How much do ballroom dance teachers make

How Much Do Ballroom Dance Teachers Make?

Are you curious how much ballroom dance teachers make? It can be difficult to find information on wages for specific jobs, but we’ve got the inside scoop for you.

In this blog post, we’ll share the average wages for ballroom dance teachers in the United States. Whether you’re just starting or you’re looking for ways to advance your career, we hope this information is helpful!

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  1. How Much Do Ballroom Dance Teachers Make?  
    • What Does A Ballroom Dance Teacher Need For Qualifications
    • Other Facets Of Ballroom Dance Teaching
    • Working For A Studio As A Dance Instructor
    • Hours For A Dance Instructor
    • Staying In Shape
    • Loving The Job
  2. How Much Do Ballroom Dance Teachers Make Summary
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How Much Do Ballroom Dance Teachers Make?  

Most dance instructors make between $25,000 and $35,000 per year.  

They may make more with other incidentals that the studio for which they work is providing them.  

Since this is their base pay, they can make more when commissions and bonuses are added to their base pay. 

They can make a very good living in some areas where the average median income for being a dance teacher is in the $40,000 range.  

When they enjoy what they do, they ensure they can always live within their means.  

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What Does A Ballroom Dance Teacher Need For Qualifications

In most cases, a ballroom dance teacher is picked because of their looks and personality.  

They also have some sort of dancing background but not necessarily in ballroom dance.   

Since they are picked because of personal reasons, they need to stay in shape when they are chosen.  

They will be trained to understand all of the ballroom dances, and then they will begin to understand how to teach.  

The training of a ballroom dance teacher can take months.  

It is a long process of learning and perfecting the dances and also being able to teach them.  

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Other Facets Of Ballroom Dance Teaching

They teach their students how to dance, and many of the ballroom dance teachers also perform.  

They will have dance parties, with the students present at the studio weekly or monthly.  

Some will also go to competitions where they can win awesome prizes.  

For the most part, their bread and butter, so to speak, is made when they are teaching their students.  

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Working For A Studio As A Dance Instructor

When a ballroom dance instructor works for a studio, they usually have a pool of students that come through the door.   

Each instructor receives their students in a fair and equal way.  

They can also get their students, but they will generally follow the same process for teaching that the studio provides for them.  

Some instructors have their own studio and may set up their own rules for teaching and gaining students.  

They will make more money because they own the studio versus working for one.  

Some teachers prefer this overworking for a studio. However, people that want to make a steady living in ballroom dance teaching will work for a studio so that there is a constant flow of students.

Hours For A Dance Instructor

In most cases, dance instructors will work 6 days a week.  

Monday through Friday, they usually work 1 pm – 10 pm.  

Saturdays, they will work from 10 am – 1 pm.  

Usually, Saturdays are a dance party of some sort where all of the students and teachers dance together as couples.  

During these times, they can invite family and friends to come in and dance too if they would like.   

It is a great time for everyone, and refreshments are usually served. 

During these parties, the students get to show off their skills, so they practice a lot to show others how good they are becoming with their dancing.      Via:

Staying In Shape

People that are ballroom dance instructors need to stay in shape at all times.  

But a lot of times, you can get away with it depending on the level of dancing that you’re teaching. 

However, being in shape is highly recommended if you take teaching and dance seriously.

If a lady instructor wants to get pregnant, they have to plan ahead of time that they want to have children, and sometimes they stop dancing for months before that. 

Loving The Job

Dance teachers love what they do.  

They may have to sacrifice some things, but it doesn’t matter to them because they enjoy what they do for a living.  

One thing they always have to remember is to have the proper shoes.   

They also need to have a fantastic wardrobe because they will be dressed nicely at all times when they are working.  

Most women have fancy dresses, and most men have nice clothing, also.  

It is part of their job to look nice at all times.  

Carrying along with an extra outfit every day is part of what most dance teachers do automatically, just in case something happens to the clothing that they are wearing.  

They are always prepared for a change of clothing.  

This includes carrying extra pantyhose along for emergencies.  

They will need them.            

Loving ballroom dance is something that many people do.  

They enjoy the way that they look and feel when they are dancing the exquisite music.  

For the dance instructors, making a living at something that they love to do is important to them.  

They know they are doing something they love to do and make a living doing it.   

For them, it is the only way for them to live, and they would think of doing no other career.  

They are in love with what they do, and it shows daily.

How Much Do Ballroom Dance Teachers Make Summary

Ballroom dancing is one of the most enjoyed forms of dancing that people love to learn.  

They enjoy dancing whenever they can, and it is fast becoming something that many people are learning how to do and be able to dance when they go out in the evenings or for weddings.  

When they first fall in love with ballroom dancing, they must take lessons from a ballroom dance instructor.  

Finding a dance instructor is what they do when they want to begin to enjoy ballroom dancing at its finest.  

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Ballroom Dance Instructor Salary in Nashville, Tennessee

States with Higher Salaries for Ballroom Dance Instructor

Here are the top five states that pay the highest Ballroom Dance Instructor salary in the United States. Alaska takes first place with the highest Ballroom Dance Instructor salary is $43,150 per Year. California and District of Columbia take the second and third place with $42,996 per Year and $42,815 per Year in the list. A higher average Ballroom Dance Instructor salary indicates a higher cost of living too.

Top 5 States with Higher Salaries For
Ballroom Dance Instructor in the United States:

Ballroom Dance Instructor in Alaska: $43,150

Ballroom Dance Instructor in California: $42,996

Ballroom Dance Instructor in District of Columbia: $42,815

Ballroom Dance Instructor in New Jersey: $42,558

Ballroom Dance Instructor in Massachusetts: $41,880

The following job titles have similar responsibilities as a Ballroom Dance Instructor. However, the different job titles may have different salaries. Learn each job, and finger out the most suitable position with the highest wage for you in your city.

Dance Instructor

Average salary

Nashville, TN


per Year

View salaries

Job openings

Dance Fitness Instructor

Average salary

Nashville, TN


per Year

View salaries

Job openings

Assistant Dance Instructor

Average salary

Nashville, TN


per Year

View salaries

Job openings

Dance Teacher

Average salary

Nashville, TN


per Year

View salaries

Job openings

Dance Therapist

Average salary

Nashville, TN


per Year

View salaries

Job openings

Dance Director

Average salary

Nashville, TN


per Year

View salaries

Job openings

Get an estimated calculation of how much you should be earning and insight into your career options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about salaries for a Ballroom Dance Instructor

Get a personal salary report to know your salary based on location, education, experience, and other influence factors.

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For example, ballroom dance lessons for children differ greatly from ballroom dance classes for adults, in terms of content and teaching methods.

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Check the below career pages for detailed pay ranges for similar professions to Ballroom Dance Instructor:

  • Dance Instructor

  • Dance Fitness Instructor

  • Assistant Dance Instructor

  • Dance Teacher

  • Dance Therapist

  • Dance Director

  • Dance Professor

  • Dance Coach

  • Dance Choreographer

  • Dance Studio Manager

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Explore our personal salary report to know the Ballroom Dance Instructor market value in Nashville, TN. And find out if any places are having a higher Ballroom Dance Instructor salary.

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Another name for dance teacher is a dance school teacher or dance studio teacher. It is clear that this is the name of specialists working in a specialized company. But a teacher or dance teacher can be called not only a dance studio teacher, but also a specialist of an educational institution where dances are studied along with other subjects. By the way, the ProfGid career guidance center has recently developed an accurate career guidance test that will tell you which professions suit you, give an opinion about your personality type and intelligence. The profession is suitable for those who are interested in physical education and singing, music (see. choosing a profession based on interest in school subjects). nine0003


  • Features of profession
  • Workplace
  • Dance teacher salary :

    Peculiarities of the profession

    Some teachers prefer to work with children, others prefer to work with adults, others can work with both. In any case, the task of a dance teacher is to teach their students to move, expressing themselves in dance. However, the higher the level of teaching, the wider the scope of the teacher's activity. It is also commonly believed that the higher the titles he won, the higher his value as a teacher. Also, he often acts as a choreographer: he puts dance numbers for his students when he prepares them to perform on stage. nine0003

    The dance instructor may have a preference for a particular dance direction: Latin American, jazz, Irish, etc. For example, on his resume, he might write "Latin teacher" or "Jazz-modern dance teacher."

    But that doesn't mean he can't do anything else. On the contrary, the profession of a dance teacher means constant learning and learning. As a spectator, he regularly goes to musicals, dance shows, competitions to watch the performances of his colleagues; attends dance workshops to learn something new for his teaching. Different dance and musical styles, teaching methods, eminent dancers and bright debutants - everything is interesting for a dance teacher. nine0003

    The teacher-dancer tries himself in different genres, sometimes changes his preferences, expands his role. In a word, it is in creative search. Beauty, joy of movement and creativity are the formula that can describe this profession.

    Of course, no person can perform on stage until old age. But while studying with students, the teacher maintains excellent physical shape for many years.

    This is enough to be able not only to explain, but also to show the dance to his students. Even if performances and competitions are in the past, the dancer remains a dancer who knows and feels the dance from the inside. nine0003


    Dance teacher salary for December 2022

    Salary information provided by portal.

    Russia 15000—75000₽

    Moscow 30000—100000₽

    A dance teacher can work in a dance school, studio, dance club, fitness center, comprehensive school, university, etc. Many teachers work simultaneously in different places, having time to perform and participate in dance championships. Also, a dance teacher can open his own dance school. nine0003

    Read also:

    Important Qualities

    The profession of a dance teacher involves a love of dance, artistry, an ear for music, good physical health, goodwill, patience, leadership qualities, self-confidence and optimism. He should be a sociable person, able to pick up the key to a variety of students.

    Knowledge and skills

    A dance teacher must be able to dance - this is understandable. But he should also know well the dance directions in which he works, including their history. Be proficient in teaching methods, be able to plan your classes. In order for dancing not to harm the health of students, the teacher needs knowledge in the field of anatomy and physiology. He must be able to competently manage physical activity. nine0003

    Where to study to become a dance teacher

    Most often, dance teachers become dancers who have been trained in dance since childhood. But there are other examples when already adults, having taken a great interest in dancing, reach notable heights and become teachers. Already having dance training, you can learn new directions of dance. As experts say, you can master some kind of dance style in less than six months, having worked out at a dance school.

    See also:

    Examples of companies with vacancies for dance teachers

    Immigrating to Canada as a dancer In addition to working as a dancer in Canada, you can become a dance teacher, allowing you to teach aspiring dancers before starting your dance career.

    Undoubtedly, dancing in Canada is quite a profitable job. Thus, dancers earn an average of CAD 15 to 45 per hour, and dance teachers earn up to CAD 50 per hour while working in Canada. nine0010

    In addition, dancers can find work in a wide variety of establishments throughout the Canadian provinces and territories.

    You can choose to specialize in jazz, ballet, folk, ballroom or modern dance.

    In addition, working in Canada as a dancer or dance teacher puts you one step ahead of your citizenship requirements.

    For this reason, this article has been prepared to focus on a few areas where it would be beneficial for you to immigrate to Canada as a dancer or dance teacher. nine0003

    These include the NOC code, paths, steps and requirements to work and immigrate to Canada as a dancer or dance teacher.

    In this article

    • What do dancers and dance teachers do?
    • NOC 5134 dance and dance teacher job descriptions in Canada
    • NOC 5134 dance job examples
    • Requirements to work as a dancer or dance teacher in Canada
    • Requirements to immigrate to Canada as a dancer or dance teacher
    • General requirements for immigration
    • Special requirements/certificates for immigrating as a dancer or dance teacher
    • Pathways to immigrate to Canada as a dancer or dance teacher
    • Express Entry
    • Provincial Nominee Programs
    • How to immigrate to Canada as a dancer dancer or dance teacher
    • FAQ

    What do dancers and dance teachers do?

    As a professional occupation in the arts and culture, dancers are creatives and artists working in nightclubs, ballet and dance troupes, television and film production, etc.

    Also, National Occupational Classification The code for dancers in Canada is NOC 5134. . Therefore, you will also be a dance teacher under this NOC code.

    Dance teachers often work in dance academies and ballet schools in Canada. In addition, they train applicants to become good dancers.

    Job responsibilities for dancers and dance teachers in Canada according to NOC 5134

    Dancers are really in demand in Canada. Indeed, their performances have a significant impact on various events as well as in nightclubs.

    What's more, their dancing skills are able to cheer up guests and spectators more than anything else.

    NOC 5134 job description for dancers

    Therefore, below are the job descriptions for dancers in Canada according to NOC 5134.

    • First, the dancers rehearse the choreography based on the instructions, which ensures the best possible performance. nine0016
    • Secondly, they dance alone or in groups for live performances or on television.
    • Thirdly, dancers often go through practice and practice to improve their physical fitness and dance skills.
    • Finally, dancers can record their dance moves.
    Dance teacher job responsibilities per NOC 5134

    The following, without qualification, are the job responsibilities of dance teachers per NOC 5134.

    • Generally speaking, dance teachers pass on the knowledge of dance steps and choreography to beginners and experienced dancers in solo or groups.
    • In addition, they teach students dance moves, symbolic meanings, and cultural history of Aboriginal folk and ethnic dances.
    • In addition, dance teachers prepare students for performances and auditions in advance.
    • In addition, they teach students ballroom dancing, a form of recreational dance. nine0016

    NOC dance job examples 5134

    If you are planning to immigrate to Canada as a dancer or dance teacher, you need to know what dance job options are available.

    Of course, dance jobs in Canada are available in a variety, as per National Occupational Classification (NOC) code 5134.

    However, examples of such dance works are given below.

    • Ballerina
    • Ballet (dancer, master and ballet teacher)
    • Ballroom dance teacher
    • Baton Rotation Instructor
    • Belly dancer
    • Choir dancer
    • Classical (dance instructor and also classical dancer)
    • Dance (instructor, notator and dance teacher)
    • Dancer
    • Dance instructor
    • Folk (dance teacher and also folk dancer)
    • Folklore (dance teacher and folklore dancer)
    • Group (dance teacher and group dancer)
    • Intelligent dancer
    • Dancer-translator
    • Line (dance teacher and also line dancer)
    • Performance Movement Teacher
    • Tap dancer (dance teacher and tap dancer)

    So you can apply for any dance job in Canada under the same NOC code, 5134.

    Requirements to work in Canada as a dancer or dance teacher

    If you want to become a dancer or dance teacher, Canada has perspectives that will help you fulfill all your desires. nine0003

    However, you must meet the requirements below in order to work as a dancer or dance teacher after immigrating to Canada.

    1. First, you must complete a college degree or dance training program. Another option is to graduate from a private dance school.
    2. Secondly, you must take part in an audition that tests your ability and skills in dancing.
    3. Third, you must have dance experience before you can work as a dance teacher in Canada. nine0016
    4. First of all, you may need to join a club or union that specializes in your preferred dance type/specialty.
    NOC 5134 inclusions for dancers

    Of course, note that "teacher of performing movements" is included as a profession in NOC 5134. in NOC 5134.

    • 5131 - Choreographers
    • 5232 - Other performers (not elsewhere classified)

    Requirements to immigrate to Canada as a dancer or dance teacher

    You will definitely become a permanent resident after immigrating to Canada. Thus, certain requirements must be met before you can obtain this status in Canada.

    General requirements to immigrate

    Here are the general requirements to immigrate to Canada as a dancer or dance teacher. nine0003

    1. First, immigrating to Canada as a dancer or dance teacher requires a minimum age of 18 and a maximum age of 35.
    2. Second, you must have a college/university dance education or must have attended a private dance academy.
    3. Third, an employment arrangement or job offer is sometimes required to increase the Comprehensive Rating System (CRS) Goal.
    4. Fourth, you need to take a language proficiency test to assess your writing, speaking, reading and listening skills in English. English or French. nine0016

    With this in mind, you can take and submit the results of the following language proficiency tests in order to immigrate to Canada as a dancer or dance teacher.

    • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
    • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
    • Canadian Academic English Assessment (CAEL)
    • Pearson Test of English (PTE)
    • Duolingo English Test (DET)
    • Test de Connaissance du Français (TCF) Canada
    • Test d'Evaluation de Français (TEF) Canada

    See also : Immigrate to Canada as a Boilermaker

    Special requirements/certificates to immigrate as a dancer or dance teacher

    Indeed, you may be required to join a dance club/guild or union in Canada.

    For example:-

    • Sacred Dance Guild
    • nine0015 Oasis Belly Dance Guild

    Pathways to immigrate to Canada as a dancer or dance teacher

    As noted, you can immigrate to Canada as a dancer or dance teacher through a number of immigration programs and paths.

    These include the Express Entry and Provincial Nominee programs.

    Express Entry

    As a rule, dancers and dance teachers are classified as NOC Skill Level A.

    It is important to check your CRS score before you begin the Canada Express Entry application process.

    What's more, there is no minimum CRS score required for Express Entry. However, ideally you should score at least 600 points to increase your chances of being entered into the draw.

    This is because applicants for express admission are selected based on the highest scores.

    In addition, you will receive CRS points based on your current age, educational level, work experience, language skills, etc.

    Provincial Nominee Programs

    Indeed, the Government of Canada allows foreign dancers and dance teachers to nominate major provinces and territories for permanent residence.

    In addition, provincial nominee programs take longer to process than express applications.

    So you can consider any of these Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) to immigrate to Canada as a dancer or dance teacher. nine0003

    • Alberta Immigration Program (AINP)
    • British Columbia Nominee Program (BC PNP)
    • Manitoba Nominee Program (MPNP)
    • New Brunswick Nominee Program (NBPNP)
    • Newfoundland and Labrador Nominee Program (NL PNP)
    • Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP)
    • Nominal Nova Scotia Program (NSPNP)
    • Ontario Immigration Program (OINP)
    • Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP)
    • Saskatchewan Immigration Program (SINP)
    • Yukon Nominee Program (YNP)

    How to immigrate to Canada as a dancer or dance teacher

    Of course, the steps below will help them immigrate to Canada as a dancer or dance teacher.

    1. First, you must verify your eligibility for Express Entry or the provincial nominee program. nine0016
    2. Secondly, you need to check your documents and certificates and get their electronic versions by scanning.
    3. Third, you must create an online Express Entry profile by filling in the requested information correctly.
    4. Fourth, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will issue an invitation to apply (ITA) if you are eligible for permanent residence (PR).
    5. Fifth, you must apply for permanent residence no later than sixty days after the issuance of the ITA. nine0016
    6. Therefore, you can immigrate to Canada as a dancer or dance teacher as soon as your PR application is approved.

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    Are dancers in demand in Canada?

    Indeed, in most regions of Canada there is a great demand for dance performances. This allows dance classes to be profitable in many provinces and territories in Canada.

    Learn more