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How to Dance in Ohio (2015)

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In Columbus, Ohio, a group of teenagers and young adults on the autism spectrum prepare for an iconic American rite of passage -- a Spring Formal. They spend 12 weeks practicing their social... Read allIn Columbus, Ohio, a group of teenagers and young adults on the autism spectrum prepare for an iconic American rite of passage -- a Spring Formal. They spend 12 weeks practicing their social skills in preparation for the dance at a local nightclub. Working with their psychologist... Read allIn Columbus, Ohio, a group of teenagers and young adults on the autism spectrum prepare for an iconic American rite of passage -- a Spring Formal. They spend 12 weeks practicing their social skills in preparation for the dance at a local nightclub. Working with their psychologist, they take the challenges expressed in their respective therapy groups from one level to ... Read all





    • Alexandra Shiva
    • Alexandra Shiva
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    I was channel surfing and stumbled across this presentation. The movie was captivating and had a profound effect on me. The typical population does not realize how challenging it is for differently able persons to socialize. Thank you for this wonderful documentary. My daughter has to be encouraged to socialize with family members and friends whenever they come for a visit. She prefers television, computers and alone time more than being in a group setting. It helps to know that we are not alone and that other families have love ones with similar traits. It's great to know that there are resources available. I hope to include this documentary in our college library collection.



    • zenimac
    • Nov 4, 2015


    • Release date
      • October 26, 2015 (United States)
      • United States
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      • English
    • Also known as
      • Jak się tańczy w Ohio?
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    • 1 hour 29 minutes

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        Sorry, please try again later.

        Overview: How to Dance in Ohio, an HBO documentary about three women on the autism spectrum who attended training sessions with the team but was never eligible to play. long enough to (with the complicity of the opposing team) score a touchdown. The crowd cheers and everyone has their moments of wellness.

        Vignettes like these actually irritate some parents of children with special needs who think they are giving the rest of the world the right to continue to marginalize such children. Hey Marge, a disabled kid just scored a goal. The problem is solved, so let's forget about the existence of children with disabilities again.

        How to Dance in Ohio, HBO's poignant Monday night documentary, by its description, might seem like a variation on this staple of the evening news. It's about teenagers and young adults from Columbus, Ohio getting ready for their spring formal dance. But Alexandra Shiva, the filmmaker, goes so much deeper than the bodice and boutonniere shot that this piece, though it also has sweet moments, ends up painting a portrait of young people whose futures are full of worries and uncertainties.

        The film is dedicated to the communication skills therapy program for young people with autism run by clinical psychologist Emilio Amigo. His efforts to teach his clients how to interact with each other and with the whole world prompted him to announce that they will all participate in the spring event, including everything that entails: finding a date, choosing clothes, learning to dance, understanding how to have a simple small talk about social function.

        Ms. Shiva focuses on three young women and their families: Maridette Bridges, 16; Caroline Mackenzie, 19years; and Jessica Sullivan, 22. The dance becomes simply a vehicle to explore the myriad challenges the three and their parents face as they approach adulthood. Will they be able to go to college, live independently, make friends, keep a job?

        Best TV of 2021

        TV this year offered ingenuity, humor, challenge and hope. Here are some of the highlights chosen by The Times critics:

          • 'Inside': Written and filmed in the same room, Bo Burnham's comedy special, streaming on Netflix, draws attention to internet life in the midst of a pandemic.
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          • The Underground Railroad: A gripping adaptation of Barry Jenkins' novel by Coulson Whitehead is fantastic but totally real.

        I have always wanted it to be a kind of bridge of understanding and there was no better way for me than to take what we have all experienced in some way and tell a story through it,” Ms. Shiva said about movie. The dancing is sweet and the dancing is beautiful, but the biggest challenge is how to show you, as a viewer, that for Marideth, just saying "Hi" is an accomplishment?

        Three young women have a relatively high level of functionality that allows Mrs. Shiva to allow them to be guides to their world; this is not a traditional documentary full of talking heads sharing aloof academic wisdom. All three understand their limitations and the obstacles they face, and Ms. Shiva has provided excellent access to them and their families.

        “I wanted them to speak for themselves and have a free hand in the process,” she said. And we understood very well that we did not go beyond the scope of their history.

        She highlighted the scene where Ms. Sullivan talks about her obsession with anime, which is a very honest moment.

        “I dream in cartoons,” she says. I feel like a little cartoon character. Plus, cartoons never judge you the way people do.

        Ms. Shiva said the goal was to show the viewer Ms. Sullivan's point of view. “Hopefully this is the moment you got into her experience,” she said. You are not looking at her, you are in her experience.

        Yes, the film pays off with smile-inducing images when dance comes, but getting there means for the viewer to face hard-to-think questions about what happens to young people with disabilities when they grow out of the school system. and what are society's obligations to them. Ms. Shiva has directed two previous films, Bombay Eunuch and Stagedoor, both of which also deal with people who somehow don't fit into the mainstream.

        I have a hot topic that I didn't even know about until I started doing this, which is: I'm very interested in people who are looking to belong, and I'm very interested in people living on the sidelines, she said. . In my opinion, you learn more about the human experience from people who struggle than from people who think, "It's okay."

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        Blumhouse Productions is an American production company founded by producer Jason Blum.

        The company is mainly known for releasing low-budget horror and/or thriller films, some of which have become franchises such as Paranormal Activity , American Nightmare , Happy Birthdead and Insidious .

        The company is also involved in the production of television programs or publishing books and comics through specialized subsidiaries, and sometimes distributes some of these films itself through its distribution company Blumhouse Tilt .


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        The "Blumhouse Model" of low-budget films was highlighted in 2009 with the release of Paranormal Activity . This found film made under for $15,000 and distributed by Paramount Pictures has grossed 193 million checks worldwide. This success has since spawned a franchise. In 2011, Blumhouse repeats the process with James Wan's Insidious , which generates 97 million in revenue worldwide with a budget of 1.5 million. After that, the sequels of several more films will be known.

        Blumhouse quickly forged relationships with directors such as James Wan, Mike Flanagan, James DeMonaco and Scott Derrickson. In 2013, Blumhouse achieved another worldwide success with American Nightmare ( The Purge ), which grossed over $89 million worldwide on a $3 million budget.

        In 2011, Blumhouse signed a partnership with Universal Pictures to partially distribute their catalog.

        In 2014, the company took part in the production of the film Whiplash by Damien Chazelle, which was very different from the studio's usual productions. The film garners numerous awards and nominations and even won three Oscars in 2015 including Best Supporting Actor for JK Simmons. That same year, Blumhouse was still producing horror films, most notably Ouija , adapted from the game of the same name, which grossed over $100 million worldwide on a budget of around $5 million.

        In 2015, Bloomhouse produced the film The Unfriendly . This found movie is about teen cyberbullying on social media. The company is also funding a film by acclaimed director M. Night Shyamalan, who then tries his hand at found footage with The Visit . Blumhouse is also embarking on a musical film featuring Jem and the holograms, an adaptation of the animated series of the same name.

        Since 2015, the Blumhouse Books subsidiary has published several horror novels: Bloomhouse's Nightmare Book: Haunted City , The Apartment , or The Wild Ones .

        In 2016, Blumhouse expanded its genres with Ty West's western In the Valley of Violence starring Ethan Hawke and John Travolta. She also knows further success at the box office with Split from M. Night Shyamalan, then comes out from Jordan Peele, released in 2017. Blumhouse then announces that it will co-produce the Split series, titled Glass , which is also related to Unbreakable . The film is scheduled for release in early 2019.

        Blumhouse announces that after a nine-year hiatus, they will be producing the franchise's next installment for Halloween . The film will be directed by David Gordon Green and produced by John Carpenter, director of the first film and creator of the franchise. In the same year, Blumhouse launched an adaptation of American Nightmare into a television series, marking the first television version of one of its franchises.


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        • coming soon: Boogeyman Pop Brad Michael Elmore
        • coming soon: Spooky Jack by David Soren
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        • coming soon: Firestarter Keith Thomas
        • coming soon: Five Night At Freddy by Chris Columbus

        Short films

        • 2013: Whip by Damien Chazel
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        • 2015: Jinx: The Life and Death of Robert Durst Andrew Jarecki (mini-series)
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        Distribution via

        Blumhouse Tilt

        The following films are distributed by Blumhouse on the BH Tilt platform, but are not produced by the company.

        • 2013: Green Hell , Eli Roth
        • 2016: Agility by JD Dillard
        • 2016: Belko Experiment by Greg McLean
        • 2016: Birth of the Dragon by George Noogo

        Television via

        Blumhouse Television
        TV movies
        • 2014: Normal Heart , Ryan Murphy
        TV show
        • 2012: River
        • 2014: Ascension
        • 2015: Eye Candy
        • 2015: south of hell
        • 2016: 12 days of bloody Christmas ( 12 days of death )
        • 2018 : Sharps
        • from 2018: Purge
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        • since 2018: Sacred lie
        • 2018: Into the Dark
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        • 2013: Mel
        • 2015 - 2016 : Hellevator
        • 2016: Doomsday: prison or parole?
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        Books and comics through

        Blumhouse Book
        • 2015 : Bloomhouse's Nightmare Book: City p haunted various authors
        • 2016 : Apartment S. L. Gray
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