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One of things that makes country music the very best of all the tunes out there is the ability it has to bring folks together on the dance floor. Some would even say you’ve never truly listened to country music until you’ve danced to country music. There is something charming and old-fashioned about dancing in a group, which makes going out line dancing to country music such a fun time. Compared to Salsa or Tango, line dancing is friendly to those who are learning the steps, so no need to be shy.

We’ve wrangled up a list of the most popular country line dances that are sure to get your boots tapping!

Electric Slide

An oldie but a goodie, the Electric Slide offers the perfect place for dipping your cowboy boots into line dancing for the first time. This four wall, 18 count line dance was originally choreographed by Richard L.”Ric” Silver in 1976, gaining viral popularity in the late 80s and early 90s. Branching beyond the country genre, it was paired with Marcia Griffiths’ Electric Boogie. For a more traditional get down we recommend Josh Turner’s “Why Don’t We Just Dance” or Tim McGraw’s “I Like It, I Love It.” Here’s a step sheet and a tutorial video below that will have you doing grapevines all over the dance floor before you know it!

The Cowboy Cha Cha

Choreographed by Kelly Gellette & Michelle Stremche, this one has a lot of turns. It might take a bit of practice, but trust us, it’s a heck of a lot of fun once you’ve got it down! This step sheet gives a good run down of the four wall, 20 count dance. Colorado’s own Brooke & Company does an excellent demo (shown below) of this one, dancing you through everything you’ll need to know. The Cowboy Cha Cha lends itself to a handful of songs, but most often you’ll find yourself rocking back and forth to Neon Moon by Brooks & Dunn. From time to time, it will be paired with a more uptempo to tune such as Gone Country by Alan Jackson.

Double D

The Double D, also known as Duck Dynasty, is a newer line dance on the scene, choreographed by Trevor Thorton in 2015. A four wall, 32 count dance this is done to “Cut ‘em All” by Colt Ford Featuring Willie Robertson and has plenty of rocking back and forth to get you grooving. Here’s the steps break down and you can try it out for yourself with this Double D demo:

Tango with The Sheriff

Most of us do our best to avoid run-ins with law enforcement, but Tango with The Sheriff is one encounter you won’t want to miss out on. Choreographed by Adrian Churm, this four wall, 48 count dance is a delightful mixture of slides and box steps. Practice stomping along with the video below and gear up to dance to this one with “Cha Tango” by Dave Sheriff.

Bring on the Good Times

This four wall, 32 count dance choreographed by Gary O’Reilly & Maggie Gallagher absolutely lives up to its name. With a mixture of claps, slides, and struts Bring on the Good Times makes for a fun transition between beginner to intermediate level line dances.  Coupled to Lisa McHugh’s song of the same name, you’d never know this one has Irish roots…to us it sounds as country as all get out! For this one, we will have these French cowboys and cowgirls show how it’s done:

Tush Push

On par with the popularity of the Electric Slide is the Tush Push, one of the most widespread line dances found on the dancefloor over the last twenty years. Choreographed by Jim Ferrazzano, this four wall, 40 count dance earns its name from plenty of hip bumps and cha-chas as detailed in this step sheet. Some great songs are Brooks & Dunn classic “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” which makes for a great match with Tush Push, as does Alan Jackson’s “Chattahoochee.” Let’s have Robert Wilson, five-time world champion of country dance, working with artists like Taylor Swift, Kerry Underwood, Brad Lesley, take us through this one:

Step sheets and YouTube videos are helpful, but there is no replacement for hitting the dance floor to practice those shuffles and slides! With thousands of different line dances out there, we could keep rambling on, but why not grab your dancing boots, come on by the Grizzly Rose for a line dance lesson or two? We promise to show you why the most popular country line dance steps and a hoot and hollerin’ good time!

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Thinking AboutEverything I Shouldn't Be Thinking AboutBeginnerVideoStepsheet
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Wake Me UpWake Me UpBeg. / Int.VideoStepsheet
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Walk The LineI Brake For BrunettesBeg. / Int.VideoStepsheet
Watch The TempoMad LoveIntermediateVideoStepsheet
Watermelon CrawlWatermelon CrawlBeginnerVideoStepsheet
Wave On WaveWave On WaveBeg. / Int.VideoStepsheet
We Are TonightWe Are TonightIntermediateVideoStepsheet
We Are TonightWe Are TonightIntermediateVideoStepsheet
Who's Up All Night?Who's Up?Beg. / IntVideoStepsheet
Wild Wild WestWild Wild WestBeg. / Int.VideoStepsheet
Workin' For A Livin'Workin' For A Livin'Beg. / Int.VideoStepsheet
You Broke Up With MeYou Broke Up with MeBeg. / Int.VideoStepsheet
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YoursYours If You Want ItBeg. / Int.VideoStepsheet
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What is social dancing - interview with Alexey Aleksentsev

Chief the message to start exercising: “I want the same!”

- Alexey, people search on the Internet information about social dancing. How do they to navigate in an avalanche of links? What is social dancing?

- Social dances differ from ballroom dances in that it's not a sport. Although competitions are held, they are in the majority cases of "fan". Look at people show yourself. In social dancing main - pastime outside halls - clubs, parties, some trips and festivals. Dancing is just occasion. There is a huge amount social dances. There are a lot of them - this is swing, and salsa, and tango, and kizomba, and hustle. And a dozen lesser known directions. My path is pair dances, in particular salsa.

- For example, a person wants to dance. But does not know what exactly, which dance to choose. How often people come - because of the music, for example, or because Spanish study?

-B in our case, most often the language begins study while dancing. Basically they lead friends. To schools and parties word of mouth, via the Internet. Visually salsa is very similar to ballroom dancing, and people who watch TV accustomed to the sight of ballroom dancing, and, seeing similar in salsa videos on the Internet, they are interested. A lot of people come after open-airs - like those held in Moscow on the Andreevsky bridge. There are such in almost every dancer city.

Chief the message is “I want the same”. Can listen to friends or read ads, see, but the simplest is to come to the party. You will come and see to the first dancer you like come up and say: "I want the same." And he either he will teach, or to the teacher will send.

now most popular in the world enjoy 3 styles of salsa: circular salsa casino (Cuban salsa), linear New York salsa (salsa "on 2" or modern mambo) and linear salsa Los Angeles (salsa "on 1"). AT recent years in Europe acquires popularity hybrid salsa style Puerto Rico (according to eyewitnesses, it's a casino in line), but on in the expanses of the former CIS, he has so far been noticed was not.

- Collect primary information on the reviews of people, find teacher videos. Then they took a week - and walked through the selected schools. Almost everywhere there are open lessons, some free classes. Geographical principle is the worst option. it you have to be very lucky to matched right up. Regarding the search for schools on the Internet - in most cases there in the tops are those who are not too lazy to do promotion. The most serious teachers on the Internet they don’t shine very much, a lot they go, they just have no time. While the competition in business has not reached such a state, to hire a PR director. That's why better impulse "I want the same" and reliance on your opinion, and not on advertising tinsel.

- Can you come at any age? to take dance classes?

-Start in any, finish too. But, for example, in our school we do not take children at all, because the child's psyche and physical education is a specific, subtle subject. And this is possible from any age. Most eldest of my students 6 dozen already changed.

-Man decided to come to class. What's next? Do I need to come with my partner?

- Decided - already half the battle. With a partner or without ... Still, girls objectively more. But there are times when the boys more. Guys can safely go to alone, it is unlikely that they will remain without a partner. Girls are better off with their own it will be easier to enter the comfort zone and psychologically it will be easier. But in most schools are required in the classroom change - partners change. And even if a girl came alone, she didn't care dance.

- What is the best way to dress?

- It's best to ask the school. I do not really like, when people come in sportswear. Still, the aesthetics of the species must be preserved, and if you are used to dancing in shorts, then at the disco in trousers will not be the same. Well, we don't play sports. And of course, Let's not talk about general hygiene. The fact that an excessive amount of jewelry, perfume and makeup, long nails are not help and hinder, clear to anyone sane person.

- understanding "base"? learn the basics dancing?

- U us "zero" means that people can keep the rhythm, do not fly out of the account and can do three basic steps and two basic turns. Basically, in my opinion experience, an average of three weeks, if exercise twice a week, that's all comfortable. There are even serious concerns that private lessons beginners will not be helped - which in general group, which is so - almost the same. Straightaway you need to put it aside a little "We will teach in 3 days, we will teach by video."

- At schools teach not only pure dance, but also rhythm, general physical training. At what level to attend these classes and how much is it needed?

- If there are classes, then do not just. In my opinion, from anyone. Rhythm even before the dance itself. Here are additional style classes - this is already from some level, there need a base. The more a person understands in music, the more physically prepared, including stretching including - the easier and learns faster.

- Dances are taught by Russian instructors, and Cubans, for example. Who better to go completely beginner?

- Teaching dancing by birthright I believe idiocy. Met Cubans who they just don't know how to dance. Actually in fact, it seems to me that it is better to take the base one who speaks the same language students. Small steps are better, but far away than big ones to nowhere.

- Speaking of Latin American dances, with which of them they often begin people? Does it happen that only one dances dance and all

- There are different people. I I believe that if a dancer dances, then he should have an idea about relatives dancing. You never know - put the music, a beautiful woman, do not refuse. Wow know how to move.

- Many come to dance classes to get to know your other half. Is this a good idea?

- Friendly and family relationships are tied: as if met, as if they got married . .. And There were cases that got married - and disappeared. And then they come - dispersed and returned one by one, to the starting point.

-A you can Can you lose weight with dancing? What kind muscles most often involved?

- Possible lose weight, but only at the very beginning activities - when there are too many unnecessary movements. Fat burns only in the load, and a good dancer doesn't tense up. muscles all are involved.

- How often do they come athletes in dancing, it is more difficult for them or Does preparation help?

- Sport unprofessional when people are not real champions - helps. a little harder with real champions. Everyone has it professional sports have their own kinks. Sports background is useful always - these are people who know how to work, trying to keep in shape, having movement skill. How difficult is it for them depends on the method. I have athletes very easy.

- What did you do yourself?

- Hand-to-hand combat was mostly classic wrestling. Sports orienteering, climbing. Now trampolines. Trampolines, mountains. Still a trampoline in the mountains - and it would be really cool.

- What about come from sports ballroom dancing?

- If a person does not want to adopt a new technique, it turns out nonsense. And those who seriously know how to work, understand music - and learn much faster. These are excellent dancers and great social workers. There is a sense of rhythm, an understanding of movement, understand faster. More fun with them.

"This party also helps to live "

- What kind of people come to social dancing? Who are they by profession? Does the profession affect for dance lessons?

- Military, and serious, officers. The pilots were lawyers, programmers, yes everyone. It was so - a person appeared at the lessons with an interval of 4-5-6 months. Then it turned out that the sailor. The stars came ... for example, Oleg Sleptsov from "Gems" was engaged, top managers and beyond. By the way, "Rammstein" dances salsa. It's not even salsa but in social dancing. This is what it tries replace the Internet and social networks. Live communication with people close though to interests. And the chance to talk not with the keyboard.

- That there are dances - this is your own world, a circle of people, whom you can study, communicate with them?

- This party also helps to live. In the decision some even global issues. One maybe ask something at the party, others have the opportunity to help. So it turns out that a party is something that thinning of family ties becomes in place of the family. You could break before and go to my uncle in Nizhnevartovsk, and now you don’t communicate with this uncle and even with a nephew who lives in another area cities. Many in the party communicate closer, than with relatives. I won't say it's well, but it is so, our time is like that. Huge number of people are starting to travel. Went with friends to the club, to the congress to your city. Then we went to another city, abroad. And then they took and decided see where it all came from - and moved to Latin America.

Needed salsa splash

- Tell me, in which cities of Russia direction of social dances most developed? What are the main Events?

- There are things internal - for those who seriously immersed in dancing and partying, and there are things for everyone. If about the second - in May the Moscow Salsa & Kizomba Festival, summer in St. Petersburg WHITE NIGHTS SALSA FEST. Winter festival in Krasnoyarsk for New Year holidays – Hot Winter in Siberia. There are great shows where you can friends just come, like to the theater. And there are lessons to raise your level. The teachers there are very cool. There is smaller festivals - for example, Casa del Sol in Saratov. And then there are events serious - for those who live it. it "Third Front" in Rostov-on-Don, Salsa Night Awards in Moscow. It seems to me that there many receive information about what We have show numbers in Russia. There is very good summer camps. For me this is the "Permian period" - there for one and a half weeks people go to the base, train. Ukrainian Sea Sky is also popular. Well imported master classes in different cities.

- B social dance competition element not primary and not even secondary ... Why need a salsa cup?

- First PR, people from the outside need to be showed normal dancers and to everything was clear. It is also a reason to bring some good graphics. The thing is that when you prepare for a competition, remember the best. people start pull out the chips that enrich the system as a whole. A competitive the effect is more familiar to us. "They danced gave the world a chip and dispersed "- there is less incentive. And here we have good prizes, not so much money, how useful. Some time ago there was a period when dances were on the screens, to the cinema. Now this is less, we need small splash.

- B teachers can also participate in the competition, and students. The overall level will be strong differ?

- Mandatory will be. But that's what the open cup is for everyone came. go on competition with people is obviously weaker You don't seem interesting to me. And when you go to a competition where people are two heads higher - then another courage, but if you have you won yet? This is another matter. To Plus, it's about gaining experience. A lot of factors to win. For example, do you feel great music - and the judges look at this more than at technical support. If you do calm turn with musical accents - this is higher than if the partner did three somersaults and got up on her hands again. Although if it's all in the music and with the mood - option already the third. ..

Dancers are just like everyone else. Just a little more harmonious, a little more musical and a little more smiling. When planning a vacation, dancers find out if it is possible to dance somewhere in the vicinity. The world is getting closer, the movements merge with the music, the men draw their dance pattern, and the girls are “beautiful and obey”, sometimes allowing themselves liberties. When leaving for the city, men take a spare T-shirt with them, and girls put shoes in their bag. Just in case.



Vogue is an eccentric, stylish and expressive dance direction, the origin of which is connected with the original fashion shows in America in the 60s of the twentieth century.

The hallmarks of Vogue are the fast linear technique of arm movement, mannered gait, falls, spins, and a copious number of specific poses.
In the world of Vogue, there are so-called "houses", denoting associations of dancers who share a common social philosophy and often perform together in shows and performances.


Frame up Strip is a unique style that gained worldwide fame thanks to its founder, Anastasia Yurasova.

Most of the style is performed in the stalls and in special shoes with platform heels.
Frame up is not only beautiful and plastic movements, as in strip plastic. These are impulses, sharp movements and playing with music accents.

This style has long gone beyond the usual and is characterized not only by a feminine presentation, but also carries a great semantic load.


Jazz-Funk is a popular dance direction, the rhythm and choreography of which is distinguished by clarity and rigidity with pauses characteristic of jazz.

Shocking, mannerisms and spectacle are the three fundamental definitions of this direction. This is creativity, expressiveness expressed in dance. In their shows, superstars such as Lady Gaga and Beyoncé often use choreography with elements of Jazz-Funk.

The characteristic features of the style are an open setting of the body, a variety of isolated movements, waves, impulses and steps.


Hip-Hop culture is a street culture that emerged at the turn of the 60s and 70s of the XX century. Hip-Hop dance originated when young people with no professional education but an innate sense of rhythm began to dance in the streets.

This style is distinguished by originality, provocation and freedom of expression, unhindered use of space. All elements in the dance are rhythmic and amplitude, it shakes the audience.


Breaking (aka Break Dance) is the most famous form of street dance, which has developed into an entertainment industry over the past decade with many major competitions and commercial projects.
Breakdance originated in the late 60s, but it is generally accepted that it was formed as a separate dance by 1973. For the first time, dance was introduced to the general public by James Brown: breakdance dancers participated in his show.


A modern and popular dance direction based on the technique of classical ballet. An academic background is the key to a successful contempo dancer. The peculiarity of the technique lies in the free, unlike ballet, movement of the body, arms, legs, feet and hands. For this style, the connection between the inner state of the dancer and his embodiment in dance is important, since the ability to convey a spiritual message to the viewer is the fundamental dogma of the style.


High Heels is one of the youngest dance styles, which includes elements of Vogue, Jazz-Modern, Jazz-Funk, strip plastic and other modern dance styles.

A feature of the style is the performance of the dance in high heels. High Heels are characterized by the dynamics of movements, their grace and rhythm. The dance is closely intertwined with the music to which it is performed, and expresses the meaning contained in it.

This direction develops plasticity, improves coordination and stretching.

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