How to teach ballroom dancing

How To Ballroom Dance For Beginners (Videos)

Ballroom dancing is one of the classiest types of formal dancing and it includes 20+ different dances.

In this guide you’ll learn how to Ballroom dance for beginners with 3 videos (below).

But first a quick intro…

There are the traditional Ballroom dances which include: Waltz, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, Tango, Quickstep and more.

And then there are what are considered Latin-Ballroom dances which include: Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, Bolero, Mambo, Salsa, Jive, Samba and more.

I’m a Beginner, Which dances should I start with?

Our recommendation is to learn the basic steps of these 3 dances: The Slow Waltz, Rumba and Cha Cha.

These 3 dances are great because they fit most of the popular music. Read more about the best social dances to learn here.

But wait, before you start learning the Ballroom basic steps below, you need to know how to take hold with your partner.

First, Learn The Ballroom Dance Hold

In this video we explain how to achieve what is referred to as “The Closed Hold” in Ballroom dancing:

The main points are:
● Leader’s left hand connects to Follower’s right hand, and held at Follower’s eye level.
● Leader’s right hand is placed just underneath the lady’s left shoulder blade area.
● Followers place their left arm on the man’s shoulder area, and press down slightly to connect with the leader’s right arm.
● When doing a strictly Ballroom dance you will have less space between you – and more space during the Latin-Ballroom dances.
● Keep your core engaged at all times for better balance and to feel your partner’s weight.

Next, Ballroom Dance Steps (Learn The Basics)

1st of 3: Learn The Slow Waltz Basics

The slow Waltz is beautiful dance with emphasize on smooth gliding across the floor with rise and fall technique (going up and down). The main characteristic of this dance is the iconic timing of 1,2,3. Learn the basic step below.

The Waltz basic steps (The Box Step):

Breakdown of Waltz steps:

Men’s steps:
Forward with Left Foot
Side with Right Foot
Close Left Foot to Right Foot (And Switch Weight)

Back with Right Foot
Side with Left Foot
Close Right Foot to Left Foot (And Switch Weight)

Lady’s steps:
Back with Right Foot
Side with Left Foot
Close Right Foot to Left Foot (And Switch Weight)

Forward with Left Foot
Side with Right Foot
Close Left Foot to Right Foot (And Switch Weight)

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2nd of 3: Learn The Rumba Basic Steps

The American Style Rumba is one of the most social friendly Ballroom dances. The basic step is a also a box step (Just like the Waltz) but the difference here is that there is no up and down motion, instead dancers use what is called Cuban Motion technique – where the dancers bend and straighten their knees on every step – producing a hip action.

Rumba Basic Steps (The Box Step):

Breakdown of Rumba steps:

Men’s steps:
Forward with Left Foot
Side with Right Foot
Close Left Foot to Right Foot (And Switch Weight)

Back with Right Foot
Side with Left Foot
Close Right Foot to Left Foot (And Switch Weight)

Lady’s steps:
Back with Right Foot
Side with Left Foot
Close Right Foot to Left Foot (And Switch Weight)

Forward with Left Foot
Side with Right Foot
Close Left Foot to Right Foot (And Switch Weight)

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3rd of 3: Learn The Cha Cha Basic Steps

The Cha Cha dance is a very lively and fast dance. It’s a dance that has lots of quick footwork and hip actions – with emphasize on the rhythm. The main characteristic of this dance is the triple step chasses which are present through out the entire dance.

Cha Cha Basic Steps (The Side Basic Step):

Breakdown of Cha Cha steps:

Men’s steps:
Side with Left Foot
Back with Right Foot
Replace weight Forward on Left Foot
Side With Right Foot
Close Left Foot To Right Foot (Switch weight)
Side With Right Foot
Forward with Left Foot (Check action)
Replace weight Back on Right Foot
Side with Left Foot
Close Right Foot to Left Foot

Lady’s steps:
Side With Right Foot
Forward with Left Foot (Check action)
Replace weight Back on Right Foot
Side with Left Foot
Close Right Foot to Left Foot
Side with Left Foot
Back with Right Foot
Replace weight Forward on Left Foot
Side With Right Foot
Close Left Foot To Right Foot (Switch weight)

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Other Dances To Learn

The following 5 dances are also great for anyone looking to expand on their Ballroom dancing learning (They are also taught in our membership). Click on them to learn them:

Learn East Coast Swing Moves
The East coast swing is a dance that originated from Lindy Hop and has lots of turn and spins. The leaders and followers both do rock steps and triple side steps through-out this dance, with bending and straightening the knees.

Learn Foxtrot basic steps
The Foxtrot is a great Ballroom dance to use to get around the rooms and at weddings and Ballroom dance parties. This is one of the easiest dances to learn because it involves 2 walks and side steps for both partners. It is a classy dance that fits may of the Frank Sinatra and Michael Bubble music.

Learn Bachata dance steps
The Bachata is a sensual Latin dance and is a perfect dance to do socially for couples. The basic steps involve side to side stepping, with the 4th and 8th steps done as taps (without change of weight). This move is great to do at Latin dance clubs and parties.

Learn Salsa basic steps
Salsa is one of the hottest Latin dances right now and it fits many of the Reggaeton music played at clubs and parties. The Salsa basic steps consist of fwd and back rock steps and aside from that many of the moves include: spins, underarm turns, hip actions and dips.

Want More Dance Lessons?

We offer a membership that includes access to 300+ Ballroom and Latin dance videos online. Including American & International style videos.

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How To Ballroom Dance For Beginners

Learn how to Ballroom dance with our step by step Latin and Ballroom dance lessons online.

Our videos will break everything to make sure you know your steps, timing and technique.

Below you will find free Basic Ballroom dance steps for beginners for Cha Cha, Rumba, Salsa, Swing, Tango, Foxtrot, Waltz and Merengue. In each mini course you will learn the most essential basic steps with HD videos.

How to Ballroom dance for beginners - Free Video Courses:

How to dance with a partner 101 - Social dance steps
Get introduced to social dance steps in this free mini course. Learn how to social dance with 3 Ballroom dances: Rumba basic, Swing basic and Waltz basic. These dances are perfect for partner dancing at weddings and parties. Perfect for beginners looking to get started.

Waltz dance steps for beginners
The slow Waltz is one of the most classical Ballroom dances - dating back to 16th century when they used to hold "Balls". The Waltz's main characteristic is the rise and fall used through out all the steps. Our videos will teach you the most basic Waltz steps with ease.

Cha Cha dance steps for beginners
This cheeky dance is perfect for anyone starting out. This Ballroom dance has a lot of quick and sharp foot and leg movements. It is characterized by a triple step which is danced on the "Cha Cha 1" counts. In this video course you will learn 3 beginner dance steps that you will be able to use right away.

Swing dance steps for beginners (East coast Swing)
The East coast Swing combines rocks steps and triple steps to create a very fun and energetic dance. This dance is influenced by rock n roll and Lindy hop styles - which give it tons of variations including kicks, flicks and turns. Have some fun with the swing now!

Rumba dance steps for beginners
The Rumba combines lots of body, hip and arm movements to make this Cuban dance very expressive. In this mini course you will learn the basic steps, box step and slow underarm turn. This dance requires lots of control because of its rhythm - Slow, Quick, Quick. Learn the basic steps with our videos in this beginner course.

Salsa dance steps for beginners
This popular Latin dance is perfect for those of you who like to fast rhythms and lots of turns and spins. This dance is a great for social dancing with its emphasize on lead and follow - where the man initiates movements and the lady follows. After our mini course you'll be able to use what you learned in Latin clubs.

Foxtrot dance steps for beginners
One of the first Ballroom dances that people usually learn is the Foxtrot. It is a very elegant dance that travels around the room. Both men and women push off the standing leg in order to move from foot to foot. This dance is one of the best for pure lead and follow.

Tango dance lessons online for beginners
This Ballroom dance is great for passionate dancers who like to express the Tango music. This is a traveling Ballroom dance that combines a lot of shapes and rotational movements. In our mini course you will learn 3 beginner moves to get you started. Enjoy.

Merengue dance steps for beginners
Here is a Latin dance that is considered to be the easiest of all! The saying goes: "If you can walk, you can Merengue". The basic steps all consist of small weight changes that could be danced on the spot, or across the floor. There are lots of intricate turns and arm twists too.

Want More Latin & Ballroom Lessons?

Passion4Dancing Dance Training
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How to learn ballroom dancing at home? -

How to learn to dance?


4.8 thousand

3.2 thousand

1 minute.

Ballroom dancing inspires, makes you stop your eyes and fascinates. A couple that whirls in a waltz merges with the music and creates something completely new. Ballroom dancing can easily become a part of everyone's life. How to learn to dance them?


Latin dance
Cha Cha
Paso Doble
9 Rumba

  • 2. Instruction
  • 3. Video lessons
    • 3.1. Foxtrot
    • 3.2. Waltz
    • 3.3. Quickstep
    • 3.4. Latin dance
    • 3.5. Samba
    • 3.6. Cha-Cha-Cha
    • 3.7. Flamenco
    • 3.8. Paso doble
    • 3.9. Jive
    • 3.10. Rumba
  • 1

    You will need
    • Internet.
    • Dance manual/Disc with video lessons.


    1. 1. Enroll in a dance school. Search online for dance schools that teach ballroom dancing. Look at the site for comments, videos, photos. Go to the pages of teachers, read reviews about them. Analyze the information received and give preference to the school that suits you best. Feel free to want to dance. You will be working with the same beginners as you are, so even if you are on the floor for the first time in your life, you will be able to feel at ease. It's also worth taking a trial class. Many schools allow you to attend the first training session for free. If you like the style of teaching, then buy a subscription.
    2. 2. Watch video tutorials. If for some reason you cannot attend dance schools, then you should study on your own. At the end of the article, you will be shown video lessons on teaching ballroom dancing, if they are not enough for you, then there are many sites on the Internet dedicated to these dances. If you follow all the movements exactly, you will soon be able to show off your dancing skills. This training method is only suitable for those who are used to achieving goals, who can set a clear training schedule and stick to it.
    3. 3. Read the manual on ballroom dancing. This is not always the most effective and most difficult method to learn how to dance tango or waltz. But with its help, you will be able to get acquainted with the theoretical foundations of dance, learn the specifics and history of each of them. Buy a book with clear and vivid illustrations. Some of these books will come with CDs with practical tips and lessons.
    4. 4. If you are serious about ballroom dancing, then you should buy professional shoes

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