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Save the Last Dance (2001)

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A white midwestern girl moves to Chicago, where her new boyfriend is a black teen from the South Side with a rough, semi-criminal past.A white midwestern girl moves to Chicago, where her new boyfriend is a black teen from the South Side with a rough, semi-criminal past.A white midwestern girl moves to Chicago, where her new boyfriend is a black teen from the South Side with a rough, semi-criminal past.






    • Thomas Carter
    • Duane Adler(story)
    • Cheryl Edwards(screenplay)
  • Stars
    • Julia Stiles
    • Sean Patrick Thomas
    • Kerry Washington
    • Thomas Carter
    • Duane Adler(story)
    • Cheryl Edwards(screenplay)
  • Stars
    • Julia Stiles
    • Sean Patrick Thomas
    • Kerry Washington
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    Top cast

    Julia Stiles

    Sean Patrick Thomas

    Kerry Washington

    • Chenille

    Fredro Starr

    • Malakai

    Terry Kinney

    Bianca Lawson

    Vince Green

    • Snookie

    Garland Whitt

    Elisabeth Oas

    Artel Great

    • Arvel
    • (as Artel Jarod Walker)

    Cory Stewart

    Jennifer Anglin

    Dorothy Martin

    • Momma Dean

    Kim Tlusty

    • Lindsay

    Felicia Fields

    • Woman on Train

    Ora Jones

    • Mrs. Gwynn

    Tab Baker

    • Mr. Campbell

    Kevin Reid

      • Thomas Carter
      • Duane Adler(story) (screenplay)
      • Cheryl Edwards(screenplay)
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    Did you know

    • Alternate versions

      The DVD features four deleted scenes:

      • Record Store: A scene after the first night at Steps. Snook tries to talk a girl and gets shot down. He gives Derek the last copy of a CD. Sara shops for some hip-hop CDs and flirts with Derek.
      • Jazz Club: Sara goes to see her father play.
      • Chenille's Apartment: Kenny and Chenille argue about their son and talk about their relationship before the baby.
      • Playground: Kenny and Chenille talk in a park.

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    Yeah, the movie started like it actually may have a point to it. Then, after she went to that club (I don't even remember the name of it and I saw it three hours ago), it just went downhill. It was more of a fish-out-of-water kind of movie than a movie about dancing. It was so predictable, I was counting off the seconds from when they were about to kiss! The only good point was that Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas had such good chemistry and were so cute. Still, it didn't make up for a shallow plot, stereotypes and an idea that went nowhere.



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    • Jan 12, 2001


    • Release date
      • January 12, 2001 (United States)
      • United States
      • English
    • Also known as
      • El último baile
    • Filming locations
      • Lemont High School - 800 Porter Street, Lemont, Illinois, USA
    • Production companies
      • Cort/Madden Productions
      • MTV Films
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    Box office

      • $13,000,000 (estimated)
      • $91,057,006
      • $23,444,930
      • Jan 14, 2001
      • $131,706,809
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    Technical specs

    • 1 hour 52 minutes

      • DTS
      • Dolby Digital
      • 1. 85 : 1

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    Why Guys Need To Learn How To Dance, From A Girl

    It was a normal night in Atlantic City for a piece of local Jersey trash like myself. My girl friends and I had spent the day burning our skin to a leathery crisp and needed to drink until we didn’t feel the sunburn anymore. We strapped on our heels, tied on our chokers, and put on our dark lipstick to let everyone know how hard we fuck. Something about being in a casino transforms you into the worst version of yourself. You’re drunk, cocky, and down for whatever. You forget that you have family to not disappoint and friends to respect. It’s a primal place, and those who dance, are the ones who succeed.

We took two steps into the club and scanned the room for prey (that’s why we wear heels, so we can see better). Two guys immediately caught my attention. Yes, they were tall Italian stallions, but that’s not what drew me to them. They were dancing. Not smearing their bodies up against a girl in a pseudo-rhythmic fashion. They weren’t bent over so their faces were resting in the collarbone of their dance partner. They were holding the girl’s hand and had their other arm behind their back, and they were doing little spins and shit. It looked like so much fun. After grabbing G& s, we went straight for the dance floor while I kept them in my peripheral vision. As we got closer, I noticed they were dancing with what looked to be their aunts. Score. I danced with my friends, and, like there was some divine intervention, I turned right into the arms of Dominic as Vincent grabbed the hand of one of my other friends (told you they were Italian) and we danced the night away.

    The thing about dancing is, even when it’s not grinding, it’s incredibly sexual. If we know that you can move your body on the dance floor, we want to know how you can move your body on top of our bodies. You don’t need to be a good dancer to get laid, of course. The smoothest talker in the world can still jack hammer for 6 minutes until grunting and throwing a roll of paper towels at us before falling asleep. Fool us once, shame on us. Fool us twice, you probably won’t because we know how you will disappoint us all night long. When you are on the dance floor, it’s hard to get an idea of the size of the boat (unless it’s being rubbed between our butt cheeks), but we can definitely get an idea of the motion of the ocean. Men are usually the more visual gender, but something about seeing a guy dance well can make a girl slide off their seat.

    Listen, I’m not saying you have to be the next Gene Kelly or Channing Tatum. You don’t have to take a ballroom dancing elective — although that’s a killer way to meet girls. But at least be able to dance. Be able to confidently get on the floor and give us a spin or two. Do a little side-to-side two step like in Hitch. If you’re standing with your back up against the wall acting too cool to dance, we’ll assume you’ll act too cool to have good sex. Even for something as simple as formal dates, 9 times out of 10 we’ll pick the guy who will dance with us over the guy who will look good in pictures, and you know how girls are with pictures.

    Bottom line: if you are trying to get laid, know how to dance without sidling up to some girl until you make contact and hoping she just lets it happen. Or don’t. Whatever. It’s your dick’s funeral..

    7 best fitness dances for girls over 30 – to keep fit and self-confident

    Every girl after 30 wants to remain feminine and sexy, to receive compliments about this. But for some reason, very few hear them. There are lucky women who were awarded by nature with these qualities, but what about the rest? You can search and study useful literature on this topic, sign up for courses, attend webinars and other events. It's all great, but at the same time - exhausting process. You can approach this issue from the other side - sign up for dancing.

    Dancing is theory and practice at the same time. At the same time, there are a few more points that encourage you to start dancing:

    • self-acceptance;
    • energy recovery;
    • raising self-esteem;
    • self-confidence;
    • flexible, plastic and elastic body;
    • communication with like-minded people;
    • pleasant leisure;
    • admiring glances of men and envious glances of women.

    A unique power lies in the dance. And it is not without reason that the weaker sex has resorted to this force since ancient times. Dancing, a woman not only seduces, enchants and catches the eye of the opposite sex, but is also filled with energy and harmony. And the older the girl gets, the more her energy stagnates. Therefore, dancing after 30, the inner female power opens up from new sides. However, not all dances have such an impact on the body and inner state. Consider the most useful types of dance.

    Oriental dance

    Perhaps one of the most feminine forms of dance. Here, at the same time, you can observe the presence of sexuality, lightness, playfulness, notes of seduction and many other vibrations that, when combined, awaken love in you, which subsequently comes out in a smooth stream.


    This is a meditation dance. During the practice, energy is filled, which can be turned both on femininity, love and sexuality, and on abundance, acceptance and forgiveness. The power of this practice is that by drawing figure-eights and circles with her hips, and waves with her hands, a woman dances her intention on any of the above aspects. The mandala is danced in a long skirt so that the energy generated during a kind of meditative practice does not dissipate and is directed towards the fulfillment of a well-formulated intention. Mandala is the dance of a fairy who creates magic in her own life.

    Indian dances

    The women of this country know their destiny and, accordingly, know how to reveal their feminine nature in dance. Indian dances, like the one described above, are also a kind of meditation. They teach the active manifestation of femininity, the disclosure of emotions and love, thereby telling their story in dance. All this is manifested in facial expressions and gaze, the correct use of the latter attracts men and makes them believe in a sincere interest in them. Revealing naturalness in herself through dance, a woman learns to see the world in a new way and admire everything that surrounds her. Charging with the energy of dance, she herself becomes lighter and more airy.

    Tribal Fusion

    Amazon dance, priestess dance, deity dance. It combines India, east, strip, meditativeness, hypnosis and a bit of primitiveness. During the dance, creativity is revealed, the necessary energies are awakened, female strength and magnetism are manifested. A woman recognizes her body and its abilities, which can even pleasantly surprise. The change of different states is manifested in movements. Plasticity and waves turn into shaking and clear points.

    And these transitions from the divine to the primitive and a little wild fascinate and attract the eye so much that it is impossible to tear yourself away.

    Strip plastic

    This dance of seduction excites the imagination and touches the living. Flirtatious movements of the shoulders and hips, playing with the fingers on the body, a gentle and at the same time alluring look work incredible miracles. Femininity and sexuality merge together, thereby creating a powerful energy, thanks to which acceptance of oneself and one's body comes, harmony is achieved.


    Dance that increases blood flow in the female reproductive system, thereby awakening the libido. Here you can see more carnal sexuality than energy. Twerk, develops the sacro-lumbar region, thanks to which it relieves the stagnation of sexual energy and increases the sexual background. And the burning eyes of men increase self-esteem and self-confidence.

    Pair dances

    All types of pair dances teach a woman to follow a man, trust him, accept his authoritative opinion, follow him without hesitation. During a pair dance, the natural balance is restored, thereby reminding people of their natural destiny: a man is a leader, a woman is his muse and support.

    Summing up, we can say that dancing after 30 is a great way to love yourself and see from a different perspective, to get to know your body and its capabilities, to loosen up, throw off blocking taboos and discover your femininity and sexuality. In the dance, you can be filled with positive energy, and then give it to others, because it is precisely such gifts that are the basis of female nature.

    12 best films about dancers and dancing

    Top best films about obsessed dancers, modern, street and classical dances, about exhausting workouts, about self-confidence, and, of course, a little bit about love. On this list, Zac Efron will light up and John Travolta will suffer, Patrick Swayze will drive you crazy, and Channing Tatum will tease the imagination, Christina Aguilera will conquer the dance peaks, Catherine Zeta Jones will kill, and Jessica Alba will charge powerful hip-hop. In general, there will be music, cinema and dance, which not only make you twitch your foot to the beat, but also inspire with their devotion to art.

    Baby is a good girl from a wealthy family. The heroine is going to study economics, her full name is a tribute to the first female US minister, and the girl’s career plans include work in the Peace Corps. The whole life is scheduled, and ahead of the heroine is a small family vacation with her parents and older sister in a mountain boarding house. This is where all thoughts about the economy and strong women instantly fly out of Baby's head, because, as is often the case with good girls, she falls in love. Hot and dirty. Okay, actually, not so dirty.

    Baby's chosen one is an employee of the boarding house - an animator-dancer Johnny. His dance partner Penny gets a temporary leave of absence due to an unplanned pregnancy, and Baby, who is sincerely trying to help the unfortunate dancer, agrees to replace Penny on one of the evening's programs. Baby learns to dance, and a real talent opens up for her, but the girl fails to control herself when Johnny's hands are on her. Well, what will mom and dad say to their little princess now?


    The film is beautiful not only for dancing, soundtrack and another great love that changes the sign of social inequality to "equal". The catch in this movie is that the holidays are over, Johnny is leaving, and Baby is returning to his pre-scheduled life. The drama was not overdone, and the summer adventures remain an exciting memory for both Baby and viewers.

    Magic Mike, 2012

    The protagonist works as a stripper and takes the young conqueror of the dance floor Adam as his padawan. Mike wants to teach the latter how to dance, work as a team, and use the power without going over to the dark side. And the temptations in the world of professional striptease are no less than in the Star Wars universe. This movie will not only show a lot of men hot as a grandmother's soup, but also talk about what real male solidarity and friendship are - Danny Ocean is not the only one familiar with the principle of brother for brother.


    Chicago, 2002

    Production: USA, Germany, Canada
    Genre: musical, drama, comedy
    Director: Rob Marshall (“Heys Memoirs”)
    script (Suml Breaking Dawn Saga)
    Cast: Renee Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Richard Gere
    MovieSearch rating: 7.7
    IMDb rating: 7.1

    Further in the top is the record holder for the number of prestigious awards. The tape received thirteen Oscar nominations and eventually took six statuettes of a man with a sword: for best film and best costume design, for sound and editing, as well as for best song, production design and best supporting actress (Katherine Zeta-Jones).

    The impressive list of accomplishments may somewhat offset the fact that the film isn't all about dance. The events unfold in Chicago in the 20s, the main character, a housewife Roxy, dreams of becoming famous. Her idol is the daring cabaret prima donna Velma Kerry. This artist never stops playing, and her voice and movements delight the crowds of spectators. However, Roxy and Velma very soon find themselves on the same stage - in a women's prison, and not because you can't be so beautiful in the world. Both heroines are accused of murder, and they have to fight not for the love of the public, but for life.


    The scenery in the film changes frequently: cabarets, restaurants, a women's prison, a courtroom. But no matter what happens, Roxy and Velma's show goes on: the music is on and the dance is on.

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    Burlesque, 2010

    Production: USA
    Genre: romance, drama
    Director and writer: Steve Antin
    Cast: Christina Aguilera, Cher, Cam Gigandet
    MovieSearch Rating: 7. 5
    IMDb Rating: 6.4

    And again, the story of the cabaret artist is in the top, but now in modern times. The film is about neo-burlesque, a stage show genre that has returned from a banal striptease to its nobler roots. So there will be a lot of revealing costumes, daring numbers and luxurious vocals by Christina Aguilera.

    But you should not wait for the original plot - again "Cinderella". Orphan Ali arrives in Las Vegas and proves to the owner of a popular burlesque club that her feet are worthy not only of glass slippers covered with sequins and feathers, but also of a big stage. It remains only to see what kind of princes live at club balls and what exactly this Cinderella will lose in her fabulous Las Vegas.


    Golden Globe Award for Best Song for a Film ("You Haven't Seen the Last of Me").

    Black Swan, 2010

    Production: USA
    Genre: thriller, musical drama
    Director: Darren Aronofski ("Referee on Dream")
    Andreisa Hayman, Andreisa Hayman, Andreisa Heyman, andreisa Hayman Cast:
    Natalie Portman, Winona Ryder, Mila Kunis, Vincent Cassel
    MovieSearch rating: 7. 7
    IMDb rating: 8

    Films about dancing are sometimes more than “dance helped me open myself and get rid of my complexes!”, And even more than dramatic kisses in the rain at the end of a powerful couples number. The Black Swan, for example, is as far from such melodramas as possible - it is a deep psychological thriller. So psychological that students of the Faculty of Psychology can use it to defend courses on Freudianism in the cinema or what illnesses come from childhood with teddy-pink bears and fanatical mothers.

    The young ballerina Nina gets the main role in Swan Lake and begins to become paranoid: she doesn’t reach the previous prima, and the other ballerina is jealous and wants to take the role away, and the director still makes strange hints and calls her frigid names. Nina has many problems, and everything is in her head, and the main question of the film is which swan will prevail over the heroine's cockroaches.


    The film was awarded the Venice Film Festival, and Natalie Portman collected an Oscar, Golden Globe and Saturn for Best Actress. By the way, Mila Kunis for her role also received "Saturn" as the best supporting actress.

    Step forward, 2006

    Production: USA
    Genre: Drama
    Director: Ann Fletcher ("27 wedding")
    Scenario: Duan Adler 9007 9 in the rola Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan
    MovieSearch Rating: 7.6
    IMDb Rating: 6.5

    This film began a whole film-dance saga: now the Steps franchise has five films. But the opening tape differs significantly from the sequels: here the characters dance most of the time in the cozy hall of the art school, and the final performance looks more like a personal exam than a large-scale dance battle. Other parts of the series go deeper into hip-hop and feature dance teams and tournaments.

    The main character is a petty bully Tyler. The guy is fond of street dancing and vandalism in the company of friends from the ghetto. One day, another prank gets out of control and Tyler is sentenced to 200 hours of community service at an art school. While sweeping the floor, the hero turns his attention to Nora, a senior student preparing for a big screening. Tyler can't admit to himself and his buddies (does everyone have Dud's voice in their head?) that Nora, with her classic moves and pink dreams, makes the hero sympathetic. Therefore, Tyler behaves according to the laws of the kindergarten: he grimaces, rebels and teases the girl. But soon the hero gets a chance to replace Nora's dance partner, and now Tyler realizes that he is capable of something more than petty hooliganism.


    By the way, three years after the premiere of the film, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan (the actors who played the main roles) got married, so love on the screen can be called real - and this is not a musty epithet.

    Dance with your heart, 2019

    Production: France, Belgium
    Genre: romance, musical drama
    Director and screenwriter: Ladislas Cholla
    Cast: Alexia Giordano, Ryan Bencetti
    Rating MovieSearch: 6. 1

    Thirteen years after the release of the first "Step Up", hip-hop and classics will unite again. This did not require bloody sacrifices, and no one has been waiting in Azkaban for these thirteen years. Just fresh French dance melodrama follows a proven storyline: a boy in love with a sharp and daring rhythm meets a fragile ballerina girl who seems to have just been taken off the Christmas tree. The guys decide to team up and enter a dance competition with their own style: hip-hop ballet. Or a balehop. Chipolet. Ballet pop.


    In general, the name is not so important - movements and feelings are important.

    Rumba, 2008

    Production: France, Belgium
    Genre: melodrama, musical comedy
    Directors, scriptwriters and performers of the main roles: Dominic Gordon, Bruno Romi
    Rating Cinema Opest0080 7. 3
    IMDb rating: 6.9

    This is probably the most unusual film in the collection. The main characters here do not look like a couple that Noah would have chosen to restore humanity, there are almost no dialogues, but the facial expressions, movements, scenery and costumes are so telling that everything that happens resembles a silent movie. Lively and bright, funny and awkward - almost insane in the best sense of the word picture.

    Fiona and Dom work as teachers and devote all their free time to Latin American dances. The guys won all the local competitions, but they continue to enjoy the incendiary rhythms like for the first time, and the love of the couple for each other is just as indestructible. The sounds of the rumba, which have become the main soundtrack of Fiona and Dom's life, will not change even when the heroes have an accident and lose their home. The audience is increasingly uncomfortable laughing, the comedy is getting blacker, but Fiona and Dom continue to move forward in their favorite rhythm.

    A touching film about how a kind aunt dancer tries to change the unhappy childhood of the guys from the streets with the help of dancing. Of the pleasant bonuses, there is Jessica Alba, who does a good job with the role of a dancer, a storyline with the work of the heroine as a choreographer on the set of clips for hip-hop stars, cute kids from the ghetto who have not yet received certificates, but have already contacted drug dealers, and a cute basketball player in love with the main character.

    Many people have a box of painful trophies of youth at home: someone has a school medal or a diploma from the Olympics, which reminds you that working as a sales consultant is not the limit of intellectual capabilities; someone has awards and photos from a children's camp that whisper that office clerks are not about creativity and leadership qualities. The main character, the harmless fat man Bruce, has awards from dance competitions in this box. As a teenager, Bruce was forced to give up his favorite hobby due to an injury, and from that moment on, the whole life of the hero is a static bachelor swamp. But one day, a charming new boss comes to Bruce's company, who, it turns out, loves salsa.


    The main character will have to throw off his gray mask (well, a couple of kilos) and shine again on the dance floor in a shiny shirt in order to conquer a colleague and reanimate his own life.

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    Hold the beat, 2006

    Production: USA
    Genre: drama
    Director: Liz Friedlander
    Script: Daiyan Houston (Michael Jackson: Neverland Search)
    Cast: Antonio Banderas, Yaya Dakosta, Rob Brown
    Rating Kinopois: 6. 6

    The first film in the collection based on true events. Pierre Dulein, a well-known professional dancer and ballroom dance instructor, comes to work at a school where his wards turn out to be hooligans who are serving their sentences after school. These teenagers have come to think that ballroom dancing is a hobby for regulars of the toilet-soaking school watch, and tough guys and girls should wear snapbacks and dance closer to the floor. Pierre Dulain will have to teach children the lesson that the ability to keep your back straight sometimes means being able to take a punch and not bend under the difficulties of life, and to feel a strict ballroom rhythm means having self-esteem.


    Hairspray, 2007

    Production: USA, UK, Canada
    Genre: musical comedy, romance, drama
    Director: Adam Shankman ("Rock of the Ages", "9007 C: 9008 Screenplay") 9008
    Leslie Dixon (Overboard, Freaky Friday)
    Cast: Nikki Blonsky, Amanda Bynes, John Travolta, Zac Efron, Michelle Pfeiffer, Queen Latifah, James Marsden

    Rounding out the top is a crazy, charming musical retro comedy with an indecently luxurious cast.

    Learn more