mike brought the world of male stripping to the big screen, but the job requires a lot more hard work than memorizing a few minutes of sexy choreo. For starters, you have to hustle to get hours—most male strippers freelance, hopping from club to club to make coin. Befriending clients is key for raking in tips, so flexing your personality can be just as important as flexing your biceps. And while having people fawn over you makes you feel pretty damn hot, sleeping with clients is completely off the table. Some nights you’ll be showered in cash, but don’t expect every customer to make it rain.

If you’re curious to know what it takes to become professional dancing hunk, look no further: Axl Reigns and Zackery Cross are here to give Cosmo the scoop. Hailing from Texas, Reigns worked as a dancer at LaBare Dallas, the first ladies-only male strip club and bachelorette party destination for celebs like Jessica Simpson and Anna Nicole Smith. From Las Vegas to New Orleans, Cross has performed at clubs across the U.S., including popular male revues like Kings of Hustler and Men of Vegas Live. Below, find their top tips for aspiring male strippers.

You're probably not the whole package, but you're going to have to become the whole package—fast.

Everyone deals with their own challenges and insecurities. "I didn't have a background in dancing at all. So I struggled a little bit," says Reigns. While some male strippers pump iron to attain the shape that they want, others might have to adjust their diets. According to Reigns, it also requires a certain disposition. "I didn't really have the personality to be a [stripper] at the start," explains Reigns. "I had to create a persona that was more of an entertainer."

Your personality is (almost) as important as your body.

As a stripper, getting immediate feedback is pretty simple: Just look at how much money you make. If you're doing something wrong, your income will suffer. "It's a very powerful motivation," says Reigns. "If you're shy, you say, 'Okay, what are the subjects that women would want to talk about and how can I learn about these subjects to carry on a conversation?'" A self-proclaimed introvert, Reigns admits he had to learn to be a little more social. "I had to loosen up a bit, and it was great. Working as a male dancer allowed me to flourish into somebody who I enjoyed being, versus someone who wasn't as socially comfortable very easily."

Most male strippers are independent contractors.

Unless you want to perform exclusively at private house parties, working independently for multiple clubs is the best way to maximize your income. Some independent contractors, like Cross, are even willing to travel for the right job. “We'll fly places, driving, whatever it takes,” he explains. Cross and his colleagues pick locations based on seasonal demand. For example, Vegas is an ideal “summer city” for bachelorettes, while Florida is the place to be in the spring and fall. Working for a touring company is another deal entirely—strippers for popular troupes like Chippendales or Thunder from Down Under don’t make any tips at all. “You’re an employee, so you get a salary,” says Cross.

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You have to audition to get work.

Strippers, regardless of their gender identity, have to audition for a club before taking the stage. Club managers assess dancers not only on their rhythm, but also on their physiques—some places even have height requirements (we’re talking 6 feet and up, only). Muscles also factor into the equation, so Cross and Reigns recommend bulking up where you can.

Stripping at certain clubs will cost you.

Depending on where you work, you may have to cough up a house fee in order to perform. Make sure you have some extra cash on you so you can spot the club $40 to $50, and heads-up: This fee can be larger if you show up late. Some house fees are percentages taken out of what you make each night, meaning you could have to hand over 30% of your earnings to the club in order to use their space. On the bright side though, selling VIP dances can be lucrative: Cross says he charges $400 or $500 per customer.

Stripping isn't easy money.

"There's less of a demand for [male strippers]," warns Cross. He estimates that women can earn up to $500 a night when they're just starting out, whereas guys might make $300 to $400 a week for the first few months. It all depends on the market you're in.

Building relationships with potential clients is vital for ensuring you never have a slow night, advises Reigns. "If there aren't a lot of girls there and I'm not making a lot of money, I know I could be making more," he says. "I could have called people and said, 'Hey, why don't you come in and see me?' or I could have cultivated a relationship with different people who would continually come in and support me. "

You might have to work multiple jobs.

Which is honestly not that uncommon—according to the Census Bureau, about 13 million U.S. workers have more than one job. On top of being a dancer, Reigns is an author, model, and an actor. "We have a lot of guys who will personally train girls," he says. "Guys will give them discounted time if they come see the shows. It's another job, but it's also good for getting clients."

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You can't try to please every person in the club.

You're not going to be everyone's type, and that's okay. Don't get discouraged if you're not getting attention from the client you want, and instead channel that energy into someone else. "If a woman doesn't like me best," says Reigns, "then it's not even worth wasting my time because no matter what I do, she will still like that other guy more than me." That's why Reigns recommends finding your niche, and sticking to it. "I usually cater to an older crowd," he says. Adds Cross, "If you're good to customers and you're confident, things are gonna go well for you."

You better make friends with the other guys—they're not the competition.

It's easy to feel like you're competing for tips, but befriending your co-workers is key for attracting customers. Everyone has a different type, so if your buddy at work finds a client who's into you, he'll hook you up.

Of course, some will try to steal your clients.

Not every guy will try to step on your toes, but sometimes things can get cutthroat. "You'll be texting a girl to come by, but then another guy will be like, 'Let's grab dinner before work,'" explains Reigns. "Then, she's going to come in and get some dances from him, not you, and there goes your money."

Don't sleep with your clients.

While becoming a stripper might seem like a solid way to meet potential hookups, in reality, you're there to do your job, not collect phone numbers. Some clients might mistake your attention for affection, so remaining professional at all times is a must. "I don't want someone to believe there is a romantic relationship between us when there's not," Reigns cautions.

Hannah Malach Assistant Producer Hannah Malach is an Assistant Producer at Hearst Magazines, where she covers entertainment news, the royals, and more for brands including Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Harper's Bazaar.

90,000 Stripper wages in America. Salary and tips


There are a lot of clubs in the USA where strippers dance. This is not the highest paid profession in the state, but some girls earn very well. It should be understood that the country has a very well established tax collection system. This process has been worked out almost to the ideal, so not a single stripper in an interview admits how much she actually receives. Information about the official salary, of course, is available, but information about tips, which can form a significant proportion of the funds received for a shift, is rather vague.

How to become a stripper

There are no specialized educational institutions where you can get a profession of a stripper in the USA. Pretty young girls aged 18-25 have a high chance of getting a place as a stripper in one of the country's clubs. Naturally, any employer evaluates a candidate according to the following criteria:

  • external data (figure, beauty, etc.), which must be at the level;
  • ability to dance and move beautifully;
  • knowledge of elementary acrobatic numbers is an additional plus;
  • sociability and emancipation in communication.

The ability to attract not only by appearance, but also by other advantages is only welcome. However, one must understand that respectable striptease clubs are not a brothel, therefore, it is impossible to cross the line of decency when applying for a job. By the way, you can find a place for a stripper by an ad on specialized sites, but there are practically no worthy vacancies. It is much more efficient to search through friends or on your own - just by visiting strip clubs and offering your services.

The average salary of a stripper

The range of the official average salary of a stripper in the US is quite large. It is 20-40 dollars per hour (43,000-68,000 per year). The median level is $50,000 per year. However, some girls with experience working in elite strip clubs can receive up to $100 an hour, and their annual earnings are comparable to those of representatives of prestigious professions. Tips should be mentioned separately, as sometimes they make up the bulk of the money earned.

An experienced stripper who worked in Atlanta reported that she was paid $34-$50 per shift (6 hours). However, sometimes I had to work 2 shifts in a row. In this case, the hourly rate doubled. In this club, the main income of the girls was tips - at least $ 400 per shift. There were days/nights when the stripper went home with $1,500 in her pocket. At the same time, the rules of the institution provided that 10% of the tip amount had to be paid to the club's cashier.

Average earnings of strippers in expensive states and cities

In fact, the difference in earnings of strippers in cheap and expensive states may not be significant, since to a greater extent it depends on the place of work, traffic in the club and the experience of the girls. However, there is a difference. Below is information about the average salary range in some expensive cities and states in the country (October 2021).

Official salary without tips


In these and other expensive US cities, experienced girls can earn much more. In particular, dancing at closed parties and other events.

Average earnings of strippers in low-cost states and cities

Traditionally, the southern states of the country are considered less wealthy. Accordingly, in them, representatives of any profession, including strippers, earn a little less, but the difference with expensive states is not critical. $20-$32 $41,700 -
$61,700 $50,560

Naturally, even in relatively inexpensive states, there are strippers who earn much more, but none of them really make much more because of their high incomes taxes prescribed by the laws of the state.

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The true story of strippers who robbed Wall Street businessmen of hundreds of thousands of dollars



Text: Nastya Sotnik, Polina Sadovnikova

The first trailer for the Hustlers movie starring Cardi B, Jay Lo and Lizzo has appeared online. We publish excerpts from the material of the New York Magazine journalist Jessica Pressler, which formed the basis of the script for a film story about strippers who robbed businessmen from Wall Street for several hundred thousand dollars.

Laureen Scafariyi's Hustlers (Looking for a Friend for the End of the World) will hit theaters in September, and it looks like it's going to be a hit for more than just the cast. The script is based on a real story about a gang of strippers who for four years, from 2011 to 2013, robbed businessmen from Wall Street. Samantha Barbash (the head of the gang), Roselyn Keough, Marcy Rosen and Karina Pascucci met rich men in prestigious places in Manhattan and Long Island, took them to the Scores and Roadhouse strip clubs, gave them cocktails diluted with ketamine, methylone and other potent drugs , and after the victims were disconnected, withdrew money from their credit cards. This lasted until one of the victims got through to one of the strippers, begging her to tell what happened to him, and recorded the conversation on a voice recorder.

Then there was a failed investigative experiment, the pursuit of criminals, several months of attempts by the investigation to find other potential victims, and one accidental success - an article about a cardiologist at the hospital named after. Robert Wood Johnson Ziyad Younan, who was sued by Scores for $135,000 in debt. In it, the doctor swore that he had never paid with a credit card for anything. The police recognized in this case a familiar handwriting - and then the capture of the criminals became a matter of several weeks. All gang members were charged with assault and theft by prior agreement. As a result of the hearings, two of them received suspended sentences, and two were sentenced to serve a prison sentence on weekends for several months - and then, again, several years of probation.

According to the investigation, the perpetrators managed to steal about $200,000. The exact number of victims has not been established, since many of them simply refused to testify out of fear - and quite justifiably - of being exposed to their families, colleagues and friends. Journalist Jessica Pressler interviewed the main defendants in the case and published a detailed report in New York Magazine on December 28, 2015. Below are the most interesting excerpts from the material, which was published under the heading "A modern history of Robin Hood: several strippers robbed (mostly) rich, disgusting, (inside) miserable men and gave the money, uh, to themselves."

Still from the film "HUSTLERS"

Still from the film "HUSTLERS"

“In another life, Roselyn Keough might have enjoyed working on Wall Street. “I’m smart enough, I know it,” she told me, sitting in her country house in a spotless white kitchen. According to her, in her childhood she bought sweets in bulk and sold them at school, while making a good profit. Later, I remembered that the same story was told by billionaire John Paulson. But John Paulson was born in an ordinary body, and Roselyn Keough in an obviously more seductive one. As they said before, such a figure can bring trouble to the girl, although Rosie could well cope with this task on her own.

According to Rosie, her parents, refugees from Cambodia, came to America in the hope of a better life. But they, as she said, “got involved in this, you know, bourgeois shit with beautiful cars and nightlife.” (I say "according to Rosie" because her family refused to be interviewed. And also because Rosie is a known liar with multiple felony charges.) View this post on Instagram

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Roselyn Keough's Instagram Posts

This was back in the day when culture was just beginning to change. Incredibly, the values ​​of third wave feminism coincided with those of Howard Stern. Thus began an era in which stripping in front of others was considered not a humiliation, but a sexual liberation. Moreover, it brought money.

One day, Rosie went to the Lace Club in New Jersey and got a job that allowed her to earn between $500 and $1,000 a night. But that wasn't enough for her, because Rosie knew the real money was in Manhattan. Soon she was driving her used Honda into town, hitting Times Square and Larry Flynt's Hustler Club. There she met Samantha Fox.

Samantha, née Samantha Barbash, was one of Hustler's wealthiest strippers. When Rosie met her, she was already over 30. Strippers often work together: if men can still resist one beauty (and save their wallets), then surrounded by three or four girls they just lose their heads. That's why at Hustler, like everywhere else, the dancers worked in groups. “And everyone wanted to work with Samantha because she had a lot of clients and she knew how to work well,” recalled Rosie.

Most of their customers were jerks. Even if at first they didn’t seem like that, after a couple of cocktails everything changed. Most of them were married, but that didn't stop them from asking for sex or blowjobs. Sometimes they wanted to "punish" strippers with a bottle of champagne - such a shocking request could be made by an exemplary family man.

Other members of the "team" included, for example, Karina Pascucci, the sister of one of Samantha's dancer friends. Another beauty from the gang is Marcy Rosen. If Samantha's client showed interest, Samantha asked Marcy or Karina to meet him. They treated him to wine and supper, and then others joined them. Then he, intoxicated with alcohol and female attention, was sent to one of the clubs. From the amounts he spent during the evening, all the participants in the divorce received a good percentage.

Samantha Barbash

View this post on Instagram not always. Sometimes they did all this, but the guy was not able to go anywhere. Then they offered him drugs to cheer him up, but he was too lethargic. Samantha had no doubts about the methods used - during her time at the strip club, she crossed more than one line. “Pumping people on drugs sounds really bad. But it was kind of normal. "

Rosie introduced other girls to Carmine Vitolo, a former Lace bartender who ran the Roadhouse, a strip club in Queens. She tried to convince them to take a swing at higher-level clients. Previously, when Samantha, Karina or Marcy went hunting, they would pick bars like TGI Friday's in the Financial District. Rosie preferred more prestigious establishments - rich guys often came there, who had something to lose. “My great advantage over others is that I don’t look like a prostitute. I look like an ordinary girl who decided to relax after work with a glass of wine, ”said Rosie.

According to Rosie, she and Samantha got the biggest share of the theft. With Rosie's business acumen and Samantha's sociability, business flourished. On their first Christmas together, they gave each other a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. “We were like Kobe and Shaq That's what I always told Samantha. We were untouchable,” Rosie said.

"How much will we earn today?" Rosie once asked, looking at Samantha, whose face was illuminated by the iPad - she was examining a pair of shoes on Gucci. com. In other words, the gang was doing very well. Among their assets were several luxury cars. Their closets were full of Gucci and Chanel clothes - Rosie could spend a thousand dollars on shoes without blinking.

Rosie told herself that she would quit everything as soon as she had enough money in her bank account. “I said to myself: “Okay, I will earn 100 thousand and then I will leave.” Then I received another 100 thousand. And then a hundred more. In general, I will reach half a million and leave. No, now I want to make a million. There is never enough money."

Over the years, the New York City Police Department has received many calls from people who are perceived as inadequate. So when they got a call from a man who said he had proof that he was drunk at a strip club, the staff were skeptical. Nevertheless, experts from the Drug Enforcement Agency went to the victim's house, where he showed them a recording of a conversation with one of the criminals. “I just want to know what happened to me,” the guy pleaded, until the woman on the other end finally gave in and told him what happened: a gang of strippers got him drunk on cocktails diluted with ketamine and other potent drugs, then took him off a large sum from his credit card. Soon one of the gang members confessed to the crime. Although the police do not reveal the real name of the informant, the gangsters are sure that this is one of the former strippers who worked with Samantha, let's call her Marjorie. She had problems with the law, as a result of which it was easy to persuade her to cooperate with the investigation.

They tried to catch the strippers at the scene of the crime, sending Marjorie "on the case" as an undercover agent. Rosie and Karina recall that as soon as they entered the room at the Gansevoort Hotel, where Samantha called them to help with a client, they immediately realized that something was wrong. Marjorie was behaving strangely - she kept persuading them to give the guy drugs, which made her suspicious. When the girls nevertheless decided not to resort to drugs, she got upset, grabbed her bag and threw all the contents into the man's drink herself. Shortly thereafter, he lost consciousness, and almost immediately two men posing as hotel guards knocked on the door and demanded that his belongings be searched. Fortunately, they were too polite or squeamish to fully inspect the bottle of Rosie kept in her purse - and then the girls managed to escape punishment. As Rosie drove down the West Side Highway with Samantha in the passenger seat, she couldn't shake the feeling that they were being watched.

The DEA has neither confirmed nor denied the information that they failed the operation to capture the criminals, but they were very lucky and they found other victims who suffered from a gang of strippers. “People who willingly spoke with us and testified were absurdly few,” one of the policemen bluntly said. “Men did not want to admit that they were victims of women, especially strippers.”

In April 2014, police came across an article in the Post about Ziyad Younan, a New Jersey cardiologist. He was sued by the strip club Scores, accusing him of $135,000 in debt. Yunan swore that he had never paid with his credit card in his life and, moreover, he did not remember any evening at the strip club.

The doctor became a laughingstock for the tabloids, but attentive police officers saw familiar signs of a crime in this story. “When you look at it out of context, it seems like he is making it up,” one of the detectives told me. “But the dates of this and the previous case were so close to each other that we immediately established a connection between them.”

Younan told the police that he met Karina Pascucci at a restaurant on Park Avenue. She posed as a medical student and introduced him to her "relatives", Samantha and Marcy. He did not remember them, but after a call from American Express employees who informed him of a debt of $135,000, he realized that something was wrong. The police officers believed him and started actively investigating the case.

At first, according to Rosie, Samantha was glad that the doctor was often mentioned in the tabloids. But Rosie had a bad feeling. On June 9, 2014, the police caught Samantha near an ATM. “They shouted: ‘Get in the car! You are under arrest!” she recalls. “All the neighbors saw it. I started having a panic attack." Then they took Karina, and then Marcy. Rosie was the last one.

In addition to Yunan, the police persuaded three more victims to testify. One of them was a financier named Fred, the father of a child with autism. As it turned out, one of the credit cards that ended up in the hands of the strippers was corporate. His company launched an internal investigation and Fred was fired. After he got a new job, he was informed that his name was on the list of white-collar criminals, and he was fired again. Since then, he still managed to get a job as a consultant, but he still lives in fear of being discovered by his current employer. “I wake up in the morning thinking about it,” Fred told me. “Every day, once or twice a day, I clearly feel the barrel of a gun leaning against my head.”

Over the next year, I spoke with Rosie many times. At first it was official interviews, but then she started calling without warning, and we just talked. She complained about Samantha and how she "ruined her life." At the time, she was battling bouts of anger and depression. “I know why we did all this,” she once told me. “Offended people offend people.”

In February we met for lunch before she went to court. When we got to the courtroom, the judge was still hearing the previous case of the shooting incident. The prosecutor showed a video recording in which the accused, giving evidence to the police, fully admitted his guilt. "Idiot," the guy in the front row muttered. It was Rosie's lawyer who didn't answer my calls. I started to worry about Rosie.

All the participants in the case were desperately trying to avoid imprisonment, and their negotiations with the investigation dragged out the case until November. In the end, Karina and Marcy pleaded guilty to assault and theft by prior agreement. A few weeks later, Samantha Barbash admitted the same thing. They will be sentenced at the beginning of 2016 (according to the results of the trial, all the defendants in the case, in fact, received suspended sentences. - Note by The Blueprint). In the meantime, Karina is working as a retailer, and Samantha is working on her swimwear line.

Rosie's trial is scheduled for February. Throughout the process, she was quite optimistic and wanted as many people as possible to know her story. She once told me that she was thinking of becoming a motivational speaker like Jordan Belfort, the banker who became famous as The Wolf of Wall Street. But then, when our editors contacted her to confirm all the details before the release of the material, she stated that she had made it all up. “Right now I confess to you that everything is fictitious,” she told me in a personal conversation. "If you want to write the fictional story that I told you, that's your right." She then spoke a line that we both knew was truly true: "I'm saving myself," she said. "I'm on my own."

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