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How To Tap Dance For Beginners Video Course

Learn how to tap dance with the following free mini-video course for beginners. The following 3 videos cover 5 of the most used beginner Tap dance steps in Tap dancing today. They are taken directly from the The Complete Tap dance course for beginners. Watch them in order and try them at home. These online Tap dance lessons are full of exercises and lots of angles to make sure you can get everything from home.

Tap Lesson #1: Toes & Heels

In this first dance lesson you will learn how to Tap dance with the most fundamental parts of the Tap dance shoe – the toes and the heels. It’s exactly how it sounds, the toe is the front part of the foot and you would only tap with it when doing “toes”. The “heel” is the back part of foot and you’d press your heel onto the floor using only that part of the foot. These 2 basic tap steps are very important to get before moving to the other videos below.

These tap dance steps are from:
The Complete Tap dance course for beginners
Learn 37 different Tap steps and 14 combinations with HD videos (Over 12 hours). Everything is broken down step by step and it even includes practice sessions to music. You can watch the lessons online or download them to your computer.

Tap Lesson #2: Stamps & Stomps

Here is a great lesson showing the difference between the Stamp and Stomp steps. These two Tap moves are very popular and are present in many combinations. The stamp is where you pick up your foot and press it into the floor and then changing your weight immediately. The stomp however is when you press you foot into the floor but without changing the weight. These 2 basic tap dance steps are very similar but you must understand how they differ.

Want More?
Get The Complete Tap dance course for beginners and learn 37 Tap steps.

Tap Lesson #3: The ‘Brush’

In this last lesson you will learn the brush Tap dance step. This is a more difficult step that requires more technique so don’t worry if you don’t get it right away. You want to lift off your foot and swing it from the back to the front making one single touch with the toe part of the tap shoe. As shown in the video, you don’t want to sweep the floor in this move, but only make a single tapping point as you brush your foot. This move will help you develop better balance as you must really stay on one foot for a long period of time.

This lesson is from:

Want More?
The Complete Tap dance course for beginners
Learn 37 different Tap steps and 14 combinations with HD videos (Over 12 hours). Everything is broken down step by step and it even includes practice sessions to music. You can watch the lessons online or download them to your computer.

Extra Tap dancing Tips:

1. Buy Tap dance shoes – If you are serious about learning how to Tap dance you need to get the proper shoes. It will speed up your learning progress and give you the real feeling right away.

2. Master the Rhythm of your moves – Tap dancing is one of the most rhythmical styles of dance so you need to make sure you hone down the timing of every single move you are learning. Without timing, your technique won’t improve.

3. Find fluidity in your ankles – The key is to make dancing look fun and easy. Therefore, it is important that you don’t keep your ankles and knees locked up. You need to relax them and let them be free in order to tap dance.

4. Practice often – Tap dance steps require lots of balancing and coordination. It is not the type of dance style you can pick up in a few hours. Instead schedule regular practice to go over your moves if you want to be really good.

We hope you enjoyed this free beginner series on how to tap dance. Please leave a comment below if you liked these videos. To learn other dance styles visit our online dance lessons page.

The Complete Tap Dance Course For Beginners

Learn how to tap dance easily and quickly!

Watch Trailer:

Quality tap dance lessons specifically for beginners

Do you want to be able to tap dance to any song with ease?

Learning to tap dance can take a long time if you don’t have the right instruction. While there are many free resources out there, most of the online tutorials are not structured to teach people how to tap dance from the very beginning. Most of the time the lessons are thrown together in a random manner without any type of organization.

Beginners need step by step instruction

That is why we created the tap dance beginner course.

It is structured with the BEGINNER in mind and provides everything you need to master tap dancing.

You will learn each tap step individually. First your instructor shows what the move looks like and then he breaks it down to make sure you can get it. There are lots of technique tips given for each move to help you develop coordination, balance and rhythm.

The best part is that it is super easy to follow along and you can learn at your own pace from your home at anytime.


Imagine if you can:

– Feel confident tap dancing anywhere.
– Dance to any song.
– Impress your friends with cool tap moves.
– Tone your body while tap dancing.
– Improve your posture and balance.
– Learn Tap moves at the privacy of your home.
– Learn at your own pace step by step.
– Develop tap dance technique



The complete beginner Tap course

The entire Tap dance course includes:

37 Tap dance steps (12 hours of video)
You will learn 37 different tap steps, and put them together into 14 different combinations. You’ll even get practice with ear training and dynamics.

Tap dance workout video (24 minutes)
Tap dancing makes a great exercise. Watch how your legs, abs and arms get toned after just a few sessions of the workout video.

Music from all the lessons (3 albums)
Get tap dance music too! This is the same music that plays in all of the lessons. You will be able to practice with them anywhere you wish.

Complete beginner routine
Learn how to combine beginner tap moves together in a combination that will challenge you with foot coordination, rhythm, arms and styling.

WAIT… Order today and get these 3 Tap Guides FREE ($19 value)

Guide #1: Choosing the best Tap studio for your personal situation – What to look for on the studio’s website to make sure it’s right for you.
Guide #2: How to find the right Tap shoes for you – Find out the advantages and disadvantages of different types of shoes.
Guide #3: How to find the best dance floor to practice your Tap dancing – Get the scoop on the advantages and disadvantages of different types of dance floors.

Course Outline (Steps covered):

#1. Toes
#2. Heels
#3. Toe Toe Heel Heel
#4. Stamp
#5. Stomp
#6. Step
#7. Touch
#8. Toe (Tip)
#9. Dig
#10. Step Heel
#11. Dig Toe
#12. Dig Toe Step Heel
#13. Hop
#14. Jump
#15. Chug
#16. Brush
#17. Flap
#18. Flap Heel
#19. Flap Ball Change
#20. Spank
#21. Spank Step
#22. Spank Step Heel
#23. Spank Step Ball Change
#24. Shuffle
#25. Shuffle Step
#26. Shuffle Ball Change
#27. Buffalo
#28. Cramp Roll
#29. Irish
#30. Maxie Ford
#31. Waltz Clog
#32. Heel Stand
#33. Step Heel Turn
#34. Flap Heel Turn
#35. Slide
#36. Clunk
#37. Leap

Other concepts covered:

– Executing Multiples
– Swing Rhythms
– Syncopation

All material is taught by professional tap teacher and choreographer Rod Howell. Rod makes tap dancing easy and fun.

What our Students say:

In my town, tap classes for adult beginners are rare. Fortunately, I scoured the Internet and discovered the your website. After looking through some of the sample tap step instructions and discovering how easy, affordable and convenient learning these steps could be in my own home, I purchased the entire download. I ordered a pair of tap shoes, purchased a 4×4 piece of plywood at a local hardware store, and voila! I am now learning to tap at my own speed and convenience. It is fun, a great alternative approach/addition to a fitness routine, and the sound of taps on wood (even if you are a beginner) is spectacular – it gives me a sense of delight and accomplishment!
Jean from USA

The lessons were great! They were really fun, great exercise, and I will definitely be continuing to learn from you. Thanks for putting them up online! Have a great day!
By: Kathryn form usa

I am very pleased with your course and your teaching methods. I have never tapped before or had any dance instruction for that matter. Dancing has always been a passion and tap something I always wanted to learn. I am on lesson 6 of the beginner series and I do the Tap workout video. I love it and I look forward to the intermediate series when it is available.
By: Janine form the USA

I appreciate your instruction style, its easy to follow, comprehend and it’s fun! I’ve been tapping for 2 yrs. I started out taking tap classes at our local community college here in Sacramento, CA. My goal here in my early middle aged years and beyond is to seek out tap festivals to attend, (I’m an airline employee willing to travel), and join a tap group to perform with and have fun!
Best Regards,
By: Karen Witherspoon from USA

I purchased your Course and dictionary and I absolutely love it. It’s such a perfect idea because it’s concise, to the point, and very well organized. If I want to see a step I can just got right to it and being a teacher myself I appreciate your step by step teaching method. Everything worked great, it downloaded easily and has worked fine. Thanks for your products and best of luck in the future.
By: Maria from USA


Stream all the lessons online – Available 24/7
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How to learn to tap dance

Home Male and female Teaching How to learn to tap dance

Content of the article:

  • 1 Fundamentals of the execution of the leaks
  • 2 Success Secret
  • 3 The main elements in the dance
  • 4 Rhythms of leaks

The basis for the execution of the leaks

Chemisting is the main foundation for which the steps are considered to be tucked up by gender. Simply put, it is music played with the feet. Each time the celebrity of this dance only increases. It is compared with the Irish jig, because the tap-dancing rhythm is also of paramount importance there.
In order to start tap dancing, you need to buy special comfortable shoes for this. It should be in the form of shoes with metal heels. It is also important that the flooring is solid. This is necessary for a clearer sound of heels.
Tap dance shoes can be purchased at a specialty store or made to order at any shoe repair shop. It is important that the shoes fit well enough on the foot. Very tight shoes will rub the foot, causing discomfort, and also further lead to foot deformity. Too loose shoes can lead to injury.
For such a dance, it is better to choose a place to practice in advance. It is best to dance outdoors on a special platform. It is important that there are no foreign objects nearby. This will improve the quality of classes, because swings and turns require a lot of space. It is advisable to tap dance under the guidance of an experienced master who can teach correctly and point out shortcomings. You can also learn to tap dance on your own. You should not engage in tap dancing in a multi-storey building, because it will cause negativity among the neighbors. It is best to do this in a special sports club. Suitable for any hard surface floor. Linoleum or carpet should be avoided, such coatings interfere with sound.
After the theory is mastered, you can move on to practice. If the classes will be held at school, then for clarity, a lesson will be shown with step-by-step instructions on how to start tap dancing. Then you need to slowly begin to repeat after the instructor, alternately performing each element of the dance. Performing everything slowly but clearly, you can quickly memorize the main elements of tap dancing.

The secret of success

For a good mastering of the tap dance movements, you need to train every day for half an hour. Additional classes also do not interfere. You can simultaneously master some other dance, for additional physical training.

The basic elements of the dance

All the basic elements of the dance are formed with the heel, toe and swing. Legs can be crossed, legs are swung, the toe can alternate with the heel. U-turns and jumps also look skillfully, with which leg swings are made. Turns are performed with the help of a sock, which is placed on the heel. And all this is done at a fast pace. The main thing here is that the leg stance must be performed correctly and at a certain slope. Movement must be precise.
First you need to learn everything separately, each element. The main thing is the rhythmic step. Then there are 4 main movements. To execute the first brush element, you need to hit with your heel, putting your foot forward, and then put your foot back, hitting with your toe. Ball-change consists of performing a kick with one leg and subsequent kicks with the other leg. And so each leg alternates in turn. Flap is done by hitting the heel and toe of one foot, and then the other foot. Shuffle is an element that is executed when stepping forward. All these movements are worked out to automaticity, and then they are easily combined in a dance.

Tap-dancing rhythms

Every time a heel tap on the floor is done, and then a toe tap. And so there is an alternation between them. Learn sanchal at a slow pace and without music. Once the basics have been learned, you can turn on an easy tempo, and then a fast one.
Knowing the main movements, you can begin to combine them into a dance. Otherwise, you can improvise, showing imagination. After all, such a dance is, first of all, an art. Their elements are added to the basic methods, and a new dance is obtained. Now you can create your own individual dances, with the basics of tap dancing.
So, to learn how to tap dance you need:

• Enroll in a dance school.
• Buy video tap dance course.
• Find a tap dance choreographer.

It is not always necessary to choose one option for tap dancing. You can enroll in a dance school and buy a course of video lessons. Thus, you can learn to dance not only at one time, at school, but also at home, according to the course of video lessons.

Like many dances, tap dancing is performed to music. If you master the dance technique well, then you can perform tap dance without music. The rhythm that will be performed during the dance will be the melody of the tap dance itself.

Learning something new, correctly combining movements and improving skills, you can achieve a lot. You can watch video lessons on the Internet, both individually and the complexity of the compositions. It is important not only to remember, but also to be able to exactly repeat the new dance movements.

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Learn how to learn to dance drum-step: useful tips for beginners

Many people are familiar with strong and energetic music in the spirit of DnB. The world-famous performers of this direction are the group Pendulum, Kosheen, Aphrodite, Panacea and others. Drum step moves are based on the rhythms of this music. They are just as impetuous and fast, combining many different elements borrowed from other styles. How to learn to dance drum-step and what are the features of performance? Regular training and the desire to do everything right will lead you to amazing results.

What clothes should I wear to learn to dance drum-step?

Opt for loose clothing that doesn't restrict movement. A light tracksuit is suitable for the male gender. Girls will be comfortable in leggings and a topic. Since all the attention goes to the feet, try to choose the right shoes.

What to wear?

The sole must be perfectly even and flat, without heels and sharp insteps. Sneakers, sneakers, dancing Czechs will do. If you choose uncomfortable shoes, this will interfere with the correct technique and may be harmful to health.

What is the secret to success?

To quickly master the movements, train for at least half an hour a day. Also, don't forget about extra classes. How to learn to dance drum-step if you have never paid attention to sports? Such a dance requires good physical preparation, so at the same time it is worth learning something else - tennis, wrestling, swimming.

What are the main movements?

Heel, toe, swing - these are the basic elements. The movements consist in crossing the legs, swinging the legs forward and to the sides, the toe alternates with the heel. U-turns and jumps look very masterful, in which it is customary to throw out with your foot. To perform various turns, they stand on the toe or heel. All this is done at a very fast pace. To figure out how to learn how to dance drum-step, it is enough to know one rule: the setting of the legs should be at the right slope to the floor. Try to make movements sharp and precise.

How to get into the rhythms?

The rhythm of the dance is a break beat. For each such blow, you need to hit the floor with your heel, then with your toe. These elements alternate with each other. It is better to study slowly at first, without music. Once you've mastered the technique, turn on any slow DnB tempo, then a faster one. Make a workout playlist with Drum and Bass music.

Is improvisation necessary?

How to learn to dance drum-step? Is it difficult? It is enough to know the basic movements and combine them into figures. Everything else is real improvisation. Since any dance is an art, soon you will be able to show your imagination and add something of your own to the basic elements, it is enough to know the basics - how to dance drum step. Home lessons and constant training will create your unique style.

Where to train?

Ideally, a dance or sports hall, an outdoor area in the fresh air. If you are thinking about how to learn how to dance drum-step at home, do everything to free up space from unnecessary items. Move the chairs, table, remove fragile items. This will allow you to feel free, and you can improve the quality of your workouts, because swinging and jumping require a lot of space.

What else do you need

Once you've learned the theory, you can move on to practice. For clarity, you will definitely need video tutorials with step-by-step instructions in Russian and other languages ​​on how to learn to dance drum-step. And for more professional training, you can study individually with a teacher or sign up for dance courses. Try to develop comprehensively - read more about this style on thematic sites, communicate on forums with other beginners. Together you will learn the dance much faster.

Learn more