Teach your boyfriend how to dance with you

I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You by Black Kids

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  • The Black Kids hail from Jacksonville, Florida and consist of Reggie Youngblood, (guitar, vocals), Ali Youngblood (keyboards, vocals), Dawn Watley (keyboards, vocals), Owen Holmes (bass) and Kevin Snow (drums). This was their debut single and it was originally found on their 2007 self-released EP Wizard Of Ahhhs.

  • In this song Reggie Youngblood is mocking a girl's boyfriend with "two left feet," all the while worrying that he's nothing without his superior moves. He explained to the Guardian newspaper: "I like that about human nature. That you can think the world of yourself one moment and then the next you're a cowardly, awkward, sniveling piece of s--t. It's all there lurking and it's so random what's going to come to the forefront. "

  • Reggie Youngblood explained to Vice magazine the background to this track: "Well, Jacksonville is a sort of anomaly, in that despite being a somewhat culturally bereft city, we have amazing dance parties at which we dance like motherfu--ers. So, in this environment, I've repeatedly found myself in situations where girls love to dance with me ('cause I can move, baby) but usually go home with someone else, who can't dance for s--t. It's a problem."

  • In the same Vice magazine interview, Youngblood explained the band's name: "It is REALLY hard to come up with a name that hasn't been taken. You think of something you like, Google it, and sure enough, someone's beat you to it. So, we thought, we really must have something that most people won't touch. And it should sound cool. I find it hilarious when someone black asks Owen or Kevin (who are both white) what band they play in, because they're not quite comfortable saying it aloud. If I'm with them, I just keep very quiet and relish the awkwardness. "

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Black Kids – I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (2008, White, Vinyl)

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AI'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You

Mixed By – Lexxx

Mixed By – Lexxx

B1I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (Twelves Remix)

Remix – Twelves*

Remix – Twelves*

B2I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (Twelves Remix - Dub Version)

Remix – Twelves*

Remix – Twelves*

  • Manufactured By – www. gzvinyl.com
  • Pressed By – GZ Digital Media – 76092M
  • Engineer – Seb Lewsley*
  • Producer – Bernard Butler
  • Written-By – Black Kids

Front cover bears a black circular sticker in the top left corner which states "COOL WHITE VINYL AGUK001T" in white text.

  • Barcode (Scanned): 602517675841
  • Barcode (Text): 6 02517 67584 1
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout, side A, stamped): www.gzvinyl.com - AGUK001T - A 76092M1/A
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout, side B, stamped): AGUK001T - B 76092M2/A
I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (7", Single, White)AlmostGold RecordingsAGUK001SUK2008

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I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend (CDr, Maxi-Single, Promo)Universal Music DenmarknoneDenmark2008

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I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (CD, Single)AlmostGold RecordingsAGUK001CDSUK2008

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I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (CD, Single, Promo, Card Sleeve)AlmostGold RecordingsAGUK001CDPUK2008

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I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With Me (CDr, Single, Promo)AlmostGold Recordings, Universal MusicAGUK001CDP, UMUSIC 01379Netherlands2008
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Teach Me Happiness Chapter 2

Tokyo. Club Ageha .

Arriving in Japan, Katsu and Takayuki first went to the best club in the country - Ageha. Katsu is the last one out of the car. He nods to the guard at the entrance. Katsu fiddles with his cane as he walks down the hallway of the club. He is wearing a navy blue suit and his jet black hair is well styled. Katsu walks forward with a firm gait, paying no attention to anyone. People themselves part before him, bowing their heads. As always, Takayuki follows Katsu. He scans the crowd, scanning the entire room with his eyes. The guy's dark brown hair is styled back. Unlike his friend, Takayuki was dressed in black skinny jeans, a white T-shirt that was tight-fitting with a strong body, over which a black leather jacket was thrown over. The guys walk past the dance floor, ignoring the twitching half-naked bodies. Having risen to the second floor, the guys stop in front of a massive door, waiting for their people to agree with the guards. The conversation lasts longer than Katsu's allotted 10 seconds, so Takayuki rolls his eyes and steps forward. Leaving behind two bodies that continue to writhe in pain, the guys go into a huge gloomy hall. In the center is a jacuzzi, where there are now two men and three girls. There are several sofas in the corners, where several more people are located, who immediately reach for their belts. Takayuki looks around, counting the approximate number of people, then turns to the DJ, telling them to turn off the music.

"Who's in charge?" Katsu asks with disgust but firmness in his voice.
-Who are you? What the hell do you want here?
- Am I talking quietly? I'm asking, who's in charge here?" Katsu repeats calmly.
A corpulent man climbs out of the jacuzzi. He approaches Cats, looking him straight in the eye.
- Well, me.
- Excellent. Now my turn.

The man looks for a couple of seconds, and then bursts into loud laughter. Katsu only purses his lips in a sneer in response, turning his head towards Takayuki, ordering him to close the door. As soon as the man stops chuckling, Katsu quickly draws his sword from his cane, slitting the throat of the former owner of the club. Two more men fall behind him. Katsu grabs a bottle of champagne from the table and sits down on the couch. Blood splatter, screams, tears - all this prevents Cats from relaxing. Only when everything calms down can he rest in peace. The guy's gaze clings to the girl sitting near the pole. She is shaking like an aspen leaf, looking around in horror.

"Hey baby," Katsu calls her, patting her knee, "come here." Let's celebrate.
The girl raises her fearful eyes, but cannot disobey. Black eyes tighten, force to obey. The girl slowly walks towards the guy, clapping her bare feet on the bloodied floor.

-I want to redo everything. It smells of nothing but bad taste around here. And how could the largest club in the city be turned into some kind of small hangout?
- Because it's not enough to have money, you need at least some sense of style. And these are small fry who got rich in a couple of minutes, and they already think that they are the coolest in the world. - Takayuki grins, taking the bottles and drinking straight from the throat, - I will arrange for everything to be done as you want. When is the meeting with your sister-in-law's family?
-They decide something about the wedding. I hope that everything goes on like this, and we will see each other only there. In the meantime, order the best alcohol and girls. I want "Welcome" from this city, let them welcome the new king.

After that, Takayuki leaves the hall. Katsu wipes the tears from the girl's face, forcing her to look into her eyes.
-And you, baby, come down. Show how you can work with the tongue. You can do it, don't you?” Katsu pulls, running his nose along the girl's cheek, “Because if you don't know how, then we'll cut it off for you. After all, why do you need it then?

The girl often nods her head, slipping down from the guy's knees.

"You know that soon I'll be the wife of the coolest mafioso, so we'll have to end our relationship," Yuki says, climbing onto Ryota's hips on the bed.
-We don't have a relationship.
- Don't be mean. We've had so many wonderful nights together. Here. In this bed, the girl whispers directly into the guy's ear, rubbing her nose along her cheek.
- Exactly. We spent time in bed. And now let your Igarashi Ketsu satisfy you.
-And if it turns out to be a log, then I can run to you? - Yuki says with a smirk.
- You don't seem to understand with whom you are linking your fate, - Ryota turns the girl over, hanging from above, - he will bury us alive, put us in one coffin. And life is dear to me. So it's your last day at my apartment, enjoy." Ryota leans forward kissing Yuuki, tongues interlocking almost instantly.
-Your rudeness makes me hate you more and more. Look, in an unexpected way, my daddy will find out that you are pleasing my mother.
- Well, you're a bitch. It's a lie." Ryota hisses, giving a rough push.
-But he doesn't know that.
- Hah, well, good luck. - push again, much rougher than the previous one.
- Well, let's see. And in general, stop it, it hurts me! - Yuki screams, scratching the shoulders of his "brother". But Ryota does not hear her, but only presses the girl harder into the bed, trying to satiate her with the last hours...

Eiko has been trying to wash her jacket for an hour already, but it's all in vain. The paint is spreading more and more, and there is no longer any strength to restrain the hysteria that has rolled up. Eiko throws her sweater on the floor, covering her eyes with her hands. Hot tears of resentment and anger flow down the girl's cheeks. Eiko understands that here she is, her edge, that she has no more strength to endure. I just want someone to hug you and say "everything will be fine. Relax. I'll do everything for you." But alas, there is none. Mom used to do this, but after her death, Eiko no longer sees the joy in life. The girl stops crying when she hears the front door slam. Looking at herself in the mirror, she leaves the bathroom, walking towards the kitchen. At the table sits as always a drunken father. Eiko takes dinner out of the fridge and puts it in the microwave. The girl collects her thoughts for a few seconds, thinking of starting a conversation with her father.
- I will work.
- You are already working.
- At night. The money I receive is not enough.
-Where are you, bitch, money going?
-On you! Who's to blame that you love the booze more than your daughter! Actually, I've already made up my mind.
-Whom did you decide there, creature!? Are you going to spread your legs!? I won't let you dishonor my name!
- She's already disgraced nowhere else. I will dance, you hear, dance.
-How dare you talk to your father like that!? I'll kill you, scum, I'll kill you for sure.
"Then maybe you should find a job, since you're so protective of your last name!" Eiko yells, getting the first slap in the face.
-Apparently, I haven't taught you parenting lessons for a long time. But it's okay, we'll fix it now.
-Not this time. Either leave me and I'll go, or...
-Oh, you scum! - the man shouts, advancing on Eiko. Eiko then quickly runs into her room, gathering her things, and runs out into the street. It doesn't matter where, as long as it's away from this nightmare.

Eiko sleeps almost all the couples, because the night was pretty terrible. In the evening, the girl goes to the Ageha club, where she was called to work a month ago. There, the girl learns that the manager who called her was fired. Eiko still manages to meet a new manager who agreed to look at her abilities. Eiko has been dancing since childhood, but after the death of her mother, she had to give up everything. Although the body still remembers.
The manager agrees to hire Eiko, but now refuses to pay any amount, saying that he must watch her for at least a week. Considering that Eiko will be paid this week, the girl immediately sighs with relief.

Yuuki is angry. No not like this. Yuuki is furious. Ryota had just kicked her out of his apartment, making it clear that this was the end. No, Yuki was not in love with her brother, but it was still a shame. Now she will have to become the wife of some incomprehensible type. It’s not a fact that they will get along, but the girl knows for sure that there will be a lot of gifts bought with her husband’s money. Compensation for moral damage.

Yuuki is now going to the Ageha club, where her friends are already waiting for her. The girl gets out of the car, letting go of the driver. She is wearing navy blue skinny pants, a light white blouse and stiletto heels. Yuki goes to the doors of the club, behind which lies the realm of alcohol and debauchery, but suddenly some kind of bully blocks her way.

-I don't understand, - Yuki frowns, - what kind of nonsense?
- You can't.
-What? Since when?
- Do not pass face control. - the bully grins, examining Yuki.
- Are you crazy? What the fuck is face control? You're finished, - Yuki hisses, taking out the phone, - pray to all the gods, and at the same time get ready to apologize.
-Hey baby, stop bullying. Not you, not your company will not go to the club. The owner has a meeting. Get out of here. the second guard intervenes, waving his hand to the side.
-You'll regret not letting me in, I give you my word that I...
Yuuki doesn't have time to finish. Several cars drive up to the club, at the head of which is a black Rolls-Royce. The guards are immediately put out, opening the doors and stepping aside. Yuuki stands with a raised eyebrow, watching the scene. The first guy to leave the club is a guy with dark brown hair. He stops near a Rolls-Royce, and, apparently, he is waiting for someone. And he's waiting. A guy follows him out of the club. He steps to the Rolls with a firm step, his hair the color of a raven's wing, and his eyes are like night. He is wearing a classic black suit. One hand is in his pants pocket, and in the other he twirls a cane. One look at him is enough to know who is in charge here. Yuki seems to feel the power emanating from him. The girl looks and cannot look away, as if she is drowning in this guy.
He approaches the car, in no hurry to get in. Yuki examines the boy's arms, noticing a pair of rings and a tattoo on his arm peeking out from under his shirt sleeves.
The guy, feeling the eyes on him, turns his head to the side. Their eyes meet and it seems to be what they call "spark, storm, madness".
The guy slides his eyes over the girl's figure, then returning his gaze to the profile. Yuki does not look away, on the contrary looks down. She is the queen here, it is in front of her that they should look away, and not vice versa.
Yuuki twists her lips into a smile, straightens her hair, and again stares straight ahead. Knows what looks great. Katsu's interest is increasing every second. He scans the girl with his eyes for the hundredth time, trying to remember. What for? He doesn't know himself.
Takayuki follows his friend's gaze, examines the girl, just wants to say something, but Katsu jerks the door sharply and gets into the car.

When everyone leaves, Yuki just stands there, staring at one point. At the offer of the guard to enter, he waves his hand away. The driver calls and goes home.

-Are you unable to sleep again? Nightmares again? - says Yuki, climbing under the covers to her sister and hugging her from the back, - I'll sleep with you today. Sleep, and I will guard your dream.
Marie laughs softly, turning to face her sister and poking her shoulder.

Everything happened when Marie was 8 years old. Then she begged her parents for a long time to spend the night with a friend, but all the time she was refused. However, one day, the father himself invited her to go. Then Marie was delighted, now she would be frightened...
They played a lot with their friend, but when everyone was going to sleep, the girl remembered the toy she had forgotten at home. Refusing to sleep without her, Marie asked to be taken home to pick her up quickly.

Mari ran out of the car near the gate, intending to quickly pick up the toy and return back. However, everything went wrong. As soon as little Marie ran into the house, she was met by a huge mountain of corpses, pools of blood and a terrible smell. Mari froze, looking in horror at her father, who beat someone with a hammer. The girl fainted, woke up only when she was already in the hospital. Since that day, Marie does not go out into the street, the world does not see, she sits in a ban. He goes crazy from his father's voice, sees corpses in his dreams, wakes up screaming. Mari hates her family, everyone except Yuki. Her sister is like a lifeline for her, she is always there, she surrounds her with care, she loves her very much. Marie wants to leave, forget everything, but she understands that she cannot even take a step out of the room.

Eiko was able to rent a small apartment during her week at the club. During this time, the girl began to gain popularity, although she still remains a little constrained.
Eiko is pole dancing in the main hall. They don’t choose her for private, she’s new, not experienced yet. But today everything is changing. The manager himself comes for her, leading to the second floor. Eiko wears a white wreath that always slides to one side. The girl is escorted with angry glances by those dancers who have already been upstairs. When the door to the hall is opened for her, the first thing Eiko sees is the stage in the center, and sofas with tables around. A dark-haired guy sits on one of the sofas. He slides his eyes over the girl's body, staring openly. Eiko looks away in embarrassment. The guy waves his hand, calls to come up, and the girl has no right to refuse.
"So this is what angels look like these days?" Katsu smirks, sliding his fingers over Eiko's belly. "Do you know who I am?"
Eiko shakes her head, trying not to make eye contact.
- I am the devil. And today we will sin with you. I will atone for you in sin, and you will like it so much that you will beg for more. - Katsu whispers into the lips of a frightened girl, and knocks her down on the sofa. The music muffles the cries of the late-recovering Eiko, and the door to the hall closes more tightly.

A famous choreographer offered dance lessons to a girl from Aramil to console her after her TV show failure | e1.



Thirteen-year-old Kristina Starodubova from Aramil got on the show "You're super" on the NTV channel. For her performance, the girl chose the song Ain't Nobody, but she could not win over the jury, and she was not allowed into the next round. Stas Piekha criticized her pronunciation, and the singer Yolka said that Christina was too squeezed during the performance.

But the participant of the show "Dancing with the Stars" Yevgeny Papunaishvili, who came specially to support our compatriot, offered dance lessons to Kristina. Before that, the girl said that Eugene was her idol and she was learning to dance from his video lessons.

– I will be happy to work with you personally, this will be my gift to you. You moved so cool, - said Yevgeny Papunaishvili.

The choreographer said that he was very worried about Christina when she was performing and invited Christina to dance on the stage of the show.


- You will have a lot of lessons from me, and now you will teach me modern dances, - said Eugene.

After the "disco" Evgeny Papunaishvili took the girl in his arms and twirled her around. Christina burst into tears of happiness. The show said that Christina, who lives in Aramil, had a difficult childhood.

"Christina grew up in a dysfunctional family, she could stay at home alone for several days, without food. Once the girl was literally saved by her neighbors: they broke a window and took her to her sister. She was taken from there by her foster parents. Now Christina goes to school, studies in vocal studio and teaches English. For three years she has been engaged in modern dance. She dreams of becoming famous, "it is written on the NTV website.



Recall that Christina is not the first participant to participate in the show "You are super". 11-year-old Evgenia Vlasova from Kamensk-Uralsky conquered the jury of this show with the song "Our Neighbor". It is worth noting that the little Uralians have repeatedly glorified our region at the talent show. Little Tagil girl Victoria participated in the show "Minute of Glory" with Zemfira's song "Live". Some members of the jury did not like that the 8-year-old girl chose a song that was too mature, and Vika burst into tears from criticism, but still our compatriot went to the next round. A 9Mark Cherry did it years ago. A three-year-old child impressed the Russians on the Minute of Glory show by how he added up huge numbers in his mind. And he did it faster than they were typed on a calculator. After participating in the program, a wave of popularity hit Mark. Many considered him a genius. Now he is 12 years old - and he does not want to be a mathematician.

Photo: ntv.ru; kristia8248 / instagram.com
Video: ntv.ru


  • February 26, 2017, 01:07

  • February 19, 2017, 11:07

    Singer Yolka wanted to visit 11-year-old Evgenia Vlasova in Kamensk-Uralsky
  • November 28, 2016, 09:00

    at the age of 2 he counted faster than a calculator
  • April 04, 2007, 12:22

    Ekaterinburg baby calculator became the leader among the most talented people in the country

Maria Ignatova

Correspondent of E1.

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