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Tarab II – Loaded Boards

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  • Loaded Tarab II deck
  • Paris V3 180mm 50° (matte black) trucks
  • Orangatang 65mm Fat Free (86a, yellow) wheels
  • Loaded Jehu V2 bearings
  • Loaded button head hardware (1. 25″)
  • Assembled on outer (31.25″) wheelbase


    You want a board that can handle everything on the dancing spectrum, from relaxed surf-style footwork and cruising to more technical freestyle tricks and combos. You like the comfortable and damp feel of a tailored flex board, appreciate a slightly longer deck for more foot space, and prefer more mild kicktail angles for that classic longboard-style leverage.

FUNCTIONAL DESIGN – Rocker, concave, symmetrical shape, mellow kicktails, grab rails, and purposeful griptape combine to form an elegantly ergonomic platform for flowy footwork and the most frenetic freestyle dancing. Wheel wells are pre-milled into the core prior to pressing, allowing for increased wheel clearance while maintaining the strength and finish benefits of full composite construction.

LIGHT, DAMP, AND DURABLE – Bamboo and basalt construction keeps the Tarab II lightweight, lively, and durable. We relocated the vibration-damping cork to the bottom layer and added a bamboo top veneer for a slicker surface for pirouettes and other dancing moves. We added another layer of basalt reinforcement in the nose and tail for significantly improved wear resistance and even more pop. Stronger and better than ever.

VERSATILE VARIATIONS – Available in two distinct flexes. Flex 1 features a thicker bamboo top veneer for added stiffness and damping. Flex 2 is slightly lighter and noticeably more lively. Both flexes feature two updated wheelbase options to accommodate a variety of riding preferences (the new outer setting is equivalent to the previous inner setting on the original Tarab).

– Bio-based epoxy by Entropy Resins. Uses bio-based materials from industrial waste streams such as tree sap to replace petroleum content and reduce the carbon footprint of the epoxy from manufacturing. We've worked closely with Entropy to enhance every major performance characteristic of the resin. Better for the planet, even more fun.

GRAPHICS – We created the original Tarab’s graphics in collaboration with artist Will Scobie to convey the fluidity of longboard dancing and the euphoric experience defined in its namesake. Loaded ambassador and DockSession founder Lotfi Lamaali was heavily involved in the design and development of both iterations of the Tarab. For the Tarab II, we built upon the original graphic while further exploring the influence of Lotfi’s Moroccan cultural background.

Mata Hari

Want to get even techier on the dance floor? With steeper and more aggressive kicktails, stiffer flex, and a shorter length, the Mata Hari is designed for riders who live to explore and challenge what’s possible on a more freestyle-oriented dancing skateboard. Length: 44.5″ / 113 cm.

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Mediocre Surreality: Longboard Review: The Loaded Dancer

And here we have the Loaded Dancer. 55 inches of solid, bamboo, flax, and linen dancing decadence. At its widest point, it is about 9 inches, and weighs near 15 lbs as a complete, which truly makes it a bit of a monster. Thats right, this board is a boat--heavy and stable--and it is wonderful.

I had been eyeing the dancer for awhile, ever since Loaded Boards released it, and once I heard that they were no longer in production, I was lucky when my local skate shop just happened to have a deck. Yes, I dare say it was destiny. I was a bit skeptical at first, worrying about the board possible feeling sluggish or not being able to carve. Once I stepped on it for the first time, all of my ill-conceived expectations wer forgotten.

My current set up is the Loaded Dancer flex 1 with raw Paris 180mm trucks, Venom high rebound 90a bushings, Orangatang 4 president 70mm 83a wheels, and Black Panther abec 7 bearings. The 70mm wheels make for a smooth ride on most any surface and make the board a little easier to throw around in shuvits and other various tricks. The high rebound bushings allow for maximum energy return from an already springy board when coming out of a corner and the wheel cutouts on the deck mean I can lean as far as I want into a turn without worrying about wheel bite.

Now I would like to address a certain claim I've heard a few times, that the Loaded Dancer shouldn't be ridden downhill. Well, those people have obviously never tried it. Once this board gets rolling, it's sheer momentum is enough to keep it going and going and going and going. And while it certainly is not a freeride board, with some work, you CAN SLIDE IT. Just through your hips into it a bit more. Never bash a board before you try it. The Loaded Dancer is great for going fast due to its solid constuction and long wheelbase.

So, I've had the dancer for about 2 months now, and my overall rating on it is wow. While it's size is a little intimidating, and can make it a bit difficult to carry around, it is a seriously well built board. I am thouroughly impressed that a boad this long can have such good handling. And yes, if I havn't already stated it, this board was made to DANCE! The length and width of the deck make it the ideal platform to bust all your craziest moves: piourettes, crossteping combos, nose and tail mannies, anything your heart desires. This board will be your stage.

Now it is a little sad that Loaded has stopped producing the Loaded Dancer, but it isn't impossible to find one if you really want one. Call around to some skate shops in the area to see if they have one sitting around or not, maybe you'll get lucky like I did. Or you could always check out Loaded's newest version of the dancer, the Bhangra. I've heard great things of this mystic board...almost as great as the Dancer itself. Make sure to check it out for yourself.

Happy skatings everyone. Below is an outtake of me failing to hold a drop knee nose manual.

Fortuna team: solar dancers Alexander and Sergey from Balashikha 2022 |

Alexandra and Sergey have been dancing together for 7 years already


We met in Pekhorka park in Balashikha near Moscow. Alexandra Fedorova is 19 years old, Sergey Staver is 24. For 7 years now, the guys have been dancing in pairs, performing together at competitions and actively maintaining social networks - tens of thousands of subscribers are watching the bright and active life of the guys. Cheerful and sociable Seryozha and modest, very gentle and joyful Sasha prove by their own example that Down syndrome is not a sentence, and set the most ambitious goals for themselves. And they get them. nine0003


Far 2013. Sasha's mother Nadezhda brought the girl to a small studio in Balashikha. Since childhood, the little girl loved to dance, and Nadezhda wanted to pick up classes for her daughter that would help develop coordination of movements and strengthen muscles.

Sasha with his mother Nadezhda


And two years later, in 2015, Alexandra was paired with Sergey to perform at the school graduation. Since that waltz, the guys have not parted. Thus began the dance history of the Fortuna group. nine0003

Sergey and Alexandra with their mothers at one of the performances


Over the course of 7 years of their career, the guys have collected a whole list of achievements, and diplomas, medals and gifts for victories cannot be counted. Sasha and Serezha became laureates of the All-Russian festival-competition of choreographic art "Attraction", the international charity dance festival INCLUSIVE DANCE and many other dance competitions. nine0003

This year the guys took part in the Second International Children's Inclusive Creative Games and entered the final, which will be held in August this year in Izhevsk.


Just a little bit more and the video will load

This is how the guys rehearse the dance before the competition in Izhevsk

Video: Fortuna team /

- in social networks. This was the initiative of the elder brother Serezha Roman, who to this day is engaged in maintaining the accounts of the Fortuna team. nine0003

— At that time, the guys had been dancing for many years, participated in various festivals and competitions, but sometimes they lacked financial support, understanding, some kind of respect, — Roman shared with MSK1.RU. “They were treated with skepticism. One day they sent me a piece of dance. I was in a bad mood, I watched this video and my mood lifted.

Serezha and his older brother Roman


Since then, Serezha and Sasha have been taught how to use social networks - they told how to use them and how to respond to criticism and hate. At the beginning of the journey, the guys admit, Alexandra was offended by insults in the comments under the video or photos, and because of this, the girl did not even want to continue maintaining social networks. nine0003


“Some users wrote something rude about the appearance of the guys and their features, splashed out hypernegativity,” Roman told MSK1.RU.

Now the guys no longer pay attention to bad words addressed to them - especially since the audience that loves them is many times larger. The Fortuna team is followed by 44,000 people on VKontakte, 34,000 on Zen, and almost 4,000 on Telegram. Every day, the guys share fragments of their lives, rehearsals and dances, recipes and just a great mood. Some subscribers even send parcels to Sasha and Serezha. nine0063

A little bit more and the video will load

The guys shared a video from the cha-cha-cha rehearsal

Video: Fortuna team /

The guys dream of achieving even greater success in dancing and reaching a new level. To do this, they practice almost every day for several hours.

“Now the guys are studying with Yulia Alexandrovna Galanina,” says Sasha's mother Nadezhda. - Work out steps, synchronism, clarity of movements. The goal is to get to the real parquet. Take part in ballroom dancing tournaments. nineOl000



In addition, the guys want to continue to develop in the media environment, communicate with new people and open sites for people with disabilities across the country. nine0063

Sasha and Serezha also have personal dreams. Alexandra dreams of becoming a confectioner (and to fulfill this goal, the guys even met Olga Vashurina from the Confectioner show).


And Sergei plans to start teaching dance one day. To do this, he works out with a trainer and on his own, and sometimes conducts online classes for subscribers. Serezha also has "material" dreams - he wants to give his mother a car and build her a big house. By the way, the house is already under construction. The only thing left is the car. nine0003

Serezha with his mother


Watch the boys dance the waltz.

Interview with a women's charity foundation peer consultant on how to support cancer patients after you've been cured.

A report from an unusual coffee shop where guys and girls with Down syndrome work.

A frank story of the parents of a boy who, due to a rare illness, looks like a two-month-old baby at one year old. nine0003

A monologue of a mother who didn't listen to the doctors and didn't go for an abortion when she found out that her son had Down's syndrome.

WINDOWS 10 LOADS LONG TO LOAD - 12 Causes Eliminated

Slow loading and further operation of the PC may be due to the fact that it is already time for scrap or an upgrade is needed. But what if a computer that is only 2-3 years old is slowly loading? There are not so many reasons.

Taming the stubborn computer: Spontaneous reboot of the computer: 4 hardware and 5 software reasons

Boot slowdown may be due to software and/or hardware reasons. The first includes a number of easily eliminated factors: cluttered startup, hard drive overflow, problems with drivers, system files, and so on. You will have to fiddle longer if the iron has let you down, especially when Winda slows down due to a crumbling disk.

In time, the stages of loading from an SSD may look like this:

Actually, Windows starts loading here from 10 seconds, before that the disk practically does not participate in the process. nine0003

An interesting article: How to load a dictionary into an e-book: a guide for 3 steps and 2 cases This applies to both HDD and SSD. The most banal reason why Windows 10 loads for a long time and tediously is disk overflow. If there is less than 10% of free space left on it, the system in My Computer colors the occupied space in red. You can try to free up space from junk files, for example, using the CCleaner application. This utility also knows how to work with the system registry: remove unnecessary, find and fix errors. In the absence of the desired effect, it is worth resorting to manual cleaning. The following options are available:

  • Delete unnecessary files that fill up the disk, for example, watched series or games that you haven't played for a long time.
  • Transferring part of the system disk files to other media or to the cloud. These can be family photos, videos, music, etc.

If there is enough space on the hard drive, start defragmentation. To do this, click "Start", type "defrag", click on defragmentation in the options. If the “Current Status” column says that the disk is fragmented by 0-10%, nothing needs to be done. By default, in Windows 10, optimization runs without user intervention, according to a schedule. If this does not happen and the disk is heavily fragmented, click "Optimize". nine0003

Windows can boot slowly due to the hard drive, which is gradually becoming unusable - “crumbles”. In this case, there are certainly problems with opening files from time to time. You can “pat up” the disk with the help of healing programs. An example is the Victoria utility. Applications of this type can quickly find bad blocks and mark them, after which the system bypasses unusable areas. Usable space becomes less, but brakes and failures - too. If the disk has already worked its way out, consider replacing it with a new one. nine0003

Defeating fragmentation: What is disk defragmentation using Windows tools. Key features of 5 third-party utilities


Cluttered autoload noticeably increases the system preparation time. If you don’t clean it for years and periodically install new programs, dozens of entries can accumulate in it. With this approach, PC loading will gradually slow down, and the user may not notice it. To avoid unnecessary pauses, you need to periodically clean autoload:

  1. Go to Task Manager.
  2. Click on the "Startup" tab.
  3. Vigorously right-click on unnecessary entries and select "Disable".

Don't interfere with antivirus startup. Antivirus software should load immediately after system startup and monitor for suspicious activity. Leave messengers too, if you use them and want to always be in touch.

Windows in the Task Manager gives information on programs from startup:

  • Indicates impact on startup (pay attention to high impact applications first).
  • Shows "CPU at startup" in ms. By default, this column is not visible. To enable it, you need to right-click on the startup panel and select the appropriate item.

With a medium impact on autorun, the "CPU at startup" value is sometimes higher than with a high one, so these indicators should not be taken too seriously. It is better to take them as hints for further action. You can always disable one or more programs and see how it affects the download speed. Startup items are enabled in the same way, so don't be afraid to experiment. nine0003

Informative article: Windows 11: A look at forward-thinking design and new features - 7 user complaints

Outdated software

Questionable sites sometimes recommend dealing with legal Windows 10 slow loading by updating the system and / or drivers. However, these options do not always help. Updating the operating system can speed up or slow down the loading of the PC - this is a lottery. New clothes are riveted not at all to make Windows load faster. It may be more stable and safer, but Microsoft's recipe for speeding up PCs is different - periodically update components. nine0003

Updating the drivers of the only video card and motherboard can speed up the boot, but the probability of such an effect is around 1%. Wasting time on this is a dubious occupation. A complete reinstallation of Windows will help achieve a real boot acceleration. Over the years of work, even with regular cleaning of software garbage, problems will accumulate. Reinstalling the OS will help to defeat them all at once.

After it, at all stages, the computer will work faster. But here you need to think: is it worth spending time reinstalling the operating system, programs and configuring them in order to gain system startup time. If Winda spends loading instead of 30 seconds - 1.5 minutes, it hardly makes sense to bother so much. nine0003

A much more relevant reason for reinstalling Windows is slowdowns while working. It is one thing to lose a minute every day when you turn on the computer, but it is quite another to wait each time for a certain action to occur in some resource-intensive program.

Turning off updates: How to turn off Windows 10 updates: 5 targeted “musts”

Quick start OS system session on the hard drive. In practice, this does not always happen, but problems due to accelerated launch can very well be. For example, after an OS update. nine0003

When Windows is about to update, it prompts the user to reboot without delay, or to postpone this process until the end of the working day. Users are often in no hurry to restart the computer, and in the evening they simply turn it off. In the morning, a fast boot occurs, while the system processes are not completely updated. As a result, Windows updates may not install correctly. Therefore, it is better to disable fast startup. To do this:

  • open "Start", then click on the "Control Panel" and "Power Options"; nine0147
  • on the left, select the item "Action of the power button";
  • follow the link to change inaccessible parameters;
  • uncheck the quick launch checkbox;
  • are saved.

Topchik players: Top 10 video players on PC for Windows

Overheating CPU and slow loading Windows 10

Sometimes frisky Windows 10 can take a long time to boot due to overheating of the processor. Basically, laptops are guilty of this, the owners of which do not want to clean the dust under the case, change the thermal paste. When overheating after a slow boot, the computer may turn off after a while, especially if you have launched some serious game or resource-intensive program. In this way, the PC prevents the processor from failing. nine0003

You can check your computer for overheating, for example, using the AIDA64 program. There is a portable version of the utility that does not cause any hassle to use. To check the components for overheating, you need to launch the application, and then click on "Computer" and go to "Sensors". The program will show the current temperature of the processor, the PCN diode, as well as the speed of the processor cooler, the voltage of the nodes. When idle, the temperature of the chip should not exceed 30-50 degrees.

Cope with overheating is usually helped by cleaning the accumulated dust and replacing the dried thermal paste of the processor. If such measures did not lead to a positive result, then, perhaps, the computer with slow work hints at the need to replace the cooler or processor. A cooling pad will help keep your laptop cool in the summer.

Unmask your computer: How to reset your Windows 10 password: manually or using 3 programs If the OS cannot bring itself to life, system files can be reanimated with the sfc /scannow command. The utility will check the component store and, if necessary, replace the problematic files with cached copies, prudently backed up on disk. Failures associated with errors when loading Windows will be discussed in more detail below, in another section of the article. nine0003

The Microsoft operating system provides the ability to activate a subsystem for Linux. If this Windows component is not needed, disable it, as it consumes a lot of resources. To do this:

  • Click "Start" and type "On. or off. Windows Components. Open the icon of the same name.
  • A window with a tree structure of Windows components will be drawn on the monitor screen. Find the subsystem for Linux checkbox and disable it.
  • Reboot the computer for the changes to take effect. nine0147

You might be tempted to clear a few more checkboxes in the components box. It is better not to touch at least the following items: NET Framework, PowerShell, Print to PDF, Media Features, print services. Due to the disabled Framework, some programs will stop running. Without PDF printing, the system will not want to work with documents of this format at all.

We bring the smartphone to life: The phone is rebooting: 6 common causes and a solution to the problem

Incorrect work of drivers

Two graphics cards in a laptop is, of course, a big plus for games that require high-performance graphics, but such a tandem in some models leads to the fact that Windows 10 loads very slowly and tediously. The delay is due to a long switch from one video adapter to another. To make sure that the video is involved in slow loading, check will help:

  • In the "Device Manager" open the "Display adapters" folder.
  • In it, select the line with Nvidia or Radeon. nine0147
  • Right-click on it and select "Disable".
  • Rebooting.

If Windows stopped slowing down during boot, it means that it is worth updating the video card drivers. We open the AMD or Nvidia website, download firewood for a discrete video card, install it on a laptop. Before installation, remove the discrete video card in the "Device Manager".

Choosing an operating system: Which version of Windows 10 to choose: 5 current options

Corruption of system files

If, at the startup stage of Windows, the computer is unnerving with error messages, the reason may be in the OS files affected due to a crumbling disk, virus activity, or other factors. To correct the situation use:

  1. DISM utility. To treat Windows on the command line, type a combination with the parameters: DISM / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth and press Enter. We wait 10-15 minutes. If the outcome is successful, the utility will report on the restoration of files, after which you need to restart the computer. nine0147
  2. SFC utility. From the same command line, run: sfc /scannow . After scanning the system, the utility will report on the results. Possible outcomes: the integrity of the operating system is not broken; problematic files restored; errors were found, but they could not be corrected. If the utility reports that the requested operation cannot be performed, you need to repeat the command by booting into safe mode.

Another way to fix OS startup stuttering is to use boot recovery. Action algorithm:

  • Click "Start".
  • Select reboot from the shutdown menu by holding Shift.
  • In the recovery menu, click on "Diagnostics".
  • Click on "Advanced Options", go to "Startup Repair".

You can also bring Windu back to life by rolling it back using restore points.

The last way worth mentioning here is to return Windows to its original state. To start a process:

  • Click "Settings" - "Restore".
  • We start with the "Start" button.
  • Select "Keep my files".
  • We confirm the upcoming actions of the system.

After this procedure, you will have to reinstall the applications installed on the PC.

Dealing with virtual memory: How to increase the paging file if the RAM is 4, 8, 16, 32 GB


The above methods for restoring OS files will not be able to provide a long-term effect if the computer is occupied by viruses that can harm Windows. When the system starts slowly, it makes sense to conduct a full scan of the PC using an antivirus. If you doubt the effectiveness of the installed anti-virus software, perform an additional check with an alternative program without installing it on your computer. For this purpose, for example, portable Dr.Web is suitable. nine0003

Excessive vigilance can also lead to the fact that Windows 10 will be long and tedious to boot when you turn it on: do not install more than one antivirus on your computer. Both programs will probably be registered at startup, and these are lost seconds when the system starts. In addition, there may be conflicts between them that interfere with the normal operation of Windows.

Also, do not discount the built-in antivirus "dozens" - Windows Defender. Users who rely entirely on Microsoft software and do not install third-party anti-virus software save RAM and reduce system boot time. This option is suitable for users who rarely use search engines, try not to download software from suspicious sites. In addition to dubious reliability, Windows Defender has another drawback - problems with technical support. In this regard, it is inferior to paid antiviruses. nine0003

Cloud storage overview: OneDrive: how to use it in Windows 10

Other reasons why Windows 10 takes a long time to load

  • The BIOS is set to boot from the drive instead of disk first.

    Learn more

  • .