How does dancing with the stars choose partners

45 Rules 'Dancing With the Stars' Contestants Have to Follow

There's something extremely entertaining about seeing Wayne Brady do the cha-cha and Teresa Giudice dressed in sequins — and that's exactly why Dancing With the Stars has remained a fan favorite show for 31 seasons. But what goes on behind-the-scenes as the stars compete for the Mirrorball Trophy? From the grueling rehearsals to the makeup guidelines that often get pushback, we're breaking down all of the rules the Dancing With the Stars competitors have to follow.

Stars have to get an offer from the casting director.

Kelsey McNealGetty Images

In Hollywood, DWTS is often seen as a great career move and celebrities clamor to get cast on it, but it's the producers's jobs to seek out only the most interesting celebs for the show. "For your marketing, for your career, this is like Willy Wonka's golden ticket," former DWTS executive talent producer Deena Katz told Slate.

They don't have to be a trending celebrity.

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Sometimes the cast of DWTS reads like a crazy dinner party from a dream. That's because producers purposefully includes a mix of celebrities from across the entire pop culture zeitgeist, choosing nostalgia picks, people in the news, and even people who "the idea of them dancing makes you laugh," Katz told Slate.

Being a fan could help a star get cast.

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Why? Producers specifically look for celebs who are fans of the show, because this increases the odds that the star will sign on and helps ensure a good attitude during the process.

Stars can't tell anyone they've been cast.

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Sorry, but the show doesn't want any spoilers before their big reveal! During the first few rehearsals, the celebrities on season 31 wore face shields to protect their identity from paparazzi as they made their way into the studio.

They aren't locked into the show after the cast reveal, though.

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With all the fanfare that goes into announcing the DWTS cast, one would think that the contestants would be locked into an iron-clad deal by the big reveal. Nope. There are always loop holes in show business that keep stars from actually filming.

Stars can (but shouldn't!) drop out at the last minute.

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"Vincent Pastore was the guy from The Sopranos and was rehearsing with Edyta Sliwinska but had heart issues, so that's when John Ratzenberger joined. And Mark McGrath dropped out and Rocco DiSpirito came in," Katz told Glamour.

Some stars are cast as backups.

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In the event that a celebrity contestant doesn't show up, there is usually a backup person to take their place. When producers were afraid Master P wasn't going to show, they had Kill Bill star David Carradine rehearsed and ready to go in a trailer on set, just in case.

There's no disclosed age limit.

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Dancing with the Stars has never disclosed an age limit and the youngest contestant to ever compete was 14-year-old Willow Shields. ABC also produced a spin-off show, Dancing With the Stars: Juniors, for child stars and children of celebrities.

Stars are matched with their pro dancer strategically.

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Ever wonder how the DWTS pairings come to be? Former showrunner Rob Wade told E! News it's a simple formula, "based on height, build and personality and compatibility."

Producers try to make sure partners like each other too.

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After all, the stress and rigor of live ballroom dancing is enough to serve up plenty of drama for the cameras. "We don't pair people who aren't going to get on. It's too intense. It's not like The Bachelor or something, we couldn't do that," Wade told E! News. "You don't want to see two people who don't like each other."

Cast romances are encouraged.

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Romances between contestants are a big topic of debate on DWTS and producers love them, because they help generate buzz for the show. While a host of legitimate relationships have come out of the reality show, most of the flings fade with the spotlight.

Stars don't get to choose their dancing partner.

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"There are some celebs that have wishes, and we always say we can't guarantee," Katz told Glamour. In the end though, the producers have the final say.

Dancers don't get to choose their star either.

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Although fans think they've spotted trends in partners — why are Mark Ballas's partners always young? — the professional dancers have no input on who they compete with.

Same-sex partners are allowed.

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In 2021, JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson made history as the very first same-sex duo on DWTS. "I think it breaks a wall that's never been broken down before," JoJo told press during the Television Critics Association summer tour. "I think it's really special that, not only now do I get to share with the world that you're going to love who you want to love, but also you can dance with who you want to dance with."

Producers choose the music for the dances.

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According to dancer Kym Johnson, the pros are allowed to suggest songs at the beginning of the season, but since there are so many pairs to coordinate performances with, producers take the lead on deciding who will dance to what.

Contestants can't choose their theme either.

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Whether it's cha-cha night or all about Disney, the teams don't pick the themes and they vary from season to season.

Everyone on the cast gets paid.

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Both the dancers and stars are compensated for appearing on the show. According to reports in 2019, celebrities earned a $125,000 signing bonus and could earn up to $295,000 in total.

Stars can compete for bonus payments.

Christopher WillardGetty Images

How, exactly, do celebs make more than their $125,000 signing bonus? Their paycheck increases the more they advance on the show, with finalists reportedly earning up to $50,000 for the final two episodes. This creates an incentive to keep stars committed to the competition.

Pro dancers don't get paid as much as the stars.

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It's been reported that the professional dancers make close to $5,200 per episode, which adds up to about $100,000 per season.

Teams have to practice seven days a week.

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DWTS has a reputation for having a demanding rehearsal schedule and, as former Olympian Amy Purdy told The L.A. Times, there are "no days off." Celebrities meet and rehearse with their partner every day to prepare for the Monday night live show.

Stars have to use the show's hair and makeup teams.

Michael DesmondGetty Images

The show receives a lot of pushback on this rule. "Women have had this fear about [wanting] to have their own hair and makeup artists, but you can't have that here. Our team is award-winning and fantastic. Kirstie Alley had a really hard time with it and really fought it. Now Kirstie uses our makeup artist for her. I get that fear, but they just have to take a leap with all of it. We promise they're going to look great," Katz told Glamour.

The same rule applies to wardrobe.

Eric McCandlessGetty Images

The wardrobe team is award-winning and is specially versed in ballroom dancing costumes. Because of this, the show insists that all wardrobe decisions are made by their team.

Being flexible with wardrobe is a must.

Press Office of the Rossiya TV ChannelGetty Images

Former dancing pro Tony Dovolani says that costumes usually aren't finished until an hour before the show. "People don't get to wear their costumes until dress rehearsal," he told Glamour. "There are alterations being made from dress rehearsal until the live show."

Contestants have to get spray tans every week.

Adam TaylorGetty Images

The show's rumored "Spray Tan Sundays" are all too real — or, at least they were. The show's former head makeup artist, Zena Shteysel, revealed to People in 2013 that each contestant was bronzed from head to toe once a week in preparation for taping. Who knows if that's still true today!

Teams have to arrive early on the morning of the live show.

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Every pair must arrive at 7:45 a.m. ahead of the run through with the live band.

Pairs don't hear the band's arrangement until the day they perform.

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On show days, couples are finally able to practice along to the live version of the song. "Sometimes the band's arrangement will be a little different from the track," former executive producer Joe Sungkur revealed to Insider. "So it's very useful for the couples, because they might give notes to the musical director."

The dress rehearsal is mandatory.

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This is when producers and the show's director make sure the show is mapped out the way they want.

Know your angles.

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Another important part of dress rehearsal includes camera blocking. With 18 cameras operating at once, dancers need to practice their movements (as well as understand the camera movements) so that every step is captured on-screen.

Producers can change anything in a performance.

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During the dress rehearsal, producers and the director have control over the performance and are allowed to tweak any aspect of it — from wardrobe to lighting.

Stars are expected to contribute to the choreography.

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While the pro dancers take the lead, celebrities aren't just along for the ride. Both team members are expected to contribute — which often ends up being a great source of drama on the show.

For the group number, stars don't get a say.

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The group opening number that fans have come to love is choreographed by an on-staff head choreographer. Contestants don't have any say in the creative direction for this dance, but are required to participate each week.

Teams have to give an interview after every performance.

Eric McCandlessGetty Images

As soon as the pair steps off of the dance floor, they're thrown in front of the camera for an interview. While it may be a welcome distraction for some of the stars, as they wait for their scores to be determined, it's also necessary for the show to get their reactions to their performance.

Producers have control over the storylines.

Kelsey McNealGetty Images

However, Wade insists they only follow emerging storylines that develop from the contestants. To do this, producers keep a close eye on what’s going on with each team and build on any potential drama.

Dancers must be willing to be vulnerable on camera.

Bobby BankGetty Images

The show's producers told Glamour that the cast opening up to viewers is one of the key parts of the show. "You have to open yourself up to the process. Seeing Maks [Chmerkovskiy] at his most vulnerable with Meryl [Davis] made people want to see his journey," Sungkur said.

And the stars can't be camera shy either.

Eric McCandlessGetty Images

Both the judges and viewers loved watching Olympic gymnast Suni Lee break out of her shell in season 30. "Having Sasha, we’re complete opposites, he’s crazy outgoing and fun and all that and I’m super shy. I'm getting there," she told Access Hollywood at the time.

Contestants can't compete if they get injured.

Andreas RentzGetty Images

DWTS has survived 31 seasons, but not without a few injuries. Sometimes contestants are cleared to dance, but if an injury is deemed too serious, they're forced to drop out of the competition.

Stars can be replaced.

Eric McCandlessGetty Images

Sometimes, the show must go on — with another star. In the case of Christie Brinkley, who broke her wrist and needed surgery, the model subbed in her daughter, Sailor Cook-Brinkley.

Contestants can't wear logos on television.

Heidi GutmanGetty Images

Due to licensing rights, no logos, brand names, or sports teams can be featured on any clothes on the show. But Master P got to break this rule. "I was at a couple of [meetings] when Master P threatened to leave," Sungkur told Glamour. "He wanted to wear this jacket with a logo on it and threatened to leave because of it, and I was like, 'OK, you can wear the jacket!'"

There's a strict no lift rule.

Lou RoccoGetty Images

DWTS judge Carrie Ann Inaba has made it clear that she supports the ban, "which was to keep the playing field level for the older and less physically strong contestants so that all the dances didn't just become show dances with lifts and tricks," she wrote in an essay for FEMESTELLA in 2013.

The teams aren't just scored by the judges.

Eric McCandlessGetty Images

In 2019, DWTS debuted a new voting system, where live votes from the audience determines a bottom two and then the judges have the final say on who stays and who goes. This choice was QUITE controversial.

Scores must be verified before being announced.

Eric McCandlessGetty Images

After judges write their scores down, the papers are taken to the control room. "Standards and practices from ABC then verifies that everything is fair and checks those scores, and we then go to the judges to reveal their scoring and we double-check that the score they hold up reflects the score they wrote down," Sungkur told Insider.

Contestants have to be patient during live eliminations.

Christopher WillardGetty Images

In 2020, host Tyra Banks infamously told the wrong couple they were in the bottom two, later saying it happened because of a mix-up in the control room. It's live television, after all, so the cast has to be prepared for anything!

Contestants have to promote the show.

Lou RoccoGetty Images

There is a ton of press attention that goes with appearing on DWTS. From revealing the team pairings to weekly elimination updates, the cast has to agree to doing the morning talk show circuit.

The winners take home more than just bragging rights.

Adam TaylorGetty Images

In addition to their salary and, of course, the title of DWTS champion, the winning team receives the Mirrorball Trophy, which they can take home and display wherever they like.

For some, the competition doesn't end at the finale.

Adam RoseGetty Images

ABC puts on a live tour after the season wraps. The tour means that some contestants, whether they were Mirrorball Trophy winners or not, get more time on the dance floor.

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How Does 'Dancing with the Stars' Pair Celebrities With Pro Dancers?

There are plenty of behind-the-scenes secrets that every fan would love to know about Dancing with the Stars. But one aspect of the show that just about everybody is curious about is the casting process. How do the producers choose which celebrities to cast? And how do they decide which contestant to pair with which professional dancer? It’s a pretty demanding process.

Ahead, discover everything we know about how Dancing with the Stars ends up with its celebrity-and-dancer pairs.

The producers consider height and weight

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Dancing With The Stars #DWTS (@dancingabc)

Showrunner Rob Wade told E! News that pairing celebrities and professional dancers is “based on height, build and personality and compatibility.” Similarly, fan-favorite pro dancer Mark Ballas explains that “They pair us on height and size, so it feels comfortable for the women and vice versa for the women when they’re dancing. ” In many types of ballroom dance, a large height differential can prove problematic, as competitive dancer Deborah Peterson explains on Quora.

Putting the cast together is like ‘planning a dinner party’

Wade told People that putting the cast together for a season of Dancing with the Stars is similar to planning a party. “We obviously have a list of people that we begin to reach out to months in advance. We’ll get one or two people locked in and start to build around it,” he explains. “It’s like planning a dinner party. Once you’ve invited some friends, you start to work out which other friends to invite that will balance out the table.”

They don’t select pairs until after all the celebrities are cast

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A post shared by Dancing With The Stars #DWTS (@dancingabc)

People also learned that typically, the producers of Dancing with the Stars don’t start selecting pairs until after they’ve cast all the celebrities, often choosing contestants based on current events or picking celebrities who love the show and genuinely want to learn to dance. “Normally, we just have our pros and then once the cast is booked, we decide the pairings,” Wade explained. “I personally get bored with seeing the pros with the same types of people season after season. It is fun to tell a different type of story when you pair them with different people.”

Producers don’t want too much drama

Like any competition show, Dancing with the Stars wouldn’t be as compelling without a little bit of backstage drama. But the producers don’t want so much drama that it would just derail the show. “We don’t pair people who aren’t going to get on,” Wade told E! News. “It’s too intense. It’s not like The Bachelor or something; we couldn’t do that. That would just be miserable experience for the celebrity, for us and the viewer. You don’t want to see two people who don’t like each other and, quite frankly, we have made that mistake pairing people up who didn’t get on so well.”

The dancers don’t get to choose their partners

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Ballas told E! News that the dancers “don’t get a say in their partners.” However, producers do try to take the dancers’ personalities and teaching styles into account when they choose pairings. “Each one of the pro dancers has a different way of teaching, choreographing, and also just different personalities, as well as time-stamps on patience,” Ballas explains. “They kind of try to pair us accordingly.”

But producers try to give each pro a variety of contestants

E! News also learned that because some longtime Dancing with the Stars pros have become household names, the producers often try to pair them up with somebody who will bring out a side of them that the audience hasn’t seen before. And while the audience has noticed some trends — Tony Dovolani often gets older celebrities while Mark Ballas gets younger ones — Wade says that that’s not intentional. In fact, he explains that “every dancer gets a different range of type of people. . . and then they say they only get those people.”

Read more: These Are the Oldest ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Contestants Who Have Been on the Show Over the Years

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Dancing with the Stars new season: details from Inna Svechnikova

Free time

personal archive

It all started in 2009 when I worked in one of the fitness clubs. She studied dancing with TV presenter Tina Kandelaki. She offered to participate. At that time, I completed my sports career, and her offer seemed interesting to me. Tina warned that on the project it is important to be not just a talented dancer and have regalia, but also to be able to speak competently, especially on the air. I decided that this was not a problem, and went to the casting, which was successful.

I'll start with the fact that I didn't know any of my partners before the project, and not only technique is important in dance, but also the emotional component. You live with this person for some period of time, and it is important to feel a partner. I was lucky in this regard, I had no problems with any of my partners. All of them are not only talented actors, singers, but also amazing people.

Inna with Irakli Pirtskhalava

personal archive

Irakli Pirtskhalava was my first student, he got the most (laughs). I had no experience in the project, and I focused not only on dancing, but also on sports. Trained him like he was preparing for the world championship! Irakli courageously coped with all the trials, gave all the best not 100%, but 200%.

As for the other partners, it's a pleasure to work with each of them! After the project, we continue to communicate in our free time. True, there is not so much free time now - we train with Zhenya 24 hours a day.

No, our partners are chosen by the channel's producers. But they just take into account not only the showiness of couples, but also that the partner is suitable for height, age, complexion. It would be strange if the 45-year-old star had a 19-year-old partner.

I try not to make predictions. Once we were already preparing to dance the tango, and they told us “No, there will be a rumba!”. It's hard to predict anything. But the main thing is that in our team there is absolutely no competition! We treat the project as creativity in the first place. We like to create together. These two minutes of dancing on stage are an incredible thrill!

Of course, we are all human beings and some we like as a person, some not so much. I don’t know about Nikolai Tsiskaridze, it’s much more important for me that each of the jury members is a mega-professional! Any of their assessment is very important for us, and it doesn't matter if they give 6 points or 10. Ten is probably even scarier to get, you immediately feel an even greater responsibility. And six points is an incentive for growth.

frame from the program

We have known each other for a long time, we communicate behind the scenes and in life. Of course, they do not say: “Tomorrow you will dance such and such a dance, add such and such an element to it.” We just talk a lot about the project. Recently, we flew to the Czech Republic together with Stanislav Grigorievich Popov, so we talked all the way about the project: we discussed numbers, participants, broadcasts. After all, we all work to eventually make a cool and interesting product.

Mandatory! My family lives in Novosibirsk, and I rarely visit, about once a year. Mom says that at least on TV she sees how I look, how I have changed: I have lost weight or, conversely, gained weight. Once she called, said: “What kind of strange torn pants were you on the air? Don't wear them again! Better wear a dress!”

Pervomaisky square. I usually come in the summer, and that's where I meet friends and relatives!

personal archive

Evgenia Zamoshnikova

Today they are reading

Scientists have found out from whom children inherit intelligence - this will surprise you that you have had many past lives

Raised skirt and stripper outfit: 30 embarrassing outings of stars - from Bella Hadid to Cardi B

Bellucci and Crawford's daughter battle: Virgo or Kaya - who is cooler

90,000 stars to participate will be selected by the audience. Voting for couples

For the first time in the history of Dancing with the Stars, the audience will choose the stars to participate. We present applicants for participation in the sixth season of the show.

For the first time in the history of the show "Dancing with the Stars", the audience will choose the couple that will enter the country's main dance floor next season. Already this Sunday, November 21, live on the show "Dancing with the Stars" we will see the dance of the third pair of applicants.

The third pair of applicants -

Dasha Astafieva and Anton Nesterko

Dasha Astafieva - 36-year-old model, singer, ex-soloist of the NikitA group, and since 2017 - a solo artist. Born in the city of Pokrov (Dnepropetrovsk region).

Dasha's partner - Anton Nesterko - five-time champion of Ukraine, finalist of the World Championship in Paris. He took part in the current season of "Dancing with the Stars" along with Jamala. The couple left the show at week 7.

Watch how the second pair of applicants danced live:

The second pair of applicants -

Anna Koshmal and Oleksandr Prokhorov

Anna Koshmal is a famous Ukrainian actress and dancer. She has been dancing since the age of 6. At first it was ballroom dancing, then sports and variety. Anna Koshmal became an actress by coincidence. When she came to the next lesson at the Kiev Variety and Circus School, the directors of the series noticed her and approved her for one of the main roles. Among the most famous works of Anna are the series “Dance of the Butterfly”, “Servant of the People”, “Ballerina”, “Matchmakers”, “Stepdaughters”, “Crossroads”, “Good Guy” and “Village for a Million-2”, “House For Happiness”, “Castle in the Sand”, “Sasha”.

Dancer and choreographer Alexander Prokhorov , paired with host Anita Lutsenko, lasted six weeks in the fifth season of Dancing with the Stars. The tandem with the Olympic champion Anna Rizaddinova in the next, sixth season turned out to be even better. The participants reached the superfinal and took second place, and the audience called them the most technical couple.

Viewers could see Alexander Prokhorov in the current season of the project. He replaced Maxim Leonov, who was injured in an accident, and danced with Evgenia Vlasova, and also performed with Alexandra Zaritskaya and Yuri Meshkov on the air of the trio.

The first couple of candidates went live on the parquet floor of the country's main dance show, see how it was:

SEE ALSO: Alexandra Zaritskaya shared her secrets: does she have an affair with her Dancing with the Stars partner Yuri Meshkov and really Did Alexander Prokhorov refuse to dance with her?

The first pair of applicants -

Mikhail Zalivako and Anna Bogdan

Introducing the first pair of applicants for participation in the show - ex-bachelor Mikhail Zalivako and his chosen one Anna Bogdan who showed their dance live on Sunday, October 31st.

Mikhail Zalivako, a bachelor, has been together with his chosen one Anna Bogdan for almost a year now. 32-year-old Mikhail has achieved success in his career, loves sports and travels a lot. He loves extreme travel and outdoor activities. In 2019, Mikhail climbed Elbrus along the route of the pioneers. Anna Bogdan works in the field of tourism, was a model and loves extreme sports and travel.

SEE ALSO: Dancing with the Stars, week 8: looking at the images of judges and participants (backstage)

favorite couple (vote)

How the couple dances - the audience saw live 1 + 1. Spectators of the show "Dancing with the Stars" watched the evening of creativity of the favorite group of millions - "Okean Elzy". The star members danced to the most popular hits of the group, which are associated with special moments of their lives.

ticket sales for the fifth season of Dancing with the Stars continue. Everyone can become a witness of a grand event and get on the main dance floor of the country to share with their favorite stars the emotions from participating in the show. Tickets can be purchased for live broadcasts and general runs. In addition, you can feel like a judge of the project and watch the general run of the broadcast from the star chair. The conditions for purchasing tickets can be found at the link.

As part of the 1+1 media large-scale information campaign "Vaccinate. Together we are strong" to promote vaccination against COVID-19, a vaccination point will appear on the Dancing with the Stars project. So, On October 29, from 19:00 to 20:00 , a medical team will work near Pavilion 12 of VDNKh. Those who show their ticket to the general run or Dancing with the Stars live can be vaccinated with the vaccine of their choice:

• Comirnaty (Pfizer)
• Covishield / Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca)
• Covishield

We remind you that you can sign up for vaccination at your family doctor or by calling the contact center of the Ministry of Health 0800 60 2019. For more information about vaccination, visit the website vaccination.

Watch the show “Dancing with the Stars » every Sunday at 21:00 on channel 1+1. Tickets for the next live broadcasts of "Dancing with the Stars" can be purchased by clicking on the link.


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