How to play dancing in a burning room

Slow Dancing in A Burning Room Lesson

 Why should I pay for a lesson when I can get it free on Youtube?

I think this is a very valid question, and honestly, for some people, I think learning on Youtube is a very good option. But let’s look at this in perspective. A quick search on google for online guitar lesson shows an average of about £50 an hour. This doesn’t include high quality tabs, videos you can search back on over and over and most importantly, it’s not coming from someone who’s playing you actually want to learn (I’m assuming since you’re on this page, my cover of this song was something you wanted to learn). If you learn on Youtube, you are learning in a very scattered way, and you will have to find some information from one person, some information from another and then get mismatching tabs or chords somewhere else. You also won’t get the insights into my gear, setup and thought processes that I provide in this lesson. You likely will have to spend a lot of valuable time looking through the countless videos trying to find the best ones, the ones that best match each other, the ones with the best guitar tones etc etc when everything you need is already organised and provided conveniently for you in this lesson.  


Here’s the most important thing though – To tell you the truth, I used to learn everything free from Youtube, but I realised a few years ago that if you pay for something, your brain assigns it more value and so you automatically push yourself more in order to make the most of your investment. Because of this trick in the brain, I now pay for most things online that I want to learn because it gives me an extra layer of motivation which is EXTREMELY valuable and important in my view. And that’s not just me trying to take your money – it’s a genuine psychological trick that you can play on your brain (do your own research on this – there’s tonnes on Google about this – even a TED talk on it). If you pay money, you will get a better result, and you will become a better guitar player. Period.


So if you would like a really complete view of every aspect of how to play this song and the gear I use, and the price tag isn’t something that is going to empty your bank account, I promise you that you will feel a lot better and be a much better player after buying this lesson, than from hours and hours of looking all over Youtube.  


**NOTE: If you really are struggling with money at the moment and you can’t afford the price tag that comes with this lesson, send me a message using the contact details below and I will see if I can work with you and provide something that you can afford.

Is this a beginner course? 

If I was a marketing expert, I would say that this is ‘for people of all levels’ so that I could sell more, but honestly, if you’re a complete beginner, this will probably be quite difficult for you. I assume a basic knowledge of the guitar and certain terms and move through the course relatively fast. It still can be done, with enough practice, I just wouldn’t call it a ‘beginners course’. **TIP: If you ARE a beginner and you’re determined to learn this song, the videos are private videos on Youtube so you can slow them down to half speed to make it easier to keep up with! If you are watching on mobile, you can use an app called ‘Speedtube’ to do this!

How Long Will it take to complete?

The course itself will take approximately 1. 5 – 2 hours hours to complete, but once you’ve complete the course, going back through it and learning it yourself could take anywhere from a few hours to a few months – that really is up to you and how much you practice!

What if I hate it? 

If you hate it (or you hate me), and get nothing from this lesson, no problem, I’ll give you a full refund within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked! (Please Note: This is totally based on an honour system and I totally leave myself open and vulnerable with this, so I simply ask that you don’t abuse this and are honest with me!) Thank You 🙂

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 Intro: C#m A E 

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e|--------------------x-----------------------------------------------| B|--------------------x---------------------------------5-----5----5--| G|----------9---------x-----8/9----8-------------------4h6---4----4---| D|--------------------x-----9/11---9------11---9-------x----------6---| A|---9/11-------------x-------------------11---9-------x--------------| E|-------------9------x---------------------------------5-------------| e|---------------------x----------------------------------------------| B|---------------------x----------------------------------------------| G|----------9----------x------8/9-----8----------------4-----4----4---| D|---------------------x------9/11----9----11---9------4h6---4----6---| A|---9/11--------------x-------------------11---9-------x-----------7-| E|--------------9------x--------------------------------5-----------0-|

C#m It's not a silly little moment A E It's not the storm before the calm C#m This is the deep and dying breath of A E This love we've been working on C#m Can't seem to hold you like I want to A E So I can feel you in my arms C#m Nobody's gonna come and save you A E We pulled too many false alarms B We're going down C#m A And you can see it too B We're going down C#m F#m And you know that we're doomed C#m A E My dear, we're slow dancing in a burning room C#m I was the one you always dreamed of A E You were the one I tried to draw C#m How dare you say it's nothing to me A E Baby, you're the only light I ever saw C#m I'll make the most of all the sadness A E You'll be a bitch because you can C#m You try to hit me just to hurt me So you leave me feeling dirty A E Because you can't understand B We're going down C#m A And you can see it too B We're going down C#m F#m And you know that we're doomed C#m A E My dear, we're slow dancing in a burning room F#m C#m B 3x Go cry about it, why don't you? C#m A E My dear, we're slow dancing in a burning room C#m Don't you think we oughta know by now? A E Don't you think we shoulda learned somehow?

Slow dance in a burning room

I felt a little embarrassed seeing all the women who tried to ask me to dance.

There were too many of them!! I couldn't even breathe and started to choke.

"Damn it! Where are you, Aliseich?! Just when I needed you, why did you run away?!"

I was sitting in the corner of the garden and finally breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that now no one was following me.

Leaning my head forward to look straight ahead, I saw a woman who was frowning at me.

Don't look at me like that! I know what you're thinking!

I'm not a freak!

I saw a woman walking towards me.

She was wearing a white suit and had long white hair, the same as mine, but lighter, with black streaks at the ends of her bangs.

Instead of my jade purple amethyst eyes, she had red eyes that were exactly as red as blood. She looked to be in her early 20s.

I stared at her, imprinting her image in my mind. I never wanted to forget how she looked, she really looked very beautiful and had an aura of elegance.

Her appearance rivaled that of Titania and Elegance, who were the epitome of beauty.

When she came closer to me, I started to frown... Is she getting too close?

Finally she got to where I was and began to look at my body seductively, she touched my chest, slowly sinking lower and lower, I did not want to disturb her for two reasons, firstly, she looked deep thoughtful and seemed intimidating, and secondly, I kind of enjoyed the feeling.

But now I'm seriously wondering if I'm weird or she!

Because she is literally trying to sniff me! Poking his nose into every corner of my body!

"You are very different....Normal demons are not like that." She muttered in a low voice:

I pulled her closer to my body, taking advantage of the situation, holding her hips, slowly moving my fingers to her waist, I could feel her boobs on my chest.

Although her body smelled of blood, her hair had a very fragrant smell.

"Mmm... who are you?"

Suddenly, the white-haired beauty snapped out of her daze before returning to her cold face and pushed me away when she saw me trying to grope her.

The adult girl who just a second ago looked like a curious child now looked like a demon looking at me with anger.

Can she touch me? But I can't touch her back?!

She sighed before speaking:

"Sorry about that... My name is Aria Verdansha."

I smiled wryly as I suddenly took her hand and kissed her quickly.

Her skin was smooth and she had the taste of roses, really elegant.

"I see it's nice to meet you, Miss Aria, my name is Irakiel."

Since me and Aliseih dropped the surname, there was no need to introduce myself as the Prince of Greed.

"No last name?" She raised her eyebrows.

"Yes, it's a long story..." I managed a bitter smile.

She nodded and politely replied with a slight smile on her face.

"I understand."

A feeling of relief swept over my soul, it seems that she is as good in character as in appearance.

I generally like women who don't stick their nose into other people's business, and thanks to my years of manipulation, when I was manipulated by others, deceit, betrayal, etc. , I learned to judge a person only by his slightest emotions or by how he said.

I could already tell that deep down she was neither good nor bad, just a lonely, fun-hungry person, much like me.

I was sitting on the bench with Aria on the side, I was looking at the landscape in front of me. I could see the lanterns hung on the grassy area.

The lanterns glowed with golden light, like a million fireflies that came together to create a mini sun.

There won't be any Bench-kun here!

"Can I hold your hands?" Aria suddenly asked.

I frowned, "Of course, but may I ask why?"

Aria nodded with a flirtatious smile.

"I want to know more about you, you are very different from other demons, physical intimacy is needed."

"Is that so?" My eyebrows went up involuntarily.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I hope Mr. Iraqiel didn't misunderstand..." She blinked innocently, but her eyes were lying.

This girl.... is this how she will play?

"Well, I don't mind getting 'physically' intimate. You need to do some research, don't you?" I politely asked her.

Sometimes politeness is the best way to resist, at least that's the case between two prominent individuals or rather nobles.

There was a momentary red tinge to her face as she smiled wryly.

"At least not now.."

"Oh, so in the future?" I asked her with a wry smile.

"Well... maybe." She winked at me with her beautiful red eyes and took my hand.

Her jade fingers slipped through my fingertips and connected with each other.

We were holding hands like the couple we were now, I wondered if things were going too fast, but I don't mind anyway.

I examined her face, she had pale but smooth skin. She had cherry lips and silver hair.

Her red eyes glowed in the dark like a predator's, as if she was thirsty for blood

She had a very curvaceous figure, and besides, she was quite pretty, if I may say so, in my taste.

I would prefer girls who play my games, don't talk a lot, but also flirt a little, are polite and smart.

As they say, beauty comes with brains....sometimes.

Most of them are bimbo.

At that moment a song started playing and many couples started dancing to it.

A slow dance, I think, even in the fairy-tale kingdom, I often had to dance it when we held banquets.

What's more, hundreds of couples danced as they were in the ballroom just in the open air.

I hope all the singles get their share of the woman.

The ballroom inside the open banquet was lavishly decorated with colorful tapestries hung on strings and other fine decorations on the tables and stage to match.

The meticulous arrangement of the balls that made up the chandelier sparkled, creating a serene atmosphere as guests began to enter through the garden door.

I was dressed very formally for the banquet. Whereas in the underworld, there was formal wear, much like tuxedos, but not like the traditional loose dresses I had to wear when I was a fairy.

To be honest, loose dresses were a hundred times better than tuxedos.

All people with a casual sense of style were wearing a black vest and black tie, while all normal people were wearing tuxedos with black ties.

Downworld country Valencia was very similar to a parallel human world, I would have to wear a tuxedo with a napkin underneath.

At that moment an idea came to my mind:

"Shouldn't I take this opportunity to show off my skills?"

I took off my vest, revealing a white shirt underneath. I admired my body.... seriously, I look good in everything!

A smirk spread across my face as I knelt down and caught Aria's hand. She looked at me with a cheerful smile, not at all embarrassed.

"Will you do me the honor of lending your hand to dance?"

I bowed, taking off my gloves and holding out my hand in front of me; I heard various squeals and giggles from the girls who looked at me before, but I ignored it, the same with the men who looked at me with hatred.

"Aren't you a gentleman?" She giggled charmingly.

My heart almost stopped for a millisecond, I looked at her childish smile, which gradually returned to her mature face.

As soon as she was in my arms, a crowd formed around her, and their applause died down as the soft flow of music grew louder and filled the room.

The music was slow and rhythmic, so it was easy to follow.

She calmly followed my movements, surprised that I was taking the initiative.

My right hand held her and my left hand rested gently on her fragile waist, we circled around, in her costume she looked almost like a man, except for her two mountains, beautiful face and long girlish hair.

Her every step matched mine as we waltzed across the small dance floor formed around us by the stunned crowd.

I was calm and composed, dancing gracefully and swaying to the beat of the song, as dancing was something I had to learn for any official occasion as a king.

I mean, as a king, I couldn't disgrace myself now, could I?

Her face gradually changed from serene calm to excited exultation when she really began to enjoy our dance.

Her skin shone with smile and sweat, giving the crowd a sense of radiance.

Whirling it around as if we were rehearsing for a grand performance, the musicians played along with our dance, as if drawing inspiration from us.

As the last verse of the song drew to a close, she followed suit, landing on a beautiful pose perfectly in sync with the musicians.

As if we were the only ones dancing, which we were, because everyone was taken aback by how we danced so elegantly and stepped back to admire us.

Suddenly she took the initiative, and for a second I was surprised. I felt like she was trying to establish a hierarchy in our relationship right there.

Well, I couldn't say anything about it because she was a million times stronger than me. I'll just have to wait and bet on time before I strike.

"It was wonderful!"

"Truly great!"

"What a great performance!"

The sound of compliments and praise from all sides made my smile grow even wider as we became the center of attention.

I turned to look at Aria, but she had already vanished into thin air.

Cathedral of St. Maxim the Confessor - Petrified Girl

This story happened in a simple Soviet family in the city of Kuibyshev, now Samara, in 1956. Mother and daughter were going to celebrate the New Year. Daughter Zoya invited seven of her friends and young people to a dance party. There was a Christmas fast, and the believing mother asked Zoya not to have parties, but her daughter insisted on her own. In the evening my mother went to church to pray.

The guests have gathered, but Zoya's fiancé named Nikolay has not yet arrived. They did not wait for him, the dancing began. Girls and young people joined in pairs, and Zoya was left alone. Out of vexation, she took the image of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker and said: “I will take this Nicholas and go to dance with him,” not listening to her friends, who advised her not to commit such blasphemy. “If there is a God, He will punish me,” she snapped.

Dances began, two laps passed, and suddenly an unimaginable noise arose in the room, a whirlwind, a dazzling light flashed.

The fun turned to terror. Everyone ran out of the room in fear. Only Zoya remained standing with the icon of the saint, pressing it to her chest, petrified, cold as marble. No efforts of the arriving doctors could bring her to her senses. The needles broke and bent during the injection, as if meeting a stone obstacle. They wanted to take the girl to the hospital for observation, but they could not move her: her legs were, as it were, chained to the floor. But her heart was beating - Zoya lived. From that time on, she could neither drink nor eat.

When the mother returned and saw what had happened, she lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital, from where she returned a few days later: faith in God's mercy, fervent prayers for mercy on her daughter restored her strength. She came to her senses and tearfully prayed for forgiveness and help.

The first days the house was surrounded by many people: believers, doctors, clerics, just curious people came and came from afar. But soon, by order of the authorities, the premises were closed to visitors. Two policemen were on duty in it in shifts of 8 hours. Some of the attendants, still very young (28-32 years old), turned gray with horror when Zoya screamed terribly at midnight. At night, her mother prayed beside her.

“Mom! Pray! Zoya screamed. — Pray! We perish in sins! Pray! The patriarch was informed about everything that had happened and asked him to pray for Zoya's pardon. The patriarch replied: "Whoever punished, He will have mercy."
The following persons were allowed to visit Zoya:

1. A well-known professor of medicine who came from Moscow. He confirmed that Zoe's heartbeat did not stop, despite the external fossil.

2. At the mother's request, priests were invited to take the icon of St. Nicholas from Zoya's petrified hands. But they couldn't do it either.

3. On the feast of the Nativity of Christ, Hieromonk Seraphim (probably from the Glinsk Hermitage) arrived, served a prayer service for the blessing of water, and blessed the whole room. After that, he managed to take the icon from the hands of Zoya and, having rendered due honors to the image of the saint, returned it to its original place. He said: “Now we have to wait for a sign on the Great Day (that is, on Easter)! If it does not follow, the end of the world is not far off.”

4. Zoya was also visited by Metropolitan Nikolai of Krutitsy and Kolomna, who also served a prayer service and said that a new sign should be expected on the Great Day (that is, Easter), repeating the words of the pious hieromonk.

5. Before the feast of the Annunciation (that year it was on Saturday of the third week of Great Lent), a handsome old man came and asked to be allowed to see Zoya. But the policemen on duty refused him.
He came the next day, but again, from the other officers on duty, he was refused.

The third time, on the very day of the Annunciation, the attendants let him through. The guards heard him affectionately say to Zoya: “Well, are you tired of standing?”

Some time passed, and when the police officers on duty wanted to let the old man out, he was not there. Everyone is convinced that it was St. Nicholas himself.

So Zoya stood for 4 months (128 days), until Easter, which was April 23 that year (May 6, according to the new style).
On the night of Christ's Bright Resurrection, Zoya began to cry especially loudly: "Pray!"

The night guards felt terrified, and they began to ask her: “Why are you screaming so terribly?” And the answer followed: “It's scary, the earth is burning! Pray! The whole world is perishing in sins, pray!”

Since that time, she suddenly came to life, softness, vitality appeared in her muscles. She was put to bed, but she continued to cry out and ask everyone to pray for a world perishing in sins, for a land burning in iniquities.
— How did you live? they asked her. - Who fed you?

“Doves, doves fed me,” was the answer, which clearly proclaims mercy and forgiveness from the Lord. The Lord forgave her sins through the intercession of the holy saint of God, the merciful Nicholas the Wonderworker, and for the sake of her great suffering and standing for 128 days.

Everything that happened so impressed those living in the city of Kuibyshev and its environs that many people, seeing miracles, hearing cries and requests to pray for people who were perishing in sins, turned to faith. They hurried to the church with repentance. The unbaptized were baptized. Those who did not wear the cross began to wear it. The conversion was so great that the churches lacked crosses for those who asked.

With fear and tears, the people prayed for the forgiveness of their sins, repeating Zoya's words: “It's terrible. The earth is on fire, we perish in sins. Pray! People are dying in iniquity."

On the third day of Pascha, Zoya departed to the Lord, having gone through a difficult path - 128 days of standing before the Lord in atonement for her sin. The Holy Spirit kept the life of the soul, resurrecting it from mortal sins, so that on the future eternal day of the Resurrection of all the living and the dead, it would be resurrected in the body for eternal life. After all, the very name Zoya means "life."


The Soviet press could not keep silent about this incident: in response to letters to the editor, a certain scientist confirmed that, indeed, the event with Zoya was not an invention, but it was a case of tetanus, not yet known to science.

But firstly, with tetanus there is no such stone hardness and doctors can always give an injection to the patient; secondly, with tetanus, you can transfer the patient from place to place and he lies, but Zoya stood, and stood for as long as even a healthy person could not stand, and, moreover, they could not budge her; and, thirdly, tetanus in itself does not turn a person to God and does not give revelations from above, and under Zoya, not only thousands of people turned to faith in God, but also showed their faith by deeds: they were baptized and began to live like a Christian.

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