How do you dance to techno music

Techno Dance Moves that Never Fail on the Dancefloor

Author : Skylar Schossberger
June 16, 2022

Let’s be real. When you find yourself in a warehouse party, whether you’re a seasoned raver or newbie to the scene, your body wants to move when you hear that four-on-the-floor techno pulse. Although techno dancing isn’t classically defined in the dance world, its found a niche among underground partygoers. The dance moves can be as free and experimental as the underground scene itself. There’s no judgement. Really, the only expectation is that you’re able to let go of what others think and truly feel the music move your body in fantastic ways. If you need help getting started, then here are some dance moves that never fail on the dancefloor. 

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How to Dance to Techno

Both the beauty and the curse of techno dancing is that there’s no “right” way to move to techno. It’s very personal. Contrast, for example, dancing to different genres. The way your body will move to a dub techno track at 120 BPMs may be quite different from the way it responds to a mind melting acid techno track at 135+ BPMs.

The best course of action is to learn the foundation for dancing to techno. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can add your own unique spin and begin free styling. Start by accustoming your body to the underlying rhythm. Sway your hips to the beat: “1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, etc.” Tap your feet: “Left, right, left, right, left, right, etc.” Once you feel confident that you’ve captured the rhythm, capture the textures of the track with your arms and your fingers. You can incorporate your entire body into the track, let the music take you to new heights. The key, at the end of the night, is to feel the track from start to finish. 


The March with a little bit of stomp

— Ryan (@Ryan18689138) May 5, 2020


Techno Dance Moves

As mentioned previously there is no right way to dance to techno. Get creative with your movements, dance is a powerful form of expression. Now there’s no official names for these dance moves but “Das Techno Team” has thought up some great creative names of actual dance moves you’ll typically find with techno parties.


The Italian Stomp

Here is a simple variation of basic feet stomping. You start with the sway of your hips and then you incorporate your feet. After you feel comfortable with this movement you can begin experimenting with patterns. Instead of going “left, right, etc.”, consider changing the pattern. Double it up, “left, left, right, left, right, right, etc.” Heck, triple it if you’re feeling fancy. 

@electronicbeats Not me polishing up my dance moves for the next rave. @technoteam #technodance #technotok #dance #technomusic ♬ original sound – electronicbeats


The Royal Brexit Drop

Now that you’ve got your feet underneath you it’s time to use those arms. Fist pumps, wrist flicks, snaky arms… go full Gumby mode. Your hips and your legs can jack to the rhythm and the rest of your body can feel out the other elements of the track.  

@technoteam @pana.crush antworten #TechnoTeam and #Techno #Basics 13 #fy #fürdich #parati #рек #perte #pourtoi #paravoce #おすすめ #lernenmittiktok #TechnoTok #Rave ♬ Trepidation by Stan Christ TechnoTeam Cut – Das Techno Team


Sidewalk Voguing 

No techno dance guide would be complete without mentioning “voguing.” Voguing or “vogue” is a kind of improvisational dance style influenced by the poses of models in fashion magazines. Whether angular and precise or slow and sensuous, this style of dance is about telling a story through movement. 

@technoteam #TechnoTeam with #Techno #Basics 3. 1.2 and the #Cross #Walk #Voguing #Hands #fy #fürdich #parati #рек #lernenmittiktok #TechnoTok #Rave #season ♬ Follow – Amelie Lens


5 Best Techno Dance Songs


Charlotte de Witte “Age of Love – The Age of Love” (Charlotte de Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano Remix) 

The original track “The Age of Love” by Age of Love is over 30 years old. It was popular in the nineties and continues to be a dance floor destroyer to this day. Charlotte de Witte and Enrico Sangiuliano‘s remix of the hit track is just as banging. The lyrics “come on, dance with me” beckon ravers to the dance floor to stomp to the heavy four-to-the-floor kick and lose themselves in the trance that is “The Age of Love.”

Charlotte de Witte · Age Of Love – The Age Of Love (Charlotte de Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano Remix)


Joey Beltram “Energy Flash” – R & S Records

“Energy Flash” was released in 1990 to critical acclaim. A definitive techno track during its time, the track sits nicely in any modern techno set as well (good music is timeless after all). Joey Beltram’s song is minimal, yet playful. The 909 percussive elements frame Beltram’s interlocking sonic patterns and lush string samples. This track is a dancer’s dream, his infamous whispered “ecstasy” rolls over your body and hypnotizes it to move from start to finish. 

R & S Records · Joey Beltram – Energy Flash

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F.U.S.E. “Substance Abuse” 

F.U.S.E., aka Richie Hawtin, is a classic nineties acid track that produces full body spastik action. You can’t help but rock out to the squelching 303. Turn the speakers up to max level, you’re in for a trip. 

Richie Hawtin · F.U.S.E.: Substance Abuse (1991) PLUS8013

Darude · Sandstorm (Radio Edit)

Da Hool “Meet Her At The Love Parade” (Original Mix) 

“Meet Her At The Love Parade” references the Love Parade, a former German electronic dance music festival and parade in Berlin. This song builds up quite nicely, like a good party. The percussive elements are simple and layer well. But, the best part is the melody. It’s introduced about a quarter into the song. Once you hear it, you’re hooked. Commence the head bobs and hip sways. 

soundnavigator · Da Hool – Meet her at the love parade (Original full mix – 1997)


Jeff Mills “The Bells” 

“The Bells” by Detroit legend Jeff Mills is a techno anthem. The glitchy kick and playful percussive elements create a euphoric feeling. Its infectious melody compels the body to do as it pleases. Your legs will stomp to the rhythm and the rest of you will react to every sonic element in the track.

vincentimes · Jeff mills – the bells

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A Raver’s Delight

Movement is sacred. It expresses emotion without words and propels us forward. Techno is special because it unites us to move together and dance. A raver’s delight is knowing that no matter where you’re from or who you are, we’re all equal on the dance floor. We all share the same dreams, the same fears, and crave love and happiness. If and when you find yourself dancing to techno, dance like no one’s watching. Freedom inspires others to move freely. 

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Lebenszeichen - Silbermond | Translation and lyrics of the song

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Ist da draußen irgendjemand
Ist da draußen irgendwer
Und auch wenn du nich auf meiner Schiene fährst
Dann komm doch trotzdem her

Gib mir ein Lebenszeichen
Wenn du am Leben bist
Zieh eine Leuchtpistole
Schieß ein Signal für mich

Gib mir ein Lebenszeichen
Und lass alle wissen wer du bist
Das ist ein Lebenszeichen
Steh auf und zeig Gesicht

Man sagt ja gleich und gleich gefällt sich gern
Sind wir nicht alle bischen bis0027 Auch wenn du dein Geld auf die Sonnenbank legst
Und ich mich zum Polarkreis
So don't judge a book by it's cover finden

Ist da draußen irgendjemand
Ist da draußen irgendwer
Und auch wenn du nich auf meiner Schiene fährst
Dann komm doch trotzdem her

Ist da draußen irgendjemand
Ist da draußen irgendwer
Und wenn da draußen jemand ist
Warum kommt er nicht her

Steh auf und zeig Gesicht
Wenn du da draußen bist
Wenn du da draußen bist
Lass alle wissen wer du bist

Lass alle wissen wer du bist
Steh auf und zeig Gesicht

Good afternoon!
We've already met once,
Otherwise, why are you looking at me so intently?
Maybe it's because I have long hair
And I listen to music loudly?

I get up under Iron Maiden
You dance to Techno Beats.

I drink my coffee in one fell swoop,
But that doesn't stop us from getting to know each other.
You'll see, we can find a common language.

Is there anyone out there?
Is there someone outside?
And even if you don't follow my path,
Come anyway.

Give a sign of life,
If you are alive.
Launch a flare,
Give me a signal.

Give a sign of life,
Let everyone know who you are.
This is a sign of life,
Get up and show your face.

They say that a fisherman sees a fisherman from afar.
Aren't we all similar in some ways
Even when you spend money on a solarium,
But I prefer the Arctic Circle?
Do not judge a book by its cover,
After all, only the pages can unite us and everything is written on them in black and white:
Everyone will find someone someday.

Is there anyone out there?
Is there someone outside?
And even if you don't follow my path,
Come anyway.

Is there anyone out there?
Is there someone outside?
And if there is someone out there,
Why doesn't he come in?

Get up and show yourself.
If you're out there,
If you're out there,
Let everyone know who you are.

Let everyone know who you are.
Get up and show yourself.

The author of the translation is Woland
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November 24 (1991) Memorial Day to Freddie Mercury, one of the best rock singers of the 20th century, vocalist of the rock band Queen

“We were playing a quiet acoustic concert, and from the audience they shouted: “Why do you dance so little?” — Global City

A few days before the release of the new song “Why do you dance so little”, Alexander Gagarin, the frontman of the Sansara group, told Global City how it was created and how the new single differs from the other songs of the group. We talked to him before the acoustic concert "Swallow's Songs" in Yekaterinburg and found out that protest is more important in rock music, we remembered the history of the group in the anniversary year.

The group "Sansara" releases a new single on April 4 "Why do you dance so little". How long was it created and how is it different from other songs of the group?

- The song comes out in two versions. One, in fact, was recorded by the group, and the Yekaterinburg duet "Pavel Petrovich" participated in the creation of the second. The guys acted as producers of the track and made a funky, absolutely danceable story. This is not a remix by any means, but a version of the song. And even with a different harmony.

The very phrase “why do you dance so little” is simple and understandable, it seems to everyone. She appeared already three years ago at one of the concerts in Chelyabinsk. We were playing a quiet acoustic concert, and someone from the audience shouted: “Why do you dance so little?”. With us, everything usually goes dynamically, but here - appeasement. And I suddenly began to sing this phrase, improvising on the go. It began to turn out interesting, and I even asked: “Guys, write down someone, then we will make a song.” But the song itself was finally formed only this winter. I finally finished the verses and even managed to give it to my St. Petersburg friends as a gift. It turned out to be very springy. This is a dance song.

Another song that was announced, you sang its chorus at a concert in the Printing House - Techno. When can we expect it to be released?

- I think it will be in the new album, but it's just going to.

- How are songs created in the Sansara group?

I bring a song, the guys say: “You brought us some bard song again” and I sadly go home to learn English and listen to Bowie (laughs).

- In an hour and a half, the concert "Swallow's Songs" will begin, which is announced as an exclusive acoustic program. How is it different from other similar concerts of the group?

- First of all, keyboard player Zhenya Pyankov and I have not played together in Yekaterinburg yet. He now lives in Moscow and specially came to this event. And with the guitarist Kolya Alekseev, we basically played this program only in Moscow and St. Petersburg. That is, for the native city, this is a new story.

- This year, the Sansara group celebrates its 20th anniversary. During this time, the composition changed several times, 12 albums were released. Can you highlight the best line-up of the band and the best album?

- We have a different interpretation of this figure in our head - 2.0. Version 2. I will explain: when we decided to create a band, and this was back in 1998, we were very young, we wanted to play music, but no one knew anything at all. We just gave ourselves roles: you will be the bassist, you will be the drummer, then it was a girl. And then they came up with a name. That is, the name of the group appeared before we learned anything at all. This is our name 20 years old, not us. And today's composition of "Samsara" is only three years old.

– You recently returned from Minsk. Is there a difference in the atmosphere at the band's concert in Belarus and in Russia?

It's very dynamic there. Apparently, there are not many concerts. People are very emotionally responsive. I mean, more emotional compared to the places we visit for the first time. Despite the fact that we may not be familiar with the listener, the audience immediately begins to react.

- Rock started out as a protest and stayed that way until it became very fashionable and rock musicians started making big money. Is there protest in rock music now?

– A protest is not necessarily a clear direction against a fact. For example, there always exists and will continue to exist a certain wall between generations. Misunderstanding and rejection of each other. This can give rise to some contradictions, which are later naturally reflected in art of any kind. But I am closer to the history of the concomitant events of human life in a broader sense. I am interested in dealing with situations that happen to each of us, regardless of beliefs. Loneliness, death, birth of children, first love, betrayal. Things that are clear to everyone, regardless of status. And if someone's creativity helps someone survive certain disappointments or be at the same time in someone's joy, this is much more valuable.

- A month before Election Day, 30 Days, 30 Songs musicians released a song every day against Donald Trump's candidacy. How do you feel about such an expression of your political views on the part of artists and is such a situation possible in Russia during the 2018 presidential election?

- I think that such a situation is possible. It all depends on the individual, the musician. There are certain frames and forms for how this can be done. But I don't think we can sing directly accusing someone of anything or clearly supporting. This is simply not typical of the Samsara group.

- Last year, the theater project "Dressing Room" was launched, which you did together with the TsSD and the Kolyada Theater. Will the project continue to exist, will the performance change?

- I think that we have not completed this performance yet. This is one of the reasons why we could not show it in Moscow, despite the fact that Dressing Room was played in Yekaterinburg five times. But the project is excellent and I will definitely return to it.

– There are media personalities who don't like to follow what journalists write about them, and basically don't read about themselves in the media. Do you follow what they write about Samsara?

- I'm watching, but I'm calm about it. Maybe I was worried before, but with experience it goes away. It's like natural phenomena. After all, it makes no sense to be offended by the rain and snow hitting your face. Well, yes, it’s uncomfortable, you need to somehow hide and dress warmly. But only.

- Your eldest daughter Margot plays with you on the same stage in the "Grooming Room", a new video of the group "Obe Dve" with her participation will be released the other day. Did you somehow contribute to this?

- “Dressing room” is not my merit, it was director Anton Butakov who told her: why are you sitting in the hall, go on stage. The clip "Both Two" for the song "Boy" is almost a movie for 10 minutes. This is also not my initiative. Katya [soloist of the group "Obe Dve" Ekaterina Pavlova - ed. note] decided to shoot Margo even earlier in the clip "Darling", so this is a continuation of the story. So the situation is quite healthy. Protegiation, if it exists, is minimal.

- Finally, a quick question, which, in my opinion, helps to get to know a person better. Imagine that you were sent to a desert island for a year. What three books and music albums will you take with you?

- Since it happened, let's imagine that I just had books with me, survived, escaped from salt water, they were washed ashore.

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