Anniversary waltz lyrics oh how we danced

The Anniworsery Waltz, Parody Song Lyrics of Traditional, "The Anniversary Waltz"

The Anniworsery Waltz, Parody Song Lyrics of Traditional, "The Anniversary Waltz"

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Original Song Title:

"The Anniversary Waltz"

Original Performer:

Parody Song Title:

"The Anniworsery Waltz"

Parody Written by:

Oh, how we danced on the night we were wed
There were holes in the floor, so we danced on the bed
Right there from our room, watched the stars in the skies
Bad roof, cheap motel, it's all twenty bucks buys..

Then, when I loved you and gave you my all
Night clerk in the next room, had ears to the wall
We heard his loud breathing, before he yelled, "Yo!"
"Hey Buddy, the way to go!"

When the night disappeared and became the new dawn
Our clothes, and our cash, and our car, all were gone
We called up the law, added humility
They threw us in jail, called the charge vagrancy. ..

Next day we bailed out, but, you were so mad
When we got back home, a divorce we had
Sad story, this moral, all lovers should know
Don't marry without lots of dough..

Don't marry without lots of dough...

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Anniversary Song Chords - Andy Williams

  • The Anniversary Song was written by Al Jolson and Saul Chaplin in 1946. It is an adaptation of the 1820 waltz, Waves Of The Danube written by Romanian military band leader and composer - Ion Ivanovic. This version by Andy Williams is featured on his album - Call Me Irresponsible.
  • Music: Ebm in 3/4 time at ~128 bpm .
  • Chords: Ebm, Fm, Gb, Abm, Bb7, B6, Db9
  • Easier in the key of Dm
  • Chords in Dm: Dm, Em, F, Gm, A7, Bb6, C9

Numbered Circles: Fingers used to play chords   O: Optional Note
Barre Line: One finger holds down multiple strings   R: Root Note
Unmarked strings: Play open   X: Don't play string    B: Bass Note

Anniversary Song

Capo on 1st fret if playing with the video

The Relative Major Key of Dm is highlighted (F) - Transpose to any other key.
 A7 Dm Gm Bb6 A7 Intro: 3/4 ‖ | 𝄎 | | 𝄎 | | 𝄎 | | ‖ A7 Dm 1. Oh___ How we danced___ On the night___ We were wed Gm Dm A7 Dm We vowed___ Our true love___ Though a word___ Was-n't said A7 Dm The world was in bloom___ There were stars___ In the skies Gm Dm A7 Dm Ex-cept___ For the few__ That were there___ In your eyes C9 F Chorus: Dear as I held you so close in my arms Bb6 F An-gels were sing-ing a hymn to your charms Gm Em A7 Dm Two hearts gent-ly beat-ing were mur-mur-ing low Gm Dm A7 Dm "My Darl-ing I love you | so. " | 𝄎 | 𝄎 | 𝄎 | A7 Dm 3. The night___ Seemed to fade___ In-to blos-som-ing dawn Gm Dm A7 Dm The sun___ Shone a-new___ But the dance___ Ling-ered on A7 Dm Could we___ But re-live___ That sweet mo-ment sub-lime Gm Dm A7 Dm We'd find___ That our love___ Is un-al-tered by time C9 F Chorus: Dear as I held you so close in my arms Bb6 F An-gels were sing-ing a hymn to your charms Gm Em A7 Dm Two hearts gent-ly beat-ing were mur-mur-ing low Gm Dm A7 Dm Gm A7 Dm "My... Darl-ing I love you | so." | 𝄎 | | | | 

Please Note: When playing Bb6, it may be easier to barre the first fret (strings 1-5). It has no effect on the sound as the notes are all covered by the fingers on the third fret... and it may be a little more comfortable.

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composer Evgeni Doga celebrates his jubilee

On the first day of spring the famous Moldavian and Soviet composer Evgeni Doga celebrates his jubilee. Musician turns 85! Evgeny Doga is included in the top 100 composers of the 20th century. The maestro's collection contains music of various genres: from suites to ballet performances to romances for films. Doga's music graced more than two hundred films. The famous “Waltz of the Flowers” ​​from the movie “My Sweet and Gentle Beast” became an absolute hit. Even 40 years later, weddings, performances and performances at world sports competitions are played to this tune. On his birthday, Eugene Doga is not averse to plunge into the past and look into the future.

It's always spring in my garden…

Thoughtful and inspired by something. Evgeny Dmitrievich often spends time in the winter garden, equipped at his home. The first sketches and ideas of the composer were often born here. Maestro Doga says flowers bring him back to his youth.

“Flowers bring me joy. They are symbols of life, like the sun. They are unlikely to bloom in darkness or cold. Flowers are spring. And spring is a rebirth for me. Like a new composition, it is a revival of new feelings,” the composer philosophizes.

Maestro knows which flowers need more sun and which ones need constant watering. He says plants feel the mood of the owner well.

“When I am away for a long time, they get bored and wither. Flowers need to be done. My wife is in charge here, but I manage too. I'm a peasant's son. Not born into a royal family with a piano and a violin in his hands. I was born with glanders who gave me calluses instead of applause,” recalls the maestro.

Eugene Doga was born in the Moldovan village of Mokra. There was nowhere to study music. There is only one violinist in the whole village, says the composer. And he dreamed of music. Yevgeny Dmitrievich remembers how he assembled the radio himself: he caught a wave and greedily hunted for every note.

Peasant's son

The maestro thanks his mother for his creative success, who took him to Chisinau. In the capital, young Eugene entered the music school in the cello class.

“Mom is a wise person. She sacrificed everything she could. Even with my modest abilities, in order to still send me to Chisinau to study. It was not easy, but she did it,” recalls the maestro.

Yevgeny Dmitrievich says that the fellow villagers reacted disapprovingly to such an act. Then all the boys dreamed of becoming agronomists or mechanics, and music was considered nothing more than entertainment at weddings.

Photo from the composer's personal archive

“Being a musician meant being poor. Because at all times musicians were beggars. Mom thought what she would say to people? And they asked where I study. When mom answered - a musician, they shook their heads: “Oh, poor thing!” says the composer.

Evgeny Doga's neighbors did not stop gossip. He went to his dream, after college he entered the conservatory in the cello class. He says he knew he would be famous.

“It was the development of the energy that was laid down by nature. Intuitively, I had a feeling that this energy is in me. I knew that I could. Not everyone enjoys what they do, but I did!” - recalls the maestro.

He did not despair even when he had to leave his favorite instrument. Due to constant rehearsals on the cello, his hand was paralyzed. But even after the injury, the maestro did not stop. He entered the conservatory for the second time, but already on a composer's course.

“I wanted to be noticed and did absolutely everything that depended on me for this. And what depended on me? Work! If I played the cello for 12 hours until the blood on my fingers. Is it without a trace? Was this supposed to end? Nothing like this! And it didn’t end,” the maestro explains.


There is a small room in the maestro's house, a kind of creative workshop. The cabinets here are crammed with music, so the doors won't close. The composer saves all sketches. From many passages on music paper, masterpieces were born more than once.

“I can't work in large spaces, I'm looking for spaces where absolutely everything is at hand. So that I don't get disturbed. See what's on the piano? Notes and a pen, I leave something every day. Thought must be fixed. Feminine thought, capricious. If you don’t pay attention to it, it will run away,” says the composer.

He catches the thought quickly. For this, Evgeny Doga was loved in cinema, which brought the composer worldwide popularity. Since the 1970s, Doga's paintings with music came out one after another: "Lautari", "The camp goes to the sky", "My sweet and gentle beast", "Queen Margo". Eugene Doga has written music for more than 200 films.

Photo from the composer's personal archive

“Creativity is an internal self-loading apparatus. If tomorrow I had to shoot a scene, I imagined it with music. Heard the movie. This is how internal reserves work. Sometimes they say it's a gift. And I think that this is something like a chip that is laid by nature, ”the composer reflects.

Music gave the picture character and unique energy. Sometimes it took a lot of effort to find the right melodies and original timbres. For example, for the film “The Tabor Goes to the Sky” by the Moldavian director Emil Loteanu, singing gypsies were searched throughout the Soviet Union. They were looking for nuggets.

“Loteanu set the task of making a good movie, and I took this task as my own. Emil was looking for gypsies who smell like a fire. We split up: one was looking in the Moscow region, the other in Transbaikalia. Finally found! Yes, and with real, original folklore. For recording, they had to be prepared to a highly professional level. That is, we, as chemists, have done it, ”laughs Evgeniy Doga.

The most famous film waltz in the world

Evgeni Doga and director Emil Loteanu have a strong friendship and creativity: together they released 5 films. World fame came to the composer after the release of the film "My affectionate and gentle beast." The movie became the leader of the box office, and the "Waltz of the Flowers" became a hit.

Photo from the composer's personal archive

“I have seventy-five waltzes, no less. But for some reason, people especially fell in love with this particular one. And it all worked out in a matter of hours. I kept putting off writing it. I remember the angry Lotyanu enters and asks loudly - where is the waltz? My draft with sketches saved me. I pushed off from him, wrote in a few hours, ”recalls the maestro.

The waltz received national love and fame. This melody rang the bells of the Peter and Paul Fortress, under it the jets of fountains beat in St. Petersburg, Chisinau, Tashkent, Sochi. The Doga Waltz has been included in the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List. Such a rise of one work for the composer is both a gift and a cross, the maestro believes.

“Yes, the waltz from the film “My Sweet and Gentle Beast” is wonderful. But I also have a polka and overtures. You can't focus on just one. It's not just a person's face. There are arms, legs, soul in the end. People are fixated on one thing. Waltz, waltz, and there are other great things,” the composer explains.

Eugene Doga says that he no longer writes for cinema. Film studios continue to receive offers, but the maestro rejects them without regret.

“I'm not interested in this anymore. The very form of modern cinema, plots. That's not mine. I'm a romantic, and here are solid action movies, thrillers. Yes, you will not do better than the Americans - this is their style. And our style is romantic. The audience is waiting for something good, pleasant – romantic emotions,” he says.

The maestro's works written for films are still popular. They are often heard on television and on large-scale shows. It is worth remembering the Olympics in Sochi and Beijing. Maestro says that he has many memories associated with the Games.

Rhythms of the 1980 Olympics

According to the composer, the most ambitious project for him was the work on melodies for the Moscow 1980 Olympics. Eugene Doga is one of the authors of music for the opening and closing of the Games. He recalls how in the late 70s he was approached by the directors of the Olympics.

“Just imagine, writing for the entire globe! This is incomprehensible to the mind. Yes, by the 80th year my “gentle beast” (“Waltz of Flowers, written for the film “My Sweet and Gentle Beast” - ed.) had already done its job, there was a wave of recognition and popularity. My waltz, with its animal energy, prompted the directors to turn to me to write this music. And I gladly agreed,” says Eugene Doga.

It was a new experience for the composer. To immerse himself in the atmosphere of sports, he rented a room next to the Central Stadium, where the opening of the Games was to take place.

Photo from the composer's personal archive

“The task was to get into the rhythm of this action. The rhythm was youthful: peace, youth, life. All this was to enter into the character of this music. There should have been a pulse. I have followed this rule all my life. You have to live impulsively. And the music should be the same,” says the composer.

Doga wrote a cycle of melodies and suites for musical accompaniment of solemn ceremonies. More than 16 thousand people participated in them.

The composer recalls how, at the opening of the Olympics, he sat on the same podium with the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU, Leonid Brezhnev.

“Such a large-scale event was the first time for me. It took my breath away when thousands of people walked in a huge column in these rhythms, built pyramids. An amazing sight. I can't even believe it had anything to do with me. It was a test of the quality of my work, how it is consonant with the viewer. And this work was noticed. There were a lot of materials in the press,” says Evgeniy Doga.

The melodies of 40 years ago are practically inaccessible to the general public today. The maestro dreams of recording them with an orchestra.

“There are some interesting things there. I even included them in the program of one of the concerts that will take place abroad. Well, there is nowhere in the recording of this music. Not in the music libraries, not in the radio and television programs. Why?" Doga is outraged.

On the best stage

Most of the composer's recordings still survive. Songs to the music of Evgeny Doga were performed by such celebrities as Larisa Dolina, Sofia Rotaru, Nadezhda Chepraga, Nikolai Karachentsov. The maestro recalls with trepidation his main stages - he traveled half the world with concerts.

“It was important for me to play in the Kremlin – I did. It was important for me that my ballet, which is not performed in Chisinau, should be danced at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, at the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg, in Kyiv, in Minsk. It was important for me to play on the best stage in Bucharest. In Schonenburg, in Vienna, where Mozart performed. And I played. And now I look at my hugs and understand that the whole world cannot be embraced,” the maestro says with irony.

Concerts are now a rarity for the composer. Brings health. Now the goals are more earthly. In honor of Eugene Doga, a cultural center will be opened in Chisinau. He will become the new brainchild of the maestro.

“All my musical materials will be concentrated there. The state is going to systematize them. I would like a union of composers to work there, with musicologists. We will pay special attention to children. Children are my weakness. I want to see a summer stage there for performances by children's groups. Let them reveal their talents,” Doga shared his plans.

“The best present is time…”

Evgeny Dmitrievich is not in a hurry to talk about his plans. Noticing that he builds them exclusively on blank sheets of music paper.

“I'm in C major. But he doesn't come by himself. The main thing is never to look for negative aspects in what you do. And if someone says to me: “I'm tired”, I will answer that there is no such word in the new edition of the dictionary! Just like the phrases “I don’t want to,” the composer laughs.

He likes to make jokes and seem to cheat time. And it is always small, the musician admits. At 85, he asked fate as a gift for a little more time and strength to realize his plans.

The 5th anniversary season of Dancing with the Stars starts on 1+1 TV channel

On September 5, the 5th anniversary season of Dancing with the Stars starts on 1+1 TV channel.

On September 2, the premiere of the new 5th season of the dance show "Dancing with the Stars" took place, which starts on the air already on on Sunday, September 5 at 21:00 . The creators of the show "Dancing with the Stars" promise to make it unforgettable. Vladimir Zavadyuk, Head of Big Entertainment Shows Department:

We will amaze you first of all with your mood, because “dance with your heart” is about emotions that you can’t edit, about love that you can’t imagine and about a couple that the whole country will believe in. This year, we primarily worked on updating the team, because we believe that new blood can make us even stronger. And most importantly, the audience will get acquainted with the cool Ukrainian, who is the star of America - Max Chmerkovskiy.

The new judge of the dance show "Dancing with the Stars" Max Chmerkovskiy has been on the floor of the American "Dancing with the Stars" for more than 10 years. The world champion in Latin American dances, the world famous choreographer returned to Ukraine to take the judge's chair this season.

To the insidious question of how he plans to judge the participants - condescendingly or with all severity, Max answered without hesitation:

Why do you have everything divided into strict and kind? I can be honest and fair.

SEE ALSO: New Dancing with the Stars judge Max Chmerkovskiy: “For me, the most important thing is dance, that’s what I will evaluate”

The American dancer will be accompanied by Ekaterina Kukhar and Vlad Yama. Ivanna Onufriychuk became the new host of the goldroom on the show "Dancing with the Stars".

We remind you that 14 participants will take to the floor in the new season: Jamala, Oleg Fagot Mikhailyuta, Alexandra Zaritskaya, Alexei Surovtsev, Anastasia Orudzhova, Ivan Lyulenov, Konstantin Voitenko, Dmitry Kadnay, Evgenia Vlasova, Olga Kharlan, Artur Logay, Lida Lee, MÉLOVIN, Stanislav Goruna.

On the first broadcast, the star participants will be paired with dancers, who are also in an updated line-up this season. At the summer casting, the best dancers of the country were chosen for the show, who already at the presentation in an incendiary battle proved the right to enter the main parquet of the country.

Season 5 of Dancing with the Stars is a season of unexpected transformations of stars who, by participating in Dancing, first of all challenge themselves. Alexandra Zaritskaya commented on her participation in the show:

I want to see myself completely different: super confident, light, as flexible as possible. Now a new stage in my life, because for the first time in several years I look at myself in the mirror and like myself.

Olga Kharlan commented on her participation in the show "Dancing with the Stars" as follows:

We all get tired - sweat, blood. Everyone wants to come to the floor and win. For me, the most difficult thing on the floor is ... everything. There are highly coordinated movements in dances, at the same time you must pay attention to technique, control emotions. Everything is easier with me in fencing.

READ ALSO: Olga Kharlan about participation in the new season of the show "Dancing with the Stars": "Oh, I'm already worried!"

The grand premiere of the super show "Dancing with the Stars" see September 5 at 21:00 on TV channel 1+1 . We remind you that you can already buy tickets for live broadcasts by clicking on the image:


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LAUD - There de ti - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Results Show: Week 13 - Dancing with the Stars 2021
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MOZGI – ZAVTRA – Dancing with the Stars 2021
Konstantin Voitenko and Roksoliana Malanchuk - Slow Waltz - Dancing with the Stars 2021
At the final of "Dancing with the Stars" it became known who will become the coach of the show "Voice of the Country-12"
The main prize of the charity project "Your Dream" appeared in the show Dancing with the Stars
Olga Kharlan and Dmitry Dikusar - Tango - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Artur Logay and Anna Karelina - Viennese Waltz - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Grand Super Final: Opening Number - Dancing with the Stars 2021.
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