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Live and Learn (12" Remix) by Joe Public on Beatport




Artists Joe Public

  • Length 6:46
  • Released 1992-01-28
  • BPM 107
  • Key A min
  • Genre Trap / Wave
  • Label Columbia/Legacy
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Wake up - Hilary Duff

Wake up

Wake up

There's people talking
They talk about me
They know my name
They think they know everything
But they don't know anything
About me

Give me a dance floor
Give me a DJ
Play me a record
Forget what they say
Cause I need to go
Need to getaway tonight

I put my makeup on a Saturday night
I try to make it happen
Try to make it all right
I know I make mistakes
I'm living life day to day
It's never really easy but it's ok
There's something going on anywhere I go
Yeah, tonight

The city's restless
It's all around me
People in motion
Sick of all the same routines
And they need to go
They need to get away a Saturday night
I try to make it happen
Try to make it all right
I know I make mistakes
I'm living life day to day
It's never really easy but it's ok

Wake Up Wake Up
On a Saturday night
Could be New York
Maybe Hollywood and Vine
London, Paris maybe Tokyo
There's something going on anywhere I go don't really know you
Everybody watching like it's some kind of show
Everybody's watching
They don't really know you now
(They don't really know you)
(They don't really know you)
And forever nine0020

Wake Up Wake Up
(Wake Up Wake Up)
Wake Up Wake Up
(Wake Up Wake Up)

Wake Up Wake Up
On a Saturday night
Could be New York
Maybe Hollywood and Vine
London, Paris maybe Tokyo
There's something going on anywhere I go

Wake Up Wake Up
On a Saturday night
Could be New York
Maybe Hollywood and Vine
London, Paris maybe Tokyo
There's something going on anywhere
I go
Tonight nine0013 Yeah, tonight

People say…
They talk about me,
They know my name
They think they know everything,
But they don't know anything
About me.

Give me a dance floor,
Give me a DJ,
Let him play a record for me.
Forget what they say,
Because I have to leave...
I need to escape tonight.

I'm preening tonight,
I'm trying to make things happen,
I'm trying to make things right. nine0013 I know I make mistakes
Day by day I live my life
It's never easy, but that's okay.

I wake up, wake up
Saturday night.
It could be in New York,
Or it could be Vine Street in Hollywood,
London, Paris or Tokyo.
Everywhere I go, something is happening
Yes, tonight

The city doesn't sleep,
It surrounds me from all sides.
People on the move.
They are tired of the daily routine,
And they need to leave...
They need to run away
This evening.

I'm preening tonight,
I'm trying to make things happen,
I'm trying to make things right.
I know I make mistakes
Day after day I live my life
It's never easy, but that's okay.

I wake up, wake up
Saturday night.
It could be in New York,
Or it could be Vine Street in Hollywood,
London, Paris or Tokyo.
Everywhere I go something happens
Yes, tonight...

People surround you
Everywhere you go.
People are everywhere.
They don't really know you.
Everyone is staring like it's some kind of show
Everyone is watching
They don't really know you.
(They don't really know you).
(They don't really know you).
And forever...

Wake up, wake up
(Wake up, wake up)
Wake up, wake up
(Wake up, wake up)

I wake up, wake up
Saturday evening.
It could be in New York,
Or it could be Vine Street in Hollywood,
London, Paris or Tokyo.
Everywhere I go, something happens...

I wake up, wake up
Saturday night.
It could be in New York,
Or it could be Vine Street in Hollywood,
London, Paris or Tokyo.
Everywhere I go something is happening
Yes, tonight…

Translated by Elena Orlova
Author's page

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Combat Cars: "We charge the audience with kindness and positive"

Sirena, Kris, Jerry and Sonet - an energetic four of daring, feminine beauties is gaining momentum on the Russian stage, easily destroying all musical stereotypes. The most danceable girl band has released a sparkling video for a fresh remix of the song “Not ROCKSTAR”, which is already actively conquering dance radio stations. The band will release an EP soon. Members of the Combat Cars group told the editors of the ArtMoskovia media about how music is born outside of styles and how childhood dreams come true. nine0256

- Girls, you are already being called a unique women's team that breaks stereotypes. How did you come up with the idea to combine dance and music?

Jerry: Music and dance have always been with us, we have been moving towards this all our lives. Having made friends, we realized that we have one dream for all. And that in Russia there is still no such female project that would combine dancing, vocals and crazy energy.

Sirena: Music has been with me since childhood. I always wanted such a group - dancing, vocal, energetic. And finally, I found like-minded people, and everything coincided. nine0020

Sonet: It's cool to be called unique. We easily blow up the audience with our show, even without sound it is interesting to watch us.

Kris: We have always been creative. Then they met, got inspired and decided that it was time to conquer the world. 🙂

– What did you do before the project?

Jerry: I used to work at school as an English teacher and dance teacher. At the same time, she wrote songs, read rap, took first places at festivals. nine0020

Sirena: I was dancing, danced in Nyusha's ballet for a long time.

Sonet: We have all been dancing for a long time.

Kris: Before the project, I was in a dance team.

– How did the name of the band come about?

Jerry: Translated from English Combat Cars - combat vehicles. We are just that: super-active, energetic engines. Together we are one mechanism.

Sirena: We are fighting motors. The name appeared immediately, we practically did not think about it.

Sonet: We have a lot of energy, positive emotions with which we want to charge the audience. To convey to people our mixture of explosive music, dance and frenzied energy.

Kris: The name came up spontaneously when we played associations. We realized that we are like charged mechanisms that do not stop working.

– What is the main thing in your live performances? What do you focus on in the preparation of numbers? nine0256

Jerry: We are a dance group first and foremost. Therefore, we focus on dances and shows. But in the work of an artist, in addition to vocals and dances, delivery and energy are important. You need to be able to play and live the song. So this is a multifunctional task, the emphasis should be on everything.

Sirena: In performances we focus on dance and delivery. Everything should be very synchronous, clearly worked out. Energetic, incendiary and fun. But, at the same time, everything should look relaxed and at ease. We work very hard to maintain this balance. nine0020

Sonet: The main thing is our crazy show! It's unrealistically cool! It has a lot of drive, energy - buzz! It needs to be seen.

Kris: Interesting question. I think we put more emphasis on the show. Especially at dances, as there are few dancing vocal groups, and we know how to do it well.

– How much practice does it take to dance like that and sing at the same time?

Sirena: In general, you need to do a lot, this applies to any activity. It takes a lot of work to make everything as cool as you want. There is no limit to perfection, the bar must be getting higher. You have to be critical of yourself in order to grow. nine0020

Jerry: Personally, I have been dancing since childhood. At first, she performed in front of her mother and grandmother. And I have been dancing professionally for 10 years. But in general, it doesn’t matter how old you are. It's never too late to learn how to dance, the main thing is to act. And the ability to dance and sing at the same time comes with practice.

Sonet: Constant practice is the main condition.

Kris: You definitely have to dance for more than one year. The main thing is desire and work, then you can move mountains. nine0020

- You mix different styles: pop, rap, r'n'b... And what influenced the development of your creative personality? Do you have any musical references, what personalities inspire you?

Sirena: I was very much influenced by Mile Jackson. This person is the personification of all those qualities that an artist with a capital letter should have. This is the limit that no one has been able to reach yet. Powerful charisma and talent, unique timbre and style. Dance man. By the way, we dedicated the song and video “Dance like Jackson” to the king of pop music, in which we danced with the talented students of the Freedom Station studio. nine0020

I was also influenced by no less charismatic Freddie Mercury and his band Queen. Very cool "dancer" - Janet Jackson. I have always admired such great people as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston. Beyoncé and Lady Gaga are my biggest influences right now.

Jerry: I am mainly inspired by foreign singers. We do not adhere to a particular style, but do everything from the heart, as we feel.

Sonet: We are constantly inspired by good music and talented artists. Nowadays it is not difficult, there is a very large choice. nine0020

Kris: There are many reference points: I am inspired by Korean groups, Blackpink, BTS, EXO. We listen to different music, we are looking for a new sound, we want to show the public something new and interesting.

– What message do you convey to the audience as artists? Do you have a motivating life motto?

Sirena: We want to share our energy, charge the audience. We are good and positive. I wish there were fewer evil, envious people. So that people treat each other with kindness, understanding and support. The negative comes from the fact that people are very insecure and closed. We want them to just relax and get high. As for the motto, I think we need to say less and do more. In everything. nine0020

Jerry: We also have some lyrical songs, but mostly we are all about the positive. For me, our song "I'm cool" reflects our motto. Around a lot of depression, sad songs. We want people to smile, be kinder and simpler, to rock with us.

Sonet: More freedom and fun! We want to share it with the audience!

Kris: We want to tell everyone that it's time to change and get better. Better than yesterday. Get off the couch and do something to fulfill your desires and achieve your goal. My motto is "work beats talent". nine0020

- They call you Russian Spice girls - you have such bright and different images. Are you similar in character? Is it easy to maintain the atmosphere in such a multifaceted team?

Sirena: It so happened that each of us has our own element in the astrological chart: I have fire, Sonet has air, Kris has water, Jerry has earth. We fit together, we are very comfortable together. But we have different characters, besides, we are girls, we all have our own cockroaches. It's not always easy, but we try to adapt and remain understanding. nine0020

Jerry: The four of us have completely different personalities. But we are all similar in that we are very emotional and quick-tempered, we quickly move away. We still get along and complement each other. It is not so difficult if you honestly and openly discuss everything and resolve issues peacefully.

Kris: We have similar tastes and vision of the goal, but each has its own character, which allows us to work harmoniously in a team. We are different, that's why we get along so well.

– Who designs your unique style, looks and costumes? nine0256

Sirena: We come up with all the images ourselves. I have been interested in the topic of style since childhood, I organized fashion shows for my parents. I love to invent images, cut, I love handmade.

- In the recent clip "Not ROCKSTAR" you not only wrote the words and music, but also appeared as dramatic actresses for the first time. Unlike previous clips full of sparkling dances. Was this your acting debut? How do you like this experience?

Sirena: I studied at the theater studio, and it was not difficult for me to play emotions. I had to cry the whole story, and I can very easily cause such a state in myself. So I got lucky.

Jerry: As a songwriter, I was very close to what was going on in the frame. In addition, for the first time I only had to play emotions, and not dance. To be honest, it wasn't easy. According to the plot, I had to swear with a guy, and I got used to the role so much that I wanted to cry. I was literally shaking with anger after this fictitious quarrel. nine0020

Kris: It was an interesting experiment. It turned out to be more difficult to play in the frame than to dance. But a lot of rehearsals did their job. We even gave acting lessons to each other.

Sonet: It was not easy, but in any work, whether it is dancing or a dramatic song, we get high. We do everything with love and put our soul into it.

– Your first album is coming out soon. What will it include, what will it be like?

Kris: This will be an EP with 5 new songs. We have done a great job with the team, I hope you enjoy it.

Sonet: The album is very unusual, just like us. We are looking forward to it and we believe that you will appreciate it. In fact, we have a lot of tracks still in the works.

- In your videos you choose unusual locations: there was a forest, a factory, and a hangar ... You baked pies and met with "bandits", and the video "SIYAYOU" was decorated with tempting pole dances. What was your most memorable moment on set? nine0256

Sirena: We take the details very seriously. The whole visual component is who we are. For example, when we were filming a recent video for the remix of “Not ROCKSTAR”, I had the idea of ​​some kind of dilapidated place. Large stained-glass windows through which light falls beautifully. I found a cool abandoned location, we took the camera and went to shoot. Conditions were spartan: specific smells, rubbish. We were a little afraid, because there were homeless people there.

But it's very cool to find such interesting corners in Moscow. You just take your camera and go shoot. You create and enjoy, you do not depend on anyone. If you try, you can find an opportunity to shoot a cool video without a budget. nine0020

Jerry: Each of our shoots is unique in its own way. But most of all I remember the first experience - the clip "LAVA". It was difficult and extremely interesting. We shot the video with a big team in September, practically in the desert. It was cold and we were naked. We danced on a trailer with a very rotten roof, it was scary to fail. Sonet, for example, is afraid of heights. And Sirena is afraid of snakes, but she had to shoot with a snake in the video for "POST". In fact, there were many such cases.

Sonet: There were so many things that you can't remember right away. Each shooting is a very exciting, albeit difficult process.

Kris: Oh. Each clip is a special case. I remember well our first video “LAVA”, when we were driving along a rocky road in an open truck. It was necessary to dance, and fire was still shooting nearby, it was not easy and very exciting.

- Is there time for rest and hobbies with such a busy schedule? How do you recover, where do you draw strength and inspiration? nine0256

Sirena: I live my work and love it more than leisure. Although, of course, there is fatigue and overexertion. But, even resting, mentally I am still at work. I always have ideas, I don't need to take a break for this. The team that is on the same wavelength with you is very inspiring. When you are surrounded by people who are also charged with great energy and strive higher and higher, it is so exciting that you want to create without stopping.

Jerry: We work very hard, but we always try to catch a moment for relaxation and hobbies. I love snowboarding and mountain climbing in winter. This winter I was in Sochi, at the Rosa Khutor resort. I also discovered snorkeling: I like to swim and watch the fish. Sometimes I can go to the movies, relax in the spa or sauna after a workout. nine0020

Sonet: Well, of course, it remains, there is no way without it. Everything is like everyone else, we are people too. :) We arrange fasting days, walk, go to the cinema, meet friends. Traveling is always very inspiring!

Kris: There was a period when you didn't want to spend time on vacation. We were constantly in training or recording, even on weekends. Then they realized that you need to give yourself at least a day of rest in order to replenish the strength spent during the week. I spend my day off according to my mood. I am a fan of computer games, I like to spend time behind the console. I can read a book, edit an interesting video or edit a photo. I also love to have fun with my friends. nine0020

– Do you support feedback from listeners? What does your communication with fans look like off stage?

Sirena: Fans write to us a lot, we communicate on social networks when we have time. The guys come to all the performances, they even have a flag with our image, it's so cool! They have fan groups on VKontakte and Instagram.

Jerry: After the events, we always go out to the guys, take pictures, hug.

- What musical heights are you striving for now?

Sirena: The key word here is striving. The goal must be very far away in order to move step by step towards it. I want to work and feel feedback from my work, this is the most important thing.

Jerry: Our common goal is to find our big army of people. Gather together, for example, in Crocus City Hall. So that we are on the same wavelength and pump together, exchange energy. I would like to travel around cities and countries, and that in every city there would be such an army of mechanics, as our fans call themselves. It would be amazing. nine0020

Sonet: To the legendary height. 🙂 Everything is there, and there will only be more.

Kris: Hard to say yet. We just fulfill our desires and make our dreams come true. Of course, we want to be heard all over the world, but we still need to work for this.

– How do you feel about such a competition as Eurovision? Would you like to take part? In my opinion, your energy and driving dances are what you need for such a large-scale show.

Sirena: To be honest, Eurovision has been frustrating lately. What should have united people began to divide them. The competition is becoming more and more political. And yet, despite all my energy, I was always afraid of contests. As a child, my mother gave me valerian to drink so that I would not be so worried. Was almost ready to pass out before the evaluation of the judges. It seems to me that competitions are not for me.

Jerry: Unexpected question. I have always thought that it is very responsible to represent your country. If the opportunity presented itself, we would give a million percent and most likely win.

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