James brown teaches you how to dance

Rare video shows James Brown teaching his signature dance moves

Music is an experience.



It can alter our mood, shift our perception and arrest us in the most delightful of ways.

While some music is thought-provoking and memory-inducing, other music brings with it a satisfying party. Some music is made for walking in the rain, while other music is made for setting the dance floor on fire.

Takes James Brown for example.


YouTube/World of Jazz

With a musical career spanning fifty years, he pioneered funk in such a way that it will always remain ingrained in our culture.

Generations of artists have been inspired by his timeless songs, going on to sample them across new waves of musical evolution. Pick a genre, any genre, and no doubt they’ve been influenced in some manner by the force of nature that is Brown.

Even the stiffest bodies instantly soften beneath the carefree grooves that Brown offers.


YouTube/'00s Grits & Soul

Across his career, Brown took the stage time and time again as an incredible entertainer.


YouTube/Afra Bass

His awe-inspiring dance moves have lived on in the hearts of many, often imitated but never perfectly replicated.


YouTube/Carolina Del Valle Frias

Amazingly, he didn’t need a choreographer to teach him his famous dance moves. In fact, he made them up himself!


YouTube/Carolina Del Valle Frias

And if you’re heading out tonight and need to brush up on your dance moves, we’ve got just the video for you—featuring none other than James Brown himself!


YouTube/Fred Pixlab

In this footage, Brown gives you the grand tour of some of his most iconic moves.

He shows you how to get down the only way he knows how. For anyone willing and able, it’s fascinating to watch him teach the Boogaloo, supposedly “one of the hardest dance moves in the world,” and coincidentally a dance that used to make him dizzy doing it.

As the video progresses, Brown melts his body into a series of fluid motions that he calls the “Funky Chicken.”


YouTube/Fred Pixlab

As a viewer, it starts to become a somewhat attainable goal.

He truly makes it look easy. The short video turns into a dance move called “The Ol’ James Brown,” followed up by the famous “Mashed Potato.” You may find yourself laughing at the suggestion that this was made for the dance floor. And then Brown goes into the “Camel Walk.”

Lastly, he doesn’t hesitate to whip out an impeccable version of the well-known and loved “Robot.”


YouTube/Fred Pixlab

His mechanical moves outfit the funky background track in perfect time.


YouTube/Fred Pixlab

One watch, and you’ll undoubtedly be right beside Brown ready to shake things up into your own groovy inferno.


YouTube/Fred Pixlab

SPIN music magazine did a 1988 interview with the entertainer and declared this:

“When James Brown walks into a room, he is immediately aware of the danceability of the floor. He can tell through his feet the type of tree the floor is made from and which birds live in it. The surfaces he prefers are slate and polished wood.”

When interviewed about dancing, Brown admitted:

“Sometimes they make hard floors, but that don’t stop me from dancing. They [rivals] try to sabotage me, though, by making the floor rough and taking away the slide. But that don’t stop me neither.”

Nothing stopped Brown from showcasing his electric moves with the world. And nothing will stop the world from remembering and continuing to be inspired by the same.

Ready to learn from the master? Check out The Godfather of Soul and his dance moves in the video below!

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YouTube/Fred Pixlab

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James brown dance moves - The james brown shuffle move

Learn James brown dance moves in the video below:
The james brown shuffle

Video Transcript:
Alright you guys are doing amazing so far. We’ve already learned some great basic hip hop grooves. The next move we’re about to get into is named after really iconic performer, we’re calling it James Brown dance. We’re going to teach you the James Brown right now. Now this is variation on a move that he always used to do when he performed.

We’ve broken it down to a simper version that you guys can learn right now and be able to take to the club tonight. So take a look at it first and then I’m going to break it down step by step. Six, five, six, five, six, seven, eight and good. And five, six, seven, eight. Alright guys so let’s take that from the top of this move. So it looks a lot more complicated than it really is. I’m going to break it down in the simplest way possible. You’re going to start pointing in towards each other.

So you’re going to basically make a triangle on the floor with your feet. Alright, the first step, this leg is going to step out on the toe, one. The other leg on the other side is going to step in on the heel. Putting us in this position right here. One more time we’re going to repeat the sequence, this foot is going to step out on the toe or on the heel and this leg is going to step in on the toe. We end back where we started.

Now let’s go back the other way. This leg steps out on the toe, one, this leg eat on the heel, two, once again this leg out on the heel, three and this leg in on a toe, four. Alright so we always go from this position with our feet pointing in to this position with our feet pointing out. Alright one more time like that. Start with them pointing in, when I take this leg stepping out on a toe, one, this leg in on a heel, two, this leg out on a heel, three, this leg in on a toe, four. One more time coming back the other way. I’m going to step out on the toe, one, in on a heel, two, out on the heel, three, in on a toe, four. Alright you’ve got that basic movement down. Really practice that, you’ll get it down.

I know it’s awkward at first to be able to control your feet like that but you just have to give it a little bit of practice and it will become second nature in no time. Alright? What we’re going to do now is combine both of those movements that we do with each flip together in one single move. Alright? So starting from the same position, we’re going to turn this leg out on the toe and this leg in on the heel at the same time. Really slowly it goes just like this, and one, so you end up in this position. Alright bring that back to where we started. I’m going to show them one more time.

So from this position, remember this foot is coming out on the toe, this one in on the heel, they move the same time, really slow. Ready, lift it up and set it down, good. Same thing but now opposite, this leg out on a toe or out on a heel and this leg in on a toe, same time. Ready, set, bring it up, set it down, good. Now we’re going to bring it back the other way. So this leg steps out on a toe, this one in on a heel, they move the same time. Six, seven, eight, lift, bring it down. One more time, this leg stepping in on a toe, out on a heel, five, six, seven, eight down, good. Now really practice that, take the time to go over it, this is not going to come easy at first. Something you really got to take time to practice a little bit but after a little while you’ll get it down.

Now what I want you to do is take those two steps and try to do it a little bit faster and one smooth motion. Okay? So I’m going to show you first what I’m going to do, we’re going to go out to this side once, one and then we’re going to go back in to this side, two, and two. So go out again on this side, three, out three, back into the center and four, bring it in, four. Alright? So again it’s going to go out, in, out, in. Starting from this position with your feet, five, six, seven, eight, one, bring it in, two, bring it out, three, bring it in, four. Again just like that, five, six, seven, eight, out one, in two, out three, in four.

Alright one more time. A little bit faster with counts. We’ll go out in, out in. Ready? Five, six, seven, eight we go out, in, out, in, out, in, out, good job guys that’s awesome. Take that, make sure you practice it and you’ll get it better and better, start building up speed as you get comfortable with your feet moving like that. Alright? We’re going to try one more time with counts not stopping. So we’re going to go one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Alright going out to come in. Trying those counts in that first position, five, six, seven, eight and we go one. Two, three, four, five, six, repeat it, eight and one. Two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. Awesome.
So we’re getting better and better as we go along. What I want to do now is try it a little bit faster with counts and then we’ll try it with the music. Okay? So this move takes a lot of practice and a lot of repetition.

We’re going to speed it up a little bit now, same counts, here we go, five, six, seven, eight and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, again. And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, one more time. And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. We’re going to try that same James Brown step again doing a little bit faster this time. I’m going to change with the counts just a little bit but when we do it with music, you’ll be all set.

So starting with your feet facing together, we’re going end counts this time so we step out one, coming on and, two and three, and four, and five, and six, and seven, and eight. Alright so I think you guys are ready to try it music. It’s going to be a little bit faster right now but just remember those counts are one, and two, and three, and four. So with this music it will go one, and two, and three, and four, and five, and six, and seven and eight. So a little faster. I hope you’re for a challenge, give it a try. Starting from here we go five, six, five, six, seven, eight and one, and two, and three, and four, good, just groove it out, side to side with it, keep it up, just like that, get comfortable with it, you can move your hands up, you see at home, your shoulders are really tense, just bring them down, relax them. Remember, this move is all about the legs. Good, just groove it out. Nice guys, and five, six, five, six, seven, eight.

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Abstracts about funk culture from a Serovite who teaches children to street dance | Stories

The guest of our last podcast was Kirill Larionov from Serov, who runs the Funky People street dance studio. The studio has existed for 7 years and continues to develop. Kirill told us about his activities, business and lifestyle. We have collected 10 abstracts about what funk music and culture is. And about how a hobby becomes a matter of life.

Dance studio - not a business, but a hobby

Kirill Larionov believes that his studio is a hobby turned business. The young man did not want to follow the beaten path - "to the factory." Kirill calls himself "self-employed".

What is funk culture like?

Kirill Larionov notes that the phenomenon of funk, in a sense, was a reaction to the oppression of the black population in the United States of America in the 60s of the last century. Funk music is one of the fundamental currents in African American music. The musical direction itself symbolizes the transition from suffering to fun, from problems to getting joy from life. One of the most famous funk musicians is the American singer James Brown .

In addition to Brown's music, Kirill prefers Red Hot Chili Peppers, Canadian musician Jimmy Rockway and American singer Bruno Mars .

What dances exist in funk culture?

As the hero of our podcast says, he decided to dance “not mainstream dances”, but to focus on styles that are rarely seen in everyday life. These became Locking and Popping. Breakdancing is also performed to funk music.

What is Locking?

This is a funky dance style performed to hard, broken, rhythmic electronic music. Lock - translated from English as "lock", "close". It is based on the setting of a certain choreographic pose, which is fixed by the dancer depending on the musical pattern and rhythm. Considered a conservative dance style of funk culture.

What is Popping?

The dance is generally similar to Locking, but contains fewer fixed postures and movements ("locks"). The dancer's pose is distinguished by a strong muscle contraction of the shoulder girdle, arms in a certain proportion of the music. Unlike Locking, over the years of its existence, Popping has transformed more strongly. It incorporated many additional choreographic elements: "waves", "gliding", "pantomime" and others.

What's good in Europe?

Cyril travels a lot around the country. Been abroad - in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. In Düsseldorf, Germany, Larionov took part in the street dance championship.

He notes that it is very difficult to learn street dancing in Russia: there are practically no opportunities for learning in the provinces and they are rare in large cities. Traveling abroad, you can adopt positive experiences and learn new things.
Another Serov citizen was pleasantly surprised by the high level of people's culture and responsible attitude to the environment, which he saw abroad.

Does the province manage to interact with local authorities?

As Cyril notes, people are different, including those in power. Someone is interested in new approaches to culture, someone is not. For interaction, according to him, it is important to find interested people.
Kirill notes that a kind of exploitation often occurs: the creative team invited to the event does not receive anything. Organizers get paid. Youth activity, according to Kirill Larionov , seek to use on a voluntary basis.
You can listen to the podcast in its entirety on our website.

ap@serovglobus. ru · "Music of Freedom". As a citizen of Serov created a unique dance studio in the province. Podcast

You can also listen to our podcast:
Yandex.Music https://music.yandex.ru/album/13261543
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Learn, learn, learn... to dance.

If you want to learn how to dance, learn to look into each other's eyes.

Dancing can be a desire, but it can also be a favor.

If the ladies talked less, the partners would hear the music better.

You can forget the movement, you can not forget the mood.

Happiness is not in dancing, but in their quantity.

Isn't it obvious that dance is a complete metamorphosis? (Paul Valerie)

If you can talk, you can sing; if you can walk, you can dance. (African proverb)

Any problem in the world can be solved by dancing. (James Brown)

To dance is to affirm. (Bayard Call)

Beautiful handwriting is not given from birth - it needs to be learned; and ease of movement is the hallmark of one who knows how to dance. (Alexander Pope, Essay on Criticism)

Dance is a kind of wordless rhetoric. (Canon Toynot Arbu)

A king can be judged by the way they dance during his reign. (Chinese proverb)

True education includes the ability to sing and dance well. (Plato "Laws")

Dance is the only art form in which we ourselves are the instrument. (Rahel Farnhagen)

The day was wasted if I didn't dance. (Nietzsche)

A noble and correct dance is graceful geometry. (Ruth Katz)

Dance is the mother of all languages. (Collinwood)

Dancers are God's athletes. (Albert Einstein)

No sane person would dance. (Cicero)

He who cannot feel the music considers the dancers abnormal. (George Carlin)

When you dance you don't sweat: you glow. (Didi)

In a good dance there is not a single unnecessary movement. (Fred Astar)

Never criticize your partner. (Brave Combo)

The first appearance on the court must have an effect: you must be remembered once and for all. Whether they love you later or not, it doesn't matter, but you will be remembered. (Maris Liepa)

The more fabric, the less visible. (Dassi)

Tell me what your favorite dance is and I'll tell you who you are! (Dassi)

An experienced partner is looking for a partner who is weaker than herself, and a partner is looking for a partner stronger than herself. (Dassi)

You should never think that your partner is any worse than you. Moreover, it cannot be shown on stage. Maris Liepa

If you know the names of all the movements that you dance, then you are either a beginner or an international class dancer. (Dassi)

When you step on the floor, you must dance. You do not need to execute schemes, bring out your arms, straighten your legs, make a facial expression. You need to forget about unsatisfied tests and exams, unresolved problems and profitable acquisitions, successes and disappointments, personal insults and bright prospects. (Dassi)

Discipline is one of the most necessary qualities of a dancer. (Boris Moiseev)

The audience must be kept in suspense, dancing with feelings. (Boris Moiseev)

Dancing is the art of pulling your foot before your partner steps on it.

I don't try to dance better than everyone else. I try to dance better than myself. (Mikhail Baryshnikov)

A successful dance partnership is similar to the relationship of good relatives - a lot of patience and mountains of work. (Kay Gilly)

Dance-themed websites were used

Tango humor

— Advise, mother, what should I do? I just don't know which of the three to choose. One earns well, the other is smart, the third dances very well.

— And the first one, — says mother, — could not learn to dance?

During the dance, the gentleman gently hugs his partner and whispers: — Oh, I feel like in paradise! - Indeed? she answers. - And I'm on the bus.

At a social ball during a dance, a lady dressed in a low-cut dress asks her dance partner:

— Sir, how do you find my dress?

- Sorry, lady - but I can't find it at all. ..

If a dancer wants to show that there is no gravity, then this is ballet.

If a dancer wants to show that gravity oppresses him, then this is modern.

If a dancer wants to show that he is ready to die in the fight against gravity, then jazz.

Definition of Tom Parke

"Sayings" of coaches and dancers: a selection from various sites

  • Do not ram another couple with your partner!
  • Partners! Do not ride partners!
  • What are you doing under your partner's arm again?
  • Who dropped his elbows?
  • You need to stand on your own feet.
  • Do not shuffle on the parquet! Well, turn off the sound!
  • How did you sit down? Bring a night vase?
  • Turn your knee the other way.
  • What is this pose?
  • I'll call you: "Mr. Dead Thighs."
  • Not leading you? So give him in the horny compartment!
  • Stay away from this couple!
  • The partner should go chest forward.
  • Well, look at her! Are you dancing with a girl?
  • Don't kick, it's not the right way to kick.
  • What is this, love? Oh my God!
  • Hug partners! And is that all you can do?
  • Where did you go on crooked legs?
  • We will not do this pose. I don't need corpses.
  • Partners! Don't break your partner's spine on your knee!
  • The thigh is the part of the body that starts from the shoulder and ends at the knee!
  • To dance well, the partner must be loose!
  • H-yes... guys, dancing tango is not like cracking grandma's pies!

Information from the site tangoclass.ru is used

Tangoman's code

Some say that tango is a lifestyle, others say that it is a philosophy, others say that it is life itself. In fact, tango is a diagnosis, tangomania is a disease. And like every disease, it has its own symptoms. If you find at least one of them, then the rest will soon make themselves felt.

Tango code:

  • You go into withdrawal if you don't get at least one dose of tango a week
  • Do you know who Carlos Gardel is
  • You always carry a pair of dancing shoes with you
  • You always have lollipops or sweets with you to freshen your breath
  • You listen to tango music even when you are not in practice or milonga.
  • A trip to Buenos Aires is the dream of your life
  • Now you divide people into those who dance tango and those unfortunate ones who don't dance
  • You manage to turn any conversation into tango within two minutes.
  • No matter how tired you are, tango always energizes you
  • When you make your way through the crowd, you automatically do something tangy
  • Your working computer passwords are always connected with tango.
  • Your e-mail contains the word "tango"
  • Your ear is able to discern the possibilities for performing tango in any form of music
  • You have been seen dancing in car parks more than once
  • You now spend twice as much time on personal hygiene
  • You mentally dance the tango
  • While dancing, you sing in your partner's ear
  • Your favorite color is black
  • You perceive and evaluate any area in terms of its suitability for a dance floor
  • After a few hours of tango you sometimes forget where you parked your car.

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