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If you want to know how to start making YouTube videos, you’ll love this guide. 

With a few simple steps, you’ll be creating content in no time!

Let’s go!

In a world that is so advanced and easily accessible at that touch of a finger it is crazy to think that YouTube wasn’t around 10 years ago and is now one of the worlds largest video sharing platforms, with over 300 hours of video content uploaded every MINUTE. So it’s no secret that YouTube is the ultimate place to post your content. But the thing is you’ve never uploaded a video to YouTube before or let alone even made one and you’re stuck on how to get started. 

Well you’ve come to the right place 

Before uploading there are a few things you want to establish, so continue on reading to learn everything you need to know about creating a dance video when starting out!


Great you’ve made up your mind and want to make a dance video showing off your cool moves and new routine but aren’t quite sure on how to start it off.

Before starting anything it’s a good idea to plan it out. Layout all your ideas and see how you can bring your vision to life!

Not everyone is great at planning/ organising things and that’s okay but i’ll help set out a few points and guidelines to which anyone can use and do to help make it happen. 

What is the concept?

Do you want your video to have a theme? Is there a storyline? Are you trying to send a message? A certain aesthetic theme or just a simple video?

Make sure you know what you want to achieve/portray before planning anything else as this will help everything else fall into place and easier on yourself and others involved in the process. 


If you’re stuck on ideas, watch other dancers, their choreography, how they move, how they utilise camera angles, locations, back up dancers, lighting etc. 

Music/Song Choice 

A dance video revolves around music so you need to choose your music before or during the planning stage.

Once you have your song choice it will make planning so much easier and just really help make sense to yourself and others of your vision/goal and everything revolving around it. 


Shooting a choreographed video is like a dance between the character and the camera. In this dance, the lead is the characters’ movement through the action, called blocking. 

The following is the camera’s motion in response to blocking, often referred to as planning or staging. The camera angle should also be taken into account in your staging, as it has a lot of effect on the final result.

Also the location plays a big part so don’t leave that till last as that determines your layout and lighting. 

Set Action Points

Plan out your shots. Action points are movements where there’s change in tempo, vocals or instrument. Encourage different angles, lighting, location etc as that’s really going to tie in the dance and bring it to life.

Have fun with this stage, play around with it and really engage with it.  


Practice practice practice. This is the only way you will be able to perfect your moves and get them down pat as well as figuring out what looks good, what doesn’t, what you need to add or take out etc.

Use researching as a mini performance, give it all you’ve got before the final piece. If you’ve got other dancers with you utilise their talents, converse with them, see if they have any ideas or different outlooks that might interest you.

Really use this time to your advantage. And don’t forget to just really communicate with the people you’re working with, make sure you’re all on the same page.


So you’ve got the moves down pat and the whole routine ready to go but you’re missing one thing EQUIPMENT! Now starting off you might not have a lot of knowledge or insight on what or how to use and it can be a little overwhelming.

But fear not because i’ve got you covered. When you are thinking of what equipment to get, you have to consider what you are shooting because equipment is very circumstantial. 

With all my research that I have conducted I will give you an easy overview as to what you need to help take off:

YouTube Cameras 

Now you don’t need a fancy-schmancy, high tech break the bank camera when filming your videos, especially if you’re just starting out.

With today’s technologies it’s very easy to get your hands on a camera pretty much anywhere, if you take a look at your phone you’ll notice there’s one right there! BAM problem solved. 

You know the ins and outs of your phone and it’s such a simple device to use that it won’t take you long to set it up and won’t cost you a cent.

And if you’re not happy with the quality of your phone then maybe borrow a friends or family members. In conjunction with this you’re set on filming with a camera then let me run you through a few options to help you out:

  • Affordability and quality: Canon Rebel series
  • Starting off: Canon Rebel T2i
  • Shoot something straight-forward: Canon Powershot
  • Small and compact: Sony ZV-1
  • A tiny gimbal-mounted camera for ultra-smooth travel shooting: DJI Osmo Pocket
  • Accurate autofocus and in-body stabilization: Sony A6600

Camera Lenses for YouTube

However if you do decide to go with a camera then I suggest investing in some lenses, as they create a different effect and you can really just have fun and play around with them.

If you’re not really sure on what lens to go with or start off with I’d suggest going with a wide – angle lense. You want to show as much of the dancing as possible by shooting at a wide angle, so the viewers can see everything.

Tripod/Stands for Cameras 

Tripods? Stands? Ahhhh what to do, what to choose? These nifty little contraptions are essential when filming especially if you’re doing it lone wolf style and don’t have any help.

Again there’s so many out there so how do you know which one to choose? Depending if you prefer to just hold the camera and go with the flow then you don’t really need one but for those of you who are looking, have a look at these little beauties…

Joby Gorillapod and Ballhead X

Geekoto 77″ Aluminum Tripod with 360 Degree Ball Head

Manfrotto Mini Tripod

A Good + Cheap Phone Tripod


Lights? Why would I need to focus on lighting? Good question. Lighting is very important as it helps viewers see you and your moves but also helps tell your story and what mood you want to set the tone of the video.

Lighting can turn a production into one that looks like it’s worth thousands. But then again, if you’re just shooting class videos, ain’t nobody got time for lighting – just shoot and go!

For someone starting off, I would recommend those construction lights that they use on sight. Even though they are super bright it really helps to see the dancer/s and their movement which is what you want and not to get lost in the dark. 

Lighting really depends and what you’re going for so you could be indoors and use normal lights or coloured lights etc or if filming outside you could use the sunset or at night car lights or torches. Use lights to your advantage, a lot of people underestimate what good lighting can do and don’t utilise it enough.  


You’ll need a device to play your music when filming, although i’m sure you know the song and probably have it stuck in your head from replaying it over and over you’ll need a decent portable speaker that’s loud enough to hear when filming.


Now you’re thinking why would I need a computer if I’m just filming myself dance and then going to upload it straight to YouTube? You have a point there but it’s not as simple as 1,2,3.

If you plan on making a lot of content you’ll want a decently capable computer. The first thing to consider is your hard drive size. 

If you’re recording a lot of footage, particularly at higher resolutions and framerates, it’s going to take up a lot of space. 

How much space you can use will vary based on how much footage you save, and how much/long you film, so if you erase old footage before starting the next video, you can get away with having less space.

Your computer will be your home base where you put your masterpiece together. 


Obviously you’ll need music otherwise how else would you know when to do the steps on beat (DUH) but when using another artist’s music make sure you state it for copyright reasons otherwise your video will be pulled down and all that hard work gone just like that.

So when videos are uploaded to YouTube they run through a system to see if the content is copyrighted. 

Unless you are an artist or decide to make your own music you don’t have to worry about copyright as that song is yours and an original! 

But… not everyone is an artist or makes their own music, so what do you do? You can easily access Royalty free music which is a site that requires you to pay once and that’s it! It’ll gain you access to different music or other content whenever you want with no other fees.

It can be found on a number of different sites all you need to do is search royalty free music on google and let your fingers do the walking.


Lights, Camera, ANGLES! If you’re not planning on doing anything flashy and just want to keep it simple there’s nothing wrong with that but for those of you who want to make it edgy and give it some sparkle, angles are a great way to do that but don’t get too carried away otherwise it’ll just look like a hot mess.  

Angles give your video a different perception and vibe, they can really capture the essence of dance and really showcase your moves. You should always film a couple times so you have versatile angles and can play around with which ones you like and don’t like. 

Keep it consistent, try not to cut and change a lot as it will look choppy and will just give the viewer a headache from trying to keep up but also trying to focus on you dancing. Timing is everything so play around with it, have fun and go with what looks good but helps capture your vision. 


This is your most important stage when compiling all your videos together. There are so many editing sites and programs you might not know which is best and end up spending half your savings.

Some are simple and some are a little more complex in the end the choice is yours and what feels easy or right. Here are just a few sites you could use to help give you that head start: 

  • Lightwork: Is a simple, free editor, and is pretty simple to learn. Operates with OS X, Windows and Linux.
  • Adobe Premier: It is the industry standard for video editing, though it is expensive and the learning curve is high – its more suited for complicated content 
  • Davinci Resolve: Is a great and free tool and is likely the best free editor that you can get, which also has a pro version for more advanced content. It is suitable for MacOS, Microsoft and Linux
  • iMovie: Macs built in editing tool. It’s very simple and easy to use and pretty straight forward and won’t cost you a thing unless you upgrade to the pro version. 

There are many, many more out there, you just have to find the one for you and your computer. 


Once you have filmed and edited, export your video to a file and prepare to upload! Keep in mind that the uploading process can sometimes take awhile depending on the image quality, size of your video, and your internet connection, so make sure you leave enough time at the end of the weekend for this.

Fear not if you have no idea how to work youtube and aren’t sure exactly how to upload or what goes where, here are a few simple steps:

Rendering and Uploading Your Video

Once you’ve finished editing, you’ll want to render out your video to a file in whatever application you used to put it together. 

Once it’s done though, you’ll want to head over to YouTubes upload page and drop the file in there. Some programs will allow you to directly upload to youtube therefore minimising a step. 

YouTube also needs time to process your video before it goes live, to get it ready for distribution. So don’t stress if it’s taking awhile it just needs time to process. 

Titling, Tagging, Thumbnails

So once you’ve uploaded your video, you’re not quite finished yet, there are a few things you’ll need to do to finalise everything. You’ll need to fill out your video’s title, description, and tags—all of which help YouTube more easily figure out how to recommend it to people. Your thumbnail matters a lot as well. 

YouTube will automatically pick a thumbnail from a random spot in your video, but you’ll almost always want to use a custom thumbnail to attract more people. 

You can also add text over the thumbnail but you’ll need to use another program such as photoshop or GIMP. Once that’s all done and finalised and you are happy with the way it all looks it’s ready to make its great debut.  


Ah the final piece of the puzzle. You’ve finished editing and made it look AH-MAZ-ING and have finally uploaded it to the famous YouTube platform, but what now, how do you create attention so people can view your amazing masterpiece? There are a few things that you can do to help promote your video. 

  1. Write engaging must see titles 
  2. Set up your youtube SEO
  3. Figure out what your audience wants 
  4. Engage with the YouTube community 
  5. Customise your thumbnails 
  6. Collaborate with other dancers/YouTubers 
  7. Promote your content on other social media platforms 

I would like to emphasise that the amount of views / likes / shares that every video gets is not representative of its content or popularity.

If you are really serious about the youtube game and would like to expand your channel and knowledge further then I recommend having a look into The Online Creator Institute. It’s jam packed with masterclasses, tons of helpful and reliable info and there’s zero commitment so it’s on your own terms! 

What Is Music Copyright? How Does It Affect Dancers?

Due to music copyright infringement, a dance video gets muted. Or taken down. Someone’s account gets a strike. Then their whole account is terminated completely…


While music copyright regulations create somewhat of a crappy conundrum for dancers who want to share their work, you don’t have to feel completely helpless about it.

If you want to keep posting dance videos, then you should study how copyright music works on YouTube.

You can find smart ways to upload and share on YouTube, and know what to do if you run into a copyright infringement issue.

Here are the things you (and all dancers) should know about music copyright, royalty free music, copyright infringement, and more.

What is music copyright?

“Copyright” basically means legal ownership over the things you make.

Copyrighted music belongs to another entity, whether it be the artist, music label, production company, etc.

There are 3 main types of licenses that allow you to legally "own" music:

Master Use License

Master rights are owned by big music companies such as Sony Music, Broadcast Music, Inc., Warner Music Group, EMI, Universal Music Group, etc.

They basically own the original recording file of the song.

Publishing License

Publishers are mostly music labels, such as Def Jam Records. Think of them like book publishers to the song.

They own the rights to the composition and can use the song in their published content. Sometimes Masters are also Publishers, sometimes they’re not.

Music Synchronization License

A Sync License, usually granted by the Publisher, allows the holder to sync the song to some kind of visual output (like a movie, TV show, video game, or advertisement).

***This license is the most relevant to dancers, since we are are syncing choreography to music!!!***

The tricky part about uploading your videos to YouTube is that some licenses don’t get cleared by certain publishers.

When you see that a video is ”blocked in (Country),” – it’s because the publishers don’t have the rights in that country.

You may be starting to realize...

YouTube is not the bad guy!

So many of us are quick to blame the platform itself because that's the place we’re running into the issues. But YouTube is actually your friend! It's trying to help you!

They have an entire team trying to get rights for music so that you can post your concept video – without getting sued.

It matters what song you use

YouTube keeps things fair to music creators by finding the songs that people are using (through *matching), then running ads on those videos.

The money from those ads go to the music creators so they can make some sort of profit off of their content that other people are integrating into their own.

When someone writes a book, they, as well as the publisher, make profit from those who purchase the book.

For music, records, tapes, and CDs worked under a similar model, but with the frequency that music gets used on the internet, it gets difficult to regulate.

That’s why music copyright is such a big deal. Without it, it’d be this free-for-all of someone else’s intellectual property.

You wouldn’t want someone taking your choreography, using it, and making money off of your work without your awareness or involvement, right?

Find other ways of finding music to choreograph to! How To Use SoundCloud To Find Music As A Dancer

*Copy ID Match

When videos are uploaded, they run through a system that basically Shazams it to see if its contents are copyrighted.

If it is (which most songs probably are), the owner of the original content is notified. They can then either choose to block your video or monetize on it through ads.

For example, you probably didn’t pay Rihanna for using “Work” in your video. So YouTube gets money from advertisers to pay her for ya.

This really sucks for dancers

You can dance without music. But most of the time we do use music.

This is why, for so long, dancers had a tough time making money – because choreographers and dancers were always at the mercy of the musicians.

Think about it: at a concert, the headliner is the singer or band. Then there are the backup dancers. “Backup.” Just accompanying the singer.

But now, with YouTube and social media, dancers can self-publish their work and get recognition for it.

We’re pushing ourselves to the forefront by saying “Hey, I created this movement.”

But the song still belongs to someone else. And you could still get in a lot of trouble for it.

How to avoid music copyright infringement

As mentioned, some songs are okay to use, and some are not. It’s important to always CHECK to see if the song you used is going to be cleared before you upload it.

If you know you’re going to make a video out of a certain piece, then check for copyright infringement FIRST.

Content ID, as explained in this video, lets you know exactly what will happen if you use a specific song in your video.

You can stop putting your video or account at risk! Here are a few other ways to avoid running into copyright issues:

Use completely original music

Obviously, if you make a song yourself, you’re the creator and owner of that music – therefore not subject to copyright infringement.

Work with independent artists

This is similar to the first point, but rather than learning how to produce your own music, you can collaborate with artists who create their own original music.

The end product would have been completely self-produced by you and the artist, allowing that content to be uploaded and even monetized.

220 recently worked with SoundCloud artists to create royalty-free dance videos.

Purchase royalty-free music

Royalty-free music is music that you pay for once, and can use it in whatever content after that.

When you buy a song off iTunes, you’re only buying the private rights – meaning you can listen to it wherever you want, but you cannot use it in any media production thereafter.

You can find royalty-free music for your dance videos on a number of different websites.

Music isn’t a tangible item, but it is intellectual property. Taking and using it is considered theft as would taking someone’s wallet.

So when you get a strike, you will, unfortunately, suffer consequences like losing access to certain YouTube features.

If you receive three copyright strikes, then your account and all your videos will be terminated.

You will be unable to create any new accounts under that e-mail address.

It’s important to note exactly why you received a strike, so that you can take steps to contest it, and not repeat the same mistake.

You can find out why going to Creator Studio > Video Manager > Copyright Notices> Copyright Strike. You will be able to find more information on that removal.

To resolve a strike, you'll have to wait the 6 months for it to expire while laying low to not receive any additional strikes in that time.

You also have to complete Copyright School.

Copyright School is actually quite beneficial to watch to prevent any of that from happening.

In addition, you can also get what’s called a “retraction."

This means taking away the strike by asking the person who gave you that strike and asking them to retract their claim.

If your video was removed by a mistake – as in, you really didn’t breach any copyright laws, then you can submit a counter notification.

If becoming a successful choreographer is the goal, knowing how to market yourself is crucial.

And you can’t put your work out there if you have no idea why your videos keep getting taken down!

We hope this helped you content creators understand music copyright laws better.

Have you run into music copyright infringement issues? Got any tips? Leave a comment to share!

Rules for the use of music when creating videos on YouTube.

We received an interesting explainer video from Youtube about the use of music in user videos uploaded to the service.

Among the clients of there are many companies that create videos for advertising, educational and other purposes, bloggers and musicians themselves. Unfortunately, detailed and simple information about the licensing of music in audio-visual works is almost non-existent.

Therefore, we took the liberty of making a text translation of the original video into Russian in free form and providing it with comments.

“Hi, I'm Josh and today we're going to talk about a problem video creators have from time to time: How do I find music for my YouTube video?

Copyright can be confusing and if you have previously tried using music in your video, you may have encountered a Content ID complaint. Don't worry. In most cases, you can solve the problem that has arisen.

I'll tell you how it works, and we'll talk about the various options that you can also take advantage of.

Why can't you just take any song, paste it into your video and upload it to YouTube?

Because the artists who write and perform the piece of music and the companies they work with own the copyright in those works and the related rights in the performances and recordings of those works. This means that they have the right to control how others use their music. One source of income for musicians is the licensing of music to those who wish to use it. Sometimes it's easy enough to license music from copyright holders, but not always. And there is no guarantee that you will be able to get a license.

That's why YouTube has created an in-service Audio Library to help you find music that you can use for your video for free. This means that you can even monetize videos that include any of these songs.

Audio Library includes free sound effects that you can also use. We are constantly updating the library so that it has a lot of diverse content.

Quite a lot of other music is available online, as there are royalty-free libraries on other services (eg AudioJungle*) that allow you to collect and license music to create your own videos. Before making purchases from such libraries, please read the terms of use very carefully. Licensing terms vary, and even though they call them "royalty free", you can still face a Content ID complaint if not used correctly.

You may also be surprised to receive a complaint about music you have created and performed yourself. The fact is that you can release music through a label or with the help of a distributor, and they have already claimed their rights to your music and the Content ID will be taken. Or they may work with a third party to file complaints against YouTube videos that use their work. Check with your distributor about the terms and conditions of your deal and how you can avoid complaints and deal with claims that arise.

If you cover songs, you can share earnings from your video views with the author of the song. (here you are using someone else's copyrighted work. We talk more about clearing the rights to a cover version in our seminars)

A special YouTube Music Policy Directory page will show you the rules set by the owners of many popular works.

For example, some videos may not be available in some countries if they use certain music. The solution may be different if the video contains a specific track or if you are covering it. But keep in mind that the information in the guide is not the license itself and this is not a guarantee: the owner of the rights can change the conditions at any time.

There are a couple of other things you need to know about music on YouTube.

Are you thinking of publishing your walkthrough of your favorite video game? You may encounter a Content ID complaint regarding both the game you are playing and the background music in it. Check the terms and conditions of the manufacturers of this game for uploading gameplay to their website and try to turn down the music while playing.

You should also check the YouTube guide or mute the sound of your video if music is accidentally included in it (for example, if the radio in your car is playing in the background of the video) even if it is very short and in poor quality.

In some cases, when your video receives a Content ID complaint about a music track, you can remove the music and then the restriction or ban will be removed. You can also replace your soundtrack with any track from the YouTube audio library.

And if you make your own music, be careful with samples of other songs. (they also have a copyright holder*). If you want to know more about how licensing works, you might want to talk to a lawyer (or get insimple* expert advice)

Your local bar association can provide a free or low cost service where you can consult with a lawyer. If you are located in the United States, California Lawyers for Arts can provide you with this service.

I hope I've helped you figure out what to do the next time you upload a video with a piece of music included."

YouTube Video Ideas: 14 Examples

Running a YouTube channel can be tough, even if you're passionate about it.

Often this is not enough - the topics that you cover on your channel may please you, but at the same time not hook the audience. As a result, you can lose views and subscribers, which is of course the worst case scenario for any YouTuber.

So, the key aspects of success on the platform are enthusiasm and love for what you do, as well as the right choice of topics for the YouTube channel according to the interests of your audience.

To help you decide on the direction of your channel, we have collected ideas for YouTube videos that bring subscribers and examples of foreign bloggers.

If your goal is to become a popular blogger with great stats, it's time to get familiar with video ideas.

Let's go!

Game channels

Game channels are YouTube old-timers, so you won't be surprised if we say that the YouTube channel with the most subscribers among the author's channels is a game channel.

And this is PewDiePie, he started his channel in 2010 by making Letsplay video games where he just had fun and joked while playing video games in front of the camera. Today, he continues to post action game videos as well as comedy videos, showcasing his unique sense of humor.

PewDiePie's YouTube channel has over 110 million views and continues to grow. The fact that his YouTube channel has the largest number of subscribers among the author's channels, and that he is not the only gamer in the list of the most popular YouTubers, proves that gaming videos do not lose popularity. They are not going anywhere in the near future, especially considering that by 2025 the revenues of the gaming industry will amount to 256.97 billion dollars .

So, if you are an avid gamer, then a game channel is a great idea for YouTube. You can turn your hobby into something more and make money on YouTube doing what you love. Game Video Ideas:

  • Lets Play
  • Overview of games
  • Explanations and walkthroughs of games
  • Game recommendations
  • Collaborations

Beauty Channels

According to YouTube, there are more than 45,000 makeup and fashion channels on the platform. The most popular beauty channels have millions of subscribers and views.

You can find every makeup video on YouTube these days: tutorial videos, tips, product and product reviews, makeup mistakes, and the list goes on.

The YouTuber with the most subscribers in the beauty industry is James Charles , who also became the first YouTuber to lose a million subscribers in 24 hours due to various accusations against him.

However, this did not affect his popularity on YouTube or other platforms. James has 25.1 million followers and billions of views overall, making him a sensation in the industry.

But he's certainly not the only well-known YouTuber in the beauty industry: Nikkie Tutorials and PONY Syndrome are two other major YouTubers in the industry. So if your talent is transforming faces with makeup, start your own YouTube channel and share your skills with the whole world. Beauty YouTube Channel Ideas:

  • Product Overview
  • Makeup Ideas for the Holidays
  • Superstar Makeup Repeat
  • Natural Makeup Tutorial
  • Vogue and Harper's Bazaar style tutorial
  • Makeup in the style of different eras
  • Collections of cosmetics by category

Educational channels

TED-Ed, BigThink, National Geographic… Everyone has heard of them. At some point, all of us, regardless of age or background, have looked at these YouTube channels out of curiosity or in search of answers to our questions, and that is why it is worth paying attention to educational videos.

The goal of educational YouTube channels is to give users new knowledge in a fun video format.

Take, for example, TED-Ed . This channel has 14.1 million views and covers everything from Greek mythology to real life legends and more.

For example, animated educational videos with short text convey important information in an unobtrusive manner, making the information received more memorable and visually pleasing. Educational videos are also designed for a large audience - both children and adults.

So if you are ready to collect and share valuable information with the whole world, educate children and adults, and the only thing that stands in your way is shyness, then just follow the example of TED-Ed and do it with animated videos . The advantage of running an educational channel and shooting animated videos is the ability to not show your face. Just make sure the information you're about to share is accurate and pick up a doodle, whiteboard, or other kind of animation. YouTube Educational Video Ideas:

  • A Brief History of Wars
  • Myths and legends
  • Book Reviews
  • Explaining the Laws of the Universe

Fitness channels

There are a lot of people in the world who want to get in shape and lead a healthier lifestyle. In addition to gyms, they also turn to YouTube.

YouTube has a huge number of fitness channels with millions of subscribers offering free exercises and workouts that anyone can participate in. Zumba, exercises with and without dumbbells, workouts with dance moves, yoga, stretching - it's all available on YouTube.

If you are into fitness or dancing, then a fitness video is a great idea for a YouTube channel. Start sharing your knowledge, create your own workout channel, and post videos with helpful tips and exercises to achieve concrete results.

For example, Chloe Ting's YouTube channel has a total of 21 million subscribers, her channel is all about workouts, but she also gives helpful tips between exercises.

Chloe kicked off the 2 Weeks Press program, this video has already received over 371 million views and is attended by people from all over the world. She asked people to record the process and the result of the training, which undoubtedly helped her in promoting YouTube channel .

Fitness Channel Ideas:

  • Various Fitness Challenges
  • Exercises with elements of dance
  • Beginner Full Body Workout
  • What you need to know before you start exercising
  • 20-30 minute workout for weight loss
  • How to exercise and eat right

Comedy channels

Comedy channels are very popular on YouTube. Of course, creating humorous content is not easy, it is impossible to predict how the audience will perceive the jokes, but if you come up with a good concept and smart jokes, it will definitely pay off in the form of subscribers and views.

Another feature of comedy channels is that your videos do not have to be professional and expensive. You can just grab a camera, sit in front of it, and shoot a funny video while telling stories, replying to funny comments, or reacting to something in a humorous way.

One of the biggest YouTubers in this niche is MrBeast . He started his channel with gaming videos where he didn't show his face, and in some videos he even talked about PewDiePie (the YouTuber with the most subscribers). He could hardly have imagined then that in the future he would have a huge channel with millions of views and subscribers.

Today he has more than 64.3 million subscribers, a huge number of comedy videos on various topics and prank videos that are gaining millions of views and comments.

Consider another example of a comedy channel. QPark is a well-known influencer in various venues, known for his funny "Dancing in Public" videos in which he dances and sings (actually screams) to famous songs in the streets. He captures the reaction of people watching him and sometimes even plays pranks on the audience. His YouTube channel is unique because he has developed his own style and signature content type that sets him apart from most. Here is a video in which he tries to cover "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas in public, he does not take away his confidence, not everyone can do this in front of strangers.

YouTube comedy video ideas:

  • Pranks and pranks
  • Hidden Camera
  • Try Not to Laugh Challenge
  • A funny story about your failures
  • Frightening strangers

Toy unboxing and video review

Believe it or not, the third highest earning YouTuber in the world is 7-year-old Anastasia Radzinskaya with an income of $18 million.

Nastya's parents started her YouTube channel Like Nastya to unpack toys, but then the video format changed and they started filming about visiting different places and dressing up as characters. So she became the most famous YouTuber in the children's YouTube niche with 75 million subscribers and a billion views.

Its success is confirmed by statistics: children aged 4 to 15 spend 85 minutes a day watching YouTube videos, which makes them active users of the platform. They enjoy watching toy unboxing videos and reviews even if they don't understand the language the youtuber speaks.

But children are not the only audience for these videos. Before buying a new PlayStation or a toy for a child, adults also watch video reviews of toys.

Attached as a good example is a video that has received millions of views:

If you like ordering new products or toys, you can safely shoot videos about them - reviews or unboxing, this can be done without even showing your face.

Technology and gadget channels

According to experts, the profit of the technology sector will reach 5 trillion dollars by the end of 2021, so the interest in gadgets among users does not disappear.

However, most people don't start buying right away, they first study the device. This is where video reviews come in handy.

Technology YouTube channels are a great way to share your knowledge in the field with users, share reviews of new and old gadgets, talk about their pros and cons, and help users with their purchase decisions.

And when your channel gains subscribers and becomes influential, you will be able to partner with brands - they will send you new gadgets for shooting reviews, and thus you will save money on buying them.

In addition to reviews, you can publish videos with tips, life hacks and tutorials to attract the attention of not only tech lovers, but also people who face difficulties using their devices every day.

One of the most popular YouTube channels is Unbox Therapy hosted by Canadian YouTuber Lewis George Hilsenteger. All Lewis videos - whether it's a review or an unboxing - are gaining millions of views, such videos are a real gold mine.

At the time of this writing, Lewis has 18 million subscribers and over 4 billion channel views. Here is one of the most popular videos on YouTube in which he reviews the "phone of the future".

YouTube tech video ideas:

  • Best phone apps
  • Gadget Comparison
  • Old and time-tested gadgets
  • Gadget tips and hacks
  • AI news

More tech channel ideas can be found in this video 40+ tech YouTube channel ideas.

Vlog channels

Many users like to share moments from their lives. They do this in a variety of formats - some shoot videos and post them on the Internet and gradually begin to conduct a video blog about their lifestyle, hobbies and tell stories from their lives.

Vlogging (short for video blogging) has long been an important part of YouTube. There are a huge number of channels on YouTube, and the bloggers who lead them are gaining millions of views and subscribers.

Take, for example, Lin Tong . She is a rising YouTuber who has captivated 905k YouTubers with her aesthetic videos and eye-catching previews.

On his YouTube channel, Lin shares videos of his daily life, fashion ideas, room tours and room makeovers, city tours, painting and more.

And this is the most beautiful part of vlogging - you can choose any topic (lifestyle, travel, fashion, etc.) and make a vlog about it. The most important thing is to find your creative side and make a video that matches your personality, and not a copy of what has already been done thousands of times before you. Vlog ideas:

  • A day in my life
  • Decorating my room
  • Shopping with me
  • One day at my job
  • Moving to a new city
  • My looks for summer

Cooking Channels

When it comes to YouTube video ideas, we can't ignore cooking.

You don't have to be a chef to create interesting cooking videos, share recipes, and generally enjoy cooking.

Because everyone (well, almost) loves to eat delicious food, and everyone periodically looks for YouTube recipes — how else can you cook the perfect carbonara pasta or tiramisu? It is always more pleasant to prepare a delicious dinner yourself - if you have the ingredients and instructions at hand.

This is why culinary channels are in such high demand. They not only introduce users to new dishes, but also help to master the art of cooking and help in the process.

Gordon Ramsey (17.8 million subscribers) and Nino's Home (5.91 million subscribers) are the most famous YouTube cooking channel hosts.

Hmm, what if I'm a terrible cook, but I taste like a true professional? Everything is fine! Start making videos of yourself tasting different dishes and talking about your taste sensations. Don't forget the humor! Viewers adore bloggers with a good sense of humor. YouTube Cooking Video Ideas:

  • Funny behind-the-scenes videos
  • The most necessary things for the kitchen
  • How to make french fries at home
  • 5 easy breakfast ideas
  • Movie reviews

    Video review channels help people understand what the movie they are about to watch is about, directing, cinematography, cast, and other interesting details.

    Many YouTube channels that do reviews are humorous, dynamic, and make interesting comparisons to impress viewers.

    Notable movie review channels include CinemaSins , Chris Stackman and Alex Myers .

    CinemaSins, for example, have come up with their own unique style and call each video “Everything wrong with…” and indicate the length of the video. For example, one of the latest videos was called “Everything Wrong With Interview with the Vampire In 23 Minutes Or Less” (“What's wrong with 'Interview with the Vampire' in 23 minutes or less”), which you will find out if you press the play button .

    YouTube movie review ideas:

    • Movie strengths and weaknesses
    • What would happen if the deceased character were alive
    • Interesting facts about movies
    • What do I think of (character name)

    Experiment Channels

    There is a YouTube channel HaerteTest where you can watch various videos on the topic of “video against the subject”. They also make videos on the channel where they shoot iPhones, flush whole eggs down the toilet, and experiment with firecrackers, matches, and expensive items.

    And people love these videos!

    At the time of this writing, the channel has over 19.6 million subscribers who enjoy watching cars crush crunchy or soft objects.

    Their most popular video has over 470 million views and thousands of comments.

    The purpose of such channels is to entertain the audience. as well as answering weird questions like what it's like to run over spaghetti in a car, or how would a melon pizza turn out. If you decide to create such a YouTube channel, be careful not to do tricks that can harm you or other people. A human life is more important than a million views.

    Justin Bieber, who was heard about in all corners of the world, became famous thanks to YouTube.

    It all started when Justin's mother posted several videos of him singing, , on his YouTube channel to show friends and family.

    And then American sound engineer Scooter Braun came across one of Justin's videos while looking for another singer. Brown was so impressed with his covers that he set off in search of a young singer. A week later, Bieber was already singing in front of Usher and signed a contract with him, and even Justin Timberlake was not averse to collaborating with him.

    Today Justin Bieber is the most subscribed musician on YouTube. He has over 65 million subscribers and billions of views.

    Conclusion: You could be the next Justin Bieber of your generation. Your talent can also be discovered on YouTube. Music channels are a great idea for a YouTube channel. A YouTube music channel is a quick way to show your talent to the world. If you have amazing vocal skills or a musical instrument (or maybe both!), create your own YouTube channel. Another idea: you can remix popular songs and lyric videos, like 7clouds . You can create "situational music", that is, set the mood and aesthetics of the song for a certain situation.

    YouTube music channel ideas:

    • Cover with household items
    • Music according to the mood or certain aesthetics
    • Rooftop singing
    • Quiet Music Compilation

    Photography Channels

    Everyone on social media tries to impress their followers and likes to create aesthetically pleasing profiles. Today, you don't have to be a professional photographer to create impressive photos, YouTube can teach you the best photography techniques and techniques.

    If you have a photography background and artistic flair and want to share helpful tips with others, create your own YouTube channel.

    You can teach people how to take better photos, what tools to use for editing, or show them the process of a photo shoot.

    Ideas to teach your audience: create filters and effects while promoting your site and presets (if you have them).

    Brandon Welfel, for example, is known for his photographs with magical atmospheres, neon and other effects. On his YouTube channel , he shares tips on the art of photography and retouching, behind-the-scenes footage from his shoots, ideas for props, and more. At the time of this writing, he has over 5 million subscribers and over 442 million views. Now he posts videos not only about photography, but also motivational videos to inspire his followers, as well as videos with reactions and experiments. Here is one of his most viewed YouTube videos with over 8 million views.

    Photography YouTube video ideas:

    • Comparison of various
    • cameras
    • How to take the perfect photo for Instagram
    • The best programs and applications for processing
    • How to set up a camera (for beginners)
    • Ideas for a photo shoot at home / outdoors / in nature / at sea
    • Photo Editing - Before and After

    Video Channels

    The purpose of the Video Channels is the same as the Photography Channels - to share useful tips with newbies and video enthusiasts in the creative process.

    Learn more