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Dancers are the messengers of the gods. ~Martha Graham

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LesTwinsLove is a blogsite that is exclusively ran by me. It is a fansite that is dedicated to sharing the news, pictures, updates, and information of Larry and Laurent Bourgeois. The opinions, thoughts, and beliefs expressed in each blog entry are not endorsed or approved by anyone other than myself. All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only.

Les Twins have signature moves that make them the world's most amazing dancers

Portrait of Laurent and Larry Bourgeois by Shawn Welling / Wikimedia Commons.

Les Twins is Laurent and Larry Bourgeois, a pair of identical twins. They stand a striking 6’4″ in height and became known for their amazing dance moves.

Their expert sense of interaction, comedic timing, and flow will catch you by surprise. They integrate dance moves that mimic slow motion, rewind, fast forward, impossible physics and more.

The pair were born in 1988 in Sarcelles, France. They started performing when they were 12 years old and are completely self-taught. Their nicknames are “Lil Beast” and “Ca Blaze.”

They made their first professional appearance in 2008 on the French television show “Incroyable Talent.” The pair are masterful choreographers and have also worked as models, actors, producers and designers.

The brothers are also entrepreneurs and are the creative directors for their brand “Eleven Paris.”

What inspired the twin’s signature moves?

Laurent and Larry shared that they drew inspiration for their dancing skills from artists like Jim Carey, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson. They’ve honed their moves with help from their coach Abibou “Playmo” Kébe In addition, the pair credit their siblings, who also are dancers.

Les Twins iconic rise to fame

The pair achieved international stardom in 2010 when their performance at “World of Dance” in San Diego went viral on YouTube. Their routine was seen more than 46 million times.


They were invited to appear on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on November 9, 2010. This appearance helped to further spread the recognition and awareness of their unique dancing and choreography.

In 2011, they were the champions at “Juste Debout,” a prestigious street dance competition featuring artists from around the world.

In 2013, Les Twins returned to the World of Dance competition. The pair showed off a fresh set of signature moves. Their performance helped to solidify their fame further. In addition, their appearance positioned them as a global brand for new style hip-hop dancing excellence.

The twins were invited to compete again in Jennifer Lopez’s “World of Dance” in 2017. They handily won this reality dance competition and earned the $1 million grand prize.

Additional Les Twins appearances

The team has appeared in music videos and live performances with artists including Beyoncé, Meghan Trainor, and Missy Elliott.

Where to learn more

For more from the twins, check out their official channel on YouTube and follow them on Instagram.




Dances for the signs of the Zodiac Online edition "Elements of dance"

Aries - imperious, impulsive, carried away and passionate, remains so in dance. It suits the direction in which you can give it your all - and at the same time not freeze in the monotonous learning of movements. For this sign, free improvisation is attractive: having learned the basic movements, Aries will be able to combine them into such combinations that will amaze not only the viewer, but also his coach. Perhaps the improvisation-based tribal is not dynamic enough for Aries, but R'n'B or Latin solo will give him full opportunity to express emotions. In pair dances, Aries feels comfortable if they are connected with a partner not only by friendship: it is easier for this sign to surrender to passion than to portray it. Whatever direction Aries chooses, he will reach heights, since the desire for excellence and perseverance are fully inherent in him.

Taurus is a sign that likes to live in comfort and in beautiful scenery. Some slowness and solidity are also inherent in their nature, and ballroom dancing (European program) is most suitable for Taurus. Beautiful halls, elegant costumes, time-tested music will please their taste, and the smooth movements of the pair dance will suit their temperament. But the partner must be equal to Taurus in terms of skill, this sign does not like superiority.
From single styles, ethnic and not too energetic dances, for example, Indian dances, are suitable for Taurus. Smooth movements, as if flowing into each other, do not require an exceptional physical form from the performer, and at the same time they are quite expressive. Also, Taurus may like Hawaiian dances.

Gemini is the lightest of the "airy" signs of the Zodiac, always in motion, changeable, dizzy like sparkling wine. For people born under this sign, dancing is as easy as breathing: it doesn’t matter, on stage or at home, washing the floors to a fast melody. The only difficulty awaits the Gemini at the beginning of the journey: they love to always look the best and the most capable, so they can be embarrassed as beginners. Do not let tightness spoil the process, because the Gemini effortlessly cope with any task, if they like it. Easy to perform, incendiary, but not too passionate dances are the perfect choice for Gemini. It can be African, in which the main thing is to catch the rhythm and trust the body, or Latin American (for example, salsa), where not very difficult steps can be supplemented with arbitrary movements.
The Gemini also get special pleasure in pair dances in the presence of a skilled partner. Listening to the leader and at the same time adding something from yourself - this is the ideal dance of the Twins. And that is Hustle.

Cancer is mysterious, emotional and closed from others, a kind of “thing in itself”. But if you break through the protective barriers of Cancers, you can only gasp at what spiritual riches they conceal. The same is true in the dance: if this sign decides to speak to the audience, it will squeeze a tear out of the stone.
Subtly sensitive, capable of microscopic shades of emotions, Cancers are excellent partners. They give themselves to the dance completely, immerse themselves in the music and at the same time do not lose the “wave” of the leader. Cancer may dominate in a couple, but then he needs a partner at least as emotional. Such a tandem will impress the most demanding viewer.
A single dance for Cancer is one that is filled with feelings, but not blazing passions. Classical ballet with its sophistication, charming bellydance are perfect for this sign. The atmosphere of the classes is also important for them: a calm atmosphere, people with whom it is comfortable. To succeed in any dance direction, Cancers need to remember that revealing their emotions on stage does not at all mean becoming vulnerable.

Leo - this is exactly the sign that was created for stage performances. To shine, to conquer, to be in the spotlight - this is what any Leo strives for from birth. Also from birth they were given a beautiful posture, the ability to present themselves, grace. Under such conditions, any direction of dance will submit to the Lions, but they will be unsurpassed in sensual styles that require special looseness. Strip dance, harem style of bellydance, pole dance - in any of them, Leo will bring his own touch of audacity and eroticism. Also, the representatives of this sign are characterized by purposefulness and a mindset for success, which helps them to master any chosen style.
In pair dances, Leos should avoid the desire to always be “for the main thing”. So that the partner does not exclaim “Daphne, you are leading again”, it is worth practicing to follow the leader - this practice will open the Lions to the unknown pleasure of being led and not responsible for anything. True, the Lions do not forgive their partners for mistakes either, so sometimes they cannot find a mate for dancing for a long time. And if you are lucky enough to find a worthy partner for such a dance as tango, then sparks simply fly from the couple.

Virgo , who do everything as it should, on time and in the right place, do not like to depend on anyone. This extends to dancing: for Virgos, there is nothing worse than repeating movements after a partner they did not choose. There are two options for solving the problem: either pair dances with those whose authority and will of the Virgin are recognized, or solo directions.
The love of independence makes Virgo suffer if, in a group dance, she has to “pacify” herself to the right level. Perfectionism does not give rest, if it is she who lacks skill. Most of all, dances are suitable for this sign, where every man is for himself, but still a group, for example, a tribal. Its not too complex elements, the sequence of movements behind the “key”, the ability to both solo and remain in the crowd are very appealing to Virgo.
Efficiency and perseverance will help the representatives of this sign to master the rarer folk styles, such as the Irish jig or Scottish reel, the main thing is that the Virgo wants this.

Libra are recognized aesthetes, connoisseurs of classics and sophistication. They feel the music subtly, they cannot stand the rough drums and the primitive in it. To match these tastes and their preferences in dance: time-tested directions (ethnic or academic) and honed steps. Waltz, jive, foxtrot - what is ideal for Libra, provided that they like their partner. However, representatives of this sign can easily get along with anyone.
Light, mobile and full of charm, Libra looks great in single dances. The main thing is to choose a dynamic direction in which maximum entertainment is achieved with the help of simple movements. It is also important for Libra to express themselves in dance, and not to seduce the viewer. Hawaiian, modernized Russian folk, folklore oriental dances will appeal to them.

Scorpio is a sign concealing deep feelings and raging passions under the guise of calmness. Prone to mysticism, looking for a secret meaning and ambiguity in everything, Scorpio seems to be created for flamenco. This dance looks like the performer is being devoured by a flame, and only sharp movements of the hands, energetic steps and turns can prevent it from breaking out. Tribal fusion, with its mystical music, gothic costumes and complete freedom for self-expression, will also appeal to Scorpios.
People born under this sign are also disposed to pair dances, however, they are constantly in danger of falling in love with a partner. After all, prolonged physical contact kindles sensuality, even against their will. To perform in pairs, Scorpions are better off choosing something energetic and daring: tango or rumba, capoeira will also submit to them. This sign strives for perfection and comprehension of the subject to the very depths, so they make promising dancers.

Sagittarius learns to dance almost before he can walk. Any music for them is a reason to start dancing, and I must say that they feel the rhythm flawlessly. Passion is also inherent in Sagittarius, but, unlike Scorpions, it does not burn them from the inside, but adds a “fire” to everything that Sagittarians do. In dance, they express their emotions and completely surrender to the process, but not to the point of self-forgetfulness. That is why Sagittarians love dance floors so much: while enjoying the process, they do not miss new interesting steps that they have seen from others. In addition, in their interpretation, these movements do not look like a repetition at all.
Club styles are best suited for Sagittarius: R'n'B, hip-hop, street jazz and even break. In each of them they will reach heights, and then they will begin to mix directions - and also successfully.
Pair dances for Sagittarius are fast, where the partners are almost equivalent: salsa, jive, cha-cha-cha.

Capricorns are great conservatives and perfectionists. They gravitate toward the classics in all spheres of life, including dance. New fashion trends, avant-garde trends are not about them, they don’t even like to watch such performances. In general, to catch Capricorn dancing selflessly on the dance floor is not an easy task. He is characterized by stiffness, tightness and exorbitant demands on himself. And that is why dancing is necessary for Capricorn! Ethnic dances will help to get rid of voluntarily imposed shackles, learn to trust not only reason, but also emotions, expand your boundaries of sensual Capricorn: tribal, folklore bellydance, as well as swing and rock and roll that have passed the test of time.
This sign of the Zodiac needs to reconsider their attitude to the rules and frames for the time of dancing, and also to recognize that improvisation is not always bad, otherwise success will elude them for a long time.

Aquarius loves change, new experiences, uncharted horizons beckon him. They live according to the call of the soul, focusing only on their opinion. These traits allow them to become consummate dancers if they choose the appropriate style: fast and based on improvisation. "Express what I feel now" - that's what Aquarians want from the dance. Fast latin, hip-hop, jazz-funk, modern, club dances leave complete freedom to the performer.
Styles that include elements from several directions will also suit Aquarius. Tribal fusion, Arabic-Spanish dances, contemporary... Most likely, after a while, Aquarius will begin to introduce new elements into the mastered dance, or even become the ancestor of the direction.
In pair dances, Aquarians are also not bad: they feel the music, the mood of the partner, skillfully adapting to the desired rhythm. But if it seems to them that the partner has stopped in development or is not striving enough to learn new things in dance, Aquarius will part with him without regret.

Pisces , as under the denominator, absorbed a little bit of all the signs of the Zodiac. They are artistic, changeable, playful and elusive. Any direction of dance is up to them: from the most conservative Viennese waltz to the inviting strip dance. It is only important to take the first step: Pisces are often insecure, and they should divide a difficult task into several small steps, in each of which it is easy to achieve success. Let bellydance training begin with shaking and elementary steps, flamenco - with hand positions and simple steps. Feeling “on solid ground”, Pisces will show everything they are capable of, and even forget about their inherent laziness - dance and success will turn their heads.
Loving and feeling music, Pisces are also good partners in pair dances, and not only as followers. Bringing your feelings into tandem, but not striving to seize power in a pair - this is the golden balance that most Pisces observe.

Waacking and vogue: mannered twins

Dancing with covers

If wacking and vogue were people, then the former would probably become an actor, and the latter a podium star. According to Evgenia Shcherbinina , one of the teachers of wacking in Nizhny Novgorod, despite the fact that vogue appeared earlier, waacking has the main advantage that it was created as dance . And vogue was more mechanical because it started with magazines and fashion shows.

- Waking is dancing , he is creative, spontaneous, - the teacher says. - Vogue is more technical.

The history of vogue is rumored to begin in American prisons. If the poor created waacking inspired by musicals, then vogue arose as an imitation of the poses of people demonstrating clothes in fashion magazines.

The 3 Cs and the Power of Gestures
The ingredients of vogue are poses and walks, from fashion (like models) to freak (something tough, awkward, strange, but aesthetic), dramatic vogue, dramatic gestures (when a dancer, for example, suddenly falls to the floor), flexing (plastic, flexible movements)

- In my opinion, vogue is difficult in terms of developing technique, developing joints, achieving clarity of movements, - says Evgenia Shcherbinina. - The most important thing to master is working with the face (facial expressions), gesture directions (up-down, straight ahead, left-right), as well as six positions of the hands (then add confidence, pride, bitchiness - and improvise).

The real vogue boom came in the 1980s. At that time, dancers were always invited to shows, and they did a real show.

- Modern models cannot be compared with them, - says Evgenia. - Because it was very important for the dancers to show not only the thing, but also to convey their character.

Rules are very important in vogue, work within different categories. It has many varieties: vogue femme, vogue dramatic, vogue masculine, benji vogue and others. The CCC rule (3 "C") is very well known.

- Stands for CATALOGUE, COMMERCIAL, COUTURE, - explains the Nizhny Novgorod dancer. - Catalog - standard poses (as in the clothing catalog), commercial - elite magazines. There in the photo you can demonstrate your attitude to clothes, accessories (tearing beads with your teeth).

Couture is high fashion. The clothes that the dancers wear are not made to be worn, but to show the art. In cuture, the stranger your appearance, the more incomprehensible your posture, the cooler. With a single "but": everything must obey the rules of aesthetics.

"Non-movie" improvisation

Waacking and vogue dancers did not originally exist on their own. They unite in "families" with a strict hierarchy. A family is a house with a godfather, mother, stars, icons, recognized icons, and so on. A place in the hierarchy is earned through balls, which can last up to 12 consecutive hours. Now in Russia there are "houses of dancers". The Star House of Bonchinche is the first vogue house in the country. There is an Imperial House of waacking in Novosibirsk.

- There are no rigid limits, rules of conduct, inflexible laws in waking, - says Evgenia Shcherbinina. - You can try on any image, emotion. Vogue - proud, narcissistic. You need to constantly be aware of your superiority and demonstrate it.

Learn more