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María Luisa Trevejo, known popularly as Malu Trevejo online, is a Cuban-American singer and social media celebrity. Trevejo first rose to prominence after her belly dancing went viral on, the predecessor of TikTok. Trevejo uploaded a number of lip-syncing clips which helped her earn the title of verified muser on the platform.

She has come a long way since those days and her videos have now made her into an internet sensation with a massive following across all social media handles. As of July 2022, Malu has a colossal following on TikTok with over 24.6 million followers. Her presence on and subsequently on TikTok helped her become a massive influencer and celebrity on Instagram where she has over 11.5 million followers.

After building an incredible following across all her social media, Trevejo decided to pursue her true passion, music. She was able to convert her massive online presence into a very successful music career. Even before she was a ‘professional’ singer, Malu was signed by Universal Music Latin and In-Tu Linea, for recording and co-management when she was only 14 years old as reported by Boom on Line.

With the help of Universal Music Latin and In-Tu Linea, Trevejo released her debut single called “Luna Llena” which was produced by The Flipstones, an American producer duo, in September of 2017. The song was received extremely well and reached over 33 million views within seven weeks as reported by Billboard. The song debuted at number 27 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart. The hit song earned its Gold and Platinum status within 30 days of its release as reported by RIAA Latin. Currently, the music video has been viewed over 123,078,037 times on her YouTube channel. The song also had an English version that was released shortly after.

Trevejo followed this up with the release of “En Mi Mente” which helped her earn a number of features on popular tracks like HRVY’s Hasta Luego and Gente de Zona’s Nadie Como Yo.

On August 2, 2019, Trevejo released her first-ever EP which was called “Una Vez Máz”, which featured four tracks, Down for Your Love, Una Vez Más, Hace Calor ft. Jeon, and Adios.

The following year, Trevejo shifted to Los Angeles from Miami following a new management deal. On her 18th birthday, Trevejo started an OnlyFans account which earned over 37,000 subscribers within the first seven days.

Following the success of her music career, she was signed by Atlantic Records as reported by the MCU Times and Cactus Jack Records, Travis Scott’s label, though she was dropped shortly after and parted ways with Scott’s label.

Personal Information

Name María Luisa Trevejo
Date Of BirthOctober 15, 2002
Net Worth$200,000-$400,000
TikTok24.6 million followers
Instagram11. 5 followers
YouTube 1.54 million subscribers
Twitter 255.5K followers
Facebook774K followers


Source - YouTube

Shortly after relocating to Miami, Florida in 2015, Trevejo stumbled upon and instantly fell in love with the app, unbeknownst to her that one day this would turn her into a celebrity and help her music career. She started uploading lip-syncs and other videos which gained a lot of attention. However, she became a viral sensation on TikTok’s predecessor after her belly dancing video went viral and led to her earning millions of fans and the title of verified muser.

Around this same time frame, Malu created her Instagram account and earned over three million followers by the time she was 14 years old. November of 2016 saw her earn over one million followers in a single day and later her massive following earned her a record deal with Universal Music Latin and In-Tu Linea, which would help her launch her debut single in 2017.

Trevejo registered her YouTube channel on June 12, 2017, and uploaded her first video, a compilation of her viral dance videos, on June 22. The video earned over 988,851 views.

Trevejo released her debut single called Luna Llena which was produced by The Flipstones, an American producer duo, in September of 2017. Since then Trevejo has released over 17 singles and one EP and has even earned a deal with Atlantic Records.

October 2022 saw the launch of her OnlyFans account after she turned 18 years old and almost earned over 37,000 subscribers within the first seven days of it being active.

Most recently, Trevejo released her single “Culo Chapa” (featuring Haraca Kiko, La Perversa, and Químico Ultra Meg on February 23, 2022. The video has earned over 7,194,986 views within the four months it has been live.

Malu Trevejo is extremely popular on Spotify as well, and her Spotify artist page states that the verified artist has over 477,369 monthly listeners.

Net Worth

Source - Instagram

As of July 2022, María Luisa Trevejo has an estimated net worth of anywhere between $200,000-$400,000, as reported by a number of sources like TechieGamers. Trevejo earns her impressive valuation mainly via doing sponsored content on her hugely popular TikTok account, AdSense revenue from her YouTube channel, OnlyFans account, and her hugely successful music career.

Social Media

Malu Trevejo’s name has become synonymous with social media clout and success. Given she earned millions of followers before TikTok even existed it is of no surprise that she has over 24.6 million followers on her TikTok account. She currently has over 11.5 million followers on her Instagram account and over 255,000 followers on her Twitter account. Malu is also quite influential on Facebook with over 755,000 followers and her official YouTube channel has over 1. 54 million subscribers.

Personal Life

Source - Instagram

Malu was born in the city of Havana, Cuba’s capital on October 15, 2002, to a family with Cuban and Spanish lineage. Shortly after her being born, Trevejo relocated to Madrid, the capital of Spain, and spent the next 12 years of her life in the Iberian Peninsula as reported by Netline.

Trevejo revealed on TikTok that during her childhood, she loved acting and performing skits for her friends and family. It was during these years that she learned how to belly dance. After honing her dancing skills, Malu decided to upload a clip of her belly dancing on which immediately blew up and turned her into a social media celebrity overnight.

In 2015, when Trevejo was around 13 years old, she relocated to Miami, Florida along with her mother and decided to pursue a career in music. It was during this time, that Trevejo found and got immediately pulled in by the allure of this new social media platform.

Apart from this not a lot of personal information is available about the Cuban-American singer’s family.

Family life aside, the 19-year-old social media superstar revealed she was in a relationship with rapper NBA Youngboy in 2017. Though the couple broke up following an altercation and disagreement with her friend and rapper, Bhad Bhabie.

It was rumored she was dating Central Cee in early 2021 though Trevejo quickly shot down these rumors. The Cuban singer has also been linked with rapper Swae Lee, one-half of the hip hop duo Rae Sremmurd though these rumors are unverified.

Top Videos

View on TikTok

Malu’s most popular TikTok video in recent times has over 21.5 million views with 2.7 million likes. The video features Trevejo dancing to Gogo Dance.

View on TikTok

Another popular TikTok video on Malu’s TikTok in recent times has over 14.4 million views with 2.3 million likes. The video features Trevejo and her BFF Bhad Bhabie.

View on TikTok

Malu’s second most popular video on TikTok has 18.4 million views and over 2.3 million likes and also features Trevejo dancing.

View on TikTok

Another popular video on Malu’s TikTok channel has 13.7 million views and over 1.5 million likes and features her reacting to a fan’s comment.

View on TikTok

Another popular video on Malu’s TikTok channel has over 11.3 million views with 1.3 million likes. The video features an ill Malu dancing while she recovers from an allergy.


Q1 Who is Malu Trevejo?

A. María Luisa Trevejo, known popularly as Malu Trevejo online, is a Cuban-American singer and social media celebrity who shot to fame thanks to her belly dancing video on, TikTok’s predecessor.

Q2 How old is Malu Trevejo?

A. María Luisa Trevejo is currently 19 years old. She was born on October 15, 2002.

Q3 Is Malu Trevejo rich?

A. Yes, Malu Trevejo is quite rich with an estimated net worth anywhere between $200,000-$500,000 as reported by a number of different sources like TechieGamers, which is quite an impressive feat considering she is just 19 years old. Some sources state her net worth could be as high as $1-$5 million though these claims are unverified.

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Who Is Malu Trevejo? - HotNewHipHop

Malu Trevejo is a name that’s recently come into the pop culture lexicon, thanks to an announcement of a Travis Scott Cactus Jack signing which has since seemingly been overturned (more on that later). The young star was born in Cuba, and immigrated to America at the age of 12, settling in Miami, Florida with her mom, where she would grow her now-impressive following.

Malu, who has been belly-dancing since she was a kid, began to find followers through the app (now TikTok), thanks to a series of viral dancing videos, eventually amassing a following of over eight million; while her Instagram has steadily sky-rocketed to 10 million. In an interview with Popsugar, the star spoke about sticking true to who she was as the key for her success, “One day I started dancing on social media, and some famous people noticed me. Before I knew it, I had 100,000 followers, then 1 million. I was just being myself! And now we’re almost 8 million strong on Instagram,” she said.

Venturing Into Music

With her newfound internet following, Trevejo decided to venture into a music career, having grown up on a childhood of Latin pop stars like Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. Signing on with a management team, the dancer dropped her first single “Luna Lluna” in September of 2017, which has amassed over 110 million views on YouTube to date and peaked at #8 on Billboard’s Latin Digital Songs chart.

“Luna Lluna” was just the start. Her entrance into the music world also gained her collaborations with people like Cuban reggaeton duo Gente De Zona, Haraca Kiko, and producer Jeon, as well as live performances across the United States, Spain, and Latin America. 

The singer told People that Instagram was a major factor in launching her music career, with a platform of 5 million followers at the time. “I started like a year ago,” she told People. “I posted a video of me dancing and people liked it a lot and they started reposting it. I started getting followers and started doing more music videos and videos of me dancing.”

Trevejo also told People that following going viral, she had to drop out of school due to classmates bullying her and treating her differently.

“I’m homeschooled because I cannot go to school. There are too many people coming up to me and asking dumb questions,” she told the publication. “I can’t be a normal teen, to be honest. If I want to sing, then I have to live this life.”

Malu soon signed a recording contract with In-Tu Linea, a Latin division of Universal Music Group– although she would later void her contract with the label and sue them, due to various issues with the label, including the fact that she was a minor when she first signed. A year later, the bilingual singer dropped her first project, EP Una Ves Mas in August of 2019. 

Relationship Drama

Malu has been in a star-studded roster of relationship entanglements.  After breaking up with her boyfriend Reese, the singer reportedly dated NBA Youngboy briefly, at the age of 14, with a three-year age gap between the two. Trouble stirred when Malu accused Youngboy of trying to take her virginity when she wasn’t ready.

Soon after the argument, the two ended their relationship. Around the same time, Danielle Bregoli, best known by her artist name Bhad Bhabie, who Youngboy previously dated before moving onto Malu, began beefing with Malu over the rapper.  The two have had years of bad blood between them, which peaked when Bhabie allegedly drove over an hour in order to fight the singer in person. The situation between the two had escalated after Youngboy added both of them to a group chat.

“She has talked sh*t about me for three years and she always say she gonna fight me and I’m here to FIGHT HER! Tell her come out the f***ing house!” Bhabie shouted outside of the 17-year-old’s home at the time

The two did not get into a physical alteration, as Malu later revealed to her Instagram followers. “They did call the cops on us,” she said. “I’m glad we didn’t do sh*t because I would have been in jail, and she would have been in jail. And I’m not pressing charges because I’m not dumb… I’m not going waste my time on no f***ing body. I’m not going to do anything bad to anyone.”

Most recently, Malu has had ties with Swae Lee. Dating rumors about the two sparked after videos of the two hanging out started circulating on social media. Fans were quick to accuse the 28-year-old rapper of grooming Malu. The singer denied the rumors. 

“All these salty a** mfs, I already said and would say it again any rapper tha hit to say itttt wwith prooffffff lmfaoaooa,” she said on Instagram. “No basketball no singer no nun my friend. I could walk in a room full of mfs tha y’all say I f***ed and I’ll ask them and they’ll say nooooo lmfaoaooaaoa.”

“Y’all just salty is ok if u ain’t got no haters u ain’t popping,” she added.

Signing With Travis Scott

In October of 2020, Malu relocated to Los Angeles, and a year later, she announced on social media that she was the latest artist signed to Travis Scott’s label Cactus Jack in partnership with Atlantic Records. A short month later, the statement was redacted when the singer announced that she was no longer with the label.

“Birthday girl I’m so happy dreams come true got signed to @cactusjack and @atlanticrecords,” Malu wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post. “I’m so happyyyyy Libra gang #myteamisthebest.”

Sources have reported that Travis’ manager, David Stromberg, reached out to outlets asking them to take down Malu’s announcement posts, claiming that they were fake, sparking a controversy that Malu lied about her record deal.

The singer once again took to Instagram to defend herself against these claims, with some evidence.

“I wouldn’t lie about getting signed to anybody. Things just changed and that’s ok Bc tha means something bigger is waiting for me,” she wrote.

“I don’t gotta lie ask the man himself How many times he said he belive in me and he wanted to help me. Stop spreading lies. I had a 2 hour conversation with him crying and hugging him he knows and he knows I ain’t lied about anything… At the end of the day what he told me a lot of times make me more confident with myself and I appreciate the time I spent with him made me realize a lot.”

Malu had already dropped a new single, “Complicado,” which was released under Cactus Jack Records and Atlantic Records. The singer uploaded screenshots of the song’s music video with its credits to her story, pointing out the affiliation. 

“Now if I wasn’t signed by Cactus Jack that wouldn’t be there. It would be illegal, but guess what, ya girl got the contract,” she wrote. 

The singer also uploaded photos of her record contract as proof.

No further statements have been released from Cactus Jack Records about the situation. 

Will you be checking out Malu Trevejo in the future? 

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Stand with your feet together and your arms at your sides. Then slightly bend your knees and raise your chest - this is the starting position for starting any movement in the belly dance. For smooth movements in the dance, you need to tighten the muscles of the lower abdomen and engage the pelvis.

  • Hip lift or shimmy

Bend both knees. Then straighten your right leg to lift your right thigh up. Then lift the pelvis up to the chest, while the upper body should not be involved. The heels must not be lifted off the ground during this movement. When you "pull" up your right hip, lower it and repeat the movement with your left. Namely, straighten your left leg and lift your left hip up. nine0003

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Repeat hip lift on both sides at a faster pace. Do not pause - first lift the right thigh up, and then smoothly - the left. At an accelerated pace, the hips will swing quickly from side to side - now you know how to perform the shimmy movement.

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How to quickly learn belly dancing at home? Easy, the main thing is not to miss a single basic movement, including the “tummy”. Starting position - feet are on the floor, the upper body is raised, and relaxed arms are at the sides. Then slightly bend your knees and tighten the muscles of your upper abdomen, pulling them in. Then relax your stomach and tense only the muscles of the lower abdomen. Consistently alternate, pulling in the lower, then the upper press. Repeat the movement smoothly and without pauses. nine0003

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The last basic movement that will help you understand how to dance belly dance correctly. The starting position is a raised chest, arms are located on the sides, legs are together, and the feet are on the floor. Next, we pull the chest up to the end so that the shoulder blades seem to slide along the back. Then lower your chest back down. Repeat the link at a fast pace, while alternately contracting the abdominal muscles.

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Oriental dance will help not only lose weight, but also cope with various pains.

  • Back and Joint Pain

Gentle movements increase the flow of synovial fluid (natural lubricant) in the joints, and also tone the back muscles, which improves posture and prevents back pain.

  • Help in losing weight

How to learn belly dancing at home and lose weight? Easy - one hour session will help burn up to 300 calories. nine0003

  • Preparing for childbirth

Belly dancing tones the abdominal and pelvic muscles involved in childbirth.

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