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Channing Tatum Teases Magic Mike 3 Saying He's A Maniac On The Floor And He's Dancing Like He's Never Danced Before

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By Sandy Schaefer/Feb. 3, 2022 12:09 pm EST

Channing Tatum is back in a big way this year, and I, for one, couldn't be happier about it. He's starring in the dramedy "Dog" (which he also co-directed) later this month and will return not long after with "The Lost City," an action-comedy that pairs him with Sandra Bullock. Perhaps most exciting of all, Tatum is hard at work preparing for "Magic Mike's Last Dance," the third and final entry in the "Magic Mike" film series. "Magic Mike" helmer Steven Soderbergh will also call the shots on "Last Dance" after "only" serving as the director of photography and editor on the second "Magic Mike" movie, "Magic Mike XXL."

The first "Magic Mike," released in 2012, starred Tatum as Mike Lane, a seasoned 30-something stripper who takes a protege — Adam, AKA "The Kid" — under his wing, only to learn some hard lessons himself when he tries to launch his own furniture business and pursue a serious relationship with Adam's sister Brooke. However, while it's a fine movie that examines the dark side of Mike's party-happy existence and the harsh realities of life in the wake of the 2007-08 Financial Crisis, the first "Magic Mike" has got nothing on the masterpiece that is 2015's "Magic Mike XXL." The sequel follows Mike and his fellow strippers (sans The Kid and their former boss Dallas) as they head out on a road trip to the Myrtle Beach stripping convention in the hopes of healing their old emotional wounds and ending their careers on a high note.


It's hard to imagine "Magic Mike's Last Dance" topping "Magic Mike XXL" — a sequel that /Film's Danielle Ryan aptly described as "a sex-positive, body-positive, bisexual dream that crushes toxic masculinity while featuring some seriously talented and ridiculously attractive men having a blast" — but dang it if Tatum isn't determined to try. He hyped the film in an interview with Variety, stating:

"This one's going to be a full dance-icle. We're going to swing for the fence. I'm going to dance as hard as I've danced in any movie other than 'Hail, Caesar!' I want this movie to be filled with joy and fun. Everybody is like, 'Less character, more dancing.' So I've listened."

For those not familiar: "Hail, Caesar!" was a 2016 Coen Brothers period comedy in which Tatum played Burt Gurney, a Gene Kelly-style actor and dancer who performs a fabulous musical number (for which Tatum learned how to tap dance) titled "No Dames!" as part of a film-within-the-film that centers on a group of male sailors as they bemoan the fact that they're off on another mission with nary a woman around. It's easily my favorite part of the whole movie, and I'm all for Tatum not only trying to outdo himself on the dance floor but also recognizing that "Magic Mike's Last Dance" should be more like "Magic Mike XXL," not less.

"Magic Mike's Last Dance" will premiere as an HBO Max exclusive, much like Soderbergh's last two films as a director ("Let Them All Talk" and "No Sudden Move") and his upcoming thriller "KIMI," which debuts on February 10, 2022.


Photos from Finding Magic Mike: Meet the Cast

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Why did you decide to audition for Finding Magic Mike?: "I decided to audition for Magic Mike because I was a dancer but I broke my back in a car accident that ended my career. Also both my parents are choreographers in Houston, Texas so dance was what made me feel close with my family. My father was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's and had to retire from dance as well, so being on the show was a way for me to find my magic for dance again and thank my father and mother for giving [me] dance."

What does dancing mean to you?: "Dancing for me is freedom; it's a place where the world and worries disappear and I can truly feel confident and beautiful in my own skin. There is no feeling like it in the world and to help people forget their worries for an hour or two watching you perform is a gift!"

Do you have a secret hidden talent?: "I do have a hidden talent. I'm a very skilled horseback rider! I was formally a Knight at Medieval Times so I know my way around a horse, and love jousting."




Why did you decide to audition for Finding Magic Mike?: "The reason I found out about the audition for Finding Magic Mike was because of my roommate, Brennan! He is always searching for commercial gigs and audition opportunities. He forwarded me the information to this specific audition and we decided to go for it! I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and try something completely different from anything I've ever done before and meet some amazing people along the way."

What does dancing mean to you?: "Dancing to me now means something completely different than it had before the show. I gained an all new respect for the art form and it has and will continue to impact my life in a positive way. Dancing, I learned, is an incredible way to express yourself without having to say a word. People can feel your emotion through your movements, and though I was far from being the best dancer on the show, I learned and experienced more than I could ever have imagined. Dancers will always amaze me. It was so incredible to see behind the scenes of how they learn their routines and the true passion that goes behind each performance."

Do you have a secret hidden talent?: "I am what you see! I don't have any hidden talents but I love to physically exert myself and I am quick to adapt to any newly learned skills and am always looking for a new experience. I have strong facial expressions and I love to learn impersonations, impressions, and different accents. I am studying theater at the University of San Diego and am looking forward to gaining new random skills and talents through that environment. "




Why did you decide to audition for Finding Magic Mike?: "Funny story. My roommate graciously sent me the link while I was handling some business in the men's room. Jokingly, I sat there, as my legs go numb, applying to what would then change my life. Part of me believed that, even though I was applying as a joke, that this was a competition tailor-made for my personality type. Stripping, humor, a talking tummy, I had all the ingredients to succeed in this space."

What does dancing mean to you?: "Before this show, dancing was used as my sole emotional outlet. While not being a professional, a little twerk here-and-there got me through some of my darkest days. There is something particularly freeing about playing your favorite song and just foolishly living through that music. Dancing, to me, is bliss. Dance, and what your body could do through movement, is living."

Do you have a secret hidden talent?: "I'm ridiculously good at Dance Dance Revolution. Sadly, employers never care about this when I list it as my only special skill, what the heck is up with that?"




Why did you decide to audition for Finding Magic Mike?: "I was sent the audition from a friend and saw it and said, 'Yeah they don't want me and my belly,' so I disregarded it. However another friend called me and said there is this audition I think will be so amazing for you, I honestly thought that maybe it was a sign that two different friends sent me the audition. When I sat back and realized that the pandemic was hard on me; I was depressed, lost my apartment and had to move back in with my mom, gained 40 pounds and was unemployed. I figured why not - all they could say is no lol. But little did I know."

What does dancing mean to you?: "Being of Caribbean descent, dancing and music is everything! We listen to Soca and dancehall where it's all about the love of moving your waist and to the rhythm. So it was no secret that I could move, however the choreography aspect was insane; I had never done that before and it is harder than you think!"

Do you have a secret hidden talent?: "My secret talent???? I've never seen myself in that light to have anything amazing about myself, I mean I can say I used to sing in the church choir as a kid so guess I can hold a note and maybe with more practice, I'll be better. I can also memorize lines and words really well so this is why I want to try acting or being a media personality."




Why did you decide to audition for Finding Magic Mike?: "I always wanted to learn how to dance and I looked forward to the physical and mental challenges of the show. I wanted to become more confident and be a better man for my girlfriend. Plus, I was going a little crazy from the COVID lockdowns."

What does dancing mean to you?: "Dancing is being able to express myself in ways that words can't. Dancing is liberating."

Do you have a secret hidden talent?: "That's between me and my girlfriend."




Why did you decide to audition for Finding Magic Mike?: After expressing my desire to bring awareness to veteran mental health and suicide, I was encouraged by a good friend of mine to audition for Finding Magic Mike with the goal of starting my own podcast. The show will focus on mental health, fitness and spiritual growth. As a veteran who suffers from PTSD, I believed that I would be able to use the exposure from the show in order to demonstrate to other veterans that there is hope and opportunity if you are able to face your demons and use your experiences to edify and encourage others. I spoke often in my interviews about these issues which are extremely meaningful to me and hopefully I can use this incredible opportunity to forward that agenda.

What does dancing mean to you?: I can honestly say that my love and appreciation for dance and other forms of artistic expression have been exponentially increased due to my experiences on the show. Interacting with the Magic Mike Live dancers and learning the choreography from Alison and Luke was incredibly humbling and I cannot express enough just how much I grew to appreciate the art of dance. I truly feel that, by the time I departed, I had become a much more confident and well-rounded dancer.

Do you have a secret hidden talent?: One talent of mine that I wished to reveal on the show is my songwriting. While in my hotel room throughout the show, I wrote a few songs on my guitar that I'm really proud of; one of which I actually have posted to my Instagram account @marauder.fit. I'm sure, however, that I will be provided with plenty of opportunities to showcase my love for music.




Why did you decide to audition for Finding Magic Mike?: "I decided to audition for FMM because I felt like something was missing from my life. Everything I had done until then felt like I came up short. Athletically, I was not anywhere close to my parents. Even going to law school it felt like everyone expected for me to go because my mother is an attorney. This experience could finally be something of my own and I could make it my own."

What does dancing mean to you?: "Dancing means the world to me. I am half Colombian and I did not grow up with my Colombian side of the family. I grew up in America and never felt like I was truly Colombian because I don't speak Spanish fluently. Dancing Latin dances growing up made me feel the most connected to my culture. When I shake my hips and salsa, merengue, or any dance I feel Colombian."

Do you have a secret hidden talent?: "So I did not think of this on the show but in 5th grade a clown came to my school and taught my whole class how to juggle. So I am actually really good with juggling."




Why did you decide to audition for Finding Magic Mike?: "Running for so long had me burnt out and soon after I fell out of love with it. I got injured, then my world started to shift. I retired but didn't know which direction to go. Randomly, I came across an ad looking for ‘men of all types who felt like they lost their mojo' l thought ‘why not?' I kept telling myself I have to learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable."

What does dancing mean to you?: "I love dancing. Back in the late '90s, I remember me and my sister would record Aaliyah and Michael Jackson videos from those TRL or 106 & Park countdowns then play them back and relearn the choreography. I'm not trained but dancing has always been fun."

Do you have a secret hidden talent?: "I've been told I'm a fast runner on occasion. I can flip, swim, and play tennis pretty well."




Why did you decide to audition for Finding Magic Mike?: "I've never done that type of dancing before. Honestly, I didn't think I would get in. Before this show, I've never even thought of considering myself as someone who could be on a show like this. After all this, I kind of feel unstoppable."

What does dancing mean to you?: "I like to dance and am familiar with it, but I wouldn't consider myself a dancer. I've done musical theater for most of my life. In that, there's choreographed dances but that's a little different compared to this."

Do you have a secret hidden talent?: "The world knows about the fire spinning now for the show, but I also like to play the ukulele."




Why did you decide to audition for Finding Magic Mike?: "I decided to audition for Finding Magic Mike to break out of my shell more. I've always been so shy and bashful for as long as I can remember. I'm over hiding myself and my personality."

What does dancing mean to you?: "Dancing is a way to express your body in space while being able to tell a story. Just like any art form the more tools (i.e. types of dance) you have available to you the bigger the story you can tell!"

Do you have a secret hidden talent?: "My hidden talent I would say is producing music. I have always been inspired by music and love the production side of things."

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Magic Mike's Last Dance | drama comedy music | USA


Magic Mike's Last Dance

Release date (worldwide)

February 9, 2023




drama, comedy, music


Steven Soderbergh





Channing Tatum


Expectation Rating

7 /10 Critics Rating

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Now for the last time

The stripper Mike franchise is waiting for a sequel. The first Magic Mike movie premiered in 2012, and the Magic Mike XXL sequel was released in 2015. It is known that the third part will be the final one, the release is scheduled for 2023. Recall that the 2012 film told the story of young Adam (Alex Pettyfer), who found himself in the world of male striptease thanks to an experienced Mike (Channing Tatum). The plot of the second part was devoted to a group of stripper friends who went on a mini-trip to Florida to dance their final dance at the competition.

As we recall, the last film ended with a sensation for the Kings of Tampa at a stripper convention in Myrtle Beach. It would seem that this is where the story should end. After the premiere of Magic Mike XXL, the creators assured that there would be no continuation. However, Tatum tweeted a photo of the script's title page and wrote that Caroline and Steven Soderbergh would return to write and direct, respectively. “Well, the world looks like Mike Lane is back in the ranks,” the actor captioned the picture.

As soon as I saw what Channing, Reed and the Magic Mike choreography team did with the live show, I said, "We should make another movie." Mike Lane's dream of bringing people together through dance must be realized.

Steven Soderbergh, director

Actors Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, Olivia Munn, Cody Horn and others took part in previous films. Tatum's character's fellow strippers were also played by Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello. Pettyfer, McConaughey, Mann and Horn starred in Magic Mike in 2012 but did not return for the second part. However, other well-known actors have joined the Magic Mike XXL cast as new characters: Andie MacDowell, Amber Heard, Jada Pinkett Smith, Elizabeth Banks, Donald Glover and Michael Strahan.

So far, of all the above persons, participation in the 2023 film is confirmed only by Channing Tatum. Who will return for Magic Mike: The Last Dance is currently unknown.

Magic Mike: The Last Dance is the first film in the franchise since the original's 2012 release to be directed by Steven Soderbergh. In "Magic Mike XXL" he performed only editorial and camera roles. Gregory Jacobs, director of the 2015 sequel, will executive produce the new film alongside Carolyn, Nick Wexler and Peter Kiernan.

Toby Emmerich, chairman of Warner Bros., said at the film's announcement, "We're thrilled to be back in business with Channing, Steven and their creative team to bring back Magic Mike's wonderful blend of dance, drama, romance and humor." He considers Mike Lane a cult character: "Is there anyone on screen more charismatic and attractive than Magic Mike?"

The first two films grossed nearly $300 million worldwide, and the franchise spawned the successful Magic Mike Live stage show in 2017. It started in Las Vegas, and then became international and reached London, Berlin and Australia. Magic Mike Live recently announced their first multi-year North American tour beginning April 6, 2022 in Nashville and continuing in Miami.

Live performances by strippers are the inspiration for HBO Max's new reality show Finding Magic Mike, which premieres December 16, 2021. The series is about ten men who have "lost their charm" but work hard to regain it by performing dance routines. The winner of the show will receive a cash prize and a chance to perform on stage at Magic Mike Live in Las Vegas.

The first film grossed over $167 million on a $7 million budget.

Actor Channing Tatum is now 41 years old.

New sequel to premiere on HBO Max

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