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8th November, 2011 By Ian Morris

There seem to be two types of dancing games out there - the trying hard to be cool, ludicrously hard Dance Centrals, and the happy-go-lucky, neon, less judgemental Just Dances. Where Dance Central seems more concerned with teaching you to dance, Just Dance only cares that you have fun. You don't need to be a good dancer with some killer moves under your belt - but if you like to dance, then Just Dance 3 won't disappoint.

With performances like that 'Funky' won't be winning for much longer...

Making its debut on the Xbox 360, for those who've picked up Dance Central due to yearning for a dance game, but were maybe a bit disappointed by the limited song selection, the fact its multiplayer mode was limited to two players - and even then you had to take it in turns, or the emphasis on "serious" dance skills, Just Dance 3 provides a much more light-hearted take on the dancing game. Here, the emphasis is firmly on fun - and it's arguably the best use of the Kinect sensor yet. Supporting up to four people playing together, although you'll still need a lot of room (you need to have enough space for four people to stand next to each other, with enough room for arm swinging - we found it struggled when we stood a bit staggered to make up for the lack of room, as we'd do on the Wii), Just Dance 3 brings with it full support for four player multiplayer, letting your entire family join in.

For those of you that have somehow missed the Just Dance phenomenon, the premise here is easy for newcomers to pick up, although obviously with this being on Kinect, things are a little bit different to the Wii games - all you need to do is to stand in front of the Kinect sensor, and copy the moves shown on the screen, earning you points based on how well you perform. Little stick men more across the bottom of the screen to show you what moves you have to do, and every so often a special 'Gold Move' will make it's way along the screen - hitting this will net you some serious point-age. Although this is on Kinect, and you'd therefore expect it to be a lot stricter, Just Dance 3 brings with it a lot of leeway - It's entirely possible to cheat, or do a poor attempt at copying the moves, and you'll be seeing the perfect ratings rack up. Using a different technique to other Kinect games, Just Dance 3 does away with the fancy, infra-red motion tracking that other games do, instead simply using the camera to see what you're doing, and attempting to remove the background from the scene. While for the most part, the motion detection is fine, occasionally you will find that it doesn't think you've done the move right, even though you know you have - we're looking at you Gold Move Number 1 in Taio Cruz's 'Dynamite'...

Just Dance 3 is the sort of game everyone can play - from your six year old cousin, to your eighty year old gran and everyone in between. In fact, it's at it's best when you can get a group of four friends together, all dancing at the same time to the often cheesy choreographies. With a wide range of modes to get everyone involved, Just Dance 3 even features special Duet routines, where two people can do two independent sets of dance moves, which go together, and adds in four-player Dance Crew songs, where each person in your quartet gets a different set of moves. One cool example is in Kiss' 'I Was Made For Lovin' You', the four of your make up the band members - each with their own themed choreography, so you'll be miming out a guitar solo or beating the invisible drums to within an inch of their lives. Other Dance Crew songs make use of a dance technique called 'canon' (if I remember PE lessons at school correctly), whereby dancer number one will do a move, followed by dancer two, then three and then four doing the same move after each other - Taio Cruz's 'Dynamite' is probably the best example, along with the cover of Britney Spears' 'Baby One More Time'.

Kiss look a bit different to what I remember...

While the previous Just Dance games were fun little diversions for when you had ten minutes and fancied bouncing around the room to a song you would never choose to listen to under any other circumstances (I'm looking at you Katy Perry), some people may have found the lack of any real progression, bar chasing high scores, to be a bit of a turn off. The lack of longevity in single player has been an oft criticised part of the game, especially for those who just can't convince their friends to join in. To combat this, Ubisoft have packed the game full of Medals, a levelling up system and unlockables galore - once you create your own 'profile' by entering your name, you'll start collecting something called 'Mojo', which, once you reach a certain amount, lets you level up and unlock a new gift, such as new songs, medleys, mash-ups and modes. Reaching Level 1 nets you a 'Simon Says' mode, where you need to copy dance moves as normal until a specific symbol shows up, like 'Clap', where you need to clap in time to the music or 'Stop' where you need to stand perfectly still. Level 2 unlocks a new song in the form of Dr. Creole's 'Baby Zouk', and Level 3 unlocks the 'Party Rock Anthem Dance Mash-Up', to the tune of LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthem', and features not just the titular song's choreography, but bits nicked from a multitude of other songs, some even taken from previous games. You'll find yourself jumping from the cowgirl burlesque of 'Giddy On Up (Giddy On Out) to the leotard-clad superhero style of Jamiroquai's 'Cosmic Girl' and then back to the neon rave-ness of LMFAO, with a whole load of others thrown in too.

There's also a total of sixteen medals to collect too, each with bronze, silver and gold levels to them, which are awarded for completing certain objectives in the game - like finishing a song without missing any moves, or just playing ten songs. There's also a medal for getting all seven of the different 'styles' for your dances - which range from 'In Rhythm', to 'Energetic' and 'Creative', which I seem to get quite often, and I guess is just a nicer way of saying "at least you tried"... The medals give you something to keep working towards - and you'll need some serious skills to unlock all of them.

Making it's return again is the 'Just Sweat' workout program, which lets you pick an arbitrary amount of Sweat Points you'd like to achieve per day - the Beginner program is equivalent to walking for thirty minutes, the Intermediate equivalent to jogging for half an hour, and the Advanced is like running for the same length of time. But while Just Dance 2's Just Sweat Mode was limited to the specific section of the game, you'll gain Sweat Points towards your total in whatever mode you're playing in, over the course of the entire day - making it a damn site easier to reach your day's total. If you don't really care what song's you dance around to, or if you're in the mood for some 80s cheese or whatever, Just Dance 3 also has a load of pre-made setlists to pick from - themed around decades, genres and how sweaty you could get.

Talk to the hand!

While the forty plus tracks included on the disc, and all the unlockables, should keep you going for a fair while - especially considering you unlock some more songs as time goes on, Ubisoft are again providing a downloadable store, filled with extra tracks. Letting you download tracks from previous Just Dance games, too, if you've missed out on the first two, this is a great way of expanding your library at a decent price!

In a nutshell, Just Dance is like Dance Central's much friendlier sibling; it's goal has never been realism, nor has it ever been about pinpoint accuracy - its much more about having fun jigging about to the cheesy choreographies, and having a laugh with your friends as you do so. Just Dance 3 is more about dressing up in silly wigs, dancing with smiling ice creams and donning bowler hats and ties - and it's all the better for it.

Format Reviewed: Xbox 360

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Just Dance 3 is a rythm/music video game in the Just Dance video game series. The player must follow the dance routine shown on-screen as accurately as possible to get a high score. The game uses the Wiimote's motion controls to track the player's movements on Wii, the PlayStation Move on PS3, and the Kinect sensor for full-body tracking on Xbox 360.

The game features over 40 songs on the original disc, such as:

  • Airplanes - B.o.B featuring Hayley Williams
  • Apache (Jump On It) - The Sugarhill Gang
  • Are You Gonna Go My Way? - Lenny Kravitz
  • Baby One More Time - Britney Spears
  • Barbra Streisand - Duck Sauce
  • California Gurls - Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg
  • Price Tag - Jessie J featuring B.o.B
  • Promiscuous - Nelly Furtado featuring Timbaland
  • Pump It - The Black Eyed Peas
  • Satellite - Lena Meyer-Landrut
  • She's Got Me Dancing - Tommy Sparks

Certain songs are included with a cover version, some have an unlockable Dance Mashup version, and others are specific to a store, a region or a platform. For some songs a code can be entered on the title screen to unlock an extreme version. Additional songs can be purchased as DLC, as single tracks or as song packs.

The Kinect version can register up to four people and in the Just Create mode the choreography can be captured and shared online. The Wii version includes four-player concurrent dance routines and a Just Sweat modes that offers training exercises in disguise.


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Alternate Titles

  • "舞力全开 3" -- Chinese (simplified) spelling

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  • 3D Engine: LyN
  • Gameplay feature: In-game achievements
  • Just Dance series
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IGN Xbox 360 Oct 11, 2011 8. 5 out of 10 85
XGN Xbox 360 Dec 22, 2011 8 out of 10 80
Den of Geek (US) PlayStation 3 Apr 10, 2012 80 PlayStation 3 Jan 03, 2012 15 out of 20 75
Cheat Code Central Wii 2011 3.7 out of 5 74 (UK) Xbox 360 Oct 14, 2011 7 out of 10 70
JeuxActu Wii Oct 15, 2011 14 out of 20 70 Xbox 360 Oct 11, 2011 7 out of 10 70
GameSpot Wii Oct 20, 2011 7 out of 10 70
GamingExcellence Xbox 360 Oct 07, 2011 5. 4 out of 10 54


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Some of the awards garnered by this title are:
* BAFTA Kids Awards
** 2011 - Favorite Video Game
* 2012 Kids' Choice Awards
** 2012 - Favorite Game
* 2012 Teen Choice Awards
** 2012 - Choice Video Game

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    129. Dmitry Lysenko: The application allows you to use your smartphone as a controller in Just Dance games. What it looks like: I'm running Just Dance on my Xbox One S and I'm running THIS app on my smartphone. There is a game on the Xbox, and I hold the smartphone in my hand and it transmits data about my movements to the game. This app allowed me NOT to buy an expensive Kinect to play..
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    131. Bobloksik Ezhov: Guys, I give 5 stars but there is 1 minus, my app crashes then I dance but I give 5 stars.
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    What is the Konami code and how to use it

    Since the very first video games, cheat codes have been of great importance both for gameplay, and for the gamer subculture as a whole.

    History includes many iconic cheat codes that gamers around the world can play from memory.

    For example, "rosebud" is a cheat code from the Sims franchise that gives your Sim 1,000 Simoleons. nine0005

    When it comes to story games, the Grand Theft Auto series has mind-blowing cheats like "Kangaroo". With it, your character will be able to jump 30 meters up. Activate the cheat code "BSXSGGC" and the cars will fly away after being hit.

    In addition, everyone knows about the "god" mode (the cheat code "tgm" is entered in the text field after pressing the tilde), available in all games from the Bethesda studio. The code "IDDQD" from the game Doom with a similar effect is still considered legendary among gamers who caught the beginning of 1990s.

    Cheats for Undertale, the bestseller created by programmer and composer Toby Fox, are only available in developer mode. But for this you need to download a special file from the Internet and put it in the folder with the game data. In fact, Undertale cheats are keys to which specific functionality is attached. For example, "G" - brings 500 coins, "M" - increases the level of the character by one, and "U" - changes the appearance of the character. A complete list of all Undertale cheats can be easily found on the net. nine0005

    While a variety of cheat codes have had a tremendous impact on our collective video game memory, there is only one code that can confidently claim to be the most famous cheat code of all time.

    This, of course, is about the Konami code. It prolongs life, increases strength, allows you to pass the level without loss. It is so famous that it has been used in literally hundreds of popular games.

    What is the konami code? In its original and most recognizable form, the code looks like this:

    up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A

    This code has saved millions of virtual lives and helped countless players complete levels beyond all imaginable difficulty. But what exactly is the kanami code used for? We will try to answer this question in detail.

    The code originally appeared in the Gradius shooter released for the NES console in 1986. But since then, it has evolved and changed significantly.

    As we will see below, this code is found in games all the time. These can be games from Konami or games from other developers that have nothing to do with the Japanese studio. It has become truly versatile both as a working tool and as an Easter egg.

    Enter the Konami code (or one of its variants) using the keyboard or controller, and the result will be unpredictable. You can get extra hit points or health, or you can become the owner of a super powerful weapon. nine0005

    Maybe you will acquire additional power that will allow you to instantly destroy the enemy, or create a new vehicle, or sink a warship.

    Sometimes all you can count on is a text message box: "Please stop cheating." Whatever the outcome, konami code has been and remains a valuable and self-sustaining element of video game culture. It is also a very useful tool.

    So how did the legendary code come about? nine0005

    History of the Konami code

    As you might guess, the cheat code first appeared in games developed by the Japanese gaming industry giant Konami. The studio's games have grown into several super-popular franchises such as Metal Gear, Silent Hill and Castlevania.

    Konami code was created by Japanese video game developer Kazuhisa Hashimoto. As practice shows, great ideas are sometimes born quite by accident. In 1986, Hashimoto, seeing that the Gradius game was too complex, did not remove the code that was originally used to test the game. nine0005

    Konami code only became widely known a year later, when the futuristic war game Contra, or rather its American version, was released. It's still considered one of the most iconic PVP games today, and it's no surprise that the game had great 2D graphics, a co-op mode, and an amazing array of levels and weapons.

    This konami game has become the talk of the town because of its difficulty, especially for those who wanted to go through the whole story. As a result, among gamers, she acquired the status of a great work. nine0005

    To help casual gamers get to the next level, the Konami team decided to integrate a code into Contra Konami. After entering the code in the start menu window, you instantly received 30 extra lives.

    It was a helping hand for gamers who were having trouble passing through. As a result, the Konami Code has affected the entire gaming industry. There are references to it in such games as Bioshock, Fortnite, Need For Speed, Final Fantasy, League of Legends, which we will discuss in more detail below. nine0005

    The hype surrounding the Konami Code began to gain momentum when Nintendo mentioned it in a "classified information" column published in Nintendo Power Magazine. It was published monthly and contained instructions for completing various games, including clues about secret rooms, puzzles, and easter eggs. The magazine quickly became a cult classic in the serious gamer community.

    From that moment on, the owners of the NES prefix began to treat the Konami code as a sacred text. And very soon Japan, North America and the rest of the world were flooded with T-shirts, mugs, sweatshirts and posters with the image of the coveted code. nine0005

    This was a fairly simple explanation. Games at that time, if converted into modern money, cost almost $ 90 apiece. Not every child gets more than one or two games in a year. Since Contra was the dream of many gamers, but at the same time it was incredibly difficult, getting stuck on a certain level was especially frustrating. Not everyone could afford to turn off the game and play something else. This is where we begin to understand the role played by the kanami code for teenagers of that time. nine0005

    Konami's resourceful team quickly caught on to this trend and began coding all the big releases of the following years.

    In the years following the wild success of Contra, konami games such as Life Force (1987), Nemesis (1990) and Parodius! From Myth to Laughter (1991) contained Konami's code, thereby solidifying his position in popular culture.

    You know the rest.

    Games that use the code

    So what is the kanami code used for? Let's look at the most famous Japanese studio titles in which the use of code led to original and unpredictable consequences. nine0005

    Over the past decades, the Konami Code has repeatedly rescued players in a variety of genres: from intricate strategies to bloody first-person shooters. Let's list some of the best games released by Konami.

    Dance Dance Revolution

    This is the world's most famous dance arcade game that required superhuman dexterity and flexibility from the players. How many limbs were dislocated in an attempt to follow all the instructions of the game!

    Do you have a hard time imagining how you could put the Konami code into a game like Dance Dance Revolution? The Konami team certainly did a great job, and the secret code has appeared in almost every part of this franchise. nine0005

    In the second release of the series, after entering the code in the main menu, a secret super mode of increased difficulty opens. In the 5th part, the code gave access to new art and characters.

    In DDR Extreme, the code is actually built into the chart for the Twinbee song.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    The TMNT franchise has always contained a lot of easter eggs and jokes. Konami's use of code in most Nintendo games is also a show of their sense of humor.

    In Fall of the Foot Clan (made specifically for the Game Boy handheld), the code will replenish your energy up to 100%, but it can only be used once in the entire game. nine0005

    Meanwhile, in other games, when you use the Konami Code, you yourself become the butt of jokes. In The Manhattan Project, after Konami enters the code, a message from Konami pops up "Thank you for purchasing this game" in Japanese.

    Similarly, in TMNT: The Arcade Game, whenever you use a Konami code, a "kowabunga!" And we did not promise that the Konami code always brings exceptional benefits. Search for free online games related to the TMNT franchise and check it out for yourself. nine0005

    Silent Hill

    The chilling Silent Hill franchise is one of Konami's most revered and commercially successful creations, so it's no surprise that Konami code appears in parts of the series.

    Although the Konami code in Silent Hill is not useless, its effect is controversial.

    For example, in the release of Silent Hill: Homecoming, if you enter the code before the start of the game, the protagonist Alex Shepard will appear in new clothes taken from earlier parts of the franchise. It is in this form that he will appear in the cut-scenes. nine0005

    Also, after completing Silent Hill 3, if you enter the Konami code, Douglas Cartland will appear in his underwear in every cutscene. How useful this cheat code is is up to you. As you know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Konami code in other games

    Given the almost legendary status of the Konami code in popular culture, it's no wonder other studios have included it in their releases regardless of genre or platform.

    Of course, you will have to adapt the Konami code to the controller (for example, "A" in the code is usually replaced with "X" if you play on Xbox). However, major developers have done their part to keep the glory of Konami Code alive. nine0005

    Here are some great examples of Konami code in games made by other studios.

    Bioshock Infinite

    The BioShock series has gained a lot of fans thanks to Easter eggs inspired by retro games. You will find such things in all parts of the franchise. Probably the most memorable nod to old-school gamers is Konami's use of code in the 2013 release of Bioshock Infinite.

    Try these shooters to download and enter the code in the main menu. The game will automatically load the so-called "Mode 1999 years. It is a retro version of the story. At the same time, its difficulty exceeds the most hardcore mode that can be set in the Bioshock Infinite settings.

    Fortnite: Battle Royale

    When gamers think about what to play online, PvP games like Fortnite often come to mind. But in this genre, cheat codes were banned very quickly based on the principle of "fair play". However, for a release as iconic as Konami Code, an exception can be made.

    So in the tenth season, anyone who entered the Konami code into Fortnite within the 36 hours specified by the developers could gain access to a hidden mini-game. In it, pizza fought against Darrburger in the style of Space Invaders.

    Just Dance 3

    Deciding to pay homage to Konami's code used in the Dance Dance Revolution series, the Just Dance 3 development team incorporated their version of the code into the gameplay.

    If you enter the code during the main cutscene, you can unlock the "extreme" version of "Barbara Streisand" by electronic music duo Duck Sauce and try to beat it if you want. nine0005

    Crash Bandicoot

    Good old Crash is everyone's favorite bandicoot. This is one of the most iconic and long-playing heavyweights in the gaming industry. In the Crash Konami bandicoot series, the code is used throughout.

    For example, in the Crash Bandicoot: Warped Konami part, the code will unlock the secret level Spyro The Dragon, which you can access through the title screen. Entering the code in the N.Sane Trilogy release will unlock hidden trailers for upcoming Spyro games. By the way, you can download the game to your phone for free on Google Play. nine0005

    Dead by Daylight

    The chaotic survival horror Dead by Daylight is essentially an homage to the most famous characters in horror history, as many classic characters appear in it, including Nemesis from Resident Evil, Pyramid Head from Silent Hill and various monsters from Left4Dead. It even has a PVP online mode where you can play as either the killer or the survivors.

    Considering that the game contains references to Silent Hill, it would be strange if the developers did not hide Konami's code somewhere. nine0005

    Enter the code while playing as one of the Silent Hill characters and the soundtrack will switch to the theme song from Gradius, the first NES game to use this code. You will also receive an amulet that you can use to increase your health and strength.

    Konami code in popular culture

    After reading this article, it should not surprise you to learn that the Konami code has broken out of the gaming industry and has appeared in pop culture for decades. nine0005

    It is not possible to list all the examples, there are too many. But some of them are still worthy of mention.

    The code is used in several popular songs, including tracks by Deftones, The Moldy Peaches and Technicolor.