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Beginner Tips Every Just Dance 2022 Player Needs

By Michael Abayomi


Make your time with Just Dance 2022 even more enjoyable with these handy beginner tips and tidbits of information.

The game that promises to keep everyone dancing makes a return once again with Just Dance 2022, the latest installment of the ever-popular dance rhythm video game series by Ubisoft. The series continues to prove successful for the company, even besting some of its recent Triple-A titles.

A lot of that success can be attributed to the games' broad appeal and relatively low learning curve, meaning that just about anyone with a passing interest in music or dancing can give it a shot. Not much has changed since 2021, so veteran players should have no trouble navigating its menus and loading up any of the newly added songs. But for anyone planning to try out the game for the first time, or after a long break from the series, here are a few things worth keeping in mind.

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Updated January 20, 2022, by Michael Abayomi: Just Dance 2022 continues to provide entertainment and exercise for fans young and old. We've updated this list to include two additional entries that should help both new and returning players get a hang of those trickier dance routines even faster.

7/7 Available Platforms

One of the first things anyone looking to get into Just Dance 2022 should know is on what platforms the game is available. Like most years, the latest installment of Just Dance is available to play on just about every modern console and gaming service. These include the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia. Wii owners have been left out though as support for the Nintendo Wii was dropped with last year's release of Just Dance 2021.

Each platform offers its own unique advantages, like portability on the Nintendo Switch for example, and the ability to take the game with you anywhere you go. The game is still not available on PC for whatever reason though, unless you're willing to settle for Just Dance Now instead, their cloud-based subscription service that works with smartphones and an internet browser, and offers a vast library of past Just Dance hits for players to dance to.

6/7 The Song List

Players of Just Dance 2022 should definitely take the time to familiarize themselves with the list of songs that come with the game. After all, a new Just Dance game is just as good as the songs on its playlist. Thankfully, Just Dance 2022 comes packed with quite a few bangers. These include recent hits like Save Your Tears (Remix) by The Weeknd & Ariana Grande, and Levitating by Dua Lipa, to older classics like Buttons by The Pussycat Dolls and Rock Your Body by Justin Timberlake. There are 46 songs in total, including 5 regional exclusives.

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And for those players craving even more songs, they'll be pleased to find out that the game comes with a one-month free trial of Just Dance Unlimited (another one of their subscription services) that includes over 700 songs from past games and elsewhere. If you've happened to listen to pop radio or the Top 40 charts anytime within the past two decades, then chances are you should recognize quite a few of them. The best part is that the game offers a nice mix of songs and genres - from rock to pop and even South African house music - ensuring that all types of music lovers will find songs to immediately gravitate towards.

5/7 The Different Editions

Aside from being available across multiple platforms, Just Dance 2022 also has two different editions for players to choose from. There is the standard edition which costs $49.99 at launch and comes with 40+ songs, as well as the one-month free trial of Just Dance Unlimited mentioned above. Then there is the deluxe edition which retails for $59.99 at launch.

The main difference between both versions, aside from sporting slightly different cover art, is that the deluxe edition comes with four months of Just Dance Unlimited. That is the one-month free trial from the standard edition, as well as an additional three months subscription valued at $9. 99. There are additional renewal options for Just Dance Unlimited at $3.99 for one month and $24.99 for a full year. It is worth noting that an internet connection will be required to use the service, since the songs are streamed over the internet, as opposed to played from a disc or hard drive like the ones that come with the base game.

4/7 The Controller Options

Just Dance 2022 is a rhythm game and as such, the game is played primarily through motion controls. This means that PlayStation players would want to have a PlayStation Camera handy, while Nintendo Switch players will need to use their left or right joy-cons. Players on the former can take advantage of the peripheral's more accurate, full-body tracking.

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Xbox Series S and X players on the other hand might have to fish out their old Kinect sensor bars to join in on the fun, because not only does the game not offer support for traditional controllers, it also doesn't allow them to use any other type of camera. Thankfully, all versions can also be played with a compatible smartphone, using the Just Dance Controller app available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Though it is worth noting that Nintendo Switch users will still require a joy-con to get past the game's start screen, even if they intend to use their smartphones to play during the actual songs and dance routines.

3/7 The Different Modes

Just Dance 2022 has no shortage of game modes available for players to choose from, which can be quite daunting for newbies. The good news though is that it gives an option to dive right in with a randomized playlist in the Quickplay Mode. For anyone looking to explore the other available options, the game has quite a few.

There is the Co-op Mode, where up to six players can play together locally, using supported peripherals and smartphones. Then there is the World Dance Floor, where you can play with other players around the world in a tournament-styled competition. Sweat Mode is geared towards fitness buffs, and it lets you start your own routine and track the calories burnt along the way. And then there is the Kids Mode, which, as the name suggests, is geared towards children with family-friendly songs and simpler routines.

2/7 Song Difficulty

As was the case with previous entries in the series, Just Dance 2022 has a number of songs for players to choose from. But not all of those songs are created equally. Parents will be pleased to know that younger players have a kid-friendly playlist of songs with simplified dance routines that shouldn't cause them too much frustration.

But for everyone else, they might want to be mindful of their chosen song's difficulty, which can be seen on the song selection screen. There are alternative dance routines for some of the songs that turn them into full-blown workouts, so it is best to avoid them until you are ready to break a sweat. Those looking for an even greater challenge can also unlock an extreme mode on certain songs once they've racked up enough points, which can effectively turn a previously-mastered song into a gauntlet of skill and endurance.

1/7 Practice Makes Perfect

The key to mastery in Just Dance 2022 comes with taking the time to learn the various dance routines. The good news is that most of them have repeating movements that are generally easy to follow. But knowing when to expect them can be quite tricky the first time around.

This is where practice comes in, as you'll grow more familiar with the ebb and flow of each song and its routine the more times you go over them. There is no shortcut to putting in that practice, unfortunately, at least if you intend to stop flailing about awkwardly each time you miss another move which you should have seen coming a mile away. Acquiring the skills needed to dance to each song like one of the pros is relatively straightforward, you'll just need to put in the time and effort.

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Does Just Dance Work on Switch Lite?

Have you just received a Nintendo switch lite for Christmas and wondered what games you can play, or maybe you’re thinking about buying Just Dance for a loved one but not sure if it will work on their device. Don’t worry; we’ve got all the answers you need here.

You can play Just Dance on a Nintendo Switch Lite. However, you would need to buy some extra joy-cons so you can connect wirelessly to the console. Also, if you own a smart device, you can add the just dance controllers app onto there, but you will have to use the Lite console as the game’s display. 

Read this article to find out more about how you can make the Just Dance game work on your Nintendo Switch Lite and what to do if you come across any issues while doing so. 

How Can I Play Just Dance On My Nintendo Switch Lite?

There are two ways in which you can play just dance on a Switch Lite. The only downfall with the Lite is that you need to choose one way or the other. Either everyone needs a Joy-con, or everyone needs to be playing off their smartphones; there’s not the option to mix and match. 


This is the best option if you have several games that don’t support a handheld version, and if you use your Lite quite often, these are a great investment. You cannot add or remove joy-cons from or onto the Switch Lite itself as it’s made to be handheld only, not docked like the original switch. Therefore, to play games that are not handheld, you need new controllers; you can buy these in packs of one or two. 


If you don’t have enough joy-cons or don’t want to buy any extra ones just for the odd game, then you do have the option of using smartphones. If everyone who wants to play downloads the Just Dance controllers app onto their phone, you will have no problems playing, even with a larger group. 

What Do I Need Before Playing?

First, make sure that you have the joy-cons as well as a charging station; the charging stations don’t come with the joy-cons and need to be bought separately. You should also have a play stand so that the lite is in an upright position making it easier to play the game; both of these can be found in major retailers. 

How Can I Connect joy-cons to the Device?

Step 1

Make sure the system is turned on, and you have the Lite in the play stand ready to play. Pick up a left and a right joy-con to begin pairing them to the device.

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Step 2

Select the controllers tab, which can be found at the bottom of the home menu on your Lite. 

Step 3

Select the change grip and then the order option, now your Lite is ready to start pairing with the joy-cons. It should only take a few seconds to pair. 

Step 4

Lastly, you need to choose how you want to configure the controllers; if you are using a left and a right one, then on the left one select L, and on the right one select R. However, if you only want to use one controller then turn it sideways and select L and R on the railing side. 

Can You Play Just Dance on a Switch Lite on a TV?

All you need is an internet-connected screen and your smartphones or joy-con as controllers to be able to play the game. The switch Lite isn’t compatible with a TV, so you must use the small screen as the display. However, this console is really handy, especially for kids or parents entertaining kids, as you can play on the go. You don’t need to worry about needing a screen as you do with a Playstation and Xbox. 

Can You Connect the Switch Lite to a Laptop?

Unfortunately, this is also not portable; the switch Lite doesn’t have any capability to be able to connect to any screen output, be that a laptop, Apple device, or any other screen. There are ways around this, with buying a capture card and connecting it to the switch and then the switch to the laptop, but this seems quite a lot of work. 

How Many Players Can You Have on the Just Dance Game?

Of course, you can dance on your own or in a group, but there is a limit of 6 players on the Just Dance game on the Switch Lite, that’s either using joy-cons or smartphones. The game works perfectly well in single or multiplayer mode; just make sure you have enough space to play safely.  

Can You Play Just Dance on the Lite with Just One joy-con?

If you want to indulge in a single-player game, of course, you can use one joy-con. This controller senses your movements and therefore is able to track how well you’re dancing; you don’t need to play it in a multiplayer mode. You can also use just your smartphone to track the movements if you don’t have extra joy-cons available.

What is a Nintendo Switch Lite?

Maybe you have heard about this device but never had the chance to play with one, or your nephew keeps asking for new games, but you have no idea what this console is. Don’t worry; we are going to break it down for you. A Nintendo Switch Lite is a handheld gaming console and is the low-cost version of the original Nintendo Switch, but the Lite can only be handheld. 

What is Just Dance?

Now, you know what the console is, but what is this game everyone is talking about? Well, if you’re in your 20s, you probably heard about the Wii console, there was a Just Dance game for that too, and the one for the Nintendo Switch Lite is not much different. In the game, you have to, well, dance along to songs shown on the screen by characters; the more dance moves you get right, the higher your score will be. 

Ubisoft Squeeze Out the Sweat and Money - Just Dance 2021 Review

While EA Sports is churning out sports sims, Ubisoft continues to re-release console-based digital house party attraction Just Dance. The new version of the rhythm game turned out to be bright, dynamic and really exciting... that is, absolutely the same as the previous part of the series. We explain why you should think carefully before buying Just Dance 2021.

The Just Dance series started back in 2009 and has attracted a huge audience even outside of arcade clubs and Dance Dance Revolution. The main reason for the success of the franchise was the simplicity of the gameplay, which the name itself hints at - “Just Dance”, which everyone can handle in one way or another. In general, everything is so, but it’s still worth explaining what the game is.

Dancing is my element

As you might guess, the essence of Just Dance is dancing, or rather, trying to repeat the most diverse steps behind the dancers on the screen. The system tracks movements using a camera or device in the player's hand and awards points for accuracy. The gameplay formula is extremely simple, but it is quite addictive if you find the right tracks, the company and the strength to get up from the couch.

You can use an ordinary smartphone with a gyroscope as a "gamepad" in Just Dance - no additional accessories are required here, although the developers could have gone this way. Of course, in this case, in order to get high marks in the game, it is enough just to move one hand, but in the process, you still involuntarily begin to dance with the rest of the body.

Just Dance looks especially organic on the Nintendo Switch, which seems to have been created for home entertainment in a small company. With this console, you don’t even need a smartphone to play - basic Joy-Cons will be enough. In addition to the precise gyroscope, these controllers are equipped with special straps: believe me, even if your palms never sweat, launching a gamepad or smartphone directly into the TV while dancing is very, very simple.

Thanks to the overall uncomplicated gameplay and the great combination of music, games and simple activities, Just Dance is suitable for almost everyone. In addition to the standard mode, there is a fitness interface that counts calories burned instead of points for accurate dance performance, as well as a children's section with simple movements, cartoon style and cartoon songs. This series does not need more - it would seem.

Only dancing and you

All of the above applies to Just Dance 2021, which is great. The series has been consistently entertaining high-profile companies for more than ten years, making those who want to lose weight effortlessly sweat and trying to diversify E3 with mass dances. But there is one problem, or rather, there are already at least three of them - starting from the 2019 version, the franchise has hardly changed.

It is clear that dancing in a playful way, and even with the slogan "Just dance", is difficult to diversify, but even a new interface would be very useful. I was extremely disappointed when I activated my Ubisoft key, downloaded the game, skipped the colorful intro and returned to Just Dance 2019.

The only interesting new feature is the Quick Play feature available on the main screen of the game. Thanks to her, you can not delve into a huge library of songs and playlists, but simply dance to a randomly selected song, but this works until the first inappropriate track. It would be great if the game immediately offered options from five different selections and did not rush the user with a ten-second countdown.

In this regard, the comparison with EA Sports simulators is the most accurate. Year after year, Just Dance fans get the same game - FIFA fans at least try to improve the physics of the ball and give digital football players a human look. But Just Dance could well have simple rhythm games in the Mario Party format, a Dance Dance Revolution-style mode with a special carpet as an additional accessory, or even creative modes with the ability to independently select movements, at least for children's songs. There are a lot of options, use Ubisoft.

And the music drives you crazy

As a result, when buying Just Dance 2021, owners of at least one previous game in the series pay ₽3,990 for 40 new songs and a month of Unlimited subscription, which gives access to an expanded music library. Given that the same amount can pay for more than two years of subscription in the previous version of Just Dance, the offer is at least not very profitable. Unless someone urgently needed a couple of songs by Billy Eilish, BLACKPINK or The Weeknd right here and now.

The Just Dance 2021 basic tracks list does have a few popular songs, but in most cases they either sound too monotonous or not suitable for dancing at all - at least not in the format of the game. For example, in this part of the series there are two versions of Without Me by Eminem at once, but in both cases you want to listen more than dance.

I'm not the biggest fan of dancing, so I was helped to test Just Dance 2021 by a small company, the female half of which knows almost the entire Ultimate library by heart. Even for them, there were only a few interesting options in the new selection of tracks - let alone the male part: we quickly became disillusioned with dancing to Eminem and returned to the cult Dragostea Din Tei from O-Zone, The Bremen Town Musicians and The Sun in Hands.

Going back to the FIFA parallel, Just Dance 2020 just had a little roster update. At the same time, Ubisoft updates the Ultimate library quite often, including tracks from the latest installments. Under such conditions, the entire series should have switched to a shareware model with a subscription a long time ago, because the new annual versions make less and less sense.

No more parties

It's quite possible that Just Dance is heading towards the game-service format. It currently has three free tracks that are technically an Ultimate subscription. By the way, recently they included a new song from the virtual band K/DA from League of Legends. Ubisoft could expand this collection to the same 40 songs, and give the rest only for money.

In such a system, Ultimate could become a kind of Xbox Game Pass with constant track rotations. If you add to this the ability to buy tracks individually or in whole sets, Ubisoft would certainly get even more than from annual re-releases. Just imagine how much circulation an add-on with a dozen BTS songs would sell - it becomes scary.

In the meantime, Just Dance 2021 remains the most common game in the series, worth buying only for die-hard fans and those who want to dance in front of the TV for the first time. When you get to know the series and apart from the previous parts, this is still the best way to warm up or have fun with friends without leaving home.

  • dancing — This is always fun
  • game is easy to master
  • . The presence of network and command modes
  • excellent visual design

  • is too few innovations
  • Weak set of new songs
  • CLAYS PLAY 9005 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000. ..

    Just Dance 2021 did not make the series worse and even brought a couple of pleasant little things, but it is simply impossible to evaluate it without looking back at the previous parts. In the world of game-services, each year of stagnation should subtract at least a point from the score of the next re-release.

    Best kids games for PC and consoles

    Choosing the most interesting and exciting way to entertain a child is not as easy as it seems. That's why I parted 7 best games for kids to help little ones enter this gaming universe well.

    There's no shortage of adorable and passionate adventures, from Lego to Kirby, so come with me and check out each piece.

    1. Just dance 2022

    With over 40 songs in different styles, this game offers different levels of play. For one a child of any age everything turns into a light and uncompromising joke. Without requiring much management knowledge, any game in the saga Just Dance is an interesting request, but the 2022 version has tracks that are more known to the general public.

    It should be noted that children can play together, increasing attention to the self-esteem and fun of kids. On the other hand, the title offers online purchases such as other songs and subscriptions. Therefore, it is worth keeping an eye on the parental restrictions of the system you use.

    • Available for: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

    2. minecraft

    Even after more than 10 years since its launch, Minecraft is still one of the best games for kids (and for all ages too). His freedom, which allows you to play in any way, is the high point, as it gives any child the opportunity to play in his own way.

    Another point in its favor is the fact that its gameplay is easy to understand, offering clear commands for adventuring. For those who want to be sure, the entire game is in Portuguese, making it even more understandable for younger players. Finally, I have to mention his art style, which quickly grabs the attention of children.

    • Available for: Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, Android, iOS

    3. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

    At first glance, the adventure game may not seem "childish" enough, but it is enough to see the first footage of any game in the franchise. Lego is changing fast. This effort for children from 7 years old brings trips to 9 movies Star Wars all with the comical and funny style of the toy brand.

    However, if the child feels any difficulty in the game, a more experienced person can join the adventure together to complete each level. The adventure has a lot of curious characters and funny moments, so the theme of light is 100% fun.

    • Available for: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, PC

    4. Kirby Star Allies

    It might seem easier to suggest Kirby and the Forgotten Land because it's newer, but Kirby Star Allies offers simple gameplay and storytelling that focuses on the power of friendship. I mean, something perfect for children from five years old even with full text without Portuguese translation.

    Like many Nintendo games, there are no microtransactions. In this way, responsible persons can let the little ones play freely. Beautiful colors, the ability to play with up to four people, and the ease of adventuring make this game a great choice among children's games.

    • Available for: Nintendo Switch.

    5. Sackboy Big Adventure

    For older kids 7 years old and you are a bit familiar with games, this creative adventure from Sony is for you. Especially if the home console is a PlayStation 5 with Dual Sense features. That's because, Sackboy: Big Adventure offers an easy ride, but sometimes manages to cause problems.

    Anyway, in the same area as the 3D titles that Mario , this game has a cartoon face. The songs are amazing and the worlds are amazing. There are no aggressive microtransactions here, so the game is smooth from start to finish.

    • Available for: PS4 and PS5

    6. Untitled game

    Great for ages 3+ Goose Adventure is full of charisma and fun moments. The player controls the bird he needs to deal with situations such as harassing the salesman or picking up items, however, if the kids want to, they can enjoy the job just by playing without any purpose.

    Therefore, it is easy to give control to the little ones and leave them without constant supervision of the screen. Untitled Goose Game This is one of the best choices for kids and casual games that require very little to be fun.

    • Available for: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Windows, macOS

    7. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    It's almost impossible to talk about children's games without mentioning the name from Super Mario . One of the most iconic characters of all time has all sorts of adventures, but Mario Kart 8 Deluxe manages to put a lot of things together in a game that is easy to pick up and immediately fun to play.

    Learn more